Diary 2019 (85) June 7-9th A quiet and relaxed weekend

Friday, June 7th, we had our regular party at night again. As Angelique and slave Flo were wearing something transparent, I asked Virgo to set this as the theme and she fulfilled this wish. Unfortunately Angelique left due to technical issues shortly after the party began. We had fun as always and enjoyed starting into our weekend with the party. Jenny joined us for an hour.

June 7th – Friday night party: Diomita, Jenny, slave Flo, slave Emmi (rileylynch), Della, Starry, Virgo, Baroness Capelo, papafox 57, Amy (AmyE34D), Jade (enigmawrappednightmare), Virgo

Saturday, June 8th, was quiet and relaxing. I spend some time inworld in the later afternoon, sorted inventory and got 2 outfit from Brii but met none of the family. At night I saw slave Flo and Jenny came visiting again for about an hour. We played greedy and after slave Flo had left for bed, I retreated with Jenny to our skybox for some intimate time. Jenny returned to her vacation and I went roaming to club Domme a Domme and to Heavy Bondage Club and as I forgot taking pictures before I made some selfie then. And that’s it about Saturday.

June 8th: Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Heavy Bondage Club

Sunday, June 9th, I went on another simploring tour in the afternoon and spent my night with slave Flo at Heavy Bondage Club reading profiles and enjoying some eye candy. One sentence in a profile made me smile “Moanday, Tongueday, Wetday, Thirstday, Freakday, Sexday, Suckday” and I told slave Flo. She answered with an alternative naming of the days “Bondday, Gagday, Deafday, Blindday, Isoday, Hoodday, Hangday“.
We returned home when it was about the time Jenny would get inworld and played greedy – and Jenny joined us playing. I caught up with Jenny while we played and retreated with her when slave Flo had left to bed. The weekend ended with some intimate time between Jenny and me.

June 9th: Diomita with slave Flo at Heavy Bondage Club / Diomita and Jenny at home

Diary 2019 (84) June 5th / 6th Jenny’s 11th collaring anniversary inworld

I had another quite relaxing day in Second Life starting in the later afternoon with an hour of simploring. At night I summoned slave Emmi to club Domme a Domme where we talked a bit. Then I took her home and I explored her kinky side. I took her on the desk in our office – and yes, she asked me not to stop *winks*.

June 5th: Diomita and Emmi at club Domme a Domme / Diomita taking Emmi on the desk at home / Diomita and Emmi at Heavy Bondage Club

Jenny came inworld just when I had finished with slave Emmi. We caught up with our mutual news and Jenny’s 11th collaring anniversary gave reason to look back on the long journey we had together. And yes, being in control on that special day I also satisfied my addiction (no picture this time *winks*).

June 5th: Diomita and Jenny at home and at club Domme a Domme on Jenny’s 11th collaring anniversary

We had a bit of time left over before Jenny had to return into her RL and to continue enjoying her vacation. I took Jenny to club Domme a Domme. It really filled me with pride to have her kneeling at my feet. After Jenny left I went to Heavy Bondage Club with slave Emmi before I went off and to bed myself. Overall I had a nice and relaxing Wednesday in SL.

Thursday, June 6th, I was only shortly inworld in the afternoon. At night I met with slave Emmi again and I changed her outfit into something simple but effective. slave Flo joined us at home. She’s back from her vacation. As I intend to put her in a different outfit, I unlocked her corset and hood and helped her strip. She may enjoy less restrictions for one or two days.

June 6th: Diomita and Jenny at home with slave Flo and slave Emmi / Diomita at Heavy Bondage club with slave Emmi

Jenny came inworld as well. We talked and exchanged news then Jenny, Flo and I played a round of greedy while Emmi watched kneeling next to me. After the game slave Flo and Jenny left and I spent about an hour with Emmi at Heavy Bondage club, chatting amoung us, watching people and reading profiles.

Diary 2019 (82) June 2nd / 3rd Quiet but enjoyable days

Sunday, June 2nd, I was inworld several times. In the morning I checked old landmarks and deleted a lot of them as they weren’t valid anymore. I went on a simploring tour later in the morning.
In the afternoon I roamed a bit, had a kinky meeting (no, I didn’t take pictures, and no nothing really happened *winks*). Finally at night I went simploring again. These days with Jenny and slave Flo on vacation I get more time for myself.
After my simploring tour I went back home and wrote the simploring report until Jenny came inworld. We had a lot to catch up about RL and SL. Then Jenny mentioned my addiction and she cared about it. It really was about time I got licking and tasting her again.

