Simploring 2017 (38) Oak Meadows Community

Sunday, May 21st, Angelique invited me to visit her new school, Oak Academy Girls School, which is part of the Oak Meadows Community, founded by Noah Jack Nelson (noahnelson). In her words “Are you interested to see which school you are paying for now?” Of course I was! Angelique showed me around and now I know why the tuition is that high.
The Oak Academy Girls School has strict rules for it’s students, who enjoy the wider community amenities. They have to be polite to all residents and to wear uniform when off campus. Residents will be invited to share some school amenities including the stunning outdoor pool and pavilion where both residents and students will be invited to formal dances. You do not have to be working or a  student at school to live here as a resident but respect of the school grounds, students and staff is expected. Please do not enter the main school building or interrupt lessons without prior permission to observe.” (exerpt from the information notecard about the school)
The School is embedded in a very wealthy community. Everything is nice and neat, luxurious and generous there. Angelique showed me the school building, the rooms for the art classes as well as the academic class room, the lounge room and the classical class room. There has to be a dentention room as well, but Angelique isn’t allowed going there.
We had a look at the chapel as well as at the theatre, where the students will show to their parents and caretakers what they’ve learned. We stepped by the outdoor piano bar and the gym and we walked around the pond. The community is also pictoresque and a very nice place to visit. Therefor I decided to write this simploring entry. Finally we visited the dorms and Angelique showed me the place where she sleeps. The dorms are quite luxurious as well. There’s even a swimming pool and another outdoor cafe.
Angelique is very excited abotu her new school. She told me about the great roleplay there as well as about her classes which are about subjects you would expect of a good girls school like art, sports and English.
Besides the girls school, Oak Meadows Community provides beautiful woodland living, with stunning views and amenities. It is an adult sim with a D/s theme but not a sex sim (no nudity in community areas!). It’s a home for those interested in living in a community with others with similar interests or just relaxing in beautiful surroundings. You can rent a house there or even build your own, if it fits to the theme.
I’m looking forward to visit Angelique there again – and to see how Oak Meadows Community will develop.
Landmark to Oak Meadows Community

Diary 2017 (78) May 17th – Ehesklavin Diomita

Wednesday, May 17th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. Just after greeting Mistress she put her new toy, the chin corrector, back around my neck, gagged me with a penis gag, covered my jaw with the correcting shell, push my chin upwards and my head into my neck. She added cuffs and pulled them tight. Then she took me out to expose me at the Heavy Bondage Club. I had to kneel at her side there as her slave, her property, her Ehesklavin. I just obey and am eager to please her, I do not question her orders. My memories about having control over her are fading more and more and I sense her domme side is getting even stronger more and more. The term Ehesklavin, married slave, describes my position with regard to Mistress Jenny very precisely. And Mistress leaves no doubt that there’s no way back for me even when my next green light and later her collaring anniversary are coming up.

Mistress Jenny left me bound and locked with keys out when we had to log off. She planned seeing me at night but her RL prevented her from going online at our usual time. I went back to the Heavy Bondage Club and watched the crowd there and read profiles. Mistress came online shortly just to unlock me and I had some time with slave Flo at my side before she managed to be with us for half an hour. Nonetheless time flew by quickly again.

Before I went to bed I met Angelique. Angelique told me that she left the Sybilienne Institute: “Well that turned out to be very boring. Just a few players.. all at different times around.. I tried to manage some thing but… it didn’t work. The biggest reason I turned my back to it was an other governess came up… bullied me, telling me I was punished.. blah blah blah..I roamed around and found a new roleplay sim called Oak Meadows Community. It was not opened yet… May 15th it would go live. I wandered and visited daily seeing some activity. Last weekend I filled in an application form for the Faculty and Students at Oak Academy Girls’ school and joined. School rules apply in group chat too. Remain respectful at all times. Notices for class times and clubs including events will be provided. Remember to check the notices regularly. So.. I am on school again

Now Angelique is an applicant and if everything goes well she’ll become a full student in 2 weeks. She seems to be very happy there. She found the roleplay she’s seeking. Hopefully she can enjoy it for a long time and tell us more about it soon.

