Diary 2017 (59) April 18/19th – Kidnapped

Tuesday, April 18th, I met Jenny in the late afternoon. I had left Jenny the night before with her keys out, as she loves to seek some trouble and she often complains that people don’t dare to take keys for a spontaneous roleplay like they did when we joined Second Life and spent or first years in Stonehaven. She was online during the day a bit, but as she had expected nothing had happened. Maybe she radiates a dominant aura, who knows? But also her profile is quite clear about that. Anyway, I thought, why not have a dangerous game together again like we did several times before in the last years? So I took my restraints out, locked them and left the keys out just like Jenny. We went to Domme a Domme. Well and there it took just 2 minutes, then I had an instant message from another visitor of the club asking me what Jenny and I were doing there with our keys out. I told her, that we’re playing a dangerous game. She did not hesitate more than a few seconds to order me to her and then she took my keys from my already locked cuffs that tied my arms on the back. What should I do? She removed my jacket and  ordered me to pull my hotpants down, thus stripping me in public. In the meanwhile Jenny was still standing alone in the club. She, lets call her Miss Kidnapper, called Jenny over and took control of her as well.“I’ll show you how dangerous games can end”, she said, before I had to go on my knees and lick her. She treathened me to beat Jenny, if I won’t perform to her satisfaction. Well, this dangerous game was definitively becoming dangerous. Miss Kidnapper brought us to Gwen’s storage and put both of us in one cell, tied up in hogtie and gagged. Miss Kidnapper brought her partner over and they both discussed how to take us. And we could not really do anything – as Miss Kidnapper expressed it very simple: “You two are fucked up now”.
The next day, Wednesday, April 19th, Jenny and I were quite often online during the day, also idling while we were busy in our RL, but nothing happened. We saw people come and go at Gwen’t storage, even some known faces. But none helped us out (well, it would have been in vain, as Miss Kidnapper did a good job in restraining us). At least we kept IM and were able to talk with eachother and time went by quickly chatting and yes, also enjoying to spend some time of togetherness in this dangerous game.
Later at night our head slave Flo showed up. She took the big tour over all places she could think about as a probable storage for kidnapping victims. And Gwen’s storage isn’t that unknow. It was a matter of time that she found us there. Still Miss Kidnapper hasn’t shown up again. Slave Flo had taken the secretly hidden wallet of us for emergencies. She bribed a guard to lock the door and we traveled home, where we had the according tools for releasing. But is the danger banned??
to be continued eventually … *winks*
P.S.: What a shame, I had a green light and some of it is spoiled now.

Diary 2017 (55) April 16th (1) Kitty

Timezones are something that you get that aware about in particular in Second Life. Here you meet people from all over the world. But nonetheless most people are inworld in their evening. On weekends or holidays it is more probable to meet people even from timezones that are wide apart. Our family, the Eurobrats, was part of an American family, Yasmin’s Brats and was founded also because we Europeans were usually online at other times than the American family members. But the Eurobrats never were restricted to Europeans only. Currently, one of our slaves, slut cecy, is from Mexico and she manages quite well to meet with us. Also slave Adarra is from another continent, from Canada. And Kitty, who is from California, is our oldest sub. On Easter Sunday, April 16th, I met Kitty when I was inworld in the morning – for her it was late Saturday night. Besides the timezone issue, Kitty is quite tied up in her RL at the moment and hence we don’t see much of her lately. It was good to catch up and to stay in touch. And I also had a little but of fun with her and took a picture that I want to share here and to save for the diary.

April 16th: Diomita with Kitty at our patio

Diary 2017 (53) April 11th – 14th

The days before Easter, April 11th – April 14th, were quiet. I visited Amandia and Keiko’s Castle. Mistress and I had some hours with slut cecy and gave her new instructions. We visited some clubs and had relaxing nights. So there’s not much to report for the diary. Mistress is slowly shortening my leash again as my 4th collaring day is coming up soon. And of course I took some pictures.

Simploring 2017 (30) Keiko’s Castle

When we’re in a club we often read profiles and I began to collect any landmarks which descriptions sound promising and I store them for a visit later. We saw Keiko (keikonami) at Club DeLust, her profil has a pick about Keiko’s Castle
“I am Mistress Keiko Pleasure to meet you. I am Head Mistress at Keiko’s Castle. My personal RLV and Hostess Bar is now open. Come by and enjoy yourself”
Thursday, April 13th, I visited Keiko’s Castle. It is not a full sim but a larger plot with a Japanese house. Upon your landing you receive a notecard with rules to follow – mainly to behave normal and polite and respect others. Of course as a submissive member of the house you’d have to follow a bit more strict rules. Any play should be consensual (of course!).At the landing point you have the possibility to join the group “Maven’s Refuge”. By joining you’ll get access to the gear at Keiko’s Castle. From the landing point you can either walk to the house or you take the teleport system to visit the place. I used to teleporters and went to all offered teleport point as there are:
2 dungeons, slave pens, bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and wash room, teahouse, entrance, slave Dock
I was alone at the castle most of the time and could explore it undisturbed. The two dungeons are in skyboxes and offer what you’d expect from a dungeon. They are quite similar. The slave pens are below the house and the slave dock is an entrance to the slave pens from outside. The slave pens offer enough space to store pets and slaves and there is also some SM furniture. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & wash room and the living room are in the main house. In particular the living room is cosy and offers additional possibilities for play. And for chatting or mediating you can go to the teahouse.
Keiko’s Castle is a nice place, not overloaded with gear and bdsm furniture. It leaves enough space for other activities and for just being together. It is for sure a place I can take Mistress to, when I get my next green light.
Thank you Keiko for providing your place to the public.
Landmark to Keiko’s Castle:

