Simploring 2019 (31) Quebec City

My simploring tour on Friday, March 8th, brought me to “Quebec City / where art & music lives (in the Canadian Spring)“. I came across it by looking up SL Destinations.

Quebec City is a moderate sim, owned by a group named “PSY CITY citizen” which was founded by Louise Françoise de Dampierre (felizitas barbosa). I assume that Louise owns Quebec City. The landing point is in the middle of a crossing. Looking around there’s the fire department, a drive-in movie theatre, and a dead end road leading to the coast. In the background you see the typcial mix of highrise houses and lower houses. Quebec City is not dirty, yet it isn’t neat and clean neither, just as you’d expect it.

Impressions of Quebec City (1) – around the landing point and at the shore (lower right)

I first went to the coast and the pier with the motor yacht. There’s also a waterplane and a submarine. I admit it made me smile seeing the lobster sign of Nantucket, that I have seen in several sims already. We’re in Canda, in the French part of Canada. Of course, there’s lobster in Canada, but for sure not in Nantucket *winks*. I loved the dead shark hanging at the pier. The poor fish has even a name: Bruce.

Impressions of Quebec City (2) – at the shore, Diomita meets the shark Bruce (upper left)

Walking back from the shore, I first walked up and down the the street with the open air drive-in movie theatre. Besides the fire department, there’s a police station right across it. On the other side is a gas station, a dinner and an old residential home. This home is private. And as Louise was present and inside, I assume that it is her private home. Across the street of her home is the park of Quebec City, a little oasis in the town. If you blind out the highrise buildings in the background, you could imagine being in pure nature.

Impressions of Quebec City (3) – exploring the town: Police department (upper left), gas station and diner (upper right), residential home of Louise (lower left) and city park (lower right)

I continued exploring the town and found a night club named “Le Lotus Bleu”, I saw a patisserie, a shop for records, a fashion shop and a museum “Musée des Beaux Arts”. I visited the Zoo. Quebec City offers what you’d expect from a larger town. Did I mention that the street signs are French?

Impressions of Quebec City (4) – exploring the town: “Le Louts Bleu” exterior and interior (upper pictures), the zoo (lower left) and inside the “Musée des Beaux Arts” (lower right)

My next stop was the hotel. When you enter it, it really feels like the lobby of a hotel that could be anywhere in the world, a reception, a few chairs, clocks showing the time of New York, Paris and Baghdad. A luggage cart with some suitcases stands in the middle of the room. At the reception is a wall with room keys, some pictures decorate the walls and at the end of the entrance hall is an elevator.

Impressions of Quebec City (5) – exploring the town: The hotel (upper left), the entrance hall with the reception (upper right), the gentleman lounge (lower left) and FIXPOINT PHOTO Agency & Studio (lower right)

The elevator leads up to the gentleman lounge, which offers a bar, coosy chairs, billard, a piano … and two intimate rooms upstairs, one named “Dungeon” and one named “Red Room”. No wonder that I of all people found these rooms in Quebec City! The Dungeon itself was empty though, but had a nice bathroom and the Red Room was also more or less empty. Both are either not yet installed or there’s a new usage planned for them.
After visiting the hotel I walked to FIXPOINT PHOTO Agency & Studio. In Louise’s picks I found that they offer high quality model photo shootings.

I further explored the town and took a few more pictures. I recommend visiting the small chapel at the shore, it’s really lovely inside. I also discovered the underworld ot Quebec City. At some points you can enter the sewers. Last but not least I stopped by the diner once again. There’s a sign welcoming you to “Psy City”. Is Quebec City also named “Psy City”? I have no idea, and I didn’t find anything fitting on the internet.


Impressions of Quebec City (6) – exploring the town: The Chapel (upper left), record store and fashion shop (upper right), in the underworld of Quebec City (lower left) and “Welcome to Psy City” (lower right)

Quebec City is worth a visit, a little piece of France in North America. The town offers a lot of what you’d expect and is a great background for roleplaying as well as for taking pictures. I enjoyed exploring it. Thank you, Louise Françoise de Dampierre (felizitas barbosa) for providing this place to us all!