June 2nd: Jenny and Diomita at home (left pictures) / Jenny and Diomita with slave slut cecy (right Pictures)

slave slut cecy was inworld and when Jenny and I both were satisfied we went down to our house to see her. THen Jenny had to leave and to continue enjoying her vacation. I took slave slut cecy back to Psi’s realm and teased her a bit about her RL orgasm … and went to bed.

Monday, June 3rd, I made no simploring tour but spent some time in the afternoon at Heavy Bondage Club and at club Domme a Domme and enjoyed eye candy and reading profiles. At night I had Emmi (RileyLynch) with me, selected a corset, cuffs and gag for her and tied her up to my likes. She’s a perfect bondage doll toy. When Jenny came inworld Emmi went working on her wardrobe. Jenny and I caught up with our news and I got my treat to satisfy my addiction (and Jenny’s addiction).

June 3rd: Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Heavy Bondage Club / Diomita with Emmi / Jenny and Diomita at home

I ended my night with Emmi at Psi’s realm.

Diary 2019 (29) May 28th / May 29th Togetherness II

Tuesday, May 28th, Mistress was prevented from getting inworld in the afternoon. I went on a simploring tour instead and visited a gallery exhibiting fantasy pictures. More about that visit soon.

Our night was quiet and relaxing. We took slave Flo to Mesmerize Dungeon and later to Psi’s realm. We caught up with each other and also with slave Flo, we read profiles and Jenny and I discussed slave Flo’s next outfit. As it was quiet and nothing was going on at Psi’s realm we went home and played a round of greedy. It was a nice and close game.

May 28th in 4 pictures: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon, at Psi’s realm and at home playing greedy / Jenny and Diomita cuddling

After slave Flo went off to bed, Jenny and I retreated to our skybox and Jenny provided the daily fix to me – and that’s it already about Tuesday.

There’s not much to report for the diary about Wednesday, May 29th. I enjoyed wearing my partnering collar and being at eye level with Jenny. It is her privilege to decide how she wants me to be by selecting the according collar. We had a quiet hour in the afternoon and also our night was quite unspectacular. We visited club Domme a Domme and Heavy Bondage Club, we played a greedy with slave Flo and we had time for togetherness in our skybox. Jenny will be on vacation for the next two weeks. She will log in nonetheless but her online presence will be shorter. slave Flo is also leaving for one week.

May 29th: Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club, at club Domme a Domme and cuddling at home

I asked Jenny to wear her wrist cuffs and I locked them with leaving her keys out. Jenny’s 11th collaring anniversary is coming up during her vacation and I want her to feel my ownership.

Diary 2019 (78) May 27th – Togetherness

Monday, May 27th, Mistress Jenny and I met in the afternoon and spent some time at club Domme a Domme together. We had fun reading profiles and had a few IMs. Mistress teased me talking about taking what is hers – and she can. We went back home to our skybox and Mistress did just that. I had to wear cuffs and extra collar and my ringgag. Mistress restricted me and then got spoiled by me. Licking can be sort of work when you can’t use your tongue properly. But I need tasting Jenny and managed to satisfy her. Mistress left me cuffed and restricted when we booth had to return to our RL.

May 27th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at home

Monday night began with a big surprise for me. Mistress unlocked all the cuffs and the gag, then we sat together and she unlocked my sub collar and replaced it with the partnering collar. Jenny will be on vacation for 2 weeks soon, nonetheless I didn’t expect that at all. Thank you my love.
None of our family was present and I took Jenny to Kun Tei-Ner (read Simploring 2019 (61) Kun-Tei-Ner) first to show her this extraordinairy place. We had fun getting lost between all the containers.
After this little extra simploring tour we went dancing at Venustus. It had been a long time since we visited this club the last time. It was well attended, Jenny and I had fun dancing to great music (we heard “Naked in the rain” from Dio *grins*) and reading profiles. Then we went to Heavy Bondage Club for a bit before returning home.

May 27th: Mrs and Mrs. Maurer dancing at Venustus, at Heavy Bondage Club and at home

You might think we had a boring night but we both enjoyed every minute of just being together. And to crown the night for me, I got another treat before Jenny had to leave because she had an early start the next day.

Diary 2019 (77) May 25th/26th – Ok, I am a smurf

I met with Mistress Jenny Saturday afternoon, May 25th. We spent some time at club Domme a Domme chatting amoung us and enjoying togetherness. Back home, Mistress allowed me to lick her again .. and we also spoiled each other.

At night Mistress wasn’t inworld. I made a longer simploring tour and met with slave Flo later. We had a guest at home, Paige Umino. I forgot that I had locked and leashed her on our porch several weeks before. She hasn’t been inworld ever since, at least not when I was present. I unleashed her, but kept her locked. Now she can roam around in case her busy RL allows her getting online.
slave Flo and I visited Puerto Esclava and Mesmerize Dungeon, where I had a tiny bit of fun with a rubber slave, who asked me to load his batteries. I fulfilled the wish, but I also turned on the nerve gas of his gas mask ….

