Simploring 2018 (65) Nantes

In 2016 and 2017 I had 3 blogpost about “Follow your Bliss” (“Happy Easter – Follow your bliss“, “Simploring 2017 (5) Follow your Bliss” and “Simploring 2017 (50) Follow Your Bliss (II)“). Sadly “Follow your Bliss” is longer existent. In the virtual world of Second Life places appear, change and vanish quite quickly sometimes. Hence it is good to keep some memories because they stay. But on the other side, the changes provide countless opportunities to discover and explore, the creativity in Second Life seems to be endless, which is not surprising as people from all over the world live out their dreams virtually. “Follow your Bliss” was created and owned by Ms. Nantes (elizabethnantes).

Nantes – an overview

As I still was a member of the according group, I got a message that Ms. Nantes has build a new place – Nantes. “I am opening a new sim, reminiscent of the original Follow your Bliss (+FYB+). Nantes will be group access only and there will be a small fee for the group to help offset the cost of staying open, I loved sharing +FYB+ with all of you and I hope you will enjoy Nantes as well.” The opening of Nantes was on July, 25th and I visited it July 26th/27th.

The landing point of Nantes is in a small hut by the sea. Here you can join the group in order to be able to visit. The fee, Ms. Nantes mentioned above, is 250 L$ (approx. 1 US$) and will contribute to keep the sim alive. From here you can either start exploring on foot or you take the teleporter to Nantes Gallery or to Ms. Nantes store, e.posEd. The store is located in a skybox above Nantes and offers animations. The Nantes Gallery is located on the sim itself. I decided to explore on foot and not far from the landing hut I found a teleporter map, that gave me a nice overview. Yet I continued simploring on foot.

Impressions of Nantes (1) – Benson House (upper left) / House by the beach (upper right) / Prodigy Brew (lower left and right)

Nantes is a group of islands connected by bridges, clearly dedicated for vacation or simply for relaxing and unwinding. It offers a nice beach with several different opportunities to sit (and cuddle). On a offshore sandbank (“Hamilton Surf Beach”) you also find several roofed wicker beach chairs, that are typical for Northern Germany and gave me a feeling of home *winks*. But there’s more. For example an outdoor cinema where you can watch youtube clips laying in the sun, called “Magic Movie Cove”. Or there is the “Lake Joliva”, a little lake with some toys and with animals to watch.

Impressions of Nantes (2) – The Nantes Gallery presenting “L’amuse Bouch”

Nantes has 3 major buildings and you can visit them all. The “Benson House” is a fully furnished residential house, the “Prodigy Brew & Boathouse” is a place to meet and chat in a nice and comfy environment, and the Nantes Gallery. The current exhibition at the Nantes Gallery is called “L’amuse Bouche”. L’amuse Bouch is French and means appetizer. What a great title for a first exhibition, that features the picture of several different artists. I admit that none of the names were familiar for me, but that might change in future.

Impressions of Nantes (3) – Magic Movie Cove (upper left) / at the Lake Joliva (upper right and lower left) / Diamond River Retreat (lower right)

I finished me first visit to Nantes with a boat tour. There’s a peddleboat rezzer at “Taslin Bay”. And I was really not dressed appropriate for the peddleboating nor for the whole visit. Next time I’ll dress casually again and will wear my simploring sneakers!

Impressions of Nantes (4) – at Hamiltion Surf Beach (upper left and right) / peddleboating (lower left and right)

Nantes is, similar to “Follow your Bliss”, a place to unwind, to chat, to cuddle or for taking nice pictures. It’s a lovely place and I can only recommend visiting. I might return for another visit of the Nantes Gallery, if there’s an exhibtion that I want to see.
Thank you Ms. Nantes (elizabethnantes) for providing Nantes to the public!