Diary 2017 (52) April 10th – Easter Egg Hunt

In spring there’re always many hunts in Second Life, Easter Egg hunts. These hunts are usually organized to promote products, labels and stores or to promote a sim. We didn’t go on a hunt this year so far. Monday, April 10th, we decided to go on a hunt and I visited the hunt overview website for Second Life – https://huntsl.com/. We picked just the first hunt on this website “Land of Rainbows Easter Egg Hunt”. Hidden around the sim Land of Rainbows sim are colourful and big easter eggs stocked with free gifts – for example male and female clothing or jewelry. You land in a spring and Easter flowershop where you’ll get a notecard about the hunt and a Easter basket (for fun and hints). Then you’re ready to go searching for (50) eggs. The hunt is open until April 20th.

April 10th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave slut cecy hunting for Easter eggs at “Land of Rainbows”

Mistress Jenny and I picked a basket and started searching the eggs. I had slave slut cecy on my leash. She had her problems to follow and I had to pull hard the leash several times. The eggs are not hard to find. But I admit, we just picked a few eggs and didn’t try to find all 50 eggs, which might be more difficult. And although we didn’t find any gift to keep for us, it was fun!

April 10th at home: Mistress Jenny and Diomita instructing slave slut cecy

After returning home we sat down at our patio and began to tease our slut. We mounted her in a spread eagle suspension pose on a rack and impaled her with a dildo. We enacted new rules for her regarding SL and RL. She had to repeat the rules to ensure that she understood them and we enjoyed how she squirmed and tried to focus. Angelique joined us and took a seat to follow the little session which added to our slut’s humiliation expierence.

We had another varied and relaxing night at our SL.

Diary 2017 (51) April 9th – Mission failed

Sunday night, April 9th, we – Mistress Jenny, Angelique, slavin C and I – went on a kinkploring tour to check some of the landmarks that I collected from profiles over the last weeks. First we went to the Femmilly Fetish House, home and playground for the Femmilli family. We landed in an empty skybox , that only contained a teleporter pad, but teleporting is only permitted for group or family members, hence no admittance for us. Next we went to M&M Dungeon. I didn’t remember being there before but Mistress Jenny told me that we were there before, she remembered the place and we went to see the “teddy bear prison” there, a prison I remember well from Ralf’s playground (another sim to revisit soon). Mistress didn’t want to stay, so we went on to Nieuw Amsterdam. It didn’t surprise me that we landed in a red light district as Amsterdam is famous for it. Unfortunately it was very laggy there and some of us had problems, and as slut cecy just came online we stopped the kinkploring tour without taking a closer look and went home to pick her up. To sum it up: Mission failed. We didn’t find anything that excited or attracted us this night. But nonetheless we had fun. No post without a picture. Back home from the unsuccessful tour I took a picture.

April 9th at the patio at home: slave slut cecy, Angelique, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slavin C

You might notice that Angelique and I wear the same dress. Angelique and Mistress Jenny had their fun teasing me. Angelique dressed like me and during the tour, she even wore a shorter haircut comparable to mine and she wore glasses (remark: a big upside of SL! You can change your hairstyle within seconds). And Mistress made remarks that she can’t say who is who anymore provoking and challenging me.

Something inbetween – Sarah’s Entrapment

What does drive someone to lock herself up in an uncomfortable cage? Why does someone enjoy the feeling of helplessness? About a week ago, Mistress Jenny gave me the link to a story. Its a story about the facination of bondage and about the submission of a young woman to an even younger woman. The story starts slowly and develops steadily. What I do like in particular is that the story is still close enough at reality, hence you can imagine it happening. And everytime Mistress and I see a cage it reminds us to this story. It will take a few hours to read it, but it is worth in my humble opinion. Here’s the link to “Sarah’s Entrapment” – http://www.utopiastories.com/code/show_story.asp/recid/70410

No post without a picture. I picked one that I took of myself when I explored “Days of O” in February “Simploring 2017 (13) – Days of O” because it fits to the story.

February 23rd: Diomita being naughty while exploring “Days of O”

By the way: That doesn’t me that I see myself as Sarah. And there is also no similarity at all with Sarah Fhang or with anybody of us in Second Life. But you may of course imagine who would fit to which character in this Story. That might be part of the fun.

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