Simploring 2018 (77) Venesha

For my simploring tour on Sunday, September 2nd, I selected Venesha from SL Destinations.

Venesha is the home of Hera (zee9), an adult homestead, her gothic interpretation of Venice. The landmark description defines it as “a place to come hang out, chill out and enjoy the place and its facilities in whatever way takes your fancy.”

Venesha overview

The landing is at the dock, the gondolas are TP points for moving around the sim if you don’t like to explore on foot. At the landing point you also get a notecard with some basic rules, including some background about Venesha: “This is my rather Adult, Gothic interpretation of Venice. If you have been around SL for a few years you may recall a place called Venexia. Well this is a stripped down homestead version of that. And yes I built the original, nuff said on that subject.

Impressions of Venesha (1) – around the dock and the Basilika (lower right)

I’ve never been to Venexia, hence I can’t compare Venesha to it. But for sure I can say that Venesha is an impressive rebuilt of Venice in Second Life, in particular if you take into acount that it is a homestead and therefore prims are short.

Impressions of Venesha (2) – interior of the Basilika (left) ond of the Library (right)

Impressions of Venesha (3) – the piazza and the cafe

Not all buildings are furnished, some are just houses with a fitting texture outside, but when you walk through Venesha or take a row boat at the grand canal you get a really good impression about the particular atmosphere of Venice.

Impressions of Venesha (4) – the clubs and baths

In the above overview map I marked the places of interest which I visited. These buildings are furnished and I recomend a view inside. The adult part is at at the club and baths, between the club and the theatre is a prison. The interior is selected with care and fits well to the surrounding, elegant and luxurious with a touch of decadence. The Basilika is another gem you should miss to have a look at.

Impressions of Venesha (5) – just enjoying the views (left) / the theatre (right)

Venesha can be a place just to take pictures but I can imagine that it is as well a place for role play. I enjoyed my visit a lot. I liked walking through the narrow alleys and the luxurious interior of the buildings. Very well done! Thank you Hera (zee9) for providing your place to the public!

Landmark to Venesha

Simploring 2018 (79) Sea Monsters

I picked “Sea Monsters” from SL Destinations for my simploring tour on Tuesday afternoon, September 11th. Sea Monsters is, according to the landmark description a photo and installation art exhibition of Citta Wiskee. It was opened September 1st and is going to stay at least until September 30th.

Impression of “Sea Monsters” (1) – overview and around the landing point

The landing at “Sea Monsters” is at a wooden pier. You see another small island not far away from the pier, the secenery is mystic (I kept the proposed windlight settings for my visit), a white glowing small being is next to you, a whale jumps out of the water nearby and hides again in the sea, you hear some kids talking or singing but can’t understand it, there’re white particles hoovering in the air and soon you’re caught in this fantasy world.
I walked into the forest that begins just at the pier and found more ot the white glowing beings gathered in a forest glade in the center of the island. Walking to the other end of this island some other glowing particles hoover over the water, looking like mushrooms or flying jellyfish.

Impression of “Sea Monsters” (2)

I continued my simploring tour getting an overview and zoomed out into an arieal view. “Sea Monsters” consists of several small islands, the one you land on is the largest of them. A big whale with a tree growing around it’s body flies over the islands like an airship. You can take a ride on this whale. Some other whales circle above the islands flying.

I visited the other small islands and each of them holds a little fantasy art installation. There’s one with a piano where you can sit down and play, another with several cushions to sit down and to watch a slideshow that tells the story of two girls exchanging their dreams and wishes, one with a little bird in a cage. And on every island you find groups ot white glowing fantasy beings. It is a really mystic but very peaceful world.

Impression of “Sea Monsters” (3)

Under water is an exhibtion of Citta Wiskee’s photos. I assume that at least some of them, if not all, were taken at “Sea Monsters“. They show scenes of people interacting with eachother or with whales. The pictures are not flat and there’s a film of algae wavering on the surface of the pictures that provides a very particular impression in addition with the fishes swimming around. I liked it.

Impression of “Sea Monsters” (4) – under water exhibition of Citta Wiskee’s art

Last but not least I tried to find out more about Citta Wiskee and looked up her profile. She owns a store named ATTIC that sells mesh objects, a few extraordinairy clothes and weired stuff. A lot of stuff is sold as gatchas though, a way of selling that I don’t like. But I like the little items she creates and sells. And some of it you’ll also find at “Sea Monsters“.
Next to Citta’s store is CLAVv, a store for Men’s Mesh Clothing and Accessories, owned by Pierre (thepierrot)…. and Pierre is the founder of the group, that owns the sim, where Sea Monster’s is installed right now.

Thank you Citta and Pierre for this fantasy world, this piece of art to discover, explore and hang around dreaming.

Remark: As “Sea Monsters” might close by the end of the month, I publish this blog post ahead of schedule.