Diary 2017 (66) April 29th – within the family

Saturday night, April 29th, was a night within the family. I took slave Flo to the patio and soon after Angelique, Mistress Jenny and slave cecy showed up and joined us. We discussed and decided about slave Flo’s next outfit. The slaves will not be dressed uniformly in May. We selected a Harsh straightjacket, KaS Ballet boots and the NGW hood for slave Flo, nice, tight and strict as we like it for her. Mistress Jenny, Angelique and I had a longer chitchat about this and that. The slaves just decorated us and pleased us with there (silent) presence besides that slave cecy had to lick my boots clean inbetween. We had a really nice, relaxing night within the family.

Diary 2017 (64) April 26th – family night

Mistress Jenny and I spent Wednesday night, April 26th, at home at our patio with slave slut cecy, slave Adarra and with our niece Angelique. slave Adarra isn’t able to join us as much as she and we desire due to her RL. Hence we more or less caught up with her. After slave cecy and slave Adarra left our niece Angelique came by. Angelique has started a new adventure just a few days ago. She joined the Sybilienne institute in Second Life, a group dedicated to the raising of certain young women in the Sybilienne lifestyle – one of strict control, isolation, bondage, and contemplation. I never heard about the “Sybilienne lifestyle” and my reasearch about it was not successful. But the decription of Sybilienne institute really sounds like something for Angelique to explore and expierence: “We are striving to revive those victorian days when girls were prepared for a life of humility and modesty and a good figure and posture was enhanced by strict corsets. Girls are admitted into our institute to learn that a future lady is silent, humble and of flawless manners. Our goal is to give the society and discerning husbands a wife which perfectly submits to her god-given and natural role of obedience, demureness, modesty and beauty.
Rooms and the dungeon are in sound condition and fairly equipped to prepare students in modesty, virginity and obedience, the cherished virtues of a victorian lady. ready to take her humble role in society.
Insitute is looking for students , maids and governess
Gentlemen, please ask for an invitation before entering!
I was sure that I read something like that just recently and Angelique knew where. Alice (aliceklimt) has the information in her profile and is roaming around as a living advertisement.
Angelique reported that she started her aventure just 2 days before as the 3rd student, two more are expected soon. There is a lack of Governesses though, that needs to be filled so that the sudents don get bored when they are in their cells, isolated without IM and with cam restrictions. The students have to wear an uniform and start with a knitted onesie. As no uniform for meshbodies are provided Angelique created a similar her own and she showed it to us. She mixed a rubber dress with a knitted catsuit and added a women’s puritain hat. At night she has to wear a diaper .. and in her cell she just wears a knitted coat that covers her whole body. Angelique also told us that she knows for sure is that all what is knitted slowly changes to heavy rubber.
That all sounds promising for a long roelplay. Hopefully it can be uphold and extended. Angelique might give us some more insight if she stays in the group and might write down some notes for the blog (she didn’t promise though).

April 26th at our Patio at home: Diomita, Mistress Jenny and Angelique

Diary 2017 (54) April 15th – My Easter Surprise

As reported in the last diary entry the last days were quiet. I also wrote that Mistress is shortening my leash again as my 4th collaring anniversary is coming up on Friday, April 21st. There was acutally no collaring ceremony 4 years ago. We became mutually owned some time in 2012 and in April 2013 on the occasion of a green light, that I granted to Jenny, we just picked a day to have a date for it. My full submission to Mistress built up in the following years and was completed on the occasion of our 8th wedding anniversary in October 2016. But now we do have this collaring date and hence an anniversary to celebrate. And just 2 month later, June 5th, we will celebrate Jenny’s 9th collaring anniversary.
So with my collaring anniversary coming up, I thought Mistress would shorten my leash more and more. When we met Saturday afternoon, April 15th, Mistress took me to Domme a Domme and leashed me there at the “Failed Domme” sign while we caught up with RL and SL in IM. Angelique came by also and someone else made the remark “nice failed domme you have, Jenny”. Mistress corrected that and answered “Diomita isn’t failed, just owned. She still heads our family” and Angelique added “and beloved by many”. That did do me good, as I do not see myself as a failed domme. I only submit to Mistress Jenny. Everybody else will see my domme side up, in particular our slaves.Mistress had to leave and we went back to our skybox. Mistress unlocked all my cuffs, she unlocked my thick leather collar and replaced it with the small partnering jewelery collar, that she wears herself for me. What a surprise! I wasn’t prepared for that and a bit confused. Instead of further shortening my leash, she let it go – until Friday, April 21st. That is my Easter surprise. It feels strange, but I will get used to it easily and take advantage of it as much as I can 🙂

