Simploring 2018 (51) Sunny Day by Cica Ghost

Today, Saturday June 9th, I got an invitation from Cica Ghost to visit “Sunny Day“, her newest installation. I followed the invitation right ahead. The landing point is on a small rock that is connected by a bridge with the main island. The first view on “Sunny Day” is already lovely, you see several suns shining from a bright blue sky, moving flowers and the typical Cica-houses. “Sunny Day” is like from another world, it has something of a childlike phantasy world, a toy world, peaceful and beautiful.

Overlooking “Sunny Day by Cica Ghost”

Between you and “Sunny Day” is the bridge which is guarded by two monster fishes with intimidating teeth. But no worries, they don’t bite. On the island you can discover a lot of nice details. The ground is made of wooden plankes. The houses, the flowers, the tree and the persons can easily be recognized as Cica’s work. A road leads around the village in a circle and there’s one car driving. You can hop on the car and make a circle tour around the island.

Impressions of “Sunny Day by Cica Ghost” (1)

At one side of “Sunny Day” there’s the fence that Cica used for her installation “50 cats” (read here) and in one corner you find the “Catshop” with all to of them.

Impressions of “Sunny Day by Cica Ghost” (1)

I also found places to sit, there’re two tables with chairs. In the first moment you wouldn’t think that you can sit on them, but you can! The 12 people of the poster are spread around “Sunny Day” and they all look happy. I had fun exploring and discovering this little oasis, not searching for a deeper sense, but just enjoying the happiness that radiates from this installation.

Impressions of “Sunny Day by Cica Ghost” (3)

Thank you Cica for another great work that made me smile! And those who’re going to visit – enjoy!

Landmark to Sunny Day by Cica Ghost

simploring 2018 (50) Choreography of a Tortured Soul

I visited “Choreography of a Tortured Soul“, an installation by Theda Tammas at LEA 1. It’s not the first time that I saw Theda Tammas’ art, last year I saw her installations Labirinto at Blue Orange (read here) and Dissected Soul at LEA 15 (read here).
Choreography of a Tortured Soul” ties up to her previous installations. Theda arranged 15 naked, more or less genderless, statues at the edge of a of a flat platform, that is surrounded by steep rocks. The ground is covered with water, that reached up to my thighs and blood is on the surface of the water and at some places also scattered in the air.

“Choreography of a Tortured Soul” by Theda Tammas (1)

All statues are in different moving poses and some of them are rotating around their own axis. Some of the figures seems to dance alone, some dance together as couples or as groups. And all figures have an open wound at their heart and a big scarf on their bald head above the left eye. So it seems to be one and the same person because also the face and the facial expression is the same, but I’m not sure about that. The music, provided by Morlita Quan, is dull and monotonous and expressing sadness and melancholy.

“Choreography of a Tortured Soul” by Theda Tammas (2)

Besides the pictures that I took, there’s a very good video of Theda Tammas’ “Choreography of a Tortured Soul” to give you an impression what to expect. The link is also in the landmark description.

The installation makes the viewer quite thoughtfully about the own soul and about the fate of others. Thank you Theda for sharing your art, and thank you Morlita for the music.

Landmark to “Choreography of a Tortured Soul”
Video of “Choreography of a Tortured Soul”

Simploring 2018 (48) doLLoureux

I visited “doLLoureux“, an exhibition by Nevereux at DaphneArts (or Daphne.Arts).

“doLLoureux” by Nevereux, an Exhibition at Daphne.Arts

At the entrance is a board with a text introducing to the exhibition with the thoughts of Nevereux about it:

I freeze and I burn and there is no in between.
And don’t touch me unless you plan on leaving a story behind.
I am rigid because softness seemed to numb me.
I am indestructible.
In some magnetic way I turn sorrow to hope when you hold me.
I mostly sit quietly, next to me, life.
I may look simple in form, but I create worlds in a profound and complicated way.
Drop your syrups, be rapt with life;
the most massive characters are seared with scars.
You living creatures, be immortals for a second (no batteries required).
One can make witnessing the default position or can attempt to change the world.
In between these 2 extremes I stand, on the lip of the abyss looking around, completely static, trying to figure out the humanity and inhumanity of dolls.
Oh, … here you are.

