Simploring 2019 (118) “The Mind Melter”

On Thursday, November 28th, I read a snippet in Aneli Abeyante’s group chat. Aneli shared a landmark to “The Mind Melter” by Thoth Jantzen. She added: “A visual psychoacoustic trip To Vegetal Planet. Can’t miss this amazing experience”.

I went there the next day and it was an amazing experience. “The Mind Melter” is a video art installation by Thoth Jantzen, an artist I ad never heard about before. The installation is made of many geometrical arranged semitransparent cubes. In the center are is one cube that contains many other cubes again and 3 objects looking like hourglasses are at each side of the center cube.

Impressions of “The Mind Melter” by Thoth Jantzen (1)

Don’t forget to allow media (auto-play) and to allow inworld scripts to play media the settings of your viewer. Furtheron use Advanced Lighting.

Impressions of “The Mind Melter” by Thoth Jantzen (2)

Now as you stand in the installation surrounded by the cubes a video is projected on all surfaces, reflecting the video ….. the pictures will cross the edges of the cubes. Sometimes you can recognize flowers, faces, insects, animals but the pictures kind of melt, every viewing angle gives a different impression. At other times you can read words. The world around you is colourful, sometimes green, somtimes, blue and on other times red.

Impressions of “The Mind Melter” by Thoth Jantzen (3)

The installation is accompanied with psychedelic music – you almost make a drug trip (I admit I never experienced one ever but that might be what you see). “The Mind Melter” is an intriguing art installation. From Thoth Jantzen’s profile I got the information that “The Mind Melter” was opened on November 13th and it is not yet clear how long it could be visited.
Thank you Vroum Short for enabling this installation at VeGaTal PLaNeT and thank you Thoth for providing this experience for us all.

Landmark to “The Mind Melter”

Simploring 2019 (116) Hotel California – Off the Grid

In April 2019 I visited Hotel California, an adult sim owned by Lex Machine (schmexysbuddy) (see Simploring 2019 (46) Hotel California). When I looked for a place to visit at SL Destinations for my simploring tour Sunday, November 17th, I came across Hotel California again, this time with the subtitle “Off the Grid” and the pictures indicated that it is about art. I read Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: Hotel California ‘Off the Grid’” before going there myself. Maddy wrote that he visits Hotel California regularly and that the sim is changed every 4 weeks. He also wrote that it is not only owned by Lex Machine (schmexysbuddy) but also by Racey Boom (Raceyy). The name rang a bell. I visited Skull Creek, just last month (see Simploring 2019 (106) Autumn @ Skull Creek) and Skull Creek is owned by Racey Boom (Raceyy).

The current installation is described in the landmark description with “When the power goes out, you’re left with nothing but what’s inside your head” and is tagged with “Space, cyber, apocalyptic, photography, photo, art sim, art, photography sim

Hotel California – Off the Grid: bird eye views

Hotel California – Off the Grid has absolutely nothing to do with the sim I visited back in April, the only combining element is that by then also some art was displayed. And now the whole sim is packed with art. Hotel California is an artifical island in the endless sea. It is quite flat, the ground is made of steel panels and 8 highrise buildings grow into the sky. You see power poles and some single trees growing through the steel panels (I counted 6 trees) – and art objects that are spread all over the place.

Each single object including the skyscrapers is worth a detailed look. Now the landmark description makes sense: “When the power goes out, you’re left with nothing but what’s inside your head“.

Impressions of Hotel California – Off the Grid: The horses from Wasabi Yuki (wassaabii) did remind me of Mistero Hifeng. The woman laying on stairs is also created by Wasabi Yuki (wassaabii). The old coach nearby is from danielitosway

Impressions of Hotel California – Off the Grid: Another laying woman by Wasabi Yuki (wassaabii), the “elefants” with the long stilt legs are from Paco Pooley, the tree stumps with the hearts are created by Cica Ghost.

