When we had to move from Rivers Rock we took a larger plot and let parts of it to friends who accompanied us for nearly all of our Second Life. And these friends also moved with us again. So you can call us sort of a sim-sharing community. Meet Tyra & Virgo and Claven not just friends but our neighbours.

I have known Tyra Sciarri since I did my trial for Goddess. At this time Tyra was the sub of my former sister Samatha. She spent many hours at my cell and kept me company. One of Tyra’s most favorite vocations is shopping. Whenever there’s a sale she seems to know about it. But Tyra is also a very talented roleplayer although she doesn’t do that very often anymore. She can be submissive and dominant and of course she always has the appropriate outfit. I will not forget how she got me at her feet shortly after my trial for Goddess. In her house that she had inherited she had a large dungeon in her cellar. Unfortunately it was used only rarely. Later we had some sessions where she submitted to me.  Tyra was one of the first family members that Jen met and she was kind then as she always has been ever since.

from left to right: Diomita, Jenny, Tyra, Virgo

Today Tyra lives together with Virgo Babii in SL who entered my life also during my trial for Goddess. One day Goddess took me out of my cell and she tied Tyra an me on spanking horses in a way that we could look in eachother’s eyes . Then she and Virgo took both of us – that’s how I met Virgo. Because of her height I called her “long legs”. Virgo was close to Goddess family at that time and thus we had several plays together. She even became my sister shortly. Later Virgo was hosting the Firday night party at Rivers Rock. This regular party survived the movement to Dragon Cove as well as the movement to our shared sim Mount Everest. Virgo is still playing the music every Friday night on our plot. Thank you Virgo.

Tyra and Virgo have been  together as long as Jenny and I and we’re very happy that they are our neighbours today. One thing that Tyra and Virgo did for us was to organise Dio’s egg hunt before our Wedding.  Tyra likes to plot elaborate scenes and with Virgo they bring variety to our lives.

Our other neighbour is Claven Albatros. Claven entered my SL a couple of months after becoming Goddess’ brat. Goddess is switching herself and had a few attempts being sub permanently to someone. Claven was Goddess’ Mistress for a few weeks and that was when I met her. We became close and never lost contact. Claven does not switch at all. She is strict and consequent and her kink is running prisons and to build them with own scripts, very large at low prims. And her prison accompanies us for our whole SL so far. For about one year her prison was just next to our plot in Rivers Rock and she stayed neighbour to us during our following movements.
Claven and I had several longer sessions and she knows where and how to push me. Sometimes is not easy for me to resist her attraction. But be aware: Once she locks you you might be lost for a long time.

Claven Albatros

We feel very spoiled and are lucky to have neighbours like you are. Who else can say from their hearts “We love you, neighbours”

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