Diary 2023 (10) January 25th-27th Kiss a Shark

Wednesday, January 25th, I was not inworld. I just came inworld very late at night and could shortly talk and catch up with Mistress.
Thursday afternoon I visited Memory Gongs, a gallery featuring three artist, who I know from La Maison d’Aneli (read here).
At night I was running late. Mistress was present and we met shortly at our skybox. As Flo and slave Holly just came inworld as well, I went seeing them after I had caught up with Mistress. I played a skipee with Flo and slave Holly. That was just the right thing to do to chat and to relax after two busy days in RL. Flo and slave Holly went off comparably early and hence I decided to get some sleep as well. I just made one picture that night …

January 26th/27th: Diomita and slave Holly at home at the games tables / Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home

Friday, January 27th, I met with Mistress at night. We caught up with our mutual news at our skybox, then we went down and said hello to slave Holly and Flo, who were playing skipee. Mistress and I went to the dancefloor to prepare the party. I picked an open theme for the Friday night party, as I found no really fitting holiday or event:
“It is Friday again and it is party … and it is firstly “Chocolate Cake Day”, secondly “Fun at Work Day” and thirdly it is the end of “Kiss a Shark Week”. Make the most of that, dress to be ready for kissing a shark …. or just come as you are (even naked) and celebrate with us. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes.”

January 27th – Friday night party: Mistress Cherry, Diomita, Angelique, Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi, Sarah Fhang, Baroness Capelo, Stuti (indistuti) (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Moon Foxpaws, Winters Snowflake, Jayson Dakota, Claven Albatros, Laura (laura00175), Kira Skytower, Virgo Babii (lower row)

We had fun and a great start into our weekend.

Diary 2023 (9) January 23rd/24th Within the family

After a busy day in Rl I had another relaxed night in SL on Monday, January 23rd. First I talked with Mistress Cherry, who was about to attend a collaring ceremony. Then when slave Holly came in-world I had to pee ….. and then I spent the rest of the night teasing slave Holly and later slave Holly and slave Alessi at club DeLust. Nothing more to report, just a relaxed night.

January 23rd: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly and slave Alessi

Tuesday, January 24th, I had a busy day in RL and was late at night. slave Holly had sent me two very nice pictures of the night before. Mistress was present and we caught up with our news in IM. Flo came inworld and I went seeing her and we played 2 rounds of skipee. Then I went to club DeLust with her and with slave Alessi, who had joined us. After Flo had left, slave Holly came inworld and joined us at club DeLust. I had chatty night with many IMs and with the slaves. Very enjoyable, but but much to report in this diary.

January 23rd/24th: Diomita at home and at club DeLust with slave Holly / Diomita at club DeLust with Flo, slave Alessi and slave Holly

Diary 2023 (7) January 19th/20th Penguin Awareness Day

Thursday, January 19th, I was inworld in the later morning and visited The Farigoule collection at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery annex http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunshine%20Homestead/166/41/1001 (read here https://wp.me/psPPu-8LG).
At night I was comparably early and Mistress Cherry was inworld. We had 2 hours of togetherness in our skybox at home. I was craving for my fix and Mistress needed to be distracted. Guess what we did? You guess right – I got my fix.

January 19th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home

Flo had told me that she was busy in her RL that night. slave Holly just came inworld to tell me that she had a long and tiring day in RL and can’t stay … and I was tired myself. Hence I decided to get some sleep myself and logged off with Mistress way before my usual bedtime.

The day before slave Holly pointed me to 2 holidays and inspired me for the theme of our Friday night party: “It’s Friday, time for our party. Today is the International Fetish Day as well as the Penguin Awareness Day. Hence dress in shiny white and black and celebrate with us. Of course you can also come as you are, even naked. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us”

Starry protected us all from the dangerous penguins, that want to rule the world. And of course we had fun dancing and chatting. It was another perfect start into our weekend.

January 20th – Friday night party: slave Holly, Diomita, slave Alessi, Angelique, Sarah Fhang, Claven Albatros, Laura (laura00175), Baroness Capelo, Kiki Weyland (kikimiyama) (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Jayson Dakota, Janina Foxdale, Morgie Darkstone, Piggie (jenniferthomson34), Virgo Babii, Virgo Babii

Diary 2023 (6) January 17th/18th Two relaxed days

I had a relaxed night on Tuesday, January 17th. I was inworld early and visited Cica Ghost’s newest installation “Scribbled” (read here). After my visit I met with Flo and we caught up with our mutual news before we played 2 rounds of skipee. I did not forget how to play during my short time-out *winks*.
Later I took Flo to club DeLust where we continued chatting while watching what was going on in the club (S&M – Stand and model). slave Holly joined us there and stayed with me when Flo went off to bed. SL had hick-ups again and did not properly show the online/offline state of friends. Thus I did not notice slave Alessi coming online nor did I get her message. In addition I had Mistress Cherry in IM but she went silent and when I sent a message later, I noticed that she had left. And taking slave Holly home to bed needed several teleport attempts.
slave Alessi was at home and I went to Carnal Intentions with her and had her in the small cage there. We talked a bit while I enjoyed control (and Alessi enjoyed helplessness). Then it was time to call it a night for me too.

