Diary 2018 (61) April 7th – slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm

Saturday, April 7th, I had some time with Jenny and we visited Domme a Domme together. Jenny is still seeking a vacation within SL for us, a session or a more regular play with someone who dominates both of us. It should break our routines and broaden our knowledge. After we had already one promising secret mission (see Diary 2018 (59)), this afternoon we met someone else at Domme a Domme and we’ll have to see what arises from that meeting.

April 7th: Diomita visiting slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm / on the right is slave B, a random slave I played with

At night Jenny was prevented by her RL again first and I went to Psi’s realm to visit slave slut cecy, who is still haning around there. It was full at Psi and I teased slave slut by giving my attention to another slave, let’s name her slave B. slave B was wearing quite some gear and all keys were out. I slapped her bum a few times, then I locked her restraints. She resisted and was close to call me names, but she didn’t as she realized it would make her situation worse. I had some fun with her.
Slave slut cecy was quite desperate seeking my attention in the meanwhile and I gave her a bit when I was done with slave B. Slave slut had her birthday in RL on March 29th and asked is she couldn’t be permitted having an orgasm on this occasion. Well, I granted it for her birthday – 2019 *grins. Later slave slut had an accident and she gave good reason why I placed the “caution wet floor” sign below of her. How embarrassing!

April 7th: Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm visiting slave slut cecy (the kneeling sub is slave B) / Jenny and Diomita at club DeLust

Jenny joined me at Psi’s later and we boht continued teasing our slut a bit until it was close to our bedtime. We visited club DeLust for a bit, then went home and to bed.

Diary 2018 (53) March 27th – Ending my green light

When I met Jenny Tuesday afternoon, March 27th, I locked her old slave collar around her neck and named it “Mine”-collar. Accordinly I set the label of it to “Dio’s Mine”. Then I took her to club Domme a Domme to have her leashed kneeling by my feet. It just feels right and it’s hard to give up control again.
When we finished catching up, I took her back to the annex of our skybox and enjoyed her tongue – and then it was time to end the green light that lasted since Sunday, March 18th. I ended it under the condition of getting another long green light on the occasion of Jenny’s 10th collaring anniversary, that is coming up in June, and she agreed (of course).

March 27th: Diomita and her property Jenny aka. “Mine”

At night we had an invitation to a “Spring & Easter” party from Barbara Reiter-Jewell to celebrate her two year anniversary with Karli. Angelique went as a bunny.
Barbara had two live singers performing at the party: Åᴜʀᴀ Ŧɪᴛzɢᴇʀᴀʟᴅ (auricrose) and Telima (Diamond Spiritor). They both did a great job and we had a nice time at the party. Thank you, Barbara!

March 27th: at Barbara Reiter-Jewell’s “Spring & Easter” party

Angelique went to bed after the party and we went home to see the slave drones and we took them to Lochme. It was full there and we had something to watch. Also the two slave drones did attract some attention. When slave kelly came inworld we went over to Psi’s realm to see and tease her. She will be back home soon, ready to suffer for her owners and embracing her fate.

March 27th: Jenny and Diomita with the slave drones Flo I and Flo II (AnneWanne) at Lochme and at Psi’s realm visiting slave kelly

Jenny and I finished the night with two rounds of Yhatzee. Mistress Jenny is in control again.

Diary 2018 (52) March 25th/26th – Enjoying control / kinkploring

I had a relaxed Sunday, March 25th. I first went simploring in the afternoon and visited the Isle of May (see yesterday’s post here), then I met with Jenny shortly but long enough to catch up with eachother’s news, and my night was relaxed as well.
Angelique and the two slave drones Flo I and Flo II were present and we had a game of Skipee together (Angelique won it this time). slave drone Flo II (aka. AnneWanne) went off to bed after the game and Angelique, slave drone Flo I and I went visiting The Secret House. It was full and Argi (Prinzesschen Arigchen Boachen *winks*) stood in the middle of the club and entertained averybody in main chat talking with a friend of hers. As it was full we had a lot of lag though and Argichen couldn’t even hug us properly.
When it was time for slave Flo to leave for bed Angelique and I went back home and we chatted and cuddled for half an our on the raft there (really nothing more, besides I need to search her chastity belt’s key anyway before there could be more *winks). And that’s it about Sunday.

March 25th: Diomita and Angelique – with slave Flo at The Secret house (left) / cuddling at home (right)

My Monday, March 26th, started with meeting Jenny in the late afternoon. I put her into her new straight jacket and exposed her at Domme a Domme. I do get very used again to being in control. That was a nice start into the week.

March 26th: Diomita with her property Jenny at Domme a Domme and taking advantage of her at home

I started the night with taking advantage of my property, for sure a good way to start an evening, very enjoyable. When we had changed, we went kinkploring with the two slave drones and Angelique. We visited SAG (Slave Auction Group), “SL’s oldest and highest quality slave auction“. Our visit was also meant to keep up the permanent threat, that slaves can be sold if their owners decide it or if they’d really need the money. We didn’t stay long and I just took 2 pictures.

