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Today this blog reached 100,000 all-time clicks. What an incredible number! Thank you all for following our blog.

Diary 2017 (91) June 1st – June 4th: Quiet Relaxing Moments

Thursday night, June 1st, was a very quiet relaxing night, that I spent with my property Jenny mostly at Domme a Domme. It was quite crowded there and we had enough to look at and to read profiles. But mostly we caught up with RL and SL before Jenny left into her vacation the next day. I made no pictures, at least no pictures to publish in here. We locked another “victim” in the fram of our key holding service (read here). But that’s is about Thursday.

Friday night, June 2nd, we had our regular party that was quite well attended. Claven was there with her slaves Betina and Lexi, Starry and Della and several others of the Atomic Pixies, and Virgo and Tyra (as a tied up and gagged tigress – Virgo and Tyra are still Fin Saphir’s dolls). From the Euro Brats it was just Kitty and me. We had fun as always.

Saturday night, June 3rd, Jenny came online and we spent a relaxed hour at Domme a Domme while she reported about her first day of vacation. Well, in Second Life, she’s also kind of on vacation – always nicely tied up and gagged. I can’t see enough of it! I shouldn’t change it and keep her like that. Argi joined us, she landed right next to us at Domme a Domme when logging in. And of course she teased Jenny. You might ask … and what about the slaves? They all are somehow prevented from coming online by their RL. slave Flo has some health issues and is recovering and should care about herself first of all, slave slut cecy has new working times that will decrease her presence online when we’re here (remember she’s from Mexico and hence the time difference is an issue), slavin C is locked away at “The Keep” and not often online anyway, and slave Adarra just let us know a few days ago that she’s quite tied up with her RL but that it might become better by the end of June. Who did I forget? Yes, Angelique, who is enjoying her newest adventure – and Kitty.

When I logged in Sunday morning, June 4th, to make a simploring tour, I got a message from Aimee Riptide. She asked me if I could come and look at our Kitty. I agree but Kitty was free when I arrived at Daisy’s playground, a BDSM, D/s and kidnap play area owned by Daisy Rimbaud and home of the Evil Kitten store. Aimee, Kitty and I had a nice chat about a new cell, that should be available for purchase soon. It has some really nice features. For example you can’t touch own items (like cuffs) and hence you have no ability to struggle out of them, you can’t use channel 77 if you wear Real Restraints (channel 77 is used to get to the menu), you can’t cam outside of the cell (very realistic), you can chat but you can’t send or receive IM (realistic) and there’s a reasonable anti idle feature that will stop a set timer once you don’t move within 5 minutes. To sum it up, this new cell is perfect for a realistic punishment, that provides enough time to think for the prisoner. I will for sure get one, once it is on the market.

I took Kitty on my simploring tour to Flash Back / Flash Forward (read here) and upon our return from there we met cow Dana for a short chat.

That’s it about these last days.

June 5th – Jenny’s 9th collaring anniversary

Today is the 9th anniversary of Jenny’s collaring day. On June 5th, 2008, I collared Jenny as my slave and property. These nine years were splitted in 3 different phases. From 2008 until 2011 I was myself collared by Yasmin Heartsdale and part of her “Yasmin’s brat pack”. Hence also my slave Jenny was part of this brat pack. It was a time that coined our Second Life up until today. I met Jenny at Stonehaven, a very popular sim at that time, and there’re still people around who rave about this laggy sim, that was the beginning of a D/s Second Life for many. I had a skybox there with a double door cage and it was there, Jenny did her trial for me to become mine. And October 24th, 2008, we got officially married in Second Life.

We had fun at Stonehaven as well as on Yasmin’s homesims. We didn’t see her very often due to time difference as she’s located in the US. It was just consequent that I founded my own little family within Yasmin’s brat pack and that is how the Eurobrats came alive. The first Friday night party with our dj Virgo Babii was at Yasmin’s homesim “Rivers Rock”, where the Eurobrats also hold a plot and had their first family headquarter. Actually Rivers Rock was owned by one of Yasmin’s brat, Sam (Samatha Congrejo), who left SL all of a sudden and we lost our first home due to that.

This first phase ended in 2011, when Yasmin and I didn’t find a base together anymore and she released me. From that day on, the Eurobrats were an own independant family, that still exsists while Yasmin’s brat pack vanished 2 years later. It was also in 2011 that we moved to Mount Everest, our home up until today. After a few months without wearing any collar Jenny and I became mutally owned. We switched back and forth, but I decided when and for how long I gave control to her. Jenny developed into the domme at my side during this second phase. Our family grew and changed with time. Nowadays just Kitty (Santana Thibedeau) is left from our orginial family. Some have left without any word unfortunately. We celebrated wedding days, collaring anniversaries and rezzdays. And we noticed that I myself had no collaring anniversary. Therefore we picked a date that fitted best into the family calendar of events, April 21st, 2013, as my collaring day. We further developed together as a domme couple. Jenny’s self confidence and her domme side flourished. The decision about who of the two of us is in control switched to her. It was a slow but constant change until I fully submitted to my former slave on the occasion of our 8th wedding day, October 24, 2016. While she was my Ehesklavin (German for married slave) for the first 8 years, I became her Ehesklavin now and the swap was completed – and the second phase of our relation ended.