Landmark to Quebec City

Simploring 2019 (26) “Inferno” by Noke Yuitza

My simploring tour on Wednesday, February 27th, let me to “Inferno” by Noke Yuitza. Once again I found the landmark in SL Destinations. The landmark profile describes “Inferno” as “a glamorous free version of a part of Dante’s Divine Comedy, where magic and horror blend into retro-futuristic sophistication.

The landing point is in a sort of an open air temple, the dominating colour is gold. Looking around you see some single pieces of art, all of which are quite impressive.

“Inferno” by Noke Yuitza – at the Landing point

Before I started to see “Inferno“, I looked up Noke Yuitza’s profile. Noke Yuitza is a performing & computer graphics new media artist and designer. She owns E.V.E Studio, a store where you can get outfits like horns, wings, dragon heads, antlers and mesh suits decorated with lights and effects, where you can get flowers and different kinds of art for creating your fantasy world. The E.V.E Studio store is on the 1.000 m level at Imaginarium and there’s a teleporter to it close to the landing point.

Impressions of the E.V.E Studio store

I had a closer look at E.V.E Studio store and there I realized that I saw Noke Yuitza’s art before when I visited “Enchanted Art” by Oema back in 2017 (read Simploring 2017 (34) Enchanted Art) and saw Noke’s 3D art “World Eyes”.

I went back to the ground level to see “Inferno“. Actually it is a quite small art installation adjacent to the landing point. It is a colourful fantasy installation. A big snake with a dragon head guards the center piece of the installation, which is submerged in colour and light, the rays of the light radiating far into the sky. In the center hoovers a face mask with a very peaceful and relaxed facial expression. The floor is covered with peace doves, stars in gold, silver and red suround the mask and some golden and red bushes complete the installation. You’re seemingly attracted to walk closer, to become a part of it.

“Inferno” by Noke Yuitza

Inferno” might not be completed yet. Noke Yuitza called it work in progress, hence the installation might expand. I enjoyed looking at Noke’s art and there’s some of it around the landing point. I also was intrigued by the E.V.E Studio store. To see all the fantasies, the creative beeings or colourful plants, the light effects was fascinating and at least I know now where some of the fantasy avatars get their gear from.
Thank you Noke Yituza for your creations.

Landmark to “Inferno” by Noke Yuitza
Landmark to E.V.E Studio
Noke Yuitza’s blog

Simploring 2019 (22) Undertones

Friday, February 15th, I picked “Undertones” from SL Destinations. The short article and the short landmark description of Undertones did tempt me:
Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect – a public gallery, garden, music, videos, artwork, and little shops to explore, snap, and hangout. Welcome all friendlies!
On the docks: T3T Rez zone, gacha yardsale and random freebies 🙂
In addition, I hadn’t heard or read before about the artist, who owns “Undertones”: Art Oluja (artistik Oluja)

Undertones – overview and entering the gallery

At the landing point you can grab some freebies and a landmark at a raft, that is close to the landing point (one freebie is the raft itself). Getting up the stairs you enter a labyrinth of connected modern buildings with a lot of space for the art. In the first hallway one wall is full of posters of galleries. Seems, as if I will never be able to discover and see all of them.

Impressions of Undertones – the art of Art Oluja (artistik Oluja)

Apropos missing – I looked up Art Oluja’s profile to find out about her art. She says about herself: “Addicted to mental stimulation, synesthetic appreciation, and art in all its forms. I admire creative processes, online and off, inside and out. Im an explorer and admirer of all the many creative experiences here, but sometimes I zone out enough to experiment myself :)”
I learned that Art Oluja had participated in the LEA program, having own installations and collaborated with other artists. I didn’t see any of it though.

Impressions of Undertones – featuring the art of Silas Merlin, Pearl Grey (pearlgrey) and Elle Thorkveld

At Undertones Art Oluja has exhibited her art as well as art from other artists. I came across Pearl Grey (pearlgrey), Klaus Bereznyak, Silas Merlin, Mistero Hifeng, Elle Thorkveld and Haveit Neox. I’m pretty sure, there’re more.

