Diary 2017 (78) May 17th – Ehesklavin Diomita

Wednesday, May 17th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. Just after greeting Mistress she put her new toy, the chin corrector, back around my neck, gagged me with a penis gag, covered my jaw with the correcting shell, push my chin upwards and my head into my neck. She added cuffs and pulled them tight. Then she took me out to expose me at the Heavy Bondage Club. I had to kneel at her side there as her slave, her property, her Ehesklavin. I just obey and am eager to please her, I do not question her orders. My memories about having control over her are fading more and more and I sense her domme side is getting even stronger more and more. The term Ehesklavin, married slave, describes my position with regard to Mistress Jenny very precisely. And Mistress leaves no doubt that there’s no way back for me even when my next green light and later her collaring anniversary are coming up.

Mistress Jenny left me bound and locked with keys out when we had to log off. She planned seeing me at night but her RL prevented her from going online at our usual time. I went back to the Heavy Bondage Club and watched the crowd there and read profiles. Mistress came online shortly just to unlock me and I had some time with slave Flo at my side before she managed to be with us for half an hour. Nonetheless time flew by quickly again.

Before I went to bed I met Angelique. Angelique told me that she left the Sybilienne Institute: “Well that turned out to be very boring. Just a few players.. all at different times around.. I tried to manage some thing but… it didn’t work. The biggest reason I turned my back to it was an other governess came up… bullied me, telling me I was punished.. blah blah blah..I roamed around and found a new roleplay sim called Oak Meadows Community. It was not opened yet… May 15th it would go live. I wandered and visited daily seeing some activity. Last weekend I filled in an application form for the Faculty and Students at Oak Academy Girls’ school and joined. School rules apply in group chat too. Remain respectful at all times. Notices for class times and clubs including events will be provided. Remember to check the notices regularly. So.. I am on school again

Now Angelique is an applicant and if everything goes well she’ll become a full student in 2 weeks. She seems to be very happy there. She found the roleplay she’s seeking. Hopefully she can enjoy it for a long time and tell us more about it soon.

Diary 2017 (61) April 22nd – The day after

Saturday, April 22nd, I met Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. It was the day after my 4th collaring anniversary. Along with the leather and steel “Ehesklavin” collar, that Mistress locked around my neck again, she implemented a stricter regime which she layed out while she exposed me at several clubs. She did not discuss it but explained what she expects. It is something between us, hence I will not report about details here. But for the diary it is an issue to be mentioned nonetheless. Mistress Jenny took me to The Secret House, to Domme a Domme and to club DeLust. At club DeLust I had to dance for the audience. Here are some impressions of this afternoon tour, which was quite intense for me because of the implementation of the rules.

Diary 2017 (59) April 18/19th – Kidnapped

Tuesday, April 18th, I met Jenny in the late afternoon. I had left Jenny the night before with her keys out, as she loves to seek some trouble and she often complains that people don’t dare to take keys for a spontaneous roleplay like they did when we joined Second Life and spent or first years in Stonehaven. She was online during the day a bit, but as she had expected nothing had happened. Maybe she radiates a dominant aura, who knows? But also her profile is quite clear about that. Anyway, I thought, why not have a dangerous game together again like we did several times before in the last years? So I took my restraints out, locked them and left the keys out just like Jenny. We went to Domme a Domme. Well and there it took just 2 minutes, then I had an instant message from another visitor of the club asking me what Jenny and I were doing there with our keys out. I told her, that we’re playing a dangerous game. She did not hesitate more than a few seconds to order me to her and then she took my keys from my already locked cuffs that tied my arms on the back. What should I do? She removed my jacket and  ordered me to pull my hotpants down, thus stripping me in public. In the meanwhile Jenny was still standing alone in the club. She, lets call her Miss Kidnapper, called Jenny over and took control of her as well.“I’ll show you how dangerous games can end”, she said, before I had to go on my knees and lick her. She treathened me to beat Jenny, if I won’t perform to her satisfaction. Well, this dangerous game was definitively becoming dangerous. Miss Kidnapper brought us to Gwen’s storage and put both of us in one cell, tied up in hogtie and gagged. Miss Kidnapper brought her partner over and they both discussed how to take us. And we could not really do anything – as Miss Kidnapper expressed it very simple: “You two are fucked up now”.
The next day, Wednesday, April 19th, Jenny and I were quite often online during the day, also idling while we were busy in our RL, but nothing happened. We saw people come and go at Gwen’t storage, even some known faces. But none helped us out (well, it would have been in vain, as Miss Kidnapper did a good job in restraining us). At least we kept IM and were able to talk with eachother and time went by quickly chatting and yes, also enjoying to spend some time of togetherness in this dangerous game.
Later at night our head slave Flo showed up. She took the big tour over all places she could think about as a probable storage for kidnapping victims. And Gwen’s storage isn’t that unknow. It was a matter of time that she found us there. Still Miss Kidnapper hasn’t shown up again. Slave Flo had taken the secretly hidden wallet of us for emergencies. She bribed a guard to lock the door and we traveled home, where we had the according tools for releasing. But is the danger banned??
to be continued eventually … *winks*
P.S.: What a shame, I had a green light and some of it is spoiled now.