Impressions of Hotel California – Off the Grid: The prison court with the watch tower is created by DRD (deathrowdesigns), the tied hulk of a man is created by Holy (Qutsal Alex), the couple is from Wasabi Yuki (wassaabii)

Impressions of Hotel California – Off the Grid: The phone is from danielitosway, the gear wheels from Noke Yuitza and the hourglass is created by Zelest (Zelest Fall) , the skyscrapers are designed by Nite Row (nitergloom) and look at the hands at 2 of the skyscrapers, these are from Groll (Groll Greggan)

Hotel California – Off the Grid is a thoughtfully installation of art objects together with objects usually used for other purposes. These objects were all created for the Second Life grid (from the grid). They are, I assume, a personal art collection of Lex Machine (schmexysbuddy) and Racey Boom (Raceyy). The power poles refer to the Landmark description …. when the power goes out…

Thank you Lex and Racey for making your this collection available for us all.

Landmark to Hotel California – Off the Grid
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: Hotel California ‘Off the Grid'”

simploring 2019 (112) – 20][21 gallery “Miss Barbara’s sense for ice”

Our friend Barbara Reiter-Jewell (Barbara Reiter) has her own little gallery called “20][21 gallery“, where she exhibits her own work every once in a while. Saturday, November 2nd, she opened her exhibition “Miss Barbara’s sense for ice” with pictures of her journey to Greenland in 2019: icebergs at Disco Bay, mainland shelf and some Greenland moods. It is an art show and installation showing an other view into arctic and arctic life.

In the 20][21 gallery you can see the pictures presented in different ways as slideshows, as panorama pictures where you can litteraly walk in and as wall filling exhibits. Besides the quality of the pictures the permanent changing of them at the walls and slideshows and different viewing angles allow you to immerse yourself into this artic world.

A view into the 20][21 gallery

I added a few sample pictures of the exhibiton so that you get an impression. The pictures look better in the 20][21 gallery. For me personally presenting photographs from the physical world in Second Life is a great fit between the two worlds that adds another dimenision to 2D pictures.

Impressions of “Miss Barbara’s sense for ice” (1)

Impressions of “Miss Barbara’s sense for ice” (2)

Landmark to 20][21 gallery for contemporary art

Simploring 2019 (110) Rocks by Cica Ghost

Yesterday I got an invitation by Cica to visit her newest installation “Rocks by Cica Ghost“, that opened November 3rd. And I went there right away late at night.

Impressions of “Rocks by Cica Ghost” (1)

This time Cica Ghost art is presented by Sim Quarterly, a sim and initiative of Electric Monday:
Art and the virtual world, Second Life© are very similar —you are able to both find yourself and immerse yourself (and maybe even lose yourself) in something totally unlike what you already know. The experiences you gain help you grow and form new opinions about the world. That is what I hope this sim can provide over time. I am very excited to bring to you a quarterly art project by way of The Sim Quarterly.
The project features one creator every 3 months (every quarter) as an artist in residence. The purpose of the sim is so that residents can experience something new and even create a community.
Learn more about Sim Quarterly at their website.

Impressions of “Rocks by Cica Ghost” (2)

Rocks by Cica Ghost” is an island with … rocks! All is grey tones, the windlight submerges the island in turquoise, the clouds glow in orange. All rocks are painted and thus Cica’s rocks become a world of it’s own. I recognized a lot of Cica’s themes be it cats or snails. You see “Cica-ish” flowers, trees and houses on the rocks. There are no ohter plants than those painted on the rocks, no green grass, just rocks and some groups of naked floral stems. The girl from “Frogs” (read simploring 2017 (9) Frogs by Cica Ghost) has a reappearance and you find her painting the rocks.

Impressions of “Rocks by Cica Ghost” (3)

As usual humans become dwarfs in Cica’s worlds. The rocks are huge and so are the painted animals, houses, and flowers. It is fun to immerge yourself into “Rocks by Cica Ghost“. It warmed my heart seeing all the funny and peaceful animals and to recognize Cica’s humor at every corner. If you hoover your mouse over some of the rocks you can dance in front of some rocks or sit on others. This adds to fun and it is what “Rocks by Cica Ghost” is intended for – getting out from every day life (even in SL), dance, laugh and have fun!

