Simploring 2018 (44) 2ᴇʟᴡƎ

Saturday, May 12th, I went simploring again. I picked “2ᴇʟᴡƎ“, a homestead designed by Miuccia Klaar and Squonk Levenque, from SL Destinations. I also read two blog posts about 2ᴇʟᴡƎ, one from Kate Bergdorf titeled “2ᴇʟᴡƎ” (read here) and one from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: 2ᴇʟᴡƎ” written in German (read here).

The landing is on a skyplatform with a chequerboard pattern, You’re welcome by a little robot “SiM DRONE S.5 whispers: Welcome Diomita, thanks for bringing some colors in 2ELWE! Make a phone call for a notecard.

Landing Point and first impressions of “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”

In fact there is a sofa, a few trees and a phone and the phone gives you the above mentioned notecard. The notecard contains no information about “2ᴇʟᴡƎ” itself, it recommends to keep the sim’s windlight settings and proposes a few alternatives.
From the skyplatform you come through a trap door and a long tunnel to the sim itself.

Impressions of “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”: The start and the end of a film at the Ends of the road, the 12 birds, the 12 dolls

2ᴇʟᴡƎ” is a sim in grey, just like an old film in black and white. The atmosphere is particular and it rains at many spots. The rain is an important style element at “2ᴇʟᴡƎ” and alternates between a few drops and heavy rain. In the middle of the sim is one straight road lined with telegraph posts. At one end is a billboard showing the start sequence of an old film counting back from 8 to 0 and then fading into the word “2ᴇʟᴡƎ“, at the other end is the ending sequence of an old film showing a man who pulls down a screen with the word “The End”.

Impressions of “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”: along the road

Along the road you’ll find 2 installations, one with 12 brids and one with 12 dolls. The dolls are quite impressing, they have a darkended forehead and do look upwards into the sky as if praying. Along the road are more billboards all showing very short scenes of an old movie.

Impressions of “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”: spots and Scenes in the mountains

The straight road parts the sim in two halfs. One half has some mountains and you can find litte spots with other art installations within the mountains. You can even sit there at several places and watch the scenery.
The other half is dominanted by 2 artificial tree-like buildings that you can climb up to get another view and by an old abanndoned plant site where you find 12 monkeys who play on the old structures. I also noticed some other animals, like a dog on the road or another single bird in the old plant site. Within the plant I discovered a cinema build into an old storage tank. I first thought it’s a night club because of the illuminated advertising “Girls”

Impressions of “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”: at the abandoned plant site (except upper left)

2ᴇʟᴡƎ” can be pronouced as “twelve” and the number 12 plays obviously an important role at the sim. Kate Bergdorf suspects in her blog that the sim is a reminiscence of the movie “12 Monkeys” (read here in wikipedia). I’m no cineast and I didn’t see this movie, hence I can’t judge. The 12 birds though reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock’s birds.

More impressions of “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”

2ᴇʟᴡƎ” is impressive because of it’s dense and scary atmosphere, it’s surreal, yet it is fantasic for taking artful pictures. I enjoyed my visit.
Thank you, Miuccia Klaar and Squonk Levenque for providing this piece of art for us all.

P.S.: this blog post contains 2 * 12 pictures *winks*

Landmark to “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”
Kate Bergdorf’s blog post “2ᴇʟᴡƎ”ᴇʟᴡǝ/
Maddy Gynoid blog post “Simtipp: 2ᴇʟᴡƎ” (in German)
Wikipedia about “12 Monkeys”

Simploring 2018 (42) Serendipitous Sands

Diomita on the beach!
Thursday night, May 3rd, I made a simploring tour again. I selected “Serendipitous Sands” from SL Destinations and read the post of Isabella Coletti (Belladochas Minoptra) about it in her blog “The Second Life Tourist“.

Serendipitous Sands overview and Diomita on the beach

Serendipitous Sands is a beach sim, consisting of several smaller islands. Large parts of Serendipitous Sands are public, on some islands are beach homes, that are rented out. As they are private I kept off.
There’s not that much to write about Serendipitous Sands, but there’s a lot to see and to try out, in particular there’re a lot of beach chairs and other beach furniture and places to sit and dream. The sim offers a beautiful background for pictures and of course I took a lot of pictures! This way you’re going to see me on the beach *winks*.

