Diary 2017 (94) June 12th – Stop at the top

More than three weeks ago, on Sunday, May 21st, I took back what is mine, my property, Jenny, Mine (read here). We celebreated Jenny’s 9th collaring day, Monday, June 5th (read here and here). During the last three weeks I was in control and had my property at my feet. It felt good and right and I admit that I was very tempted to keep her there, in sub space. I knew it would cause some struggling eventually after some more weeks, but I could get over it and keep her. A really tempting thought!

“Stop at the top, quite while you’re ahead”.
Today I enjoyed my property again in a very personal way, then I unlocked her restraints and replaced her original collar with her thin jewelery collar. I ended my green light willingly. Thank you for your love, dedication and submission, Jenny.
We will stay a few days at eye level so that Jenny can recover and so that I can get familiar with my submission to her again. And I look forward to my next green light already *winks*

Diary 2017 (90) May 31st – Mine

Wednesday, May 31st, I took my property Jenny, aka. Mine, to Bondage & Storage Project in the afternoon so that she could please me in two ways, first of all, I enjoyed her tongue to the fullest and then I tried out a nice bondage hook using Mine as a model. I think the result is very nice.

May 31st: Mistress Diomita and her property Jenny, aka. Mine, at Bondage & Storage Project

At night I started at home in our dungeon and began to get a bit more familiar with the new Mistress Chair. We had placed a copy in our dungeon (the other one is on our skybox). Mine had to lick my boots and she did well. Then I put a RF hood on Jenny’s head, pulled it tight and added some restrictions and we began a little tour exposing her at Mesmerize Dungeon first and then at Heavy Bondage Club.

May 31st: Scenes of a varied night

Cow Kitty came inworld and joind us. We also met an old friend, Vanilla Meili, who showed us her latest combination of clothing including a metal hood with a lockable front shield and a golden corset with spikes, quite an individual cmposition of clothes and restraints. Once again, we finished our night at club DeLust before I stored Mine in the annex of our private skybox.

We had another varied day and I enjoyed being in control (as it should be *winks*)

June 5th – Jenny’s 9th collaring anniversary

Today is the 9th anniversary of Jenny’s collaring day. On June 5th, 2008, I collared Jenny as my slave and property. These nine years were splitted in 3 different phases. From 2008 until 2011 I was myself collared by Yasmin Heartsdale and part of her “Yasmin’s brat pack”. Hence also my slave Jenny was part of this brat pack. It was a time that coined our Second Life up until today. I met Jenny at Stonehaven, a very popular sim at that time, and there’re still people around who rave about this laggy sim, that was the beginning of a D/s Second Life for many. I had a skybox there with a double door cage and it was there, Jenny did her trial for me to become mine. And October 24th, 2008, we got officially married in Second Life.

We had fun at Stonehaven as well as on Yasmin’s homesims. We didn’t see her very often due to time difference as she’s located in the US. It was just consequent that I founded my own little family within Yasmin’s brat pack and that is how the Eurobrats came alive. The first Friday night party with our dj Virgo Babii was at Yasmin’s homesim “Rivers Rock”, where the Eurobrats also hold a plot and had their first family headquarter. Actually Rivers Rock was owned by one of Yasmin’s brat, Sam (Samatha Congrejo), who left SL all of a sudden and we lost our first home due to that.

This first phase ended in 2011, when Yasmin and I didn’t find a base together anymore and she released me. From that day on, the Eurobrats were an own independant family, that still exsists while Yasmin’s brat pack vanished 2 years later. It was also in 2011 that we moved to Mount Everest, our home up until today. After a few months without wearing any collar Jenny and I became mutally owned. We switched back and forth, but I decided when and for how long I gave control to her. Jenny developed into the domme at my side during this second phase. Our family grew and changed with time. Nowadays just Kitty (Santana Thibedeau) is left from our orginial family. Some have left without any word unfortunately. We celebrated wedding days, collaring anniversaries and rezzdays. And we noticed that I myself had no collaring anniversary. Therefore we picked a date that fitted best into the family calendar of events, April 21st, 2013, as my collaring day. We further developed together as a domme couple. Jenny’s self confidence and her domme side flourished. The decision about who of the two of us is in control switched to her. It was a slow but constant change until I fully submitted to my former slave on the occasion of our 8th wedding day, October 24, 2016. While she was my Ehesklavin (German for married slave) for the first 8 years, I became her Ehesklavin now and the swap was completed – and the second phase of our relation ended.

Nowadays, in the 3rd phase of our Second Life together, we’re still a domme couple. I head the family like I did since the Eurobrats were founded back in 2008. Mistress Jenny is my collared property, she’s mine. I am still very possessive about her and I will always be. But I accepted my place. I’m a domme, Mistress to our subs and slaves and I don’t kneel for anybody but for Mistress Jenny. She’s in control and I am her Ehesklavin. It is up to her grant control over her to me for a limited time. And today, as we celebrated Jenny’s 9th collaring anniversary, I’m in control as it should be on such an occasion.

We’re blessed to have found each other. We’re dedicated to each other. Thank you for all the years of your love and dedication, of your unconditional submission to me, Jenny. I’m very confident that there are many more years to come. We will continue to develop and we will see where it leads us to.

