Diary 2018 (115) July 2nd – Hobble dress

Monday, July 2nd, Mistress Jenny and I met once again in the afternoon. slave kelly and Gwen (gwenney) were present. I had left slave kelly locked into a cell at our dungeon after our Friday night party. Gwen was close to our house. First thing we did was showing Gwen how to get to small private prison area of our dungeon. I learned that I’d better keep the doors inside the dungeon unlocked so that the slaves can visit. We picked up slave kelly and went to Mesmerize dungeon where we spent a relaxing hour catching up, chatting and teasing Gwen and slave kelly.

July 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita wth slave kelly and Gwen at Mesmerize Dungeon

Mistress Jenny and I spent the night with slave kelly. She had to strip, then we took her to KaS and she got a long hobble dress. It took a while to fit her into it and to make it look the way we wanted it. The dress is quite restrictive and can be opened exposing her butt and hence also her big tattoo marking her as our slave and the pear plug. We tied her arms on her back in a way that she can’t hide her exposed behind.
When we were done fitting slave kelly into her new outfit, we went to Mesmerize dungeon once again and later to Heavy Bondage Club. We cared for some attention slapping her butt every once in a while and had fun humiliating her.

July 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly in her new latex hobble dress at Mesmerize Dungeon

We ended our night at Psi’s realm, where we leashed slave kelly in the center of the main room in a position where she can’t hide her exposed butt. And there we left her ….. until we pick her up again.

July 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita leaving slave kelly in her new latex hobble dress leashed and exposed at Psi’s realm

Diary 2018 (114) June 30th/July1st Relaxed weekend

I had a busy Saturday, June 30th, and my online time was limited. I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon just shortly and we went to Heavy Bondage Club and Mesmerize Dungeon. At night we met Angelqiue and slave Flo. slave Flo is still busy with her new meshbody. Now she’s getting some clothes and shoes and updating her gear. She had a technical issue with her meshbody hand, that she couldn’t add anymore. We first cracked some jokes, Mistress Jenny threatened slave Flo with replacing the missing hand by a duster permanently.

June 30th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and danving at Venustus with Angelique and slave Flo

Finally Mistress Jenny and I went to Venustus for a dance and Angelique and slave Flo stayed solving the missing hand issue. Angelique could help slave Flo finally and we all spent an hour dancing at Venustus before it was already time for bed. Mistress Jenny and I retreated to our skybox … (no pictures *winks*)

Sunday, July 1st, Mistress Jenny and I had a another relaxed night. We had a game of skipee with slave Flo. slave slut cecy came inworld and watched us. After hte game, which slave FLo won, we first went to the Lesbian Society and had a look on the newest exhibited pictures that are dealing with the theme “water”. Then we finished our night at club DeLust together with slave slut cecy who danced there for us and all the others again.

July 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave slut cecy at home and at the Lesbian Society and at club DeLust with slave slut cecy

Anything else? Yes! Mistress jenny ended my red light and fitted the sub collar instead of the Ehesklavin collar around my neck again. Thank you, Mistress Jenny.

Diary 2018 (112) June 27th – A quiet night

Wednesday, June 27th, I was inworld in the morning shortly. I intended to read messages and to add to my inventory eventually. Kitty was inworld and I saw her for a hug. She’s very devoted and keeps in close contact not only to Mistress Jenny, who is more often inworld during Kitty’s prime time, but also to me. And she gave me an hint for a game with the slaves and subs. I discussed that later with Mistress Jenny and we intend to have our fun with it.

June 27th: Diomita and Kitty

Mistress Jenny and I had a relaxed and more quiet night. slave kelly and slave Flo were inworld. We first went on a kinkploring tour but the first site was gone and the 2nd one was a nice and kinky place but deserted. I have been there before and it was empty as well. I took no pictures. We went on to Psi’s realm and later to Mesmerize Dungeon and stayed at both places for a bit reading profiles, chatting and teasing our slaves.

June 27th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave kelly at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon

slave kelly had to leave and Mistress Jenny and I went over to club DeLust. We took slave Flo with us, who danced there for us and the other guests. And that’s it already about Wednesday night.

June 27th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club DeLust with slave Flo

Diary 2018 (110) June 25th – Black night

Monday afternoon, June 25th, Mistress Jenny exchanged my sub collar with my Ehesklavin collar taking me into a red light, as we call it, and into deep subspace. Every time she does that is a bit particular, it is strengthening her position and a special experience of helplessness.
This time she wanted me to wear the nose ring, that our slaves are wearing. It was a bit difficult to get it working. I had only copies with Mistress Jenny and myself a fixed owners. Luckily the creator was online and could help me getting it right for Mistress Jenny. Another loss of control for me.

