Simploring 2017 (15) Colourful and bright art in Second Life

Wednesday, March 1st, I found time for a short but very impressive simploring tour. A blog post from Inara “The Architect’s Playground in Second Life” caught my attention. The Architect’s Playground is a full region installation by Methias Kira.

March 1st, exploring "The Architect's Playground: at the landing area

March 1st, exploring “The Architect’s Playground: at the landing area

Upon your landing you are surrounded by light, by colours, by particles and it is that overwhelming that you loose orientation first, at least I lost it and fell down from the platform in the sky to the ground. I first thought ok, you have to explore flying then, so I began to fly upwards until I reached the next platform. Then I recognized that there are quite broad and lighted transparent walkways between the different also transparent platforms. Hence I walked over these ways traveling from one scenery to the next always getting new viewing angels, new bright hovering spirals, other blazing particles in all colours of the rainbow, new impressions.

March 1st, exploring "The Architect's Playground: the walkways between the platforms

March 1st, exploring “The Architect’s Playground: the walkways between the platforms

March 1st, exploring "The Architect's Playground: impressions (1)

March 1st, exploring “The Architect’s Playground: impressions (1)

March 1st, exploring "The Architect's Playground: impressions (1)

March 1st, exploring “The Architect’s Playground: impressions (2)

This installation is a another piece of virtual and temporary art showing the possibilities of Second Life. In one word amazing! And everybody will see it different, from another viewing angel, at another moment of this constantly moving installation. I took a lot of pictures, a lot more than I will publish here. This installation is a “must-see” piece for everyone interested in digital art.

March 1st, Diomita at "The Architect's Playground"

March 1st, Diomita at “The Architect’s Playground”

Thank you Methias for this beautiful sim! The Architect’s Playground will stay open until June, 2017 – so don’t miss seeing it.
Inara Pey’s blog entry about The Archtect’s Playground
Landmark to The Architect’s Playground

Simploring 2017 (11) The Gardens By The Bay

Saturday, February 18th, I went simploring and visited “The Gardens By The Bay“. It is part of the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) and shall be open until June 2017. Once again I came across it following Inara Peys blog. She wrote a post about “The Gardens by the Bay in Second Life
Gardens by the Bay is a nature park spanning 101 hectares (250 acres) of reclaimed land in central Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. The largest of the gardens is Bay South Garden at 54 hectares (130 acres).
Gardens by the Bay is part of a strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden”. The stated aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.” (source Wikipedia). I also recommend to go to the official website of the gardens, there’s plenty of information about it.
The Gardens By The Bay in Second Life were created by Maddy (nibby.riddler), the creator of Eclectica, which I visited within my exploring tour in 2015 (see here) and 2016 (see here).
Upon my arrival I had the first wow-experience. What a breathtaking colourful environment!
You will recognize immediately the Supertrees. In reality the Supertrees are tree-like structures that dominate the Gardens’ landscape with heights that range between 25 metres (82 ft) and 50 metres (160 ft). They are vertical gardens that perform a multitude of functions, which include planting, shading and working as environmental engines for the gardens. There is an elevated walkway, the OCBC Skyway, between two of the larger Supertrees for visitors to enjoy a panoramic aerial view of the Gardens.
In SL you can walk a whole circle and you get amazings views on the garden from up there. There are TP pads spreaded in the garden and on the eleveated walkway to travel easily between both in SL.
The garden in Second Life is just beautiful. It is hard not to be overwhelmed by all the colours. But there’s more to discover, more similarites between real life and second Life, yet it is not just a copy, it is inspired by the real garden. Take the glas structure that looks like a big agave – and then look at the 2 greenhouses in the real garden, by the way, which are supposedly the biggest columnless greenhouses on the world.20170218-gardens-by-the-bay_025
Or look at the silver ant and compare it with the little ants in reality. Or the flower clock – here and there.20170218-gardens-by-the-bay_026

Maddy added her own art to her garden, which is artful itself. You can spot it everywhere. Not a single space is not designed with artful creativity. As Inara wrote and as the landmark description says: This is a “must see build” for everyone who enjoys traveling and discovering SL and for everyone who likes to take pictures. Awesome!

