Diary 2017 (77) May 16th – a day in my Second Life

Tuesday, May 16th, was another varied day in Second Life, hence the title. First I met Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. Just after greeting her, which has become quite a ritual, Mistress ordered me to change into a black catsuit, KaS ballet boots and a corset. Then she took out a new toy, that I had to wear for her, a chin corrector, which keeps my head fixed upright and serves as a tight gag in addition. Mistress locked my cuffs and exposed me first at Domme a Domme, then in club DeLust before she took advantage of me at Wiltrud’s holiday house. Mistress Jenny loves to take me at other homes. It reminds us of former times when we had fun doing that in particular at Stonehaven. The hour with Mistress Jenny flew by quickly.

At night we first visited slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm together with slave FLo and slavin C. slavin C will stay naked now for an undefined time. We teased slave cecy about her upcoming collaring anniversary spanks and spread the news that everyone around should spank her to get her used to it. Mistress Jenny had to leave, and we retreated to club deLust again for her last 15 minutes. After Mistress left, I saw Fin (Fin Saphir) and Virgo on our island and went to them to have a look what was going on. I learned that Fin has caught Virgo and Tyra and is having fun with the two. Therefore the theme at our party next Friday will be most likely chains, gags, and bondage.

I went back to Psi’s realm, which had become really full in the meanwhile. Doll G (gwendoyln diesel) was holding company to slave slut cecy and later our cow Kitty came by as well. She gets more and more used to “mmmoooooooo”. Overall, I had another relaxing and varied day in my Second Life.

Diary 2017 (76) May 11th – May 15th On Tour

Once again I was offline for an extended weekend, so for the diary there’s not that much to report. I had a relaxed night Thursday, May 11th with slave Flo at Psi’s realm, with slave Adarra and slave Flo at Heavy Bondage Club and then with slave Adarra and cow Kitty at Mesmerize Dungeon. Mistress Jenny was offline that night. I returned Sunday, May 14th, and that night was mostly filled with catching up with Mistress Jenny. slavin C was present and we decided to keep her naked for a while. She wants to experience being a puppy and got the assignment to propose some according gear and outfits. Later I visited slave slut cecy who is still at Psi’s realm.Monday night, May 15th, Mistress Jenny and I had a relaxing night at Psi’s realm. We controlled our slut cecy, who is still leashed and tied up there. And I had fun with two dolls, Dolly (jamiee daines) and Doll G (gwendolyn diesel). Dolly was wrapped up nicely in latex and in her profile she wrote about her restrictions as a doll (reduced vision, no hearing, no chatting, no start instant messages). She wasn’t that restricted that night but just reading about it scared our slut. I tied up Doll G just a few night before. She wore a straightjacket Monday night and I decided to make her accompanying our slut. And later we also hat cow Kitty visiting. Overall, just a nice evening with slaves and dolls.

Diary 2017 (68) May 1st – A varied day, A varied night

Monday May 1st, holiday in most parts of Europe, was varied. I met Mistress Jenny in the afternoon and she took me to club DeLust. Our slut cecy was online as well and before I could tell Mistress Jenny that I stored her at Psi’s realm, she had already summoned her to the club so that she could entertain the quite large crowd there with pole dancing. Later also slave Flo joined us there as well as our key holding service victim slave serrao.Mistress Jenny and I had to leave about one hour later to tend to our RL and we brought slut back to Psi’s realm so that she could continue her punishment there. We also brought slave serrao there. slave serrao is still free to roam but her restraints are pulled tight. Appropos restraints… Mistress Jenny left me locked at home for our RL break. After the break she teased me trying several differend poses with me at her new Mistress chair.At night I first went ot HBC where slave Flo joined me. I had a nice chat with someone interested in our key holding service (read here) It seems as our little service gets some attention.
At home I changed slavin C for May, she got dressed in the KaS Maid dress and got a pacifier gag. All slaves are now in their next outfit and all in a different one for a change. And the new victim for the key holding service, Adele LeStrange (minxyhorror), showed up and has been locked now. Enjoy Adele. And all night slave Flo pleased me being perfect behaving.But the night wasn’t over yet. After slave Flo and slavin C had left, I took slut cecy home from Psi’s realm and I also saw our Kitty.

