Simploring 2018 (59) Chouchou

Once again I looked into SL Destinations to select a destination for my simploring tour Saturday, July 7th. I choose Chouchou. Actually what I knew before arriving was nothing as the text of the blog, where Chouchou is mentioned is in Japanese.

I was quite surprised about what I saw upon landing at Chochou: a group of sandbacks, one tree, a piano, a ladder leading up into the sky, an old large birdcage – and that’s it. But is was surprsingly well visited. I was not alone, about 10 people were at the homestead sim, that carries a maximum of 20 avatars.
Upon landing you get the offer of taking a cinematic HUD, that will enhance your experience. It adds two large black bars on the top and on the buttom of your screen and changes the way your screen reacts to moving commands. As mentioned in the notecard that cames with it “It takes a little time to get use to it, but once you get the idea, you’ll be in a different world”. Obviously I was not patient enough, I took it off again.

Impressions of Chouchou (Ground level)

Chouchou is a Japanese music duo consisting of vocalist juliet Heberle and pianist arabesque Choche, which is formed in a virtual world, SecondLife to search for new possibilities of music. The homestead sim Chouchou is owned by juliet Heberle. The duo has it’s own website, that looks very professional, has a lot of information, professional videos, connection to itunes, downloads and the possiblity to buy CD’s of Chouchou.
To celebrate Chouchou’s 10th anniversary, Chouchou releases three albums (CD/Digital) “The Best of Chouchou [2007-2017] I – III” on Feb 23rd, 2018. The albums include songs representing their early works to latest works selected mainly by fans voting from 119 songs released in the past 10 years from 2007 to 2017.

Impressions of Chouchou – momento mori

Back to the sim Chouchou. As I mentioned before, there’s not that much to see where you land. You can listen to Chouchou’s music of course! And the place might be used to concerts too. But there’s more to see. The ladder reaching up into the sky serves as a teleport point. I first went visiting the Cathedral in the clouds “memento mori“.
It is a very impressive large cathedral with a long long stairway you have to walk up to enter the cathedral. I changed my windlight settings as the region’s windlight didn’t really show the large dimensions of the cathedral. Instead of an altar there’s a piano. I assume another place for concerts. For this cathedral alone it’s worth visiting Chochou.
From the ladder you can also go to Islamey, which is a Japanese garden, small but beautiful, a showcase of Japanese garden culture, just lovely.

Impressions of Chouchou – Islamey

Again I discovered a new corner of Second Life, a place for a music duo that was formed in this virtual world and is connected strongly to the physcial world. My thanks go to juliet Heberle for providing Chouchou to the public.

Landmark to Chouchou (Sandbanks)
Landmark to Chouchou Memento mori (Cathedral)
Landmark to Chouchou Islamey (Japanese Garden)
Chouchou’s website
Chouchou at facebook

Simploring 2018 (49) Paradiso – The end is near

I found some time to go simploring again on Wednesday, June 6th. Well, I didn’t really find the time for it, but I just took it. slave kelly was inworld and I took her with me. I selected “Paradiso – The end is near” from SL Destinations. There’s no real information avaiable about “Paradiso“, at least not for those who can’t read Japanese – and I can’t. On you find blog posts that just show some (very nice) pictures or links to flickr galleries.

Paradiso is owned by CaiN GestalT (cainabel), who writes about herself “I’m Japanese”. In her profile I found a link to her blog which is about fashion, furniture and gear. I also found a link to a blog about Paradiso, but it is written in Japanese. And there’s a link to CaiN’s flickr page. In the landmark description of “Paradiso” you find just two words “Stay Gold.”

Impressions of “Paradiso – The end is near” (1) – upper left is an overview, upper right is the landing spot

So what is “Paradiso” about, Paradiso- the end is near?
You land at a lovely place, surrounded by a circle of stone arcs. In the middle of the circle is a pavillion. Near to you is a white unicorn, at the sky you can admire an aurora borealis, there are large fields of white flowers, some butterflies. The paradies?
I zoomed out and overlooking “Paradiso” you can see that is consists of several islands that are surrounded by a shallow marginal sea. We could walk easily between the islands. Be aware, that you get wet feet at “Paradiso“.

