Diary 2017 (97) June 16th / 17th – slowly back to everyday life in SL

Jenny and I had a relaxing Friday, June 16th. We met in the afternoon and just visited Domme a Domme and club DeLust. We caught up with RL and SL and just relaxed being at each others side as equals. And as it was Friday, we had our regular party at night. Virgo played good tunes as always and we had fun. Kitty came along and hence at least 3 of our family were present.

Saturday I could not meet with Jenny as I had Rl obligations during the day and Jenny was at work at night. At night, I did some updates on my gear and then went to a live performance – more about that in tomorrow’s blog entry. While I was still attending the performance, slut cecy came online. Jenny had locked her up at Psi’s realm last time she met her. After the live performance I went to Psi’s realm to see our slut. It was about time to tease and use her. I took her to the Bondage & Storage Project and put her into a tiny cage within the public area. This tiny cage has a fucking machine device. Did I mention, that I unshielded her chastity belt? You can easily imagine what happened next. slut cecy was moaning and begging to cum. Fortunately we had one, shortly even two other guests observing the scene. slut hat to beg and to confirm what she is – our slave slut. And yes, I was generous and allowed her to cum in both worlds. I had my fun with our slut.

I took slut home afterwards and made sure that she stays at home. The main house and the Shangri-La are very dirty and need to be cleaned urgently. Hence slut will first do her chores before I or we will go on with her. And that’s it for this diary entry.

Diary 2017 (95) June 13th – Jenny and Diomita as equals

Tuesday, June 13th, was Jenny’s last day on vacation. She came inworld at night. After ending my green light we are at eye level as a domme couple. Our slavin C was online. She is our pet now and lives in a cell at “the Keep”, the old chapel that Danii built on our sim and that we use as a small private prison. Her cell has feeding bowls and a rug. We took her out to Domme a Domme, where we met Fin Saphir with her dolls Tyra and Virgo. It is nice to see them develop. Jenny and I had a relaxing night and Jenny can recover from being at my feet and I can get used to the thought that she will soon take back her position (no rush, my love! *winks*).

Diary 2017 (94) June 12th – Stop at the top

More than three weeks ago, on Sunday, May 21st, I took back what is mine, my property, Jenny, Mine (read here). We celebreated Jenny’s 9th collaring day, Monday, June 5th (read here and here). During the last three weeks I was in control and had my property at my feet. It felt good and right and I admit that I was very tempted to keep her there, in sub space. I knew it would cause some struggling eventually after some more weeks, but I could get over it and keep her. A really tempting thought!

“Stop at the top, quite while you’re ahead”.
Today I enjoyed my property again in a very personal way, then I unlocked her restraints and replaced her original collar with her thin jewelery collar. I ended my green light willingly. Thank you for your love, dedication and submission, Jenny.
We will stay a few days at eye level so that Jenny can recover and so that I can get familiar with my submission to her again. And I look forward to my next green light already *winks*

Diary 2017 (92) June 5th – Jenny’s 9th (!) collaring day

I had an entry in this blog already about Jenny’s 9th collaring day (read here). But what happened that day? Not that much as Jenny is on vacation. She came inworld for an hour at late night (well for her it was later afternoon where she is now). We first met with slave Flo, who was happy and eager waiting to deliver some collarind day smacks. I allowed slave Flo giving her three spanks and I delivered the other six collaring day spanks myself. Then I took Jenny shortly to Domme a Domme, and we caught up there with our news of RL and SL. Kitty came inworld as well, just to congratulate. And that’s about it. The hour with my property Jenny, with Mine, flew by quickly. But I am very thankful that we could spend some time together on the occasion of this day.

Diary 2017 (91) June 1st – June 4th: Quiet Relaxing Moments

Thursday night, June 1st, was a very quiet relaxing night, that I spent with my property Jenny mostly at Domme a Domme. It was quite crowded there and we had enough to look at and to read profiles. But mostly we caught up with RL and SL before Jenny left into her vacation the next day. I made no pictures, at least no pictures to publish in here. We locked another “victim” in the fram of our key holding service (read here). But that’s is about Thursday.

Friday night, June 2nd, we had our regular party that was quite well attended. Claven was there with her slaves Betina and Lexi, Starry and Della and several others of the Atomic Pixies, and Virgo and Tyra (as a tied up and gagged tigress – Virgo and Tyra are still Fin Saphir’s dolls). From the Euro Brats it was just Kitty and me. We had fun as always.