Impressions of Undertones – featuring the art of Mistero Hifeng, Silas Merlin, Klaus Bereznyak and Haveit Neox / Diomita posing at Undertones

I visited the garden, the event area, the shops and some nice spots to sit and enjoy. I had fun looking at all the art, there’s so much to discover that my one hour visit was by far not suffient. I grabbed some of the freebies, some of Art Oluja own work is given away for free as well, some are sold – and yes, I got one piece for my own collection of art.

Impressions of Undertones – featuring the art of Pearl Grey (pearlgrey) and Klaus Bereznyak / Diomita trying out the freebies (lower left and middle) and placing the art of Art Oluja (artistik Oluja) at home (lower right)

And at home, I had a look at the freebies – funny!
I enjoyed my visit to Undertones and seeing Art Oluja’s work as well as the work of other artists arranged thoughtfully and I had fun looking around. Thank you Art Oluja for sharing your place, for the freebies and for a very enjoyable visit.

Landmark to Undertones

Simploring 2019 (21) L’Azile

Annie Oh (anniebrightstar), who runs the SL Destinations, gave me a notecard with landmarks for a place named L’Azile. She said the sim might be a destination for one of my simploring tours. The notecard contained some descriptions for the provided landmarks. On Sunday, February 10th, I went to L’Azile

L’Azile – overview

L’Azile is an adult place taking about one half of a full sim. It is owned by Boro Moretto (boromir22). As far as I understood also Boro’s partner Loony Moretto (Louna Perl) is involved as well as Zoé (zoeliah) as gardener and builder. Upon landing you get a description in English and one in French and a notcard explaining the background of L’Azile and it’s adult D/s background. I used excerpts of these notecards and from the landmark descriptions, that I got from Annie for my simploring report.

Impressions of L’Azile (1) – around the lnding pint (lower left is a statue of Mistero Hifeng)

L’Azile was created as a space to relax in a welcoming setting, reminding of a beach holiday. It also has a private residential area and you’re kindly asked to respect the privacy. L’Azile is first of all a friendly place with a little taste of craziness. The inhabitants are called Zinzins, that means nicely crazy, in French. Founded by French people, L’Azile is not strictly a franco sim although many zinzins speak French. A lot, but not all of them, speak (also) English.

Impressions of L’Azile (2) – the bar

Boromir, Loony and Zoe are French. They ran a D/s sim on SL or quite a long time, that they closed when they got the feeling it wasn’t fitting their expectations anymore. Yet L’Azile is more than a D/s sim. First of all it is intended to be a little crazy tourism resort. It radiates the spirit of a summer vacation resort with some funny and crazy places. In terms of D/s there is a D/s manor, a kinky church and a few seats dispersed in the sim. And there’s art not only in L’Azile‘s own art Gallery.

Impressions of L’Azile (3) – the gallery, currently showing the art of Sofi (Bachi Cheng).

The landing place itself offers already places to sit and funny things to look at. Close ot the landing place is a beach with more opportunities to sit at a campfire or to mediate while floating in one of the inflatable swimming objects. What caught my eyes was a statue from Mistero Hifeng (not the only piece of him that you could find here) and the female legs that peek out of the bay. Next to the bay is the bar. The interior of this bar mirrors the intention of L’Azile, it’s a bit crazy and funny and did conjure a smile in my face.

Impressions of L’Azile (4) – the art collection

Of course I visited the gallery. Currently there’s an exhibtion showing pictures of the RL art of Sofi (Bachi Cheng). If you’re interested in art within SL don’t miss also seeing the art collection, a house with art from several artists, pieces that were collected by the owners of L’Azile. I enjoyed it!

Impressions of L’Azile (5) – the D/s Manor

No surprise that I had a closer look at the D/s manor. It has 3 very stylish rooms for BDSM, a perfect place to go to get some variety. I really like it. What I liked even more was the church which is perfect for weddings and collarings. I will spread the word and might use it for upcoming events within our family & friends group.

Impressions of L’Azile (6) – the kinky church

There’s really so much to see in L’Azile! I didn’t mention yet the outdoor cinema, the motel, the bath house, the romantic place to cuddle close to the gallery and the wildlife where you can get close to hippos and other animals. Not to mention all the lovely spots to sit and enjoy. I spent almost 2 hours and just got a first impression. Alone the art that is spread around the sim is worth another visit and I didn’t see all of it for sure. I also discovered another gallery close by, Gallery Pinot Gris, that I might want to explore soon.