Landmark to Sea Monsters
Landmark to Citta’s store ATTIC

Simploring 2018 (74) Meadow Rose

I got a hint from Annie Oh (anniebrightstar), who runs SL Destinations, to have a look at Meadow Rose. I found time for simploring Sunday, August 26th, and visited it.

Meadow Rose overview

Meadow Rose is an adult homestead sim, owned by Rye Falmer. Later, when I met Rye after my simploring tour, he told me that Kitty Templeton (kittytempleton) is co-owning Meadow Rose. Their main estate is Templeton Cove Estates & The Lake House and compromises 16 sims (American Lakes and Wilderness Themed Estate, Residential & Recreational, Light Sailing, Riding & Hiking Trails). I saw a small part of Templeton Cove when I visited it during my Halloween tour 2016 (read here).
Rye loves to landscape at Templeton Cove Estates & The Lake House but he’s not good with managing renters, that’s Kitty’s part together with someone else. Meadow Rose was originally embedded into Templetom Cove Estates, but it dosent go with the theme of the other sims so Rye decided to create it remotely again. In addition Meadow Rose is adult which goes against the family ethos of templeton estate.
I’ll take Templeton Cove Estates on my list of sims to explore.

Impressions of Meadow Rose (1) – around the landing point and the church

But back to Meadow Rose. At the landing point you can join the Meadow Rose group. From there you can walk a real nice trail, which takes you around the island along the shore. I turned left and began exploring on foot. I passed a farm and came to a church with a graveyard. I visited the church and continued walking along the shore. The trail is just beautiful and you get lovely views. The landscape is natural, there’re lots of trees and flower fields, everything fits to perfection.

Impressions of Meadow Rose (2) – beautiful views

After some walking I reached a bay with a sailing boat anchored there. At the shore is a small shipyard for smaller boats. After staying there for a bit I continued my tour, I passed several nice places to sit and cuddle or to simply enjoy. Then I passed some ruins and saw a dandelion which you can use to make a tour flying over the island. I didn’t do that though. After passing the ruins I came to a park with a pond, another place just to enjoy. There’s also the possiblity to dance. Shortly after the park with the pond I reached the landing point once again.

Impressions of Meadow Rose (2) – the marina and the shipyard

But there’s more if you don’t take the trail along the shore but go to the inner island. I took the trail to the farm which leads further to a quite big manor that looks very British. Inside the manor is furnished luxurious and is a collection of antiques, of hunting trophies and of curiosities from all over the world. There’re tapestries and oil paintings decorating the wall. To sum it up: it looks very Britsh, maybe like the home of an Earl or a Duke, maybe of the Duke of Meadow Rose *winks*. I also had a look into the cellar. Surprise! The upper nobility has guilty pleasures and fetishes. I have to keep in mind this manor.

Impressions of Meadow Rose (4) – more beautiful views

Impressions of Meadow Rose (5) – the farm and the manor

Outside of the manor is a garden. Again it looks really British. Everything is neat and you sense that there are gardeners who care that every single flower is at the right place. In the garden I met Rye Falmer, the owner of Meadow Rose (the Duke of Meadow Rose?). We had a really nice chat and he told me about the above mentioned connection to Templeton Cove. We talked about his and our place and he might visit our island one day or even join our party.

Impressions of Meadow Rose (6) – the garden and Diomita Meeting Rye Famer, the owner of Meadow Rose

Meadow Rose is another hidden gem in Second Life and I admire how perfectly it is made. Rye has really a talent to make this place look like a piece of a British paradies. Thank you for sharing the place with the public, Rye!

Landmark to Meadow Rose
Landmark to Templeton Cove Estates (Marina and office)

Simploring 2018 (72) – “The 7 deadly sins” by Oceanida

I came across Ana (oceanida) when I visited the R&D Gallery at Diotima (see here). Ana (oceanida) makes photographs in black and white. She plays with coloured transparent walls and with mirror effects that provide another and particular view at her work. Today, when I was looking where to go to for simploring, I saw on SL Destinations, that there’s another exhibition of Ana called “The 7 deadly sins”, which is presented at the Niflheimer Art Gallery.

The Niflheimer Art Gallery, owned by Thor (anaadi), is located in an old plant building. The Gallery is curated by Yvan Slade. The old plant building is quite popular in Second Life and I saw it quite often already before used for different purposes.

“The 7 deadly sins” by Oceanida at Niflheimer Art Gallery

Ana’s exhibition “The 7 deadly sins” presents her black and white pictures again using coloured transparent walls as well as mirror and light effects. In addition Ana added furniture and other objects to enhance the effect of her pictures.

