Simploring 2017 (45) MetaLes ..O.. ArT Virtual Space

Looking for a place to explore I came across MetaLes in the Second Life Destination guide. MetaLes promotes culture and art in the Metaverse. Artists and creators of Second Life expose each for 2 months in the sim MetaLes. Curators (owners?) are Ux Hax and Romy Nayar. I looked up “Metaverse” and found a definition at wikipedia “The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet.”

Actually I visited 3 different installations at MetaLes starting with Empty Minds, which was mentioned in the destination guide. The information or better the thought that you get on your way visiting “Empty Minds” is “It is made known that if an idea is born in your empty mind, you must come to disregard it. Nobody knows why. The origin of that idea was lost. Maybe you’ll be the first to have the idea to not to discard your ideas. :))

MetaLES ..O.. ArT Virtual Space –  exhibitions in June 2017

Empty Minds by Roma Nayar is surreal. It is dark and grey, not scary though. The beings in this installation look like humans on the first glance. But they have no feet, they have one wheel instead, some have two wheels. Their head is an empty light bulb and the arms are very long. They are dressed and some dressed provide a little bit of colour to the scenery. You can get a free avatar for more immersion (I didn’t do that). What you see and interpret into this art installation, well I leave that up to you. I noticed at flashing light bulb in one ot the light bulb like heads on one being (is there an idea just born). I saw the row of beings waiting in line to get into a machine, that looks like a washing machine, a shower, a machine to clean your mind? I of coruse noticed the 4 beings standing at the top of the hill in the middle of the installatiom wearing a bin umbrella each. They look like talking, like exchaning ideas? I saw the fence that looks like the fence of a graveyard and the being opening and closing the front door again and again and on the other side of the fence lies a book worm being and around the head of another being is a flock of bugs. I got some surreal pictures, I have some ideas what is expressed with this art installation “Empty Minds”. To make up your mind yourself, you’ll have to visit it. As far as I understood the concept of MetaLes it should be open until End of June.

Empty Minds by Romy Nayar
Exhibtion at MetaLES ..O.. ArT Virtual Space

From the landing point of MetaLes you can not only visit Empty Minds but also an exhibtion called Melancholy by Ini (in.inaka). This exhibition is already running since End of March, so I don’t know how long it will be on anymore. At least the above mentioned 2 months are already over. You may like or dislike the art of Ini. The way it is presented is unique as it is not a normal gallery. You have to walk long ways to see her pictures, you have to dive into her spaces and some pictures just appear when you are in the right position. This adds another dimension to the art, which I found quite interesting, although I only liked a few of her pictures itself.

Melancholy by Ini (in.inaka)
Exhibtion at MetaLES ..O.. ArT Virtual Space

The third exhibition that runs currently at MetaLes is “Mental Levels” by Sina Souza (sinalein). Sina has quite a long list of exhibtions in Second Life and was shown at many galleries. She also had exhibitions in RL. “Sina Souza is a young digital artist from Germany. She works since 2012 with the presentation of images and uses the name (Sina Souza) as a pseudonym. Her works are surreal, moody, dark, thought provoking and unique in style.” (source There’s a notecard available with the bio of Sina Souza at the starting point of “Mental Levels”. “Mental Levels” in again a particular concept of presenting art and it involves different levels. The art objects are in boxes, that are opened just on one side. You start on a platform and walk down stairs that lead you to the next level, you have to walk around the box to see what is inside. Each art installation is something that you have to look at in detail and it might cause that you think about it and stay a bit longer looking at it before you continue to the next level.

Mental Levels by Sina Souza
Exhibtion at MetaLES ..O.. ArT Virtual Space

With MetaLes, I discovered another art sim in Second Life which changing exhibitions for myself. They run an own website, which is not up to date unfortunately (last entry is from March 2017).

Landmark to MetaLes
MetaLes website

Simploring 2017 (44) – Light Thoughts 3

I had a look at the Second Life Destination guide again to select where to go this time. I decided to visit Light Thoughts 3, a combined art installation by Jo Williams and Mario2 Helstein within the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) program. The two installations are adjacent and have one shared landing point and flow smoothly into each other. The Light Thoughts 3 installation of Jo Williams is on LEA 20 and the installation of Mario2 Helstein is on LEA 21. Looking at Jo’s and Mairo2’s profiles I learned that they are partnered and are both creative minds, hence the combined realisation of their art.

