Simploring 2017 (39) Costa Blanco

Tuesday, May 23rd, I found time for a simploring tour again. I looked up Inara Pey’s blog and selected “Costa Blanco in Second Life“. Inara has a very detailed description in her blog. The landmark description read promising for me, as I was in the mood for a beautiful environment and nature: “Costa Blanco is situated in the southernmost province of Sweden, and is connected by weather and theme with Bretagne in France. It’s a sophisticated place to take pictures, where nature’s spacious beauty, is combined with adult pleasures.”
I associated Costa Blanco with Spain mixing it up with Costa Blanca (Costa Blanca, literally meaning “White Coast”, refers to over 200 kilometres (120 mi) of Mediterranean coastline in the Alicante province, on the southeastern coast of Spain).
Anyway back to my visit to Costa Blanco. I was not disappointed. Costa Blanco is beautiful and rural. I consits of one main island with a little harbour and two very small little islands. You can take a motorboat to reach the 2 smaller islands. There’s not much to see or to explore and discover at Costa Blanco on the first glance. Just nature, some fields and agriculture, horses, a lonely beach, some places to sit and cuddle. As it is an adult sim, I went there still dressed in a full black latex catsuit from the night before. I love doing that as it gives some pictures a little kick (and kink). Some areas of Costa Blanco look half-abandoned, the houses empty. But then you find also houses which look as someone has just left. One house is an art studio.
I began to search the adult pleasure of the landmark description and in another house I noticed a chain with handcuffs and a whip on the floor (also working for bdsm scenes, if you click on the rug). I continued exploring now with another focus and also discoverd a suspension ring hanging from the ceiling in another house. And this turned out being for Shibari. I couldn’t resist to try it our and as I had no slave in accompany, I had to try it myself.
I’m sure there’s more to discover but my hour for the visit ended way to quick. Thank you Gabrian Lascelles (gothicgaylord) for creating Costa Blanco and for providing it to the public. I enjoyed my visit.
Landmark to Costa Blanco
Inara Pey’s blog entry “Costa Blanco in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (34) Enchanted Art

Friday afternoon, April 28th, I was in the mood for simploring and had a look into the blogs I follow. In Inara Pey’s blog I came across her entry about “Enchanted Art in Second Life“. Enchanted Art is owned by Oema. Artists have the opportunity to present their art on a monthly basis. The landmark description gives already an idea what to expect: “Enchanted Art is a tribute to 2D and 3D Second Life Artists in a fantasy landscape. Explore projections, photos and statues in a surreal and magic environment.” I strongly recommend to watch the video about Enchanted Art. It’s 5 minutes long and a piece of art itself.
Upon my landing I met Oema by accident, who welcomed me. I read her profile and was suprised that I didn’t come across her before. Even after far over 9 years I still discover edges of Second Life and areas I’ve never heard about before. Oema owns Astralia, the homesim of Enchanted Art, she makes content for Sansar, LL’s new platform and she blogs about art (Oema Fine Art – and writes for magazines: “I am an artist, an art curator, an art blogger and a magazines writer … so I am an art passionate:-). Art is a very important part of my life, one of the best ones“. Impressive!
Back to my visit to Enchanted Art. First of all you should use the windlight setting provided by the sim. I tried my own settings first but the effects and the lights at Enchanted Art look much better in the (night) setting. From the landing point you can either walk on foot or use the sim’s teleporter network. I first explored the area next to the landing where most of the monthly changing art by different artists is exhibited. There are big boards promoting the artists names and there’re links to flickr to see more from these artists. This exhibition is to the left and the right of a path leading up a hill from where you can see other parts of Enchanted Art but you have to return to the landing point if you want to continue on foot – there are paths which will lead you around (or you take the teleporters).
Enchanted Art is very photogenic and full of art. What is facinating most are the lights and the effects that give new views depending from where and when you look at it. Overall Entchanted Art seems to be a world of itself, a fantasy in art. I’m really not an art passionate like Oema, but what I saw was really amazing and is hard to put in words for me. I roamed around for about hour and took many pictures.
Highlights of Enchanted Art besides the exhibition around the landing point are: the main gallery, the 3D art “World Eyes”, the 3D art “World Pain”, the Botanical garden, the Fae Waystone, the big mushroom trees and the 3D art from Oema called “Pain bitten”
The main gallery shows the exhibition “Maddy 2017” by Magda Schmidtzau at the time on my visit. I found items created by Colpo Wexler used in the gallery. Colpo is  the CEO of Digital Cult Lifestyle, a group of Italian designers specialized in 3D modeling in Second Life. Their skills range from high quality terraforming to big areas’ settings, making of buildings and structures of any kind, and interior design. After visiting Enchanted Art I had a look into it. Read more at their website (by the way I hadn’t heard of them before).

