Diary 2019 (157) October 6th – A full and varied Sunday

Sunday, Ocotber 6th, I went on a longer simploring tour in the later morning. I enjoyed some time for myself and took full advantage of it, not only by taking many pictures but also by just sitting and enjoying the creativity of people in Second Life.

When I returned home, slave Gwendi and Luci were inworld and I decided to see them before I had to log for lunch. I was about entering our house when Becky (igagi) showed up there. She was tied up from her toes to her hip in a hobble skirt and could hardly move. It took her a while to get to slave Gwendi, Luci and me. I chatted with the slaves and I added an armbinder to Becky’s outfit. Yes, that looked much better already.

October 6th: Diomita at home with Luci Glendale, Becky (igagi) and slave Gwendi

When I returned inworld in the afternoon, Becky and slave Gwendi were still (or again) at home. And Kitty was inworld at Psi’s realm. She was up brigt and early! I went to our house and wanted to take slave Gwendi and Becky with me to Psi’s realm, but slave Gwendi had to leave for RL, hence I went with Becky. But before I took her with me, I tightened her restraints and gagged her. Thus she was my helpless leash candy.

October 6th: Diomita meeting with Kitty (left) at Psi’s realm with Becky (at my leash) and Jammy (navanaxsacratus)

It was quite full at Psi’s realm and Kitty was leashed to the wall. She was having fun and there was really much going on so that it was hard to follow, in particular in the beginning. Sara (Sare Piers, who I usually teasingly refer to as Baroness Capelo’s sister) and Kitty had fun with eachother and this time Kitty had ended tied up. I stayed at Psi’s until Kitty had to leave, then I returned home with Becky and waited for Mistress.

October 6th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita catching up at home while Becky helplessly watches

I had not much time left for this afternoon but it was enough to catch up with Mistress and to fill her in about my night before and about my Sunday so far. I always miss Mistress Jenny, when she’s prevented to be inworld together with me. It felt good that we had at least a bit of time together.

At night Mistress Jenny was also not inworld. I met with Angelique and slave Gwendi at home and we talked about two new activities of Angelique. She might attend another maid training programm, a more personal education. And she intends to help out at a fetish club for nylons, foot worship and femdom working there at the bar or dancing for guests. The club is named NylonKiss and we went there and got a short tour by Angelique. A few days later it turned out that Angelique won’t work there…..

October 6th: Diomita and Angelique with slave Gwendi at home and at NylonKiss

Back home we played a round of greedy until slave Flo came inworld. She had a reward open from the night before and she got her reward – a rid on her beloved pony Bronco. Sometimes the oldest toys are the best! Flo enjoyed her ride and Angelique, slave Gwendi and I watched her fun. Before I locked slave Flo’s chastity belt again, slave Gwendi cleaned slave FLo’s soaking paradise.

October 6th: Diomita and Angelique watching slave Flo’s fun ride together with slave Gwendi

Finally, when slave Flo and Angelique had went off to bed quite early, I took slave Gwendi to Mesmerize Dungeon and we weren’t there for long when slave slut cecy came inworld and could join us there. Moon (Moondog Merlin) came by and we  chatted about this and that and in the end about the puzzle cage at Stonehaven and about old times. Moon had even a mesh model of Stonehaven. It was fun to just think we could revitalize it. In fact, the good memories stay what they are – memories. It was great seeing slave slut cecy again for a bit longer and we talked in private a bit (and I teased her).

October 6th: Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Gwendi and slave slut cecy .. talking with Moon

Time flies by quickly when you have fun and it was already midnight when we returned home. By that time Suzie (suziegirl1999) had come inworld but it was too late to start anything. As opposed to I set fair timers on her cuffs and allowed her to enjoy her bondage and to return whenever she wants to. And that’s it about a full and varied Sunday

Diary 2019 (155) October 3rd/4th Uniforms

Thursday morning I had a tour to Autumn in SL together Kitty (see also Diary 2019 (154) October 3rd – A tour with Kitty to Autumn in SL). It was great being with her again for more than just 5 minutes and I wrote an extra diary entry about this tour.
In the afternoon I made another simploring tour to a sim decorated for Autumn. Hence Thursday was kind of an explore Autumn day for me.
Our night was quite uneventful. Mistress Jenny and I caught up with our mutual news before we met with slave Gwendi and Angelique at home. Mistress was up for a team skipee – and she won it together with slave Gwendi against Angelique and me. slave Flo joined us and watched but went to bed when we had finished. And Angelique went off as well, as it was already late.
Mistress Jenny and I took lsave Gwendie to Mesmerize Dungeon and we chatted a bit while watching what was going on there (not much really that night). Did I mention that slave Gwendi’s hair begins to grow again?