Feb 18th: Diomita's visit to Gardens By The Bay (1)

Feb 18th: Diomita’s visit to Gardens By The Bay (1)

Feb 18th: Diomita's visit to Gardens By The Bay (2)

Feb 18th: Diomita’s visit to Gardens By The Bay (2)

Feb 18th: Diomita's visit to Gardens By The Bay (3)

Feb 18th: Diomita’s visit to Gardens By The Bay (3)

Feb 18th: Diomita's visit to Gardens By The Bay (4)

Feb 18th: Diomita’s visit to Gardens By The Bay (4)

Thank you Maddy for creating this for us. I just love your garden!
Landmark to The Gardens By The Bay
Inara Pey’s blog post about The Gardens By The Bay
Gardens By The Bay in Wikipedia
Gardens By The Bay Website

Diary 2017 (27) Feb 15th – artful portraits

Wednesday night, February 15th, was quite varied. When I came online, Madame Sarah, vero, slave Flo and Angelique wear at the patio by our “Stonehaven” wall. When I approached I could hear Angelique discussing with slave Flo. Actually slave Flo offered her her seat, which Angelique rejected but instead asked slave Flo if she were allowed to sit. slave Flo answered that she sits, because she can and added  “all furniture is not used most time – one day Mistresses will throw away all, nearly new and unused”. To clarify it: no slave is allowed to sit without Mistress or my explicit permission. After all welcome hugs I locked slave Flo’s cuffs and put her in a hogtie pose, and she really knew why. Then Mistress Jenny showed up and of course we discussed why slave Flo was put into hogtie. As slave Flo was not really answering, Mistress Jenny decided that she should be silenced with a hood, although we have a month with a non-restricted slave outfit. Hence I put the hood over slave Flo’s head. In order that she can cool down and think about her behavior I took slave Flo to Psi, where I leashed her for the night. As a head slave she has to be a role-model!

Feb 15th: slave Flo stored at Psi

Feb 15th: slave Flo stored at Psi

While I was at Psi, I got an IM from Liza (Liza Waechter), who told me that my body didn’t rezz, a bug that appears every once in a while with the mesh Body and unfortunately you don’t see it yourself, so I had to deatch and reattach it.
Mistress Jenny, Angelique, slave cecy and I went to the Leasbian teahouse and later to The Secret House and watched the crowd and chatted. I still had Liza in IM and then she offered me a picture as a gift. And I admit: well done, Liza! To my and Mistress Jenny’s surprise we got another picture from Liza. It was an artful processed close-up of Mistress Jenny and me. Liza had taken the original picture of us at club DeLust. It’s Liza’s passion to take pictures (we share this passion) and to change and process them in an artful way. She told me that she has a little gallery of her work in Second Life. When I asked her to see the gallery and to publish the two pictures that we got from her on this blog, Liza didn’t agree but instead asked me to contact her owner Magic (u69 magic). Of course I asked Magic. We know Magic from club DeLust and she’s friended with Mistress Jenny. Magic did allow to publish the pictures … and here they are:

Diomita by Liza Waechter

Diomita by Liza Waechter

Mistress Jenny and Diomita by Liza Waechter.

Mistress Jenny and Diomita by Liza Waechter.

But Magic also said that we should see the gallery and if we have time we should simly take her from Psi, she had left Liza’s keys out. We picked up Liza at Psi and said good night to slave Flo who was still online and hopefully thinking about her misbehavior. Liza has put up quite a bit of her work at her gallery and we enjoyed our visit. Thank you for the tour, Liza! When we brought her back to Psi and leashed her there just the same way we found her when we picked her up, it was already time for bed. Time flies when you have fun.

Simploring 2017 (10) Mistero at Astral Dreams

Just after visiting Anduril, where I saw art of Mistero Hifeng again, Inara had another blog about an exhibition of Mistero’s art at Astral Dreams “Mistero Hifeng at Astral Dreams in Second Life“. 20170215-astral-dreams-mistero-hifeng_010Of course I went to Astral Dreams and had a look. In this concentration Mistero’s art has not the same strong effect than it has when you stumble over it by accident be it in plain nature or in any other environment. I think this kind of art, big surrealistic statues often somehow craving for love or for music, and always a bit broken into pieces, do fit better as a single point of art, as stand alone piece – but that is just my personal opinion and for art everyone has an own way seeing it. No question I like Mistero’s art.20170215-astral-dreams-mistero-hifeng_011

Feb 15th: Diomita visiting the Mistero Hifeng Exhibition at Astral Dreams (La...chiamano realta' by Mistero Hifeng)

Feb 15th: Diomita visiting the Mistero Hifeng Exhibition at Astral Dreams
(La…chiamano realta’ by Mistero Hifeng)

The pieces at Astral Dreams do provide a good overview about Mistero Hifeng’s art and you can even buy them there….. and Bruciando ricordi (Burning Memories) can be seen at our homeplace now.

Feb 15th at home: Mistress Jenny, Angelique, Diomita, slave Flo, slave cecy looking at "Bruciando ricordi (Burning memories) by Mistero Hifeng"

Feb 15th at home: Mistress Jenny, Angelique, Diomita, slave Flo, slave cecy looking at “Bruciando ricordi (Burning memories) by Mistero Hifeng”

Landmark to Astral Dreams with the exhibition of Mistero Hifeng:
Inara Pey’s blog post

simploring 2017 (9) Frogs by Cica Ghost

Tuesday, February 7th, I came across “Cica’s Frogs in Second Life” in Inara Pey’s blog. Cica Ghost is an artist from Serbia, in Second Life since 2010. Cica’s art in Second Life has impressed me and I went exploring and discovering “Frogs by Cica Ghost” right away.