Impressions of L’Azile (7) – the bathouse, the motel, the camping and the wildlife

Enough words, L’Azile is another place that fits into my Second Life with a beautiful environment, lots of art, obviously home for a tolerant and open minded community and a kinky D/s corner. Thank you Boro Moretto (boromir22) for providing this place to us all!

Landmark to L’Azile

Simploring 2019 (20) Delicatessen – Tell Me a Story

I picked “Delicatessen – Tell Me a story” from SL Destinations for another simploring tour related to art in Second Life. It is a homestead owned and created by Meilo Minotaur. And I learned that Delicatessen is already open for more than 8 years with different installation, this one is “Delicatessen – Tell Me a Story

Upon landing your stand in front of 10 boxes, each contains a free artful fantasy avatar. There’re birds, animals, a boy and several girls to choose from. I selected a skinny girl with an Asian touch. Also upon landing you get at notecard with the background and the thoughts from Meilo Minotaur:

“Whoever tells a tale, adds a point,” it is said in Portugal. In english we could say: whoever tells a tale adds a tail. “Tell me a story” is an installation that calls for the participation of the visitors. Contrary to what is usual, in which the image helps to illustrate the story, I ask you to tell me a story that links the various scenes of the installation.
The characters of the island have their correspondence in avatars. They do not have names, you can give any name you think fit them. It will not be necessary to use all the characters or scenes, you will use those that you understand.
The stories will be told as you please: only with text, text and image, video or whatever you want. If you want you can give them an ending or leave them in suspense. If necessary I will add a final scene to the installation. I can choose only one story or several, this part is still open. I still do not know yet how they will be presented, depending on what you do.
I’m waiting for you.
Thank you

That sounds interesting and it is! Delicatessen is mostly held in shades of grey. At one side is a huge mountain and skycrapers are built in a way that they almost snuggle into the mountain. Opposed to the mountain is a large swamp with many trees and their crowns build a platform. On the platform a several small huts, inhabited by birds. And as birds can fly, there’s no stair up there.

Impressions from “Delicatessen -Tell Me a Story” (1)

I encountered several fantasy beings and most of them correspond to the fantasy avatars you can pick upon landing. That’s very obvious when you get to a group of three humanoid avatars with 2 girls and the boy, the fourth small girl in this picture is me *winks*.

Impressions from “Delicatessen -Tell Me a Story” (2)

The seperate scenes seem not to connect at all. A huge grasshopper reading a book to a girl, 2 bird avatars with antlers dancing on the tree platform, a group of animal avatars standing under the hut of a mushroom together with a girl (for some reason that scene reminded me of the three holy kings) or a huge swan holding a birdcage in its bead with two dancing beings.

Impressions from “Delicatessen -Tell Me a Story” (3)

I encountered a few scary stork like creatures standing in groups. Depending on your viewing angle their heads look like skulls, and depending on your viewing angle you see their dense feathering – or not. Another scene looks like a procession for a high priest.

Impressions from “Delicatessen -Tell Me a Story” (4)

The whole scenery with all it’s fog makes Delicatessen looking cold and unreal, which is for sure intended. The 10 characters themself do look not scary, some of them even happy and carefree. The scenery is like walking through a strange dream. Can I tell Meilo a story? Anything combining the seperate scenes? No, I can’t. But I enjoyed exploring and looking at the single scences and searching to come up with something.

For sure “Delicatessen – Tell Me a Story” is worth a visit and it’s very intriguing. Thank you Meilo for creating and let’s hope that you get many inspiring stories.

Landmark to Delicatessen – Tell Me a Story

Simploring 2019 (19) Windhaven

For my simploring tour on Wednesday, February 6th, I picked Windhaven from SL Destinations, an adult homestead. The landmark description consists mostly of tags:
forest, camp, beach, flickr, photography, vlogger, blogger, poses, photo, harbor, ciy, bar, vintage, river, rain, hills, ruin, music, photogenic, roleplay and bdsm friendly“.
As far as I could find out Windhaven is owned by Lennox Johnson (xxlennox) and Manuel Crumb. The landing is close to the court of a small town located directly at the shore.