Impressions of “Rocks by Cica Ghost” (4)

Thank you Cica for another great installation and thank you Electric Monday for your initiave and for hosting “Rocks by Cica Ghost“. I do look forward to visit Sim Quarterly and it’s art projects again.

Landmark to Rocks by Cica Ghost
Sim Quarterly website
Sim Quarterly flickr page

Simploring 2019 (108) La Maison d’Aneli – November 2019

The newest joined exhibition at La Maison d’Aneli was opened on Wednesday, October 30th. This time Aneli (Aneli Abeyante) features the art of Beertje Beaumont, IndigoClaire, Norton Lykin, Gitu Aura, Lala Lightfoot, Senka Beck and Treacle Darlandes.

Once again I visited the exhibtion before the official opening as it fitted better into my plans. I started with a visit to ” La Serre” : Undiscovered Planet, created by Treacle Darlandes. It is a 3D art installation filling one room. You enter a purple fantasy world. The sky is glowing in orange, the trees have glowing yeallow and red leaves (like in Autum), the flower glow and a butterfly brightens up the scenery. The background is sharp and edgy – an undiscovered planet.
Treacle Darlandes is from the UK. She joined Second Life over 13 years ago and is engaged in assistance for new residents, depression support, an over-40 group and other things – like art. She enjoys creating art in Second Life to relax and loves colour and movement. She likes to feel immersed in her art, and hopes that others like it too. I felt attracted by Treacle’s undiscovered planet.

La Maison d’Aneli – November 2019 – Treacle Darlandes

Right when you enter La Maison d’Aneli the first area is occupied by Lala Lightfoot’s art. Lala has been creating art all her life and has been influenced by the colors, pattern and shapes in nature and the amazing works of great artists. She loves putting these elements together in different ways to create art that is entertaining, thoughtful and fun.
Lala Lightfoot is an art educator from the US. She’s in Second Life for over 12 years and is known as a painter favoring watercolors, acrylics and mixed media. I personally think that her style is unique.

La Maison d’Aneli – November 2019 – Lala Lightfoot

Beertje Beaumont is an artist in RL and a jeweler in SL. She’s in Second Life for almost 13 years. Considering her name I suspect that she’s Dutch.
At La Maison d’Aneli she shows her first paintings. She used acryl paint with a coarse bottom layer of sand and gesso, to have a special effect. The corner with Beertje’s paintings has dark walls and thus the colours of her paintings look stronger. The paintings have complex structures that makes them intriguing the longer you look at them. I like how Beertje’s corner at La Maison d’Aneli is decorated not only with the little meeting area in the middle next to a piano but also with glass sphere suspended from the ceiling.

La Maison d’Aneli – November 2019 – Beertje Beaumont

Indigo (IndigoClaire) is from the Czech Republic city of Prague. She joined Second Life about 9 years ago and had already several art projects and exhibtionsin SL. At La Maison d’Aneli she created a room all in white with a box in the center and big artful pictures at the walls. I think all the pictures were taken in Second Life and processed with special effects like blurring some parts. The whole compostion of the geometry, some colourful spheres on the floor and the pictures which are seen from different angles is very interesting and invites you stay a while.

La Maison d’Aneli – November 2019 – IndigoClaire

Gitu Aura, another artist who is in Second Life for already almost 10 years called her corner of the exhibtion at La Maison d’Aneli “Embrace my dreams”. She says about herself: “Art is very important to me, I can’t live without it. It’s like a passion for me, the motor which drives me, my reason for being and never staying at the same point. I love to create and share it with people.
Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, what awakens my soul…I just adore to sit and listen to music while I am relaxed and my phantasy fly in the Photoshop. Is the process I never know how will finish, that’s the magic of the moment and creativity…and I am always happy to share what I did create, as Art should speak itself…as the silent poetry..the moment to feel…

La Maison d’Aneli – November 2019 – Gitu Aura

Senka Beck is another SL veteran with far over 12 years. She sees SL as her playground where she enjoys interacting with peeps and prims, where she captures and releases her inner being.
The work presented here at La Maison d’Aneli is titled Detoxomania, Reboot. It is a combination of different forms of art, a light installation, that covers all walls, the floor and the ceiling. Senka plays with effects and with sound and the pictures at the walls look technical, something like circuits, fractals and other geometric forms and they change their colour and hence the impressions of them. Get immersed!

