Art in Second Life 2022 (56) Coloured images by Cica Ghost

Monday, June 20th, Cica Ghost opened a new installation named “Coloured images“: “Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour.

As usual with Cica’s installation you shall use shared environment, set advanced lighting and activate shadows from sun/moon and projectors. The environment settings are part of Cica’s art. For “Coloured images” she selected a very dark, almost black, sky with yellow stars. Nonetheless it doesn’t feel cold at all. I zoomed out to get an overview and changed the environment so that I could make a bird-eye view picture.

“Coloured images” by Cica Ghost – bird-eye view

Coloured images” is to no surprise a colourful place. It is a little town inhabited by Cicy-ish animals. You will find them not only as pictures on the walls but also as 3D-objects. And all of them are coloured. There are beings called “blue things”, there is a blue olifant, a donkey, there are several snails, bg and small spiders, worms, cows, fishes and quite some birds. The birds are very untypical for Cica – they are small!

There is a lot to discover. Cica offers places to sit as well as several places to dance. If you click the boxes “Dance” you can select an animation for your avatar. And dancing is fun!
The floor is either black with coloured dots or it is part of the buildings, that are coloured as well – of course. The little town has a lot of levels connected by stairs. You can walk of on rooftops, several of them are also occupied by animals – but they are all peacful *winks*

Instead of plants you find quite sureal bambus like sticks in different colours, most with rings of different colours. Some have blossoms. Around each corner, in the buildings, on the roofs you encounter Cica’s beings and – at least I – couldn’t stop smiling.

There are funny scenes at Cica’s “Coloured images” like the blue olifant who looks down at a little yellow bird. Or a huge worm winds its body from the floor upwards through windows and looks out from the 2nd floor.

The structure of the little town is quite complex and as you can climb and walk up to the roofs you get many different views. One big blue spider occupies a whole platform and watches the scenery. Another quite big red snail with a yellow house occupies another platform. You should try all the benches and chairs to sit to enjoy the colourful choatic and happy scenes. I did enjoy that!

Coloured images” by Cica Ghost provides a happy environment, it is a place to wind down and to escape into lovely and artful other world, to stop thinking about what is going on in the world and to just enjoy, to see the beauty with the eyes of a child, to gather new energy.
I did look for the cat of course and Cica didn’t disappoint me. I found a blue cat straying on one of the roof. I sat down and enjoyed!

Thank you for another great installation, Cica. Thank you for providing fun and happiness and for the colours!
As usual we don’t know how long “Coloured images” by Cica Ghost will stay open. It could be a week, it could be a month or even more. I hope it stays open for a while so that I can return when I need a break, colours and a smile.

Landmark to “Coloured images” by Cica Ghos
Cica Ghost’s shop inworld
Cica Ghost’s shop on the marketplace
Cica Ghost’s flickr:

Art in Second Life 2022 (46) Garden by Cica Ghost

Tuesday, May 17th, Cica Ghost opened a new installation named “Garden“: “Happiness is a butterfly in my garden.

As usual with Cica’s installation you shall use shared environment, set advanced lighting and activate shadows from sun/moon and projectors. Theenvironment settings are part of Cica’s art. For “Garden” she selected a very summerly and “hot” environment with just a few fair-weather clouds.

Garden is a happy place. It is a place to get to other thoughts, to wind down and to enjoy. Cica’s worlds are always huge, the daisies, the clover and the grass are high as trees compared to humans in Second Life. It is a real thicket, everything is green and blooming, just lovely!

Impressions of “Garden” by Cica Ghost (1)

The first animals I came across was a group of three cats, not hided but well exposed *winks*. Thank you, Cica. The three cats look at a comparably small caterpillar. And as in every garden there are pots or other containers used for decoration or plants.

Impressions of “Garden” by Cica Ghost (2)

Other animals in Cica’s Garden are butterflies, snail and ants. You can purchase the butterflies at the garden. There’s a turned over pot used as a little on site store. These butterflies are not flying around, They are static but flapping wings.
Another typical tool you need in a garden is a ladder (at least with these high flowers *winks*). A huge ladder is kind of a landmark in Cica’s Garden.

Impressions of “Garden” by Cica Ghost (3)

It is fun to explore Cica’s Garden. You find nice scenes with happy inhabitants and it is just a joy to watch. I didn’t find any places to sit and watch though this time. But I might have been not looking out enough. What I did find is a place to dance and I tried it out. I liked in particular a scene were the ants are collaborating to  bend down a flower. Two others ants watch three ants working – just like in RL!

