Without Yasmin there wouldn’t be the Eurobrats and my Second life would have taken different ways. There is a lot about her in our blog (just use the tag Yasmin to find all entries about her). I wore her collar being “Yas’ Enforcer” for 39 months (May 8th, 2008 – August 7th, 2011) and those knowing me know what it meant for me to be her brat. I thought my relation to Yasmin as her brat could survive all storms in SL. Sadly it didn’t.
Yasmin will always have a place in my heart and thoughts in RL and in SL. I also will not forget what she did for me and for Jenny. Yasmin was one of my bases in SL – my love for her will not die, regardless what happens. In SL she will remain a very close friend of mine, a sister. And her’s and my family will stay close.

There are 2 texts in this blog where I tried to describe her and what she means for me. One was written in Arpil, 2011 – here’s the link to it:
The other text was written one day after my release, when I tried to write my tears and pain off my chest – here’s the link to that text

As this blog is also written to keep memories there is a text of Yasmin that she wrote about me on the occasion of my upcoming 3 year collaring anniversary:
“Hallo! If you’ve been reading Dio’s profile and made it even this far, I commend your inquisitive nature and applaud your profile whoring. Allow me to introduce you to my Enforcer, Diomita Maurer. She has been my girl for very close to three years and I love her MADLY. Yes, I do allow her to play at her discretion. Not because I am soft, but rather she has my complete trust. I do ask that you be kind to her, not out of respect for me, but rather out of concern for your safety. Dio can be a very controlling, harsh, strict and rather demanding Mistress if given the opportunity. As a submissive, she can be very entertaining. Either way, if she plays with you, she must like you to some degree. Consider yourself blessed. I know I do. Oh, one more thing; Please do not bother me with complaints about Dio. I ignore trivial rambling that could not possibly be true. Much Love, Yasmin Heartsdale”

Thank you for the great time with you, sister. I am thankfully for the time we had and I am confident that we will be able to continue on another level of our relation.
Love from Diomita
written August 18th, 2011

Update: Yasmin Heartsdale has left SL End of April 2013. Be well, Yasmin – you will remain in our hearts forever.

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