March 26th: Diomita, Jenny, slave drones Flo I and Flo II and Angelique visiting SAG (Slave Auction Group)

Landmark to SAG (Slave Auction Group)

The second place we visited was Interwoven Dominance, a place owned by Lady Gi-Gi McCormick (goodkisses) and Jim McCormick. From what we saw it is a nce BDSM community offering regular events, a nice dance place, meeting places and of course a (partly outdoor) dungeon. We all wore too many scripts for Interwoven Dominance and got messages to decrease the amount of textures and scripts. Hence we didn’t stay long. There were others active at the sim and we didn’t like to add too much lag for them. I might return for a more detailed exploration of Interwoven Dominance.

March 26th: Diomita, Jenny, slave drones Flo I and Flo II and Angelique visiting Interwoven Dominance

Landmark to Interwoven Dominance

After kinkploring we had to relax and played one round of Skipee. The game was long (slave drone Flo I won it) and when we finished it, it was time for everybody to log off for bed.

March 25th: slave Kelly at Psi’s realm

P.S.: slave kelly is still at Psi’s realm as well as slave slut cecy. slave kelly sent a picture of herself with a visitor. The visitor just looked at her like looking at a exhibition objects for several long minutes and didn’t speak a word as slave kelly told us.

Diary 2018 (50) March 23rd – The Spring

We had a great Friday, March 23rd. In the afternoon I met with Jenny and took her to Domme a Domme again to expose her while we caught up with our news RL and SL. Surprisingly, slave kelly came inworld. She’s still stored at Psi’s realm. Her RL prevents her from getting online right now but we shall see more of our horny slave toy soon again.
Jenny and I visited her and selected another cage for her at Psi’s, a hanging cage right below of the main meeting room at Psi’s realm. slave kelly attracted some attention already while we were there with her. We teased her a bit and made some mean plans, then it was time for us to leave. I stored my property Jenny in a cage at the annex of our skybox where I picked her up when I returned for our Friday night party.

March 23rd: Diomita and Jenny visiting slave kelly at Psi’s realm / Diomita storing Jenny at our skybox

Virgo selected “Spring” as the theme for this Friday night party – hence the title of this diary post. I did select this title also as we have a real spring day outside and I have my window open and enjoy fresh spring air while writing my diary entry.
Our party was real fun again. The two slave drones Flo I and Flo II (Anne) provided a lot of opportunites for teasing and having banter. I had slave kelly in private chat most of the time and this way she attended the party as well while she suffered for Jenny and me at Psi’s realm. Once again, the Friday night party was a perfect start into the weekend.

Friday night Party, March 23rd: Diomita and Jenny (left) / slave drones Flo I and Flo II (AnneWanne) (middle) / Claven with Baroness and Betina (lower right)

Diary 2018 (49) March 22nd – The Nothing

Thursday, March 22nd, turned out to be a simploring and kinkploring day. In the afternoon, I visited “Bees and Bears” by Cica Ghost (read yesterday’s post here) and at night I took Jenny and slave drone Flo on a kinkploring tour to “The Nothing :: [Femdom – D/s – RLV]“.

I found the landmark and the description in someone’s profile while standing around in one of our clubs. The Nothing is “a dreamscape located beyond the mists, it’s home of the House of Naxxras and their kindred“. It is tagged with “petplay ponyplay forest bdsm findom objectification transformation lesbian futa femboy shemale matriarchy demon mistress“. Sounded tempting for me :-).

The Nothing – overview (upper left) and at the landing point

The landing point is in a dome-shaped building obviously used as a place to dance and meet. There’s some bdsm furniture as well as bondage gear and a few cages. It’s quite stylish and nice. The Nothing is an adlut rated homestead and group owned. The founder of the group and most probably the owner of the sim is Nohemi Adonis Naxxras (hairtuss).
The Nothing is a rocky, densely wooded island – and it is foggy (unless you change the windlight settings – I did change it for the purpose of exploring). There are several trails and levels and you can easily get lost.

The Nothing – in a hidden dungeon

We found quite some cosy places. All of them not too large, but big enough for more than two persons and often equipped with a few bdsm toys, like cells or bondage frames. I assume that there are more than just one hidden dungeon in the underground – we just did only find one during our short visit to The Nothing.

Impressions of The Nothing

I can confirm that the description “a dreamscape located beyond the mists” fits very well. Besides being a place to live out our kinks, it is a lovely mysterious island and offers a lot of possibilities for taking pictures or just to wind down.
During our visit we were more or less all alone on the island. I don’t know if there’s a regular event at The Nothing or a regular group of people using it but I suspect that. It might be a homestead like ours, used to meet during the prime time of our timezone, and to play every once in a while. It’s open to the public and I consider to take advantage of it one or the other day. For sure a place to see to enjoy the atmosphere or to play.

