Simploring 2018 (67) Daydream by Cica Ghost

Today’s entry is a bit out of the more or less chronical order of our blog. The reason is that Cica Ghost opened her newest installation “Daydream” on August 10th. I got an invite from her and I visited Saturday, August 11th. As you never know how long Cica’s installations stay opened until she creates something new, I decided to publish my report timely, so that there’s enough time for you to visit yourself.
The thought Cica gives us on our way visiting “Daydream” is in the short landmark description “Lose yourself in a daydream…

Impression of “Daydream by Cica Chost” (1)

Daydream is an island, but this time it is not meagre although there’re some hills and rock. You’ll find colourful trees and quite some lovely fields of flowers. The landing is quite in the middle of the sim from where you can discover it on foot. I didn’t find any of the famous Cicamobiles this time.

Impression of “Daydream by Cica Chost” (2)

Daydream offers a broad spectrum of know and unknown characters and beings created by Cica nicely spread over the island and you encounter them on your way exploring it. Quite close to the landing are two snails in a field of flowers. They look at eachother and the scene is very peaceful. As always Cica’s beings are quite large. There are two turtles and they even don’t mind when you walk on their carapace.
For me the two creatures, that look like big squirrels and eat strawberries, were really impressive and although they look like little dinosaurs there are not scary at all. There’s one being, I want to mention in particular, a crossbred of a goat and an eagle with an human face, sitting on a rock like supervising the whole island and the scenery. You can see it from the landing point and from other spots on the island.

Impression of “Daydream by Cica Chost” (3)

At Daydream you will find a few places to sit and even to cuddle. One of these plaves is s cave in a single quite outstanding tree, which is even furnished. But there’re some more, just look out!
Another element of Daydream are Cica’s cats (well know from her installation 50 cats, read here in this blog). Some of them roam around at Daydream and made me smile.

Apropos smile, Daydream seems not to have a really strong message, it is a dream, a place to let your mind wander, to enjoy new and old elements of Cica’s work, it’s colourful, whimsical, and peaceful.
I don’t want to forget that Cica herself immersed into Daydream disguised as a black cat. I found her close to the landing point and I assume that she’s sticks around there daydreaming when she’s online.

Impression of “Daydream by Cica Chost” (4)

Inara Pey has already published a blog post about her visit and as always it is quite elaborated and I recommend reading it “Cica’s Dayfream in Second Life“)

Thank you, Cica for your newest installation. As always I enjoyed my visit and I really liked what I saw, so much to discover!

Landmark to “Daydream by Cica Ghost”
Inara Pey’s blog post “Cica’s Dayfream in Second Life”

Simploring 2018 (66) Alexandria in Second Life

My simploring tour on Sunday, July 29th, led me two thousand years back in to Alexandria in the year 40 bc. I picked the landmark from SL Destinations. The landmark description is short but precise: “The most amazing city of Antiquity. Immerse yourself in the history of the great city of Alexandreia, 40 B.C.

Alexandria 40 bc – Overview

Alexandria in Second Life is built on a full sim and rated adult. It is owned by Kleopatra T. Philopator (doroty.davies), who says about herself that she’s “the Queen of Egypt and the living Goddess Isis, remaining in Alexandreia with my family and the Court.

I landed at the “Agora” in the middle of the antique town. I found out later, that there’s a welcome skybox with some information and will provide that landmark for Alexandria.

Impressions of Alexandria 40 bc (1) – at the Agora and the temple nearby / inside of the temple (lower right)

Alexandria is first of all a roleplay sim, where you immerse yourself into the antique aera. While I visited just one other person was present. You’re allowed to visit as a tourist, yet you just should respect roleplaying persons and not interact.

As mentioned above my visit started at the Agora. I first went into a huge temple which contained nothing but a sarcophagus. The next building I explored was the palace. I didn’t find an entrance but (thanks to flying and sitting abilities) found my way in nonetheless. The inside is quite impressive and colourful. The walls are decorated with egypt paintings, the whole palace radiates the luxury of a few people 2,000 years back in time. Really impressive even virtually.