Elicio Ember’s creations at Enchanted Art

The Botanical garden is made with plants and creations from Elicio Ember who is a plastic artist and desginer. Elicio makes fantasy landscapes, plants, architecture and art. The sculpture “Fae Waystone” and the big mushroom trees are also from Elicio Ember.
The 3D art “World Eyes” by Noke Yuitza is for sure another highlight of Enchanted Art. As it is in the center it is very present and attracting views. Noke Yuitza is owner, artist & designer of E.V.E. Studio. And she runs her own blog ““. “World Pain” just close by is another 3D art from Noke Yuitza.
Last but not least close to the landing point is the 3D art “Pain bitten” by Oema herself.

Enchanted Art is not just for those interested in art but also for those who are facinated by the creativity and the possibilities Second Life offers (like me) and it is a great place to take colourful and extraordinairy pictures. I had not only a lovely hour visiting but also got some suggestions for more reading and exploring. Thank you Oema for providing Enchanted Art!
Landmark to Enchanted Art
Video taken at Enchanted Art
Inara Pey’s blog about Enchanted Art in Second Life
Oema’s fine art blog

Simploring 2017 (31) The Last Forever – Marfa

I went on a simploring tour Saturday, April 22nd. I decided to visit “The Last Forever“, a landmark that I picked from Nix Bubbles’ blog. The landmark description was not really revealing for me: “The Last Forever is a new sim/full region inspired by Marfa, TX from the creators of West of The Rain, Oobleck Allagash and Nodnol Jameson (KraftWork), along with the creative team of Kai Mannequin, Brooke Barmy, Rooky Yootz, Triin, Misty and Jack Hanby.” I haven’t heard about Marfa in Texas before nor did I came across of any of the mentionened names. Most of “The Last Forever” I understood later, when I looked up some profiles and after reading about Marfa, TX.

April 22nd: The Last Forever – overview

Marfa was founded in the early 1880s as a railroad water stop. The town was named “Marfa” at the suggestion of the wife of a railroad executive. The Marfa Army Airfield served as a training facility for several thousand pilots during World War II. It was closed 1945. Marfa has a population of about 2,000 people, hence it is really small.
Today, Marfa is a tourist destination and a major center for Minimalist art. Attractions include Building 98, the Chinati Foundation, artisan shops, historical architecture, a classic Texas town square, modern art installments, art galleries, and the Marfa lights. The city is also 37 miles (60 km) from Prada Marfa, a pop art exhibit, which might be the most photographed and visited site in Marfa. The area around Marfa is known as a cultural center for contemporary artists and artisans. In 1971, minimalist artist Donald Judd moved to Marfa from New York City. Since Judd’s death in 1994, two foundations have worked to maintain his legacy: the Chinati Foundation and Judd Foundation. Every year the Chinati Foundation holds an open house event where artists, collectors, and enthusiasts come from around the world to visit Marfa’s art.
(Source: wikipedia
The landing point is at the Marker of Marfa, which is based on Marfa in the reality. Upon your landing you get a welcome “Welcome to The Last Forever SIM home of KraftWork, BIGBULLY, Powder Pack, Kiss me Poses and Triin.” KraftWork and BIGBULLY are shops for mesh creations for decorations and furniture in Second Life. Powder Pack is a store for make-up and skins for mesh heads and Kiss me Poses is a store for poses. The Last Forever is the home of these stores. I didn’t find out what Triin is.
Marfa in Second Life looks a bit like I would imagine a little town in Texas. First of all it is in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by a desert. There are some modern buildings but also some buildings that have seen better times. And there are some ruins and abandoned homes. The infrastructure is dilapidated and some corners and areas look shabby. What I noticed before I did the above research about Marfa in the real world is the art spreaded all over the sim.
I walked around town and collected some impressions of Marfa in SL. I explored the mainstores of KraftWork and BIGBULLY. I went into the radio station and I couldn’t refrain from peeking into the local sex shop. I visited the exhibit Americana, American Icons in Second Life by Melusina Parkin. Outside of the town is the famous Prada Marfa, a camping ground, and some houses. The atmosphere is dense and The Last Forever looks quite real, in particular when you know about Marfa in reality. Monday, April 24th, just 2 days after my visit, I noticed that Inara Pey published an entry about Melusina Parkin’s Americana exhibit titeled “Melusina’s American Icons in Second life in her blog, just the very same day that I visited Marfa. What a coincdence!
Thank you Oobleck (allagash) and Nodnol Jameson (owner of KraftWork) for providing The Last Forever to the public. You understood how to combine the site of some mainstores (including your own) with the experience of a great place in Second Life and you contributed to my education as I now know about Marfa.
Landmark to The Last Forever
Inara Pey’s blog entry about Melusina Parkin’s Americana exhibit at The Last Forever

