Simploring 2020 (38) Devils Bend National Park

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, April 28th, I selected Devils Bend National Park from SL Destinations. The entry referred to a post from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: Devil’s Bend National Park” (in German), which I read before I visited. Maddy had already done a little bit of research so that I don’t have to do that myself.

Devils Bend National Park (DBNP) is a fictional National Park. The sim (a full moderate region) is owned by Aiden Caudron, the landmark description consists of the tags: “forest, exploring, explore, hiking, trail, fun, family, rp, roleplay, fun, good time, szym, pro street

Devils Bend National Park – overview

The landing is in a visitor center with some exhibits like a car and a necklace owned by the Nornberg family, most probably a ficitional family, who know? From the outside the visitor center looks quite real and the whole sim, the signs, the park rangers and all detail provide the feeling of being in a National Park somewhere in the US.

Impressions of Devils Bend National Park (1) – in and at the visitor center

I followed the big road as well as the paths and crossed several bridges. The mountain has a tunnel system and at least one cave, the roads and the paths are on different levels and you can easily get lost. What else? I came across several residential houses and huts at DBNP and some of them can be rented. And I went to the only cafe at DBNP. Have a look inside, it is nicely furnished.

Impressions of Devils Bend National Park (2) – “stay on markes paths”

Impressions of Devils Bend National Park (3) – the café and one of the residential houses

Of course I also went to the broken bridge. It is not easy to get there as the road is blocked by a crashed bus. Curios as I am I found a way around and went to the bridge … yet there’s nothing really to see.

Impressions of Devils Bend National Park (4) – the broken bridge / “practice social distancing”

Devils Bend National Park offers a lot of nature, nice trails to hike and a lot of nice views and of course it is a great place to take picture. I liked that DBNP makes you literally feel like visiting a NP, even the road signs are fitting to today’s reality: “Practise Social Distancing”.

I had fun exploring and taking pictures. Thank you Aiden Caudron for creating and sharing your place with the public!

Landmark to Devils Bend National Park
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: Devil’s Bend National Park”

Simploring 2020 (30) Hedins-Oe

For my simploring tour on Friday, March 27th, I picked “Hedins-Oe“. I came across it scrolling through SL Destinations. The entry led me to a post of Maddy Gynoid in his “echtvirtuell blog” – “Simtipp: Hedins-Oe“. What caught my eye was not just the picture along with the entry in SL Destinations but even more the name of the sim “Dio”. Of course I was almost obliged to visit!

Hedins-Oe – bird’s eye view

Hedins-Oe is an adult homestead owned and designed by Sari Paine (salisaria) and her partner Joyn Paine. The sim’s landmark description just consists of a few tags “viking, wikinger, rollenspiel, roleplay, historisch, history“. Hedins-Oe is a roleplay sim für vikings around the year 800.

Impressions of Hedins-Oe (1)

Right next to the landing point is a wodden barrel where you can grab a notecard with information about the roleplay for which the sim was created – it is in German only though. Annie (AnnieBrightstar) who runs SL Destinations has already translated most parts of the notecard. Thank you, Annie!

Impressions of Hedins-Oe (2)

In 794 AD, a group of brave adventurers from Denmark set out to explore and settle in the new countries in the west, including women, children, experienced warriors and artisans. The last trip should go to Haithabu, wait for the winter there and take provisions. But the boat got into a storm that was supposed to last for two days. Without navigation and with a destroyed boat, you were stranded on an unknown island, the island of Hedins-Oe, an immaculate island with thick forests and fertile soil. The will of the gods seemed to have brought them here. Camps were opened and it was decided to settle here …

Impressions of Hedins-Oe (3)

Haithabu is the German name for Hedeby, an important Danish Viking Age (8th to the 11th centuries) trading settlement near the southern end of the Jutland Peninsula, now in the Schleswig-Flensburg district of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is the most important archaeological site in Schleswig-Holstein (see wikipedia). It is also close to where most of my family lives and I’ve been there quite some times.

Reconstructed houses in the area of the old settlement (source wikipedia)

The nature, the houses and the atmosphere are quite well fitting to how it looks in the physcial world. There are just not that many high rocks and high waterfalls). And unfortunately the steady rain at Hedins-Oe in Second Life also fits way to often. Anyway, Hedins-Oe is very well made and exploring it is fun and it offers many great opportunities for taking pictures.