June 25th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita (1)

Mistress put me into the reverse straight jacket, gagged me, prevented private chat to others and added the veil. slave kelly and Angelique tried talking to me, noticing that Mistress took full control of her Ehesklavin. Then Mistress Jenny took me to club DeLust for the rest of the afternoon where she enjoyed having me under her full control. When we had to leave, she left me restricted like this in our skybox. She knew very well that I wouldn’t go anywhere like this.

June 25th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita (2)

At night Mistress Jenny released me from the gag, the veil and the reverse straight jacket before we went down to see the slaves. slave kelly, gwenney and Leana were at home and Angelique joined soon after. Leana and gwenney have been visiting us quite often lately and Mistress wanted them restrained. We do prefer Real Restraints by Marine Kelley as basic gear for our subs and slaves.
In order that we both, Mistress Jenny and I, have access to the gear, we both need a master key for it. Technically we have a script that needs to be added to the active parts of the Real Restraints. While I worked adding this feature to the gear of gwenney and Leana and had a busy start into the night, Mistress Jenny relaxed, chatted and had slave kelly licking her boots.

June 25th at Mesmerize Dungeon: Angelique, Mistress Jenny, slave kelly, gwenney, Diomita and Leana (from left to right)

It took about half an hour to get it all done, then we went to Mesmerize Dungeon with Angelique, slave kelly, gwenney and Leana for the rest of the night. The title of this diary entry is referring to the conincidence that we all were wearing black clothes. Just Mistress Jenny and I had some white straps in our (fitting) outfits as a contrast.

Diary 2018 (109) June 24th – Appleby Manor

Sunday afternoon, June 24th, I met Angelique at home. A spanking of her was more than overdue for several bratty remarks. When I picked up slave Flo and her at Ladies Paradies (read here) to take them home because our house needed to be cleaned she dared to ask me why I didn’t clean myself. In addition she proposed to Mistress the new corset that I’m wearing now and of course she had some more bratty remarks about it.
I ignored her protests, ordered her over my lap and spanked her with my bare hand. I hadn’t finished yet when Mistress Jenny came inworld. Hence I stopped and ordered Angelique to put her skirt back on. Of course she retarded dressing again and as Mistress Jenny entered the room, Angelique was just putting her skirt back on and was still sobbing and crying. Mistress did ignore her sobbing, she said nothing about it, but she gathered exactly what happened.

June 24th: Angelique, Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home

To my surprise she instead just ordered Angelique to tighten my corset to the next level, which Angelique did without hesitating under Mistress’ supervision. The corset is quite tight now and I can hardly walk or stand normally in it anymore.
Mistress Jenny really likes the look of the corset with the boots, and she likes having me and Angelique dressed similiar. That said Mistress took Angelique and me back to the DHB store and allowed me to buy the corset and the boots for her. Mistress changed into the corset and the boots, then we went on a kinkploring tour to Appleby Manor, a place that Angelique had come across.

June 24th: Entering Appleby Manor

According to the landmark description Appley Manor, the former private home of a retired Admiral, is now a luxurious retreat for hedonism and pleasure of many types. It is under the management of Lady Magda (magda1851). The landing point is at a jetty right opposite of the entrance gate to the estate. At the entrance is a nice overview map.

June 24th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique at Appleby Manor (1)

We first visited the main house with the lobby and the lounge which is really luxurious and spacious. Before we could continue exploring we met Lady Magda who welcomed us. We had a short chat and roleplay with her and with a new slave of her who joined us soon after. Unfortunately Mistress Jenny and I had to leave and hence we left Angelique there. We might return some time soon to continue exploring Appleby Manor.

June 24th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique at Appleby Manor (1)

Back at our private skybox, Mistress Jenny chained me to the wall and added a gag before she left. She does make it very clear to me who is in charge.

June 24th. Mistress Jenny storing her Ehesklavin Diomita

Sunday night was relaxed. After Mistress Jenny had released me, we went to Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo and spent about half an hour there chatting and enjoying some eye candy. Then we went home and had a round of skipee with Angelique and slave Flo. Angelique had another little accident during the game, just on the same chair where slave Flo had an accident the night before. We need to ensure that this won’t become a regular behavior! And Angelique earned again an additional spanking, as she confessed that she had exchanged the chairs before.

June 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon / at home: Angelique, slave Flo, slave slut cecy, Diomita and Mistress Jenny

At the end of the game (I won it again) slave slut cecy joined us. Her visits have become rare due to her RL but she tries hard to stay in touch. We ended Sunday night at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer where slut cecy danced for us.

Landmark to Appleby Manor

Diary 2018 (107) June 20th/21st Ladies Paradies

I met with Jenny in the afternoon, Wednesday, June 20th. slave kelly was inworld and together with gwenney and Leana (Leana Campese). We took them to Mesmerize Dungeon for about half an hour, then our time was already up again. While we were at Mesmerize Dungeon and not noticable for most Jenny exhanged my collar, replacing the partnering collar with my sub collar. Mistress Jenny took back control.

