Simploring 2019 (117) Autumn @ Dream Bay

For my simploring tour on Sunday, October 27th, I picked Dream Bay from SL Destinations. Dream Bay is moderate homestead owned by Mᴏʀɢᴀɴ Fɪʀᴇʜᴀᴡᴋ (mmorganwhitfield). It is the home of the Care and Hope Center, the mainstore of a brand for shoes “Heels” and it is the private home of Morgan, she calls it Huckleberry Island.

The sim was landscaped and design by Ayla (aylaj). It is, at least right now, a lovely Autumn installation and pure fun to visit and enjoy!

Dream Bay – overview

The landing is right next to a zip line. I was welcomed by a Halloween Ghost Clown, not scary but fitting to the season. I looked around and was overwhelmed by the colours of Autumn immediately. Dream Bay is designed professionally – and the environment is just fitting. I tried the zip line and thus reached the smaller of the two islands of which Dream Bay consists. The end of the zip line is in a giant spider net, it’s better you don’t suff of arachnophobia.

Impressions of Dream Bay (1) – around the landing point

The small island, I named it “Seasonal Halloween Island” has all what you expect: a graveyard, spiders, skeletons, black cats, ruins, dead bodies. There’s a tree house which is loveld furnished and decorated inside, yet I didn’t find the proper way to enter it. The tree looks like the feet of a dinosaur or a big raven.

Impressions of Dream Bay (2) – Sesonal Halloween Island

I returned to the main island and began exploring it. I walked through the forest, I came across quite some nice spots to sit and watch and I just enjoyed. Then I reached the the Care and Hope Center.
Morgan is a supporter of an initiative against domestic violence. Since 2014, the Care and Hope Center is a not-for-profit information hub to educate and instill awareness on the horrors of domestic violence. Free and confidential class discussion groups are offered every other month. Please stop by the Center to see when our next class session will begin.  Safe, free, friendly and always open to the public. A lot of information including a hotline for getting advice and help can be obtained in the center.

Impressions of Dream Bay (3) – “Heels” mainstore / Care and Hope Center (lower left)

Morgan is a professional model in Second Life and she is the owner of Heels, a small and humble shoe store. The mainstore of Heels is located at Dream Bay, right next to the Care and Hope Center. All proceeds go towards the maintenance and operation of the Care and Hope Center of SL. Everything Morgan does in Second Life, whether modeling and/or Heels, is for the sole purpose of bringing attention to the Care and Hope Center and Domestic Violence Awareness.

Impressions of Dream Bay (4)

Next to the Care and Hope Center is a trap door. You can use it to teleport to the zip line and at the zip line is a trap door to return to the Care and Hope Center. I continued my simploring tour and walked along the river, crossed it twice using a covered brigde. Did I mention how much I love covered bridges as they remind me of New England in the US? Anyway, I discovered more nice places to rest, I sat in a gazebo, and I encountered another ghost who was guarding a Halloween decoration right next to the trail and I had a short break at a modern boat house.

Impressions of Dream Bay (5)

Dream Bay offers a lot for those who enjoy taking pictures or those who just want to excape from their RL for a while and enjoy the peace. It is designed professionally but with a lot of love for the detail as well.

Thank you Morgan for providing your sim to the public and for your engagement against domestic violence. It is an important matter and I truely appreciate your work! I hope that the Care and Hope Center gets the attention it deserves. And many thanks to Ayla (aylaj), you did a great job landscaping and designing Dream Bay and created a sim that fits to its name.
I did enjoy my visit a lot.

