Simploring 2019 (79) otter lake region

For my simploring tour on Sunday, June 30th, I picked “otter lake region” from SL Destinations.

otter lake region is an adult homestead, created, designed and owned by sharon Hinterland. Sharon’s passion is landscaping and otter lake region could be her masterpiece. It is a perfectly designed piece of Canada. The landmark’s description invites exploring it: “a tranquil place to rest or take pictures all are welcome feel free to explore all areas of the sim including homes

otter lake Region – overview

The landing point is at a pier where you could also fuel your boat, hence it feels as if you arrived there with your boat. Close by is a lighthouse and of course I visited it first. The lighthouse is furnished like all other houses at otter lake region. I recommend to have a look into all houses as each of them has it’s own style and everything inside is selected with great care.

Impressions of otter lake region (1)

Exploring otter lake region is fun. The whole sim looks very natural. There are stairs and trails that you can follow and every corner of the sim is well used and thoughtfully designed. The landing point and the lighthouse are seperated from the rest of the sim by a creek. On the top of the main island is the lake, the otter lake.

Impressions of otter lake region (2)

Along your way you find countless places to rest or to sit and cuddle and to enjoy the nature. One side of otter lake region has a large beach. The views around the lake are beautiful and there’s also a large observation deck, where I sat and enjoyed the view. I think my pictures do tell a lot more than I could describe with words.

Impressions of otter lake region (3)

Impressions of otter lake region (4)

I personally ended my simploring tour at the farm. Again that is a lovely spot and you can even hear the bees humming when you get close to the beehive. From the farm leads a road into the forest and up to the lake and the vegetation along the road made me feel like being in Canada.

Impressions of otter lake region (5)

otter lake region is another example of what is possible in Second Life. It is amazing what Sharon could realize on a homestead with it’s limited ressources. And to my surprise the textures loaded quite quickly so that I could fully immerse myself into this beautiful environment. Thank you very much, Sharon,  for creating otter lake region and for sharing it with the public. I had a great time.

Landmark to otter lake region

Simploring 2019 (78) Hallig Norddeich, Nibbevegen 1

For my short simploring tour on Friday, June 28th, I selected “Hallig Norddeich, Nibbevegen 1“, furtheron just Hallig Norddeich, from SL Destinations.

Hallig Norddeich does not exist in the physcial world. There’s a village called Norddeich in the borough of Norden in north Germany with about 1,500 inhabitants. More famous is Norddeich radio station which operated almost 100 years, could convey messages throughout Europe and was important for the shipping traffic.

The “Halligen” and the Village Norddeich in Northern Germany

The Halligen are 10 small and barely protected islands located around the island Pellworm in the North Sea. They have areas from 7 to 956 ha, and are often former parts of the mainland, separated therefrom by storm tide erosion. During storm floods they are flooded. Therefor all buildings are erected on small artificial hills. About 200 people live on 7 of the 10 Halligen and nowadays tourism is their main source of income. The Halligen are part of Wattenmeer National Park.

And Nibbevegen? I have no idea! I only found an entry on wikipedia, that Nibbevegen is a toll street in Norway which is open only in Summer and leads on a mountain named Dalsnibba.

Back to Second Life 🙂
Hallig Norddeich is an adult homestead owned by Svenja Maass (minaleiga). It is a place to wind down, to mediate, to relax, to meet with friends and to enjoy the German North Sea Coast. The landing is on a seperate island with a small hut. From there you walk over a wooden bridge to the main island.

Hallig Norddeich – overview

There’s a small shipyard, a pier with a fishing boat, one residential home, a small greenhouse, a shed with a bar inside and another hut with some fishing gear. And that’s it beside seagulls and sheep. Of course there’s a long beach with many opportunities to sit and watch, to cuddle and enjoy. And there are the roofed wicker beach chairs which are very common for the German coast.

Hallig Norddeich – around the landing point (upper and lower left) / the sheep (upper right) / a hut with fishing gear (lower right)

When you visit Hallig Norddeich you can feel the atmosphere of this particular and outstanding nature reserve. I enjoyed my visit a lot and it felt like a short vacation on the North Sea shore. And that’s the intention of the owner of Hallig Norddeich, Svenja Maass (minaleiga).

Hallig Norddeich – the shipyard

Hallig Norddeich – the residential house, the greenhouse and the shed with bar

There are some oddities though that made me smile, like the English signs at the shipyard and other English signs. In the bar however you find German signs and a nice joke about tourists showing two seagulls talking to eachother “Shall we poop on tourists?” … “Great idea”.

Diomita enjoying her short vacation at Hallig Norddeich

The many nice spots at the beach and around the buildings are invited to slow down and enjoy. Most of them contain also adult poses. During my visit I was all alone (which would never happen when visiting a Hallig in RL).
Thank you Svenja, for creating Hallig Norddeich and for sharing it with the public. I had fun exploring it and writing about it.

