Simploring 2020 (70) Route 21 – Rural/Small Town Hangout

For my simploring tour on Saturday, September 26th, I picked “Route 21 – Rural/Small Town Hangout” from SL Destinations. The entry led me to another post of Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: Route 21” (in German). His blogpost teased me enough to go there myself. Maddy made some great pictures.

Route 21 – overview and orientation map

Route 21 – Rural/Small Town Hangout“, furtheron just Route 21, occupies a quarter of a full sim, rated moderate. It is owned by Terry Wardark. Route 21 is a “general hangout with a small town and rural vibe“, it is “a creation without specific purpose“. The landing is in a gazebo in a park. You get a notecard upon landing with some useful information. At the gazebo you can get also another notecard with hints how to get to the two haunted attractions on the sim for the fall season. Stepping out of the gazebo you see a memorial, the Howie Parker memorial, who was a friend of Terry in real life and passed away in 2017.

Impressions of Route 21 (1) – landing point, Howie Parker memorial, promenade and first view on the town

I had set the windlight to the recommended setting and went to the promenade first. The windlight was perfect for an athmospheric picture of the promenade and the lighthouse. But for my further simploring tour I used either “Anan Adored Realistic” or “Midnight” for my pictures.

The town is for sure a photographic highlight of Route 21. It looks best with the midnight setting. Next to the town is a gas station and garage.

Impressions of Route 21 (2) – town and gas station in different windlight settings.

From the gas station I followed the road over a narrow bridge and came to the rural part of Route 21 with a farm, waterfalls, a pond and nice, romantic places to chill or cuddle. This part is quite a contrast to the town – and very well made.

Impressions of Route 21 (3) – farm and waterfalls

Following the road you come to the Murder House, one of the fall attraction. As Halloween gets closer, you find some scary scenes inside. I turned left and came to the harbour, another photographic highlight of Route 21. It offers nice backgrounds.

Impressions of Route 21 (4) – Murder House and harbour

In one corner of the harbour, close to the truck, there’s the entrance cave for the second fall attraction. You walk through an old mine tunnel and at it’s end is a door which leads to another scary Halloween scene, the crypt, supposed you accept the experience.

Impressions of Route 21 (5) – The crypt – one more picture of the town

Route 21 is a nice place offering different backgrounds, nice spots to wind down and for the fall season also two Halloween installations. Although Terry Wardark wrote that it was created for no specific purpose, I think it has a purpose, the purpose to have fun. Thank you very much for sharing this fun, Terry. I enjoyed.

Landmark to Route 21
Maddy Gynoid’s Simtipp: Route 21
Route 21 – Murder House
Route 21 – The Crypt Entrance

Simploring 2020 (69) Walsh County

For my simploring tour on Saturday, August 29th, I picked “Walsh County” from SL Destinations. I read Maddy Gynoids “Simtipp: Walsh County” (in German) before I went there myself. Maddy made some great pictures there!

Walsh County is a general homestead owned by Randonee Noel. At the landing in the middle of nowhere on highway 17 you can grab a notecard by clicking on the highway sign. The notecard provides some information:

Up near the Canadian border glaciers have leveled the earth to where you can see that it’s curved. The winds move across the landscape interrupted only by the lines of trees planted there to interfere.
Agriculture is the cornerstone and the crops are gold. There are fewer than 9 people here for every square mile, but most will share a cup of coffee and a smile if you’re polite.
Welcome to Walsh County, North Dakota.”

Impressions of Walsh County (1)

Walsh County is not a fiction. Walsh County lies on the east side of North Dakota and has a population of about 10,000 people. You can read more about it on wikipedia here. Also the highway 17 is not a fiction. It is 139 miles in length and its alignment was established in 1939 (see wikipedia here).

Impressions of Walsh County (2)

When I looked around immediately “The Far Away” came into mind. I visited “The Far Away” in 2019 the last time (read here) and it is a real classic sim in Second Life.
Walsh County is also flat and there’s nothing but the highway, one tree, one pond with 3 ducks, one truck, a wind sock and ….. wheatfields. Anything else? Yes! A crop duster plane that spreads crop protectant over the cornfields. Watching the plane is fascinating and kept me busy for a while.