Landmark to Dream Bay

Simploring 2019 (118) Hotel California – Off the Grid

In April 2019 I visited Hotel California, an adult sim owned by Lex Machine (schmexysbuddy) (see Simploring 2019 (46) Hotel California). When I looked for a place to visit at SL Destinations for my simploring tour Sunday, November 17th, I came across Hotel California again, this time with the subtitle “Off the Grid” and the pictures indicated that it is about art. I read Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: Hotel California ‘Off the Grid’” before going there myself. Maddy wrote that he visits Hotel California regularly and that the sim is changed every 4 weeks. He also wrote that it is not only owned by Lex Machine (schmexysbuddy) but also by Racey Boom (Raceyy). The name rang a bell. I visited Skull Creek, just last month (see Simploring 2019 (106) Autumn @ Skull Creek) and Skull Creek is owned by Racey Boom (Raceyy).

The current installation is described in the landmark description with “When the power goes out, you’re left with nothing but what’s inside your head” and is tagged with “Space, cyber, apocalyptic, photography, photo, art sim, art, photography sim

Hotel California – Off the Grid: bird eye views

Hotel California – Off the Grid has absolutely nothing to do with the sim I visited back in April, the only combining element is that by then also some art was displayed. And now the whole sim is packed with art. Hotel California is an artifical island in the endless sea. It is quite flat, the ground is made of steel panels and 8 highrise buildings grow into the sky. You see power poles and some single trees growing through the steel panels (I counted 6 trees) – and art objects that are spread all over the place.

Each single object including the skyscrapers is worth a detailed look. Now the landmark description makes sense: “When the power goes out, you’re left with nothing but what’s inside your head“.

Impressions of Hotel California – Off the Grid: The horses from Wasabi Yuki (wassaabii) did remind me of Mistero Hifeng. The woman laying on stairs is also created by Wasabi Yuki (wassaabii). The old coach nearby is from danielitosway

Impressions of Hotel California – Off the Grid: Another laying woman by Wasabi Yuki (wassaabii), the “elefants” with the long stilt legs are from Paco Pooley, the tree stumps with the hearts are created by Cica Ghost.

Impressions of Hotel California – Off the Grid: The prison court with the watch tower is created by DRD (deathrowdesigns), the tied hulk of a man is created by Holy (Qutsal Alex), the couple is from Wasabi Yuki (wassaabii)

Impressions of Hotel California – Off the Grid: The phone is from danielitosway, the gear wheels from Noke Yuitza and the hourglass is created by Zelest (Zelest Fall) , the skyscrapers are designed by Nite Row (nitergloom) and look at the hands at 2 of the skyscrapers, these are from Groll (Groll Greggan)

Hotel California – Off the Grid is a thoughtfully installation of art objects together with objects usually used for other purposes. These objects were all created for the Second Life grid (from the grid). They are, I assume, a personal art collection of Lex Machine (schmexysbuddy) and Racey Boom (Raceyy). The power poles refer to the Landmark description …. when the power goes out…

Thank you Lex and Racey for making your this collection available for us all.

Landmark to Hotel California – Off the Grid
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: Hotel California ‘Off the Grid'”

Simploring 2019 (114) Catena et Cavea

Catena et Cavea is a newly opened full adult region owned by Oroeia. Once again I found the sim by following SL Destinations. Ororeia and Kyra Nachtigal own at little shop for bsdm devices named Fluffy Chains. So far they only sell a little multi chain pillory pillow, but they annouced to creat more things soon. Catena and Cavea is the homeplace of Ororeia and Kyra. And there’s really a lot to explore and discover. I spent far over an hour there – and just got a first overview!

Catena et Cavea – Overview

The landing point is close to the Beach house. There’s a advertising column where you can grab a notecard with some information:
This island is our home, and at the same time a big playground for everyone. It’s adult, so please no underage avatars.
Catena et Cavea‘ means ‘chain and cage’, so you might be able to guess our main theme. Feel free to explore everywhere, but please be respectful if we are at home. If a door opens on touch, you are welcome to enter.
While you will find some bdsm toys scattered around everywhere, the main playground is inside the cliff. There you will find a bar, an oriental area, a dungeon, a secret lab and an even more secret cave. Not every door looks like a door.
Have fun
Ororeia and Kyra

The notecard also contains some hints how to get to the dungeon and to the lab. In order not to spoil the fun of finding out on your own, I won’t tell you here. If you need help, look into the notecard (I did).

