Simploring 2018 (78) Happy Clam Island

Thursday, September 6th, I picked Happy Clam Island for my simploring tour. I found the link in someone’s profile while standing in a S&M (Stand & Model) club and reading profiles and the description and the accompanying picture caught my attention:
PSY Trance Sin
(flower.rainforest): “Organica: some of the best damn lag in SL”
Goa, Oldskool, Psy, Trance, Psytrance,PSY, Solstice, Equinox, Festival, Electronic , tribe, nature, tree, love, Peace

Impressions of Happy Clam Island (1) – around the landing point

There’s a homepage for Happy Clam Island and I visited it before I actually visited the island inworld:
“We are a virtual community in Second Life devoted to Peace and Higher Consciousness through music. Our magical venue, Organica, provides wonderful goa/psy and live music events, and our island exists as an educational portal and place of community where friends can meet and share ideas and talents as we prepare for an uncertain future. We celebrate nature and music at each solar point throughout the year at our Equinox and Solstice Festivals. There we gather in a rite of renewal to Life as we burn our Wicker Man and celebrate the Great Mystery”

On the homepage you find further information about live performances of dj’s, events & festivals, lounge & chill out and about the salon of earth, where people meet to discuss and learn about environmental issues in the physcial world.

Impressions of Happy Clam Island (2)

In the center of Happy Clam Island is a venue called Organica. That’s where you land follwing the provided link. The first impression was – wow! It’s been a while that I saw something that colourful. It’s pure fantasy and it is beautiful, it’s art made of pixels and light effect. Always changing, no single view is like the other. An aurora borealis dives the place in different colours continuously. I went to “Heartseed of Organica” where you find a colourful stage. I assume that is where the dj’s perform.

Impressions of Happy Clam Island (3) – the 2 lower pictures are from Fairy Forest at Qee West

Exploring Happy Clam Island I noticed that it is devided into several parcels and each of it has it’s own name and belongs to other members of the Happy Clam Island Citizens group, which was founded by Finn Zeddmore. Just a few parcels were not used. The parcels are of different size, some may also have skyboxes. But they all fit in into the colourful fantasy world.

Impressions of Happy Clam Island (4)

Next to Happy Clam Island are 2 homesteads. One of them, Qee West, is an extension of Happy Clam Island and it belongs also to the Happy Clam Island Citizens group. A larger part of Qee West is occupied by Fairy Forest, owned by Kini (Kini Delicioso).
The other homestead, Chakryn Forest, is a romantic forest, not fitting exactly into the fantasy world of Happy Clam Island, yet lovely as well and it also provides space for art and some hiding places. Chakryn Forest is founded by Bettina Tizzy.

Impressions of Happy Clam Island (5) – the 2 upper pictures are from Chakryn Forest next to Happy Clam Island

There’s so much to see and discover at Happy Clam Island that I could just get a first impression during my one hour simploring tour. As it’s really hard to pick a single highlight, just look at the pictures I took to get an idea about what you will see when you visit yourself.

Impressions of Happy Clam Island (6) – Diomita the flying dj and one aerial picture of Happy Clam Island with Qee West (left side) and Chakryn Forest (lower side)

At the end of my visit, I noticed a flying object and I sat on it. It turned out to be a flying dj’s desk and I made some nice pictures of me in it, with Happy Clam Island building a perfect background.

Landmark to Happy Clam Island
Homepage of Happy Clam Island

Diary 2018 (150) August 15th – a quiet day

Wednesday, August 15th, turned our to be a quiet day. I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon for an hour. She was at club DeLust and summoned me to her. We caught up with RL and SL news, then we went shopping and didn’t get anything. And I made no pictures.

August 15th: Diomita and Angelique at Psi’s realm with slave Flo and Paige

At night, Angelique, slave Flo and Paige were inworld. slave Flo had dusted the house and the Shangri-La. We decided to have a game of Skipee first. Paige had to watch as she doesn’t know the rules. The game went quite quickly. I won it and Angelique and slave Flo were a bit annoyed thinking that I rigged the set of cards. I didn’t – but it is the Chair I’m sitting in (but don’t spread that).
We went to Psi’s realm for a bit and enjoyed the crowd there, but there was no real conversation running. Angelique crashed, slave Flo went to bed – and I went shopping again. And again I didn’t get anyhting.