May 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme (left) / Diomita with slave Flo and Paige at home (upper middle) / Diomita with slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon (lower middle) and at Puerto Esclava (Right)

After slave Flo went to bed, I visited Mistress E (the owner of slave Lexie) and we chatted a bit. and that’s it about Saturday.

We had a varied day with quite some time inworld on Sunday, May 26th. Jenny and I met already in the morning and caught up with our mutual news before we tended to our RL again. In the afternoon we had a little adventure together. I won’t go into details now nor will there be pictures of it at least for right now. Some things have to stay a bit secret. But Jenny and I will for sure remember it. We had almost 2 hours of fun and excitement.

May 26th: Diomita and Jenny catching up at home Sunday morning / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave slut cecy at home Sunday night

We spend Sunday night with slave slut cecy and slave Flo and took them to Mesmerize Dungeon. We had fun there, there was a little bit of main chat that initiated some banter between us. Mistress Jenny had fun teasing slave slut cecy and set a titler for her “I am no smurf” .. and a renamer for her gag “Ok, I am a smurf” – poor slave slut cecy (lucky slave?). This inspired me for today’s title for this diary entry.

May 26th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave slut cecy (the smurf) at Mesmerize Dungeon / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home

After slave Flo had left we brought slave slut cecy to Psi’s realm where Jenny stored her. Then we retreated to our skybox and I got my daily dose ….mmmm yummy *winks*
And that’s it for this diary entry.

Diary 2019 (72) May 16th / 17th – My different collars

My afternoon, Thursday May 16th, became a bit different from those the days before. I had changed into a quite dominant outfit the day before and I tried to act less submissively towards Mistress in order to prove that I’m strong enough and to give her no reason to deny my next green light. That afternoon I didn’t greet her with a subhug and didn’t address her properly when we met.
We went to club Domme a Domme to catch up. Mistress wore a new corset that looks quite stunning on her. Then Mistress Jenny mentioned how I greeted her and addressed her and that “we” have to correct it. When I’m wearing the Ehesklavin collar (and I wore it that day), she demands my full attention and expects that I follow all of the rules she set for me. Mistress made me wear the vixen collar in addition and restricted me from touch and from using channels.
Then we went home to our skybox and she added a ringgag. Mistress allowed me to lick and please her but it was almost work as I was restricted by the gag. And Mistress continued teasing me before she logged off for dinner. She left me gagged.

May 16th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at home

When I returned at night, Mistress unlocked the vixen collar and the ringgag. It was her way not only to demonstrate her power and control but also to enforce her rules. She expects my full submission and perfect behavior when I wear the Ehesklavin collar and she wants me to relax when I wear the sub collar. She understood my intentions though, but I didn’t relax when I had the opportunity to some days before which was the reason she exchanged my sub collar with the Ehesklavin collar. And wearing the Ehesklavin collar means that I have to behave accordingly.
Mistress is caring, loving, she’s playful and very attentive and she’s still consequent and persistently following her intentions, ideas and plans. She’s slowly but steadily forming me the way she wants me to be.

We went seeing slave Flo and Angelique. Angelique did once again create a great mix and match outfit. It is always a pleasure to see her and her creativity. We used both’s presence for a round of skipee (Mistress and slave Flo won it this time against Angelique and me).
While we were playing slave slut cecy came inworld. She was leashed in our living room so that she could dust – and she began cleaning our house. After we finished playing skipee we went over to house and talked with her as well as teased her. Mistress Jenny allowed her having anorgasm in RL but she also wants her to clean the house once again (and all of it this time).

May 16th – a varied night: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique and slave Flo at home (upper left) / Angelique in another great outfit (upper middle) / Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Flo and slave slut cecy (lower middle) / Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon (lower right) / slave maid slut cecy (right)

slave slut cecy had to leave and to tend to her RL and we went to Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo for half an hour until slave Flo had to leave as well. Before we logged out ourselves Mistress exchanged my Ehesklavin collar with the sub collar again, knowing that I understood her intentions better now. Thank you, Mistress Jenny.

Friday afternoon was relaxed for me. Mistress and I spent a short time at DaD and caught up, then went back to our skybox and enjoyed some togetherness and I got my daily treat (and Mistress got her’s). And at night was our regular Friday night party. Virgo selected cowgirls and bowboys as a theme and she even rezzed a cow on the dancefloor.

May17th – Friday night party

We had fun. Even slave Flo wore at cowgirl hat, a quite individual pink & yellow latex cowgirl outfit. We had fun again starting into our weekend.

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