Diary 2021 (119) Sept 5th/6th Enjoying our SL

Sunday, September 5th, I met Mistress Jenny by surprise in the later morning when I went inworld to check messages. We found time to catch up with our mutual news, then we both had to leave to tend to our RL. In the afternoon we spent almost two hours together at club Domme a Domme, at Puerto Esclava and again at club Domme a Domme. It was quite busy at both places, hence we had a lot to look at, to read profiles and to talk about. Lily Bloodrose joined us at club Domme a Domme and followed us to Puerto Esclava. I took her leash and I played a bit with her AnaVision HUD, an experience she hasn’t had before.
I had quite some IMs that kept me busy in addition. And when we were at club Domme a Domme the second time, another random subd knelt for us – to stay honest, she knelt more for Mistress Jenny than for me.
We had a good time in the afternoon and enjoyed being together.

September 5th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava with Lily Bloodrose and with another random sub

At night I first went to Puerto Esclava and summoned pet (Newlifeloading) to me. I taught her a new command – move. If ordered she has to run around the court or the place for a few minutes, to bark and to move her bones. This way I spare walking the pet. We tried out two times to be sure that her little brain can proces the new command, then we returned home.

Flo and Angelique were at the games table and after saying hello Flo, Angelique and I played a round of skipee. And I could talk with pet, Angelique and Flo while we played. Alessi joined us at the table.
Mistress jenny came inworld right in time when we hat finished the game. We went to Psi’s realm and stayed there the rest of the night, mostly talking amoung ourselves as not much was going on.

September 5th: Diomita and pet at home / Mistress Jenny, Diomita, ANgelique, Flo, pet and slave Alessi at home and at Psi’s realm

Monday, September 6th, Mistress Jenny and I spent 2 hours together in the afternoon. We stayed quite a while at Puerto Esclava, chaught up with our news, talked about the family and discussed how to go on with who. We read profiles and had a few IMs. We moved on to club Domme a Domme where Faye joined us. And finally back home we said hello to slave Holly who had returned from a short trip in RL.

September 6th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava and at club Domme a Domme with slave Faye

I was inworld early at night and our pet was at home. She needs a basket to sleep and she had found a nice one but had no inventory to rezz it. So we did that first and placed her basket on the porch. now she has her onw place to sleep and rezz. I toaught her three new commands – her brain was really almost overloaded. One command was “puddles”. If ordered she has to pee and to mark her spot. We tried it at home.

I took our pet to Puerto Esclava where Mistress Jenny joined us soon after. We tried the new commands and were satisfied with our pet. It’s not too bad having a pet and I enjoy it for right now. When slave Holly came inworld we moved on to Carnal Intentions and summoned her to us.
We stayed there the rest of the night, mostly chatting amoung us, following the little main chat, reading profiles and having a relaxed time together

September 6th: Diomita and pet (Newlifeloading) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava and Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and pet

Diary 2021 (117) Sept 1st/2nd Two quiet days

Wednesday, Sept 1st, I went inworld after lunch and met slave Holly. I too her to Puerto Esclava and we just caught up after we didn’t see each other the night before due to SL’s technical issues. To my suprise Mistress Jenny came inworld and joined us there. I also saw Faye inworld. She was still leashed at Carnal Intentions and absent. I released some of her restrictions so that she could roan around when she returned.

My time was limited and so Mistress, Holly and I returned home. Faye and Alessi joined us there. We had a spontaneous family gathering *winks* – then I had to leave again.

I ran late at night. Mistress Jenny and Flo were playing skipee, slave Holly must have had just arrived as she was still in her room (her cell). I released slave Holly and went to the game table where I also met our pet. After all the hellos and greeting rituals, pet left for bed. Mistress Jenny and Flo ended their game and we played a skippe as teams. slave Alessi came also by and watched us playing for a while.
For me it was what I needed as I was tired and a bit tipsy. After the game we went to Carnal Intentions for about half an hour, where Faye joined us shortly before we had to leave and to go to bed.

September 1st – a relaxed night: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, pet (Newlifeloading), slave Holly and Faye at home and at Carnal Intentions

Thursday, September 2nd, Mistress and I met in the afternoon and went sim-hopping together. We visited club Domme a Domme, Puerto Esclava, Heavy Bondage Club and finally club DeLust. Mistress Jenny looked stunning again – well she almost always looks stunning. At club DeLust Mistress made me wear cuffs and ballet boots and she enjoyed her control and power before we went to our loft skybox, where I was allowed to lick Mistress and to get my fix. Thank you, Mistress Jenny

September 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava, at Heavy Bondage Club, at club DeLust and at home

I was early at night and our pet was present. I crawled her neck, and gave it a few orders … sit, down, come .. and i even talked with her in IM (after all there’s a nice sub behind our pet *winks*). Mistress Jenny, Flo and Alessi came inworld and Mistress, Flo and I played a round of skipee, while Alessi and pet were watching us play. It was a close game, hence fun. Flo left after the game, and pet had to leave already before.

