Simploring 2019 (98) Frogmore

For my simploring tour on Sunday, September 1st, I picked Frogmore from SL Destinations. Before visitng myself I also read Inara Pey’s blogpost “Frogmore: Swedish childhood memories in Second Life“, which I recommend to read. The landmark description is also providing an idea of what you can see in Frogmore:
Frogmore Gamla Stan is a memory of life as a child in Öregrund, Sweden.  The air is filled with the scent of the sea, old fishing boats, and smoked herring. A simple life filled with love and laughter.”
It sounded like the perfect place for a short trip to Sweden on a rainy Sunday morning for me.

Frogmore overview and first impressions around the landing point

Upon my arrival I was welcomed “Welcome to Frogmore Gamla Stan, designed by Terry Fotherington. We hope you enjoy your visit to our little bit of Sweden and please come back again soon!
I have visited some sims that were designed by Dandy Warhlol (Terry Fotherington) lately. He seems to be quite active lately. Frogmore is owned by Tolla Fell (bengta).

Impressions of Frogmore (1)

There’s not much to say, write or read about Öregrund in Sweden. It is a small town of 1,500 people in Uppsala County. Nowadays it belongs to the Östhammar Municipality. In Summer Öregrund flourishes due to small sailboats, pleasure boats and tourists. And for sure growing up there is quite different from a childhood in a more urban environment.

Impressions of Frogmore (2)

Frogmore in Second Life is a very picturesque place. The colourful wooden houses made me feel like being in Scandinavia immediately. It consists of 4 islands. The landing is on the largest island with the town center and most of the nice houses. The main island is connected by a wooden bridge with another island with some more houses and a chapel. To reach the other two island you’ll need to rezz a paddleboat. One island has a camping site (with a nice view on the other islands) and a place to dance with a dj’s tent. On the smallest island you can visit the lighthouse.

Impressions of Frogmore (3)

Although the houses are not furnished there’s still a lot to discover at Frogmore. In particular I couldnt get enough from the picturesque views and I tried out some different windlight settings for my pictures. If you like Scandinavia and the nature up there, Frogmore is a place you shouldn’t miss to visit.

Impressions of Frogmore (4)

I wonder if the name Frogmore as any special meaning for Tolla Fell (bengta). Is it just a coincidence that Frogmore is also the home park adjoining Windsor Castle in England with the Frogmore house and the Frogmore Cottage?
Anyway, I enjoyed my Sunday morning trip. Thank you, Tolla, for sharing your place with the public and thank you Dandy Warhlol (Terry Fotherington) for designing it.

Landmark to Frogmore
Inara Pey’s blog post: “Frogmore: Swedish childhood memories in Second Life”
Information about Öregrund, Sweden in WikipediaÖregrund

Simploring 2019 (96) { P A P P A D O }

For my simploring tour on Sunday, Augut 25th, I picked { P A P P A D O } from SL Destinations and I read Inara Pey’s blog post “On the waterfront at Pappado in Second Life” before I visited myself.

{ P A P P A D O } is built on 1/4 sim but the plot is long and narrow. This layout is used to build a land waterfront, with a long beach, 2 lighthouses at both ends, one street along the waterfront with shops and cafés and a nice promenade.

{ P A P P A D O } – overview showing the unusal layout

Behind the houses at the waterfront is a second row of houses that is built against the steep rocks that limit the the parcel. With the right setting for your drawing distance you don’t see anything of the neighbour parcel, but even is you do, you just see some trees, so this is not really disturbing the impression of being at the waterfront of a lille town in …. ?

Impressions of { P A P P A D O } (1)

I can’t answer this question and Inara couldn’t answer it as well. There’re some European cars parked, there’re vespas which indicates that the picturesque town is somewhere in Europe, maybe in Italy as the group, who is owning { P A P P A D O }, is named “La Vita E’ Bella”. But at the other end of { P A P P A D O } where you find a residential home, a shop for surfers and some sheds, you see American cars. And the colourful houses would fit to the Caribbean… Be it as it is – { P A P P A D O } is a nice and beautiful place …. somewhere.

Impressions of { P A P P A D O } (2)

There’re (of course) a lot of possibilities to sit at the beach and to enjoy the environment, or to sit in a cafe and to look over the waterfront and beach. I personally like the lane between the front row and the second row. There you find some shadow and it looks really cosy, neat and peaceful.

Impressions of { P A P P A D O } (3)

At the pink (!) bus stop I found a model pose and I had to try it out. That was fun. For my pictures I kept the given windlight setting “Barcelona”, which provides a very colourful, blueish light.