Simploring 2017 (28) Maison de L’amitié

Saturday, April 8th, I went on a simploring tour. I decided to visit Maison de L’amitié, a homestead sim owned by Corina Wonder – a place made with love how she writes herself about it. Maison de L’amitié is French and translates to house of friendship. I once again followed Inara Pey’s blog “Maison de L’amitié in Second Life”, where you can find a detailed description.
Maison de L’amitié looks like a Mediterranean island, it is a picturesque little harbour village with a large beach and with a lot to discover.
You land on the street between the fishing harbour and the village. I went along the street to explore the big mansion with the surounding park first. The park is small but has all what you’d expect from a park, including a fountain. I went into the mansion, on the ground level is a registration desk, a room with a piano, an office and a room with  fireplace, suite and a harp. On the first floor there are 2 rooms for ballet lessons and a locker room. So I conclude that the mansion is used as a music and ballet school.
The village is really picturesque and  offers many lovely views. I visited the book store and the fruit shop. I really loved the board at the fruit shop “Peace – Love – Juice”. Firstly you can’t buy peace or love and secondly you could find a slippery meaning of it. Exploring the village I came to the site of the broken Lighthouse, something I never saw in Second Life nor in reality. And as you would expect from a little Mediterrean village, there seems to be enough money for building another new lighthouse but there’s no money nor time nor necessity to remove the ruins of the old lighthouse.
Last but not least I took a walk along the beach. There are a lot of places to sit and cuddle and to dream. Near the new lighthouse is a nude beach, yet I could resist to have a nude sun bath, although it was tempting.I enjoyed this short vacation, this visit and the impressions. Thank you Corina Wonder for providing this sim to all of us. I strongly recommend to visit it.
Landmark to Maison de L’amitié
There’s a flickr page for pictures of Maison de L’amitié
Inara Pey’s bog entry about Maison de L’amitié

Simploring 2017 (26) Orcadi Island

Wednesday late afternoon, April 5th, I found some time for simploring and picked Orcadi Island from Inara Pey’s blog (Orcadi Island’s simple splendour in Second Life).

April 5th: Orcadi Island overview

On Orcadi Island there’s really not that much to see, maybe not even to discover. It’s a rural island covered with high weeds, a farmhouse in the center, a lighthouse in one corner, a windmill, a beach …. yes, that’s it basically. You can seemingly experience the peace and the silence when you arrive there. It is just relaxing. I walked through the high weeds and explored what is there. No hurry, as everything is easily explored within a few minutes. That on the other hand provides the time to take a closer look on little details.There’re not too many places to sit and to cuddle but there’re still enough opportunities to sit and dream.
What I didn’t see before was a Dandelion that you could rezz and fly with. I took the ride and flew upwards as in the near sky are 3 small floating Islands, which I wanted to look at. Each has a different theme and each is made to sit, cuddle and dream while looking down to the island.
Orcadi island is owned by Julya (julya77). Thank you for providing it to the public. I spent a very recovering and relaxing hour on the island. It’s just the right place to wind down.
Landmark to Orcadi Island
Inara Peys’s blog entry about Orcadi Island