Landmark to Nantes
Landmark to Nantes Gallery

P.S.: I got a group message from Ms. Nantes (elizabethnantes) a few days after visiting Nantes: “Hey everyone, i moved the gallery and store and group joiner is now in the sky.”
The Landmark I provided for Nantes in the above post will reroute you to the a welcome skybox with the group joiner. I’ll add this one here too:

Landmark to the new welcome skybox of Nantes

Simploring 2018 (57) Another Planet by Cica Ghost

I became a regular visitor of Cica Ghost installation. I simply like her particular style and her art often is soothing to the soul as while you’re diving deep into the phantasy worlds created by her. This time it is Another Planet.

You arrive on a deserted unreal planet. There’s no vegetation and the rocky ground is structured with patterns simliar to printed integrated circuits. There’re no buildings but a clutter of melted frames and structures that look like leftovers of former buildings that were totally destroyed by an explosion or something like that. Some meteorites hoover over the planet like satellites.

Another Planet by Cica Ghost: at the landing point (upper left) / overview (lower left) / Alien Diomita with other aliens (upper and lower right)

Another planet is inhabited – of course – by aliens. I noticed 2 different forms of one and the same species, two genders perhaps. While the first form stands with bodies that look like pyramid cake made of rusty iron, the other form is larger and lies around. Both dont move. The heads and faces of the aliens are dominated by huge black eyes.

Upon your arrival you can decide to discover Another Planet as a human or as an alien. Cica provides the alien body at the landing point. I first explored as an alien and made a second tour as human. I met Cica herself in her alien form and the time I was visiting Bryn Oh was with her. There are two ways to travel around, either on foot or flying using one of the different planes or flying platforms. When flying you just sit and watch as you can’t steer the plane or platform.

Another Planet by Cica Ghost: Alien Diomita exploring (upper left anr right) / Alien Diomita in the foreground looking at Alien Cica and Bryn Oh (lower left) / another human visitor flying around exploring (lower right)

Find out if you’re still human, observe yourself from another planet” is the quote Cica Ghost choose for her installation. It is from Benny Bellamacina, who’s a songwriter, musician, poetic humorist and children’s author. Indeed the humans do look as being the strangers, the aliens on Another Planet. And the aliens living on Another Planet seem to watch the strange beings, the human visitors, through their big eyes. Yes, maybe we should look on humans and on our planet from a more distant point to get things right again and to preserve humanity.

More impressions from my visit to Another Planet by Cica Ghost

Cica impressed me once again with her creativity. It was fun exploring Another Planet and to get out from everyday life entering a peaceful fantasy world even within Second Life. Thank you very much, Cica!

Landmark to Another Planet

Simploring 2018 (55) Fractal Chaos Theory by Redi

Saturday, June 23rd, when I scrolled over the new entries at SL Destinations my attention was caught by a title and a picture “Fractal Chaos Theory – Redi (red.bikcin) – Diotima, Gigli Waves, Second life“.

Red&Danni – R&D art gallery

I like fractals and they always attracted me in their simplicity and simlutaneously in their complexity. I have seen quite some great exhibtions of fractal art in Second Life already. The title caught my attention because of Diotima, which is a greek name and up to today a quite rare female fist name. When I joined Second Life more than 10 years ago, I selected this name as my first name – and made a typo. That’s how Diomita was created.

This said, I had to visit this place. It is an art gallery. I couldn’t find out really much about it as there’s no notecard and no landmark description. The plot is owned by a group named Red&Danni, which was founded by Jos Kass. The group picture contains a text “R&D art gallery” – Red&Danni art gallery? The plot is named “Diotima, Ocio y Cultura”. Ocio y Cultura is Spanish and means leisure and culture.