Impressions of { P A P P A D O } (4)

As mentioned above { P A P P A D O } is owned by a group, which was founded by Lana Doux (Svetlana Pexie). I suspect that she owns the place. The design was made by Dandy Warhlol (Terry Fotherington). I enjoyed my visit and had fun exploring! I really like this layout. It was another short vacation.

Landmark to { P A P P A D O }
Inara Pey’s blog post “On the waterfront at Pappado in Second Life”

Simploring 2019 (95) The Far Away

I decided to do a quick simploring tour on Monday, August 19th, and picked The Far Away from SL Destinations. It is a real classic sim, a place that I visited several times, particularly during my first years in Second Life, but I didn’t write anything about it.

The Far Away – Impressions (1)

The Far Away was created in 2006-2007 (!) by AM Radio and is maintained by Ziki Questi and Kinn (Kinnaird), Ziki Questi has her gallery in a seperate skybox above the sim. And what is it? Well …. a large wheat field with some oddities. Most outstanding is the big railroad engine in the midst of the wheat field. The plane above the wheat field reminded me of the film North by Northwest from Alfred Hitchock in which Gary Grant is running through a field chased by a plane. But I doubt that the plane is a reference to the film.

The Far Away – Impressions (2)

What else? A table with some radio equipment, a windmill, a diner table for two with a closet amidst the wheat field. And that’s about it. The horizont seems to be endless and you can recognized some farm houses far away. The Far Away is an art installation and everybody has to get to their own conclusions and interpretations. Considering that The Far Away exsists since 2007 and that the possibilities of building with mesh and sim surrounds were far more limited than they are today, it is still great and intriguing. A sim you should have seen! Oh and don’t forget to turn on your music and to listen to music from the 1920 and 1930, very fitting to The Far Away.

The Far Away – Impressions (3) / lower right is a view into Ziki Questi’s gallery

I also visited Ziki Questi’s gallery above The Far Away. She’s a SL photographer and has an eye for great motives. The pictures look great in the lights of the gallery and the rooms as large enough so that the pictures can develop their atmosphere. I just picked a few examples of what you can see there.

Pictures taken at Ziki Questi’s gallery

Thank you Ziki Questi and Kinn (Kinnaird) for keeping The Far Away available for so many years!

Landmark to The Far Away
Landmark to Ziki Questi’s Gallery

Simploring 2019 (91) Nevgilde Gaard

For my simploring tour on Friday, August 16th, I picked Nevgilde Gaard from SL Destinations. Nevgilde Gaard is 1/8 of a full sim, rated moderted. It is owned by Neaira Allegiere (Neaira Aszkenaze). The landmark description implies that there has been another place before: “Nevgilde Gaard is the second chapter in The Nevgilde Story. And as it’s predecessor is inspired by Norwegian nature and heritage.

The name Nevgilde rang a ball. I visited Nevgilde Forest December 2018 (Simploring 2019 (3) Nevgilde Forest). According to my own notes, Nearia was co-owning Nevgilde Forest at the time of my visit. Anyway, I checked and found out that Nevgilde Forest is gone. Is Nevgilde Forest the above mentioned predecessor sim?

Back to Nevgilde Gaard. It is a comparably small place but packed with beautiful views and nice seperated from the surrounding plots, so that you don’t see them when your at Nevgilde Gaard. The landing is on the almost highest point of the plot on a plateau in the woods. Nevgilde Gaard is designed like a section of a shoreline of a Norwegian fjord. There’s just a lot of forest in the background, a rocky shoreline, one single residential house, a short beach, a beck … and that’s it.

Nevilde Gaard – overview and around the landing point

From the landing point I walked across the beck to the house. I had a lot of beautiful views. Nevgilde Gaard is designed with love for the detail and everythings looks quite well fitting together. I just had some minor problems with getting all textures loaded.

Impressions of Nevgilde Gaard (1)

I visited the house and also had a look inside. It didn’t surprise me at all that it is nicely furnished. From the wooden terrace of the house you have a lovely view over the ocean (or fjord). A bit below of the house is a small beach with some more possibilities to sit and watch. Just opposed to the beach is a small island with a place to camp and a nice view over the shoreline.

Impressions of Nevgilde Gaard (2) – the residential house

Nevgilde Gaard is a showcase for Neaira’s passion: landscape and design. She’s specialized in Nothern European nature and style.
In a skybox above Nevgilde Gaard is Neaira’s shop “NS Thrift Shop & Poses“, that offers decor, furniture, jewelry and couple’s poses.