October 3rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Gwendi at Mesmerize Dungeon


Friday afternoon, October 4th, I spent my free time at Heavy Bondage Club. I had some nice chats and when I had to leave to tend to my RL I had Poison and Luci Glendale at my feet. Luci is another friend of slave Gwendi and I took her home to us and leashed her close to slave Gwendi’s cell. This way slave Gwendi had a friend next to her when she came inworld.

October 4th: Diomita with Poison Fishnet and Luci Glendale at Heavy Bondage Club

When I came inworld at night Angelique, slave Gwendi and Luci were at home and I unleashed and unlocked Luci. Starry called me and proposed uniforms as a theme for the Friday night night party. She might have been just lazy as she could come as she was with her prison gang. Mistress JEnny and I wore scifi uniforms, Angelique a school uniform and slave Flo and slave Gwendi could simply stay in their slave uniforms *winks*. We had another great start into our weekend, dancing and chatting and listening to good music.

October 4th – Friday night party: overview, vero Hartmann, Sarah Fhang, Luci Glendale, Baroness Capelo, Claven Albatros (upper row) / Claire (maddh4tt3r), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, SadaRandall (left middle) / Mistress Jenny, slave FLo, Diomita, slave Gwendi, papafox57, Virgo Babii, Angelique Maurer, Jammy (navanaxsacratus), Jade (enigmawrappednightmare)

Diary 2019 (153) October 1st/2nd – A new outfit for the slaves

Tuesday, October 1st, I met with Mistress in the afternoon. We just spent some time at Heavy Bondage Club, we caught up and enjoyed being together, we went to a store to get a group gift and we went to club Domme a Domme, we talked about our plans for the night … and our hour together was up already again.

October 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave Gwendi at Psi’s realm

At night slave Flo and Angelique were at home and after saying hello to them we went to Psi’s realm and picked up slave Gwendi. There was nothing going at Psi’s at that time hence we returned home and first had a game of greedy together.

After this relaxed start we went to our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer and I unlocked the slaves’ chastity belts, their armbinders and their hoods and allowed them to take the gear off after their hands were free. I took out two dildo cushions and the slaves were allowed to ride the dildos and to entertain us. It was fun watching them and of course they asked for permission to cum. They slaves got their permission to cum … and they both had an orgasm almost silmutaneously.

October 1st: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo and slave gwendi at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer

As Mistress and I had agreed upon in the afternoon already, everything comes at a price. For the slaves it meant wearing new chastity belts and restrictive corset. Angelique had found a new chastity belt recently that fits quite well and she helped the slaves to put them on. We spent the time left that night getting slave Flo and slave gwendi in their new outfits. I’m pretty sure it was worth the effort.

Wednesday, Ocotober 2nd, Mistress and I had again some time for ourselves in the afternoon. We caught up with our mutual news at home and to my surprise Mistress Jenny unlocked the Ehesklavin collar and replaced it with my sub collar. She said, she wanted to reward me for my work and for pleasing her – and I do feel rewarded. I hadn’t expected it at all again. What a nice surprise. Thank you, Mistress!

October 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at home in our skybox

We went to Heavy Bondage Club for a bit and chatted while having some eye candy, then we returned home and to crown our time in the afternoon, I was allowed to lick Mistress.

At night Mistress ran late and I met Angelique, slave Flo and slave gwendi at home. We talked about the new feature “Bakes on Mesh”, that is now available in the Firstorm viewer as well. Angelique and I have tried it out already and Angelique is excited about it as it will allow her to wear her favourite plastic panties again, which were only working with the system body before. Actually the new technique should reduce lag and provides more layers for skins and clothes and thus will increase the possibilities and the variety. We will have to wait and see how this new technique will penetrate.

October 2nd: Diomita and Angelique at home with slave Gwendi and slave Flo / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Gwendi and slave Flo

I finished the new outfit for slave Gwendi and slave Flo and locked their gear. slave FLo was still wearing her posture collar and had to wait as the unlocking of this collar takes some time. We went playing greedy and played two rounds, then Angelique went off to bed and I took the slaves to Mesmerize Dungeon where Mistress Jenny finally joined us. We had fun chatting and before slave Flo went to bed I could take off her posture collar and replace it is the vixen collar. Thus slave Gwendi and slave Flo are in their new Outfits, slave Christin will follow when she returns inworld again.
And that’s it for this diary entry.