Some ants at Cica’s garden

Did I mention the butterflies? They are also quite human, standing around flapping their wings or flying and enjoying the scene. With the fresh Summer colours, all the green, the lovely animals, and the contagious fun they have, Garden is a really happy place.

Impressions of “Garden” by Cica Ghost (4)

If you’re not in a happy mood, visit Cica’s Garden. It will make you smile! I enjoyed my short visit a lot and returned with a smile in my face.
Thank you Cica for another lovely installation!

Landmark to “Garden” by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s shop inworld
Cica Ghost’s shop on the marketplace
Cica Ghost’s flickr:

Art in Second Life 2022 (33) Make a wish by Cica Ghost

Sunday, April 3rd, Cica Ghost opened a new installation named “Make a wish“. You find the complete title – or the thought Cica provides with her installation in the landmark description: “Make a wish upon a Blobfish :)”

As usual with Cica’s installation you shall use shared environment, set advanced lighting and activate shadows from sun/moon and projectors.
To say it right away “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost did conjure a smile in my face from the very beginning of my visit. The island Cica designed is quite meager but there are some fertile corners where you find single trees and daisies – the kind of “Cica-daisies” which I planted also at our homesim. You see some single buildings spread over the island, quite high buildings in the typical “Cica”-style. There are several ropes stretched between trees, poles and buildings. And Cica hid many animations, be it on these ropes or on roofs, be it on chairs and benches or be it dancing animations (look for the sign “Dance”).
At the building close to the landing point is a small table with two chairs, where you find the first inhabitants of “Make a wish“, two ladybugs that are eating a daisy.

Impressions of “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost (1)

And not far away are two rockskipper fish, that lay around lazy. Of course they have big eyes and of course they are big. You can even sit on one of these rockskipper fish.

The star at “Make a wish” is a huge blobfish. It lives at the shore of a pond and there’s a figure looking at it. I placed myself next to that figure and looked at the sad and ugly face of the blobfish – and made a wish!
Further inhabitants are three storks and one cat. This time Cica did not hide the cat, thank you Cica!

Impressions of “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost (2)

I had a lot of fun exploring “Make a wish“. I tried some of the animations – use your mouse and hoover over buildings, animals and ropes to find them. I sat down and watched and I found a few more rockskipper fish as well as another stork besides the couple that is also the motive of the poster.

Impressions of “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost (3)

Once again Cica created a lovely fantasy world this time around two very outstanding fishes – blobfish and rockskipper fish. To be honest I never heard about both and looked them up on the net. Blobfish are famous for being the most ugly fish. When they are in the sea they are not that ugly, but once outside they look really sad and ugly! And rockskipper fish are famous as you can find them outside of the water on rocks. Both blobfish and rockskipper fish are not as huge as they are at “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost.
You can grab your own blobfish for free right at the entrance where Cica has several boards, with her artist bio, the tip jar, visitor counter, a link to her store and the free blobfish.

Impressions of “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost (4) – blobfish and rockskipper fish

I enjoyed my visit and I brought a blobfish with me. I might take it out for making a wish every once in a while.

Diomita with her blobfish at “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost

Thank you Cica for another lovely installation!

Landmark to “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s shop inworld
Cica Ghost’s shop on the marketplace
Cica Ghost’s flickr:

Art in Second Life 2022 (28) Cica Ghost’s new shop

Recently Cica sent me a link to her refurbished shop and I went there Saturday, March 5th. The inworld shop is really packed with memories of Cica’s installations. Walking through it brings back memories of happy hours visiting her sims – and you can buy these memories to decorate your own place in Second Life.

Impressions of Cica Ghost’s inworld shop (1)

Right where you land at Cica’s shop you can join Cica’s group and you can grab a list with all the installations that Cica made for us to enjoy since 2012. I personally follow Cica Ghost since 2015 when I visited “Ruins” (read here). I did miss only a few since 2015, the latest installation I visited was in 2022 “Timeless” (read here)

At Cica’s shop you find them all: The elephants, the monsters, the chickens, the donkeys, the cows, the flowers, the knitted animals, the bees, the ants, the birds, the pigs and many others. What I missed in her shop … are “my” cats. I might have missed them due to the huge amount of figures and memories that came up visiting her shop. In any case you can buy them at Cica’s shop on the marketplace.

Impressions of Cica Ghost’s inworld shop (2)

There’s not much to add – enjoy a travel in time, enjoy a visit to Cica’s shop inworld. Thank you Cica … visiting your shop made me smile – something needed in these times of war in Europe.