Impressions of “Paradiso – The end is near” (2) – you will get wet feet

Paradiso” is a paradies for taking pictures. The aurora borealis makes a perfect background and the colours provided by the sim windlight are just beautiful. You will find some ruins and on the island in the middle of the sim it is raining. You will also find some really nice spots to sit and cuddle or to sit and dream or mediate. It is just a beautiful place. If the paradies is like that, I’m not afraid of it *winks*.

Impressions of “Paradiso – The end is near” (3) – on the first platform (teleport board is at the landing spot)

At the landing point are also teleporter boards which bring you to 2 other platforms in the sky. They also offer some romantic spots and provide opportunities for taking pictures.

Impressions of “Paradiso – The end is near” (3) – on the second platform (teleport board is at the landing spot) / the lower right picture is from the ground level

Paradiso” is a moderate sim, hence slave kelly was allowed wearing a bikini for the visit. She enjoyed being together with me and was in particular eager to try out the cuddle poses with me.

That’s it about my simploring tour to “Paradiso – The end is near“. Thank you CaiN GestalT (cainabel) for sharing your lovely place with the public. I enjoyed exploring and discovering it.

Landmark to Paradiso – The end is near
flickr page of Paradiso
CaiN’s blog
Blog about Paradiso (in Japanese)

Simploring 2018 (47) The Jewell Theatre – SNOW

For my simploring tour on Monday, May 28th, I picked “The Jewell Theatre – SNOW” from SL Destinations: “Welcome to your new reality. In a dystopian future, made white with ice and snow…Welcome to the world of SNOW, the Jewell Theatre’s latest Play

Impressions of “The Jewell Theatre – SNOW” (1)

The Jewell Theatre – SNOW” is an installation within the LEA Program and can be visited until June 30th. It was buildt by Fake Jewell and her group of artists, the Jewell Theatre. The Jewell Theatre run their own homepage “The Jewell Theatre“. They perform live, full length plays in Second Live. Each production brings a real theatre experience to audiences whilst embracing the opportunities a virtual space provides. The performance SNOW is on Saturday, June 9th at 3:00pm and on Sunday, June 10th at 12 noon (PST).

Impressions of “The Jewell Theatre – SNOW” (2)

The theme of the sim and I assume as well the subject of the performance is the destruction of the earth by the mankind, be it climate, forest or wildlife. The sim should give us an impression of how a destroyed planet might look like. There’s just ruins left over, it is cold, foggy and surreal.
The main place is surrounded by ruins. Three of the ruins contain theme rooms about decorestation, wildfile and climate change, there are boards with graphics and facts and when you click them you can either download the graphic or get more information or are led to a youtube video. “The Jewell Theatre – SNOW” is an educational Installation.

Impressions of “The Jewell Theatre – SNOW” (3)

Somewhere close to the main place at the ruins of an harbour you’ll find more about plastic waste and other threats for our planet. The mankind is living in bunkers below of the surface. The entrance to the is also close to the main place.

Impressions of “The Jewell Theatre – SNOW” (4)

Whate else? There’s also the theatre itself where the perfomance will be next weekend and there’s a rehearsal shack. I also found a pavillion where you can leave your pledge for your personal contribution to save our planet.
The Jewell Theatre – SNOW” impresses with it’s grey and white atmosphere, that shall provide a picture of how our environment might look like in a not too far future if the mankind doesn’t stop the destruction of the planet earth. There’re a lot of facts and figures you can get by every board to enhance your knowledge about environmental issues.

Thank you Fake Jewell and The Jewell Theatre for this educational sim and good luck for the performances June 9th/10th.

Landmark to The Jewell Theatre – SNOW
Homepage of The Jewell Theatre

Simploring 2018 (46) Backdrop Village …. Somewhere Over There

Thursday, May 24th, I found time for some simploring again. I picked “Backdrop Village …. Somewhere Over There” from SL Destinations.
Backdrop Village is pretty much what you expect when reading the decription – a village created for roleplay and photography. The landing point is at a corner of a sky platform in a redlight destrict. I zoomed out to see the whole platform and yes it is a backdrop village and town consisting of facades. But just like in a film you won’t notice it when standing in front of it! The selection of different buildings covers a broad variety and there’s something for every scene.