Diary 2019 (151) September 29th – sissy Kitty

My Sunday in Second Life started hilariously. When I came online in the later morning Kitty was still inworld in her late night (or even early morning). I check where she stayed and found out that she was at “Gans”, the sim where Dana is having her sissy fun …

Diomita: so you’re further exploring “Gans”
Kitty: been waiting for someone to stop by and help Kitty out of an armbinder…. so, one problem less.
Kitty: next is trying to change this hideous shape
Kitty: Dana didn’t hold back… Kitty can tell you that.
Diomita: didn’t hold back what?
Kitty: basketball size udders, a massive ass but no waist and a little ding-dong between the legs….
Kitty: and taller than tall.
Kitty: plus, dark hair. ugh!
Kitty: just managed to cover it up a bit.
Diomita: Dana?
Kitty: Dana didn’t hold back with changing Kitty
Diomita: OMG
Kitty: but, Kitty must admit, seeing that little thing between the legs gave Kitty pause. A lot of things came back full circle.
Diomita: oh dear …… I need to see that!
Kitty: you better be prepared… it’s nothing esthetically pleasing…
Kitty: for now, Kitty managed to cover it all up

I went to Gans and met our sissyboy Kitty…

September 29th: Dio with sissy Kitty at “Gans”

Kitty blushes
Kitty: hello Mistress Diomita
Kitty: sorry for being so disfigured
Diomita: hihi
Diomita: come at my side, sissy Kitty
Kitty gasps
Diomita: I need another background
Diomita: Mistress will love it!!!
Diomita: come to me
Diomita: the pink wall might work best
Kitty: these legs are so long … hard to take small steps
Diomita: how tall are you 9ft?
Kitty: no idea, it’s no-edit
Diomita: you will stay here for a few days so that you can meet with Mistress!
Diomita: wow it is cute here, you must love it!
Kitty cringes
Diomita: you’ll stay here, my boy, my sissy boy
Kitty feels weak in the knees
Diomita: I want that Mistress has her fun seeing you like this here. Do I have to leash and restrict you … or will you obey, my boy?
Kitty is trying to think but the mind is rather blank, attempting to keep up with comprehendi
Kitty: yes, Kitty will obey Mistress.

What a start into that Sunday. In the afternoon I had a long conversation with my niece Angelique about us, her SL and everything. It’s rare that we find more than an hour just to talk one to one and I think we both benefited from it.

September 29th: Diomita and Angelique / aunt and niece

My Sunday night was nice and relaxing. I took slave Gwendi to Mesmerize Dungeon, used her as my chair and watched the scenery. Angelique joined us there later. After an hour We went home and had a game of skipee.

September 29th: Diomita and Angelique with slave Gwendi at Mesmerize Dungeon / at home playing skipee / at home

We got a visitor, Mishel Jewell, and she was eager to see our guest rooms. We had a bit of fun taking her to the terrace cell and providing a safe and secure place to her. When we were almost done, it “rained” another guest, who after some chatting took Mishel with her. Angelique, slave Gwendi and I had a longer conversation about plastic panties afterwards .. Angelique can be such a brat. It was a varied, nice Sunday.

Diary 2019 (150) September 27th/28th Flo’s Heaven

I had a quite lazy day in Second life on Friday, September 27th. Mistress was off for her short vacation and I had some time during the day while none of the family was inworld. I visited several clubs, idled quite some time while I had other things to do in RL and finally went on a simploring tour. At night we had our regular Friday night party. slave Gwendi and slave Christin showed up shortly before the party and both woke up in their cells, where they stay while being offline. They had problems getting out of the terrace cell. For some reason the terrace cell door didn’t open and even my attempts to open it failed. Hence I brought them out by some SL magic and postponed looking after the door to the next day.

Virgo had selected “pyjamas” or whatever we wear for sleeping as the theme of the night. That gave reason for some surprises. Well slave Flo, slave Christin and slave Gwendi they do sleep in their restricting fetish clothes, hence at least they were already dressed perfectly. We had fun as always and had a great start into the weekend.

September 27th – Friday night party – upper row: slave Christin, slave Gwendi, slave Flo, Diomita, Angelique, drdarkwolf, Diable (Orson Neutron), Virgo, stuti (indistuti), papafox57 / lower row: Starry, Della, Transann, Claire (maddh4tt3r), Hotaru (rmf361sim), Baroness, Barbie (mariagibson), Kingdiamond Brougham

Saturday, September 28th, late morning I went inworld mainly to look after the terrace cell. First I couldn’t get it working and I had to move it to another place and to disassemble it. I don’t know why or how, but after some trial and error, the cell door worked again. Then I reinstalled it. That took almost an hour *sighs*, but that’s also part of Second Life. What is really strange is that I don’t know what happened nor how I got it working again. Anyway!