La Maison d’Aneli – November 2019 – Senka Beck

Finally I visited the room with the art from Norton Lykin. Norton is with over 12 years also a SL veteran. He’s living in Denmark and took up his art activities after his retirement as a system programmer. He sees life as a journey “The ideas we have and the history we tell. Reality is not a scientific truth but as we understand it in every given moment.
His pictures at La Maison d’Aneli work with shadows, colours and shades: Everybody will see different stories or objects in them and that is Norton’s intention.

La Maison d’Aneli – November 2019 – Norton Lykin

La Maison d’Aneli is owned by Aneli Abeyante. Through her gallery she brings together all forms of creativity in RL and SL and the featured artists come from around the globe. Aneli’s intention is to “put her gallery in the service of artists, so that the world can be better, exchanges and meetings probably contribute even though it seems to be particles.
Thank you Aneli for another great exhibition and thank you to all artists. The current exhibition should be open until End of November 2019. Enjoy your visit, if you go there yourself.

Landmark to La Maison d’Aneli

Simploring 2019 (103) Twilight Doors – part II

For my simploring tour on Thursday, September 26th, I selected Twilight Doors from SL Destinations. Twilight Doors is located on a 1/4 of a full adult sim. It is owned by Bo Zano (Bozanonl Resident). The landmark description reveals a bit of what Twilight Doors is about: “Studio for quality scenes and back drops”

Twilight Doors provides 17 different different backdrops, scences and artistically designed installations. In yesterday’s post “Simploring 2019 (102) Twilight Doors – part I” I wrote about the destinations Flesh, Dolphins Cry, Rise, Snow White, Flowery Nightmares, Birds and Bees and Royal Hunters.
Today’s part II is about the remaning 10 other destinations: Skybox Scenes Light, Skybox Scenes Dark, Angel Falls, Key to Survival, Two Moons, Aww Cute, Twilight Dolphins, White Serenity, Autumn Leaves and Alien Flames.

Skybox Scenes Dark and Skybox Scenes Light is exactly what you expect: Furnished skyboxes. Skybox Scenes Light provides light rooms, nicely and stylish furnished while Skybox Scenes Dark provides darker rooms, that might be part of old manors aor castles, with candelabra and candles.

Twilight Doors – Skybox Scenes Dark (right) and Light (left)

Angel Falls is a fantasy scenery. In the center is a statue of an Angel surrounded by waterfalls to the left and to the right of the statue, the statue is guarded by two warriors.
Key of Survival again is a scenery which I can’t really classify, something between fantasy and art installation. There’s a key and 3 mysterious monks, a big fantasy castle is in the background. I fail to interpret it.

Twilight Doors – Angel Falls (left) and Key of Survival (right)

Two Moons is a light and art installation dominated by two moons who shed their light on flieds of lowers. The atmosphere is really special and offers great motifs for taking pictures.
Aww Cute is for those who love cute animals, dofs, cats and bunnies, they are cute! Aww Cute provides backdrops with the animals. It’s not my favourite among all the destination, but that’s due to my personal likings.

Twilight Doors – Two Moons (left) and Aww Cute (right)

Twilight Dolphins and White Serenity are fantasy scenes. Twilight Dolphins features an unicorn and a wolf. In the center 2 dolphins are jumping through a door.  White Serenity is a a romantic scene offering a backdrop for lovers. The white pigeon is a feature for scenes with the theme peace.

Twilight Doors – Twilight Dolphins (left) and White Serenity (right)


Autumn Leaves provides a forest in autumn. With the hazy windlight it looks quite realistic. Many golden and yellow leaves cover the ground. I took one picture with another windlicht setting and it changed the impression a lot.

Twilight Doors – Autumn Leaves

One of my favourite destinations at Twilight Doors was Alien Flames, another art and light installation. Many bruning matchsticks (yes no tea lights!) are swimming on a calm pond producing wonderful reflections. I took a close up picture of the flames as well as an overview picture. From every angle and distance you get a different (great) view. Amazing!