Diary 2017 (58) April 17th – slavin C at the patio

We spend Monday, Easter Monday night, April 17th, at home at our patio. Besides Jenny and myself, slave Flo and slavin C were present. We took slavin C at the suspension rack there, as we did with slave Flo, slave slut cecy and Kitty before. I removed the shield of slavin C’s chastity belt and drove the impaling dildo upwards with the remote control – then I started the machine to fuck slavin C. After some squirms she began to enjoy the tease more and more until she was begging to cum. Longer teasing made short, I allowed her to cum. Jenny was standing aside with maid rille (rille MacMoragh), who came to her for getting some help with her restraints. After slave Flo left I let rille clean our sklavin C, who was close to cum a second time yet I ordered rille to stop just before and shielded slavin C’s belt again. Later I took my property Jenny to club DeLust where we chilled down before bed.

April 17th at Club DeLust: Mistress Diomita and her property Jenny

Diary 2017 (57) April 17th – in control

Monday, April 17th, I met with Jenny in the afternoon. And as I was in control having a green light, I had to make the most of it. I was at Heavy Bondage Club, surfing profiles, when Jenny came online and joined me there. Just a few days before I was with her at the same spot and she enjoyed having me at her leash. Now it was my turn. I admit, that I adapted some of Jenny’s ways to dominate. I learn from her now. I handed her the leather cuffs and a ballgag and asked her to wear them for me, to lock them and to hand over the keys – and at least some at this quiet and busy club did take notice, which was what I intended. But the main intention was that I asked her for her submission and that she gave control to me in a voluntary act. I enjoyed having Jenny at my feet for about 15 minutes, then I took her to Keiko’s Castle as I had planned it during my fist visit there. I used the suspension crane in one of the dungeons to tease and spoil her. It was quiet there, just the two of us. This suspension crane is quite a lovely piece of bdsm gear, something to remember about for future sessions. It was a very relaxing afternoon.

Diary 2017 (56) April 16th (2) – Thrall

Sunday night, Easter Sunday 2017, April 16th, we first went to The Secret House. We that’s Jenny, slave Flo and I. We met Argi over there and chatted a bit. It was very laggy and even the conference IM lagged terribly. Time to do something else. I still have some landmarks to explore and discover that I found surfing profile.

April 16th at TSH: Jenny, slave Flo, Diomita and Argi

We went to Thrall. Somehow the name rang a bell, but Jenny didn’t remember it and nor did I. The orignal description I had was “Welcome! Island home to Miss Angie and Shae. Use the TP pads to explore, and enjoy the castle, the forest, the caverns, the space station, and of course, the dungeon. Bring your loved one here to visit one of our many dark cells, or just to cuddle 🙂“. When we arrived at Thrall, we learned that Thrall is currently under recontruction and might be some mess.Thrall. The moment we arrived it felt familiar. In particular many names of the Thrall group are very familiar. Shae, that’s Shae Thatcher, she has her private hime there, Sharie Criss, Aimee Riptide, Tania Owatatsumi …. many more, not close friends but acquaintances of a long Second Life. And Thrall? Yes, we’ve been there before. It is a homesim right next to Lochme. A lot more quiet, medieval, some private homes. It offers nice looks and views and also a dungeon. As opposed to Lochme, you won’t get that much attention at Thrall. Everything is more private here. Jenny, Argi, slave Flo and I roamed around Thrall for about an hour. We had fun exploring it and the longer I walked around, the more familiar the place became to me again. We shall come back soon to check what is remodelled.
We walked over to Lochme (well we had also to swim) and finished our visit. After slave Flo went to bed, I grabbed what is mine. I had in mind to take Jenny to club DeLust and we actually also went there, but lag was unbearable that night, so we went home and spent some time together in our own Fetisch Club before I took Jenny to the annex of our skybox, where I took advantage of being in control. We ended this night dancing at the rooftop of our skybox.

April 16th at home at Fetisch Club Chez Maurer: Diomita and Jenny

Diary 2017 (46) March 29th / March 30th – The belt

Wednesday, March 29th, I met my property in the afternoon and took advantage of her. I’m enjoying my green light to the fullest. At night, I took slave Flo and slavin C to Lochme. I expected slave cecy to show up. She was once again in “her” beloved voting cage. We chatted and Argi also came by, so the time flew by, but cecy didn’t show up before slave Flo needed to log off. I took slavin C home and tied and leash her at our patio. Later slave cecy showed up, but it was already too late for that night. As so often, if you make plans in Second Life, they fail *winks*

March 29th: Diomita ties and leashes slavin C at our patio wall

Thursday, March 30th, and I’m still enjoying my green light. I took my property to Chateau Catspaw, that I explored just before. It was one of the landmarks that I collected for kinkploring. I might present that here in the blog soon. We were all alone, as I hoped, and I had my way with my very owned property. I made her shouting her “thank you, Mistress Diomita” not just one time *winks*.

March 30th: Mistress Diomita taking her property Jenny

Thursday night I could finally do what I planned for the night before. I took slave slut home from the voting cage. She had worked the votes needed to get free down to 14 from 35. Well done, slut. As we had a visitor, Carrden (Historik Bracula), we stayed at the patio and Carrden found himself soon chained and tied up in a frame there, after a “bad click” –  he sat unasked on my lap. May “bad click” was tieing him up in the frame. And what was the plan? Ah yes, I wanted to get a t&t chastity belt for our slut as a birthday present. To shorten it, I went getting the belt and set it up and then fitted it on her. With the butt plug and the vibrator the toy is just made for our slut. With chatting and teasing our victim and getting the belt adjusted, it was soon time for bed.

March 30th: Diomita with slave FLo and slave slut cecy at the patio teasing Carrden

That’s it for today.

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