Impressions of Walsh County (3)

The scenery reminded me of a scene in the film “North by Northwest” directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In the film the main character Roger Thornhill (played by Gary Grant) is attacked by a crop duster plane – in the middle of nothing.

Impressions of Walsh County (4)

In Maddy’s post I read that SmacemanSpiff Grau, the parnter of Randonee Noel, supported her with building this fantasic sim. Walsh County is perfectly rural and transports the feeling of endless fields very well. A place to wind down. A place to take great pictures.
Randonee Noel also made a short video clip of Walsh County:

Thank you Randonee!

Landmark to Walsh County
Maddy Gynoids “Simtipp: Walsh County”
Randonee Noel’s video clip of “Walsh County”
Walsh County on flickr

Simploring 2020 (68) La Vie (September 2020)

For my simploring tour on Thursday, September 3rd, I picked La Vie from SL Destinations. The name did ring a bell as I visited the predecessor sims back in 2016, 2017 and 2018. My last vbisit was to La Vie in Winter (read here).

The entry on led SL Destinations led to a post from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: La Vie (September 2020)” (in German), which I read before visiting.

La Vie (September 2020) – Orientation map and at the landing point

La Vie is an adult homestead owned by Krys Vita and her partner CarterNolan. As far as Maddy found out, Krys and her partner designed La Vie. The sim must have been quite new at the time of my visit as there was no landmark description, no tip jar, no boards nor notecard giver. That might have changed when this post will be published.

Impressions of La Vie (September 2020) (1) – walking to the lighthouse

La Vie is a litte sailing and vacation paradies together with a bird colony and bird preservation area. The selected windlight is quite particular diving the scenery into red and yellow tones. Sometimes it looks a bit kitchy – but nature can be like this sometimes. I kept the windlight but had to play with the time of day and the angle of the sun to get nice pictures.

Impressions of La Vie (September 2020) (2) – the marshland and the observation tower

The landing at La Vie is at one corner of the sime and wooden walkways lead from there over sandbank and marshland. The sound of birds is almost omnipresent. The views are breathtaking. Next to the wooden walkways you can find some nice places to sit and watch. You can also go to be beach for a sunbath. I walked to the lighthouse first.

Impressions of La Vie (September 2020) (3) – observation tower / entering harbour town

From there I walked along and through the marshland where you find more cosy places until I reached a big wooden tower. I think this tower was build to observe all the birds that fly around this tower. The upper level of the tower is furnished and I made a short break there and enjoyed the view over the sim.

Impressions of La Vie (September 2020) (4) – harbour master / harbour town

For me the absolute hightlight of La Vie is the harbour town, a real sailor’s paradise. The boards and ads there provide the impression being in New England or Martha’s vineyard. There are several beautiful arranged houses built on piers: the harbour master, restaurants and clubhouses as well as the harbour town fitness center and a tackle shop for the sailors. Two large sailing yachts are in the harbour as well as a fishing boat. The whole scene is just picturesque.

Impressions of La Vie (September 2020) (5) – harbour town / yacht harbour

Next to the harbour town is a shipyard and a private home with a large motor yacht at the peir. The doors were locked, hence I assume it must be a private place. I enjoyed another great view on the town from a shed a bit aside.

Impressions of La Vie (September 2020) (5) – ship yard / private home / shed / harbour town

La Vie offers a lot of spectacular views, a place to take many many pictures or a place to wind down and to simply listen to the sounds of the birds. I enjoyed my visit a lot. Thank you Krys Vita and CarterNolan. I intend to come back.

Landmark to La Vie
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: La Vie (September 2020)”

Simploring 2020 (67) Snuggles Forest

For my simploring tour on Wednesday/Thursday, September 16/17th, I picked Snuggles Forest form SL Destinations. The entry led me to post of Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: Snuggles Forest“, which I read before visiting. The landmark profile is quite fitting to what I was going to see: “Enjoy a beautiful stroll, relax on the beaches, hold your sweetheart close, cuddle, and dance, sit in one of many romantic spots, explore, propose, even get married in the chapels, with a automated service.