Cica Ghost’s new shop inworld
Cica Ghost’s shop on the marketplace
Cica Ghost’s flickr:

Art in Second Life 2022 (27) Green planet by Cica Ghost

Saturday, March 5th, Cica Ghost opened her newest installation named “Green planet“. As usual Cica provides a short quote in the landmark description: “There is another world, but it is inside this one (Paul Eluard).

As already the poster gives away, this installation is bit particular. Upon landing you get instructions on how to adjust your viewer settings: use shared environment, advanced lighting and shadows from sun and projectors. It is importnat to use the shared environment, as it is part of Cica’s installation. After setting my viewer accordingly, I entered green planet. My first thought was that I’d explore small intestine. The world is green, the ground is covered with kind of a green slime, the sky is red like blood. From the ground grow simple green plants and funnel-shaped tubes. You walk through openings with green stalactites. My second thought was that of a Green planet with aliens, simply a fantasy planet with fantasy beings, ready to be explored.

The next thing I noticed were all the strange being that either are on the ground or kind of relax on platforms.There “Cica-ish” big eyes are watching you. And of course they are all way bigger than you. Some have big open mouths and at least through one mouth you can walk through to enter Cica’s shop for this installation. You can purchase 2 different “Octaliens” and 6 other “Aliens”.

Impressions of “Green planet” by Cica Ghost (2)

After a while the “Aliens” didn’t look scary anymore, I began to have a closer look at them and I enjoyed. What else? There are some green pieces of rock laying on the ground, some are levitating above the ground. I know that Cica has often places to sit or other activities hidden in her isntallations and hence I looked out for them. I just fond that you can “sit” on the levitating rocks and then you fly with them either sitting, or dancing or doing a handstand. Be careful they move quite jerkily. But it is fun!

Impressions of “Green planet” by Cica Ghost (3)

What else? Quite in the center of the installation is a rocket, a space ship just as kids would draw it. The question remains, did the aliens come with it .. or do they use it to explore other planets? The visitor may guess. The main purpose of this installation is to have fun and to see the world with children eyes, to let your mind wander and to escape from the real life. By the way – I didn’t find any cat on the whole Green planet not even a green cat *winks*.

Impressions of “Green planet” by Cica Ghost (4)

Thank you Cica for another great installation. It made me smile and I did get to other thoughts, something important these days in Europe.

Landmark to Green Planet by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s new shop inworld
Cica Ghost’s shop on the marketplace
Cica Ghost’s flickr:

Art in Second Life 2022 (16) Timeless by Cica Ghost

Monday, February 7th, Cica Ghost opened her newest installation named “Timeless

In the landmark description you find the quote, that Cica provides for the visitor of “Timeless“. It is a quote from Walt Disney: “Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.

Upon landing you’re requested to use shared environment, to enable advanced lighting and set shadows from sun and projectors.
I zoomed out to get an overview of the installation, but with Cica’s environment settings I couldn’t see much, hence I changed to “midday” for getting an overview.

Timeless by Cica Ghost – overview and orientation map

Timeless” is once again a place to wind down, to dream, to play and to let your mind wander. It is full of details and of places to sit and to dance – and it is hard to describe with words. I made quite a lot pictures instead.
The ground has a structure like an afghan carpet, the leaves of the trees are made of cloths. There’s furniture that looks like made of play dough and some oversized dishes and cakes. Roads and pathways connect places and buildings.

Impressions of “Timeless” by Cica Ghost (1)

Timeless” is inhabited by bunnies, elephants and birds in a human shape and as usual they are quite tall. You find them in different situations, eating icecream, holding balloons, flowers or umbrellas. The birds have oversized shoes. You can purchase the characters in Cica’s shop at “Timeless“.
I’m sure that I didn’t find out all the different opportunities to sit, play or enjoy. You have just to try out everything. I found some rocking chairs where you’re watched by oversized eyes. At other furniture the animation makes you an artist.

Impressions of “Timeless” by Cica Ghost (2)

The birds have there own little house. Three birds guard the house, inside is a nest with 2 eggs and two pair of shoes for the chicks to step in – funny! One of the bunnies is playing basketball not far away.

Impressions of “Timeless” by Cica Ghost (3)

There’s once again a Cicamobile that you can use to drive on the roads. Of course I tried that for the fun and to get a picture. I went into buildings, sat down at many different places, I danced, I sat down in one of the two swinging boats and watched the scenery below of me.
There’s one building that hides a little secret. I haven’t specified in on the orientation map, but look out for a two story tower. Inside you will find a present, a heart shaped balloon.

