Diary 2018 (22) Feb 6th/7th – The slut cage

Tuesday night, February 6th, started slowly and became quite busy. When I came inworld Angelique and slave drone Flo were at home. Angelique was watching slave drone Flo cleaning our house – and was bossing her around. I caught up shortly with Angelique and then she began to show me her highly sophisticated and well organized wardrobe. With her wardrobe Angelique is capable to change quite quickly and it is even possible for someone else – for me – to decide what she should wear. It will take some time to learn but I made my first steps and made her wear another dress.
While Angelique introduced me in her wardrobe system Mistress Jenny joined us. After Angelique and I had finished and slave Flo was done with cleaning we went to The Secret House where we met Argi. Just a few minutes later also slave kelly came inworld and was summoned to us. We had quite an entertaining hour at The Secret House.

It was about slave Flo’s bedtime, when we returned home and when it became busy. slave Bella came inworld and also slave Adarra joined shortly but had to log off soon after again. I had fixed slave kelly in a new moveable cage. It’s a small cage with a dildo gag, an anal hook and a small fucking device. slave kelly is fixed in it and can move – but I can leash the whole cage with the slave inside and drag her around in it.

February 6th at The Secret House. Argi, Angelique, Diomita, Mistress Jenny, slave kelly and slave drone Flo

Mistress Jenny and I went to our Stonehaven patio with slave kelly, slave Bella and Angelique and got entertained by slave Bella, who was fiexed on the tubular boobular rack. Soon the moans of both slaves and the noise of the 2 fucking devices could be heard. It was Angelique’s part to decide and she denied an orgasm for the slaves, poor slaves! When it was time for bed, I chastitied both slaves again and we left them quite frustrated.

February 7th at Satyr Club: Angelqiue, slave Flo, slave kelly, Diomita and Mistress Jenny

Wednesday, February 7th, slave drone Flo had something to celebrate in RL and we decided to show her face and to lower her restrictions. Angelique gave another lesson to me about how to use her wardrobe and I selected a dress for this night. We went to Satyr club to celebrate and to dance and had a nice time there and chatted among us. When slave kelly came inworld I summoned her (and with her the slut cage she’s fixed in) and we stayed a bit longer. We moved on to Mesmerize Dungeon after slave Flo had left for bed. Angelique stood a bit aside and it took some persuasion to get her closer to us.

February 7th: Diomita, Angelique, Mistress Jenny and slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon / and at home where Angelique got a spanking

Mistress Jenny was not amused and when we got back home she told Angelique off and demanded that I spank her to improve her behaviour. I don’t hide that I followed Mistress’ order happily, Angelique has such a cute bum. I bet she will remember it, maybe also how slave kelly watched the spanking from her cage. This spanking crowned a nice and relaxing night.

Diary 2018 (20) Feb 2nd – Feb 4th Bunny in shackles

I was busy in RL during the weekend starting Friday, February 2nd. I managed to attend the Friday night party and enjoy it to the fullest. On Saturday I came inworld shortly late at night and I met Mistress Jenny, slave kelly and Angelique. I also met slave Flo shortly but it was already her time to leave. We took slave kelly to our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer and she was ordered to entertain us with dancing and moaning. I unshielded her chastity belt and unlocked her arms, hence she was albe to touch herself and she didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity. Mistress and I made ourselves comfy on a sofa and watched while we caught up and Angelique sat down at the bar and had a drink. slave kelly had another accident and peed into the dancing cage. We ignored her embarrassment and ordered her to continue. It didn’t take long that slave kelly began to moan and to beg for permission to cum. Spontaneously I delegated the decision to Angelique. Angelique teased slave kelly quite mean (she will deny that!) and slave kelly had to degrade herself even more until Angelique gave in and gave her the permission to cum, if she had to – and of course she had to. She was way to excited to stop. As it was already late, we left slave kelly at our club with the assignment to clean her mess of before.