January 17th: Diomita at club DeLust and at Carna Intentions with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

Wednesday, January 18th, I was running late at night. Mistress Cherry joined me in our skybox and after we had caught up with our mutual news, she began to tease me with her pussy. She played with herself in front of me knwoing very well how badly I desired my fix *sighs* and she enjoyed my struggle. She knows how to keep me on my toes.
Flo was present and I went seeing her. She had been playing skipee alone. We played one round. Although I let Flo have my seat I won the game. Maybe it is not only the seat *winks*. slave Holly came inworld and Ann (TransAnn) visited us. We had a short chat with Ann, then I took Flo and slave Holly to Carnal Intentions. We literally had some entertainment there with a arm- and legless slave with a telly instead of a head. That gave reason for some main chat.
slave Alessi joined us too and I sat down finally and placed slave Alessi in the small cage next to the throne at Carnal. As it had been already late when I got online, time flew by quickly …

January 18th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home / Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

And that’s it about these two days.

Diary 2023 (5) January 10th – 16h Time out

Tuesday, January 10th, I was inworld early at night. I went seeing the newest installation of Gem Preiz.
Later I was at home and played skipee alone until Flo arrived. We had one game together then slave Alessi joined us. I too Flo and slave Alessi to club DeLust. It was quite entertaining there as there was mainchat and I had fun interacting. When slave Holly came inworld I wummoned her to us. But the entertainment had stopped. Flo left soon afterwards to go to bed. And slave Holly didn’t stay very long as well. She was tired – Rl first! I took her home and went first to Lochme and later to Carnal Intentions with slave Alessi. slave Alessi had been a very obedient and good girl the last days and deserved at reward. and why shouldn’t I take advantage of the reward myself? *winks. Hnce not just slave Alessi enjoyed her reward.

January 10th: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi / at Lochme and at Carnal Intentions with slave Alessi

I went on a short vacation Wednesday, January 11th .. and returned Monday, January 16th. I had asked slave Holly to set a theme for Friday night. She choose Friday the 13th because the party was Friday, January 13th: “It’s Friday 13th – wear your best horror hockey-masks and slasher attire or come as you are (even naked)“. slave Holly reported that they had fun although they were not many when the party started. But the crowd grew when Claven arrived with some of her decorations. slave Holly also sent a bunch of pictures of the party for me and I processed them to the regulary party picture.

January 13th – Friday night party by slave Holly: party overview … Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Bacon Amore, Baroness Capelo, Kiki Melson (kikimiyama), Maryi Babii, Virgo Babii, Kira Skytower, Jayson Dakota, Morgie Darkstone, slave Holly, Arabeth (arabethmora), Thelissa Jumanya, Laura (laura00175)… find them, Janina Foxdale, Ebony Massey (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Bacon Amore, Baroness Capelo, Kiki Melson (kikimiyama), Maryi Babii, Virgo Babii (lower row)

When I came inworld Monday, January 16th, at night, Mistress Cherry was present. We first caught up with our mutual news, then Mistress took me to Carnal Intentions for a while and we enjoyed some time of togetherness.

January 16th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home and at Carnal Intentions

When slave Holly came in-world, Mistress Cherry and I returned home and Mistress went off to bed. I took slave Holly with me to Carnal Intentions and to club DeLust and we caught up with our mutual news while I began to tease my slave. When she became horny, I took her back home and gave her her fix (my pee). I had a generous day!
For a change I took slave Holly to Puerto Esclava afterwards, the place where Jenny and I met her.

January 16th: Diomita with slave Holly at Carnal Intentions, club DeLust, home and at Puerto Esclava

slave Alessi joined us at Puerto Esclava but we didn’t stay long anymore as slave Holly had to leave for bed. I spent some time with slave Alessi at club DeLust, but then it was time for my bed as well. It had been a full day after my short time-out.