Impressions of “Timeless” by Cica Ghost (4)

Cica takes us into a dream world where we can be kids again. We can feel the different perspective as furniture or even dishes can be big objects. We can dance, we can preforn artisitc acts or sit down and watch. We meet strange people like the birds in their oversized shoes. “Timeless” is like a big playground, a fantasy world, another place Cica designed so that we can leave the real world behind and escape into a happy dream.
And where is the cat? There is one of Cica’s cat and it is not hidden. Thank you Cica!

Impressions of “Timeless” by Cica Ghost (5)

I had fun, I left “Timeless” with a smile in my face. Thank you Cica for another great and very creative installation.

Landmark to Timeless by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A
Cica Ghost on the marketplace

Art in Second Life 2022 (1) Funday by Cica Ghost

Sunday, January 2nd, I got an invitation from Cica Chost to see her newest installation, the first of 2022. It is called “Funday“.

And so my 2nd day in 2022 (see all the two’s *winks*) became my first Funday. The thought Cica gave to us with her installation fits very well: “Happy Sunday Funday :)”
As I usually do, I zoomed out first and choose Midday as enviroment to get an overview. The landing is right in the middle of the sim. You can easily spot Cica’s shop for this installation, 2 ponds and a group of higher Cica-ish buildings, which I called Highrise-buildings. After this zoom out I used the shared environment settings again (as recommended).

Funday by Cica Ghost – overview and orientation map

Funday is just to have fun – and I had fun. There are a lot of buildings, walls and places at Funday, you can easily lose the orientation. The main animals at Funday are cows, chicken and sheep. You find them as 3D animals as well as in paintings on the walls. And there are a lot of paintings on the walls, all in the typical Cica style. The cows, chicken and sheep are available for purchase in Cica’s shop at Funday.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (1)

There is so much to discover, I certainly didn’t see all and for sure did not try out everything. You should hoover with your mouse over objects, many contain animations, so that you can dance or sit for example. There are also places where you can just dance. Look out for the signs “Dance”.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (2)

The paintings are mostly simply funny. For example the chicken that is jealous of the another chicken which holds a balloon. Or the two monsters that fight to be touched by you. If you touch them you get a link to Cica’s store on the marketplace where you can buy the little monsters that are from a previous isntallation of Cica Ghost. Also the frogs, which take a bath in one of the two ponds, are from a previous installation of Cica. Hence you can meet old acquaintances at Funday.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (3)

You can walk up ladders to get into the highrise-buildings and use bridges up there to get from one room to the other. Also here are opportunities to sit or to dance. You have a nice view from up there and may find more walls with paintings. I looked out for Cica’s cat, that is in almost all of her installations and I thought I had found it in a painting at one wall, at least the ears and the tail of a cat. I also found a bar to have a drink. Did I mention that there are cows and sheeps and chicken at almost every corner?

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (4)

It was quite busy when I visited and I could watch people having fun and I shared the fun and balanced on a rope with another visitor. As I said – try out everyhting, you will have fun! Of course I also visited the Loch Ness monster that peeks out it’s head at the second pond. Finally, shortly before I had to leave I found the cat and I sat down next to it with a big smile in my face.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (5)

Seeing the world with the eyes of children, having fun, dancing with fellow friends or even just with other visitors and forgetting problems for a short while is what you do on a happy Sunday Funday. Thank you Cica for the fun I had at Funday. It was a pleasure to visit and to write about it! And I still have a smile in my face.
As always, I don’t know how long Funday is available, that depends on the feedback and number of visitors and Cica’s mood and plans – hence go there soon and enjoy!

Landmark to Funday by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A
Cica Ghost on the marketplace

Art in Second Life 2021 (90) Waiting by Cica Ghost

Sunday, September 19th, I got an invitation from Cica to see her newest installation named “Waiting“. I was surprised getting it, as I just had visited her installation “Sandcastles” (read here), which is already gone now.

Right upon landing, it felt different from what I saw before from Cica. First of all you get big and highly visible recommendations to use shared environment, advanced lighting and shadows from sun, moon and projectors. Cica even provided a picture how it should look like at the landing to make sure, that you use the right settings. The environment settings are very important as they are part of the installation “Waiting“.

Waiting by Cica Ghost is not what I expected to see, and I didn’t leave the installation with a smile in my face like I usually do when I see something of Cica. No Cica-ish animals with big eyes, no Cica store and no hidden cat.
The ground is brown and desiccated – and the sky looks like desiccated ground as well. Acutally after a while you don’t know where is up and where is down. The trees have no leaves, the are just dead and do they root in the sky or in the ground?

Impressions of “Waiting” by Cica Ghost (1)

What you see first when entering the installation are a few buildings. These look a bit “Cica-ish”. I went there and found the first buildings empty. On a high plateau many, really many people cower together as if they seek nearness all being scared of something. It is a very dark and intimidating scenery.
A few people are not cowering on the high plateau but walking around in search of something. In one building cowers another person. Has there just been a catastrophy?