February 3rd: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelqiue and slave kelly at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer

Sunday, February 4th, I met Mistres Jenny in the late afternoon and we got a chance to catch up. At night Jenny was prevented form getting online. I had a varied and relaxed night. First I spend an hour with slave drome Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon and the drone got quite some attention. It seems that a lot of people envy her – not knowing how it is to be permasealed and vision and hearing restricted. slave slut cecy had come inworld in the meanwhile and began cleaning the house. I took slave Flo back home to control slave slut cecy’s work. After slave Flo had left for bed I took slave slut cecy to Lochme, stored her in a tiny cage and then joined Trixie Hobble who was watching a little scene between Sara (ExplorerSara) and Shae Thatcher at Lochme. Sara, Shae’s Oppressor, has caught Shae, Sara’s Prisoner, and had her as a bunny in shackles. From what I gathered, Sara took control of her former owner quite surprisingly and began to educate her. Shae was forced to perform a poem for every one:
I’m a little bunny, with ears that flop
When I get a carrot, I hop, hop, hop
These little carrots, I love them so much
But when I get them, they go right in my tush
Cute, isn’t it? I consider to change that poem a bit and make slave slut saying something similar *winks*

February 4th: Diomita and slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon (left) / Diomita with slave Flo and slave cecy at home (upper middle) / Diomita with slave cecy at Lochme (upper right) / Diomita watching the shackled bunny (lower left)

I followed the scene for a while, then I took slave slut home, so that she can continue cleaning. And that’s it about my Sunday night.

Diary 2018 (12) Jan 15th/16th – Red Light (II)

My red light continues and Mistress leads me more and more into subspace. One again, she took me to club Domme a Domme to expose me kneeling submissively and leashed by her. We also visited The Secret House this afternoon, Monday, January 15th. When slave kelly came inworld, I was permitted to take off the serious shackles and we picked up the slave at home and went to Heavy Bondage Club. We had a quite entertaining hour there with the slave. She attracted quite some attention and gave reason for a bit of main chat too. Paige (paige.umino), who we didn’t see for quite a while, was there and some other stray subs who clearly were jealous about slave kelly. Jealous for a slave bald headed, tied up, gagged, wearing a humming chastity belt which sends electric shocks, when she’s close to cum? Yes!
Unfortunately I was that busy with private and main chat that I even forgot to take a picture, shame. When it was time for Mistress and me to leave and to care about our RL, we brought slave kelly to Psi’s and leashed her there in the main room.

January 15th: Mistress Jenny with her Ehesklavin Diomita at Domme a Domme

After we had a real full house the night before, Monday night became quiet. It is strange how it alternates. Sometimes you could assume that the slaves conspire. None of them was inworld. Mistress Jenny continued to enjoy exposing me. We spent another hour at Domme a Domme and had some chitchat and fun with Argi. We visited The Secret House and Heavy Bondage Club, had some IMs and studied profiles and exhanged about them. When we returned home to our skybox, Mistress Jenny took advantage of me …. and she had just begun, when slave Belly came inworld. We didn’t see her that night, instead Mistress enjoyed her property and I enjoyed Mistress (again no pictures of that part *winks*)

January 16th: Mistress Jenny takes her Ehesklavin Diomita at Sins Keep

Mistress Jenny didn’t hesitate to take what is her’s again Tuesday afternoon, January 16th. I was still naked from the night before and restricted from using my inventory. She took me to Sins Keep, a Dungeon, that is open to the public. We had visited Sins Keep before, it was empty that time .. and it was empty again this afternoon. Mistress tried out several racks before she decided to fix me in sex swing. She choosed a fucking machine device and while I was fucked by the device she caught up with me. I had my problems to focus! Fortunately Mistress Jenny removed the machine again and used her strapon instead later. We returned to our skybox where Mistress continued to enjoy her full control with me being in deep in subspace. What an extraordinairy start in this day in Second Life.