Impressions of Hedins-Oe (4)

Some of the figures of the roleplay are placed as static mesh figures to liven up the scenery. These figures can also be played by roleplayers. The largest house in the village is furnished (according to the time) and you find some persons inside as well.

Sari Paine (salisaria) also owns a little shop named [XIV] Roleplay Apparel, where you can get some fitting clothes for becoming a viking.
Thank you Sari and Joyn for creating Hedins-Oe. I hope it stays open also for visitors and photographers – good luck with building the roleplay community!

Landmark to Hedins-Oe
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: Hedins-Oe”
Sari Paine (salisaria) shop [XIV] Roleplay Apparel

Simploring 2020 (16) Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot :)

For my simploring tour on Thursday, February 27th, I picked “Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot” from SL Destinations and I read Maddy Gynoid’s Simtipp (read here in German). The landmark description gives an idea about what to expect “An Abandoned Vacation Spot in the 30s. Sometimes you can still see the glamor of the past….Beaches, Romantic, Photographers…Some attractions for the whole family. Everyone is welcome. Enjoy your stay

Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot is a moderate homestead owned and designed by Dya OHare. Lam Erin has helped designing it.

Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot – bird eye overview

The landing is in the first floor of a building named “Gatcha House”. Here you find information about the town, there’s a teleport board, information about rezzing rights with a group membership, pictures of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot and a guest book. The 2nd floor is occupied by the Gatcha shop.

Dya gives us the background story for her sim:
This place was a rich vacation spot in the 1930s. But a lot was destroyed in the war and the place has been deserted ever since. You can still see the glamour of the past. In this season it is raining here a lit, the roads are wet, many treed are old and partly broken. The shops and the hotels are empty. A few people left some things behind. Ivy is growing on the walls of the houses.
THe old harbour with its beautiful piers also saw better times. Earlier the fischermen and many visitors came here to go fishing. The boats are old and the fisher huts need a new coat of paint.
There used to be a well-functioning small container ship port on the left side of the alley. But since the place has left, there is only an empty tea factory.
The beaches are very natural in meantime and many animals have settled in the deserted island the past years. Some visitors are now coming to the island again. It is said that renovations are going on here to bring back the former glamour of the place. The house by the sea seems to be inhabited. Unfortunately the beautiful hotel on the slope is only a ruin. But who knows how the island looks like in Spring when everything is blooming and some houses have been renovated.”

Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot – the Background story / information and pictures at the landing in the Gatcha house

Stepping out of the Gatcha house you see the picturesque fishing habour. With the regional windlight everything is grey in grey though. Nonetheless the place has it’s very own attraction. There are many many details to discover. I roamed around the harbour and took many pictures before is followed the road that leads all around the island and started my further simploring tour.

Impressions of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (1) – the fishing habour

I came to a beach first. Many birds have occupied it. There’s an old boat rental that looks abandonned for the season yet not for many decades. And you find a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the atmosphere there – if it just were not that cold, wet and rainy.

Impressions of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (2) – the fishing habour / at the beach

On the hill almost in the center of the island is the ruin of an hotel. The hotel sign is stil partly illuminated but the rest of the builing is already quite destroyed by time. Inside it is heavily leaking through the roof respectively the rain pours down unrestricted as there’s no roof anymore. I continued walking along the road and came to the lighthouse.

Impressions of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (3) – the hotel ruin and the lighthouse

At the following beach there’s the above mentioned residential house that is obviously inhabited. It is furnished inside and looks as if the owner will return every minute. At the beach you find a scene with a child, a dog and a tricycle. Farer away a few seals relax on a swimming platform. The hut at the beach is used to renting loungers – but it is closed for the season.

Impressions of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (4) – the other beach / the residential house

The road led me to a long wooden pier with 2 benches next. From here you have a good view to the industrial harbour with the old tea factory and a submarine in the dock. At this poin of my simploring tour I decided to change the windlight to see Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot in another, more sunny light. Quite a change! Let us assume that after all the rain the sun came out *winks*

Impressions of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (5) – the wooden pier and the industrial harbour

And with the sun the island changes at lot. The hotel ruin looks total different and the fishing harbour with all its townhouses looks almost inviting for a walk along the promenade. I also got a nice view from the road above the fishing harbour down to the harbour.

Impressions of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (6) – the hotel ruin and the fishing habour when the sun comes out

Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot is a particular place. It doesn’t make you feel sad at all to see it. As opposed to the travel back in time is very enjoyable and there’s a lot to discover – way more that I could see during the one hour that I spent there. I can imagine how this spot comes to life again, how investors revive it, how people we occupy the beach again and rent boats and lounger, how the warm sun will change it. And when I understand Dya’s story right, then she plans to make this change coming true in Spring. Therefore you might have to go there soon if you want to see it like it was during my visit.