Windhaven – overview

Upon landing you’ll get a notecard with some simple rules, for example you shouldn’t run around naked outside although Windhaven is an adult sim. In Lennox’ profile I found a short text about Windhaven:
Windhaven is a peaceful Lakeside Town with a lovely countryside. Visitors are welcome to explore the many photogenic spots,just take in the ambience or enjoy your own roleplay. Windhaven is also BDSM friendly. Take a flight and enjoy your stay!

Impressions of Windhaven (1) – Landing point and bar

I began my tour at the court and visited the bar, just close to the landing. It offers places to sit and a billard table, a really cosy place. The court itself and the row of town houses impressed me by the love for the detail with which it is created, a really picturesque spot. There’s a boutique, a tailor, a cafe and an apothecary, all of them furnitured and the shop-windows look really great.

Impressions of Windhaven (2) – The town

I continued my tour visiting the camping and vacation village, a nice spot offering a lot of opportunities to sit. You can go fishing or sit at a campfire and enjoy the nature.

Impressions of Windhaven (3) – Camping and vacation village

From there it is not far to the ruins. It is raining there. Thank god you don’t need an umbrella in Second Life. If you enter the ruins and walk around it you’ll find many places to sit and enjoy on the backside. I continued walking into the forest and there’s a lot of it in Windhaven. But it was worth going further as I got a great view on the lighthouse from here.

Impressions of Windhaven (4) – The ruins in the rain / the forest

Windhaven is varied and provides a bit of everything .. what’s missing? – a beach. It is called Sunbeach and located close to the lighthouse. There’s also an abandoned house, yet there’s not much to see inside (or I didn’t notice it), it’s just messy as it would look after being left for years.

Impressions of Windhaven (5) – Sunbeach (upper pictures) / the Mansion (lower pictures)

The most outstanding house in Windhaven is a big mansion between the town and the beach. In front of it are 2 statues from Mistero Hifeng, a renowned artist in Second Life. At the entrance of the mansion is a sign “This is not a brothel. There are no prostitutes at the adress”. The sign for me was the clear hint that I entered the adult part of Windhaven. The mansion just has 3 rooms:
– a central large hall will a swimming pool, areas to sit and to have an event, a piano and stylish decorations.
– a library which looked very cosy to me (I didn’t try but I assume there’re some adult poses hidden in there
– a stylish bdsm playroom resembling more to a night club than to a dungeon.

Impressions of Windhaven (6) – inside the mansion / ending my tour on the roof of a townhouse (lower right)

My tour ended at the town again. I went on the roof of one town house and enjoyed looking over the court.
Windhaven is first of all a sim offering a lot of great views and backgrounds. I was impressed by it’s variety. I personally liked the little town most, but for me with my (not secret kinks) also the mansion was a highlight of my visit, that I really enjoyed. Thank you Lennox Johnson (xxlennox) and Manuel Crumb for sharing your place with the public!

Landmark to Windhaven

Simploring 2019 (15) Greenwich Forest and The Otherworld

Once again I picked a destination from SL Destinations “Silent Town: The Otherworld”. The landmark description was intriguing although more fitting to the Halloween season: “Welcome to Secondlife’s ‘Otherworld’. Bringing a new meaning to the word “horror” in SL. Created for fans and by Silent Hill and video game fans.
It turned out that this was not one of my usual simploring tours ….

Arriving at Silent Town: The Otherworld

When I arrived, I had to accept experiences and I explored the place where I landed. It was dark and foggy. The environment noise was a bit scary and I couldn’t see far. I looked at the map, that hang right next to a bus stop, but that didn’t really help me. Hence I began to explore walking along the street very carefully. And woooosh …. I was teleported to another street … ok. The scene I saw was not really scaring, but for sure no place you’d like to be in reality. A wrecked car was burning right next to me.
I continued my tour passing a dead body behind garbage tons and an wrecked ambulance. Around the corner was the fire department – but the fire truck, which just had left the department, was broken too.
I walked in … and suddently was surrounded by scary creatures who came closer to me, first 2 of them, then 4, then 6 …. they all wore hoover texts “100”, which indicated that they are part of a game experience.
At this point, I thought I’d get more information and looked up the profile of one of the creators (or the creator?) of “Silent Town: The Otherworld“, Jiho Eli Slayer Tempest (shirotempest):
Jiho is Leader of Mehael/Tempest Family, Oracle/builder of EVUN and Silent Team of Greenwich Forest and the Otherworld.