At the entrance you also get a HUD and an advice how to set your viewer environment to see the exhibtion. The HUD does add to the viewing experience and also stream music that fits with the exhibited art.

Impressions of “doLLoureux” by Nevereux, an Exhibition at Daphne.Arts (1)

The title “doLLoureux” is a play with words as doloureux is the French word for painful and the exhibition is about dolls. In addition the 2 capital LL also stand for Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life.

Diomita visiting “doLLoureux” by Nevereux, an Exhibition at Daphne.Arts

The exhibition presents pictures and 3D models of dolls, some are broken, some interact with others, some are set up surreal. All objects impress by the way they are presented. With the introductional thoughts of Nevereux you have a key to understand Nevereux’s intentions. I think you get an idea of this exhibtion by my pictures, but they only show some of the dolls and can’t transport all 3 dimensions. Hence you should see and experience the exhibition yourself.

Impressions of “doLLoureux” by Nevereux, an Exhibition at Daphne.Arts (2)

You should turn a special Attention onto the subtitle of Nevereux’s “doLLoureux” exhibition with which I’ll end this post:

Hold me. Frantically. Craft a narrative. In details.
Overemphasize my silence. With perverse anger.
Stare down my dead cold heart. As a compulsion
Love me without questions. Add time.

Impressions of “doLLoureux” by Nevereux, an Exhibition at Daphne.Arts (3)

DaphneArts, opened in March 2016, is an art complex that features monthly exhibitions, with a strong focus on the grotesque, surreal and existential themes. It is owned by Sheldon Bergman (sheldonbr) and Angelika Corral. Thank you for the gallery and thank you Nevereux for your impressing dolls at “doLLoureux“.

Landmark to “doLLoureux”
Website with information about “doLLoureux”
Wbesite of Daphne.Arts

Simploring 2018 (43) Kerupa Flow – If the Mind is Absent

Wednesday, May 9th, I visited “If the Mind is Absent“, an installation by Kerupa Flow within the LEA program.
Kerups writes in the landmark’s description “When something feels meaningful, I notice my own mind. Is it just a form? Or is it standing at the rare moment that my heart meets your heart?
This description is a good start. At the landing point there’s a bit more information, in English and in Japanese, as Kerupa is from Japan.

Kerupa Flow’s “If the Mind is Absent” – at the landing Point

Things differ depending on the viewers.
Physics? No, in my mind, in your mind.

Sometimes it’s a mistake
But illusion is a fun toy.
Sometimes it is a political confrontation.
It may be that we are opening our eyes at the risk of life.

I think that my sense of reality may have changed significantly in 2011.
It was a year of major disaster in Japan.
The things that are happening at that time reflect something in my work.
I myself often do not notice about it whan making.
I’m thinking about the meaning again while surrounding my past works.

Looking up at the sky at night, the stars away from the eyes’ focus are more clearly visible. I hope my work show things like that way.
I’m happy if you can enjoy my world a bit off the reality.

As much as possible, I will explain the meaning of what I made.
I know that it will not be the end of what you seeing.


Impressions of Kerupa Flow’s “If the Mind is Absent” (1)

Impressions of Kerupa Flow’s “If the Mind is Absent” (2)

If the Mind is Absent” consits of a center piece that clearly is an interpretation of the Tsunami in Japan 2011. Around of this center piece are other works of Kerupa, maybe exibited before as single objects. They are either displayed stand alone or are in seperate rooms that you can walk into. The room “Invisible” deals with the catastrophy of 2011 again.
Kerupa works with optical illusions. No projectors are used but what you see depends on where you stay and look at. To experience Kerupa’s work you shouldn’t use your camera too much but walk around instead, walk into the art, feel it literally.
There are many heads, some are quite artifical and can be seen just from a certain viewing angel, otherwise they look like a chunk of prims. Other heads have a face on each side, that looks at you, but it is an optical illusion.
Another element of Kerupa’s art are silhouettes of humans and last but not least Kerupa uses optical illusions that draw you into the art. It is that you see always something different depending on where you are, that makes Kerupa’s work that particular.

