This blog is about me or better about Jenny and me in our second life, usually referred to as SL. It’s my world where I escape from real life (RL). Nonetheless my SL is part of my RL as a real person is writing these lines and as my feelings, thoughts and emotions are real when I am in my SL. You might notice that English is not my native tongue. I am from Germany.
We started this blog in Feburary 2009, with the blog entry about my one year anniversary in SL.
In SL I have met many friends and my love Jenny, who is from the UK. My fantasies which I live in SL are part of my Real Life and some of them have been expierenced in reality, not all obviously. I would not do anything in SL what I can’t imagine to do in RL. So if you meet me you will learn that I have limits that I won’t cross. I am dominant mostly but I like to switch sometimes.
Jenny Maurer, my property, my wonderful wife, was my slave, my Ehesklavin, when we started this blog back in 2009. A lot has happened during the last years, we developed, our relation changed, but Jenny and I stayed together, something very unusal for SL but even for RL. Jenny’s domme side became stronger over the years and we do know eachother quite a bit in the meanwhile. It was a slow but steady change. Nowadays, in 2017, we’re still in SL as a couple and enjoy our time, our journey together. Jenny became Mistress Jenny for me, my Eheherrin and I became her slave, her Ehesklavin. But we still switch and explore eachother and do own each other mutually.
This blog is mainly written by me, but Jenny also contributes to this blog every once in a while and sometimes I publish something written by our subs and slaves. We appreciate readers, comments, followers and I write also about my 2nd passion in SL, exploring other worlds, art and the creativity of the people contributing to SL. But first of all this blog is and will remain simply our private blog, to save our memories about the great time we experience in this virtual world, which became a  part of real life.20161229-happy-new-year-2017

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. claire marshall
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 06:15:15

    Mistress Domita have seen you in DA would love to be your and Jenny latex maid
    and serve would love your description of how you would dress me in a latex maid
    outfit and my duties for the day and I AM sure you would like to put your maid to
    bed in a latex sleepsack and hood. Love the smell and feel of latex. I AM known
    in DA as Ladylatex555. Take care Mistress.


  2. Luis Aguirre
    Nov 19, 2014 @ 10:39:40

    I would love to be ur sissy latex doll ;O


  3. Do the opposite
    Nov 22, 2017 @ 01:28:11

    I am following your blog and I love all of the great posts! I am a newly transitioning sissy and I have just started my own blog to document the transition and post inspirational and amusing content for others to follow. If you could please follow my blog – https://alwaysdotheopposite.wordpress.com/ – I would be forever grateful!

    Sissy in training


    • diomitamaurer
      Nov 22, 2017 @ 20:38:17

      I’m sorry, the link you provided leads to a deleted blog – that I can’t read nor follow. hugs Diomita


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