Impressions of Serendipitous Sands

Diomita on the beach at Serendipitous Sands (1)

Diomita on the beach at Serendipitous Sands (2)

Serendipitous Sands is owned by Hoagy (hoagyrosenberg). Thank you Hoagy for keeping a large area public for everybody to use and enjoy.

Landmark to Serendipitous Sands
Blog post in “The Second Life Tourist”

Simploring 2018 (39) Cake

Lately I picked most of my destinations for my simploring tours from SL Destinations. Today, Thursday, April 26th, I came across “Cake“, which led me to another blog about exploring Second Life places “AJ’s Second Life – Travel Guide” and from there I got the landmark to Cake.

Impressions of Cake (1)

Actually Cake is a corner parcel of Cerveza Island and owned by AJ (anyajurelle), who writes the above mentioned blog. AJ wrote about her place, that is was created with photographers, bloggers and vloggers in mind. The recommended Windlight setting is “Fairy Dark Blue (Paulina)”. She also remarks that Cake is not an enormus place, but that there’s a lot to explore and photograph. And I can tell, she’s right!
Cake is a paradies for photographers. I used the recommended Windlight setting, which provides a colourful bright light with a touch into dark blue. AJ placed some art decorations on her sim, she placed some nice places to sit and cuddle here and there, she added bright and green meadows and trees. Exploring Cake feels like entering a little world of its own, a world of light and peace where you can dream and let your mind wander.

Impressions of Cake (2) – lower right picture shows AJ (anyajurelle)

Outstanding pieces of art are the big chess game on the edge of the parcel, the colourful big butterflies at the center, the unicorn, the circle of fairies, the piano with the harp, the old gondolas from a ferris wheel, the big sculpture of arms with a finger that points up into the sky … and many more. Within half an hour I took dozens of pictures. Lovely!

Impressions of Cake (3)

I met AJ at her place and we had a short chat. She told me that she had just opened Cake and that everybody is welcome to visit. I did enjoy my visit a lot. Thank you AJ (anyajurelle) for building this place and for opening it to the public. I like how you displayed art within a dream world. You certainly succeeded in creating a place for photographers, bloggers and vloggers.
To get a notecard about Cake touch the magic lamp close to the landing point with the hoover text “Group joiner”

I added “AJ’s Second Life – Travel Guide” to the Active blogs link list on the right.

Landmark to Cake
AJ’s blog “AJ’s Second Life – Travel Guide”

Simploring 2018 (36) Untitled by Storm Septimus

I picked my simploring destination from SL Destinations again and visited “Untitled“, an installation by Storm Septimus at LEA28.

Untiteled by Storm Septimus

Untitled is a particular piece of art, dark and somehow depressing but it also has elements of hope. Upon landing I strongly recommend to grab a notecard in order to understand the background of “Untiteled“. Storm explains why there’s no name for this installation and how it was built as a process, adding piece by piece what came into Strom’s mind:
I wanted to highlight the emotional effects of disability. I know I could have gone so many ways with that, however at the time I took up residency I was very very ill, so this absolutely contributed to my design going down a less optimistic path. The installation ended up a visual of that lonely , desolate , hopeless place of despair in my mind.

Impressions of “Untiteled” by Storm Septimus (1)

Impressions of “Untiteled” by Storm Septimus (2)

At the landing you can also get information about “Virtual Ability”, a group that helps bring people with many kinds of RL disabilities mental, emotional, physical and sensory into Second Life, and provides them with a supportive community. The landing platform sits on the shoulders of 4 large statues, you can see how they suffer carrying the platform, but they are strong.
At their feet is a garden presenting the group “Virtual Ability”. And from there you cross a bridge to the second part of “Untitled“.
Again this island is supported by two statues, but not on their shoulders but on their backs and they almost break under the load they carry. The main high plateau is a huge sea of blood and the sound does intensify the dark and depressing mood. There’re dead bodies swimming in the sea of blood. There are also places to sit and to watch, to let your mind wander, to try to feel and follow the artists thoughts.

Impressions of “Untiteled” by Storm Septimus (3)

At some places you find diaries with thoughts of people with longterm disabilities. On the other hand, this installation was built by Storm Septimus in a state od disability and proves that something impressive can arise from this state. There’s the place with the many buring candles that expresses the hope to leave the depression behind (my interpretation) and there’s the unexplainable beauty of “Untiteled“, the many extraordinairy views and impressions you get.
Untitled” is a very touching masterpiece enabling us to get a tiny insight into the mind of someone ill.