Impressions of Kerupa Flow’s “If the Mind is Absent” (3)

Impressions of Kerupa Flow’s “If the Mind is Absent” (4)

I spent an hour at “If the Mind is Absent” and I still haven’t discovered everything. Kerupa’s art lets your mind roam, it is relaxing to just open your mind and let it happen. Memories, my own memories did pop up. My mind is never absent, I can’t switch it off. I interpret “If the Mind is Absent” as “If your mind roams, if your mind doesn’t deal with everyday life issues, if your mind does see soemthing that isn’t there (optical illusion).
I also got a new insight of what the catastropy of Fukushima meant to the people of Japan. It did not just destroy a whole region but it also destroyed the trust in technical progress, the trust in a better life and what is left are memories and chaos.
At most pieces you’ll find texts in English and in Japanese about the art and what Kerupa had in mind with it. There’s also recommendations of how to set your windlight setting (some art looks best set to “midnight”).

Impressions of Kerupa Flow’s “If the Mind is Absent” (5)

Impressions of Kerupa Flow’s “If the Mind is Absent” (6)

I took a lot of pictures again, but the pictures can’t reflect the three dimensional experience which is much more intense. Best is to see it yourself.

I like Kerupa Flow’s art and I’m very impressed of “If the Mind is Absent“. The installation should be open at least until June 30th. Thank you Kerupa for your work!

Landmark to Kerupa Flow’s “If the Mind is Absent”

Simploring 2018 (41) Cicamobiles

I came across a little exhibtion of Cica Ghost’s litte cars following Inara Pey’s blog where she published “Cica at Paris Metro in Second Life” on May 1st. And since I discovered Cica Ghost’s art in Second Life I try not to miss any of her installations or exhibtions.
There are some elements in Cica’s art installations that are unique and you recognize her objects and creations immediately. There are these fantastic, mostly oversized, animals with a human expressions in their faces, often looking content and happy or expressing strong feelings. And there are her two-dimensional stick figures, which are often animated. In Cica’s latest installations she offered little cars to drive around which were adapted to the theme. At Paris METRO Art Gallery these cars are exhibited and I called them “Cicamobiles”.

“Cicamobiles” at Paris METRO Art Gallery: Catomoblie with animated picture “Night traveler” in the background (upper right) / MouseCar and BirdCar with animated pictures “She” and “He” in the background, on the left is the animated “cyclist on the wall” (upper right) / UmbrellaCar (lower left) / FlowerCar (lower right)

It’s not a big exhibition but it is nice to see all the cicamobiles together at one place and seeing them remembered me of my visits to Cica’s installations. In total there are 4 drivable cars (Catomobile, MouseCar, BirdCar, FlowerCar) and 3 non-drivable cars (UmbrellaCar, CrocoCar, Cica’s Bus) exhibited at Paris METRO Art Gallery.
At the entrance, just next to the Catomobile you see Cica’s animated picture “Night traveler” and on the other side appears “cyclist on the wall”, one of her famous stick figures. At the wall behind the MouseCar and the BirdCar are two more animated stick figures riding bicycles named “She” and “He”.

“Cicamobiles” at Paris METRO Art Gallery: Cica’s Bus (upper left) / CorcoCar (upper right) / Cicamoblies overview (lower left) / animated pictures “She” and “He” closeup (lower right)

A really small but nice exhibtion which made me look forward seeing Cica’s next work, hopefully soon.
Thank you, Cica!
Thank you rfb morpock, who founded the Paris METRO Art Gallery and thank you, Shiloh Emmons, Director of the Gallery.

Landmark to Paris METRO Art Gallery
Inara Pey’s blog post “Cica at Paris Metro in Second Life

Simploring 2018 (40) Light Thoughts 4

Saturday, April 28th, I visited “Light Thoughts 4” within the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) program at LEA 26 and LEA 27. It is a joint installation by Mario2 Helstein and Jo Williams following their joint installation last year (Light Thoughts 3 – read here).