Simploring 2017 (23) – PeTOu

PeTOu is a sim which I visited following Inara Pey’s blog. As always I refer to her blog entry about PeTOu “PeTOu’s perfection in Second Life” for here more detailed description. I have no idea what PeTOu stands for, maybe it is something Japanese. The creator and owner of PeTou, Uta (xoyuutaox), seems to be Japanese.
PeTOu offers several worlds. The world you land when visiting PeTOu has the second name “Oriental” and it’s the main sim, which is just overwhelming in it’s beauty. And, fitting to spring, everywhere the cherry trees are blooming. WOW. Right next to the landing point you’ll find teleport pads to visit the other parts of PeTOu, which are smaller and placed into skyboxes.
Back to PeTOu – Oriental. I walked over the sim and enjoyed the power of colours and of the blooming cherry trees. Center piece of Oriental is a Japanese House surrounded by water and many wooden walkways through the water, with platforms to enjoy the view. There are two dragons close to the house and one seems to have just destroyed one of the walkways. On the water are many many laterns and if you turn your light to midnight you get a particular impression. Overall, I can only say: just beautiful.Just a few words about the other worlds.
Roofs of Paris is what the name already hints, a small piece of Paris. You’re on the roofs of Paris overlooking other roofs. There’s an atelier inside with some pieces of art and you can sit in a nice chair ourside on a roof terrace and enjoy.
R2 cafe is a very colourful cafe in a skybox that offers some games to play. I didn’t try the games but it was not greedy or any of the board games I know in Second Life.
Japan torii is nice but hard to describe and you might need to know more about Japan. There are bridges, fences, Japanese Arcs, laterns and many white and green flowers and gras but there’s no ground. Hence you walk somehow in the air. And the scenery is a night. It has for sure its temptations, but I didn’t understand if it has a deeper meaning or is just a piece of art.
Koi is a skybox with a pond with two Koi. Koi or more specifically nishikigoi (literally “brocaded carp”), are ornamental varieties of domesticated common carp (Cyprinus carpio) that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens (source Wikipedia).Magnolia is my favourite among the skyboxes of PeTOu. It is similar to “Japan torii” but dedicated to magnolias. Your are literally wurrounded by the beautiful blossoms. Just amazing.
Inara summarized her visit “PeTOu is a marvellous environment for exploring and for simply getting away from everything, be it time spent on the ground, or up in one of the skybox locations”. I can’t express it any better.
Thank you Uta, for providing PeTOu for the public. I enjoyed my visit very much.
Landmark to PeTOu
Inara Pey’s blog post “PeTOu’s perfection in Second Life”
Flickr group for PeTou

Simploring 2017 (18) An unusal way to visit Norderney

When I read the title “A return to Norderney in Second Life” in Inara Pey’s blog, I already knew that I had to visit. Norderney is one of the East Frisian Islands off the North Sea coast of Germany. The island is 14 by 2.5 kilometres,  having a total area of about 26.3 square kilometres and is Germany’s tenth-largest island. On the northern side of the island lies a 14 kilometres long sandy beach (read more about Norderney in wikipedia here).I visited the North Sea coast of Germany sometimes and the landscape is quite familiar to me. I don’t know if Linden Lab named the homestead sim or if it was named by the owner and creator of Norderney in Second Life, Jacky Macpherson. But from what I’ve seen, the sim is provides some of the environment and typical elements of the North Sea coast of Germany. For example there are sheeps. The sheeps play an important role at our coasts as they graze on the dykes protecting the coast. On the beach and on porches and terraces you will see often roofed wicker beach chairs. They are very cosy and you can spend a good time sitting in them even on windy days. Also typical are the many bicycles you’ll see in Nothern Germany. Of course you can find beaches everywhere in the world but together with these little elements you’d probably be in Germany.For my visit to Norderney in Second Life on Thursday, March 9th, I didn’t change but went there in my fetish outfit. That is for sure not the right outfit for a walk on the beach. But it adds a nice contrast and is something you resonably can only do in SL and not in reality (although it’s not illegal at all). And thus I got pictures of me in second life in an environment that I love in real. Kinky Diomita :-).

March 9th at Norderney in Second Life: Diomita Relaxing in a roofed wicker beach chair

Norderney offers many places to sit and cuddle, to dream and to watch. It is really beautiful and gets you into a relaxed mood. While I visited it was quite full there for Second Life, there were about 10 avatars exploring the island or enjoying the beach and the the mood. Thank you Jacky Macpherson for providing Norderney to the public.

Landmark to Norderney
Inara Pey’s blog entry about Norderney

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