Landmark to Hallig Norddeich, Nibbevegen 1

Simploring 2019 (77) Tyraina

For my simploring tour on Sunday, June 23rd, I picked Tyraina from SL Destinations. Tyraina is a moderate homestead owned by Dessi Tyraina (Dessi Tyran). The landmark description of Tyraina hits the nail’s head: “Tyraina is a quiet photogenic scenic sim where you can, hangout with friends, cuddle, dance and take pictures

Tyraina – bird’s eye view

The landing point is in a field of flowers close to a wall with the sim’s name. Nearby is a covered bridge with a sign “Welcome”. Behind the wall you can see a pair of tigers reclined above a waterfall and looking interested in your direction. You should start exploring at the covered bridge. The other way from the landing point leads to the owner’s house that is private.

Impressions of Tyraina (1)

Tyraina is a place with many spots to sit and enjoy the surrounding nature or some togetherness. I tried some of the offered spots and I enjoyed my visit. I also tried the soap bubble at the other end of the island. It is fun to see the world in different colours from inside the bubble.

Impressions of Tyraina (2)

I tried to figure out where Tyraina could be located. The lighthouse, the residential house and the 3 covered bridges look a bit American, but there’re no tigers there. Maybe the tigers are pets of the owner. They run around free, but their area is naturally limited and you mustn’t be afraid of them.

Impressions of Tyraina (3) – right pictures show the soap bubble with Diomita inside

Besides all the lovely spots to sit and cuddle there’s also a bit of art at Tyraina. I saw two sculptures from Mistero Hifeng (“Leggi questi versi …” and “I soliti pensieri…che…”). And to my surprise I found a skeleton in an outhouse. I wonder how this accident happened.

Impressions of Tyraina (4) – left pictures show the 2 mentioned scultures by Mistero Hifeng and in the lower right is the skeleton in the outhouse

There’s not much more to say about Tyraina. The pictures I took speak for themselves. It is an island to enjoy and to wind down. Thank you Dessi for sharing your place with the public!

Landmark to Tyraina

Simploring 2019 (76) Malaika Park

For my simploring tour on Saturday, June 22nd, I picked Malaika Park from SL Destinations. There were already quite some blog posts published about Malaika Park and I read Inara Pey’s post “Exploring Malaika Park in Second Life” before I visited it myself.

Malaika Park is a full region owned by Leroy Voorhees and home for a few people. According to Inara Pey Malaika Park was created by Leroy Voorhees along with Gabriel2009, Wayne (waynenz), Sangi Phaeton and JJ Goodman. The groud level is publically accessible and looks like a Mediterrean town.

Malaika Park – overview

The landing is at the court of this little town, right next to a bar and to the quite large yacht harbour. The relation between the large yacht harbour and the town itself reminded me a bit of St. Tropez in France, in particular as Malaika Park is full of art pieces.

Malaika Park: Heart hands by reycharles and Senza vestito by Mistero Hifeng (left) / Snacks and bar (right)

I walked from the court along the the pier to the snack bar and saw the “Heart hands” created by reycharles, who’s gallery I visited in March (read Simploring 2019 (28) Rey’s Gallery) and one of several sculptures created by Mistero Hifeng that are spread at Malaika Park.

Malaika Park: court (upper left) / Merfolk Maiden by Lucas Lameth (lower left) / Blue and White no. 3 by Jake Vordun (upper right) / La…chiamano realta’ by Mistero Hifeng (lower right)

Close to the court is another large sculpture by Mistero Hifeng, La…chiamano realta’, and a modern sculpture by Jake Vordun (Blue and White no. 3). I visited the cafe and walked to its roof, where you have a nice view over the harbour. On the roof ou find 2 more sculpture from Jake Vordun (Diana and Actaeon). At the time of my visit a big cruise ship laid along the other pier. It reminded me of the current debate about cruise ships in Venice as this one clearly dominates the view on Malaika Park. I assume it is just temporary. The cruise ship is part of SL Pride and use as a big party ship.

Malaika Park: cafe with sculptures Diana and Actaeon by Jake Vordun (left) / SL Pride cruise ship (right)

At the end smaller pier is another scupture of Jake Vordun (Red No.1) and I came across a guitar player from Cica Ghost and I saw two sculptures form Lucas Lameth (Merfolk Maiden and Merfolk Guard). All the art is placed with care and the pieces do fit to their location. The art can fully develop this way and it is a pleasure to see and enjoy it.