January 16th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at home

Tuesday night should have been busy according to series of alternating busy and quiet nights we had before. But it became relative quiet as well. slave drone Flo and slave Bella were inworld and we went to Lochme and to Mesmerize Dungeon. We chatted a bit and relaxed, then we brought slave Bella to Psi’s realm, where she’s leashed now at the very same spot as slave kelly is.

January 16th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave drone Flo and slave Bella at Lochme and at Mesmerize Dungeon (you can see slave Bella’s new Tattoos if you look closely, one is on her right breast, the other on her back)

Diary 2018 (9) January 10th – exposed and rewarded

After the quiet night we had the day before, Wednesday, January 10th, was full and varied again. Again and again it surprises me how unpredictable life is and our Second Life is no exemption.
When Mistress Jenny and I came inworld we had a guest at home besides of slave Flo who was cleaning the house. Our guest, Moon Rouge (Thom2T), is a reader of this blog and came inworld to see us. Well she did and Mistress didn’t hesitate to tie her up a bit, leash her and take her with us to Mesmerize Dungeon, where slave kelly joined us. We didn’t stay long at Mesmerize Dungeon and moved to Lochme when slave puppy Christa came inworld as well. And then also slave Bella came inworld. Once again we were quite a group and we took the opportunity to have some entertainment at home with our slaves.

January 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with slave Flo and Moon Rouge (Thom2T)(upper and lower left) / at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo, slave kelly and Moon Rouge (upper right) / at Lochme wiht slave puppy Christa, slave Flo, slave kelly and slave Bella

We took them to our Stonehaven patio and fixed slave kelly in a bondage frame. I removed her chastity belt and ordered slave Bella to tease and please her sister slave. At the same time I wanted her to exercise licking so that she can be useful for us in future. She did well and to my and Mistress’ satisfaction. When slave kelly begged to cum slave Flo had already left and Mara had joined us. She could witness slave kelly’s horniness and I bet she was horny herself by watching it. We got quite a show! After slave Bella did perform to our satisfaction, she was rewarded herself and I fixed her on the Tubluar Boobular device. Soon also slave Bella was close to cum and begged to have an orgasm granted. Mistress Jenny and I were in a generous mood and granted it getting another show.

January 10th at the Stonehaven Patio at home: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave puppy Christa watching slave Bella licking slave kelly (left) / watching slave Bella on the Tubular Booblar device / leashing slave puppy Christa, slave Bella and slave kelly when we were done

Time had flew by and it was already late. We simply leashed slave puppy Christa and the slaves kelly and Bella at our Stonehaven wall for the night. What a full night!

Diary 2018 (7) January 8th – short but busy

I had a very relaxed afternoon with Jenny and slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon. Besides teasing slave kelly we had some eye candy while we caught up about RL and SL.

January 8th. Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon

I was late at night due to RL, hence I was online comparably short but it turned out to become a quite busy hour. Jenny was at Domme a Domme with slave drone Flo and Argi. While she tried to tell me what happend so far, slave kelly came inworld and a few moments later slave Adarra. I had to fight following main chat and following private chat for quite a while. slave Flo had asked me to take a picture of her as a drone for her profile. I quickly made a picture and thought it would be just a preliminairy picture. But on the second glance it’s not bad as it shows Mistress Jenny in the background and a bit of me as well, hence drone Flo’s owners are shown in it as well.

January 8th – Drone slave Flo with her owners Mistresses Jenny and Diomita in the background

slave Flo has revised her main profile text and I’ll share it here…

After 4 years as slave, December 2017 Mistresses decided to seal her head Slave Flo, into real isolation – becoming a permasealed Drone

Drone is a accessory to her owners !
Owners statement about Drones :
„Drones are seen and not heard“
“Drone is an accessory to her owners”
“Drones crave isolation, heavy bondage and restriction“

Drones don’t need Talk, TP elsewhere, see Names, Places, hear and vision is most time restricted and IM or even NC are impossible.