Mistress Jenny and I went to Carnal Intentions and we stayed there all night. Faye came by shortly and joined us. We had a quiet and relaxed night. Later Mistress Jenny and I even went hunting a bit hopping over the usual places – but we didn’t find any new sub/slave or any trouble either, so we called it a night.

September 2nd: Diomita and pet (Newlifeloading) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Faye and slave Alessi

Diary 2021 (109) August 16th/17th Back in control

Monday, August 16th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. As soon as we had caught up with our mutual news, I took control of my Mistress wife. She had granted a green light a couple of days before and the time had come. I took Jenny to my appendix of our skybox and had her kneel. I locked her cuffs, gagged her with a ringgag and of course I made her shance her hairstyle. I can tell that changing the hairstyle has an effect – at least on me. I see Jenny way more as my property when she wear her short haircut – and it is the apparent sign that I’m in control. I went buying another RemVision and took Jenny to our loft skybox where I mad her wear the RemVision and locked it. Hence Jenny had her personal extra show.

We went to cub Domme a Domme next. Of course I wanted to expose Jenny as my property but I was really more than surprised that she got that much attention. Her kneeling to me was the subject of the main chat and I got quite some IMs about Jenny. we stayed the rest of the afternoon at club Domme a Domme. When we had to leave to tend to our RL I took Jenny to our secret place and leashed her there, ready for me to pick her up for my fun.

August 16th – back in control: Diomita and Jenny at home and at club Domme a Domme

I met Jenny early at night and we had some time together. I made the most of it after Jenny asked me nicely to be allowed to lick me. How could I reject such an offer!! Nothing compares to her tongue and knowledge of me. I enjoyed.

August 16th – back in control: Diomita and Jenny at home

Flow was inworld and we met her at the skipee table. We had one game with Flo (Jenny won it, I just held cards). While we played, Angelique, slave Holly and Alessi joined us at the table. Alessi hadn’t spent time with us for many weeks, but she had been cleaning our house every once in a while.
slave Holly sent me a snapshot from earlier that day when she was cleaning and talking with Alessi – a real good picture.

After the game we all went to Psi’s realm and spent the night there. It was entertaining regarding the main chat as well as the IMs we had amoung us. slave Holly is still wearing the RemVision and I spoiled her be uploading a new set of slides. slave Faye joined us shortly before we had to retreat because …. time ran by way to quick as we were having fun.

August 16th: slave Holly cleaning (upper left) / Diomita and Jenny at home and at Psi’s eralm with Alessi, Flo, Angelique, slave Faye and slave Holly (lower left was taken by slave Holly)

Tuesday, August 17th, I took my property to Heavy Bondage Club in the afternoon. I had gagged and locked her up before and she had a restricted view, focused on me. Acutually I also added lenses that made her look as if she would stare into the void.

August 17th: Diomita and Jenny at Heavy Bondage Club (look at Jenny’s eyes, staring into the void)

After we had caught up with our mutual news, I decided spontaneously to visit an adult private place, a landmark that I had picked from a profile and a place I had been before once and remembered it as being worth to go there again. I made Jenny strip and fisxed her on one of the several racks there. I had no idea about the menu. It turned out being a rak with sex poses for M/f. Hence I took out my strapon and fucked my property hard. It’s good to be in control.

August 17th: Diomita and Jenny at a secret private place

After Jenny had recovered a bit, we tried out some other racks and finally I found what I was looking for. Jenny was still that wet, that I had to get my fix *winks*. And although I know about the effect of her sweet poison, I enjoyed licking my helpless wife.

August 17th: Diomita and Jenny at a secret place and at Puerto Esclava.

We went to Puerto Esclava for a few minutes, then our time in the afternoon was up again.

We had a quiet start into our night as none of the family was present at first. I was at Heavy Bondage CLub when Jenny came inworld and she joined me there. We staye quite some time there and I enjoyed having Jenny at my feet. After a while we moved on to club Domme a Domme. I summoned Faye to us when she came online.

August 17th: Diomita and Jenny at Heavy Bondage Club and at club Domme a Domme and at Carnal Intentions with Faye

As not much was going on at club Domme a Domme we went to Carnal Intentions. Elena was there and when slave Holly came inworld I summoned not only here but also Alessi who seems to desire to get closer to us (again). We were quite a big group and had fun chatting mostly amoung us.

August 17th: Diomita and Jenny at Carnal Intentions with slave Faye, slave Holly, Alessi and Elena

And that’s it about my first 2 days in control.