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (1) – Circus, toy and technic museum

I first visited the circus, tow and technic museum. Well that’s at least what I think it is. There are two buildings and some stands, a roundabout, a space-capsule, ticket booths, horses, clowns and other stuff. For sure it is a great place for taking pictures.

Also next to the landing point is a house with a glass roof. I’m not sure what it is used for. First I thought it’s a bar, but there’s also a bed inside and a living space under the glass roof. Outside is a court with more places to sit. I called it Beach house. I continues my first exploration tour walking along the beach and came across the first adult bdsm toy, a bondage post. I was a naughty girl and tried some self bondage … ups. I need to get Mistress here when I’m in control again. Walking along the beach you come to a palce for rituals, a Stonehedge circle.

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (2) – Beach house, beach bondage post and Stonehedge circle

I walked through a arch (the one with a sword on it and came to a cage at the beach. What a place to store a slave or sub! Then I climbed up the rocks to get on the cliff. Later I found out that there’re also ways to properly get on the cliff plateau. The plateau again offers really a lot to discover. I certainly didn’t find everything. I started with exploring the cliff house. A modern house reminding me of Fallingwater, the renown house built by Frank Lloyd Wright. The veranda reaches over the cliff and it offers some nice spots to sit and enjoy the view – and the view mustn’t be restricted to the nature and the sea. There’re some more opportunitie *winks*

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (3) – Beach cage, Cliff house and Villa Antique

Not far away is a big modern house and a greenhouse. I called it “Villa Antique”. Although it is modern architecture inside it is packed with antiquities, very stylish! You can sense that a lot of love for the detail has gone into it. On the platform there’s also a sort of a temple with a fountain in the center and a big dome as well as a gazebo. The dome offers space for dancing. Well, naughty me found another spot for storing a slave or sub in a tormenting hanging cell exposed to wind and rain at the other end of the cliff plateau

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (4) – Fountain temple, Dancing dome, Gazebo and Cliff cell

Regarding bdsm there’s more ….
I visited the 2 residential houses at the other side of the cliff. Both a nicely furnished and offer opportunities to sit and cuddle or to tease a submissive. From there you can walk up the cliff properly. You will find a bar there that is built into the rock.
I also visited the dungeon of course. It is huge and by now I had expected it to be huge. I didn’t try out anything as I realized that my time was just enough for getting a first overview.

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (5) – Residential houses, Bar and main dungeon

My tour led me to the labs next. Those are not that easy to find. I walked through several safety locks, I saw strange gear and hazardous plants and I finally got to an elevator and to a room that was separated with a warning tape “Caution Keep Back”. Sounds like an invitation, doesn’t it? I dared and reached a beautiful fantasy room, colourful and intriguing – does it contain the results with the plants growing in the labs? I don’t know. But I know, the colours are just beautiful!

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (6) – Exploring the labs

The last spot on my first orientation tour to Catena et Cavea was the Harem. It is located a little bit below of the Cliff house and offers the right environment for harem scenes – very luxurious!

Impressions of Catena et Cavea (7) – Harem (let pictures), some art and a view inside of a Residential house

Catena et Cavea offers a lot not only for those seeking adult fun. The whole sim is also lovely designed and glowing in the colours of Autumn. The houses offer space for different activities and the sim offers background for those loving to take pictures as well as for those seeking the right environment for roleplay.
I hope that Catena et Cavea will stay for a while. Thank you Ororeia and Kyra for sharing your homeplace with the public. It is really worth more visits (for me at least).