June 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave kelly, gwenney and Leana Campese / Diomita at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer and at club DeLust with slave kelly and gwenny

My night was quite uneventful. gwenney and slave kelly were at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer and I took the opportunity to watch gwenney cleaning and licking Miss Conduct’s boots. There’s room for improvement *winks*. Later I took them both to club DeLust, where we spent most of the night. I had a chat with Angelique who told me about slave Flo’s and her time at Ladies Paradise. And that’s it already for Wednesday.

June 21st: Angelique and slave Flo at Ladies Paradise (left) / slave Flo at work (upper tight) ( Diomita at Ladies Paradise with Angelique, slave Flo and Yoshila (lower right)

“Neat waists make for neat minds” is written above the entrance gate to Ladies Paradise. The theme and everything else at Ladies Paradise takes place in an fictional 19th century. Proper attire and behavior are demanded, ladies in long dresses or skirts, men in frocks, waistcoats or other fitting clothing. Shiny latex is allowed nonetheless although is doesn’t fit to the 19th century.
The “school” at Ladies Paradise is a boarding school for young women, who where prepared for their future life as a good wife. In particular, etiquette and dressing rules are being taught, but there’re no classes, terms, grades, levels or exams. It is adult roleplay and SM but it’s not a prison and punishments are not intended to last 24/7.
Angelique and Flo had to wear corsets and Yoshila and the housekeeper Laursianne likes them being tight, just like our slave Flo *winks*. Of course the maids have to do the usual chores like cleaning, dusting, cooking, ironing and serving their superiors.

June 21st: Diomita taking Angelique and slave Flo home from Ladies Paradise

Thursday night, June 21st, I visited Ladies Paradise to have a look after Angelique and slave Flo and to take them back home. Our own house needs to be cleaned for the weekend. I had a nice chat with Yoshila, the founder and owner of Ladies Paradise, who understood my reasons for taking them home. Back at home both got their instructions for cleaing the next day, then we relaxed playing a round of Skipee.

Landmark to Ladies Paradise

Diary 2018 (104) June 14th/15th Ending my green light

Thursday, June 14th, I met with Jenny in the afternoon for an hour. We went to Heavy Bondage Club with slave kelly and met Angelique there. We also met gwenney (gwenney Resident) there. gwenney has been at our home several times lately and had attended our party last Friday. She’s a shy submissive, but it mustn’t be worng at all to observe first and from a safe distance and to apporach slowly. gwenney intended to visit our party again on Friday (she didn’t). We just had some chatting and enjoyed some eye-candy at Heavy Bondage Club, then we returned home.

June 14th at Heavy Bondage Club: Diomita, Angelique, Jenny, slave kelly and gwenney (from left to right)

At night Angelique, slave kelly and Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo were inworld. Angelique was shopping and grabbed some demos again. She said, she should change her display name to “Angelique Demo”. Then she can simple wear the demos and her last name would be shown either as embroidery or as a hoover sign. What a funny idea! Anyway, our night started with a fashion show at our Stonehaven patio. Angelique found some nice clothes again but Jenny and I couldn’t decide yet, what she may buy.

June 14th – Angelique’s fashion Show: Angelique, slave Flo, Diomita and Jenny, slave kelly (from left to right)

After Angelique left I took Jenny, slave kelly and Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo to Silent Manor, Adara’s new place, which I explored together with slave kelly already a few days before (see Simploring 2018 (52) June 11th – Silent Manor).
For Jenny and slave Flo it was their first visit. We visited the roof with all the cages, the manor itself, the dungeon maze, the cafe and the pool behind the manor. Close to the pool slave Flo got trapped and had a few minutes just hanging around. And slave kelly stepped into a tentacle trap and we had fun watching her as she was abused by the plant.

June 14th: Jenny, slave flo, slave kelly and Diomita at Silent Manor

We visited Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo and slave kelly for a bit and when slave Flo went off to bed we took slave kelly home and stored her in the cage by the dance floor. Jenny and I retreated to the annex of our skybox, where I had my way with Jenny. She’s such a good and devoted sub! That was the right moment for me to end the green light and to replace her “Mine-collar” with her partnering collar. I was obliged to end the green light before our Friday night party anyway. Thank you for this anniversary green light, Jenny, my love, my world.

June 14th: Diomita enjoying her property, her owned Mistress, wife, M I N E, before ending the green light

Friday afternoon, June 15th, we, gwenney, Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo, slave kelly, Jenny and I had a nice chat and another little fashion show given by Angelique. That was quite relaxing. And at night we had our party again. The theme was vintage lingerie – and we all had fun.

June 15th: another fashion show given by Angelique: gwenney, slave kelly, Diomita, slave Flo, Jenny and Angelique (from left to right)

We had a lovely and large crowd and enjoyed our start into the weekend.

June 15th – Friday night party: Diomita and Jenny (left) / Angelique (middle) / Baroness Capelo and slave kelly (right)

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