Malaika Park: Merfolk Guard by Lucas Lameth (upper left) / paddle boats (lower left) / Boy with guitar anim. by Cica Ghost (upper right) / Red No. 1 by Jake Vordun (lower right)

I continued my exploring tour of Malaika Park and saw many more sculptures. I saw La vita…imparare vorra’ and Dentro corpi liberi from Mistero Hifeng. The later is unusal colourful for Mistero and a nice transition to Cica Chost’s “man 5” who holds a balloon and her matchstick animation “Cica’s Little Boat”.

Malaika Park: La vita…imparare vorra’ by Mistero Hifeng (upper left) / Dentro corpi liberi by Mistero Hifeng (upper right) / man 5 and Little Boat by Cica Ghost (lower pictures)

The colourful town houses are not furnished, but on the other side of Malaika Park you find (surprise *winks*) more art like another modern sculpture from Jake Vordun (Fancy Decor: Grantaire Sculpture). There are two residential home on this sime of Malaika Park, one is on the plateau of a rock overlooking the town and Gabriel2009 has his atelier here. It’s worth a look at it.

Views of the other side of Malaika Park, upper right picture shows Fancy Decor: Grantaire Sculpture by Jake Vordun

I ended my exploring tour visiting the pool and the games area.

Malaika Park: Gabriel2009’s Atelier (left pictures) / pool (upper right) and games area (lower right)

As far as I understood, Malaika Park is constantly changing a little bit. I assume that art is added here and there or that room is made for events like the cruise ship that was there during my visit. I really enjoyed how the pieces of art are placed at Malaika Park. This alone is worth a visit. Thank you Leroy Voorhees and all others involved from creating this sim and for sharing it with the public.

Landmark to Malaika Park
Inara Pey’s post “Exploring Malaika Park in Second Life”

Simploring 2019 (72) La Isla Tropical

La Isla Tropical is an adult homestead owned be Manuel Crumb. It consists of a main island and four smaller islands around it. The selected sim surround with active vulcano islands fits very well. I came across La Isla Tropical as I looked up SL Destinations to pick a destination for my simploring tour on Tuesday, June 11th.

La Isla Tropical – overview

The landing point is on one of the 4 smaller islands next to an old biplane. From here you can either walk over a wooden bridge to the main island (caution you’ll get wet feet nonetheless) or you use the one way teleports that are integrated in the signpost next to the brige or you rezz a boat and start exploring with a boat tour. I took the boat tour first.

Impressions of La Isla Tropical (1) – Landing point and boat rezzer

During my visit to La Isla Tropical I played around with different windlight settings, the one set by Manuel, my usual windlight (Annan Adored Realistic) and several others. None of those were really satisfying me that day, but the Firestorm viewer, that I use, has it’s problems lately. On my tour I came by the island with the atelier and I stopped there and enjoyed the view to the main island from the roof of the atelier. I left the boat and began exploring the main island. I walked to the volleyball court, had a drink at the ocean hangout and dived to the a ruin “under the sea”.

Impressions of La Isla Tropical (2) – atelier, ocean hangout and volleyball court

I had seen the tower on the main island already during my boat tour. Unfortunately the textures outside didn’t fully rezz for me. I didn’t know about the inside but being on an adult homestead I was not surprised that there’s a dungeon. It is decorated with a statue from Mistero Hifeng, a piece of art of him that I saw already a few times before during my simploring tours.

Impressions of La Isla Tropical (3) – “under the sea”, dungeon with statue from Mistero Hifeng, jet ski & windsurfing at the boat rental

I continued my walk, came across the flamingos and reached the boat rental. At the pier your can rezz a jet ski or different windsurfers (including a shark if you dare *winks*).

In the center of the main island is a bed & breakfast. It is really nice furnished and decorated inside. Quite close to it is a swimming pool, a bar & bbq area and a really nice round campfire site.

Impressions of La Isla Tropical (4) – bed & breakfast, swimming pool, campfire, bar & bbq

I ended my simploring tour visiting the island opposed to the beach with the flamingos. Cute little piglets run around on the beach of the island, some of them swim in the sea. On the island is a piggery and during my visit there was an adult pig inside – well as mentioned in the beginning La Isla Tropical is an adult sim.

Impressions of La Isla Tropical (5) – piggery, flamingos and sunset atmosphere at the beach

La Isla Tropical offers a lot of nice places to sit and chill be it on the beach or at the bar or at the ocean hangout. There’s a lot to discover and to watch and yes, also for those looking for particular kinks, La Isla Tropical has something to offer.
Thank you Manuel for sharing your sim to the public. I enjoyed exploring!

Landmark to La Isla Tropical

Simploring 2019 (71) Groove One

I visited Groove One of Friday June, 7th. I found the landmark on SL Destinations.