Landmark to Catena et Cavea
Fluffy Chains on the Marketplace: 

Simploring 2019 (113) Huntington Beach

Saturday, October 26th, I visited Huntington Beach. I got the landmark once again by following SL Destinations. The landmark description is a cross reference to Huntington Beach in the physical world: “Huntington Beach is a seaside city in Orange County in Southern California, located 35 miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles“. It further contains the link to timeline article with pictures “Photos: Dark beauty in the oil fields of old Southern California“. This article and the pictures in it inspired Jade Koltai to create Huntington Beach in Second Life.

Huntington Beach is named after American businessman Henry E. Huntington. The population is about 200,000. It is known for its long 9.5-mile (15.3 km) stretch of sandy beach, mild climate, excellent surfing, and beach culture (source wikipedia)
I have been in Huntington Beach in the early 1990’s and I remember seeing long wide beaches, surfers and many overground powerlines (in Europe powerlines are mostly subterrestrial) disturbing the view. I knew that California not only had a gold rush but also large oil occurrences that were depleted during the 20th century. But I was not aware how the California beach looked like in the 1920’s and 1930’s. If you look up the above mentioned timeline article you will get an idea!

Some impressions of Huntington Beach, CA

Jade Koltai, the owner of Huntington Beach, created a sim that gives us an idea about how Huntington Beach might have looked like in the 1950’s. In the virtual world of Second Life we’re able to travel the world and to travel in time.

Huntington Beach in Second Life – overiew

Huntington Beach is a (moderate) homestead consisting of four main parts: the pier, the beach, the town and the field of oil derricks. The landing point is at the pier, which is quite famous in Huntington Beach. The original Huntington Beach Pier was built in 1904. With it’s length of 1,850 feet (560 m) it is one of the longest public piers on the West Coast. The pier in Second Life is way shorter and just offers a snack bar and some opportunities to sit. I met Jade Koltai there and we had a short chat.

Impressions of Huntington Beach (1) – at the landing point

The town right next to the pier offers a motel with a pool and a tennis court and quite some shops: a pet shop, a barber shop, a toys shop, a butchery, a clothes shop, a donut shop, a cheese shop and a confectionery. All of them are furnished and it is fun to have a look inside of them.

Impressions of Huntington Beach (2) – the motel and the shops

There’s also a large gas station and an abandoned drive in movie theatre. Next to the gas station is a quite large red building with on open court. It could be a restaurant as there’re some tables and chairs in the court but for sure you can dance in the court (there’re couple animations for dancing available). Last but not least there’s a trailer park at one end of the town.
The whole town has a little bit morbid charme as you can sense how flourishing it was in the 1950’s and that it is in decline.

Impressions of Huntington Beach (3) – the trailer park, the shops, the abandoned drive in movie theatre and the event area

Directly adjacent to the town is the field of oil derricks. Because there’re so many they are really scaring. You get an idea that it was not at all environmentally beneficial. I walked a along the derricks and made quite some pictures also using another windlight setting to get a more threatening atmosphere.

Impressions of Huntington Beach (4) – the field of oil derricks

Finally I visited the beach. Here you get an impression of how beach life was with the derricks in the background. Intriguing!

Impressions of Huntington Beach (5) – the oil derricks and the beach

I enjoyed my visit to Huntington Beach. The sim offers a lot of opportunities to sit and cuddle, to explore, to take pictures and to enjoy yourself. And for me it also was quite instructional in addition. It made me read about the oil rush in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Thank you Jade for creating Huntington Beach in Second Life and for sharing it with the public.

Landmark to Huntington Beach
Flickr group
Huntington Beach in Wkipedia,_California
Timeline article “Photos: Dark beauty in the oil fields of old Southern California”

Simploring 2019 (111) Last Dove

Tuesday, November 5th, I visited “Last Dove“, a moderate homestead sim owned by Erythro Isback (erythro).  It has been created by Erythro with full collaboration of shannon Cardalines. I got the landmark by following SL Destinations and I read Maddy (Maddy Gynoid)’s blogpost about Last Dove in his blog Echt Virtuell – “Simtipp: The Last Dove” (the blog is in German) before I visited myself. And I’m really happy that I did!