Impressions of Alexandria 40 bc (2) – inside of the palace

After my visit to the palace I used the teleporter system of Alexandria and visited the Caesareum, the Harbour, the zoo, the Serapeum, the great library, Pharos, Doors, Arabesque and Porn-Eio. Porn-Eio? Actually, I don’t know what this word means nor could I find anything fitting on the net. It might a Greek or Latin word. Anyway in Alexandria of Second Life it is located close to the harbour (just like nowadays *winks*) and is obviously an ancient brothel.

Impressions of Alexandria 40 bc (3) – Exhibition “Sexuality in ancient Egypt” at the great library (upper left and right) / Caesareum (lower left) / Serapeum (lower right)

The Caesareum and the Serapeum are both ancient temples of Alexandria. You can find information about them on wikipedia as well as about Pharos, the lighthouse of ancient Alexandria and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The great library is close to the Caesareum and currently offers an exhibition about sexuality in ancient Egypt. The exhibited pictures contain notecards with information.
Of course I also visited the zoo, although I really was surprised that they had already zoos in 40 bc.

Impressions of Alexandria 40 bc (4) – Pharos (upper left) / Harbour (upper right) / Porn-Eio (lower left) / Zoo (lower right)

Doors is the above mentioned welcome skybox, Arabesque is a out-of-character disco in another skybox. Arabesque offers regular events and there’s a board with the times and dates.

Impressions of Alexandria 40 bc (5) – Arabesque, the out of character disco / another view over Alexandria (lower right)

Alexandria is really well made, a great place for taking pictures and for getting an impression of this ancient town, which was of high importance in the year 40 bc. Again I could visit a place that proves the enormous possibilities of Second Life. I enjoyed my visit a lot and am impressed. Alexandria is worth a visit. Thank you Queen of Egypt aka. Kleopatra T. Philopator aka. Doroty Davies!

Landmark to Alexandria (Doors – Landing skybox)
Landmark to Arabesque (out of character disco)

Simploring 2018 (64) The Winds

For my simploring tour Sunday, July 22nd, I picked again a destination from SL DestinationsSummers Wind. There’s an exhibition at Summers Wind featuring Giancarlo Petrini, an Italian painter. I recommend reading the blog post “GIANCARLO PETRINI: hosted at Summers Wind” before you visit. This blog post contains a lot of information about the artist Giancarlo Petrini.

Giancarlo Petrini at Summers Wind (1)

The provided landmark leads directly to the exhibition of Giancarlo Petrini. It is located at the cafe of arts right on the beach of Summers Wind. The pictures are exhibited on the pier of this cafe instead of being presented in a gallery. It is a quite particular way to exhibit pictures, that are transferred from RL into Second Life. It feels like being at the beach of an artist community. I enjoyed taking a closer look at the work of Giancarlo Petrini.

Giancarlo Petrini at Summers Wind (2)

Once at Summers Wind I started simploring the island as the first impression was really stunning. It is a perfect summer retreat, just beautiful. I walked up and discovered two large caves, one was occupied by a store for mesh heads, the other was empty but there was one piece of art at one wall. Walking further up I arrived at a large greenhouse that is obviously used for meetings.
The nature and the setting of Summers Wind is just perfect, a dream and it is great for taking pictures that look a bit like painted. On my simploring tour I saw several homes and noticed that they are private and inhabited. At one house, that was not inhabited, I found a board and could grab some information.