Dio’s 13th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2021

Again another year has flown by way too quickly – today marks my 13th anniversary of joining Second Life. Looking back I’d say not much has changed during the last year. But if I think harder and read back in this blog, quite a lot has happened once again in this past year.

As always my review starts with our home and with the family. We still live on the same island with the same neighbors and we just made minor changes here and there. Just my art collection is growing, I call it my art park.
Our family however has changed. Besides Mistress Jenny, our niece Angelique and myself we had “officially” collared our Kitty and the slaves Flo, cecy, Christin, and Gwendi as of February 11th, 2020.

On November 24th, 2019 we got a message from slave Christin that she has some RL problems to care about and won’t be online for a while. It was the last time we heard from her. We released her on February 29th, 2020. Christin showed up again, yet has cut all contact with us – for what reason ever.
Sadly we also lost contact to our slave cecy (cecysumi). He RL and the non fitting timezones made it hard for her to stay in touch. After we didn’t hear from her for more than 3 months we released her on September 9th, 2020. She hasn’t shown up again so far. Nonetheless she will stay a sub friend and be always welcome, if she makes it back into Second Life.
And there’s slave Gwendi. Missing her since August 23rd, 2020, we shied back from releasing her officially and hoped and waited. Then all of a sudden, Gwendi showed up again a week ago, on February 2nd, 2021. She told us that she was seriously sick and hadn’t been in the mood for Second Life after her recovering. But while we can understand that, we can’t understand that she left not a single sign of life. We are happy that she’s alive, but being that unimportant to leave us without any information simply hurt us – it hurt us too much. I unlocked her collar, the day she returned. Good Luck, Gwendi.

Oct 29th, 2019: Diomita with slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Christin at Mesmerize Dungeon / May 11th, 2020: Mistress Jenny and slave slut cecy

In the first half of 2020 Ebony (Ebony Massey) got closer to us as our sub. She has a strong domme side though for others and has some obligations in her SL. On June 24th, Mistress Jenny and I decided to adopt our big black bytch as our step daughter instead of collaring her as our slave. This way she can continue her multiple obligations in SL, can even live out her domme side, and stay close with us at the same time. And step mums can be cruel …. and of course we will enforce our Cinderella to work for us (or punish her for motivation). Consequently Ebony will be called “Cinders” or “Maurer’s Cinders”.
slave Melissa came to us with the intention to stay a few days, maybe weeks and to escape then to tend to other adventures. She underestimated Mistress and my will and possessiveness and after some more weeks Melissa came to terms with her new situation and finally gave up any plans or thoughts of escape. The effect of the Stockholm syndrome kicked in and she submitted more and more from her own will. On September 9th, 2020 we collared Melissa (MelissaRLV). Melissa is from Italy, and hence we named her Maurer’s schiava (Italian for Maurer’s slave).
In January 2021 Ember (brie4675) approached us. She was seeking a life under control and strict restrictions preferably covered in latex. We had met her before in 2018 and 2019 and played with her for a bit but she retreated again as timezones didn’t seem to fit. Nowadays the fit is better for her, although she’s 5 to 6 hours behind us. Long story short I took control of her on January 3rd, 2021 and Ember became Maurer’s toy. slave toy was with us every day for almost 3 weeks and then left on January 20th.

Nov 13th, 2020: Ebony dancing / Jan 10th, 2021: slave Melissa, Irene and slave toy enjoying bondage / Jan 1st, 2021 Faye dancing

As of today the our family consists of Mistress Jenny, our niece Angelique, our step-daughter Ebony, our housekeeper, head maid and head slave Flo, our Kitty, slave Melissa. Yet there are more subs and slaves around us, some might get closer and end in our collar, some stay just close sub friends, and others might vanish again like Ember (brie4675). Without any specific order I want to mention Faye (Boy Serenity), Irene (AdlerIrene) and Alessi20.
And I have to mention Ann (TransAnn) here, who became a closer friend of ours. She is a friend of Gwendi and our latex and gear expert.

Several times last year Mistress, Angelique and I had fun as two and as three Angelique’s. Angelique provided her shape and hair and we dressed almost or fully alike and went out. Being in her shoes felt strange but most of all we just enjoyed ourself and the comments we got – who could handle three Angelique’s?

October 2nd, 2020: Three Angelique’s / December 15th, 2020: Ann at Oblivion

Mistress Jenny and I had several adventures in the course of my last year. We had one longer ongoing roleplay with a domme. Unfortunately this roleplay ended without a proper end as the domme appeared less and less in Second Life. We haven’t seen her for the last 6 months. All of our other attempts to get a vacation or time-out together as subs failed but we won’t give up seeking *winks*. Every play adds to our experience.
I personally had several shorter plays as a sub with other dommes, always with Mistress Jenny’s explicit consent. Mostly she stayed in direct contact with these dommes. Mistress appreciates it as it fosters and strengthens my sub side and with it my submission to her. I don’t report of the joint and personal adventures in our blog, everyone needs at least a bit of confidentiality.

