Arkahelle Janus

When I met Arkahelle Janus at Domme a Domme, she was kneeling naked and tied hiding in a corner. What took my attention was her tag which marked her being the slave of someone I had a brief but intense play with. . A few days later  when I next met Arkahelle, she was dressed again and her profile didn’t say anything about her owner. So I asked her about that common acquaintance and we began a quite long conversation. After a while we found out that we not only share the same experiences (hers was a short as mine) but also many friends within SL. Queen Takacs and Danii Szydlowska are old friends of hers and now ours, she also knows  Jill Freenote, Moss Hastings, Chriss Rosca and many more people that we know well  are also her friend. She knows most of our family and some of Yasmin’s family and if not friended so at least met them before. It seems  strange that we didn’t meet before and talk more intensively. In her earlier years she was often hanging around more at Deteide and not at Stonehaven as we did, that might be one explanation.

Consequently Arka became closer as we talked more and more,  she came to our home, met Danii and Queen (Maurer’s It) again and joined us more during our nights. Arka is currently switching from being domme to  being submissive but her submissive way is stronger. She loves latex, shopping, bondage, ponyplay, banter and most all the things we like. She even wants to try out being more controlled. It didn’t take long before Jenny and I saw how well she would fit to our family. In fact it already seems very natural as if she has been with us long before. According to her SL age she knows what she wants and her desire to kneel for us and to become ours has grown as well.

I admit, I do have one concern. She will be the 2nd French member in our direct family and Sarah our neighbor is also French. It seems that we’ll get a French connection here – I’m just kidding. So this red haired brat became loved quickly and consequently we collared her today September 14th, 2012. Welcome to the family Maurer’s Soumise!

Unfortunately Arka didn’t show up anymore after her trial until end of 2012 and we only had one short offline IM inbetween. We do believe that RL comes first but staying in touch is something necessary even in SL to keep relations. We released Arka again end of 2012. We hope she’s healthy, is doing well and will have fun upon her return again.

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