Simploring 2017 (88) – Dissected Soul

“Dissected Soul” by Theda Tammas at Split Screen

My simploring tour of Friday, November 3rd, led me to Split Screen at LEA 15 again, which is a temporary home for Dividni Shostakovich’s Split Screen. Split Screen Installation Space is a curated place for artists to develop large installations, often not possible in the physical world.
My first visit was in August 2017 (read here) and it was inspired by a blog entry of Inara Pey. And now I came across Split screen again reading her blog entry “A Dissected Soul in Second Life“.

Impressions of “Dissected Soul” by Theda Tammas at Split Screen (1)

Right now Split Screen hosts an installtion of Theda Tammas “Dissected Soul“. Along with her work Theda give us some words from Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet, writer, literary critic, translator, publisher and philosopher, described as one of the most significant literary figures of the 20th century and one of the greatest poets in the Portuguese language (1888 – 1935) (source wikipedia).
“…I don’t know how many souls I have, I’ve changed at every moment, I always feel like a stranger.I’ve never seen or found myself…”
In the above mentioned blog entry Inara gives her interpretation of “Dissected Soul” starting with Pessoa’s words about his soul. I can follow her thoughts and recommend that you read her blog post.

Impressions of “Dissected Soul” by Theda Tammas at Split Screen (2)

Theda Tammas’ figures in her installation are all different, some miss their head, some there limbs, some walk in a line following a goal, some are entwined on eachother. There are some veines that start at the figures chests and end in a hank, as if someone had teared the heart out of the body? The ground is covered with a mixture of water and blood. But nonetheless the installation is not scary. You get different views of the figures depending from where you look at them, different views on your own soul? And the barbed wire? Does it symbolize the challenges we face in live – or is it the protection that we build around our soul?

Impressions of “Dissected Soul” by Theda Tammas at Split Screen (3)

Theda Tammas’ “Dissected Soul” provides food for thoughts. A visit mustn’t take long, but it might stay long in your mind.

Inara Pey’s blog entry “A Dissected Soul in Second Life”
Landmark to Split Screen Installation Space “Dissected Soul”

Simploring 2017 (87) Land of Owls by Cica Ghost

Again I became aware of a new installation of Cica Ghost by floowing Inara’s Living in a modemworld blog. Thank you, Inara! She wrote about Cica’s “Land of Owlshere.
As every installation I saw so far from Cica, her Land of Owls is again outstanding and different to what I saw before from her, but you can see Cica’s style. Land of Owls is a barren island with uprising stones comparable to menhirs, trees without any leave, bamboo sticks and some tundra gras. All is covered in blueish light. But there’s more …. some islands of flowers, some (not as many as I expected) owls watching the scenerey and what is going on, a couple of Flamingos at one corner of the island and some squared stones with holes that seem to be owls homes.

Impressions of Land of Owls by Cica Ghost (1)

You can take a ride with a strange boat on weels and with an umbrella. It will take you around but to discover more you’ll need to walk. Spreaded around are also some benche where you dan sit and watch the scenery. Although it’s a barren island, it doesn’t feel cold nor scary, maybe due to the flowers that made me strangely happy. The owls seem to be in control and made it their place and the watch who is disturbing them. I felt that I have to be quiet in order not to disturb them, same with the Flamingos, bt they somehow look like just being tolerated like us human visitors.

Impressions of Land of Owls by Cica Ghost (2)

Land of Owls is another piece of art from Cica ghost to enjoy. Thank you Cica!

Landmark to Land of Owls by Cica Ghost
Inara Pey’s blog entry “Cica’s Land of Owls in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (86) – Sol Existence

Today my simploring tour followed Inara Pey’s blog and her entry “A return to Sol Existence in Second Life” again.

Sol Existence is a full sim, an island somewhere. I can’t tell where it is and the landmark description give no hint as well “Somewhat reminiscent of another time – created with love and happiness. A small seaside island offering solace to the wanderer

October 29th: Sol Existence – overview

Sol Existence is owned by Sunshine Amelia Gilmore (sunshine zhangsun). Sunshine spends her time in SL exploring, taking pics and blogging, dancing, listening to music, hanging out with friends and building/creating beautiful spaces for herself. She’s also very actively involved in RFL (Relay For Life) in SL as well as in RL. You can find out more about her activities in her blog.

October 29th: Sol Existence – Warehouse club

You will find a bit of everything at Sol Existence. The small harbour looks a bit American, the food market has a Mediterrean touch and the church could be anywhere, there’re restaurants and cafes. You land at a wooden platform from where you can go downstairs to a big warehouse with a jetty. The warehouse itself does not contain goods but is a bar and music club inside. I went over to the lighthouse from there, from where you have a great view on the bay. Right next to the lighthouse is kind of a flying rowing boat, a piece of art and in the lighthouse itself is another a piece of art.
Returning to the landing point you’ll find a food market and some stores, a boutique and a toy’s store. Look inside, they are very detailed inside, just lovely.

