Mistress Cutitta

I met Mistress Cuttita at Domme a Domme where she recruited girls for her Strict Ballet Academy. She looked very strict and demanding in her ballet costume with her black eye mask. This drew my attention and I asked her to give me a tour. To make a long story short after the tour I agreed to attend a first lesson where Mistress Cutitta showed me her strict side to get me exercising at the barre. And I passed the audition to start my career to become a ballet slut. I asked Goddess if I may attend it and she gave me her permission. But unfortunately I didn’t find the time to start my lessons. A few weeks later I met Mistress Cuttita again at DaD and she was in a very submissive mood. She had become a slave at her own school and was owned by the new Headmistress. We had some playing together and tittia (her new display name) became closer and closer to Jenny and me. Due to other reasons that do not need to be mentioned here she has been released by her Mistress another few weeks later, a friendly release by the way. Tittia stayed with us, begun to serve and to please us. She is a lovely and imaginative roleplayer. In addition she’s not submissive to everyone and knows how to defend herself and she’s a proud sub to us. Tittia began her trial for us where she had to see her future sisters and the family.

Here is just one comment about her from our doll Dana: “My new sister tittia, has come to our family as a new slave of Mistress Dio.  She is a lovely girl who has a past similar to many of Dio’s lovely pets.  She is a former Mistress, who has come to the family offering a unique experience at a school for ballerinas.   Not just any school but a school for extreme ballerinas. I think many of my sisters would do well to learn the finer arts from this lovely finishing school.  Maybe a group session in proper foot work and elegance to improve our grace and manor.  tittia can be a wonderful aid in teaching the sisters of the family the finer delicacies of dances” Her ballet skills did impress the whole family. Her sister vanessa wrote: “In recent weeks we Maurer Girls have been graced by the presence of Mistress Cutitta, a rare beauty from Holland. Actually, She is an ex Mistress now it seems as she is under the control of Mistress Dio and Miss Jenny. However, a true switch has a deep insight into the  power dynamics of a BDSM situation. Therefore Cutitta will be a valuable asset to our Family as she can assume domme and sub roles expertly. Her expertise in applying the discipline of the Ballet will make for some very interesting games, and more. We subs had best watch our step. I hope Cutitta passes her trial so she can be embraced by Our Family.” tittia is all submissive to Jenny and me and you might have to wait quite a while until her domme side will shine through again – if ever. She is a perfect addition to our family and will introduce manners, behavior and the right way of walking and dancing to us. Today, May 28th, we collared our new sub, Maurer’s Prima. Welcome to our family, tittia.

Update #1: I have released tittia (mistress.cutitta) after close to 1 1/2 year wearing my and our collar on August 16th, 2012. Tittia is  only having a very time online for one year now because of her RL and there’s no chance that this will change soon. Upon her return online she will have no obligations and can start seeking new adventures and excitement. Nonetheless tittia will stay a very close friend of ours and hopefully we’ll see her around with us often. First of all we wish all the best for her and that she can make time for SL later again. You’re always welcome to us, tittia. We love you, tittia!

20130204 subtittia Maurer_003Update #2:Those who follow or blog or our second life know tittia (mistress.cuttita). She was our brat from May 28th, 2011 until August 16th, 2012. tittia’s time online became very limited and then she had some RL issues that took her whole attention. Upon her return by the end of 2012, she enjoyed readadjusting and getting back slowly and she discovered back her domme side. She gave some lessons at the SBA also ..but then …..she returned to us, more willing to submit than ever before as living out her domme side makes her restless.
Jenny and I will ensure from now on that tittia will not become restless again. Consequently we locked her collar again securely around her neck and she will get used to her new role as our slave.
Welcome back home, subtittia Maurer

November 2013: Tittia’s absences due to RL prevent maintaining a strong D/s relation. Thus we give her the freedom to enjoy SL on her own when she returns and she will be always a close submissve friend for us

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