Backdrop Village – overview of “Village” and “Urban”

But Backdrop Village is not just what you see around the landing point. Close to the landing point is a teleporter that brings you to other locations or themes like “Redlight, Kawaii, Darkside, Fantasy, Neon, Beach”. The platform where you land belongs to themes “Village” and “Urban”.

Backdrop Village: at the “Village” (left pictures) / at “Redlight” (right pictures)

The destinations Kawaii, Darkside, Fantasy, and Neon offer between 10 and 20 different backdrops around the according theme. There are only some backdrops where you can select poses. For most of the backdrops you need to rezz your own prop or poseball, which is allowed. Your props or poseballs will be returned after 30 minutes.

Backdrop Village: “Kawaii”

Backdrop Village: “Darkside”

I took a lot of pictures. I love the offered variety and I hope to remember Backdrop Village when searching a perfect place for a picture. For those of you that share my passion for taking pictures, this is a place to go to.

Backdrop Village: “Fantasy”

The destination “Beach” is on the ground level and you get what you expect – a backdrop for beach pictures. Of course I took a selfie there as well!

Backdrop Village: at “Neon” (left pictures) / at the “Beach” (right pictures)

Backdrop Village: more pictures taken at “Village” and “Urban”

Backdrop Village is owned by SnowWolf (Rdinry) and according to the notecard that you get upon landing SnowWolf’s partner Cali (Calisselyra) is involved as well in the sim.
I really enjoyed exploring and discovering Backdrop Village. Thank you for providing this place for roleplay and photography, SnowWolf – and thank you for the lovely pictures I could take there!

Landmark to Backdrop Village …. Somewhere Over There
Flickr group for Backdrop Village

Simploring 2018 (44) 2ᴇʟᴡƎ

Saturday, May 12th, I went simploring again. I picked “2ᴇʟᴡƎ“, a homestead designed by Miuccia Klaar and Squonk Levenque, from SL Destinations. I also read two blog posts about 2ᴇʟᴡƎ, one from Kate Bergdorf titeled “2ᴇʟᴡƎ” (read here) and one from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: 2ᴇʟᴡƎ” written in German (read here).

The landing is on a skyplatform with a chequerboard pattern, You’re welcome by a little robot “SiM DRONE S.5 whispers: Welcome Diomita, thanks for bringing some colors in 2ELWE! Make a phone call for a notecard.

Landing Point and first impressions of “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”

In fact there is a sofa, a few trees and a phone and the phone gives you the above mentioned notecard. The notecard contains no information about “2ᴇʟᴡƎ” itself, it recommends to keep the sim’s windlight settings and proposes a few alternatives.
From the skyplatform you come through a trap door and a long tunnel to the sim itself.

Impressions of “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”: The start and the end of a film at the Ends of the road, the 12 birds, the 12 dolls

2ᴇʟᴡƎ” is a sim in grey, just like an old film in black and white. The atmosphere is particular and it rains at many spots. The rain is an important style element at “2ᴇʟᴡƎ” and alternates between a few drops and heavy rain. In the middle of the sim is one straight road lined with telegraph posts. At one end is a billboard showing the start sequence of an old film counting back from 8 to 0 and then fading into the word “2ᴇʟᴡƎ“, at the other end is the ending sequence of an old film showing a man who pulls down a screen with the word “The End”.

Impressions of “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”: along the road

Along the road you’ll find 2 installations, one with 12 brids and one with 12 dolls. The dolls are quite impressing, they have a darkended forehead and do look upwards into the sky as if praying. Along the road are more billboards all showing very short scenes of an old movie.

Impressions of “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”: spots and Scenes in the mountains

The straight road parts the sim in two halfs. One half has some mountains and you can find litte spots with other art installations within the mountains. You can even sit there at several places and watch the scenery.
The other half is dominanted by 2 artificial tree-like buildings that you can climb up to get another view and by an old abanndoned plant site where you find 12 monkeys who play on the old structures. I also noticed some other animals, like a dog on the road or another single bird in the old plant site. Within the plant I discovered a cinema build into an old storage tank. I first thought it’s a night club because of the illuminated advertising “Girls”

Impressions of “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”: at the abandoned plant site (except upper left)

2ᴇʟᴡƎ” can be pronouced as “twelve” and the number 12 plays obviously an important role at the sim. Kate Bergdorf suspects in her blog that the sim is a reminiscence of the movie “12 Monkeys” (read here in wikipedia). I’m no cineast and I didn’t see this movie, hence I can’t judge. The 12 birds though reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock’s birds.