January 16th: Diomita at Puerto Esclava with slave Holly and slave Alessi

Diary 2023 (3) Jan 6th / 7th – Biblical Magi

Finding a fitting theme for our party on Friday, January 6th, was easy. January 6th, is a holiday, the Biblical Magi Day. In Germany it is called Holy Three Kings Day. The kings brought presents, namely gold, frankincense, and myrrh. And the theme for our party?
“It’s Friday again, the first Friday of the new year. The three wise men brought presents and celebrated today, just over 2,000 years ago. Wear something golden or festive, wear gold and jewelery, or came as you are (even naked) and celebrate with us. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes”
When I came inworld at night I changed into one of my oldest outfits, an armour that was designed by Janina Foxdale. I had Mistress in IM who was changing as well but not yet done. I sent to see Flo and we played two rounds of skipee. Mistress came by and watched us … and teased me. Her dress was very golden!
We had a guest on our island – Brenda Riley (BrendaKill). She was leashed at the Wall of Shame at our Stonehaven patio. After the card game we went there. Brenda was completely locked and helpless, but I could grab her keys and we dragged her behind us to the dancefloor, where I leashed her in a kneeling position. I checked her restraints and noticed that all were on a long timer – hence I added a bit of time, then I set up the disco lights and our party started.

January 6th -Friday night party: Diomita, Mistress Cherry, Flo, slave Alessi, Sarah Fhang, Dely (krysbia), Janina Foxdale, Iriel Elgrove (Maryi Babii), Brenda Riley (BrendaKill) (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Scheherazade Enchantment, Jayson Dakota, Thalia (Snowborn), Claven Albatros, Baroness Capelo, Morgie Darstone, Virgo Babii, Virgo Babii (lower row)

We had fun once again and great music, a great start into the 2023 parties. The woman who had stored Brenda on our island came by, checked her restraints and left again. And soon after Brenda had to leave herself.
Anything else – no, just a great night!

Saturday night, January 7th, I met with Mistress Cherry at CM first. We went to club DeLust and stayed there for a bit, then I returned home to play skipee with Flo. We played two round and afterwards I took Flo to club DeLust where first Mistress Cherry joined us and later slave Alessi.

January 7th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at club Delust / Mistress Cherry and Diomita at club Delust with Flo and slave Alessi

After Flo had left for bed, Mistress Cherry left to meet with Domina Ansar and I stayed at the club with slave Alessi and began to tease her. I had fun … and she had fun. Mistress Cherry joined us again until it was time to go to bed.

January 7th: Diomita at clubd DeLust with slave Alessi / Mistress Cherry and Diomita at club Delust with Alessi

Diary 2023 (1) Jan 2nd/3rd The slave outfit for January

On Monday, January 2nd, I was only inworld at night and met with slave Flo and slave Alessi to play a round of skipee. After the game slave Holly joined us. She got her new hood for the January outfit. I helped Flo to put on her hood as well. Unfortunately Flo’s collar vamished while putting on the new hood for unknown reason. We tried to find it but we couldn’t. She might need a new one.
I took Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi to club DeLust. The three decorated me well and slave Holly and slave Alessi had some focus time, while I still tried to solve the collar issue with Flo (unsuccessfully).

January 2nd: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

We returned home and to bed soon after Flo had left us at flotime.

Tuesday, January 3rd, Flo was playing skipee alone when I came inworld at night. I first took down the Christmas decoration at our island and I ended Winter in SL by removing the snow. Just the vegetation is still winterly. That’s one of the biggest upsides of SL, we can even make the weather *winks*.
I took Flo to Sensations to get a new collar for her, added the extra scripts and set it up. Eventually Flo has a properly working collar again. We were just done and ready to play a round of skipee, when slave Alessi joined us. Hence we had a game with three. Mistress Cherry was in Im with me all night and she enjoyed teasing me.
slave Holly joined us right in time when we had finished playing cards. I took Flo and the slaves to Carnal Intentions and enjoyed chatting in private and teasing the slaves in public.

January 3rd: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

I played with restrictions and restraints making the slaves stand or kneel. And I still had Mistress Cherry in IM. Flo went to bed at her usual time (aka flotime) and Mistress headed to be soon after. I left the slaves alone for a moment and went home to kiss Mistress’ feet to say good night to her. She looked divine.

January 3rd: Diomita at Carnal Intentions and club DeLust with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi / at home with Mistress Cherry

Then I returned to the slaves and continued playing and teasing them, first at Carnal Intentions, then at club DeLust for a few minutes until it was time for bed for us too.

Diary 2022 (160) December 30th 22 – Jan 1st 2023

Friday, December 30th, I was inworld in the later afternoon. As none of the family was present I went to Puerto Esclava to have a look around. I met K*** there. The last times I spoke to her she was either the domme I know or was desperately looking for someone to dominate her, like that afternoon. I offered her a place at my feet to the fallen goddess. slave K*** tried to direct from the buttom and to some extent I fulfilled her wishes. I took her to club Domme a Domme later knowing that it would humiliate her being naked at my feet. Finally, when I had to log off to tend to my RL I leashed her by the dancefloor for later, set she didn’t show up again that Friday.