Fractal Chaos Theory by Redi (Red Bikcin) – the exhibition at R&D gallery (1)

I assume that Redi (Red Bikcin) is involved or co-owning the R&D gallery. Currently there’s an exhibition of Red Bikcin’s fractal art. The exhibition is quite large and extends over 2 floors. Where you enter the gallery there’re innumerable live sized holograms of one and the same person in black and white, obviously it is a neko.
The room is surrounded by big fractal objects and at it’s end you walk through a colourful archway into another room. Every once in a while you find educational texts about fractals and I will quote them later on.
The second room and the whole second floor, that you reach walking upstairs at the end of the second room, has large fractal objects and most of them are steadily moving. They are transparent and often you literally walk through them. Every piece is very colourful, the whole exhibtion is very colourful. Embedded are some single pieces of Red Bikcin, and some of them are even for sale for reasonable prices.

Fractal Chaos Theory by Redi (Red Bikcin) – the exhibition at R&D gallery (2)

“Chaos is the science of surprises, of the nonlinear and the unpredictable. While most raditional science deals with supposedly predictable phenomena, Chaos Theory deals with nonlinear things that are effectively impossible to predict or control.”

“The phenomena of Chaos are often described by fractal mathematics, which captures the infinite complexity of nature. Many natural objects exhibit fractal properties. Recognizing the chaotic, fractal nature of our world can give us new insight, power and wisdom.”

Fractal Chaos Theory by Redi (Red Bikcin) – the exhibition at R&D gallery (3)

“A fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are seld-similar across diffent scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop.”

“Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the pictures of Chaos. Geometrically, they exist in between our familiar dimensions. Fractal patterns are extremely familiar. Order / Disorder Chaos is not simply disorder. Chaos explores the transistions between order and disorder, which often occur in surprising ways.”

“Simply put, a fratal is a geometric object that is similar to itself on all scales. It you zoom in on a fractal object it will look similar or exactly like the original shape. This property is called self-similarity. But if you put an image fractal in a SL prim, and you modify the structures of that prim, the possibilities of chaotic changes they are endless. Fractals are of particular relevance in the field of chaos theory, since the graphs of most chaotic processes are fractal.”

Fractal Chaos Theory by Redi (Red Bikcin) – the exhibition at R&D gallery (4)

Red Bikcin’s exhibition about fractals at R&D gallery is not only educational, it lets you experience the fractals as you’re surrounded by them in all dimensions. And as many of the fractals and objects are steadily changing and moving, you get different imrepssions every second. The concept with transparent walls and floors give the impression of endlessness. I had a closer look at the single objects of Red Bikcin as well and I really liked them, smaller pieces of art that do unfold their effect even as a stand-alone piece of art.

At the end of my visit I bought one of Red Bikcin’s stand-alone objects and placed it at home near to our dancefloor. Slowly I begin to get a collection of art presented in Second Life.

June 23rd at home: Diomita placing Red Bikcin’s fractal art piece near to the dance floor.

It’s a shame that there’s no more information about the artist Red Bikcin and her profile doesn’t give away much of her as well (as I don’t speak Spanish). I enjoyed my visit very much! Thank you Redi for your art, the educational texts about fractals and the wonderful and colourful experience that you provide with this exhibition. Thank you Jos Kass and whoever else is involved in the R&D gallery.

Landmark to Diotima, Ocio y Cultura – R&D gallery

Simploring 2018 (53) Confinement by Mi

Tuesday, June 19th, I visited “Confinement“, a new exhibition by Mi (kissmi) at Daphne.Arts that opened just recently.
According to Mi, “the confinement is our lot – from the beginning, in the womb, and even before, as soon as the idea of our conception germinates in the minds of our parents, enclosing us”.
Created by Angelika Corral and Sheldon Bergman, who own Daphne.Arts and provide the space to other artists, the installation is divided in 4 sub sections: geographical, mental, physical and social confinements. Before you enter, you’re asked to attach a HUD. The HUD provides sound and text and is necessary for the experience. You will also be asked to set your viewer to advanced lighting and to shadows (moon and projectors) and to either accept the windlight or set your viewer to no light.