August 15th: Diomita with slave kelly at Psi’s realm and at home

I was about to go to bed early, when slave kelly came inworld. As she’ll be off for one week I took her out of the decoration box and spent some time at Psi’s with her. I had some fun teasing slave kelly although no real conversation with the bystanding crowd started this time as well. Back home I locked slave kelly into her display box so that I know where to find her upon her return.

And that’s it already about a quite day for me in Second Life.

Diary 2018 (147) August 12th – A nice Sunday night

Sunday, August 12th, I went simploring in the afternoon and visited “The Art Game” (see yesterday’s post here). I met Angelique when I returned home and scared her being Pac-Man ghost Blinky. That was fun. We played two quick rounds of greedy, then I had to leave. Angelique’s mood was not the best and she said, she’d go shopping to cheer herself up.

August 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita get a Fashion Show presented by Angelique

When I got inworld at night, Angelique told me that she got 21 (!) different outfits and as she still has quite some outfits that we have to approve before she finally get them, it was about time we saw what she got. Mistress Jenny told me to summon Angelique to our skybox and we got a private fashion show. Angelique has a very good taste and it was hard to select! We approved 6 of the 21 pieces she presented to us, quite a good ration.

August 12th, a full house: Mistress Jenny, slave slut cecy, Angelique, Madoka Kawabata, Diomita and slave Flo

While we had our fashion show it, it became busy at our house. slave Flo, Anne, slave slut cecy and Madoka were inworld and I had dani hellershanks in IM who wanted to come by as a Rubber Rocket Doll. By the time we finally ended the fashion show, Anne had retreated already, but slave Flo, slave slut cecy and Madoka were still present and in our office. We had a nice talk …. then Angelique had to leave and Rubber Rocket Doll dani came to our house.

August 12th, a full house: Mistress Jenny, slave slut cecy, Rubber Rocket Doll (dani hellershanks), Madoka Kawabata, Diomita and slave Flo

Most people in SL are standing when they meet. It’s a really bad habit and I admit that I tend to stand myself. But we do have enough chairs! We went to our living room and Mistress Jenny, Madoka and I sat down, while slave slut cecy, slave Flo and the Rubber Rocket doll grouped around it. We had a pleasant talk about the current slave outfit with the KaS hood and I hinted about my plans for the next months. We had a very enjoyable conversation.

August 12th, a full house: slave Flo, Diomita, Rubber Rocket Doll (dani hellershanks), Mistress Jenny, slave slut cecy and Madoka Kawabata

Madoka, slave Flo and slave slut cecy had to leave almost at the same time. Mistress Jenny and I left Rubber Rocket Doll dani at home and went to club DeLust to wind down – and that’s it already about this nice Sunday night.

Simploring 2018 (70) – The Art Game

Sunday, August 12th, I picked “The Art Game” from SL Destinations for my simploring tour.
The Art Game” is an installation from Betty Tureaud on LEA21. It’s the 2nd time that I came across Betty Tureaud. I saw other piece of art from her at ArtSpace UTSA in 2016 (read here). Betty Tureaud is from Denmark, she’s a builder and light and space artist in Second Life.

The landing at “The Art Game” is on a flat endless colourful plateau right next to some floating tyres. You have to sit on one of them to get into the installation itself. Once you’re inside, there is a board advertising the opening event which was Friday, August 10th, and a map with your position and some lines, it reminded me of the board for nine men’s morris. In the center of the map are two dice. And from the off you get a message from Betty Tureaud: “Welcome to The Art Game! To get on you must find the two dice (set cam to minimum 250m)

Impressions of “The Art Game” by Betty Tureaud (1)

Ok …”The Art Game” is a maze! And it is a colourful maze. I tried to figure a way from my position to the center and entered the maze. Just when I got around the first corner Pac-Man ran into me and swallowed me. I had no way to get out and Pac-Man had it’s fun with me running back and forth the tube. After a while I teleported back to the start and when I entered the 2nd time I looked out carefully and got the right timing and avoided getting swallowed again.
But I forgot where to go 🙂 And that’s what a maze is for, you get lost. And several Pac-Men were after me. I took some nice pictures of myself being a part of the Pac-Man game. And of course I also met the Pac-Man Ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Impressions of “The Art Game” by Betty Tureaud (2)

The Art Game” was really fun! I finally made it to the center and found the dice laying under a huge, colourful being with many tentacles. Right next to I found a dice with a free gift. My gift was one of the Pac-Man ghosts: Blinky. When I returned home I tried it and added it and I was transformed into Blinky – funny!