Snuggles Forest Overview and orientation map

Snuggles Forest is a moderate homestead owned by Teagan Parnas. It is one of five regions that are connected. All 5 sims belong to Teagan. She owns a chain of shops with the label “Snuggles“, that sells Baby Animesh Clothes, furniture, and gifts and everything else for SL babies, cards and seasonal decorations. I could see large buildings on the other regions, but there’s no shop at Snuggles Forest.

Impressions of Snuggles Forest (1)

Snuggles Forest is a sim just to enjoy and to wind down. It is mainly a forest. The landing is on a trail next to a big board with teleport destination on the sim itself and to the shops on the neighbourhood sims. The trail leads you around the sim mostly close along the shore. In the center is a large mountain with a high plateau. The selected windlight is a but hazy, but with this windlight the pictures look a bit like watercolour paintings and I like that.

Impressions of Snuggles Forest (2)

Impressions of Snuggles Forest (3)

Also quite close to the landing is a horse rezzer if you don’t want to walk on foot. I decided to walk this time. Along my way I saw many places to sit and enjoy. Close to most of the cuddle places are intan dance poles making Snuggles Forest a place for lovers. The selected trees and plants provide a natural atmosphere. I came to the beach with the lighthouse and to small hut where a few cows were grazing. Walking along the river you can see two waterfalls … and of course more places to cuddle and snuggle.

Impressions of Snuggles Forest (4)

The trail led me to the second beach and to the wedding chapel. There are several opportunities to walk up on the mountain with it large forested high plateau. In the forest you find again these nice spots to sit and watch.

Impressions of Snuggles Forest (5) – lower left shows the wedding chapel

And that’s it about Snuggles Forest. If you seek a quiet place to wind down, if you enjoy forests and nature, or if you like taking pictures then Snuggles Forest is a great place to visit. I always appreciate it when shop owners combine their business with giving something back to the community like Teagan did with this sim. Thank you very much, I enjoy my visit a lot.

Landmark to Snuggles Forest
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Snuggles Forest”
Snuggles Forest flickr
Snuggles on marketplace

Art in Second Life 2020 (62) Isolation’s Passengers

Scrolling through SL destinations for my simploring tour on Sunday, September 13th, I came across Isolation’s Passengers. The entry led me to another post of Maddy Gynoid – Simtipp: Isolation’s Passengers (in German), which was very interesting and tempted me to visit right away.

Impressions of Isolation’s Passengers (1)

Isolation’s Passengers is a full moderate sim, group owned by “Shutter Thugs”, a group founded by Archetype11 Nova, who owns the sim. Archetype11 Nova was formerly known as Schmexysbuddy Resident and created the Hotel California sims, which I visited in 2019 (read here and here).

Impressions of Isolation’s Passengers (2)

Isolation Passenger’s is an art installation and deals with the corona virus. The landmark description provides the overall thought “When isolation becomes a religion, the living trade places with the damned.

Impressions of Isolation’s Passengers (3)

The landing is just in front of a large church. Scattered around the whole sim you find interpretations and elements that refer to the virus, to the quarantine time, to social distancing, to the fear of dead, to dead itself, to religion and to loneliness and the halt of all life as we know it.

Impressions of Isolation’s Passengers (4)

The single sculptures and scenes are impressive and inspire to think, to make a connection between them. And there’s really a lot to discover. I took many pictures here and they speak for themselves. Hence I retrain from further words and interpreations. Art and it’s effect on us is different for each of us anyway.

Impressions of Isolation’s Passengers (5)

I can only say, impressive art work! Isolation’s Passengers is an art installation you shouldn’t miss. Thank you, Archetype11!