October 29th: Sol Existence – Lighthouse “Flying rowing boat” / Food Market and stores

A bit further away you see a wooden building that looks like a church, but inside is a club called Epilogue, that is managed by Charlotte Ophelia Gilmore (charlottegilmore), as far as I understood, the SL daughter of Sunshine. Epilogue is “just a cozy place to hang out, have conversation and listen to music! They have occasional music events, open mic, book clubs, readings, and just sharing of their artistic endeavors.”
From the Epilogue club it is not far to another lighthouse, which is centre for Relay for Life inside. Outside there’s a chess game.

October 29th: Sol Existence – Epilogue Club, Lighthouse “Relay For Life” and Beach

Sol Existence offers a lot to discover, in particular when you like taking pictures. But there’re also places to cuddle or to dance and there’s the club with it’s social events.
Have a look at Sol Existence, it’s worth a visit.

Landmark to Sol Existence
Inara Pey’s bog entry “A return to Sol Existence in Second Life”
Sunshines’ Sol Existence blog

Simploring 2017 (85) Sunfall

Sunday, October 22nd, I was up for a simploring tour. I checked Inara Pey’s blog as well as the SL desination guide but no sim attracted my direct attention. I was looking for fall and not for an Halloweeen sim. Finally I used the inworld search function of SL for “Autumn” and I selected “Sunfall” for my simploring tour:
“Autumn has arrived! The sim is bursting with fall colors.
Wander around this beautiful landscape, spot the dragonflies dancing on the stream, climb the lighthouse tower or relax on the beach, watch the waves at smugglers rock.
Shopping too!”

Sunfall – an overview

Sunfall is a full sim, divided in three parts: Sunfall Landing, House of Spheres and Pestique Furniture. The landing point is on the beach of Sunfall Landing and I got an automatic greeting “Sunfall: Hello Diomita Maurer. Welcome to Sunfall Landing, enjoy your visit 🙂 Relax in this romantic nature sim. Wander around on foot or use the signposts to TP. Home of the mainstores of House of Spheres and Pestique.”

Impressions of The House of Spheres

Sunfall is another example how to combine business with a public sim, that also offers opportunities to walk, to sit and cuddle, to explore, take pictures and to have fun. A customer service that I appreciate. I never heard of “The House of Spheres”. This part of the sim and the shop are owned by Freya Spellhunter. The House of Spheres offers floral arrangements and decorations. I really like the presentation of the flowers in a greenhouse. And in SL flowers don’t fade but stay in shape and in their colours.

Impressions of Pestique Furniture

Pestique Furniture is the part of Sunfall, that is owned by Sara Greene and hosts her shop. Pestique offers all kind of furniture and decoration, everything you need for home and garden. The modern 3-story store does not really fit into the environment but exhibiting furniture needs some space. While I liked the greenhouse used as a store for the floral arrangements, I think also the modern building next to the greenhouse, where Freya exhibits decorations (right now of course Halloween) looks a bit like a contaminant.

Sunfall: The waterfall, the lighthouse and the sauna in the rocks

As mentioned the signposts do not point to the spots to visit but are used as TP Points to bring you around in Sunfall if you don’t go on foot. Besides the Greenhouse, the House of Spheres and Pestique, you can visit the Lighthouse, the Waterfall and two beaches. I went to all places. The sim is lovely and offers some really nice spots. In the end of my visit, I discovered a sauna that is build into the rocks. For sure a nice place for a sauna as you can enjoy the view outside. And Autumn? Well my desire to visit a real Autumn place with all the colourful leaves was not really satisfied. But nonetheless I found a nice place to go to and I appreciate this way of doing business in SL. It gives a bonus to the cutomers. Thank you Freya Spellhunter and Sara Greene. I enjoyed my visit.

At the beaches of Sunfall

Landmark to Sunfall

Simploring 2017 (84) Floating

Inspired by Inara Pey’s blog post “Floating in Second Life” my simploring tour Friday, October 20th, led me to Floating . Floating is a LEA sim designed by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost. As I saw already some of Cica’s and Bryn’s art and installations, just these two names attracted my attention.

Floating is build on rocks, just by the sea and has a yacht harbour. Everything is in shades of grey. At the landing point you can sit on one of 3 coloured umbrellas and being to float around getting different views on the town. According to the board at the landing point you can also use a ballon to float, but I did not try it. There’s also a game offered, Zap Gun. You can grab such a zap gun to shoot your friends. When you’re hit, you’ll be sent back to the landing point (supposed you accepted the expierence – otherwise you’ll be sent back to you home point). I didn’t try the zap gun, but I can imagine that it is fun.