Impressions of “Untiteled” by Storm Septimus (4)

Thank you Storm Septimus!

Landmark to “Untitled”

Simploring 2018 (32) – Mastering the Zen

For my simploring tour Saturday, March 31st, I picked “Mastering the Zen” from SL Destinations. This sim was presented from Isabella Coletti (Belladochas Minoptra) in her blog “The Second Life Tourist“, here’s the link to her blogpost.
I added the link to her blog under “Active blogs” on the side bar of this blog.

Mastering the Zen is an adult skybox and described as “a quiet, calm and tranquil place to escape to, and possibly from depending…”. It is an adult place. And yes it is peaceful in several ways. First of all it is a beautiful garden around 2 Japanese houses, a pond and a big tower. Everything is layed out perfectly like I saw it in other Japanese gardens I visited in Second Life or saw on pictures. I myself was never in Japan and I have no knowledge of Japanese culture. But it is for sure an eye candy.

Mastering the Zen – overview

I first went to the tower. On the ground level is a bondage cage and a hanging cage, we do own these both ourselves. I searched for a way to see the other levels of the tower but there’re no stairs nor a teleport. And I also found out that the other levels are empty. Just on the top level I found a Shibari table and naughty me tried it. What began as a simploring tour became a little “Enjoying bondage” scene. I tried out all poses and took dozends of pictures at the top level of the tower.

Mastering the Zen – Diomita enjoying bondage at the top Level of the tower

Back on the ground level I explored the park a bit more in detail and in fact there’re more Shibari racks .. and again I couldn’t hold back and tried them. For sure a place to take Jenny to on the occasion of my next green light.

Mastering the Zen – the Shibari garden

Between the two houses on the left and the right side is a pond with a bridge and a Shibari cage at each side. The houses contain each a another pond with some flowers and one room, that is used as a bedroom in one house and as a living room in the other house.
Last but not least I should mention the drake, that is right next to the tower, a great piece of art.

Mastering the Zen – Diomita enjoying more bondage at the Shibari garden (upper left and right) / the drake (lower left) / the Pond inside of one house (lower right)

Mastering the Zen is group owned, the group was founded by Lilydeelala Haiku. I assume that she’s the owner of Mastering the Zen. From her profile I learned that the owns a store named “See You Next Tuesday” and I thought I could visit that store in the same sim. But I found no way to the ground level nor to the store. The landmark to the store that I took from Lilydeelala Haiku profile just led me back to Mastering the Zen.

Mastering the Zen is a place for taking pictures in a Japanese environment – and for those who love Shibari. It is indeed very peaceful to hang safely held in ropes and it has something very erotic for me. Thank you Lilydeelala Haiku for my Saturday afternoon Shibari hour at your sim!

Landmark to Mastering the Zen

Simploring 2018 (31) – Baileys Norge

Thursday, March 29th, I had some time int the afternoon for simploring. I picked Baileys Norge from SL Destinations. Right next to the landing point is a board of orientation with all points of interest. That’s very convenient.

Baileys Norge orientation map at the landing point

Baileys Norge is a homestead sim owned by “(-_*) The Bailey Family & Friends” group, which is founded by Marley (marleyy). In the group description I found this text about Baileys Norge:
A small piece of rural Norway on Second Life. Everyone is welcome to TP in and explore this beautifully landscaped sim. It offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere. There’s a place for everyone here, whether you’re alone, on a date or with a group of friends. This photogenic, cosy sim offers you places to take photos, relax. Or just simply take a walk and take in the view of the fjords.

Baileys Norge (1): Landing point (upper left) / The old shop (upper right) / Fishermans pier (lower left) / Viking boathouse (lower right)

Baileys Norge (2): west pier and church

And Baileys Norge is really all of the above. I took a walk from the landing point along the shores of the island and visited the above mentionend points of interest. I rarely saw a sim with that many opportunities to sit and enjoy. The sim surround is selected perfectly to fit into the theme.
There are several lodges and homes and all of them are differently furnished very detailled. At least it looks like the family and friends are living here. All doors are open and you can walk in and either get ideas for your own home or simply sit at a window and enjoy the view outside.

Baileys Norge (3): Cottage outside (upper left) and inside (upper right) / Farmhouse outside (lower left) and inside (lower right)

Baileys Norge (4): The hideout outside (upper left) and inside (upper right) / Diomita relaxing at the hideout (lower left) / hot well (lower right)

You can take very atmospheric pictures at Baileys Norge and of course I did. I used “Annan Adored Realistic ambient” for my pictures. I also tried out some of the many places to sit and enjoyed the peace and the nature. My visit was another short vacation within Second Life, a little time-out and exploring it was fun. At the end of my visit Jenny came inworld and joined me sitting at “The lookout”.