What else beside chit chat? slave Adarra had to strip to reveal her new beautiful mesh body. Jenny and I agreed that she will have to ask for permission to dress and for what to wear. Good that we have an early spring at our homesim, we don’t want her to catch a cold.

January 8th at Domme a Domme: slave kelly, Diomita, Mistress Jenny, drone slave Flo, slave Adarra and Argi

And slave kelly? I took her gag off and she had to stay silent. Instead slave kelly began to test her limits emoting about other stunning looking dommes and staring at them. After I nice tug at her leash didn’t stop that, she quickly found herself staring at the floor and the gag went back in.
Argi was a source of fun as always. She’s able to entertain a big crowd and she teased slave Adarra again and again.

The night was short for me but we had fun, just like it should be.

Diary 2018 (2) January 2nd – Enjoying a relaxed night

Once again Jenny and I had a very enjoyable and relaxed night together. When we cam inworld, slave Flo had cleaned the house and we were about to go out, when we got a visitor, Jana (object87). I met Jana before, she came on a Friday night when our party was just over. She told us, that she was a Claven’s Albatraz for some time. Jana was very submissive and we took her with us to Mesmerize Dungeon, where we spent about 45 minutes mostly chatting amoung us in private chat and reading profiles.

January 2nd: Jenny and Diomita at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo in her drone suit and Jana (object87)

When slave Flo left to bed, Jenny and I left Jana at home and moved on to club DeLust. It was quite full there. We enjoyed some eye candy and then went home into our skybox and crowned the night with ….(peep).

January 2nd: Mrs. and Mrs. Maurer at Club DeLust

Diary 2017 (218) December 26th/27th Maurer’s in partnerlook

Tuesday, December 26th, 2nd Christmas day or Boxer day as it is called in Britain, was quiet and relaxing for me both in RL and in SL. In the later morning I went online shortly as I noteced Jenny and Kitty being inworld. We caught up with, wished merry Christmas and Kitty got her present, a CC drone suit. We’re pretty sure that our Kitty will have fun with it and set to public it will offer a lot of opportunities for others to tease her, and for her to tease back.

December 26th: Jenny and Diomita with Kitty at home

In the afternoon I took the opportunity to go simploring again to a winterly island and I enjoyed the views and the peace that comes with Winter (see yesterday’s post here). After my simploring tour, I took our slave puppy Christa out of her cell. She made last corrections on her new puppy suit and I finally locked it and set her restrictions for the next 6 months. At night, I took slave pet out for another walk and we visited Mesmerize Dungeon and got some eye candy.

December 26th: Diomita with slave pet Christa in her new puppy suit at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon

Wednesday, December 27th, I met Jenny again in the afternoon. We exchanged our Christmas gifts, Jenny had a wihte formal gown for me which I shall wear for our year end party on Friday most probably. I had a colourable latex dress for her, which is suitable either as a dominant or as an submissive outfit. we had another mutal gift, a dress that we both purchased, a very sexy and kinky latex dress: We changed into it before we went out to Domme a Domme and later for a dance at the Lesbian Loft. We really do look good like this, don’t we?

December 27th: Mrs. Jenny and Mrs. Diomita Maurer in partnerlook at the Lesbian Loft and at Domme a Domme

At night, I first met slave Flo and she got her Christmas present. Santa brought her a CC drone suit as well. She began immediately to unwrap her present and had a look into it. And then she already began to set it up, I watched her and when she was done, I sealed the suit on her.
When I was about to leave with Flo to visit a club, slave Bella came inworld. I took her to get a chastity belt and as soon as she got it, she was chastitied. slave Bella might become officially collared by us very soon. Then it was about time to wind down a bit in a club and I took the slaves to The Secret House to expose them.

December 27th: Diomita watching slave Flo getting into her Drone suit (upper row) / Diomita at Teh Secret House with slave Flo, slave Bella and Argi (lower row)

Later also Argi joined us for a bit. And that’s it about these 2 days, quite relaxing and enjoyable overall.

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