Impressions of Floating by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost (1)

Back to Floating, the grey in grey town with the yacht harbour. It looks strange as it’s houses are small and high but not skycrapers, more like squared lighthouses with no lights but with roofs instead. And they all stand very close to eachohter on the rock. All houses are just grey silhouettes. And you can’t look into them. Just a few windows allow a view inside. And this view is full of colour and show everyday scenes.

On one side of Floating, there are frameworks filled with barrels that look like eyes on the first view, on the second view they appear to be build for living, for those who can’t afford to live in the houses. And yes, one barrel allows a view inside and there’s just an ugly sleeping person inside. Below are some huts and agains you can have a look inside of one of them. The huts are not as small as the barrels but offer a bit more comfort.

Impressions of Floating by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost (2)

I floated around and saw nothing else in they gray world. Nothing? No, I discovered one person that was not in a house, hut or barrel but walking around.

Inara had her own interpretation of Floating. She thinks that Floating shows a town with quarters for the wealthy and for the poor. I share her interpretation but that might be due to the fact that I read her blog before visiting. I also think that everything is just grey in grey unless there’s life, and life brings colour.
You might take the sim’s description text as a start for your own interpretation. The text reflects more on the floating with the umbrella or with the ballon:
Floating in the sea
You and me
To the sky you flew
But I will wait for you

Anyway, Bryn and Cica created another piece of virtual, temporary art. Thank you both.

Landmark to Floating (LEA13)
Inara Pey’s blog entry “Floating in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (83) La Vie in Autumn

Last summer, June 2016, I visited “La Vie” the first time (read here). When I saw Inara Pey’s blog post “Autumn comes to La Vie in Second Life” it rang a bell that I’ve been there before and of course I went exploring it again.

October 13th/14th: Impressions of La Vie in Autumn (1)

Compared to my visit last summer she island has been completely refurbished, it is not just a seasonal change. La Vie sim invites you to roam around and to enjoy the views. Some farmhouses are scattered over the island, there are birds, horses and other farm animals around and you find several spots to sit and relax. Of course the leaves are coloured and provide pretty nice opportunities to take pictures. The pictures look like watercolour pieces of art, very peaceful and do express what I felt when visiting La Vie.

October 13th/14th: Impressions of La Vie in Autumn (2)

While I visited, Ocotber 13th and 14th, we had beautiful late summer days where I live and I also enjoyed the nature in the physcial world. La Vie is French and translates to “The Life”, fitting to the title of this post “La Vie in Autumn”. I share some pictures of Autumn that I took these days just close to where I live – it’s Autumn in both worlds.

October 13th/14th: Impressions of La Vie in Autumn in RL

Thank you Krys Vita for providing your sim to the public. I spent a lovely time.

Inara Pey’s blog “Autumn comes to La Vie in Second Life”
Landmark to La Vie

Simploring 2017 (82) Tavana Island

Tuesday, October 10th, my simploring tour let to Tavana Island. There’s a blog post about it on Inara Pey’s blog “Tavana Island’s autumnal beauty in Second Life” which caught my attention. Although I don’t like that the summer is ending, I do like the beauty of autumn.

October 10th – Impressions of Tavana Island (1)

Tavana Island has a Mediterrean touch and the island is surrounded by several smaller islands. On the main island there’s a bigger villa and a farm, a chapel, a gazebo, a windmill and a beach. A quite big sailing yacht anchors by the island. Everything radiates a relaxed and peaceful mood. You can dance at the Gazebo and or simple select one of the many places to sit or cuddle, be it at the beach or in hut, just enjoying the peace and the nature.

October 10th – Impressions of Tavana Island (2)

I tried some of the leisure spots as well as I roamed over Tavana Island and the other (smaller islands). For me it seems to be late summer here, although there are some indications of the arriving autmn, like the pumpkins, that I saw. I also enjoyed the views on the islands as a whole. Some of the pictures, that I took, look a like watercolour paintings as the colours of the gras, the rocks, the trees and the leaves melt into eachother. That all contributed to the peaceful mood of Tavana Island.

October 10th – Impressions of Tavana Island (3)

Tavana Island is owned by Brayan Friller (brayan26.friller) and was designed by him and Elyjia (elyjia.baxton) according to Inara Pey’s blog entry. Many thanks for providing your place for the public, Brayan. It’s just a beautiful place to relax or for taking pictures. I had a very enjoyable visit.

Landmark to Tavana Island
Inara Pey’s blog post “Tavana Island’s autumnal beauty in Second Life”


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