Impressions of the public area of Summers Wind (1) – Cave, Gazebo and more

Summers Wind is owned by Caterina della Rovere (catweasel ohanlon) and is a part of “The Winds”: “Summers Wind and Winters Wind are community sims – meaning that some portions of the sims are public. Summers Wind is a full sim and besides having 6 homes for rent, there are also stores, a small dance club, an events center and areas to explore and photograph. Winters Wind is a homestead with 9 home rentals. Autumns Wind has 4 rental homes. Springs Wind is a private homestead sim.
Please respect the privacy of our residents. Do not enter homes and parcels without permission. There are common areas Summers Wind, Autumns Wind and Winters Wind where you may hang out and relax.

Impressions of the public area of Summers Wind (2) – Greenhouses

At the free residential home I learned also about the concept of the community. You can rent the house and furnish the inside as you like (supposed that you don’t exceed the prim limit). You are not allowed to change the exterior of the house – and if you want to do so, just have to contact Caterina and agree with her upon the desired changed. I do understand this concept as it ensures that the overall perfect design of the sim isn’t changed and thus all community members can enjoy the environment.

Impressions of the public area of Summers Wind (3) – a house available for rent

Summers Wind‘s public areas and the beautiful views you have overlooking the islands are worth a visit even when you don’t intend to rent a house there. I myself enjoyed my visit to the exhibition of Giancarlo Petrini and to Summers Winds – and I discovered another corner of Second Life.
Thank you Caterina della Rovere (catweasel ohanlon) for providing the public areas, the space for art, and for offering living space in such a great environment.

P.S.: I got a messsage from Caterina after publishing this post: “I’ve been blessed to have such wonderful and creative friends who deserve all the credit. Mexi Lane and Violetta Inglewood“.

Landmark to Giancarlo Petrini’s exhibition at Summers Wind
Blog post “GIANCARLO PETRINI: hosted at Summers Wind”
Summers Wind Rental Office and Pay Center

Diary 2018 (129) July 21st/22nd – varied weekend

I had a quite lazy, yet still varied time inworld on Saturday, July 21st. First I met with Jenny in the afternoon shortly. She was about to leave for a short time out of 3 days to recover. We caught up with news and then went to Mesmerize Dungeon with Angelique until Jenny had to leave. I spent a bit more time with Angelique there, then we had a few games of greedy.

July 21st: Diomita and Angelique

My Saturday night began with a simploring tour to Aphantasia (read yesterday’s post here) and then again with a few games of greedy with Angelique. I took Angelique over to our house and ordered her to please me with her tongue. As Jenny isn’t around, someone needs to take care of my pleasure and well-beeing. She was reluctant of course but I enjoyed her licking to the fullest nonetheless.

slave Flo came inworld but was discreet and waited until Angelique had finished her assignment before she entered the office. I decided to make the most of her exposed bum and got a bum spanker for her which was set to public so that everybody who’s tempted can slap her exposed behind now. We went over to Mesmerize Dungeon again and got some eye candy there while chatting.

July 21st: Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon

Angelique was attracted by a woman in a shiny black catsuit who made quite awkward moves, rolling on the floor every once in a while. She was wearing an urine bag – and obviously the bag was full and she was experiencing colics – poor woman.
I wondered if that might be the solution for Angelique’s … accidents. Anway, we had a closer look and Angelique got a new toy shorty after – there’ll be more to come about that soon.

I use my free time on Sunday, July 22nd, for another simploring tour (to be published soon) and to write the according blog post. As none of the family was around, I roamed a bit around afterwards and visited our usual places and got some eye candy and to have at least one picture of this rare moment being inworld with no slave or family member around, I made a selfie at Heavy Bondage Club.
At night I met with slave Flo and Angelique and I took them to Lochme. slave Flo was placed on the slut platform there and I slapped her exposed bum several times to give it a nice colour. I chatted with Angelique and I watched another visitor having fun splapping slave Flo.

July 22nd: Diomita’s selfie at Heavy Bondage Club / Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo and slave slut cecy at Lochme

slave slut cecy came inworld and I summoned her over and placed her next to slave Flo. They really made a nice picture up there. Angelique had to leave for bed and I stayed a bit at Lochme with the slaves. slave slut cecy was so excited (well, she really was!), that she peed and stood in the puddle of her pee for a while until the puddle had dried out.