Confinement – an exhibition by Mi (1)

You enter a long and dark hallway and have to dare to keep walking forward. Then the scenery is lightened and you can see pictures at the walls to your left and right side. For each sub section (geographical, mental, physical and social confinements) there is a poem related to its theme and narrated by Mi. The narration is in French, the HUD provides a transcript in French and in English. The poems sound really nice in French, some alliterations of the poems can only be heard in French tough and don’t have the same effect in English.

Confinement – an exhibition by Mi (2)

The pictures and the poems build one unit, they fit together. The poems leave the visitor very thoughtfully. Each sub section has it’s own message. Geographicallyy it is the place you’re born, the many coincidences that lead to our own life, yes we’re equally born but not with equal chances. We have many confinements mentally, physcially and socially. Walking through the exhibition “Confinement” you walk through a whole life from birth to death, and life will go on.

Confinement – an exhibition by Mi (3)

At the end of the hallway you walk downstairs to experience a fifth section without a poem going with it – “Constrained Confinement is, in every way, an ultimate impasse”. The stairs leading down are illuminated by torches. You step down deeper and deeper until you reach a place lit by candles. At the end of the place is a statue with an open torso. It might symbolize a murder as one hand strangles the throat, it might symbolize another new life as another hand reaches out through the open torso holding a candle.
It is an impasse, so you have to either walk back or teleport out from there.

Confinement – an exhibition by Mi (4)

Confinement” by Mi is a particular form of art, combining poems (narrated and readable), music, pictures and the visual experience of Second Life into one piece of tangible art. I understood that Angelika Corral and Sheldon Bergman were responsible to make that happen. Again an exhibition you won’t see anywhere else but in Second Life.

DaphneArts, opened in March 2016, is an art complex that features monthly exhibitions, with a strong focus on the grotesque, surreal and existential themes. It is owned by Sheldon Bergman (sheldonbr) and Angelika Corral. Thank you and Mi for this exhibition!

Landmark to the exhibition “Confinement” by Mi
Daphne.Art website with more information of “Confinement” by Mi

Simploring 2018 (51) Sunny Day by Cica Ghost

Today, Saturday June 9th, I got an invitation from Cica Ghost to visit “Sunny Day“, her newest installation. I followed the invitation right ahead. The landing point is on a small rock that is connected by a bridge with the main island. The first view on “Sunny Day” is already lovely, you see several suns shining from a bright blue sky, moving flowers and the typical Cica-houses. “Sunny Day” is like from another world, it has something of a childlike phantasy world, a toy world, peaceful and beautiful.

Overlooking “Sunny Day by Cica Ghost”

Between you and “Sunny Day” is the bridge which is guarded by two monster fishes with intimidating teeth. But no worries, they don’t bite. On the island you can discover a lot of nice details. The ground is made of wooden plankes. The houses, the flowers, the tree and the persons can easily be recognized as Cica’s work. A road leads around the village in a circle and there’s one car driving. You can hop on the car and make a circle tour around the island.

Impressions of “Sunny Day by Cica Ghost” (1)

At one side of “Sunny Day” there’s the fence that Cica used for her installation “50 cats” (read here) and in one corner you find the “Catshop” with all to of them.

Impressions of “Sunny Day by Cica Ghost” (1)

I also found places to sit, there’re two tables with chairs. In the first moment you wouldn’t think that you can sit on them, but you can! The 12 people of the poster are spread around “Sunny Day” and they all look happy. I had fun exploring and discovering this little oasis, not searching for a deeper sense, but just enjoying the happiness that radiates from this installation.

Impressions of “Sunny Day by Cica Ghost” (3)

Thank you Cica for another great work that made me smile! And those who’re going to visit – enjoy!

Landmark to Sunny Day by Cica Ghost

simploring 2018 (50) Choreography of a Tortured Soul

I visited “Choreography of a Tortured Soul“, an installation by Theda Tammas at LEA 1. It’s not the first time that I saw Theda Tammas’ art, last year I saw her installations Labirinto at Blue Orange (read here) and Dissected Soul at LEA 15 (read here).
Choreography of a Tortured Soul” ties up to her previous installations. Theda arranged 15 naked, more or less genderless, statues at the edge of a of a flat platform, that is surrounded by steep rocks. The ground is covered with water, that reached up to my thighs and blood is on the surface of the water and at some places also scattered in the air.

