Dana Drezelan

I met Dana at “Domme a Domme” (DaD). DaD is a place where Dommes and subs gather to chat or play. I was in a rare submissive mood and searching for some play. Dana was the one who took the opportunity, grabbed my keys and locked me at the entry point of the sim with the order to greet all incoming people. Her way of play and her beauty attracted me to know more of her and I wanted to see her at my feet in return for our first meeting.

Shortly after our first meeting Dana visited me at our home. She willingly knelt at my feet and we began to explore each other. During the following days and weeks Jenny and I met her more often. She showed us her home, introduced us to her wife JennAnn Dubrovna (aka. Jenny Dubrovna) and spent time at our place.
As Dana’s timezone doesn’t fit with ours and as she has a partner in SL and her own SL family life I refrained from the thought of collaring her first. My concerns were not right. Over 4 months we enjoyed getting to know to a very adventurous and kinky woman who made us smile every time we met her. And she became more and more devoted to me and to Jenny and she also became part of our family. And consequently her collar was locked by me on December 18, 2010 making her my doll, Dio’s doll.

our sub Dana

Dana is a lovely role player, a passionate lover, a loyal sub and a real gem for us. She needs to be strictly controlled and to be educated nonetheless (she enjoys that). She’s active at RR prison as a district attorney, also as a guard and lately as hostess. Her SL is embedded in two families now – not that I even began to understand her other family yet to be honest.

Dana is a switch, a loyal sub to us but she still can be a strict domme to others. Just recently Dana has asked for our permission to take back one of her former subs ‘Asfor’. So we became “grand-dommes” for the first time too.

Dana was our collared brat for more than 4 years! Her dedication and submission was a wonderful gift and she will always be a close friend to us and the Eurobrats. On Dec 27th, 2014 slave Dana was sold (see: https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2014/12/28/dana-maurer-sold/).  Thank you dear Dana!!

We love you, Dana
Diomita & Jenny

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