My submission to Mistress Jenny has grown during this last year. I don’t see that change any more. My growing submission and Mistress Jenny’s strengthening position became manifest in my slave collar. The times Mistress allows me to wear my sub collar or even the partnering collar have become short and rare. Mistress Jenny and I still enjoy our journey together and I desire her more than ever. We both enjoy also the green lights, that Mistress grants to me regularly. Having Mistress Jenny at my feet is a particular experience for me and her. I think it helps to keep our relation fresh and healthy. Thank you for owning me, Mistress Jenny, my love, my world.

July 7th and December 13th, 2020: Mistress Jenny and Diomita


What else? I kept this blog running another year, with one post every single day:
– one “Enjoying Bondage” picture every month (12 posts)
– one “Backflash”-entry, picking an old post to republish every month (12 posts)
– roughly 85 simploring entries
– roughly 85 Art in Second Life entries
– about 180 diary posts

All of my simploring tours were nice and added a lot to my SL. The last year was particular as I couldn’t travel in RL, so my travels in Second Life became even more valuable for me. Scrolling through the long list I want to mention Serene Footman’s Khodovarika in Summer, his Ubay Island and Kohlmannskuppe, Jade Koltai’s Hotel del Salto, Walsh County and Dya OHare’s sims Dya’s scent of the Caribbean – all places inspired by weired or unknown places in RL, places you’d normally never ever get to in the physcial life.
Then there were the sims that actually were inspired by well known cities and places, like Paris 1900, Midnight in Paris, BKLYN, New Brighton, Dagger Bay Autumn 2020 and Dya OHare’s Dya’s Southern Twilight.
The sims of Fred Hamilton (frecoi) and Lotus Mastroianni A Favela, A Thousand Windows and Summer in the City as well as The Apartments by Paradox Ivory were inspiring as they tried out new concepts of sim design, very well made.

I enjoyed lovely sims, places that were designed to create an environment to relax and chill out, little paradises. Representative for these sims I want to mention The Getaway – Nutmeg, Silent Melody, Carolina 2020, Dream Village, Boulder, Still Waters, Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020 and Ruegen.

I also visited adult places that are not only focused on sex but offer a nice environment in addition, more stylish places. Also just respresentativ I want to mention Opium Beach and music hall, Paracosm, Oblivion and Bellefleurs.

Last year I began to split my simploring series into “simploring” and “Art in Second Life”, although the boundaries between the two often overlap. Noir’wen City is such a place. It has adult aspects, it is a big city and it is a place for artists to exhibit. Just lately I visited the Art Galerie HaXue there.
I think I covered all joint exhibitions at La Maison d’Aneli last year. The last entry was bout the exhibtion of Jan/Feb 2021 (read here) The reports about these exhibtions are always quite some work as many artists participate and as I have to do some research to report about their work. But it is always also fun and it is exciting to see how Second Life and virtual art, that is only possible in such a digital environment, gain more and more attention.
I discovered the Hannington Art Foundation and reported about quite some exhibtions there, like Hexagonia by Amita Duranjaya, little boxes by Etamae or Elusive Reality by Gem Preiz.
I visited quite often the new DixMix Gallery which also has changing exhibitions of different artists. To name just a few I saw Silence by Theda Tammas, Geomorphism by Moki Yuitza, Barock by Caly Applewhyte and Charly Keeley-Keating’s Autumns Glow.

And of course I also visited some galleries owned and curated by the artists themselves like the SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre by Sophie de Saint Phalle (read here), Art Gallery Rill’Arts by Nils Urqhart (read here), the Fractal Insanity gallery by Milly Sharple (read here) or the VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery by Vroum Short (read here).
Last but not least I think I covered all of Cica Ghost’s lovely art installations, that always conjured a smile in my face, even when thinking back to Monsters, Elephants, Summertime or Another Fairy Tale.

My simploring tours and art in Second Life are a nice and important counterbalance to my kinky second life within my family and friends.
What is missing in this review of the last year? Yes a picture of myself to document the change of my avatar. I grew a bit older and I played a little bit with my hairstyle. The right picture shows my “Corona”-style, less volume, easier to cut.