Enjoying Bondage April 2017 at Maurer‘s patio and kidnapped

In April the slaves wore their chastity belts and latex catsuits. We took each of them one night to our patio, unshielded the belt and put them into a rack with a fucking machine and watched them cuming for us. As we didn’t get all of the together, which was my Primary intention, I made a collage again. slave Adarra wasn’t online, so she’s missing in this collage. On April 18th/19th Jenny and I had a dangerous game, that ended with us both being kidnappend and locked at Gwen’s storage (read here). Unfortunately the roleplay couldn’t be continued and hence Jenny and I had only one full day enjoying bondage together. I added us during our dangerous game and later being hogtied to the enjoying bondage collage for April  2017 to complete the picture.

Enjoying bondage April 2017 – Mistress Jenny and Diomita (twice on the left), Kitty, slave Flo, slave slut cecy and slavin C

Diary 2017 (58) April 17th – slavin C at the patio

We spend Monday, Easter Monday night, April 17th, at home at our patio. Besides Jenny and myself, slave Flo and slavin C were present. We took slavin C at the suspension rack there, as we did with slave Flo, slave slut cecy and Kitty before. I removed the shield of slavin C’s chastity belt and drove the impaling dildo upwards with the remote control – then I started the machine to fuck slavin C. After some squirms she began to enjoy the tease more and more until she was begging to cum. Longer teasing made short, I allowed her to cum. Jenny was standing aside with maid rille (rille MacMoragh), who came to her for getting some help with her restraints. After slave Flo left I let rille clean our sklavin C, who was close to cum a second time yet I ordered rille to stop just before and shielded slavin C’s belt again. Later I took my property Jenny to club DeLust where we chilled down before bed.

April 17th at Club DeLust: Mistress Diomita and her property Jenny

Diary 2017 (51) April 9th – Mission failed

Sunday night, April 9th, we – Mistress Jenny, Angelique, slavin C and I – went on a kinkploring tour to check some of the landmarks that I collected from profiles over the last weeks. First we went to the Femmilly Fetish House, home and playground for the Femmilli family. We landed in an empty skybox , that only contained a teleporter pad, but teleporting is only permitted for group or family members, hence no admittance for us. Next we went to M&M Dungeon. I didn’t remember being there before but Mistress Jenny told me that we were there before, she remembered the place and we went to see the “teddy bear prison” there, a prison I remember well from Ralf’s playground (another sim to revisit soon). Mistress didn’t want to stay, so we went on to Nieuw Amsterdam. It didn’t surprise me that we landed in a red light district as Amsterdam is famous for it. Unfortunately it was very laggy there and some of us had problems, and as slut cecy just came online we stopped the kinkploring tour without taking a closer look and went home to pick her up. To sum it up: Mission failed. We didn’t find anything that excited or attracted us this night. But nonetheless we had fun. No post without a picture. Back home from the unsuccessful tour I took a picture.

April 9th at the patio at home: slave slut cecy, Angelique, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slavin C

You might notice that Angelique and I wear the same dress. Angelique and Mistress Jenny had their fun teasing me. Angelique dressed like me and during the tour, she even wore a shorter haircut comparable to mine and she wore glasses (remark: a big upside of SL! You can change your hairstyle within seconds). And Mistress made remarks that she can’t say who is who anymore provoking and challenging me.

Diary 2017 (50) April 4th – 8th completing slaves outfit for April

The last days were unspectacular and there’s not that much to report for the diary with respect to the slaves and the family.  Friday morning, April 7th, Mistress Jenny came inworld and met out Kitty, who was wearing a tag from S&L Storage facility. She took her to S&L where the two met Tina (Tina1 Pera), wo is active involved in S&L and had locked away our Kitty a couple of times as part of their RP.  Mistress leashed Kitty and Tina to a post and set a timer. We will see what will happen. The picture shows Mistress Jenny, Kitty, an unknown random sub and Tina (the one in the black catsuit and the hood) at S&L.

April 7th at S&L: Mistress Jenny, Kitty, unknown Sub and Tina

Saturday night, April 8th, developed unexpectedly. Slavin C was online and we still had to get her into the April outfit. So that was what we did first of all. But not only she was online but also slave slut cecy, slave Flo and slave Adarra. So we had for a short time all 4 slaves around us. Unfortunately it didn’t last long. Here is a picture of us after putting slavin into her April outfit.

April 8th at home: Mistress Jenny, slave slut cecy, Diomita, slavin C and slave Flo

And that is all to report for the diary for the moment.

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