December 30th: Diomita at Puerto Esclava and at club Domme a Domme with slave K***

At night I met with Flo and Argi by the games table. Argi had just come by for a New Year hug and left again after the hug. I intended to play a skipee with Flo before our party started but Mistress Cherry came to our skybox and I wanted to say hello to her. And that took way longer than I thought. We talked and time passed by too quickly.
I had picked a simple theme for our party: “The last Friday in this year and it’s party Friday of course. Let us end the year with hope for the next and wear something colourful or come as you are (even naked of course). DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us.”
Mistress and I changed into something colourful, of course Mistress picked her favourite colour pink *winks*, then we went down to the dancefloor right in time for the party.

December 30th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home

The party was fun as always and we had quite a good turn-out. There was also a lot of main chat, in particular later at night. We’re ready for 2023 and our first party in the new year.

December 30th – Friday night party: Mistress Cherry, Diomita, Angelique, Flo, slave Alessi, Sarah Fhang, Janina Foxdale, Shay Silva (shaysilva), Lenora Lynn (lenaredbe), Dr. Mara Lynn (Maralyn Corleone), Motoko Lynn (Tsuki Saphed), Morgie Darkstone, Kira Skytower (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Bastet Starchild, Mo Deezul, Domina Ansar, sapphire (littleshy97), Laura (laura00175), Claven Albatros, Baroness Capelo, Virgo Babii, Virgo Babii (lower row)

Unfortunately I was a bit sick on New Year Eve and New Year Day. I was inworld Saturday, 31st, in the afternoon and spend some time alone at Puerto Esclava. Sunday, January 1st, I played a long skipee. slave Alessi and Flo against Angelique and me. That was fun firstly as we hadn’t played team for a while and secondly because it was jsut the right thing to do for me with my cold.
Mistress made fun of my cold and protected herself when I said good night to her after the game.

December 31st: Diomita at Puerto Esclava / Misterss Cherry and Diomita at home

Diary 2022 (158) December 22nd – 27th Holidays

Around Christmas I wasn’t inworld regularly. RL had to be first these days. I was online Thursday night, December 22nd and played skipee with Flo and we visited club DeLust for a bit. I was also inworld on Holy Eve, December 24th, late at night and met with Mistress Cherry. I got a Christmas present from her, an harness outfit. Thank you, Mistress.

December 22nd / 24th: Diomita and Flo at club DeLust / Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home

On Christmas I went inworld in the later evening and Mistress had another present for me. She allowed me to lick her and to get my fix. We spent quite some time together cuddling and talking.

December 25th, Christmas: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home

And finally on Thuseday, December 27th, I was online late at night again and could meet with Mistress Cherry for an hour before we both had to go to bed. Again we just enjoyed togetherness, chatting and cuddling.

December 27th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home

Diary 2022 (157) December 19th/20th In the run up to Christmas

Monday, December 19th, my night started with 2 hours of togetherness with Mistress Cherry. we caught up with mutual news at our skybox, then Mistress Cherry took me to club DeLust. We talked and chatted the whole time. Mistress is taking more and more control. I can feel Mistress’ love and that makes me a bit careless. At one point, Mistress asked me who did forget to address her properly …
Being in Christmas mood Mistress picked a mild punishment. I would have to wear a pink dress the next day unless I am with my slaves. To make sure it at Mistress’ liking, she even bought the dress for me on the marketplace.
I was shocked about myself and I could only blame myself. Mistress enjoyed her power and control and continued teasing me, telling me what will happen if I fail again and what other things she has on stock for me. I should know better than being inattentive again.

December 19th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home and at club DeLust

slave Alessi had come inworld in the meanwhile. She waited at home for me. slave Holly was still sick and Flo wasn’t inworld as well. We returned home and I went seeing slave Alessi. I first had a dance with her in the Christmas gazebo. Then I took her to Carnal Intentions where I restrained and restricted her quite tight and began to tease her publicly. I wanted to avoid that she was too much embarrassed and hence We returned home after one hour.
It was Mistress’ bedtime and I left my restricted slave at the house to say good night to Mistress. When I returned, I rezzed a new rack und fisxed slave Alessi on it and continued teasing her. Too bad, she didn’t get her full Christmas present as she was too tired for it and hence we had to stop.

December 19th: Diomita and slave Alessi at home and at Carnal Intentions

Before I logged off that night, I changed into the pink dress which Mistress had gifted to me. I only blame myself … yet the dress doesn’t look bad except that it is pink.

December 19th: Diomita in pink

Tuesday, December 20th, I could only chat in IM with Mistress Cherry as she was with Domina Ansar. In addition she wasn’t feeling well and hence left early to go to bed.
Flo came inworld a bit later and I was talking with her at the skipee table when slave Holly came inworld as well. Holly is still sick and jsut came inworld to see Flo and me. We talked a bit, then she logged off again.
slave Alessi was in the house where she had done the cleaning. She joined us and we played one round of skipee. It was a long game and it was way over flotime when we finished. Bedtime for all of us.

December 20th: Diomita, Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi at home

And that’s it for this diary entry.

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