Diomita Maurer in 2021

What a year again! I’m still happy and I enjoy the journey at the side of my beloved partner and Mistress Jenny. We both as well as the core members of our little family are embedded in a great community of friends, we know some of them way over a decade now, some for several years and some are new friends of ours. Even if not mentioned by name in this anniversary blog post, these friends do mean a lot to me and to us. SL is first of all about people and it’s you all who keep my and our SL enjoyable and exciting! It was a great 13th year in Second Life and I look forward to the 14th!
Love from Diomita

Diary 2020 (177) December 21st/22nd In the run up to Christmas (VIII)

Monday, December 21st, I was shortly inworld in the later morning, yet nothing to report. I returned after lunch and went visiting a gallery. While I was there, Kitty cam inworld – 5 AM in the morning her time. We chatted a bit while I continued my gallery visit.
After I had finished, I checked Kitty whereabout and found her all alone in a sim. She told me that she was causing mischief the day before and got kidnapped in the midst of it. I went to her location and had difficulties to find and see her. I could locate her in a block of concrete hoovering a bit over the ground of the sim. The block was huge! I found out that it had 6 floors but only the 1st floor was filled – with cells.
It took some time to cheat into the block and then I also could see our kitty – locked up, chained to the wall and in a locked cell. I’d say she was pretty safe in there. Her kidnappers seemed to be very serious people (according to their profiles), not the kind of people you want to be caught by. I managed to reach into the cell and to unlock Kitty’s restraints with my master key. But how should I get her out of the cell?. I had to use a crowbar but finally succeeded to rescue Kitty (YAY) (Remark: I locked her cuffs and leashed her to me and luckily that made it possible to lure her out).

December 21st: Diomita rescues Kitty

Later in the afternoon I met with Mistress Jenny. Lucy (MissLucyWales) was also present and we took her to Psi’s where Mistress and I spent some time first just to catch up. Later Faye (Boy Serenity) joind us too. We chatted amoung us and a bit in mainchat and we watched what was going on. Domina A. was there with quite some of her slaves, all tied in a hogtie. What a picture! Our 1 1/2 hour flew by way too quickly again.

December 21st: Domina A. with a couple of her slaves / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’S realm with Lucy and Faye

We had a real family and friends night later. First Mistress Jenny and I played a skipee, Mistress with Angelique against Flo and me. It was a quite onesided game that Mistress and Angelique won easily. While we had been playing slave Melissa came online and Ann visited us and showed me a jukeox for our island after we had finished playing. The box can be helpful where there is no dj as you can request songs from a radio station with an interface. We will have to try that out.
Mistress Jenny and I went to Carnal Intentions with Flo and slave Melissa. We had quite some IMs and group chats open and I hardly saw the club room due to all opened windows. We chatted amoung each other, we had a chat group chat with Argi, we talked with Ann, Faye came by later, Alessi (Alessi20) joined us, Ebony was in IM … and we participated a bit in main chat. We left the club at around midnight, when slave Melissa had to leave. Mistress and I went to club Domme a Domme – and met Ebony and Baroness Capelo (as Rudolf the red nose rendeer) there. A family and friends night!

December 21st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo and slave Melissa / at club Domme a Domme with Ebony and Baroness Capelo

December 21st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Melissa, Alessi, Ann and Faye

Tuesday, December 22nd, we had a relaxed time in the afternoon. Mistress and I went to Puerto Esclava first, then to club Domme a Domme where I enjoyed some time at Mistress feet. We caught up with our news and we relaxed. As Flo and Angelique were present and at home, we returned home as well and played a skipee as teams. Mistress had to leave by the time we had finished.

December 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava, at club Domme a Domme and at home

First thing at night was worshiping Mistress Jenny and getting my fix. Mistress knows how to keep me addicted to her *winks*. Flo was present and I took Mistress Jenny and her to “Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland”, the Winter installation of Milly Sharple (read my simploring report here). We had fun there again.

December 22nd: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Flo at “Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland”, the Winter installation of Milly Sharple

Back to the more kinky entertainment. slave Melissa had come inworld and we went to Carnal Intentions with Flo and here. It was quite full and we got some entertainment, chatting amoung us and following the main chat (yes there was a bit of it, really). At flotime we returned home and as we didn’t had a Christmas tree at our porch at home yet – slave Melissa got that assignment.

December 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo and slave Melissa / at home installung our Melissa Christmas tree / at Puerto Esclava

We ended our night in SL with a visit at Puerto Esclava – and that’s it once again.

Diary 2020 (174) December 15th/16th In the run up to Christmas (V)

On Tuesday, December 15th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. We went to Carnal Intentions and caught up with our new there. It didn’t take long then Faye showed up and we took her a bit closer to us and I let her feel my control. I played with her viewing restrictions and locked her up – just because I could *winks*. We took Faye to club Domme a Domme afterwards, we chatted, we watched the crowd and we relaxed.

