Diary 2017 (163) Sept. 26th-30th – suspended slaves

Tuesday, September 26th, Mistress Jenny and I had a quite varied time inworld. In the afternoon slave pet Christa was present. As good dog owners we took our pet out for a walk and visited Mesmerize Dungeon and Psi’s realm with her. slave pet is still on the restriction of the SubListen HUD, that makes her hear like a pet. She only understands some words – those that are important for a puppy. To enhance her experience we refrain from IM with her mostly and so we did Tuesday afternoon even though we didn’t see our pet for a week. It’s enough to see her wagging her tail and barking happily when we’re around.

September 26th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita walking slave pet Christa

At night we visited slave Flo, who was still suspended next to slut cecy at the slut platform in Lochme. That night another slave named Dazara88 took slut cecy’s place and we had fun teasing her and our slave Flo. We stayed quite a while at Lochme. After slave Flo went off (she had bad technical issues), slave Adarra and sissy maid both came inworld. We placed slave Adarra next to Dazara88 and continued our teasing.

September 26th at Lochme: Mistress Jenny and Diomita teasing slave Flo (left picture) and slave Adarra (right picture). The naked white slave suspended upside down is Dazara88. Our sissy maid is watching in the right Picture.

I was offline Wednesday, Sept. 27th through Saturday, Sept. 30th. Hence there’s nothing to report for the diary. And the slaves were suspended in a double sense. Mistress Jenny is off for vacation. Upon my return Saturday night slave slut cecy had taken back her place from Dazara88 at the slut platform. I decided to bring slave slut cecy to Psi’s for a change. In addition the atmosphere is different there. I selected a quite open suspension for slut that really fits to her as she’s always drippin’ wet. She must have enjoyed it as she spent hours there until her timers ran down.

September 30th: Diomita with slave slut cecy at Lochme (upper left) and at Psi’s realm

Diary 2017 (161) Sept. 24th – slaves at Lochme

We had a varied Sunday, September 24th. In the afternoon Mistress Jenny tried out the RF sub suit on me and she took me to Domme a Domme to expose her property. Back home, she stored me in our skybox. I was not leashed but the tight sub suit prevented any moving, I couldn’t even hop around. Tied up like this I had to wait for Mistress’ return at night.

September 24th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Domme and Diomita stored at home

At night we took slave Flo to Lochme where we suspended her on the slut platform, right next to our always leaking slut cecy. We noticed that the platform isn’t as popular anymore as it was before Lochme’s refurbishment. There’re still many people and lag is heavy, but they gather not in front of the platform anymore. What a shame! Nonetheless Mistress Jenny and I had fun watching and teasing our slaves. After slave Flo left for bed we went to Psi’s realm, where it was really full – maybe a better place to store the slave. We will consider that at least.

September 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Lochme with slave Flo and slave slut cecy and at Psi’s realm

Diary 2017 (155) Sept 15th – Friday

When it’s Friday, then we have our party. Therefore I do not have that many diary entries for Fridays. This Friday was particular for two reasons. Firstly I met Jenny in the afternoon and picked her up at Psi’s. I did not only pick her up and had my way with her in our private skybox annex, I also had to end my green light, as it was just granted until that day. So back to the normal balance between Mistress Jenny and me.

September 15th: Enjoying the last hour of my green light

Secondly, the party at night was really well attended and we had close to 20 guests. WoW. We do like it full! Mistress Jenny ran late and showed up close to midnight. I had many chats, the music was great (60ies and 70ies), thank you for the music, Virgo! Just a perfect start into the weekend. Come and see us inworld and have fun with us.

Impressions of another great Friday night (September 15th)

Diary 2017 (154) Sept 14th – Green Day

Thursday afternoon, September 14th, I picked my wife up at Lochme and brought her outside into the fresh air. I exposed my property to the public and enjoyed the view on her. We had quite a lot to catch up. Next stop on our afternoon tour was Domme a Domme, where I removed her cloak and the armbinder and fitted the the yoke and the spreader bar on her. Finally I took my very owned Mistress to Psi’s realm where I stored her.

September 14th: Diomita with her property Jenny at Lochme

September 14th: Diomita with her property Jenny at Domme a Domme and at Psi’s realm

When I returned online at night, I found slave Flo at home and Mii, who was trapped by one of the nets that are at our home to tease visitors. We hadn’t seen Mii for quite a while. slave Flo immediately remarked that she fained quite some weight. For me her news were that she partnered with Bianca Lamplugh aka. Rubbertoy, who we had with us in July for a short time. We chatted with Mii for a while also about her CC drone suit which she enjoys wearing.

September 14th: Diomita with slave Flo at home receiving a visit from Mii

Then I took slave Flo to Mirage again to explore and test some equipment there. I found an interesting cupboard and slave Flo enjoyed being fucked by her owner. Anything else? Yes I gave a tour over our island to someone, who I met recently… but that’s it for this diary entry.