Erythro Isback (erythro) wrote into the landmark’s decription:
Created with love in the spirit of West Texas honoring those that came before, those with us and our future.
“Let the cowboys be cowboy bound.”

First impressions of Last Dove – upper left is an overview

Last Dove looks like the background of a movie – and it feels as if you’re a part of a movie. There’re bots dressed like cowboys that walk around and liven up the scenery. Dust is blown through the village that consists of a saloon, an abandoned chapel and a few houses. There’s a ranch, a barn, a small ranch house and a corall …. beside of that you’re in the wide open. The sim background is just amazing as it make the plains endless. A group of wild horses is drinking at the shore, a group of buffalos is close to the ranch.

Impressions of Last Dove (1) – Inara Pey entering the town (upper left)

While I was exploring Last Dove I saw Inara Pey riding a horse. I grabbed a horse myself (as far as I experienced it you can only grab and ride the horses that are in the corral, the others who haven’t found their way back can’t be ridden) and rode to her and we had a nice chat. Inara told me that the whole setting is based on Lonesome Dove, “a 1985 Western novel by American writer Larry McMurtry. It is the first published book of the Lonesome Dove series but the third installment in the series chronologically (source Wikipedia)“.
The bots that I saw are characters from the novel Captain Woodrow F. Call , Captain Augustus “Gus” McCrae, Pea Eye Parker and others. In 1989 a TV mini series with 4 Episodes was broadcasted that featured renowed actors like Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Diane Lane and Anjelica Huston.

Impressions of Last Dove (2) – Inara Pey and Diomita (upper right)

I had fun exploring the “Last Dove” the right way: riding a horse. And I took many pictures, the background is simply too outstanding.
And I decided to be lazy and to refer to Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: The Last Dove” and to Inara Pey’s post “Last Dove: a western homage in Second Life” instead of further research about the novel and the TV series. In addition, my pictures tell more than a thousand words could do.

Impressions of Last Dove (3) – Inara Pey and Diomita (upper left)

Don’t miss this great sim. Thank you Erythro Isback (erythro) and shannon Cardalines for creating this masterpiece of virtual immersion and for sharing Last Dove with the public.

P.S.: I had a nice chat with Erythro later. He asked me to give credit to corrade bots, an essential piece of the sim. Here’s the link.

Landmark to Last Dove
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: The Last Dove”
Inara Pey’s post “Last Dove: a western homage in Second Life”
corrade bots

Simploring 2019 (109) {Unconditional}

For my simploring tour on Sunday, October 6th, I picked “{Unconditional}” from SL Destinations. {Unconditional} is an adult homestead owned by Chavy (Chavonne Mcauley). According to Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: {Unconditional}“, besides Chavy also Tomis (Tomisnotaboy Resident) and Moonsoul Resident helped creating {Unconditional}.

The name of the sim is related to love, unconditional love. The landmarks description provides a definition of it “Unconditional love — in its most simplest form — means appreciating someone else for who they truly are. It means loving them when they are unlovable, and in spite of their imperfections and mistakes.”
The sim is open to the public yet although it is an adult place you’re asked to refrain from nudity.

{Unconditional} – overview

{Unconditional} consists of 4 islands. I named them Beach island, Swamp island, Mill island and Community island. All islands are connected by bridges. The landing point is on Beach Island next to a small shelter. Walking along the shore of the island I came across several very nice places to sit down, to chill or simply enjoy the surrounding. Some trees on Beach Island are glowing in the colours of Autumn.

Impressions of {Unconditional} (1) – Beach island

Impressions of {Unconditional} (2) – Beach island

From the Beach island your get to the Swamp island by a path and by walking through a hollowed tree trunk. The Swamp island might be the most photogenic island of the four islands. An elevated wooden path lead through the swamp to a nice and cosy hut from where you have a nice view. Another great place to make a stop is at the pond in the center of the Swamp island. And I found a nice elevated place to sit just at the end of my visit on this island.