December 15th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Faye (Boy Serenity) at Carnal Intentions and at club Domme a Domme with Faye and Baroness Capelo

I was a bit early at night and went to club Domme a Domme where I met Faye. I had her at my feet for a while, then I went home with her just when Mistress Jenny came inworld. Flo was already there playing skipee. I guess she won against herself *winks*. slave Alessi joined us as well. We played a round of greedy and were just done when slave Melissa also showed up. Mistress Jenny and me with four subs/slaves. We could have had a spontaneous bondage night but we did something else. We went to Oblivion, a place that I had recently visited (read here and here).

December 15th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Oblivion with Ann, Flo, Faye, slave Melissa and slave Alessi

There is a luxury playroom on the ground level with one center room and four doors leding to four wing rooms. Not knowing what is behind the doory, Flo was first and selected the room with the bondage cross. I fixed her on it. Faye selected the Shibari bird cage, slave Melissa the doll cage and slave Alessi the lounger, which is not a BSDM furniture. I locked her on it nonetheless. Mistress and I made ourselved comfortable on a couch and we talked, opening the doors to the rooms every once in a while. Ann came by and had a look at the four rooms and their occupants. Too bad, that you can’t make the doors stay open, that would have been a lot more fun.

We stayed about 45 minutes, then I released our girls and we moved to Carnal Intentions to chill out. At flotime we returned home and as Mistress had an early start the next day we also sent off. It was not perfect, but we have tried out something different – and it provided some ideas for the future.

December 15th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, Faye, slave Melissa and slave Alessi

Wednesday, December 16th, Mistress was not around during the day. I had some time inworld, logged in and out, but couldn’t find any trouble or any prey worth hunting down. Finally in the later afternoon I went on a longer simploring tour.
At night Flo was present and we played 3 rounds of greedy. I had expected Mistress Jenny but she was running late. When slave Melissa came inworld I went to Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Melissa and Flo. We had some entertainment there as Lady Sidonia (luzi nymphea) showed up with one of her slaves and tried out some of her equipment. Then Mistress Jenny came inworld and she and I had quite something to catch up. Ann and later Argi joined us at Mesmerize Dungeon. Overall it was a varied day and a nice relaxed night.

December 16th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with Flo, slave Melissa, Lady Sidonia, Sidonia’s slave, Argi and Ann

Diary 2020 (164) November 24th/25th Two relaxed days side by side

Tuesday, November 24th, I met with Mistress in the afternoon. Unfortunately I got interrupted by my RL and we missed half an hour of being together. We went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club and caught up with our mutual news there. Lucy (MissLucyWales) joined us there and we had fun teasing her while also watching the crowd.

November 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with Lucy

At night we met at club Domme a Domme and returned home when slave Flo came inworld. We had two rounds of greedy with her and had just finished when slave Melissa showed up. slave Melissa had her lucky day. I removed her fetish hood and put her into a KaS hood instead. But I added an extra. slave Melissa got the AnaVision HUD. We went to Psi’s realm with slave Flo and slave Melissa and I had fun teasing slave Melissa and showing her some first vision restrictions of her new HUD. We also met with Argi at Psi’s and later after Flo had gone off Faye (Boy Serenity) spent some time with us. After all it was a varied and playful night for Mistress and me.

November 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with slave Flo, slave Melissa, Argi and Faye (Boy Serenity) / lower left shows one of slave Meli’s restricted views, lower right was taken with Vanilla Meili at club Domme a Domme

When slave Melissa had to leave for bed we went to club Domme a Domme again. Someone had left a wrapped gift for us there … Vanilla Meili. Vani had been at club Domme a Domme quite a while .. always restricted or caged.. but now she was free, a moment absent and her keys were out. We grabbed the gift and stored it at home in our Fetish club. Someone to play with the next day eventually.

Wednesday, November 25th, Mistress and I caught up with our mutual news at club Domme a Domme in the afternoon. We both had some news to share from RL and SL. And there was quite a crowd to watch at the club. We went to Noir’Wen City‘s Fetish Fair next. Most stores at Noir’Wen City participated at the fair and some offered free gifts. We visited a few stores but didn’t find anything new or interesting and the lag was quite hight for both of us. The fair ended November 29th. We also visited an exhibtion with more art from Milean Carbone. Milena’s art was still exhibited on big poster boards above the streets (read about this exhibition here).

November 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme, at Noir’Wen City’s Fetish Fair, at an extra exhibition of Milena Carbone, at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club and at home

We went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club next for a few minutes and then retreated to our skybox at home. Mistress surprised me .. we had some intimate time together first before I focused on Mistress pleasure only. I got a double amount of my fix, thank you, Mistress.

My night began with a long skipee against slave Flo. Playing with two takes quite long and you can’t really play strategic. slave Alessi came by and watched. I took her and slave Flo to Mesmerize Dungeon next where we me peeper (Alex Chapman) who we know from our early days. And Centrilia came by, dressed as supergirl, I know her from deviantArt. Mistress Jenny joined and even Loes stood a while close to us. Hence we were quite a group that night and we managed to get at least a bit of main chat initiated.