Landmark to Isolation’s Passengers
Archetype11 Nova’s flickr
Shutter Thugs’ flickr
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: Isolation’s Passengers”

Simploring 2020 (59) Serenity Reborn

For my simploring tour on Monday, August 3rd, I picked Serentiy Reborn from SL Destinations. The entry led me to a post of Maddy Gynoid again “Simtipp: Serenity Reborn“.
Serenity Reborn is an adult homestead. The landmark description just consists of a few tags in English and French: “french, international, photography, swamp, forest, nature, abandoned, cemetery, beach, lake, meeting, relaxation, furry friendly

Serenity Reborn – overview and orientation map

Upon landing you get a bit of basic information about Serenity Reborn. It is not a community and residential sim. It is open to visit for everyone (including those of non-human shape). Although it is an adult place, it is not a sex place and “You’re here on an island inhabited by four people, who wished to share this charming, almost nature overrun place with everyone”. There are 2 private residences, the Mountain Villa and the Swamp Villa, you’re asked to respect privacy.
Serenity Reborn is owned by Vladislav Azarov (aleexkh) and his partner Elara Azarov (Enila Carpathia). Siron (Sinedd Landfall), Katarina Chatalov (abbbysciuto) and A.D.I (Adelaiide Fairlady) are residents. A.D.I is also the builder of the group.

Impressions of Serenity Reborn (1) – around the landing point, in- and outside of the diner

I began my visit at the pier, next to a fisher boat and to a run down, dirty diner. I even dared to step inside of the diner, but you wouldn’t want to eat a burger there, believe me. It is not just dirty inside, it is also dirty outside. I went aland the road and saw a beach that I explored next. The default windlight at Serenity Reborn is dusty and hence i used Annan Adored Dusty for my pictures. That works well and fits to the place mostly, but for some pictures I switched to the way lighter Annan Adored Realistic windlight. The beach is a nice place and the lighthouse building is furnished with love. For sure the beach is one of the best places to be at Serenity Reborn.

Impressions of Serenity Reborn (2) – the beach and the lighthouse

Following the road I reached the Lake and Recreation area. There’s a rustic shop that sells about everything. More importantly there are some opportunities to sit and enjoy and there’s even a romantic “geo dome”.

Impressions of Serenity Reborn (3) – the lake and recreation area

From the parking you can take a few steps and get to the ghost town. Here the dusty windlight really fits best! It is a great background for taking pictures or maybe a place for roleplaying. I liked in particular the graveyard with the three mausoleums, the place is decorated for Halloween throughout the year.

Impressions of Serenity Reborn (4) – the ghost town

At one side are the ruins of a larger chathedral. I continued my simploring tour walking along the road and came to a scrapyard and finally had a view on the Mountain villa. The scrapyard fits into the vintage / rund down theme of Serenity Reborn. It seems that time stood still here. And most probably not many tourits are visiting it anymore.

Impressions of Serenity Reborn (5) – the mountain villa (upper left), the cathedral ruins (lower left), the scrapyard (upper and lower right)

I returned to the road and visited the swamp wiht the 2nd private residence. In the swamps I found one single clearly adult item, a cage. And of course I couldn’t refrain from posing in it for a picture! Finally I returned to the landing which is not only close to a (dirty) diner, but also close to a run down motel. Although the rooms were not accessible I suspect it is not a place to stay overnight for me. Luckily we’re in Second Life and can travel home by simply teleporting home *winks*

Impressions of Serenity Reborn (6) – the swamp and the swamp villa (upper and lower left), the motel next to the landing point (upper and lower right)

Serenity Reborn is a quite different sim and that makes it interesting. It offers great background for taking pictures in particular when you seek a run down and dirty background, but it also offers some nice views into nature. I think in particular the ghost town makes Serenity Reborn outstanding.
Thank you Vladislav, Elara, Siron, Katarina and A.D.I for creating Serenity Reborn and for sharing it publicly. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to Serentiy Reborn
Serenity Reborn Flickr
Maddy Gynoid’s Simtipp: Serenity Reborn

Simploring 2020 (58) A Touch of Scotland ~ Bluebell Coast ~

For my simploring tour on Friday, August 14th, I selected “A Touch of Scotland ~ Bluebell Coast ~” from SL Destinations. The entry led me to another post from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: A Touch of Scotland ~ Bluebell Coast ~” (in German).