The seven deadly sins, also known as the capital vices or cardinal sins, is a grouping and classification of vices within Christian teachings. Behaviours or habits are classified under this category if they directly give birth to other immoralities. The standard list compromises pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth, which are also contrary to the seven virtues prudence, justice, temperance, courage (or fortitude), faith, hope and charity. (source wikipedia).

“The 7 deadly sins” by Oceanida at Niflheimer Art Gallery (1) – Lust

Ana grouped her pictures according to the 7 deadly sins. You enter the different rooms through transparent walls and the room, the pictures on the walls and all other objects are submerged by this colour. Most of the pictures do clearly represent the according deadly sin. I just had problems to interpret 2 of the 3 pictures related to the sin of sloth.

“The 7 deadly sins” by Oceanida at Niflheimer Art Gallery (2) – Sloth (lower left) / Gluttony (upper right) / Wrath (lower right)

During my visit I was dressed in a black latex catsuit and wearing a corset and I fitted quite well into the surrounding, particular in the space dedicated to the deadly sin of lust.

Overall “The 7 deadly sins” is a felicitous exhibition. Ana’s pictures are very expressive and the colourful environment once again provides a great contrast, something you can’t easily reproduce in the physical world.

“The 7 deadly sins” by Oceanida at Niflheimer Art Gallery (3) – Greed (upper left) / Envy (upper right) / Pride (lower left)

The exhibtion was opened August 5th and I don’t know how long it will be shown at the Niflheimer Art Gallery, so you should better visit it timely.
Thank you Ana for the great work and thank you Thor for providing the space for the art.

Landmark to Niflheimer Art Gallery

Simploring 2018 (71) Island of Trust

For my simploring tour on Thursday, August 16th, I picked “Island of Trust” from SL Destinations.
The landmark description is promising: “A breathtaking Africa themed sim with glorious beaches, magnificent scenery, beautiful animals, birds and marine life and lots of romantic places to cuddle, dance or bring a lover. You will land in a hub so use the TP board to explore!
Island of Trust is owned by Krystal (Krystal Iridescent) who also owns the adjacent sim *Xtal* Garden and the *Xtal* store, which offers a wide variety of furnishings and a few homes.

Impressions of “Island of Trust” (1) – The landing skybox and landing at the island itself

The landing is in skybox. There you’ll get a notecard with some really basic rules you should follow when visiting “Island of Trust“. It is an adult sim, yet that doesn’t mean that you can do what you want and it is not a sex sim – in short: act like an adult. From here you can go either directly to the “Island of Trust“, or teleport directly to some points of interest there, or visit the above mentioned *Xtal* Garden or the *Xtal* store.
I decided to visit the “Island of Trust“, the teleport led me to the beach and to a couple of boards repeating the rules. Quite close to the landing I found a feather, on which you can sit down and that takes you on a tour over “Island of Trust“. That’s a prefect start for a simploring tour:
Welcome to the Island of Trust! Sit back, turn off your AO, allow the region windlight and put your speakers on to hear the sounds as i take you on a safari! We have lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhino, monkeys, birds, gazelle, zebras, meerkats, lions and more here!

Impressions of “Island of Trust” (2) – The feather tour

During the tour you get a lot more information about the wildlife, about the animals, the declining population and about some of the many endangered species all around the world because of human overpopulation causing habitat loss and fragmentation.
The tour guide also provides links to further information. Besides the great views I could collect during the feather tour the provided information is very serious and eductional. Krystal clearly wants to contribute to spreading the information about the endangered wildlife.

Impressions of “Island of Trust” (3) – The wildife

After the feather tour I visited “Island of Trust” on foot and I could take many great pictures. There’s a lot to discover and I’m pretty sure that I still missed a lot. In Second Life you can get very close to the animals, they won’t run away from you. You can even pose on them or next to them and take some really funny shots – and you don’t harm them at all. This kind of a safari is a very environmentally friendly and friendly to animals. I think the pictures show how much fun I had and what beautiful views I could get.

Impressions of “Island of Trust” (4) – The wildlife (and funny poses)

Impressions of “Island of Trust” (5) – great views

Besides the animals the nature is just great and Krystal has also added storm and rain. The places to sit and watch or to cuddle offer mostly a great view into the landscape. There are some huts and houses which provide further opportunities to sit, cuddle or simply talk.

Impressions of “Island of Trust” (6) – Some of the many places to sit or cuddle

I’ve never been to Africa in RL myself so far, but that’s how I’d picture a visit to it. Yet I doubt that I would see that many wildlife as on “Island of Trust” and for sure I won’t get that close to the animals and most probably I wouldn’t want to either *winks*.
I like the way Krystal has combined information with fun. “Island of Trust” is really a great place to have fun or to retreat and enjoy. I hope that I can fulfill my intention to go back for further simploring and for visiting the *Xtal* garden. Thank you Krystal (Krystal Iridescent) for this great place in Second Life!