September 14th: Diomita playing with slave Flo at Mirage

Diary 2017 (142) August 26th – green Saturday night

Saturday night, August 27th, I took advantage of my green light. As I expected slave Flo and slave slut cecy to come inworld I choose a simple but effective bondage for my property Jenny. I gagged her with the Mo Penis gag and hid the gag with the surgical mask again. Then I locked my very owned Mistress Jenny into the retainer, a light but restrictive bondage frame. I summoned Jenny to Domme a Domme and to club DeLust to expose her proudly as my property.

August 26th: Diomita and her property, her very owned Mistress Jenny at Domme a Domme and at club DeLust

I just love it to have my owned wife and Mistress under control and to show everyone that I own her vice versa. I do get quite regular IMs from others who confirm that our relation is rare, some others are confused not knowing who of us is dominant and who is sub. And Saturday night, I got again some nice remarks in IM.
While we were at club DeLust, slut cecy came inworld. She was ordered to dance for us and the others guests and we spent a very relaxed time at club DeLust.

August 26th: Diomita and her property, her very owned Mistress Jenny at club DeLust watching the scenery and our slut cecy dancing / storing slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm

To make the most of my green light, I decided to take slave slut cecy to Psi’s realm and to store here there. Then I went to Angel of Pain’s BDSM island with Jenny, fixed her in a bondage frame in the tower and fucked her until she shouted her thank you cuming hard for her owner, for ME. By the wey – we were not ejected for shouting, although many could hear her shouting *winks*.

August 26th: Diomita taking advantage of her property at Angel of Pain’s BDSM island

It was bedtime for Jenny and I took her back to our skybox. Green lights are granted by Mistress Jenny as a gift, although they are a gift that I can claim and that I will claim as I own her. It costs me quite an effort to end them, in particular as Mistress doesn’t limit them usually to keep the surprise for herself. I have to find out the right time for myself. I ended my green light before I said good night to her. Thank you, Mine *mmmwah*

I went back to Psi’s realm, where slut cecy was literally hanging around. I noticed the puddle under her and she was melting as she likes to express it herself. I unshielded her chastity belt and it didn’t need much to get her cuming for me in both worlds in front of all other visitors – good girl. I closed the belt again and took her home, so that she can make herself useful in our household again.

August 26th: Diomita and slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm

What a nice Saturday night!

Diary 2017 (140) August 24th – Green

Thursday, August 24th, I fully started my green light in the afternoon. I had bought a surgical mask with neck corset for Jenny a couple of days before, something similar to the hood and veil she used for me, not a new idea but different nonetheless. I hid a the Mo penis gag below it. First I took Jenny to Domme a Domme to enjoy not only having her at my feet but also to expose her, proving that I own my mistress vice versa – and of course I made a couple of pictures.

August 24th: Diomita exposing her very owned Mistress Jenny at Domme a Domme

After that I brought Jenny to Psi’s realm and put her in an elaborate suspension bondage. We had quite some people observing us and I teased my property before I left her there, helplessly tied up and extradited to the views and touches of everyone visiting.

August 24th: Diomita providing some time to hang around at Psi’s realm for her very owned Mistress Jenny

At night, when I picked Jenny up, Mitchen (Mitchen Heston) was teasing my property with a feather. Mitchen hid the feather when I appeared, but I noticed it *winks*. Jenny was aroused and moaning – it seems that she enjoyed her time at Psi’s. I released her and we went home, to see slave Flo, but she had left after cleaning the house. We went to The Secret House, relaxed and met Argi there. After some banter and as slave Flo didn’t reappear the next stop was “our” club DeLust. I made myself comfy and had my property keenling next to me on the kneeling pad. She really looks yummy and desirable like this!

August 24th: Diomita and Mitchen teasing Dio’s property Jenny at Psi’s realm / Diomita and Jenny at The Secret House with Argi

August 24th: Diomita with her very owned Mistress Jenny at club DeLust

After I while I couldn’t hold back anymore and took her home to the annex of our skybox and had my way with her. I left her tied up strictly, gagged and with a fixed vibrator to keep her aroused. Yes, I did exchange the batteries. Of course, I made some pictures of her like this but those will stay private. She’s still my very owned mistress and I don’t like to share some too exposing, compromising pictures of her.

Enjoying Bondage in August 2017 – exposed at Domme a Domme

For August I had in mind a picture of our subs and slaves in tight bondage using the MD cuffs, which provide some really nice suspension bondages. But once again, I couldn’t get the slaves all together and even worse, I didn’t find the time with everyone of them to tie them up – seems that RL was against such a picture.

Lately Mistress Jenny exposed me, her Ehesklavin, in different outfits and bondages quite often at Domme a Domme. Hence I decided to take one of the pictures I made at Domme a Domme as the base for the enjoying bondage picture for August. That fits in particular as Mistress kept me quite often tied up this month. I added Fin’s Rubber slave Tyra and Fin’s Beauty Virgo on the dual slave post, sissy maid who is in trial, slave Adarra and slave Flo, who got suspended in their MD cuffs at Psi’s realm and last but not least I added slave slut cecy in the background. Anything else? Yes, I added myself a 2nd time in the background.

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