Impressions of {Unconditional} (3) – Swamp island

The Mill island is outstanding because of its waterfalls. The wooden path along the falls is really well done. I also want to point out the alley of twisted trees that looks just beautiful with its red leaves. At Mill island there’re again several nice spots to sit … and some great backgrounds. The house on Mill island is private and not accessible.

Impressions of {Unconditional} (4) – Mill island

A stone bridge connects Mills island with Community island. It is raining on the bridge.. with another windlight setting you might get some great pictures there. In front of the villa on Community island are several tables and chairs, there’s a stand for hot chocolate and a fountain. To me it looked like a place to meet friends and hence I named this island Community island. The villa is not furnished by the way (or not yet).

Impressions of {Unconditional} (5) – Community island

{Unconditional} offers some really nice Autumn views, particularly when using the regions windlight setting. I decided to use another windlight setting as the picture get a bit dark using the regions settings. But {Unconditional} is not a sim just for the Autumn. I like the Beach island with its cosy places and I enjoyed the views on the Swamp island. I think the alley of trees and the waterfalls as also outstanding.

Thank you Chavy (Chavonne Mcauley) for creating your place and for sharing it with the public!

Landmark to {Unconditional}
Flickr group
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: {Unconditional}”

Simploring 2019 (107) Deadman’s Island 2019

Deadman’s Island is a haunted gruesome island where the tortured souls come to rest. Are you looking to visit somewhere dark, ominous and creepy? Deadman’s Island will leave you feeling like someone is right behind you, watching and waiting …” is the landmark’s description of Deadman’s Island.

October 11th: Deadman’s Island – overview

Once again I found the landmark at SL Destinations when i was looking for a destination for my simploring tour on Friday, October 11th. Right upon landing, the sim looked gruesome – but familiar. And yes, I had been here before in October 2017 (read Simploring 2017 (81) Deadman’s Island). The layout hasn’t changed but it was rebuilt in another (full) sim.

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (1)

Deadman’s Island is owned by Alex Luciano (alexandrasadie), but I also found some objects owned by Jaxx Luciano (jaxxson37). Both are not partnered but the names make me suspect that they are a couple. The word dark fits very well for Deadman’s island. I changed my windlight settings to get my pictures a bit lighter. Beside some shabby wooden buildings the island is covered with forest. You will find a lot of dead bodies and creatures that seems to be a strange mixture of a dog and a dinosaur on your discovery tour.

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (2)

Wherever you go on Deadman’s Island – blood, deads, scary creatures, rats, spiders, ghosts … and every once in a while you encounter a person fully covered by a cowl holding a mining light. I went to chapel and inside, I saw the cemetery. I visited the ghost ship. I went into all buildings, one seems to by an old asylum. Every room in every building has another scary sceenery. Everywhere is blood. It’s for sure nohting for the faint hearted. In one room swords darted up from the floor as I walked along and blood (my blood) was sprinkled around. Thank god, it was just pixel blood!

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (3)

I had also fun standing next to the band of skeletons, watching the witch brewing her particular soups and playing the organ in the chapel.

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (4)

The ghostship is something particular as the ship is really tranperent like a ghost and it looks different from every angle. For your exploring tour I recommend to enter all buildings if you like scary scenes. And if you can, then turn you sound on, it adds a lot to the scary and dark mood. Also don’t miss to climb up the lighthouse, as you have a great view on the ghostship from up there.

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (5)

Deadman’s Island is a seasonal sim. It is for sure worth a visit, particularly during Halloween season. I enjoyed my visit again! Thank you for providing your island to us all, Alex.

Landmark to Deadman’s Island
Flickr group
Simploring 2017 (81) Deadman’s Island

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