Landing at “Light Thoughts 4”

The landing of Light Thoughts 4 is on the boarder between LEA 26 and LEA 27, Mario2 Helstein has designed LEA 27 and Jo Williams LEA 26. Just like last year’s installtion the sides are different, both are colourful and full of light and effects. I started my visit at LEA 27. To me it looks like a mixture of an aquarium and a jungle, yet all animals live peacefully together. What catches your eye first is the dinosaur that walks up and down along the landing point. But there are more animals, hugs crabs, sharks, cuttlefish, crocodiles. All are artfully coloured.
In the middle of the installation is a big structure of green tubes that looks being alive, it might have tentacles. The floor is wet und provides light effects. There’s a lot to discover and a lot to take pictures of. Soon you get lost in this colourful fantasy world. There are also some humans, one looks like a robot, a few small humans are walking around in a secured area … and one is just a dead body. The installation is oustanding because of the colours and the light effects that produce different views every second.

Impressions of “Light Thoughts 4” at LEA 27 (1)

Impressions of “Light Thoughts 4” at LEA 27 (2)

The other part of Light Thoughts 4 is at LEA 26 and is by Jo Williams and it is quite as colourful as LEA 27. It looks like a park somewhere in the galaxy. A large open area is surrounded by seperate gardens, there are several pyramides and the planets are close. There are flowers, benches to sit and relax and little cosy areas. When you zoom out you can see that some plants form a heart. The two big violin clefs reminded me to turn music on. It’s the kind of music that Mario also uses for his light shows and it does fit well.

Impressions of “Light Thoughts 4” at LEA 26 (1)

Impressions of “Light Thoughts 4” at LEA 26 (2)

I tried using one of the balloons to fly around a bit but it didn’t work properly during my visit and I flew just a few meters. I remembered the ballons from my visit to Light Thoughts 3.

I enjoyed a colourful hour at Light Thoughts 4 and took a lot of pictures. I love all the colours and effects. Of course a picture can’t always transport all dimensions of an installation. Together with my invitation I got a link to a video that might give another insight of this installation.

Thank you Mario (Mario2 Helstein) and Jo (Jo Williams) for this installation. I enjoyed my visit and taking lots of pictures!

Landmark to Light Thoughts 4
Video teaser of Light Thoughts 4
Mario2 Helstein’s shop inworld

Simploring 2018 (36) Untitled by Storm Septimus

I picked my simploring destination from SL Destinations again and visited “Untitled“, an installation by Storm Septimus at LEA28.

Untiteled by Storm Septimus

Untitled is a particular piece of art, dark and somehow depressing but it also has elements of hope. Upon landing I strongly recommend to grab a notecard in order to understand the background of “Untiteled“. Storm explains why there’s no name for this installation and how it was built as a process, adding piece by piece what came into Strom’s mind:
I wanted to highlight the emotional effects of disability. I know I could have gone so many ways with that, however at the time I took up residency I was very very ill, so this absolutely contributed to my design going down a less optimistic path. The installation ended up a visual of that lonely , desolate , hopeless place of despair in my mind.

Impressions of “Untiteled” by Storm Septimus (1)

Impressions of “Untiteled” by Storm Septimus (2)

At the landing you can also get information about “Virtual Ability”, a group that helps bring people with many kinds of RL disabilities mental, emotional, physical and sensory into Second Life, and provides them with a supportive community. The landing platform sits on the shoulders of 4 large statues, you can see how they suffer carrying the platform, but they are strong.
At their feet is a garden presenting the group “Virtual Ability”. And from there you cross a bridge to the second part of “Untitled“.
Again this island is supported by two statues, but not on their shoulders but on their backs and they almost break under the load they carry. The main high plateau is a huge sea of blood and the sound does intensify the dark and depressing mood. There’re dead bodies swimming in the sea of blood. There are also places to sit and to watch, to let your mind wander, to try to feel and follow the artists thoughts.

Impressions of “Untiteled” by Storm Septimus (3)

At some places you find diaries with thoughts of people with longterm disabilities. On the other hand, this installation was built by Storm Septimus in a state od disability and proves that something impressive can arise from this state. There’s the place with the many buring candles that expresses the hope to leave the depression behind (my interpretation) and there’s the unexplainable beauty of “Untiteled“, the many extraordinairy views and impressions you get.
Untitled” is a very touching masterpiece enabling us to get a tiny insight into the mind of someone ill.

Impressions of “Untiteled” by Storm Septimus (4)

Thank you Storm Septimus!

Landmark to “Untitled”

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