Maurer’s slavin C aka. Christa Windlow

Christa (christa.windlow) came to us on Pauline’s (pauline.babad) leash. Pauline is a former sister of slave Flo and was visiting her end of May. Christa did apply for a week being a slave of ours – as long as Pauline is on vacation and I agreed. Later when Pauline came by she handed over Christa’s keys and access to her collar and Christa was prepared for her week with us as “slavin C” (slavin as she is Dutch).

July 2nd: Mauer's slavin C formerly known as Christa Windlow

July 2nd: Mauer’s slavin C formerly known as Christa Windlow

Christa intended to stay way longer and Pauline told me that she was holding C’s keys and leash but never owned her nor intented to own her. And Christa? She is serious about her submissiveness and looks for being fully owned and not being just a temporary toy. Hence once she decided for herself not to leave us she showed her submission and tried her very best to obey and to please us. When she got the assignment to keep the house clean during slave Flo’s absence, she complied without any complains. Christa likes to keep roleplaying realistic at least a little bit. She won’t iron with her hands tied on her back in an armbinder for example. As all Eurobrats, Christa loves bondage and latex, she is eager to be controlled and she accepts being humiliated and abused. Her reward is making her owners happy and to show her state as owned slave with pride. During the month she stayed with us and during her trial Christa fitted well into the family. She will be a nice addition to the Eurobrats even if obedience might be hard sometimes. Christa will continue to keep the house clean together with slave Flo as our maid.

July 2nd: After collaring slavin C - Jenny, slave cecy, slavin C, Diomita

July 2nd: After collaring slavin C – Jenny, slave cecy, slavin C, Diomita

We collared Christa on July 2nd, 2016 as Maurer’s slavin C. Welcome to the family, slavin C!

The time Christa could spent with us decreased more and more particulary since mid of 2017. Last time we saw and spoke to her was Mid of January 2018. We have no sign of life ever since and an offline IM stayed unanswered. We can only hope that she’s doing well and just has other priorities in her life now. As of today, April 18th, 2018 we release Christa as our slave officially. Christa will stay a family member and if she returns to Second Life she’s welcome to join us again as a submissive friend, but we will unlock her collar.

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