“Choreography of a Tortured Soul” by Theda Tammas (1)

All statues are in different moving poses and some of them are rotating around their own axis. Some of the figures seems to dance alone, some dance together as couples or as groups. And all figures have an open wound at their heart and a big scarf on their bald head above the left eye. So it seems to be one and the same person because also the face and the facial expression is the same, but I’m not sure about that. The music, provided by Morlita Quan, is dull and monotonous and expressing sadness and melancholy.

“Choreography of a Tortured Soul” by Theda Tammas (2)

Besides the pictures that I took, there’s a very good video of Theda Tammas’ “Choreography of a Tortured Soul” to give you an impression what to expect. The link is also in the landmark description.

The installation makes the viewer quite thoughtfully about the own soul and about the fate of others. Thank you Theda for sharing your art, and thank you Morlita for the music.

Landmark to “Choreography of a Tortured Soul”
Video of “Choreography of a Tortured Soul”

Simploring 2018 (48) doLLoureux

I visited “doLLoureux“, an exhibition by Nevereux at DaphneArts (or Daphne.Arts).

“doLLoureux” by Nevereux, an Exhibition at Daphne.Arts

At the entrance is a board with a text introducing to the exhibition with the thoughts of Nevereux about it:

I freeze and I burn and there is no in between.
And don’t touch me unless you plan on leaving a story behind.
I am rigid because softness seemed to numb me.
I am indestructible.
In some magnetic way I turn sorrow to hope when you hold me.
I mostly sit quietly, next to me, life.
I may look simple in form, but I create worlds in a profound and complicated way.
Drop your syrups, be rapt with life;
the most massive characters are seared with scars.
You living creatures, be immortals for a second (no batteries required).
One can make witnessing the default position or can attempt to change the world.
In between these 2 extremes I stand, on the lip of the abyss looking around, completely static, trying to figure out the humanity and inhumanity of dolls.
Oh, … here you are.

At the entrance you also get a HUD and an advice how to set your viewer environment to see the exhibtion. The HUD does add to the viewing experience and also stream music that fits with the exhibited art.

Impressions of “doLLoureux” by Nevereux, an Exhibition at Daphne.Arts (1)

The title “doLLoureux” is a play with words as doloureux is the French word for painful and the exhibition is about dolls. In addition the 2 capital LL also stand for Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life.

Diomita visiting “doLLoureux” by Nevereux, an Exhibition at Daphne.Arts

The exhibition presents pictures and 3D models of dolls, some are broken, some interact with others, some are set up surreal. All objects impress by the way they are presented. With the introductional thoughts of Nevereux you have a key to understand Nevereux’s intentions. I think you get an idea of this exhibtion by my pictures, but they only show some of the dolls and can’t transport all 3 dimensions. Hence you should see and experience the exhibition yourself.

Impressions of “doLLoureux” by Nevereux, an Exhibition at Daphne.Arts (2)

You should turn a special Attention onto the subtitle of Nevereux’s “doLLoureux” exhibition with which I’ll end this post:

Hold me. Frantically. Craft a narrative. In details.
Overemphasize my silence. With perverse anger.
Stare down my dead cold heart. As a compulsion
Love me without questions. Add time.

Impressions of “doLLoureux” by Nevereux, an Exhibition at Daphne.Arts (3)

DaphneArts, opened in March 2016, is an art complex that features monthly exhibitions, with a strong focus on the grotesque, surreal and existential themes. It is owned by Sheldon Bergman (sheldonbr) and Angelika Corral. Thank you for the gallery and thank you Nevereux for your impressing dolls at “doLLoureux“.

Landmark to “doLLoureux”
Website with information about “doLLoureux”
Wbesite of Daphne.Arts

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