Impressions of Nevgilde Gaard (3) at the beach, view from the small Island on Nevgilde Gaard and NS Thrift shop

Nevgilde Gaard is a very beautiful corner of Second Life. I like the atmosphere of peace and nature of it and I had kind of a little time-out while I explored and enjoyed. Thank you Neaira Allegiere (Neaira Aszkenaze) for sharing Nevgilde Gaard with the public!

Landmark to Nevgilde Gaard
Landmark to NS Thrift Shop & Poses and NeaScapes
NS Thrift Shop & Poses on the marketplace

Simploring 2019 (90) Alternate Reality

For my simploring tour on Friday, August 9th, I selected Alternate Reality from SL Destinations. Alternate Reality is a moderate homestead owned by T (thisismyaltsalt). That is a funny name and it tempts to speculate who might be behind it.

Alternate Reality – overview

Upon landing you’ll get a message by a group inviter: “Welcome to Alternate Reality. We hope you enjoy your visit and everything the sim has to offer. Should you need any assistance here or have any issues please contact Thisismyaltsalt for help and I’ll get back to as soon as I can. Have an Awesome Day!
You have to join the group in order to visit the sim, joining is for free though.

Impressions of Alternate Reality (1) – around the landing point and the fishing hut

Alternate Reality is an island with a vegetation that seems to be a mixture between an island on the Northern hemisphere and a Caribbean island with palms. At least you see beach grass and different kinds of palm trees growing close to each other. According to the few buildings I would categorize Alternate Reality as an island somewhere on the Northern hemisphere.

Impressions of Alternate Reality (2) – private residential house and enjoying some time on the yacht

The landing is close to a water tower and a small fishing hut. From there I began exploring the island. It is quite inviting for taking pictures and there’re many opportunities to sit at the beach. You can also “sit” on the yacht that anchors at the shore of Alternate Reality.

Impressions of Alternate Reality (3) – at the beach

Alternate Reality offers a nice bar with a really outstanding old bar keeper and nice decorations. I tried the posing at the pinball, my first picture playing pinball *winks*. Next to the bar is an event decking with a dj’s desk.

Impressions of Alternate Reality (4) – at and around the bar

There are many more places you can visit to sit or to pose for a picture, like the beach rentals or the little snack bar by the beach or at the campfire. Just the area around the only residential home, quite in the center of the island, is set to private and protected from entering.

Impressions of Alternate Reality (5) – at the beach, the beach rental and at the campfire

I like the name “Alternate Reality” as it really fits to Second Life in general. And I enjoyed spending a lovely hour in the afternoon taking a short vacation in this alternate reality. Thank you, T (thisismyaltsalt), for sharing your sim with the public. I had fun visiting.
Landmark to Alternate Reality

Simploring 2019 (89) Grauland

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, July 30th, I selected Grauland from SL Destinations Grauland is an adult homestead owned by JimGarand. The landmark description doesn’t reveal much “Photogenic sim and home to M-1 ART POSES“.

Grauland – overview

The landing is right next to a piece of art, a fist (Fist Statue – Marble inWorldLight) made by Korazen. Also close to the landing is an auditorium, but it has no stage and the audience looks at a painted wall. Let us imagine that in the case of an event, there’d be a screen installed. I began my exploring tour looking at the heap of stones which is also close to the landing point. The heap looks a bit like a breakwater wall. It is for sure a very interesting motive for pictures. And because of the magic of Second Life it is not covered with bird droppings although there’re lots of birds at Grauland.

Impressions of Grauland (1) – around the landing point and the heap of stones

I crossed the bridge that connects the landing island with the main island, that has the form of an hoof. I visited the cannabis greenhouse first. There’s also a pier for ships with a petrol station. Obviously the cannabis yield is very high so that they use ships for transport *winks*.

I continued my tour at the beach. It is a lovely large beach and the waves in the background are impressive. Again you find a lot of birds here and some places to sit and relax and to enjoy the beach. The beach has a very natural atmosphere.

Impressions of Grauland (2) – the cannabis greenhouse and the beach

I visited the old factory building, that seems to be abandonned for many years already. There’s no roof nor a door but it might be still a bit more protected from wind inside. You can see that someone is living here, there’s a sofa, a few pictures, garbage, a shopping cart and a litte cage (yes we’re on an adult sim). Continuing my simploring tour I sat down at another abandonned hut and I walked to the other end of the island, where you can enjoy a lovely view over the whole island from a rock. On the top of the rock is another little hut, that looks a bit like a bus station from outside. But inside there’re two chairs and a few pictures and it looks like someone really loves being here.