Thank you Nohemi Adonis Naxxras (hairtuss) for providing the The Nothing to the public.

Landmark to The Nothing

After our visit to The Nothing we winded down for a bit at Mesmerize dungeon, so that slave drone Flo could recover from being dragged around before she went to bed. I took my property to Domme a Domme to expose her as I still can’t get enough of seeing her at my feet. And I crowned the night using her at home.

March 22nd: Diomita with Jenny and slave drone Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon (upper left) / Diomita with her very owned Mistress at Domme a Domme (right) / Diomita in full control of Jenny at home (lower left)

Diary 2018 (48) March 21st – Month Burger – Dripping in natural juices

Wednesday, March 21st, was quite varied. I know, the subtitle for this diary entry sounds a bit strange, but you’ll read whats behind of it at the end of this post.
I met with my property Jenny, my wife and very owned mistress, in the afternoon and took her to Domme a Domme to catch up with our news first. I intend to make the most of this green light and to enjoy it to the fullest. As we never know what the evening has on stock for us, I decided to take advantage of Jenny already in the afternoon and I took her to the annex of your skybox…..

March 21st – in control: Diomita and Jenny at Domme a Domme and at home in the annex of our skybox

At night we went on a kinkploring tour. Angelique had went to bed early again and just slave Flo was inworld. The first place we visited turned out to be private. I found the landmark in someone’s profile and it was accessible. There was a residence home with locked doors and a pony play area and a dungeon, which were open. Nonetheless it turned out being private – hence no picture or landmark here.
The second place on my list was Pirandello Bay BDSM , a sim wide dungeon, open for all adults. Pirandello Bay is part of the Freedom Continent, a group of over 10 adult sims that work together. Starry (Starbright Wingtips) had told me about the Freedom Continent as the sim she plays in and has her Tentacles park in (read about it here) is also part of the Freedom Continent.

Impressions of Pirandello Bay BDSM (1)

Pirandello Bay BDSM is really a huge dungeon. The landing point is in a shopping mall with many ads and boards. At the end of the shopping malls are TP boards to other sims and stores … and there’s the entry to the dungeon. We walked through the hallways and the seperate rooms, that are each dedicated to other fetishes and kinks. Of course, there’s also a prison and many cages and more. You can easily get lost in this large place.
I myself lost orientation, but there’re TP pads back to the entrance at many spots. Poor drone slave Flo did get trapped several times and we had to rescue her. Instead of a description I’ll add some pictures.

Impressions of Pirandello Bay BDSM (2)

Pirandello Bay BDSM was empty when we visited it. I often wonder that places like The Secret House or Heavy Bondage Club are crowded although there’s no opportunity to play, they are just popular meeting points (SM – Stand & Model clubs). It’s all about people who make a place interesting, I can only assume that Pirandello Bay has other busy times. For sure it is large enough so that you can find some privacy there.

Landmark to Pirandello Bay BDSM

We went home after this kinkploring tour as slave drone Flo II aka. AnneWanne had come inworld and we had a round of Skipee (Team Jenny with Anne won it). After the game I took Jenny to The Secret House to expose her in her lovely submissive dress. We met Argi there, chatted a bit and read some interesting profiles.

March 21st: Diomita and Jenny at The Secret house (with Argi in the left picture)

Overall, it was a very varied afternoon and night in Second Life. I saved the funniest thing of that day for the end of this entry. When we came inworld at night and met Angelique and slave Flo, there was a new board placed on the porch of our house: “Month Burger”. Flo found it on the net and did .. ehm .. modify it a bit. And Jenny’s comment was “Dripping in natural juices”.

“Month Burger – Dripping in natural juices”

Apologies, slave slut cecy 🙂

Diary 2018 (47) March 20th – Jenny’s new appearance

Tuesday, March 20th, I enjoyed my property, my very owned Mistress, in the afternoon. This time I took her to Heavy Bondage club to expose her. You might notice in the pictures, that my property wears her new mesh head. Besides catching up with each others news we also talked about her new appearance. Jenny had already added some freckles, which really belong to her herself. After we caught up, I took her home to the annex and got spoiled by her *winks*

March 20th: Diomita with her very owned Mistress at Heavy Bondage Club trying out different poses of Jenny’s new straight jacket

Our night was very relaxed. We saw our niece Angelique just shortly, because she had to leave for bed early. Jenny had further worked on her mesh head and she’s happy as it is now – I am too :-). We played a round of Skipee with the slave drones Flo I and II, chatted and had a relaxed time. When we finished just one round (Jenny won this time), it was already bedtime for slave Flo. I took Jenny to our studio and made a new portrait picture of her. She’s really a beauty – the magic of Second Life.

March 20th – Jenny’s new appearance: Mrs. and Mrs. Maurer / Jenny Maurer

We had a short time at Domme a Domme as I can’t get enough of seeing my property at my feet … and that’s it for this diary entry.

March 20th: Diomita with her very owned Mistress at Domme a Domme and cuddling at home

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