A Touch of Scotland ~ Bluebell Coast ~“, furtheron just Bluebell Coast, is an adult homestead owned by Christina (Christina Hammerer). The sim was designed by her and by John Dee (johnmcfluff). Bluebell Coast is part of the Scottish Lowlands. The landmark description lists the points of interest and some tags: “Photographic sim with Kilt Falls, Stag Rock, The Tower, Rabbies Burn, Loudoun Ruins, Hammy’s Cottage, Inventors corner. Campsite, Adult, naughty, nude, photography, couple, dance, forest, hang out, beach, Wedding venue

A Touch of Scotland ~ Bluebell Coast ~ – Overview

Bluebell Coast is quite flat. You land almost in the center of the sim on a flat stone. Here you cen join the group for 50L$ and can get rez rights, you can rent a bike or rezz a horse for exploring. I started my simploring tour with the tower that is quite close to the landing. On the ground level of the tower you find the “Inventor’s corner”.

Impressions of “A Touch of Scotland ~ Bluebell Coast ~” (1) Landing / Inventor’s corner

There’re 3 big boards, one is an ad for Johnny Walker and when you click it you get a notecard with some information about Johnny Walker: “Johnnie Walker was born on July 25, 1805, on Todriggs Farm, Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, Scotland.
The notecard contains a collection of links for more information.
The second board is a picture of Alexander Fleming. Again you get a notecard with more information and links: “Alexander Fleming was born on 6 August 1881 at Lochfield farm near Darvel, in Ayrshire, Scotland (my hometown)“. Latest now we know that the sim owner Christina (Christina Hammerer) is from the Scotish Lowlands, or more specific she’s from Ayrshire, which’s map is shown on the 3rd board.
When you click the map you get a notecard with a link that provides information of the history of Ayrshire and many pictures from the area. Ayrshire is roughly crescent-shaped and is a predominantly flat county with areas of low hills located in the South-West of Scotland (see also on wikipedia)


Impressions of “A Touch of Scotland ~ Bluebell Coast ~” (2) Hammy’s Cottage / Loudoun Ruins

Back to Bluebell Coast. I rezzed a horse explored the sim. Riding is fun as it is flat. There are not many buildings , just Hammy’s Cottage and the Loudoun Ruins. I looked it up …. “Loudoun Castle is a ruined 19th-century country house near Galston, in the Loudoun area of Ayrshire, Scotland.” (source Wikipedia). In the preset windlight the Loudoun Ruins make a great background in particular in combination with the wide blue blooming meadow in front of it. Just lovely!!


Impressions of “A Touch of Scotland ~ Bluebell Coast ~” (3) At the beach / Loudoun Ruins / Kilt Falls with The Cave Inn

I went to the beach and enjoyed the views. I visited the Kilt Falls and went into the Cave Inn, which entrance is just next to the waterfall. And I visited the Stag Rock, another waterfall nearby. There are two stags standing about the waterfall, hence the name is fitting.

I also looked around but I did not find “Rabbies Burn”. As I had learned Bluebell Coast is about the Scotish Lowlands and in particular about Ayrshire I looked up Rabbies Burn on wikipedia – bingo, here we go: “Robert Burns (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796), also known familiarly as Rabbie Burns, the National Bard, Bard of Ayrshire and the Ploughman Poet and various other names and epithets, was a Scottish poet and lyricist. He is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland and is celebrated worldwide” (source wikipedia).
Perhaps he lived in Hammy’s Cottage?

Impressions of “A Touch of Scotland ~ Bluebell Coast ~” (4) Stag Rock and other corners

Bluebell Coast is a lovely place to be, to explore, to ride and to enjoy. There are many places to sit and cuddle, in particular at the beaches. Everywhere around you find dancing animations be it for males or females in seagulls or for couples in stumps or spare tyres. I got an impression of the beauty of the Scotish Lowlands, It must be a great place to be! And Christina built her own little world in Second Life. Thank you so much for sharing it publicly. I enjoyed my visit a lot!