November 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme, at Noir’Wen City’s Fetish Fair, at an extra exhibition of Milena Carbone, at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club and at home

We returned home at flotime and went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with slave Alessi for a bit and later Mistress and I spent a bit of time at club Domme a Domme. We were still wearing our police collars with keys out, yet we didn’t get into any trouble.

Diary 2020 (160) Back in control

Monday was a particular day in Second Life for me. Mistress had granted a green light beginning that day and I looked forward to make to most of it. I waited for Mistress at our loft skybox in the afternoon so that we would be undisturbed. After we got up with our mutual news, I had her change her hairstyle and I made her wear a dress. Then Mistress had to wear her cuffs, had to lock them and to hand me her keys. I admit that it excite me to have her this way after more than 6 weeks.

I took Mistress to Angel of Pain. I had checked the different rooms and the gear there the day before. Luckily I had worked out two alternatives as the room I had in mind for that afternoon was occupied.

November 16th: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at the dungeon at Angel of Pain

I forst chained Mistress to a half cross and made her lick me – nothing compares to Mistress’ tongue! Next I used her with my strapon and confrimed that she’s my property fucking her hard. Finally I led Mistress a large bondage rack and licked her. She was still wet and this way I got a double portion of my fix.

November 16th: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at the dungeon at Angel of Pain, at club Domme a Domme and at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club

I couldn’t help myself but I had to expose Mistress being at my feet and took her to club Domme a Domme and later to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club before Mistress and I had to leave to tend to our RL

I had a relaxed night after this exciting afternoon. When I came inworld again, Flo was instructing Alessi (Alessi20) how to play skipee. Angelique came by and we chatted while Flo was instructing. She was a real angel with little wings! After a while Alessi seemed to be fit enough for playing and hence we played a skipee together. Alessi got an idea how it works and will improve quickly for sure.
We went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club afterwards for half an hour and had fun chatting and watching before Angelique and Flo went to bed. I myself said good night to Alessi and retreated to prepare something for the next day, for my next session with my property Mistress Jenny. I bought a vision restriction HUD and tested it. It offers quite a lot of restrictions, actually it uses a HUD and textures to provide the restriction and you can create your own textures or pictures, you can set the transparency, you can restrict the cam, take names and tags and loctations etc. I was very satisfied with it.

November 16th: Diomita and Angelique at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with slave Flo and Alessi

When I left Mistress Jenny Monday afternoon, I asked her to wear the NGW Aphrodite Hood, the NGW Andromede corset and a catsuit for me for the next day. I made a texture for the new HUD showing me and Mistress Jenny from a previous green light and when I came inworld on Tuesday, November 17th, in the afternoon, Mistress was aiting for me wearing her hood, corset and catsuit. I took her to our loft and bought the restriction HUD for her and uploaded the prepared texture to it. Then I went to club Domme a Domme with my property.

November 17th: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at home and at club Domme a Domme, upper right shows the originat NGW vision restriction of Mistress Jenny, lower left shows the restriction I created for her with the semi-transparent picture of us

We spent quite some time at club Domme a Domme and I exercised my control, restricing Mistress’ vision and her cam. And I knew how it looked and I could imagine how it feels. Being unable to cam around, and being refrained from a clear view makes you feel helpless, exactly what I wanted for my property.

I took Mistress to Angel of Pain next. That afternoon the room I wanted to use, the loft, was free. I fiexed Mistress Jenny on a rack and made her lick me. She’s such a good sub *sighs*. To make it worse for her I sat on body after my orgasm and rubbed myself to a second orgasm while Mistress had to watch helplessly. I love being in control.

November 17th: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at the loft at Angel of Pain

For the remaining time of our afternoon together I took Mistress to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club. Lucy (MissLucyWales) was there and I chatted with her for a bit (Mistress was restricted from IM *grins*). I can tell that Mistress at my feet did attract some more attention as I got one more IM from another guest.

November 17th: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with Lucy

Time flies when you have fun and our time was over. Mistress had to leave to tend to her RL and she wasn’t inworld at night again.

My night was again relaxed after that exciting afternoon. I played skipee with Angelique, slave Flo and Alessi. The game did take quite long and when we had finished slave Flo went to bed. Angelique and I went to BDSM Lifstyle Swingers Club with Alessi for half an hour and went off to bed at midnight.

November 17th: Diomita and Angelique at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with Alessi

And that’s it about these two days in control

Diary 2020 (159) November 14th/15th A relaxed weekend

Saturday, November 14th, I had some time alone in Second Life as Mistress was prevented from coming inworld during the day. I went visiting a gallery in the morning and I went on a simploring tout in the afternoon. I found time to hop through the usual clubs but without Mistress it was quite boring, I admit. Nothing really happened, in particular nothing to report in here.