Kitty was inworld and after I had finished with repairing the terrace cell I summoned her to me. We caught up and noticed Dana coming inworld. We both hadn’t seen her for quite a while and I summoned her to us. What a change! A white, skinny girl with small breasts and oversized cuffs. I wouldn’t have recognized her. She just spent one week being transformed into a sissy – and she’s having fun as it should be. we had to leave home as LL was conducting rolling restarts and Dana offered a tp to a place where we could stay. We continued chatting and catching up, then I had to leave – and yes, I made a picture *winks*

September 28th: Diomita with sissy Dana and Kitty

In the afternoon I had some time alone inworld and I used it to prepare “Flo’s Heaven”. Mistress had offered our slave Flo an own space at home and had left it up to me how to realize it. We still have ressources to build something on our island, but we need these ressources for the temporary rezzing of gear and for seasonal decorations. I decided to repurpose the slave’s hut “Shangri-La” and to allow slave Flo to claim it for her usage. And I had talked with slave Flo about it during our Friday night dance. I had told her that she may decorate it according to her taste but I also instructed her to share the hut with the other slaves. slave Flo came up with the name “Flo’s Heaven”.
I added a nameplate above the entrance of the hut and I updated the orientation map at the landing point of our island. When I was done with that I spent some time with simhopping and exploring potential places for my next green light as I need to be prepared for it *winks*

When I came back home at night slave Flo was busy cleaning her new place, Flo’s Heaven. Another positive side effect is that the hut will be kept clean from now on. slave Flo had fun making plans. slave Gwendi came inworld and we had a game of greedy before slave Flo had to leave early. I took slave Gwendi to Mesmerize Dungeon for a bit, then I rewarded myself and took her to our dungeon to get my boots cleaned and to get some personal service from her.

September 28th: Diomita with slave Flo and slave Gwendi at home in front ot “Flo’s Heaven” / Diomita with slave Gwendi at Mesermize Dungeon and at home


Diary 2019 (148) September 23rd/24th – A bit of everything

Mistress and I had a relaxed afternoon on Monday, September 23rd. We first went shopping at fashionnatic where they had an autumn sale. We didn’t buy much though as we bith have already most of the clothes we like there, mostly their leather clothes. We visited a new place which Mistress had found in someone’s profile: “Miss P’s Paradise“, a quite big place with a lot of rooms and some bdsm furniture. Kristen (tiedcooljoke), a longterm aquaintence of ours, who love bondage, happened to be there as well and we made contact to her again.
And back home, Mistress and I cuddled and she allowed me to lick her. Thank you, Mistress.

September 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home / Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Zephaney and slave Gwendi

Our night was also very relaxed. We first played a round of skipee as teams with Angelique and slave Gwendi. Angelique and I won it *winks*. Then we went to Mesmerizse Dungeon with Angelique and slave Gwendi. slave Zephaney was there and hence both Mistress Jenny and I had a comfy chair, Mistress sitting on slave gwendi and I sitting on slave Zephaney.
We had fun teasing the slaves, chatting, and observing old friends of slave Gwendi who where quite jealous of her. Finally we took slave Gwendi to Psi’s realm and parked her there. It was going to be the first time for her to stay overnight not at home since she came to us over a month ago.

Tuesday afternoon, September 24th, Mistress and I took slave Flo to Heavy Bondage Club where we enjoyed some eye candy and also saw Paulette Taffeta, who we hadn’t seen for years. I looked up her profile and noticed that she’s the owner of Miss P’s Paradise. I didn’t check who owned the place when we visited it. and Mistress Jenny had seen the landmark in another profile and also wasn’t aware of the owner. What a coincidence!
We had some private chats, then first Flo and then Mistress had to leave to tend to their RL.
I went to Psi’s realm and looked after slave Gwendi. She was not alone. Well, I think you’re never alone at Psi’s realm. A girl named Becky was standing next to her and slave Gwendi teased her by telling me how dangerous she would be. Actually Becky seemed to be eager to be locked up next to slave Gwendi. She was wearing quite some bondage equipment, ready to be tied up. I did her the favour and provided company for our slave Gwendi. Then I had to leave myself to tend to my RL.

September 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at Heavy Bondage Club / Diomita with slave Gwendi and Becky at Psi’s realm

At night we went to Psi’s realm with slave Flo to visit (and teast) slave Gwendi. I also picked up slave Christin and took her to us at Psi’s when she came inworld. It was full at Psi’s and hence we had quite some entertainment.