Twilight Doors – Alien Flames

Twilight Doors provide a lot to explore and discover. It is a paradise for those who like taking pictures and it is perfect if you look for outstanding backdrops and scenes. I really enjoyed visiting. Thank you, Bo Zano (Bozanonl Resident), for providing and sharing all the scenes for everybody!

Landmark to Twilight Doors

Simploring 2019 (103) Twilight Doors – part I

For my simploring tour on Thursday, September 26th, I selected Twilight Doors from SL Destinations. Twilight Doors is located on a 1/4 of a full adult sim. It is owned by Bo Zano (Bozanonl Resident). The landmark description reveals a bit of what Twilight Doors is about: “Studio for quality scenes and back drops

You land in a night scenery, it is raining and you see lightenings as well as clouds and stars. The moon lightens the scene, the floor is flooded and the lights reflect on the surface of the water. You see many doors, some flowers, ravens sitting on the door frames, other animals, dogs, cats and a flying dolphin liven up the scenery. The whole set up is really artistic in my personal opinion and worth a visit for itself.

Twilight Doors – Landing in the scenery with the doors

Each door represents the entrance into another scene. The doors function as teleporter to 17 different backdrops, scences and artistically designed installations, 3 more doors don’t lead to another scene (yet?) . I visited all 17 desitinations and some of them did really impress me. Above each door you find the name of the according destination.
I classified the destinations into landscapes (Autumn Leaves, Royal Hunters, Brids and Bees), indoor backdrops (Skybox Scenes Dark and Light), art and light installations (Flowery Nightmares, Flesh, Rise, Alien Flames, Two Moons), fantasy (Dolpins Cry, Twighlight Dolphins, White Serenity, Angel Falls, Snow White) and others (Aww Cute, Key to Survival).

Of course I made pictures of every destination. And it really wasn’t easy to select single pictures or destinations, hence I decided to present all 17 destinations to provide an impression of what to expect when visiting Twilight Doors. In addition I liked them almost all and wanted to keep the pictures for myself as a memory in this blog. I present the different destinations in the order in which I visited them. I split my blogpost into 2 parts. This part (part I) presents the destinations: Flesh, Dolphins Cry, Rise, Snow White, Flowery Nightmares, Birds and Bees and Royal Hunters.

Flesh is an art installation with a demon head in the center, blood is running out of the demon’s eyes as if it were a fountain. It’s a bit scary but nonetheless tantalizing.
Dolphins Cry is an underwater fantasy installation with dolphins, jellyfishs, seahorses and mussels, some pillars and ruins from the ancient world are used as a decoration.

Twilight Doors – Flesh (upper left) and Dolphins Cry

Rise is another art installation and difficult to describe. It is a mountain moon landscape in the back ground with rising, lighted keys in the foreground. For sure you can take outstanding pictures with this backdrop.
Snow White is a white winter fantasy world with a gazebo inthe center and 2 unicorns.

Twilight Doors – Rise (left) and Snow White (right)

Flowery Nightmares is an art and light installation that really facinated me. Two fields of flowers and one field of skulls (hence the name) are place into a dark blue environment and lighted very artistic.

Twilight Doors – Flowery Nightmares

Birds and Bees appeared to me being very small on the first glance. And I first just saw a deer in a forest. After I get closer and closer I saw 2 brids and a bug and the different sizes of them provide a facinating depth to 2-dimensional pictures.

Twilight Doors – Birds and Bees

Royal Hunters seemingly take you into a British forest, a foggy and hazy environment. I thought I could almost hear the royal hunters.

Twilight Doors – Royal Hunters

Twilight Doors provides a lot to explore and discover. It is a paradise for those who like taking pictures and it is perfect if you look for outstanding backdrops and scenes. I really enjoyed visiting. Thank you, Bo Zano (Bozanonl Resident), for providing and sharing all the scenes for everybody!

More about the other destinations of Twilight Doors in tomorrow’s post “Twilight Doors – part II”

Landmark to Twilight Doors

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