Happy collaring anniversary, Jenny, my love

Diary 2017 (88) May 29th – Enjoying my property and the slaves

Monday afternoon, May 29th, I took Jenny to Costa Blanco, where I was on one of my latest simploring tours. It took a while to find the house with the Shibari ring again, but I found it. Unfortunately the Shibari ring doesn’t offer capturing a victim. And only the person “sitting” on it can select a pose. Jenny showed all possible poses to me and I selected one. In this pose I began teasing her and I made some pictures.
I spoke to Gabrian Lascelles, the owner of Costa Blanco, a few days before and he told me about a gallery near the harbour, which we visited. In this gallery Gabrain exhibits some pictures of the southernmost province of Sweden and you can see how close Costa Blanco looks like a place in this province “When it is all finished, you will discover it was never random”. He also told me that he isn’t finished yet and I will come back to see what is new and how close to the original Gabrian can get.
After this tour we still had some time left and I took my property to Domme a Domme where I placed her into a bondage fram called “Retainer”. It is a strict bondage frame not allowing any movement and I do like the pose very much. I enjoyed exposing my property this way and I got some feedback as well. When it was time for both of us to turn towards our RL, I left Jenny restricted by the retainer at Domme a Domme. When I returned at night, Jenny could report that she got some attention and could enjoy.
At night we had slavin C and slave slut cecy online. We picked up slut cecy at S & L Storage. Picking her up took longer than thought as slut wasn’t able to beg properly to be released from her little cage. We had to train and exercise that again. In the meanwhile she couldn’t hold back peeing and and pissed in the cage – embarrassing. At home we took slavin C and slut cecy to our dungeon. Our slut cecy’s chastity belt was open since her collaring anniversary over 10 days ago. It was time to close it again as we shouldn’t spoil her too much. But before closing it she should have a last orgasm in both worlds. And as slavin C still wore a penis gag (with the dildo outside) it was obvious what to do. We allowed slut cecy to ride this dildo. It was entertaining for Jenny and me and we spent a nice hour with our two slaves. slut cecy’s chastity belt is closed again now for an uncertain period of time. We stored slavin C at “The Keep” and gave orders to complete cleaning the house to slut cecy.
That’s about it for right now

Diary 2017 (87) May 28th – Enjoying my property (II)

Sunday, May 28th, I continued enjoying my property Jenny. Instead of the NGW hood, I silenced her with the Mo penis pacifier, one of Jenny’s favourite gags. I took her first to Domme a Domme where we caught up with all RL and SL news while she knelt at my side. We got some nice comments but overall Domme a Domme was quite silent. I decided to take Jenny to Psi’s realm and tried another suspension bondage. My property simply looks great in bondage, doesn’t she?

After some teasing at Psi’s realm we went to Angel of Pain’s BDSM island. At the tower there’s a platform reaching out over the sea and I wanted to try it out and to find out if Jenny is free from giddiness (she is, at least I heard no complains, but she was still gagged at that time). It’s hard to resist when my property is suspended and tied up that helplessly. I took my strapon and had my way with her and some might have heard her shouting “Thank you, Mistress Diomita”, when I took her gag off.

After some time at club DeLust to wind down, we had 3 games of Yahtzee at home, we didn’t play it for a long time. Just the right thing it finish off a lovely, relaxing night with my very owned property and wife Jenny.

Diary 2017 (84) May 24th – in domme mood

Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night, May 24th, I began to settle in being in full control again. I took my property Jenny to the Heavy Bondage Club to expose her. I am going to enjoy her upcoming 9th collaring anniversary to the fullest and I will expose her as my property as often as possible. She’s mine as much as I am hers.
At night I first met cow Kitty who has reached level 60 and is now a “sehr ergiebige Milchkuh” (very yieldingly milk cow). When Jenny came online we took slut cecy to Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island. We cuddled on a sofa and watched her riding a dildo. Her moans but in particular her shouted thanks for being allowed to cum in both world were certainly heard by some visitors of the island. My night ended at home where slave slut cleaned my boots (after cleaning the house) and where I had a nice chit chat with slut cecy and cow Kitty.

Enjoying bondage May 2017 – Tyra and Virgo

May is slowly coming to its end and we still had no offical bondage night, nor an enjoying bondage entry for May. I discussed that with Jenny and she came up with the idea to tie up our slaves in the dungeon as we use it way to rarely. But we didn’t have the slaves around at the same time the last weeks and hence I decided to take one picture after the other and to make a collage of it again.
Tuesday night, May 23rd, I wanted to start with slave slut cecy. She was online and had finally cleaned the house on her own. That’s important to please us as I explained in another entry just recently (read here). In addition slave Flo is prevented from cleaning due to her RL. So now slave slut cecy has to step in for her sister slave and she better please us. Before taking slut cecy down to the dungeon I had the spontaneous idea to visit Tyra and Virgo, Fin Saphir’s dolls, who were at home, nicely tied up but able to walk. Of course I made a picture of Jenny, slave slut cecy, Tyra, Virgo and me. Fin made a good job with her dolls.
When it was time to take slave cecy to the dungeon to make a first picture for the enjoying bondage series, we invited Tyra and Virgo over to watch us. We tied slave slut cecy at a wall in the dungeon with her legs up and spread. I forgot a bucket that we should have put under her drippin’ pussy – so be careful in case you go into our dungeon, the floor might be slippery.
With Tyra and Virgo both tied up (and enjoying it!) and our slave slut cecy tied up in our dungeon …. there is no need for creating a collage. We had fun and it was a spontaneous bondage night. So here is the enjoying bondage picture for May with Virgo at the left and Tyra on the right of Jenny, slut cecy and me.

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