Impressions of “The Art Game” by Betty Tureaud (3) and back home I scared Angelique

The Art Game” offers a lot of colourful views, some fun and for those familiar with Pac-Man also the very special experience to get into the game. Thank you Betty for your installation. I really enjoyed my visit. Well done!

Landmark to The Art Game

Simploring 2018 (68) Saguaro and Fruit Islands

Once again I picked the destination for my simploring tour on Saturday, August 4th, from SL Destinations: Saguaro.
The picture of Saguaro and the landmark description read tempting for me at least: “Welcome to Saguaro, the home of Luc and Dooz, a photo-op place and hang out. You may sail, take a kayak o swim – just sit on the waterball. Switch on Media for seasound.

First impressions of Saguaro: Landing and kayak tour around the island

Saguaro is a small island and just one the Fruit Islands. Fruit Islands are owned by Loretta String; Loretta rents out seperate Islands to residents. Those islands are not homesteads, they are smaller but the prim count can be similar, higher or lower than that of a homestead. One of these islands is Saguaro, located within a sailing paradise of numerous residential islands. Those other islands build a lovely natural background for Saguaro.

Impressions of Saguaro

Saguro is owned by Dooz (dooozy) and Luc (eslucas) and it is open to the public. It is another small corner of Second Life to relax and chill and to let your mind wander feeling like being on vacation. The provided landmark to Saguaro leads to a pier with a big motor sailing yacht and a rezzer for a kayak. I took the kayak and paddled once around the island to get an overview. In the middle of Saguro island is an open house, it’s more a rain protection for furniture than a house. The beach as well as the house offers many opportunites to sit and cuddle or to watch what is going on around.

Just a Little selection of places to sit and cuddle and to let your mind go wander at Saguaro

The vegetation as well as the places and the furniture to enjoy the sun are selected with love for the detail. You can sense that this island is a homeplace first of all. It is remarkable that Luc and Dooz keep it open for the public, so that you and I can use it for chilling and for enjoying ourself. I spent about half an hour of a short vacation within Second Life at Saguaro.

Thank you, Dooz (dooozy) and Luc (eslucas) for providing your place for my short vacation. I really enjoyed and I like what you made of it.

Landmark to Saguaro

Simploring 2018 (67) Daydream by Cica Ghost

Today’s entry is a bit out of the more or less chronical order of our blog. The reason is that Cica Ghost opened her newest installation “Daydream” on August 10th. I got an invite from her and I visited Saturday, August 11th. As you never know how long Cica’s installations stay opened until she creates something new, I decided to publish my report timely, so that there’s enough time for you to visit yourself.
The thought Cica gives us on our way visiting “Daydream” is in the short landmark description “Lose yourself in a daydream…

Impression of “Daydream by Cica Chost” (1)

Daydream is an island, but this time it is not meagre although there’re some hills and rock. You’ll find colourful trees and quite some lovely fields of flowers. The landing is quite in the middle of the sim from where you can discover it on foot. I didn’t find any of the famous Cicamobiles this time.

Impression of “Daydream by Cica Chost” (2)

Daydream offers a broad spectrum of know and unknown characters and beings created by Cica nicely spread over the island and you encounter them on your way exploring it. Quite close to the landing are two snails in a field of flowers. They look at eachother and the scene is very peaceful. As always Cica’s beings are quite large. There are two turtles and they even don’t mind when you walk on their carapace.
For me the two creatures, that look like big squirrels and eat strawberries, were really impressive and although they look like little dinosaurs there are not scary at all. There’s one being, I want to mention in particular, a crossbred of a goat and an eagle with an human face, sitting on a rock like supervising the whole island and the scenery. You can see it from the landing point and from other spots on the island.

Impression of “Daydream by Cica Chost” (3)

At Daydream you will find a few places to sit and even to cuddle. One of these plaves is s cave in a single quite outstanding tree, which is even furnished. But there’re some more, just look out!
Another element of Daydream are Cica’s cats (well know from her installation 50 cats, read here in this blog). Some of them roam around at Daydream and made me smile.