Feb 7th: Frogs by Cica Ghost

Feb 7th: Frogs by Cica Ghost

Frogs by Cica Ghost” is surreal. The landscape looks artificial, like a model, in particular as you can see how it was build with fiber mats. Nonetheless there’re flourishing flowers and some lonely trees. The island is dominated by huge giant frogs, which slowly jump up and down. Your avatar is really short in comparison to them. and you feel a bit scared beside them until you climb on them. On the top of the one hill of the island is a wall with a door. On one site an ugly girl is painting what might be a self portrait with a bubble that she’s dreaming of a prince just like in the fairytale “Frog King”. On the other side of the wall sits the same girl with a lollipop watchting tv (but it is not a tv, it is a box with a broken glas front and in the box is a christmas scene with a bald christmas tree). It is hard to guess what Cica wants to express with her installation and I assume everybody sees it different. As a human the scenery is a bit scary on the first glance.20170207-cicas-frogs_015
While I was visiting Cica Ghost herself showed up and she transformed herself into a frog. You can grab the frog avatar at the landing point and become one of the frogs, hence they are not giant anymore for you and you become part of the installation. I asked Cica which frog to kiss and of course she answered that nobody knows that. I agree with Inara, after a while I began to smile and enjoy “Frogs by Cica Ghost“. It is for sure unique, a virtual, creative and artful approach to the fairtale Frog King.20170207-cicas-frogs_014
Landmark to “Frogs by Cica Ghost”
Inara Pey’s blog “Cica’s Frogs in Second Life”

bdsm closeup

20170206-bdsm-closeup-signMonday night, February 6th, we were invited to the opening of the exhibiton “bdsm closeup” of Barbara Reiter-Jewell. Lady Barbara is a friend of ours who attends our Friday night party sometimes.
Our niece Angelique is a member of her House BHoL and serves as a maid there every once in a while. Also our friend vero, Madame Sarah’s sub, has close connections to Lady Barbara.
Lady Barbara Reiter-Jewell (in SL since 2006) is the Second Life character for a swiss based international pro photographer (born 1962) specialized mostly into fashion and beauty photography for advertising and editorial. In SL she runs a gallery named “20][21”, where she shows some of her work. “bdsm closeup” is the sequel of other exhibitions and moves to a brighter lustful side of the topic. As well the series get into more intimacy by showing only close-up’s, like breaking into that dream and working out the more erotic part of the submissive side.

February 6th - opening of "bdsm closeup" at gallery 20][21: Diomita, Angelique, Mistress Jenny and Lady Barbara

February 6th – opening of “bdsm closeup” at gallery 20][21: Diomita, Angelique, Mistress Jenny and Lady Barbara

The exhibition “bdsm closeup” will stay open throughout February and maybe March until Lady Barbara replaces it with another exhibition in her gallery 20][21. Pictures are sold unframed, modify only (to adapt the size), no copy, no transfer. Price per picture for this series is L$ 500. If you like erotic pictures have a look at this exhibtion.

February 6th - "bdsm closeup" at gallery 20][21 opened for public

February 6th – “bdsm closeup” at gallery 20][21 opened for public

Landmark to Gallery 20][21

Simploring 2017 (8) Light Reflections

20170131-reflections_004Tuesday late afternoon, January 31st, I went on a short simploring tour and visited “Light Reflections“. Light Reflections is an art installation by Venus Adored and as the name implies it is all about light and reflections. You explore Light Reflections from top to bottom starting at the top and going down. The first two levels are instructions (most important: activate advanced lighting). Then you dive into colours and light. you start sitting in a soap bubble and enjoy great light effects. the next levels are all different. It’s virtual art, always changing, temporary. It’s just what you see and none else will see it the way you do. The effects are great. In some installations there are turning statues and floating candels. In other installations are clouds and leaves that flow through the air. One level is black and white. But all levels are just amazing, each in it’s own way. I enjoyed this short late afternoon tour. Thank you Venus Adored for this installation. According to Inara Pey’s blog the installation will stay online until June 2017.

Jan 31st: Light Reflections (1)

Jan 31st: Light Reflections (1)

Jan 31st: Light Reflections (2)

Jan 31st: Light Reflections (2)

Jan 31st: Light Reflections (3)

Jan 31st: Light Reflections (3)

Jan 31st: Light Reflections (4)

Jan 31st: Light Reflections (4)

Landmark to Light Reflections
Inara Pey’s blog “Light Reflections in Second Life”

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