Overview December 2022

This is the twentythird revision page of the family&friends chart explaning who is who in our family&friends group and how they are related to eachother. Our family has shrunk and is now kind of the core only.

Let me start with the name and the logo of our group. It is called “Euro Brat Pack”. Ok, it is quite obvious that I’m European. So that explains the “Euro”. When I founded the group I was collared by Yasmin Heartsdale, who coined my Seconed life during my first years inworld and who owned me for more than 3 years as her sub, her brat. Her family was called “Yasmin’s Brat Pack”. Yasmin is from the US and I saw her not as much as I wanted to which is one reason why I was quite independant although I was owned. Quite soon after my collaring I collared Jenny and began to build my own family, first within Yasmin’s family. I founded the group and looked for a logo. I selected the European flag and added the symbol of Yasmin’s Brat Pack into the middle of the stars. Done.

The family&friends group was restricted to my collared subs and to the members of Yasmin’s family as we were all part of her larger family. Jenny became my married slave and partner and owned my collar – making us mutally owned. Later Jenny (laylday.lay) became Mistress Jenny for me as she took control more and more permanently and finally I submitted to her completely as her Ehesklavin. But I still owned her as well. Sadly Jenny passed away in July 2022. She will be unforgotten and I can sense her when I am at home. There’s also a memorial for her at our homesim. We let the group grow, then decided to keep it restricted to subs only, then added friends again. We have many friends beyond our group of course and being not in our group doesn’t mean, that you’re not a friend of us.

End of November 2022 I got closer to cherry (elenaslv.serenity). cherry came to Jenny and me in March 2021 to try out our keyholding service. I always considered her as a sub only and she became the property of another domme in Autumn 2021. I was wrong. cherry is a switch and during a Friday night party it really hit both of us. Two days later, I submitted to cherry, now Mistress Cherry for me. We both look forward to a new chapter in our Second Life.

So who is in the group?

Mistress Cherry (elenasly.serenity) of course!
Mistress Jenny (laylady.lay) … as I won’t remove her from our group. She will always stay a part of me.

Then there are my “offical” direct family members, collared by:
Kitty Maurer (santana.thibedeau)
Maurer’s  Flo (florence.riddler)
Maurer’s slave Holly (honoursgirl)

Angelique Maurer (angelique.teskat) is my beloved niece. Angelique was our collared sub for many years but she grew out of family life with time. We never released her officially though. Angelique is and always will be a very close family member. She has her base at our home and is always welcome.
And there’s Argi Boa. I am still working to collar her. She’s helpful often to keep an eye on our brats and very cuddly *winks
We adopted Eboney Massey as our step daughter instead of collaring her as our slave. This way she can continue her multiple obligations in SL, can even live out her domme side, and stay close as ours at the same time. And a step mum can be cruel …. and of course I will enforce our Cinderella to work for the family (or punish her for motivation). Consequently Ebony is be called “Cinders” or “Maurer’s Cinders”.
Dana Drezelan was once our slave but the unfitting timezone made it hard to keep in close touch. Dana is a close friend of our Kitty and the two find trouble sometimes together – and every once in a while I still see slave Dana (and play).
Maurer’s Aztec s.lave (cecysumi) was our slave for many years and is always melting when she sees us. We had no contact with slave cecy since June 2020 in Second Life but I am still in contact with her on deviant Art. We removed slave slut cecy from our inner circle. We do hope she’s doing well and that she will show up again in SL some time.
Faye (boy.serenity) was our sub for about one month in 2021 and still is submissive to me, when we see eachother every once in a while.

Our neighbours for many years – we see them as our family members:
Tyra (tyra.sciarri)
Virgo Babii
Sarah Fhang
vero Hartmann
…… and
Ann (transann), who became a friend of our when we collared slave Gwendi. She’s our latex expert, she’s fun and always looking out for new places, toys, gear and clothes.

Last but not least there are a handful of friends, who are in our family&friends group for different reasons. Sarah Fhang and Virgo Babii & Tyra Sciarri are our neighbors, Virgo Babii is also the dj of your regular Friday night parties. I won’t go into details. There might be also some potentials subs among this group of friends. But we had too many disappointments lately with subs who showed themselves promising but then left for weeks and months all of a sudden without any fore warning or message. And as I’m too lazy to revise this page with potential subs coming and going, I added them here.

Baroness (baroness.capelo)
Claven Albatros
Della Randt
Virgo Babii
Virgo Korhonen
Mariska McMahon

Starbright Wingtips
Tyra Sciarii
vero Hartmann
Zado Ninetails

And that’s it!

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