July 22nd: slave Flo and slave slut cecy exposed at Lochme’s slut platform

One downside of the slut platform at this quite busy place is, that you never know if the podest, where you place a slave or slut, is really free. And I had just mentioned this downside when another slave appeared on slave Flo’s podest. I moved slave Flo to the next podest… but who knows who might appear there? After slave Flo left to catch some sleep, a man appeared right next to slave slut cecy and checked her belt (which was securely locked of course). It turned out that he knew our slut from former times. Unfortunately I had to leave myself, but slut might have had some more fun getting teased.

Simploring 2018 (63) Aphantasia

For my simploring tour on Saturday, July 21st, I selected Aphantasia from SL Destinations. Aphantsia is an adult homestead sim owned by Benny Green (benygreen). In the landmark profile it is described as “A naturally themed artistic environment. Inspiration for artistic creations. All are welcome.

Aphantasia is a group of islands, connected by rope bridges. Most of the islands are abundantly covered with forests. The islands melt nicely with the sim’s background.

The landing point is in a round hut. You can join the Aphantasia group there to get rezzing rights. In the hut you also find a trap door that functions as a teleporter to 3 destinations: Houseboat, Conservatory and The Folly. I decided to explore and discover Aphantasia on foot. The first place I discovered is just by the landing hut. On the pier is a table with 2 chairs, fully set up for fine dinning and really a bit weired and decadent in this environment. What a great place to have dinner with a loved one!

Impressions of Aphantasia (1) – Landing point, fine dining and houseboat

Walking through the thick forest of Aphantasia was fun, you really feel like being in the midst of nature. The second place I visited was the houseboat. The houseboat offers some places to sit in the front and in the back. Inside it is nicely furnished and it looks like being inhabited by a family with kids. I like the little robot running around.

Impressions of Aphantasia (2) – the houseboat

On my way through the forests I discovered the ruins of a house. The place is not that easy to find in the forest with its high trees. The place is used as a hideaway. In the middle is a bathtube surrounded by flourishing flowers, very romantic.
Another romantic place is not far from the ruins – the folly. The folly is quite outstanding situated on a rock and again connected to the islands by a rope bridge. Another place to cuddle.
I also tried out the hot-air balloon that hoovers over an island that was cleared of the forest to have a landing and starting place for the ballon. I couldn’t travel with the balloon, but I could get into it (I had to fly to it) and enjoy the view over Aphantasia.

Impressions of Aphantasia (3) – the ruins, the folly and the hot-air balloon

I continued my simploring tour and walked to a group of bulidings on the next island. To me it looked like a vacation village as the first small building has a sign “Office” and the other buildings are not furnished. There are some animals laying on the street or standing on the porch. They seem to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Not far from the vacation village is a camp site.

Impressions of Aphantasia (4) – vacation village and camp site

The conservatory is quite extraordinairy. It is furnished with vintage upholstery, there are shelfs with books, globes, a bed and a desk. The windows are dirty and thus it is a bit dark but also very comfortable inside – a place to retreat for talking or reading. You wouldn’t expect a place like this in the midst of the forests.

Impressions of Aphantasia (5) – The conversatory

Aphantasia is really a great place for a short vacation within Second Life. You feel like being somewhere on the northern hemisphere, be it Scandinavia or Canada. The forests look really natural and you can literally smell the nature. There are some more nice places to sit and cuddle and enjoy. But they are not that easy to find and I may not have discovered them all. I really had a very enjoyable hour simploring Aphantasia, another gem in this virtual world.

Some more impressions of Aphantasia (6)

Many thanks to Benny Green for providing your place to the public.