Thank you very much Dya for sharing your place publicly. I enjoyed my visit a lot!

Landmark to Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot
Maddy Gynoid’s Simtipp: Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot

Simploring 2020 (15) Florence At Low Tide

In March 2019 I visited Florence Bay (Simploring 2019 (34) Florence Bay). When I looked for a destination for simploring at SL Destinations on Saturday, February 8th, I came across Maddy Gynoid’s blog post about “Florence At Low Tide” – and the name rang a bell.

Florence Bay was a moderate homestead owned by Gnaaah Xeltentat and Tomaso Franizzi. It was originally designed, created and landscaped by Minnie Atlass. I learned in Maddy’s blogpost that Florence Bay was taken over by it’s designer Minnie Atlass in August 2019 and Minnie integrated it into her sims under the name “Soul2Soul Rapids”.

Florence At Low Tide is the new home of Gnaaah Xeltentat and Tomaso Franizzi. It has been designed and landscaped by Iska (sablina). I have visited quite some sims designed by Iska (sablina), my last visit to one of her creations was La Digue (Simploring 2019 (119) La Digue – an Autumn walk).

Florence At Low Tide – overview

Florence At Low Tide is a moderate homestead, a quiet, peaceful spot somewhere in the Mediterranean, I’d say somwhere in South France (although there’re no tides as far as I know). The landing point is at the shore that has been revealed by the the retreating water during tide. Boats are laying on the ground and some nice citizens have brought loungers and other seating opportunities to the shore.

Impressions of Florence At Low Tide (1) – around the landing point

Impressions of Florence At Low Tide (3) – house with backyard / Bar and event area (lower pictures)

I explored the village that really has a Mediterranean touch. A large villa with pool is close to the landing point. The houses at Florence At Low Tide are typical for the region, most of them are not furnished though. Quite close to the landing is a bar and an event area. I sat down and enjoyed the atmosphere before I walked to the lighthouse. Also on this side of FLorence At Low Tide the tide caused boats to lay on the ground. I peeked inside of a smaller hut and discovered a piano and a nice polstered lounger, hence I called it “Piano hut”

Impressions of Florence At Low Tide (4) – around the lighthouse / the “Piano hut”

Quite outstanding for a Mediterranean setting is the big mountain in the Northeast with a high waterfall. The waterfall feeds a creek that flows into the sea. There’s a balloon hovering above of the waterfall – and you can sit in its gondola and enjoy the view from up there.

Impressions of Florence At Low Tide (5) – upper left shows the mountain with the waterfall / lower left the Villa close to the landing

What I loved most is the area around a small church as it offers all what remembers me of my trips to South France in RL. Lavender, wine and sun flowers and the typical architecture of the houses. Just beautiful. I had the impression I almost could smell the lavender.

Impressions of Florence At Low Tide (6) – Memories of South France – Lavender, wine, sun flowers and the typical architecture

Florence At Low Tide is a beautiful sim, perfect for taking pictures and perfect to wind down and let your mind wander. Thank you Iska (sablina) for the design, thank you Gnaaah Xeltentat and Tomaso Franizzi for sharing your home with the public! I enjoyed my short trip to South France.

Landmark to Florence At Low Tide
Flickr group
Maddy Gynoid’s blog post Simtipp: “Florence At Low Tide”

Simploring 2020 (14) Alpha Moon

When I looked for a destination for my simploring tour on Tuesday, January 28th, I came across Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Alpha Moon” on SL Destinations.

Alpha Moon is a moderate full region owned by Zel Colton (zeldonix). Zel Colton is the owner of Colton Design, a shop offering poses and animations. Zel also offers terraforming, landscaping and sim designing. I assume that Alpha Moon is also kind of a showcase for Zel’s service – to start with Alpha Moon is a beautiful sim full of great views, nice spots to sit, cuddle and enjoy and with a lot to explore and discover.

