Overview July 2016

This is the tenth revision page of the family&friends chart explaning who is who in our family&friends group and how they are related to eachother.

Let me start with the name and the logo of our group. It is called “Euro Brat Pack”. Ok, it is quite obvious that I’m European as is my wife, partner, slave and owner Jenny (laylady.lay). So that explains the “Euro”. When I founded the group I was collared by Yasmin Heartsdale, who coined my Seconed life during my first years inworld and who owned me for more than 3 years as her sub, her brat. Her family was called “Yasmin’s Brat Pack”. Yasmin is from the US and I saw her not as much as I wanted to which is one reason why I was quite independant although I was owned. Quite soon after my collaring I collared Jenny and began to build my own family, first within Yasmin’s family. I founded the group and looked for a logo. I seleceted the European flag and added the symbol of Yasmin’s Brat Pack into the middle of the stars. Done.

The family&friends group was restricted to my collared subs and to the members of Yasmin’s family as we were all part of her larger family. Jenny became my married slave and partner and nowadays owns my collar – making us mutally owned. We let the group grow, then decided to keep it restricted to subs only, then added friends again. We have many friends beyond our group of course and being not in our group doesn’t mean, that you’re not a friend of us. Today the group is for our family and for those we have or had a close relationship.

So who is in the group?

First of all there are our “offical” direct family members, collared by Jenny and me:
Kitty Maurer (santana.thibedeau)
Angelique Maurer (angelique.teskat)
Maurer’s  s.l.a.v.e (florence.riddler)
Maurer’s s.k.l.a.v.i.n (gebby)
Maurerien orja (snina93)
Maurer’s Aztec s.lave (cecysumi)
Maurer’s Maple s.lave Adarra (AdarraMorgan)
Maurer’s slavin C (Christa Windlow)

Then there’s Argi. We’re still working to collar her. She’s helpful often to keep an eye on our brats and very cuddly *winks

Our neighbours of today and yesterday. We see them as our family members:
Tyra (tyra.sciarri)
Virgo Babii
Sarah Fhang
Vero Hartmann
Claven Albatros

We also kept those we had collared but who were released in our family&friends group:
Arka (arkahelle.janus)
Mistress Cuttita
Danii Sao S (danii.szydlowska)
vanessa Rendelstein
sj Panthar
Luna Dewglitter (fae.howlett)
Dana Maurer (dana.drezelan)
Delilah Maurer (delilah.ormidale)
vero Lacombe
rona (ronapotter)
Maurer’s it (queen.takacs)

Also the former sisters of me (when I was collared by Yasmin) are in our family group. These are:
Jill Freenote
Jill Ormstein
Nichole Aker
Yar Telling
Mariska McMahon
rabea Landar
Teyonas (teyonas.miklos)
Jaycie Juliesse

Last but not least there are a handful of friends, who are in our family&friends group for different reasons. I won’t go into details. There are also some potentials subs among this group of friends. But we had too many disappointments lately with subs who showed themselfs promising but then left for weeks and months all of a sudden without any fore warning our message. And as I too lazy to revise this page with potential subs coming and going, I added them here.
Asfor (asfor.cooperstone)
Baroness (baroness.capelo)
Clara Spice (mistressspice)

Pike Mayo
Chianna Setsuko
Nirvana (nirvana.elan)
Poison Fishnet
Virgo Korhonen
Lady Loes (loes.shi)

Mii (miisiek89.tenk)
Starbright Wingtips

Bev (beverly.ultsch)

I thought a lot how to make a chart of all family&friends group members. But I admit that I had no real good idea. What I came up with is the above list of names, grouped into categories. I also grayed out those, who hardly show up anymore. Some of the accounts of these friends are still active and every once in a while one of them show up, but there’s no real contact anymore. Other accounts have been removed but their names are kept in our memories.

20160703 Euro Brats Overview

I intend to update this overview every once in a while. I hope that this page clarifies at least some of the questions that I get from time to time “What is a Euro Brat?”
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