Both art installations work with mesh forms, fantasy plants and animals, with light and light effects, particles and colours. I started with LEA 20 by Jo Williams. It is described as “a dark sim, expressing the feminine experience and principles -flow, darkness, power, wisdom, beauty, abundance, romance, seduction, love and destruction using shapes and lights with mythical and spiritual symbology…and pose balls (ha!).
The setting of LEA 20 is more on the ground and doesn’t go up into the sky like LEA 21. You walk over water or fluids in different colours in which geometric forms and fountains of particles and flowers are embedded like flowerbeds. Some flowers are recognisable like roses and mushrooms, others are jsut fantasy. A little brigde from one bed to another give the impression to be in a garden. In the dark sky there’re spheres looking like planets. Most impressive are the colours and the lights. It is like being in an explosion of colours. Just wonderful and a paradise for those who like to catch the impressions in pictures like I do.
Poseballs? I only found a pair of poseballs for dancing, but perhaps I wasn’t attentive enough as my attention was caught by the colours.

June 6th – Impressions of Leicht Thoughts 3 (LEA 20)

LEA 21 by Mario2 Helstein is described as “an exhibition of mesh and prim forms, lights, effects and innovative scripting. This LEA sim is a stimulating example of artistic creation and technical scripting and innovation in Second Life“. Although both art installations mrege into each other it is clearly different. LEA 21 is has higher forms that reach far up into the sky. There’s also a ceiling buildt of geometrical forms. You can recognize statues, big sculpture of large animals, an octupussy like animal with long tentacles flaots through the room. There’re two ballons with invite to take a ride (for me just one worked and the tour was just a short hop from one spot to another, not what I expected). LEA 21 is coined by these artful sculptures. Some of them are embedded in large grids or surrounded by light effects and particles. There’s also a control panel at one of these sculptures where you can selected about 20 different particle effects. Every viewing angle at LEA 21 provides another experience of light, beams, scupltures and effects.

June 6th – Impressions of Leicht Thoughts 3 (LEA 21)

And why is it Light Thoughts 3? Because Light Thoughts was an art installation back in 2015 and Light Thoughts 2 in 2016 – I didn’t see them unfortunately. That’s the downside of virtual art, it is temporary. You can capture some impressions with pictures like I do but the three dimensional experience can’t be reproduced.

I don’t know how long Light Thoughts 3 will stay open. So it you want to see it, you shouldn’t wait until next year. There are events held at LEA 20 / 21. To get more information you have to join the M2D creations group to find out when awesome Events, Light Shows & parties are on.
Mario2 Helstein also has a store inworld (M2D) where you can purchase particles and light effects, if you want to create your own colourful light show.

Thank you Jo Williams and Mario2 Helstein for this art installion. I enjoyed a colourful hour at LEA 20 / LEA 21

Landmark to LEA 20 / LEA 21
Mario2 Helstein’s shop inworld

Simploring 2017 (42) Flash Back / Flash Forward

Sunday, June 4th, I went simploring in the morning. Kitty accompanied me on this tour. I selected “Flash Back / Flash Forward” from the SL destination guidewhere the description caught my attention “Flash Back / Flash Forward, Giovanna Cerise’s newest installation, takes an abstract and dreamlike approach to time’s passage, our tottering on the precipice between past and future, and the commingling of time and space. Showing at Split Screen through July 31.” The featured abstract picture tempted me to explore it as well as the name Giovanna Cerise rang a bell. I visited Otium in April 2015, where some of her art was exhibited (read here: A visit to Otium). Unfortunately this sim does no longer exist. In 2016 I visited her installation Monochrome that was buildt within the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) program (read here).

Giovanna wrote that the idea of Flash Back / Flash Forward is “transporting the present into the past and projecting it into the future, aware of the implacability of temporal laws, for what is present today will tomorrow be the past, and what is future will be present. The tendency to emphasize and almost exacerbate the instability and impermanence of the perception of what has passed and of what is not yet is the leitmotif of Flash Back / Flash Forward.”

Flash Back / Flash Forward is mostly made of simple forms, which are arranged and piled up, most of the elements are transparent, you can walk and see through them, sometimes they appear, from another angle they are invisible. There’s no visible floor on the first glance, hence you walk and fly through the installation. Within this build are 6 different spaces that vanish in the complex but, depending on the angle, they are perfectly visible. Giovanna named them “The dream, The point of view, The desire, The lighteness, The impossible choice and The birth”

3D-art in Seond Life has the distinctive feature, that everybody sees it different, depending on light settings and viewing angle. Hence nobody sees exactly the same and each picture taken is at least a bit different and unique. I was impressed about the vanishing and appearing of elements and walls, sometimes I saw just a shadow of myself, and from another angle I could see myself clearly. My favourite space within Flash Back / Flash Forward is the one that Giovanna named “The impossible choice” as it expresses a lot about myself and about my Second Life.

