Maurer’s slave Flo aka. Florence Riddler

Remember the “Enjoying bondage” – series of September 2013? (

20131128 Florence Riddler_003
There we introduced Flo (florence.riddler) the first time in this blog. We first thought about a kidnapping roleplay and both sides did enjoy it. But it went on and on for roughtly 4 months now. And there is no way back into her former life for our little doctor Flo. More important – Flo doesn’t want a way back again. She asked Jenny and me to accept her as a permanent slave – wearing our collar. She wants to close the way back forever. And we? We were and we are surprised and pleased about the patience, the faith and the stamina Flo proved to us. And by this she got our love that grew steadily up to the point that we don’t want to miss her anymore. Consequently on Nov, 29th 2013 we selected a collar for her and welded it around her neck. We know that this collar will be a stronger bond than all masks, gags, leashes, chains, binders, cuffs, belts or rubber hoods Flo wore during the lasts months. Just to make it clear – Flo will wear those in her future life too. Welcome to the Family Flo – Maurer’s doctor.

Jenny, Flo, Dio

Jenny, Flo, Dio

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