Apropos smile, Daydream seems not to have a really strong message, it is a dream, a place to let your mind wander, to enjoy new and old elements of Cica’s work, it’s colourful, whimsical, and peaceful.
I don’t want to forget that Cica herself immersed into Daydream disguised as a black cat. I found her close to the landing point and I assume that she’s sticks around there daydreaming when she’s online.

Impression of “Daydream by Cica Chost” (4)

Inara Pey has already published a blog post about her visit and as always it is quite elaborated and I recommend reading it “Cica’s Dayfream in Second Life“)

Thank you, Cica for your newest installation. As always I enjoyed my visit and I really liked what I saw, so much to discover!

Landmark to “Daydream by Cica Ghost”
Inara Pey’s blog post “Cica’s Dayfream in Second Life”

Simploring 2018 (66) Alexandria in Second Life

My simploring tour on Sunday, July 29th, led me two thousand years back in to Alexandria in the year 40 bc. I picked the landmark from SL Destinations. The landmark description is short but precise: “The most amazing city of Antiquity. Immerse yourself in the history of the great city of Alexandreia, 40 B.C.

Alexandria 40 bc – Overview

Alexandria in Second Life is built on a full sim and rated adult. It is owned by Kleopatra T. Philopator (doroty.davies), who says about herself that she’s “the Queen of Egypt and the living Goddess Isis, remaining in Alexandreia with my family and the Court.

I landed at the “Agora” in the middle of the antique town. I found out later, that there’s a welcome skybox with some information and will provide that landmark for Alexandria.

Impressions of Alexandria 40 bc (1) – at the Agora and the temple nearby / inside of the temple (lower right)

Alexandria is first of all a roleplay sim, where you immerse yourself into the antique aera. While I visited just one other person was present. You’re allowed to visit as a tourist, yet you just should respect roleplaying persons and not interact.

As mentioned above my visit started at the Agora. I first went into a huge temple which contained nothing but a sarcophagus. The next building I explored was the palace. I didn’t find an entrance but (thanks to flying and sitting abilities) found my way in nonetheless. The inside is quite impressive and colourful. The walls are decorated with egypt paintings, the whole palace radiates the luxury of a few people 2,000 years back in time. Really impressive even virtually.

Impressions of Alexandria 40 bc (2) – inside of the palace

After my visit to the palace I used the teleporter system of Alexandria and visited the Caesareum, the Harbour, the zoo, the Serapeum, the great library, Pharos, Doors, Arabesque and Porn-Eio. Porn-Eio? Actually, I don’t know what this word means nor could I find anything fitting on the net. It might a Greek or Latin word. Anyway in Alexandria of Second Life it is located close to the harbour (just like nowadays *winks*) and is obviously an ancient brothel.

Impressions of Alexandria 40 bc (3) – Exhibition “Sexuality in ancient Egypt” at the great library (upper left and right) / Caesareum (lower left) / Serapeum (lower right)

The Caesareum and the Serapeum are both ancient temples of Alexandria. You can find information about them on wikipedia as well as about Pharos, the lighthouse of ancient Alexandria and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The great library is close to the Caesareum and currently offers an exhibition about sexuality in ancient Egypt. The exhibited pictures contain notecards with information.
Of course I also visited the zoo, although I really was surprised that they had already zoos in 40 bc.

Impressions of Alexandria 40 bc (4) – Pharos (upper left) / Harbour (upper right) / Porn-Eio (lower left) / Zoo (lower right)

Doors is the above mentioned welcome skybox, Arabesque is a out-of-character disco in another skybox. Arabesque offers regular events and there’s a board with the times and dates.

Impressions of Alexandria 40 bc (5) – Arabesque, the out of character disco / another view over Alexandria (lower right)

Alexandria is really well made, a great place for taking pictures and for getting an impression of this ancient town, which was of high importance in the year 40 bc. Again I could visit a place that proves the enormous possibilities of Second Life. I enjoyed my visit a lot and am impressed. Alexandria is worth a visit. Thank you Queen of Egypt aka. Kleopatra T. Philopator aka. Doroty Davies!

Landmark to Alexandria (Doors – Landing skybox)
Landmark to Arabesque (out of character disco)

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