More impressions of “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”

2ᴇʟᴡƎ” is impressive because of it’s dense and scary atmosphere, it’s surreal, yet it is fantasic for taking artful pictures. I enjoyed my visit.
Thank you, Miuccia Klaar and Squonk Levenque for providing this piece of art for us all.

P.S.: this blog post contains 2 * 12 pictures *winks*

Landmark to “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”
Kate Bergdorf’s blog post “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”ᴇʟᴡǝ/
Maddy Gynoid blog post “Simtipp: 2ᴇʟᴡƎ” (in German)
Wikipedia about “12 Monkeys”

Simploring 2018 (42) Serendipitous Sands

Diomita on the beach!
Thursday night, May 3rd, I made a simploring tour again. I selected “Serendipitous Sands” from SL Destinations and read the post of Isabella Coletti (Belladochas Minoptra) about it in her blog “The Second Life Tourist“.

Serendipitous Sands overview and Diomita on the beach

Serendipitous Sands is a beach sim, consisting of several smaller islands. Large parts of Serendipitous Sands are public, on some islands are beach homes, that are rented out. As they are private I kept off.
There’s not that much to write about Serendipitous Sands, but there’s a lot to see and to try out, in particular there’re a lot of beach chairs and other beach furniture and places to sit and dream. The sim offers a beautiful background for pictures and of course I took a lot of pictures! This way you’re going to see me on the beach *winks*.

Impressions of Serendipitous Sands

Diomita on the beach at Serendipitous Sands (1)

Diomita on the beach at Serendipitous Sands (2)

Serendipitous Sands is owned by Hoagy (hoagyrosenberg). Thank you Hoagy for keeping a large area public for everybody to use and enjoy.

Landmark to Serendipitous Sands
Blog post in “The Second Life Tourist”

Simploring 2018 (39) Cake

Lately I picked most of my destinations for my simploring tours from SL Destinations. Today, Thursday, April 26th, I came across “Cake“, which led me to another blog about exploring Second Life places “AJ’s Second Life – Travel Guide” and from there I got the landmark to Cake.

Impressions of Cake (1)

Actually Cake is a corner parcel of Cerveza Island and owned by AJ (anyajurelle), who writes the above mentioned blog. AJ wrote about her place, that is was created with photographers, bloggers and vloggers in mind. The recommended Windlight setting is “Fairy Dark Blue (Paulina)”. She also remarks that Cake is not an enormus place, but that there’s a lot to explore and photograph. And I can tell, she’s right!
Cake is a paradies for photographers. I used the recommended Windlight setting, which provides a colourful bright light with a touch into dark blue. AJ placed some art decorations on her sim, she placed some nice places to sit and cuddle here and there, she added bright and green meadows and trees. Exploring Cake feels like entering a little world of its own, a world of light and peace where you can dream and let your mind wander.

Impressions of Cake (2) – lower right picture shows AJ (anyajurelle)

Outstanding pieces of art are the big chess game on the edge of the parcel, the colourful big butterflies at the center, the unicorn, the circle of fairies, the piano with the harp, the old gondolas from a ferris wheel, the big sculpture of arms with a finger that points up into the sky … and many more. Within half an hour I took dozens of pictures. Lovely!

Impressions of Cake (3)

I met AJ at her place and we had a short chat. She told me that she had just opened Cake and that everybody is welcome to visit. I did enjoy my visit a lot. Thank you AJ (anyajurelle) for building this place and for opening it to the public. I like how you displayed art within a dream world. You certainly succeeded in creating a place for photographers, bloggers and vloggers.
To get a notecard about Cake touch the magic lamp close to the landing point with the hoover text “Group joiner”

I added “AJ’s Second Life – Travel Guide” to the Active blogs link list on the right.

Landmark to Cake
AJ’s blog “AJ’s Second Life – Travel Guide”

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