Baileys Norge (5): Seaview cottage (upper left) / The docks (upper right and lower left) / Diomita and Jenny at The lookout (lower right)

My thanks go to the “(-_*) The Bailey Family & Friends” and to Marley (marleyy) for providing Baileys Norge to the public and for my enjoyable hour exploring it.

Landmark to Baileys Norge

Simploring 2018 (30) – Isle of May SL Destinations has become my favourite source for picking destinations for my simploring tour. Sunday, March 25th, I came across “Isle of May“, a new sim created by Serene Footman.
I was excited seeing a new sim of Serene. Serene’s sims are facinating and bring you to destinations you might never see in the physical world but you can visit them in this virtual environment and you also begin to make some research about these places. Hence it is like a real short vacation. The last place of Serene Footman was Khodovarika and I also saw Dunkirk – La Digue du Braek and Furillen.
This said, you know why I was excited to see “Isle of May“.

The Isle of May (source: wikipedia

The Isle of May is located in the north of the outer Firth of Forth, approximately 8 km (5.0 mi) off the coast of mainland Scotland. It is 1.8 kilometres (1.1 miles) long and less than half a kilometre wide. Itwas designated a National Nature Reserve on 12 June 1956 and is managed by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). Although only around 57 hectares in size, over 285 bird species have been recorded on the island. At the height of the breeding season, the Isle of May can host around 200,000 seabirds, including puffins, kittiwake, guillemots, razorbills, shags and fulmars. These numbers can fluctuate considerably from year to year, depending on weather and fish stocks.
As well as its natural heritage, the Isle of May also has a rich cultural heritage, including St Adrian’s Chapel, the Isle of May Lighthouse and others.
Most visitors to the island are daytrippers taking the ferry from Anstruther in Fife, although up to six visitors can stay at the bird observatory, usually for a week at a time. The only way to get there is by ferry; the journey takes 45 minutes from the small ports of Anstruther and Crail, and also from North Berwick.
The island is closed to visitors from 1 October until Easter to prevent disturbance to the large number of seal pups. The Scottish Seabird Centre at North Berwick has two live cameras on the island, which can be remotely controlled by visitors, to allow close viewing of the seabird cities, including puffins, guillemots, razorbills, shags, cormorants and terns and the fluffy grey seal pups in winter, without disturbance. The Scottish Seabird Centre also runs boat trips to the Isle of May (from wikipedia

Isle of May in Second Life – overview

Isle of May in Second Life – around the landing point

While the real Isle of May has no permanent residents, Serene’s island is home to a small group of artists, a lighthouse keeper and a ranger who takes care of the island’s birds and wildlife. The sim is on two levels, with a beautiful, peaceful U-shaped cliff top area covered in vegetation and lower beaches on either side. The buildings on the sim are few: the main house stands at the centre of the sim, with a lighthouse and foghorn station to one side and the wildlife keeper’s office together with the ruins of St Adrian’s Chapel on the other.

Impressions of Isle of May in Second Life (1)

Down below, on small beaches, there are various buildings such as an old stone house, beach huts and a fisherman’s lodge. All around the island there is a wild sea crashing against rocks and cliffs (excerpt from Serene’s homepage).

Impressions of Isle of May in Second Life (2)

In Second Life the Isle of May offers a lot of places to sit and watch, to listen to she sounds of birds and nature and to look at the wild sea crashing against the rocks. The main house in the center of the island, right next to the landing, is worth to visit also from the inside. There’re several ateliers for artists and the views through the windows are great.

Impressions of Isle of May in Second Life (3)

I also liked the fisherman’s lodge, that snuggles against the rock in a quite wind protected niche – I got 99 problems and fishing solves all of them. Isle of May is for enjoying the nature and finding some peace, a short vacation just like I expected it.

At Serene Footman’s Homepage I found this video about “Isle of May in Second Life” taken by Serendipity Dyrssen.

The Isle of May in Second Life was created by Serene Footman and Jade Koltai. A big thank you to both of you!

Landmark to Isle of May
Serene Footman’s homepage
Serendipity Dyrssen’s viedo about Isle of May in Second Life

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