Alpha Moon – overview

I read in Zel’s profile that he’s also involved in Bloodlines (a quite popular roleplay about vampires), but you won’t see anything of it at Alpha Moon (at least I didn’t see anything). According to Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost the Bloodline acitivities have moved to a sky platform at Alpha Moon.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (1) – at the Landing Point / the old ship / the Stonehedge circle of stones

Alpha Moon‘s landmark description gives away what to expect: “Nature, Woodland, Romance, Hangout, Dancing, Cuddle spot, Alpha Moon, Beach, Parks & Nature, Newcomer friendly, Outdoor, Bar, Lake, Relax, Photography Spot, 7Seas fishing, Greedy“.
Alpha Moon consists of several connected islands which are all close together. At the landing point is an area with games. A trail leads around the whole sim and I followed it.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (2) – the Retreat “1” and the Gazebo “1”

My tour began with the old ship. You should have a look inside, it is furnished. I saw a Stonehedge circle of stones and had a look at the gazebo 1 (as there’s a second gazebo I numbered them. You find a bubble in that gazebo and you can sit in it. My next stop was a smaller hut, which I called Retreat 1 (again, there’re more buildings that invite to retreat, to sit and enjoy.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (3) – the Retreat “2” and “3” by the pond

The trial led me to a pond with just beautiful views. There’re two more houses inviting you to sit as well as a lovely wooden terrace reaching out to the pond. I came to a clearing and saw some horses grazing peacfully in front of a manor. As there’s no private sign nor any other indication that you shouldn’t visit I had a peek inside. The manor is not (yet?) fully furnished but some rooms are.
Not far from the manor is the Colton Design store. It fits well into the sim design. In the center of the store is an exhibition room with pictures most probably taken at Alpha Moon. And of course you can buy poses and animations there.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (4) – the Colton Desgin store and the manor

I visited the Bar&Dance place and on my way to the lighthouse I found the second gazebo hidden in the forest. A great place to retreat. From there I followed the river, enjoyed more really beautiful views and came to the church. Again you should have a look inside sa it is furnished and looks quite real inside. Close to the church is a nice place for couple, a heart that you can use to cuddle while enjoying the views.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (5) – at the Pond / the Bar&Dance / the Gazebo “2”

Almost at the end of my tour I came to a large outdoor event area surrounded by ruins. And before I returned to the landing point I found another 2 love nests.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (6) – the church / the event area and one of the love nests

Alpha Moon is a beautiful romantic place, it offers innumerable opportunities to retreat, sit and cuddle. It offers great views and perfect backgrounds to taking outdoor pictures in a almost perfect environment. I really enjoyed my visit a lot (and took many pictures). Thank you Zel Colton (zeldonix) for creating and in particular for sharing your place with the public.

Landmark to Alpha Moon
Colton Design
Colton Design Flickr
Zel Colton Flickr
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Alpha Moon”

Simploring 2020 (5) SS Galaxy

Wednesday January 15th, I saw several posts popping up about the SS Galaxy. I read Maddy Gynoid’s post “Die SS Galasxy ankert jetzt vor Bellisseria” (blogpost is in German) and decided to have a quick visit there. Most of the information I got is from Maddy’s post.

The SS Galaxy was built in 2007 and contains no single mesh object. The ship is 650 meters (!) long and extends over more than 2 regions. In total the ship consists of 32.000 prims (wow). In April 2015 the then owners considered to give up the ship due to the high costs for maintaining 3 regions. There’s also a website for the SS Galaxy that isn’t kept updated anymore. Finally Linden Labs took over the ship and reopened it in August 2015 as kind of a virtual museum ship in a virtual reality. The ship was now moved to the coast of Bellisseria, the new continent for Linden homes, where Jenny and I got our new (half secret) retreat just a few weeks ago.

SS Galaxy – Ship Directory Map

When I visited the huge SS Galaxy on Thursday, January 16th, I first had some problems to get it fully on my screen. It is simple too large and I had to extend my drawing range. It was worth it! The ship is incredible large.

SS Galaxy – almost too large to fit on a picture

I visited the big pool on the upper deck with the giant water slide, walked seemingly endlessly along the ship and visited the big zodiac ballroom /dinning room & bar. From here you have a great view on the houseboats and the Lighthouse of Bellisseria. I went a bit inside and had a look on the humongous hallways inside.

SS Galaxy – the zodiac ballroom / a view inside (lower left)

Finally I searched the bridge of the SS Galaxy. On my way I came along the glacier cafe & skating room and saw the indoor pool in the front of the SS Galaxy. The bridge itself was impressive not only because of the view from inside to the outside. The room is large, has several control desks, a map of the continent of Bellisseria with the position of the ship, and a meeting corner. Most importantly there’s a ship directory map, that contains the major points of interest and can be used as a teleporter. Hence the landmark I provide along with this blogpost leads to the ship directory map.