Impressions of Silent Town: The Otherworld

In Jiho’s picks I found at least some Information:

Greenwich Forest and The Otherworld 

You’ve never visited most terrifying sim in SL until you visit here. Enjoy eerie atmospheres and bone-chlling scenes in SL’s forest of Greenwich and the otherworld.. Your characters ‘end of the road’, re-created for the fans and by the fans. For visit ‘the Otherworld’, you first must complete your journey through forest. Direct landmark into town has been removed!

Ok, the place I’ve been has no information about it as it is the 2nd part of a journey. Hence I won’t publish it’s landmark here, but the starting point at Greenwich Forest. And that is where I went next.
Upon landing I got a full background story for this game. Actually it is a quest, an adventure game, built within the environment of SL and using its possibilities. And yes, it is a horror quest *winks*. Here’s the background story:

Troubled Past

Something is calling you home. There’s the unbearable feeling that there’s something you must do. Or someone you must see… Lingering… waiting… You’ve made a decision to return to your childhood town, Silent Hill. You don’t have a lot of memories of this town. In fact, all you can remember is that the people who lived there began to act strangely and weren’t themselves. It was as if a disease was spreading throughout the town that showed no symptoms other than psychological issues.

Disturbed by the sudden changes taking place there, your parents decided Silent Hill was no longer a suitable place to raise a child. Weeks later, they moved out of that town. Your life onwards was fairly decent, minus a few hurtles and bumps. Your father suffered a heart attack not even a year later after moving. For years you grew up with your mother, widowed and somewhere in the countryside of Louisiana. Life was peaceful. Money was a little hard to come by and you became the bread winner of your small family. Your mother passed away of natural causes, but before her death she began giving you small hints of family secrets you have yet to know about. As time progressed, other rumors and stories began cropping up from locals in your neighborhood. This began to spark your interest and you became intrigued with your mysterious past. And let’s not forget the most suppressing reality of it all; re-occurring dreams of someone calling for you. “What’s taking you so long?” a voice in the dark shadows would call out, screeching something long and heavy against the ground as it followed close behind him.
It’s a cool night in fall. You take a drive down a familiar route. After your car’s engine fails to start back up at the pit stop, you stumble upon a small entrance way leading into the forest of Greenwich. The fog is thick and coats the mountains and shores of Toluca Lake. Just across the lake from beyond the parking lot, you can faintly make out the tops of buildings of that familiar town that was once your home. Returning to gaze at your surroundings, you notice that you’re suddenly cut off from all ends of the highway. The path which lay ahead of your car is closed off and the bridge which you previously had traveled across only fifteen minutes prior, is strangely no longer accessible. Or for better words… destroyed.

Arriving at Greenwich Forest

“What’s going on?”
With growing curiosity about the townspeople and the inability to find help elsewhere, you can’t help but approach the broken hole in the fence which lay ahead of you. From there, your journey begins.

And there are rules which you can and have to read when you start your way to Greenwich Forest. You also get a HUD, that attaches itself when experiences are accepted. There are more objects, you’ll have to find, for example Robbie Rabbit dolls, which will provide notes of which you have form a sentence. At some point you will also need weapons, provided by the sim, in order to survive.

I made my way to The Otherworld skipping the forest and explored the subway and some of the canalisation. You can save your location at certain points: “Since the experience is so big, it can take hours to explore everything. Most red glowing “seals” have landmarks. Once you’ve found one, click the texts on these screens to save your point and return later…

At Silent Hill – the lower right picture shows a seal to take landmarks, if you want to interrupt the adventure

My simploring time was up and I finished my simploring tour to Greenwich Forest and The Otherworld. If you like horror and quests, Greenwich Forest and The Otherworld might provide many hours of fun – and if not, then just visit to take some pictures of the dirty urban environment, it makes a great background.
Thank you Jiho Eli Slayer Tempest (shirotempest) and the whole team for providing this horror adventure.

Lndmark to Greenwich Forest and The Otherworld

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