Groove One is a full adult sim owned by Desterac LXIX (desterac laval) who says about himself “Music is my Mistress. And she is a very demanding bitch“. He’s a DJ in several clubs. More about him and his music can be found in his profile and you can listen to his own compositions at

Groove One – Overview

Groove One is a weired sim. I found no theme, no real idea what it is about. Some spots look clean and neat and invite you to stay, others are just dirty. Nothing really fits together. I found several spots for events, one of them is hoovering above the motel.

Impressions of Groove One (1)

The sim is very full and obviously takes a lot of ressources. I couldn’t turn on shadows and even with no shadows my frame rate dropped below 2 fps sometimes. Textures did load slowly if at all. The vegetation is rich and Desterac also used light effects.

Impressions of Groove One (2)

There’s a complex of Mediterrean houses and a Mediterrean villa and both look inviting. There’s a colossus at one corner of the sim, a big rock with attached houses, a church which carriers another church on the top of its curch spire, the broken head of the statue of liberty, two sailing ships, an old BMW isetta, an Elvis rock club, dancing models, a board with sexual warnings (right at the landing), a piece of art by Mistero Hifeng (che ci importa del mondo), an old railroad engine where you can walk in, elements from cities like a subway entrance, residential homes (even furnished nicely), swimming pools, several beaches, the bridge suspended on three balloons (which I saw on several other sims already), boats and a harbour, animals, and and and ….

Impressions of Groove One (3)

That nothing fits, that there is no connecting element, no theme, that it is just an agglomerate of items and buildings collected with time (a lot of nice stuff by the way) is the connecting element. It is what makes Groove One outstanding and an interesting place to visit. Or maybe I just didn’t get the key to it all? I think my pictures provide a first impression of what to expect.

Impressions of Groove One (4)

Anway, exploring was fun and there’s still a lot that I didn’t see yet. As it is an adult sim I summoned Emmi (rileylynch) and had her accompany me. Hence we both could speculate what Groove One is about.

Thank you Desterac LXIX (desterac laval) for sharing your place with the public. I enjoyed exloring parts of it.

Landmark to Groove One
Desterac LXIX (desterac.laval)’s music

Simploring 2019 (70) EL PODRIDO

For my simploring tour on Wednesday, June 5th, I selected EL PODRIDO from SL Destinations. EL PODRIDO is an adult homestead owned by Mr Godard and it is an outstanding place for photograhers as well as for explorers.

EL PODRIDO – overview

The sim is build on a mesh platform 100 meter above ground. This way Mr Godard could provide a seemingly endless desert. There’s almost nothing on the first glance but a mountain, the national monument, Ufo Port Mountain at EL PODRIDO.

First impressions of EL PODRIDO

On the second glance, there’s an old abandoned motel, an abandoned gas station, some wrecked cars, a radio mast, a water tower, power cables for supply and 2 campsites. On the third glance there’re so many little details to discover. The spot is not at all uninhabited.

EL PODRIDO – the camp with caravan

The mountain has been an object that attracted tourists in former times, hence the motel, hence the plate designing it as a national monument, hence the gas station for those who came here. And today? My interpretation is that at least one person, maybe a group of persons still have an eye on the mountain, so as if you just have to wait long enough to see an ufo landing on the mountain with it’s platform that really looks suitable for that. The group or the one person lives in a camp nearby in a caravan. The camp around the caravan is full of details, it looks cosy yet a bit weired, a quite new and modern jeep indicates that this camp is inhabited.

EL PODRIDO – water tower garden and the parking lot

And there’s the greenhouse under the water tower. Inside of it you can enjoy cool and wet air, a real little oasis within this desert. Not for from it is the second camp, “The Parking Lot”. It is built by 2 old buses and 2 other trucks like a corral. Inside it is packed with tv screens, cinema screens, sound boxes and a lot of other stuff. You can spend some hours to look at every detail here. Maybe the group, or at least some people gather here regularly to watch the mountain and to watch old documentaries about ufo landings. I don’t know, but I like to speculate *winks*.

EL PODRIDO – the motel

Finally in the motel you’ll find a room with a camera that is still observing what is going on. The equipment and the computers are old but still working and obviously the above mentioned one person or group does check the tapes of the observation camera regularly. There’s also a world map in this room, that might give an overview about observed ufo landings.

EL PODRIDO – gas station and the national monument ufoport mountain

EL PODRIDO, the town of the ufo mountain, is a place you shouldn’t miss. It has an outstanding design, offers extraordinairy backgrounds for photgraphers and there’s so much to see … and to speculate. Thank you very much Mr Godard for creating this place and for sharing it with the public. I enjoyed my visit and am impressed.

Landmark to EL PODRIDO

Update June21st: I got a message from Mr Godard that public access to EL PODRIDO has been suspended, the sim is only accessible for group members at least for right now.

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