Maurer’s Aztec slave aka. cecysumi

We met slave cecy at Ropers and her first appearance in this blog dates back to September 2015 in “Enjoying bondage September 2015: At Roper’s playground“. I admit that I was surprised myself that we know her already for such a long time. Cecy is from Mexico and hence not really our timezone at all but nonetheless she manages to be online when we are. Cecy was for a very long time our blue and yellow living latex doll and she really loved this outfit. As we had already moved on and dressed the slaves in other outfits, cecy was still in her blue catsuit with the yellow corset and outstanding in giving pictures some colour. We know about her love for latex and bondage and we can tell that cecy is patient and she dives deep into her second life becoming what she is: our slave. So far we haven’t decided about a slave name for her – and Maurer’s slave and Maurer’s Sklavin are already taken by slave Fo and sklavin Gebby. But I’m pretty sure that we will come up with a proposal very soon.

slave cecy (cecysumi) collared May 18th, 2016

slave cecy (cecysumi) collared May 18th, 2016

slave cecy was collared May 18th, 2016 as Maurer’s Aztec slave. Welcome to the family!

September 9th, 2020: We had no contact with slave cecy for more than 3 months now, no sign of life at all. We do hope she’s doing well and that she will show up again soon. With slave Melissa’s collaring though we removed our slave slut cecy from our inner circle. She will stay a sub friend and be always welcome. If she gets closer again and can manage to be with us more often again, then we will consider to re-establish her position as our slave.

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