Landmark to “A Touch of Scotland ~ Bluebell Coast ~”
Flickr Group
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: A Touch of Scotland ~ Bluebell Coast ~”


Art in Second Life 2020 (54) VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery

I was up to visiting a gallery or exhibtion on Wendesday. I scrolled through SL Desinations and came across VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery. The entry was referring to a post from Maddy Gynoid “Die VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery von Vroum Short” (post is in German).
The names rang several bells. I know Vroum Short as an artist and she had several appearances in this blog already. I also know her as owner of VeGeTaL PLaNeT. I peeked at it several times but never found the time to really visit it and to write an extra blog entry about it. The VeGeTaL PLaNeT also hosted Aneli Abeyante’s La Maison d’aneli for about a year. I visit La Masion d’Aneli regularly.
By Maddy’s post I learned that VeGeTaL PLaNeT is gone since March 2020. The place existed for 12 (!) years. But it is back now as a gallery :-).

VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery – the building

The VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery ist owned by Vroum Short. It is a big scifi buliding in the sky of 1/4 of a full region. The building itself would be worth a visit! On the landing level you find a lot information. There’s a big board announcing the next exhibtion at La Maison d’Aneli. There are group joiners, ads of other galleries and a shelf with gifts from artists. I grabbed them all and I had a look at them afterwards. Some really nice art for free! Thank you 🙂

Impressions of VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery (1) – around the landing, ad for La Maison d’Aneli and for other galleries, the gifts, Le Chat Noir event area

Below of the landing level is a big event area called “Le Chat Noir”. On the landing level itself are 2 large exhibition rooms featuring Vroum Short’s art. The art is sorted by colour and theme. Vroum Short is a French SL artist since 2007. As mentioned above she created VeGeTaL PLaNet, the location of the old La Maison d’Aneli.

Impressions of VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery (2) – Vroum Short’s art

Vroum’s art is often animated, in fact at VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery I found only animated art of her, so what I capture are just snapshots. Her art develops its effect way better when you look at the animation. Everything moves, everything changes. One room has more technical art objects in silver, other rooms contain very colourful fantasy artwork, also permantently changing.

Impressions of VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery (3) – Vroum Short’s art


Impressions of VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery (4) – Vroum Short’s art

The two rooms at the landing level did already impress me. But that’s by far not all. More of Vroum’s art, other colour themes, can be seen on the 2nd level and also on the 3rd level, the top level. Here I liked in particular the red themed art.
On the 3rd level is also a room featuring Aneli Abeyante’s art. I think I saw most of it before as part of other exhibtions of her.

Impressions of VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery (5) – Aneli Abeyante’s art

Aneli creates objects in 2D and 3D, colourful, steadily moving, and with particular light effects. Aneli writes about herself: “I love geometry and mathematics. So after much practice, I managed to clear structures and shapes. In reality I practice painting, I do not have precise style but I always seek harmonization.” Also Aneli’s artwork follows geometrical rules, it is constantly changing, again my pictures are just snapshots.

I went back to the 2nd level. There are two more rooms. One features the art of Eylinea Seabird. Eylinea’s art fits perfectly into the character of all showcased objects and pictures at VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery. Eylinea is quite new to Second Life and explores for herself a broad variety of artistic possibilities in Second Life: painting, photography, sculpture and even soon tattoo creation. At VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery she shows some geometrical displays that reminded me of Spirograph. I think the pictures aren’t animated like the ones of Vroum and Aneli, but they seem to change nonetheless depending on the viewing angle.

Impressions of VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery (6) – Eylinea Seabird’s art

The other room seems not to be fully opened yet. At least the artists name is not displayed outside. The room festures the art of Adwehe, who’s work I saw twice so far at La Maison d’Aneli. Adwehe is quite new in Second Life. It seems to that Adwehe is experimenting with different forms of art. What I saw so far were objects and some (animated) pictures. At VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery are only animated pictures, hence fitting to the overall theme of the gallery.