Flash Back / Flash Forward is located at Slpit Screen Installation Space. Split Screen is an artist cooperative sim where all resources and expenses are shared equally by its members. The sim’s primary purpose is to provide working space for its members, as well as exhibitions and other special events. Giovanna’s installation can be visited until End of July 2017. I was impressed and am happy that I saw it. Thank you Giovanna!

Landmark to Slpit Screen Installation Space
Giovanna Cerise’s Website

Simploring 2017 (41) – Surreal Chess Wonderland

Inspired by Inara Pey’s blog post “A Chess Wonderland in Second Life” I went exploring Chess Wonderland – The Life of Black and White. “Chess is all about black and white trying to conquer each other. There is no grey in chess and same goes for life.” is the description of the landmark.

Chess Wonderland is surreal. The ground is made of black and white squares yet not flat but undulating. Right close to the landimg point is a sculpture of Mistero Hifeng “Siamo diversi”, a figure sitting on a bench. If you walk a bit further you’ll see a stage with some muscians. Those are contributed by Cica Ghost. It looks that I come across these two artist quite often on my simploring tours. Chess Wonderland is enclosed in a box, the wall glow in different colours of a rainbow and on the ceiling is one large light that illumintes the scenery together with the glowing wall. The preset ambient is foggy and mysterty. You can find all chessmen spread over the installation, there’s also one real battlefield where the chessmen are in close-quarters fighting. In one corner of the isntallation is a big castle, which rooms to explore. Some parts of the castle are fake though, contain no rooms and you can fly through it walls. On one of the roofs are a black and a white sofa and you can sit there to watch the scenery and to suck in the impressions. There are for sure a lot of symbols hidden not only in the castle but also in the installation itself. Everybody has to interpret them individually. For me it was like diving into a battlefield and not looking at a game. It lifts chess into another dimension giving winning and loosing another meaning.

Of course you can take fantastic pictures of Chess Wonderland, and I took a lot. In the end I changed the windlight settings to get a better insight how the installion is buildt – and it looks totally different if you change the settings. Thank you EgyptRocker for providing this peice of art to us!

Landmark to Chess Wonderland
Inara Pey’s blog post “A Chess Wonderland in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (40) Another World

Saturday, May 27th, late afternoon, I decided to make a simploring tour. I picked “Another World by Solkide Auer” from the Second Life desination guide. The title already reveals a lot about this simploring tour. I went into another world, created by Solikide Auer. He writes about himself: “I’m italian  and I am a citizen of SecondLife. Everybody has a dream and I can give a form to your dream as I am a builder and artist too, as I create sculptures.” The landmark description gives more information: “Another World is a flight in a pure geometric ambient where shapes and colours try to give a momentary lapse of relax. Nothing else than stay in peace with yourself.
Another World consists of different geometric forms piled up into the height. The forms are all different, stars, spheres, spirals, cubes, bows and grids. There no sky, the enviroment is black and dark and all forms are artificially illuminated in different and constantly changing colours. No viewing angle, no colour composition can be easily reproduced. Everyone sees another world different, as a personal expierence. There are 3 ways to explore Another World. You can take a little  spaceship, a flying sofa which will lift you up to the top of Another World and back down. This roundtrip takes about 15 minutes. During the flight up and down you can relax, enjoy the lights, the different impressions, you fly peacefully through space, time, lights and forms. You get views from inside of the geometric forms as well as from outside. The second way exploring is taking one of the seven doors next to where you land. Each door teleports you to another part of Another World from where you can walk or fly around and enjoy the view. And the third way to explore it is to simply fly.
I was very impressed by Another World. Of course I took tons of pictures, so what I selected for this entry is just a small excerpt, a teaser. It is another way to relax. I visited already many lovely sims, where you just relax by admiring the (virtual) nature. Another World is also very relaxing and peaceful. In particular the flying sofa tour provides great impressions that you can simply enjoy without being activ.
Thank you Solkide for your artful installation. I enjoyed it a lot.
If you want to see more of Solikide visit his blog Solkide Auer, where you can learn more about him and his art. There are also some videos (taken within Second Life) to watch in this blog.
Landmark to Another World by Solkide Auer
Solkide Auer’s blog

