vanessa Rendelstein

Vanessa has been our sub for almost 4 years.  We won’t forget her devotion and dedication to us ever.  And she hopefully will stay a close friend to us and to all of our family and friends.

Diomita met Vanessa when she was an inmate at Pandora’s prison in May 2008 and Dio was a Mistress there. Vanessa was eager to submit and Dio allowed her to make contact after she was released. And she really did. Van met us both and we slowly became friends. Slowly mostly because Vanessa does not spend a lot of time in SL like most of us but she appears later on and only during the week. But nonetheless her endurance convinced Dio to finally collar her October 4th, 2008. Later she became sub to both of us …

Vanessa is not the most technically minded member of the family. It took her a very long time to get RLV running and even longer to get her tattoo. In this relation she can be a challenge if something doesn’t work in SL.

Our sub vanessa Rendelstein - Maurers' Joy

Van has a kind and sweet nature that has an innocence to it that everybody likes. When we playfully lock her cuffs in her front and send her roaming she’s scared to be seen like this. Maybe we’re already that weired in SL that we think it’s just normal to run around with locked cuffs? But van is also a very hot and sometimes slutty girl. When she’s used she will forget anything around her and fully give in to her arousal. Most of all, van is a role model regarding her devotion to us and her loyality. Her short time online is coined by us and she never complained. She’s ours. Since she often conjures a smile on both of our faces saying something funny we renamed her and gave her the tag that she deserves: Maurer’s joy.

We both love you Vanessa. Diomita & Jenny

Update: I have released Vanessa Rendelstein after close to 4 years wearing my and our collar on August 22nd, 2012. Vanessa was and is a joy to own particularly because of her loyalty and dedication. Unfortunately her online presence became less and less over the last years and she got the title “Night Owl” as when she logged in it was just when we were ready to log off. We came to the decision that she might enjoy her SL better alone and without having any obligations and hopefully she’ll get new excitement out of her SL. Vanessa will always be our close friend and stay close – nothing will change that. We all love you, Vanessa!

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