Impressions of VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery (6) – Adwehe’s art

What you see at VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery is a broad variety of animated art, mostly geometrical forms, but also other variations, in particular some very colourful abstract art. The currently showcased art is really impressive and the gallery is really huge. You can spend easily several hours there.

Thank you Vroum Short for your VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery and for your art. Thank you Aneli, Eylinea and Adwehe for your contribution. I enjoyed my gallery visit!

Landmark to VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery
Maddy Gynoid’s post “Die VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery von Vroom Short”

Simploring 2020 (55) Chapel Imagination

For my simploring tour on Saturday, August 1st, I picked Chapel Imagination from SL Destinations. The entry led me to another “Simtipp” from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: Chapel Imagination” (in German).

Chapel Imagination is a moderate homestead designed and owned by ARNICAR India. The landmark description consists of a poem who’s author is not named:
i´m quiet. / it´s because i have / so much to say. / but i just / don´t / know / how / to say it.

Chapel Imagination is the successor of another sim by ARNICAR India named “Lighthouse Imagination”, which has been closed. I didn’t see it though.
Chapel Imagination is formed like a cross and the landing is in the center of the cross under a huge tree. On all four flanks of the cross you find ruins of churches or chapels quite completely overgrown by plant and tree. At the landing point you are close to a group of cranes. You fing more of them an the sim.

Chapel Imagination – overview and landing point

I started my visit with the ruin that I named “Wedding Chapel” in my little overview map. I choose this name as inside you find a wedding dress, ready to be worn. You also find some places to sit. The nature and the atmosphere is quite peacful yet a bit melancholic. Right outside of the wedding chapel is the before mentioned group of cranes and I took a picture of one couple. For my pictures I used “Annan Adored Dusty” and “Annan Adore Realistic”. I personally like the dusty pictures more as this windlight fits better to the atmosphere in my opinion.

Impressions of Chapel Imagination (1) – the “wedding chapel”

I walked over to one of the short flanks. The ruins there are also overgrown. In the center is a fountain, with a ficure watering flowers. The chapel ruin seems to be used as an artist atelier. You find a photo camera, a screen, several frames, a picture and places to sit there.

Impressions of Chapel Imagination (2) – the “fountain”

Walking back to the center and heading towards the other long flank, I sound another hint for a wedding. Another dressing dress and wedding suit besides a table with two doves. I won’t try to interpret what I saw, but for sure Chapel Imagination is a romantic place. Walking through a hallway of arches you come to the next chapel ruin – with 2 giraffes in the center of it. The giraffes look a bit misplaced at the first glance.

Impressions of Chapel Imagination (3) – the “giraffes” and the “fantasy pier”

Walking further you get to a wooden pier. There’s a boat with a couple, flying fishes, blooming flowers and a lighthouse at the horizont. Because of the giraffes and the flying fishes, the bubbles and light particles, the figure of a man with an umbrella I named the pier “Fantasy pier”. It is a mixture of fantasy and surrealism, yet nonetheless a lovely place to be.

Impressions of Chapel Imagination (4) – the “fantasy pier”

I went on to see the second short flank. On my way I came across another crane couple. Chapel Imagination seems to be their place for romance. I named the second short flank “The nuns” as in its center is a group of nuns walking in a circle and most likely praying. You hear bells. There’s also a monk who watches the nuns. And there’s a candle table where you can light a candle for a loved one. What surprised me is that either one the nuns or the maid who is scrubbing the floor next to the nuns whispers “shit” every once in a while *shakes her head “cursing at a place like this”
Again you also find nice spots to sit and dream an I used one of them to take a break.