At night, slave Flo was present and after I had caught up with Mistress we went seeing and played a skipee. It was a nice game as it was close and it took a while too. Alessi (Alessi20) had joined us and watched our play. We went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with slave Flo and Alessi after the game and stayed there for about 30 minutes, reading profiles, talking and enjoying eye candy. At flotime we returned home and Mistress went off to bed as she had an early start the next day. I went roaming again … and again nothing to report for in here.

November 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with slave Flo and Alessi / Diomita at club DeLust

Sunday, November 15th, Mistress was prevented from coming inworld during the day again. I was inworld in the morning for a bit, but it was simply boring without Mistress or anybody of our family around. After half an hour I logged off again and returned in the later morning for a simploring tour. And that simploring tour was great and enjoyable. I spent most of my free time in the afternoon with writing the simploring reports of Saturday and Sunday and came back inworld early at night to roam a bit through the clubs. I went to club DeLust, to Puerto Esclava, to Psi’s realm and to Heavy Bondage Club. Besides some unsolicited IMs nothing happened – I just looked good *winks*

November 15th: Diomita at club DeLust and at Psi’s realm

To make the most of my time I went to Angel of Pain to prepare my next green light, as Mistress had announced a green light for the next week and I had to be prepared where to take her and what to do with my property.

When I returned home, Angelique and Flo were present and playing cards. We decided to have a game of greedy while waiting for Mistress Jenny. Alessi (Alessi20) joined us. After the game Mistress Jenny showed up and after all the hugs we decided to have another game of greedy before clubbing.

November 15th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo, Alessi and Lucy at home and at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers club

We went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club and it turned out to be a fun night there. We had a group chat amoung us and had fun making remarks about a latex doll, who must have come directly from a comic strip to the club. Lucy (MissLucyWales) joined us. We stayed more than an hour at the club and chatted and enjoyed and were also just a bit silly.

November 15th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo, Alessi and Lucy at home and at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers club watching a latex doll

Diary 2020 (158) November 12th/13th A visit to the teddies at Ralf’s Dark Paradise

Thursday, November 12th, I met Mistress in the afternoon at home and we caught up quickly with our mutal news. Mistress intended to ensure that I get addicted toher and to my fix and took me over to her seat. Yes, I needed it. Did it work? Of course it did, steadily I get deeper and deeper into submission to her (is that possible?). Anyway, it was a nice start into this day inworld.

We went to our house where Ebony and Lucy (MissLucyWales) had cleaned. The house was clean but what about our boots? Mistress and I, both got our boots cleaned and some shine added. Lucy had to leave into her RL though afterwards. We took Ebony to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club to show our shiny boots and spent half an hour there, then it was time for us to tend to our RL for a bit.

November 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home / at home with Ebony and Lucy / at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with Ebony

We had a varied night. Angelique, slave Flo and Alessi (Alessi20) were at home. We first played a greedy together. Then we went to Ralf’s Dark Paradise, a sim that we know from our first years in Second Life (read the post of 2010 here). Great that it still exists! There’s a castle with funny teddies that great fresh slave meat and process it in ther dungeon. It is well scripted and Mistress and I we both had a lot of fun there in our early years. For Alessi that was all new and we brought her near the teddies and she got processed. Unfortunately she only go the short tour (what specific treatement you get is random). Anyway we had fun watching.

November 12th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo and Alessi at home, at Ralf’s Dark Paradise and at Mesmerize Dungeon

After this tour we went to Mesmerize Dungeon for a while to wind down before Angelique and then Flo had to leave for bed. Mistress Jenny and I went to Puerto Esclava for another 30 minutes before we called it a night ourselves.

Friday afternoon, Mistress Jenny and I had an hour together, that we spent at Puerto Esclava and BDSM Lifestyle Club. We talked, read profiles and enjoyed. I changed into something white while we were at Puerto Esclava. Later, when we returned home, Mistress also changed into a white dress before she left to tend to her RL.

November 13th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava and at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club

Why white? Because we had set the theme for our Friday night party: “The Winter is coming but so far we still enjoy quite warm weather. Let us scare off Winter and come in something white, no need for snow then … or come as you are of course”.

November 13th – Friday night party: slave Flo, Diomita, Mistress Jenny, Alessi20, Angelique, Ebony MAssey, Sarah Fhang, vero Hartmann (upper row), Starbright Wingtips, Sara (SaraRandall), Alaunirra (ams684), Claire (maddh4tt3r), Della Randt, Baroness Capelo, Virgo Babii (lower row)

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