Landmark to Aphantasia

An inside look at Get the Freight Out in Second Life

It’s really amazing. After more than 10 years being in Second Life I still learn about new corners of this virtual world. The broad variety of communities and possible activities seem to be endless. Just tink of sailing, flying, building fantasy worlds, art, Gor, fashion, music events, relay of life, history ….
And today I read about Get the Freight Out (GTFO), a popular in-world game among many vehicle users, in Inara Pey’s blog. It’s not that I’m going to try it out, I’m way to busy already with my Second Life family within the BDSM communities and with my simploring activities. But I wanted to share this very interesting blog post about GTFO. Thank you Inara for your very detailed post, which is a real teaser.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Get the Freight Out (GTFO) is a popular in-world game among many vehicle users. HUD-based, it allows players to “haul” cargo from by land, sea or air, point-to-point across the mainland continents of Second life, and over their connected waterways and seas (e.g. Blake Sea). In doing so, players can earn in-game (and non-redeemable) “Goal dollars” – G$ and game experience points which allow them to “level up” through GTFO.

Since its launch, the game has grown to encompass, at the time of writing, over 280 different land, sea and air vehicles, and has over 300 “hubs”- the points at which players use to collect / deliver their cargoes – scattered around the Mainland continents of the grid, presenting players with multiple opportunities for collecting and delivering cargoes, with more being added all the time.

In fact, such is the popularity of the game that many vehicle creators are offering…

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Diary 2018 (127) July 18th – David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) in Pompeii

Again I had a nice and varied day on Wendesday, July 18th. I was inworld quite early in the afternoon and made a short simploring tour (see yesterday’s post here). After my tour I went to see slave Gwen at home. The poor slave had to pee and just because I can I denied visiting the toilet and watched her peeing in front of me.
Then I took her to Lochme where she got a set of RR vixen cuffs. With time she will collect some gear. I helped her setting them up and went away from the keyboard for a bit for writing about my simploring tour.

July 18th: Diomita with slave Gwen at home / Diomita and Angelique storing slave Leana, slave kelly and slave Gwen at Stones ‘N Rubber (sNR)

Upon my return slave kelly and slave Leana had joined slave Gwen at home and also Angelique came by. For some strange reason SL had sent a teleport offer from me to slave kelly, maybe an old one that was delivered upon her return online to Stones ‘N Rubber (sNR), where we had stored slave kelly the day before. We chatted a bit, then Angelique and I took the 3 slaves back to Stones ‘N Rubber (sNr) and leashed them there.

At night I picked slave kelly and slave Gwen up at Stones ‘N Rubber (sNR) and I asked the present crowd if they had behaved. I got some valuable feedback, something to consider *winks*. When I returned home, Jenny just came inworld too and we caught up about SL and RL news. slave Gwen had to leave us again and slave Flo joined us.

July 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly and slave Gwen at home / visiting the concert “David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) in Pompeii” in Second Life with slave Flo and slave kelly

I got an invitation for a concert at Diotima from Redi (Red Bikcin): “David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) in Pompeii” and Jenny and I decided to go there with slave Kelly and slave Flo.
It was a great concert and we enjoyed the music while chatting between eachother, very relaxing.
At the end of the concert and after slave Flo had left us, we went over to Psi’s realm and exposed slave kelly there, leashed in the middle of the main room. Psi Merlin, the owner of Psi’s realm was there but absent. She’s often there being away from the keyboard. Kitty often steals her keys and places her in a cage or does something else mischievous to her.

July 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita storing slave kelly at Psi’s realm

Jenny said to Psi “by the way, Psi, Kitty told us we own you now“. Being absent Psi didn’t answer and I went over and checked if the keys of her restraints were left out, they weren’t. I replied to Jenny instead of Psi “oh do we, Jenny? Then we own Psi’s realm too and hence slave kelly is at home here ….. Ask Kitty to give some spare keys of our property to us, Jenny“.
Perhaps we seeded some gossip….

And that’s it about a varied and relaxing day in Second Life

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