Simploring 2017 (37) Cerridwens Cauldron

When I visited Enchanted Art on one of my latest simploring tours (read here) I came across Elicio Ember, who created the Botanical Garden, the main gallery and some other piece there. Elicio makes is a plastic artist and desginer and makes fantasy landscapes, plants, architecture and art. Elicio has an own sim and an own store, Cerridwens Cauldron, and invited me over to visit both. Thursday, May 11th, I visited Cerridwens Cauldron.

After seeing Enchanted Art, I was not surprised as I was surrounded by glowing colourful plants and a particular fantasy atmosphere upon my arrival at the Emerald lounge. Cerridwens Cauldron consists of several caves, some nice places by the sea and a huge tree that dominates the sim. Exploring it in depth will take many hours, I got just a small insight during my one hour visit. The caves and different levels are connected by stairs, plateaus and spiral stairs. Wherever you turn you get new views, you dicover new things, amazing! I couldn’t decide which light to take for my pictures. Cerridwens Cauldron can be seen in the sunshine as well as at night. At night the glowing effects are stronger and some edges do look better at night in my opinion, but art and taste is nothing you can discuss. Cerridwens Cauldron offers many places to meet, to cuddle and to enjoy as well as several dance floors. It is a prefect place to retreat to with your loved one and to spent a romantic night.

Elicio’s store is embedded in the Lost Halls floating castle on another height level of the sim and it is there you’ll usually arrive if you don’t have another landmark. The store is a piece of art itself. Besides the vendors, you might not realize that you’re in a store. It is fun and enjoyable just to walk around and the look at the architecture and the plants and light effects. You can purchase most of what I saw, I think at reasonable prices. If you want to buy larger builds you can see them at a seperate rez platform. I went there and rezzed a 200m tall fantasy tower (The Tower of Dawn). The way Elicio placed the products is very tasteful and I couldn’t resist to buy some of the glowing flowers and gras for our own sim. There’s also a teleporter network to travel around the different places and attraction at Cerridwens Cauldron.

Cerridwens Cauldron is worth a visit for sure, be it to get something decorative or be it just to enjoy. Thank you Elicio for providing this lovely place to us all!
Landmark to Cerridwens Cauldron (Emerald Lounge)
Landmark to Cerridwens Cauldron (Lost Hall – store)

Simploring 2017 (15) Colourful and bright art in Second Life

Wednesday, March 1st, I found time for a short but very impressive simploring tour. A blog post from Inara “The Architect’s Playground in Second Life” caught my attention. The Architect’s Playground is a full region installation by Methias Kira.

March 1st, exploring "The Architect's Playground: at the landing area

March 1st, exploring “The Architect’s Playground: at the landing area

Upon your landing you are surrounded by light, by colours, by particles and it is that overwhelming that you loose orientation first, at least I lost it and fell down from the platform in the sky to the ground. I first thought ok, you have to explore flying then, so I began to fly upwards until I reached the next platform. Then I recognized that there are quite broad and lighted transparent walkways between the different also transparent platforms. Hence I walked over these ways traveling from one scenery to the next always getting new viewing angels, new bright hovering spirals, other blazing particles in all colours of the rainbow, new impressions.

March 1st, exploring "The Architect's Playground: the walkways between the platforms

March 1st, exploring “The Architect’s Playground: the walkways between the platforms

March 1st, exploring "The Architect's Playground: impressions (1)

March 1st, exploring “The Architect’s Playground: impressions (1)

March 1st, exploring "The Architect's Playground: impressions (1)

March 1st, exploring “The Architect’s Playground: impressions (2)

This installation is a another piece of virtual and temporary art showing the possibilities of Second Life. In one word amazing! And everybody will see it different, from another viewing angel, at another moment of this constantly moving installation. I took a lot of pictures, a lot more than I will publish here. This installation is a “must-see” piece for everyone interested in digital art.

March 1st, Diomita at "The Architect's Playground"

March 1st, Diomita at “The Architect’s Playground”

Thank you Methias for this beautiful sim! The Architect’s Playground will stay open until June, 2017 – so don’t miss seeing it.
Inara Pey’s blog entry about The Archtect’s Playground
Landmark to The Architect’s Playground

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