Impressions of Chapel Imagination (5) – “the nuns”

Chapel Imagination is a romantic place, a fantasy, a place with many symbols and I’m sure that ARNICAR could tell stories about the different scenes and what they mean for her, which story they tell. As a visitor without this knowlege, I just enjoyed the peace and the great background for taking pictures. I do like the loving cranes, that I didn’t see before in Second Life. The sim surround, that Maddy mentioned in his blogpost, was gone when I visited.
Thank you ARNICAR for providing your place to the public. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to Chapel Imagination
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Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Chapel Imagination”

Simploring 2020 (54) “The Coasters Club”

For my simploring tour on Sunday, July 26th, I picked “The Coasters Club” from SL Destinations. The netry led me to another post from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: The Coasters Club” (in German). I read it before my visit and Maddy’s pictures were really good. One reason more to visit.

The Coasters Club is a moderate homestead owned by Yeya Zuta. The sim is completely flat and flodded by water, yet the water isn’t really deep, hence you can walk or use a bicycle (free to rezz) for your simexploring tour. Upon landing you get offered a folder that contains a notecard in English, French, German and Japanese, an head umbrella and a sound attachment (Rubber Rainboots Sound). The umbrealla makes sense as it is raining at The Coasters Club and as it is worn on your head it doesn’t restrict you in anyway or conflicts with your animation.

With these two accessoires the landmark description makes a lot of sense: “Grab your umbrella and rain boots, come explore The Coasters Club. Try to find the hidden spots in a minimal flooded waterlandscape. The tram awaits for you

Impressions of The Coasters Club (1) – landing, tram and pile of office chairs

Well … I did get the umbrella and the notecard when I visited a second time. Sunday morning, I was restricted from my inventory and were just wearing a latex dress, no shoes, no pantyhose. Almost perfect for simploring The Coasters Club. Instead of rain boots – bare feet *winks*. And the dress was not bad for a rainy day.

Impressions of The Coasters Club (2) – the open-air pool

Yeya Zuta writes in her notecard that the sim design (flat and flooded) was inspired by the Netherlands, which lies below sea level in wide parts. Well, you usually don’t get wet feet there, but it is very true that the Netherlands are f l a t. The Coasters Club is intended for exhibiting art objects or smaller installations or to be used as a venue for art performances. If you seek a place for your art that would fit into this environment, you should contact Yeya.

Impressions of The Coasters Club (3) – the cubes

Back to The Coasters Club as I saw it on July 26th. The landing is at a tram station admist the floods. A tram line cuts the sim into 2 halfs. There’re 3 stations, the landing is in the middle. The tram is fully operating – and it looks (intentionally) really surreal in this environment. There are several spots to discover at The Coasters Club right now.

Impressions of The Coasters Club (4) – the club building

At one end of the tram line is a pile of office chairs. You can sit on it and yet several animations. It is funny and bizarre. Not far from there is an open-air pool. Once again you find there animations to enjoy yourself, or you just step back and use it as a surreal background, a pool admist the flooded environment.

The Coasters Club itself is in the largest building, a nice club, fully decorated. It has a stage, a bar, a piano, sofay, space to dance and of course a Dutch flag. Next to is are some cubes used to exhibit either pictures, or art or ads for a shop. Next to the club building is a boat in a wooden dock, another nice motif.

Impressions of The Coasters Club (5) – boat in wooden dock / tea-house de vecht

The standard windlight for The Coasters Club is “Midday” yet I used a darker windlight more fitting to the rain “Annan Adored Dusty”. I tried a few pictures in “Midday” also, for example at the little garden next to the tea house de vecht.

Close the the tea house is an open tent, a place to sit and gather. There’s also a swordfish fishing contest, but I didn’t understand how to join it. What I saw though was a jumping swordfish landing behind the little stand that sells fish. As if the swordfishes jump right in there *winks*. Finally I visited the Water Rock garden with the two seals which lie there enjoying the peace.

Impressions of The Coasters Club (6) – Fisher’s tent / Water Rock Garden

The Coasters Club is a very varied, surreal sim to showcase art. I bet it will change over time and I should come back there more regularly if I find the time for it. I had fun exploring it and … taking many pictures. Thank you Yeya for sharing The Coasters Club with the public.

Landmark to The Coasters Club
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: The Coasters Club”
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