September 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Christin at Psi’s realm

We went home and played greedy with the slaves and Angelique. slave Gwendi was the lucky winner (and got no prize, poor slave). slave Flo went to bed and we spent a bit of time at Mesmerize Dungeon. slave Gwendi had a little there again … then it was time for us to retreat as well.

September 24th: Angelique, Diomita, slave Christin, Mistress Jenny and slave Gwendi at Mesmerize Dungeon

Landmark to Miss P’s Paradise

Diary 2019 (147) September 21st/22nd – A weekend with the slaves

Saturday, September 21st, started slowly and relaxed. I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon and we went to Heavy Bondage Club to get some eye candy while we caught up, chatted and made plans for the night. After Mistress had left for RL I took slave Gwendi to Mesmerize Dungeon for a bit and that’s it for the afternoon.
And our night started slowly as well. slave Gwendi was at home with a friend, Moondog Merlin. And while we chatted Angelique and later slave Christin joined us. Mistress Jenny teased the slaves, she told them that we were going to expose them that night before they would be restricted tighter again.

September 21st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club (upper left) / Diomita with slave Gwendi at Mesmerize Dungeon (upper middle) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Gwendi at home (right) / Angelique, slave Gwendi, Diomita, Mistress Jenny and Moondog at home (lower left)

We – Mistress Jenny, Angelique, Moondog, slave Gwendi, slave Christin and myself – went to club DeLust where the slaves danced for us and the other guests. We stayed there about half an hour and had fun watching the slaves and trying to understand and interpret what they were trying to say.

September 21st: slave Christin and slave Gwendi dancing at club DeLust

Then we all went to Lochme. I took the slaves to the slut platform and chained and locked them there, while Mistress, Angelique and Moondog watched me and the slaves. It always takes quite a while to pose and lock the slaves. Hence it was some “work” for me. We got two more subs joining us and chatting with us at the platform, Amber and Stina. It was quite obvious that they were eager to join the slaves. Finally we took them with us to show them our slut platform at the Stonehaven patio. Mistress Jenny made herself comfy with Angelique at the platform, Moon watched from a secure distance and the slaves knelt at my feet while we talked with Amber and Stina and teased them. Amber ended locked up and gagged (on timers).

September 21st: slave Christin and slave Gwendi at Lochme (left) / Angelique, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Moondog, Amber and Stina looking at the slaves (upper right) / Amber, Stina, slave Gwendi, Diomita, slave Christin, Mistress Jenny, Moon and Angelique at our Stonehaven patio at home (lower right)

When it was time to retreat, I had to fulfill what Mistress had announced in the afternoon. I removed the pacifier gags and put slave Christin and slave Gwendi back into their hoods, restricting their view again and hiding their faces – twin slaves.
It was a quite busy night in particular for me as I had all the “work”. Mistress Jenny rewarded me and allowed me to lick her before we went to bed.

I met with Mistress Jenny shortly late Sunday morning. We had time to catch up, then Mistress had to leave again. I went seeing slave Gwendi and teased her a bit. What a lovely start into our Sunday. In the afternoon Mistress and I spent some time at club Domme a Domme, we talked about future plans, we enjoyed being together. Before we had to leave once again, we saw slave Gwendi shortly who had been absent before.

September 22nd: Diomita with slave Gwendi at home / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Gwendi at home and at club Domme a Domme

At night we took slave Gwendi, slave Christin and slave Flo with us to our Fetische Club Chez Maurer. slave Gwendi and slave Christin danced for us in the golden cages, slave Flo, tired from her weekend in RL, knelt between Mistress Jenny and me. And Mistress rezzed an extra seat for Angelique next to us. We had a relaxed time. Later we decided to play a round of skipee with 6 persons building 3 teams: Mistress Jenny and slave Christin, Diomita and slave Flo,  and Angelique and slave Gwendi, who won the game.

September 22nd: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer with slave Gwendi, slave Christin and slave Flo

After the game slave Flo left for bed and Angelique left us to persue other activities. Mistress Jenny and I took slave Gwendi and slave Christin to Mesmerize Dungeon and to our surprise we got some great entertainment. Lady Sidonia (Luzie Nymphea) was presenting her bdsm furniture and gear at Mesmerize Dungeon right in front of us and we watched her demonstration. Soon there were some more visitors who watched. That was a nice end of that weekend.

September 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Gwendi and slave Christin at Mesmerize Dungeon watching the presentation of Lady Sidonia (Luzie Nymphea)

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