SS Galaxy – Control room at the bridge (upper left and right) / front indoor pool (lower left) / glacier cafe & skating room (lower right)

I personally think that moving the SS Galaxy to Belliseria further increases the popularity of the new continent. I look forward to what LL might offer around this new landmark. I strongly recommend to have a look yourself.

Landmark to the SS Galaxy bridge
SS Galaxy website
Maddy Gynoid’s post “Die SS Galasxy ankert jetzt vor Bellisseria”

Simploring 2019 (121) A NYC Christmas

For my simploring tour on Friday, December 6th, I picked “A NYC Christmas” from SL Destinations . There I found the link to Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: A NYC Christmas – Winter 2019” which I read before visiting myself.

A NYC Christmas is a full moderate region owned by Absinthe Holloway (sinontherocks). The sim was mainly designed by Tye De Roca-Dynasti (Tye Dinzel) and Gabriel De Roca-Dynasti (Wassup Bruh). As she name implies it is a seasonal sim most probably available until the end of the year.

A NYC Christmas – overview

The sim offers Winter scenes of New York City around the Central Park. And it is very well built! The landing is in a subway station. Some mesh statues liven up the scene. On the platform is a drunken Santa and it is fun listening to him:
Drunken Santa: Hey look its Diomita
Drunken Santa: Ok damnit, who took my sleigh Diomita?
Drunken Santa: Buy me Drink and i wont tell anyone what you did last night… Diomita?
Drunken Santa: Diomita …my Reindeer kicked my Ass …now i have to walk home

Once you leave the subway station you enter into the metropol city of New York. I felt like being in NYC immediately. The streets are full of cars and trucks, where ever you look your view is limited by some skyscrapers. You need to focus to look at what is in front of you. Instinctively I was careful before I crossed the street. Yet I can assure, that you’re safe in Second Life *winks*

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (1) – arriving in the subway station and the first view leaving the station

I first tried the Zip line that ends near the subway entrance and starts at the top of the skycraper that rises above the Macy’s store. Back at the subway entrance I walked along the Central Park N where you find some nicely decorated residential blocks, a great background for taking pictures.

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (2) – The zip line / residential houses at Central Park N

In the central park itself I found several nice places to sit and enjoy the environment. I had a coffee in an outdoor restaurant. In the middle of the park is a large ice skating area. But there’s more. At the corner of Fifth Avenue and Central Park N is a building that I named casino as there are two game tables inside beside that it is also decorated with love for the design.
In particular I liked the outdoor dinning in a covered bridge and I had fun dancing with a pinocchio-ish funny person. And if you like you could also start a snowball fight.

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (3) – The Central Park

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (4) – The Central Park

At the Fifth Avenue you can also start a sleigh tour with Santa and 4 rendeers. The tour leads not only around the central park but also into some streets you might miss otherwise. I had fun, in particular as we got into a traffic jam cause be two cabs blocking the street. Santa tried to simply ride over the cabs and we got stuck. After a while I left the sleigh and Santa and the rendeers disappeared by SL magic. But the street where I left was not in the best quarter of NYC. Is it really a coincidence that I got stucked with Santa at a night club? *winks*. At least a police station was nearby.

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (5) – The sleigh ride with Santa and where it ended

There’s really a lot to do and to discover at A NYC Christmas. I recommend looking into the shops, like Macy. The feeling of beeing in NYC is quite well done, with all the Christmas trees, the train running around the foot of the trees, all the red bows and the many lights. That is how it looks like! I also had my difficulties taking picture as it is not easy to find the right position. There’s always somthing blocking the view, be it trucks, cabs, power lines, decoration or buildings. That’s also like in NYC!

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (6) – Enjoying my visit

I was about to return home when I found a great motif for a selfie at Central Park W with a Christmas tree as background. Now I have a souvenr from “my” NYC Christmas. As opposed to Maddy Gynoid’s experience I had to fight with some lag during my visit and textures took long to wait – but it was worth waiting!

Thank you Absinthe Holloway (sinontherocks) for providing your sim for this great seasonal event. Thank you Tye De Roca-Dynasti (Tye Dinzel) and Gabriel De Roca-Dynasti (Wassup Bruh) for the design. I enjoyed and really appreciate what you all created.

Landmark to “A NYC Christmas”
Flickr group
Maddy’s echtvirtuell blogpost “Simtipp: A NYC Christmas – Winter 2019”

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