Maurer’s Maple slave aka. AdarraMorgan

Slave Adarra’s first appearance in this blog is from March 30th, 2016 also in an enjoying bondage post: “Enjoying bondage March 2016 (II): The rock“. I wrote about Adarra (AdarraMorgan): “We met Adarra at Mesmerize Dungeon just a couple of days ago and she was admiring slave Flo’s catsuit and hood. Her tag expressed more than thousand words: “Perma bound object”. But she was not tied up. After exchanging a few words we decided make her tag come true and locked her up in cuffs and added a gag. We took her home and let her explore our island. As she couldn’t run away, she was present for our bondage night. We might see her again, as she is a bondage slut although she doesn’t dare confessing it
slave Adarra stayed with us since March, 2016 and just like cecy she turned out being dedicated and loyal. She soon was able to confess publically she is a bondage slut and we kept her as such. During our last bondage night I began addressing her as slave what she noticed immediately but she didn’t rebel against it at all. And yesterday she accepted our collar willing and with pride as did slave cecy. slave Adarra is from Canada, also not really a match regarding timezone. But she adjusted her online presence in a way that she can see us regularly (good girl).

slave Adarra (AdarraMorgan) collared May 18th, 2016

slave Adarra (AdarraMorgan) collared May 18th, 2016

slave Adarra was collared May 18th, 2016 as Maurer’s Maple slave. Welcome to the family!

Unfortunately RL and the bad match of timezones pervented her from being with us more and more and her visits became shorter and shorter and very rare. We saw slave Adarra Mid of February 2018 the last time and told her about our decision to release her officially, which I did April 18th, 2018. Adarra will stay a family member and is always welcome to join us again, once she finds the time and the desire to return to Second Life more frequently. We’re still holding her keys and will be glad to have her around again as a submissive friend.

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