Landmark to “Island of Trust” (Skybox)
Landmark to *Xtal* Garden
Landmark to *Xtal* Store

Simploring 2018 (70) – The Art Game

Sunday, August 12th, I picked “The Art Game” from SL Destinations for my simploring tour.
The Art Game” is an installation from Betty Tureaud on LEA21. It’s the 2nd time that I came across Betty Tureaud. I saw other piece of art from her at ArtSpace UTSA in 2016 (read here). Betty Tureaud is from Denmark, she’s a builder and light and space artist in Second Life.

The landing at “The Art Game” is on a flat endless colourful plateau right next to some floating tyres. You have to sit on one of them to get into the installation itself. Once you’re inside, there is a board advertising the opening event which was Friday, August 10th, and a map with your position and some lines, it reminded me of the board for nine men’s morris. In the center of the map are two dice. And from the off you get a message from Betty Tureaud: “Welcome to The Art Game! To get on you must find the two dice (set cam to minimum 250m)

Impressions of “The Art Game” by Betty Tureaud (1)

Ok …”The Art Game” is a maze! And it is a colourful maze. I tried to figure a way from my position to the center and entered the maze. Just when I got around the first corner Pac-Man ran into me and swallowed me. I had no way to get out and Pac-Man had it’s fun with me running back and forth the tube. After a while I teleported back to the start and when I entered the 2nd time I looked out carefully and got the right timing and avoided getting swallowed again.
But I forgot where to go 🙂 And that’s what a maze is for, you get lost. And several Pac-Men were after me. I took some nice pictures of myself being a part of the Pac-Man game. And of course I also met the Pac-Man Ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Impressions of “The Art Game” by Betty Tureaud (2)

The Art Game” was really fun! I finally made it to the center and found the dice laying under a huge, colourful being with many tentacles. Right next to I found a dice with a free gift. My gift was one of the Pac-Man ghosts: Blinky. When I returned home I tried it and added it and I was transformed into Blinky – funny!

Impressions of “The Art Game” by Betty Tureaud (3) and back home I scared Angelique

The Art Game” offers a lot of colourful views, some fun and for those familiar with Pac-Man also the very special experience to get into the game. Thank you Betty for your installation. I really enjoyed my visit. Well done!

Landmark to The Art Game

Simploring 2018 (69) Peace in mind

Tuesday night, July 31st, I found surprisingly time for a simploring tour. I picked “Peace of mind” from SL Destinations as the provided picture and the landmark description caught my attention: “Welcome! Enjoy! I have a passion for landscaping, design & art. Hopefully this place brings peace in your heart. Check out the NEW secret caves, have fun on the beach, hangout at the cottage in the forest, play games, etc!

Impressions of “Peace of Mind” (1) – beach and landing (upper left) / overview (lower left) / indoor Swimming pool (upper and lower right)

Peace of Mind” is a parcel on mainland owned by Talacious Tigerpaw. The landing point is at a nece beach. The parcel is surrounded by steep rocks. “Peace of Mind” offers a lot to discover and many nice spots to sit and talk.

Impressions of “Peace of Mind” (2) – in the woods / the cave (lower right)

I began my simploring at the beach from where you have to walk up a bit to get to an indoor swimming pool. There is a set table for a romantic dinner for two. From there I walked through the woods upwards and upwards. Along the path you might notice some animals who liven up the scene. At one point you can leave the path and enter a sunflower field, which I did not as I assumed that it was already on the next parcel. Later I found out, that it is an extension parcel of “Peace of Mind“.
The path leads up further and further until you reach a cave. The cave can certainly be used as another rooantic spot, but I didn’t find any opportunity to sit and relax inside of it. leaving the cave the path leads further upwards until you reach the top of the rock and a high plateau. There are two connected tree houses. Both are fully furnished.

Impressions of “Peace of Mind” (3) – The tree houses

If you walk beyond the tree houses you get to the sunflower field again and this time I entered it and I found another living space under a big tree. On the high plateau you also find a bar and restaurant and at the end of the plateau a large villa, that I could already see from the beach looking up to the top of the rock. This villa is outstanding because it is also fully furnished. It offers again a lot of rooms where you could meet.

Impressions of “Peace of Mind” (4) – sunflower field (upper pictures) / bar and restaurant (lower pictures)

Impressions of “Peace of Mind” (5) – the villa

There’s a lot to discover at “Peace of Mind” and I had fun exploring it and taking lots of pictures. “Peace of Mind” has just one downside being located on mainland you don’t have a fitting sim background and the neighborhood can be disturbing, in particular the sky platforms are disturbing the view.
I was surprised that the whole plot is fully accessible for the public including the fully furnished tree houses and the large villa. You certainly can find some peace there. I had fun simploring. Thank you Talacious Tigerpaw for providing your plot to the public.

Landmark to Peace of mind

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