Diary 2017 (52) April 10th – Easter Egg Hunt

In spring there’re always many hunts in Second Life, Easter Egg hunts. These hunts are usually organized to promote products, labels and stores or to promote a sim. We didn’t go on a hunt this year so far. Monday, April 10th, we decided to go on a hunt and I visited the hunt overview website for Second Life – We picked just the first hunt on this website “Land of Rainbows Easter Egg Hunt”. Hidden around the sim Land of Rainbows sim are colourful and big easter eggs stocked with free gifts – for example male and female clothing or jewelry. You land in a spring and Easter flowershop where you’ll get a notecard about the hunt and a Easter basket (for fun and hints). Then you’re ready to go searching for (50) eggs. The hunt is open until April 20th.

April 10th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave slut cecy hunting for Easter eggs at “Land of Rainbows”

Mistress Jenny and I picked a basket and started searching the eggs. I had slave slut cecy on my leash. She had her problems to follow and I had to pull hard the leash several times. The eggs are not hard to find. But I admit, we just picked a few eggs and didn’t try to find all 50 eggs, which might be more difficult. And although we didn’t find any gift to keep for us, it was fun!

April 10th at home: Mistress Jenny and Diomita instructing slave slut cecy

After returning home we sat down at our patio and began to tease our slut. We mounted her in a spread eagle suspension pose on a rack and impaled her with a dildo. We enacted new rules for her regarding SL and RL. She had to repeat the rules to ensure that she understood them and we enjoyed how she squirmed and tried to focus. Angelique joined us and took a seat to follow the little session which added to our slut’s humiliation expierence.

We had another varied and relaxing night at our SL.

Diary 2017 (51) April 9th – Mission failed

Sunday night, April 9th, we – Mistress Jenny, Angelique, slavin C and I – went on a kinkploring tour to check some of the landmarks that I collected from profiles over the last weeks. First we went to the Femmilly Fetish House, home and playground for the Femmilli family. We landed in an empty skybox , that only contained a teleporter pad, but teleporting is only permitted for group or family members, hence no admittance for us. Next we went to M&M Dungeon. I didn’t remember being there before but Mistress Jenny told me that we were there before, she remembered the place and we went to see the “teddy bear prison” there, a prison I remember well from Ralf’s playground (another sim to revisit soon). Mistress didn’t want to stay, so we went on to Nieuw Amsterdam. It didn’t surprise me that we landed in a red light district as Amsterdam is famous for it. Unfortunately it was very laggy there and some of us had problems, and as slut cecy just came online we stopped the kinkploring tour without taking a closer look and went home to pick her up. To sum it up: Mission failed. We didn’t find anything that excited or attracted us this night. But nonetheless we had fun. No post without a picture. Back home from the unsuccessful tour I took a picture.

April 9th at the patio at home: slave slut cecy, Angelique, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slavin C

You might notice that Angelique and I wear the same dress. Angelique and Mistress Jenny had their fun teasing me. Angelique dressed like me and during the tour, she even wore a shorter haircut comparable to mine and she wore glasses (remark: a big upside of SL! You can change your hairstyle within seconds). And Mistress made remarks that she can’t say who is who anymore provoking and challenging me.

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