Saturday night, June 3rd, Jenny came online and we spent a relaxed hour at Domme a Domme while she reported about her first day of vacation. Well, in Second Life, she’s also kind of on vacation – always nicely tied up and gagged. I can’t see enough of it! I shouldn’t change it and keep her like that. Argi joined us, she landed right next to us at Domme a Domme when logging in. And of course she teased Jenny. You might ask … and what about the slaves? They all are somehow prevented from coming online by their RL. slave Flo has some health issues and is recovering and should care about herself first of all, slave slut cecy has new working times that will decrease her presence online when we’re here (remember she’s from Mexico and hence the time difference is an issue), slavin C is locked away at “The Keep” and not often online anyway, and slave Adarra just let us know a few days ago that she’s quite tied up with her RL but that it might become better by the end of June. Who did I forget? Yes, Angelique, who is enjoying her newest adventure – and Kitty.

When I logged in Sunday morning, June 4th, to make a simploring tour, I got a message from Aimee Riptide. She asked me if I could come and look at our Kitty. I agree but Kitty was free when I arrived at Daisy’s playground, a BDSM, D/s and kidnap play area owned by Daisy Rimbaud and home of the Evil Kitten store. Aimee, Kitty and I had a nice chat about a new cell, that should be available for purchase soon. It has some really nice features. For example you can’t touch own items (like cuffs) and hence you have no ability to struggle out of them, you can’t use channel 77 if you wear Real Restraints (channel 77 is used to get to the menu), you can’t cam outside of the cell (very realistic), you can chat but you can’t send or receive IM (realistic) and there’s a reasonable anti idle feature that will stop a set timer once you don’t move within 5 minutes. To sum it up, this new cell is perfect for a realistic punishment, that provides enough time to think for the prisoner. I will for sure get one, once it is on the market.

I took Kitty on my simploring tour to Flash Back / Flash Forward (read here) and upon our return from there we met cow Dana for a short chat.

That’s it about these last days.

Diary 2017 (89) May 30th – A domme’s night

Tuesday night, May 30th, was short but still enjoyable, relaxing and even varied. I put Jenny into the Harsh straightjacket and the NGW Hood and exposed her at Domme a Domme and at The Secret House. I still enjoy every minute I have her at my feet. She’s very right, dommes make the best subs and slaves and I could easily get used to it and keep her in sub space.

When slave slut cecy came online she had first to clean the house at home. We picked her up later and in the meanwhile our cow Kitty was present as well. We stored our slut her in the voting cage at Lochme and to make it a bit more challenging, I denied using IM. She has to collect 10 votes, no 12 votes as cow Kitty and Jenny voted to keep her there before Jenny and I retreated to club DeLust where we finished this short night.

A short night – a short diary entry, but some very nice pictures.

Diary 2017 (88) May 29th – Enjoying my property and the slaves

Monday afternoon, May 29th, I took Jenny to Costa Blanco, where I was on one of my latest simploring tours. It took a while to find the house with the Shibari ring again, but I found it. Unfortunately the Shibari ring doesn’t offer capturing a victim. And only the person “sitting” on it can select a pose. Jenny showed all possible poses to me and I selected one. In this pose I began teasing her and I made some pictures.
I spoke to Gabrian Lascelles, the owner of Costa Blanco, a few days before and he told me about a gallery near the harbour, which we visited. In this gallery Gabrain exhibits some pictures of the southernmost province of Sweden and you can see how close Costa Blanco looks like a place in this province “When it is all finished, you will discover it was never random”. He also told me that he isn’t finished yet and I will come back to see what is new and how close to the original Gabrian can get.
After this tour we still had some time left and I took my property to Domme a Domme where I placed her into a bondage fram called “Retainer”. It is a strict bondage frame not allowing any movement and I do like the pose very much. I enjoyed exposing my property this way and I got some feedback as well. When it was time for both of us to turn towards our RL, I left Jenny restricted by the retainer at Domme a Domme. When I returned at night, Jenny could report that she got some attention and could enjoy.
At night we had slavin C and slave slut cecy online. We picked up slut cecy at S & L Storage. Picking her up took longer than thought as slut wasn’t able to beg properly to be released from her little cage. We had to train and exercise that again. In the meanwhile she couldn’t hold back peeing and and pissed in the cage – embarrassing. At home we took slavin C and slut cecy to our dungeon. Our slut cecy’s chastity belt was open since her collaring anniversary over 10 days ago. It was time to close it again as we shouldn’t spoil her too much. But before closing it she should have a last orgasm in both worlds. And as slavin C still wore a penis gag (with the dildo outside) it was obvious what to do. We allowed slut cecy to ride this dildo. It was entertaining for Jenny and me and we spent a nice hour with our two slaves. slut cecy’s chastity belt is closed again now for an uncertain period of time. We stored slavin C at “The Keep” and gave orders to complete cleaning the house to slut cecy.
That’s about it for right now

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