Nowadays, in the 3rd phase of our Second Life together, we’re still a domme couple. I head the family like I did since the Eurobrats were founded back in 2008. Mistress Jenny is my collared property, she’s mine. I am still very possessive about her and I will always be. But I accepted my place. I’m a domme, Mistress to our subs and slaves and I don’t kneel for anybody but for Mistress Jenny. She’s in control and I am her Ehesklavin. It is up to her grant control over her to me for a limited time. And today, as we celebrated Jenny’s 9th collaring anniversary, I’m in control as it should be on such an occasion.

We’re blessed to have found each other. We’re dedicated to each other. Thank you for all the years of your love and dedication, of your unconditional submission to me, Jenny. I’m very confident that there are many more years to come. We will continue to develop and we will see where it leads us to.

Happy collaring anniversary, Jenny, my love

Diary 2017 (55) April 16th (1) Kitty

Timezones are something that you get that aware about in particular in Second Life. Here you meet people from all over the world. But nonetheless most people are inworld in their evening. On weekends or holidays it is more probable to meet people even from timezones that are wide apart. Our family, the Eurobrats, was part of an American family, Yasmin’s Brats and was founded also because we Europeans were usually online at other times than the American family members. But the Eurobrats never were restricted to Europeans only. Currently, one of our slaves, slut cecy, is from Mexico and she manages quite well to meet with us. Also slave Adarra is from another continent, from Canada. And Kitty, who is from California, is our oldest sub. On Easter Sunday, April 16th, I met Kitty when I was inworld in the morning – for her it was late Saturday night. Besides the timezone issue, Kitty is quite tied up in her RL at the moment and hence we don’t see much of her lately. It was good to catch up and to stay in touch. And I also had a little but of fun with her and took a picture that I want to share here and to save for the diary.

April 16th: Diomita with Kitty at our patio

Jenny Maurer’s 9th Rezzday

Today marks the 9th rezzday of my beloved partner and property Mistress Jenny Maurer. As there’s already written so much, for this rezzday the pictures will tell it all. Thank you for being with me and with us, my love.

Our homesim Mount Everest

In December 2016 I began to refurbish our homesim a little bit (see here). I didn’t like the big rock anymore and we had noticed that the main part of our island wasn’t really used. I removed the large rock and changed the underground maze so that it is on one level now but it is even a bit larger than before. It has more rooms and less connecting tubes. I also shrunk our island a bit on the East side and subdivided our plot, so that our private skybox is now on a separate plot, allowing us a larger variety of privacy settings.
On the ground level we added a patio with a slut and slave wall and some loungers. This spot has a touch of the old Stonehaven patio, a place where we started our Second Life. Stonehaven is long gone but still has it’s place in our memories. Next to this patio I built the “Maurer’s slave and slut platform”, a platform like the one at Lochme, at Ropers or at Bondage & Storage Project.
The larger space in the underground tempted us to build our own little fetish club as we like the atmosphere at club DeLust. For sure I copied some ideas from DeLust for our club but I hope it has it’s own character nonetheless. We called it “Fetisch Club Chez Maurer” (FCCM) and we plan to have an opening event some time soon (read here).

Jan 29th: The updated Welcome board

Jan 29th: The updated Welcome board

With January ending we decided to have spring in Second Life. One big upside of SL is that we decide about the weather and the season and can be a little bit ahead of time and enjoy an early spring. The snow is melted (not just by slave cecy but also with a little help of sim settings) and I added some green, bushes, trees and flourishing flowers. For right now the main building activies are done. We will just add some little details here and there. Consequently it was also about time to revise the two boards at the landing point. The left welcome board now also contains the sign of our fetish club. The map on the right board is updated now and also shows the way to the FCCM.

Jan 29th: updated map of Mount Everest

Jan 29th: updated map of Mount Everest

I removed the teleport pad for “The Keep” and added a new teleport pad close to the entrance of the club. That is a quite central teleport point now as there’s not just the entrance to the club. The slave and slut platform, the “Stonehaven” patio and “The Keep” are all close by.

I hope everybody enjoys the improved layout. We’re happy with it.

Minor building activity at our homesim Mount Everest

Linden Labs increased the prims for all sims a few weeks ago. Now we have considerably more prims availabe on or half of the sim. Of course you begin to think what do make out of it. First of all it allowed us to decorate our island for the season without considering what we should remove temporarily. That was great.
But what else can you do with the additional prims? Mistress Jenny and I don’t know as of now, but we will further develop our home. In Spring 2016 I refurbished our island the last time and I was not really fully happy with it. In particular the big chunk of a rock, that hid some of the underground maze, is not a real eye candy for me. And in addition this part of our island is mainly unused (not the underground). When Mistress returned from her short vacation I approached her with my plans for slight changes of Mount Everest and we agreed on. Basically I removed the large rock and changed the underground maze so that it is on one level now but it is even a bit larger than before. It has more rooms and less connecting tubes. I also shrunk our island a bit on the East side and subdivided our plot, so that our private skybox is now on a separate plot, allowing us a larger variety of privacy settings.

December 22nd: The rock is gone on our island

December 22nd – Minor building activity at our homesim Mount Everest: The rock is gone on our Island

I’m far from done yet, in particular there’s some detail work outstanding. We won some better usable space and we will fill that slowly in the upcoming weeks. Don’t be surprised when you see some contruction going on.

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