Faye aka. Boy Serenity

According to my notes I met Faye (Boy Serenity) at Carnal Intentions on August 8th, 2020, the first time. And if I remember it right, there was a bulge in her crotch – no surprise considering her user name Boy Serenity. Faye looked outstanding with her black hair pinned up and held by a pin, her Asian eyes, her shiny catsuit and her fur jacket. She’s quite easy to recognize with this appearance. You would think she’s from Asia. She isn’t, she’s Dutch.

Faye describes herself perfectly in her profile:
“I am a loving, tender person. I love to toy with restraints. You will find me dressed in leather, latex and fur. I am a caring submissive but do love to switch with the right partner.

Over the next months Faye came closer to us. Faye is not a sissy boy, she’s female in her second life, but does not hide that a male is behind her avatar. Faye is not in Second Life for sex – that doesn’t mean that she’s asexual. She loves bondage and talking about bondage we began to toy with her, we talked about her toys when we saw her holding the leash. With time her trust grew and she added us to her gear so that we could play with her. We learned to cherish her tender ways and we enjoyed tying her up every once in a while.
Faye hasn’t be owned before and she wanted to stay independent and able to persue her domme side, and we didn’t push her. We talked with her about collaring her and giving her the leeway she needs. Mistress Jenny and I even discussed to define something like a “light” collar. But Faye shied back. She’s a very sensible person, she needs time. She was hot and cold but always returned to us.

In July 2021 Faye told us that she wanted to submit to us, that she desires to be collared by us. She turned over control of her gear fully to us. We accepted it and took her to us whenever we met her, leashed her, and tied her up a bit more often. We talked .. Faye had come to terms submitting to us.
When Mistress Jenny and I met in the afternoon July 26th and were at club DeLust, Faye joined us while Mistress and I were talking. She stayed patiently next to us and just enjoyed being close. When we met again at night, Mistress asked me about collaring Faye. And spontaneously we collared her officially – no hot and cold anymore but ours, our sub Faye.
Welcome to the family, Faye.

Faye aka. Boy Serenity collared July 26th, 2021

Faye left us silently ….. some time in October/November 2021….

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