Impressions of Grauland (3) – at the beach, the old factory, the abandonned hut

But the most outstanding piece of Grauland is the field of concrete blocks that covers around a quarter of the whole island. The concrete blocks are also in the bay and on a small island in the center of the hoof. This island is connected with a wooden footbridge with the main island. The concrete blocks did remind me of the holocaust monument in Berlin. I have no idea what they express here or if there’s any intended interpretation. On the fist view the distribution of the single blocks seem to be random. I managed to jump on one of them and to have a better view. The field seems to be endless … does it continue under water?

Impressions of Grauland (4) – the field of concrete blocks and the outlook

On my way to the outlook I found a teleport sign for the above mentioned M-1 Art Poses shop and I came across a single modern bar stool, that stood in the midst of nothing and almost screamed “Try me”. Ok I had to try it. The stool has some really nice and tempting poses and I ended up makieng a seflie photo session. I had fun.


Impressions of Grauland (5) – at the outlook, the tp board to the M-1 Art Poses shop, and Diomita in a spontaneous photo session

And the spontaneous photo session was reason enough to have a look at the M-1 Art Poses shop that is located on a platform in 2000m height. I tried the poses with the bike and got two other great selfies.

A quick visit to the M-1 Art Poses shop at Grauland

I appreciate it a lot when shop owners combine their business with providing a place for the public to enjoy, like Jim did with Grauland. The sim is outstanding in it’s own way. The enviroment is meagre, but still beautiful, the field of concrete blocks offers a lot of different interpretations and for sure a great background. And the beach is just great being that natural. Thank you Jim, for providing Grauland to the public. I had fun exploring the island, the art and last but not least trying out the poses.

Landmark to Grauland
M-1 Art Poses inworld shop
M-1 Art Poses on marketplace

Simploring 2019 (87) Carolina

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, July 23rd, I picked “Carolina” from SL Destinations. From what I saw there it seemed to be the perfect place to visit on a really hot Summer day in RL.

Carolina is a moderate homestead owned by Arol Lightfoot. The name rang a bell to me and looking up my own blog I found out that Arol was also involved in La Vie, a place that I visited 3 times, but it was always different (Simploring 2018 (1) La Vie in Winter / La Vie in Second Life / Simploring 2017 (83) La Vie in Autumn). Carolina is described in the landmark profile as a place with “warm sandy shores and a tropical environment, filled with wildlife, relaxing beaches, and grassy areas“. I couldn’t sum it up any better.

Carolina – overview

Carolina offers a lot of beaches, only interrupted by some smaller rocks. There are many opportunities to sit and cuddle and to watch the wildlife. Besides seagulls, you’ll find many other birds, seals, a pair of playing dogs, flamingos, horses, donkeys and ducks, just to name a few. As most of them are animated it is fun to look at them or to wait for the right moment for a picture.

Impressions of Carolina (1) – upper pictures show the green house

In the center of California is a residential house, which is fully furnished and free to visit. As far as I could find out there’re no restricted areas at Carolina. At this house in the center is a funny sign that made me smile “Notice: Protect your food. Management cannot replace food stolen by seagulls“. And two seagulls are sitting on this sign!

Impressions of Carolina (2) – the playing dogs / the boathouse

Further in the North is another house with a workshop at the beach. Obviously it is also used for repairing small boats. But this boathouse (I called it boathouse) offers also a nice living room with seaview as well as a decking for bbq’s and for socializing behind of it.

The North of Carolina is a bit greener. And there’s an old rollercoaster, which offers a particular motif for pictures.

Impressions of Carolina (3) – the rollercoaster, the flamingos and the house with the decking

Finally there’s a lighthouse and a crashed small plane. It is seen best from the decking of the third house in Carolina. This decking has the best views of the island in my personal opinion. It is close to the flamingos, you can see some seals from there, you can look over to the lighthouse and the rollercoaster and you can look along the inlet that almost leads to the house in the center.

Some more Impressions of Carolina

I enjoyed more than an hour exploring Carolina and I had fun to try out some of the places to sit and relax. I wonder if Arol Lightfoot did name the island “Carolina” because of North and South Carolina in the US. Some views did remind me of the outer banks in North Carolina. Anyway, if you seek a place to wind down at a beach or to for a short virtual vacation, you should visit Carolina. Thank you Arol for sharing your sim with the public. I had a great time there.

Landmark to Carolina
flickr group

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