Impressions of “Waiting” by Cica Ghost (2)

Time waits for no one” is the message Cica Ghost provides with “Waiting“. And to be honest, I don’t know what Cica wants to express. As with every art installation, it is what the spectator feels, the visitors have to interpret the art for themselves. My first thought was that the people on the high plateau fled from a flood and that is why the cower on the high plateau – the result of climate change? But then all is desiccated, another result of climate change? Desiccated because of the higher temepratures? Some people try to explore what is left, they try to accomodate, others hide alone in a corner, but most just wait and let happen what will happen.
Well, that is one (that is my) interpretation. But depending on the visitor’s mood, on the personal situation one might get to a totally different interpretation.

Impressions of “Waiting” by Cica Ghost (3)

What else? Two rope nooses but they are not hanging there to commit suicide, instead you can sit there and watch. You can also dance … there are some nails sticking in the desiccated groud, clicking them animates your avatar. By the way, the music Cica has provided is not easy listening.

Time waits for no one – who knows how long “Waiting” by Cica Ghost will be available for a visit? It’s really worth a visit. What is your interpretation?

Addendum: after this post was published Cica Ghost sent me a message and told me what I missed. First of all there is a cat! And Cica had added it just for me – so sorry, Cica *winks*. Secondly there is at least one animal hidden in the dead trees, animals that can bear the aridity. Thank you, Cica.

Landmark to Waiting by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A
Cica Ghost on the marketplace

Art in Second Life 2021 (81) Sandcastles by Cica Ghost

On Tuesday, August 31st, Cica opened her latest installation “Sandcastles“. I went there right away and I left with a smile in my face once again! Thank you, Cica.

Cica’s quote for her installation can be found in the landmark’s description “Like a sandcastle, all is temporary. Build it, tend it, enjoy it. And when the time comes, let it go.” (Jack Kornfield)

That quote fits perfectly to Cica, as her installations are temporory and when she’s in the mood for it, she builds something new. What is left are memories of a happy time.

As usual it is recommended that you use the share environment, switch shadows on, sun/moon and projectors and that you use advance lighting. Cica also asks to play media to hear the sounds. That didn#t work for me though but Cica shared a youtube with me so that I could hear wich music she had selected: “Hawaiian music – sould of Hawaii – steel guitar, instrumental” The music really fits!

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost (1)

The landing is on a seperate island form where you begin your exploration. Of course it is all about sancastles. There are quite some sandcastles on the large sim. I didn’t count them .. five major castles and quite some smaller ones? Well it doesn’t matter.

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost (2) – overiew with and without sared environment / dancing at one sandcaslte court.

The inhabitants at “Sandcastles” are starfish, crabs, seanails, shells and one whale. No surprise they are all big, way bigger than humans and they are in “Cica”-style with large eyes looking at you. You shall and you will feel small, returning to see the world with the curiosity of children.

You find many places to dance at “Sandcastles“. To animate your avatar just click a shall nearby. When I visited quite some people were dancing together with Cica at the court closest to the landing point.

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost (3)

Exploring “Sandcastles” is fun and you get some real nice views. The dark blue sky with the many stars adds to the happy mood. You can climb up the towers for an overview, or you can sit down at other places just to relax and enjoy (just hoover with your mouse over what might look like a place to sit).

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost (4)

Last but not least you can buy a memory at Cica’s store, that is in one of the sandcastles – add a whale, a starfish, a crab or a seasnail to your place at home and keep the happy time in mind.

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost (5) – the store

I enjoyed my visit as I always do. Just one thing is missing, there’s no cat again *pouts*. I had fun and left in a very happy mood. Thank you, Cica!

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost (6)

Landmark to Sandcastles by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A
Cica Ghost on the marketplace

Art in Second Life (74) Lollipop by Cica Ghost

Sunday, August 8th, I got a message from Cica Ghost – she just had opened her next installation named “Lollipop“. This time the motto she provides to the visitor is: “Happiness is enjoying the little things in your life.

I personally think that this motto fits almost perfectly to all of Cica’s installations: Having fun exploring her world of giant animals, her journey back into childhood, when everything was big, not intimidating, just a world to explore and discover. And it makes you happy – well at least me!

Aus usual you should use shared environment and set advance lighting on as well as shadows from sun+moon and projectors. The fun begins right next to the landing spot where I met Cica. In front of you is a large court with 5 funny mice. One of them holds up a sign “Dance”. Hence you can start dancing to get into the right mood.
I myself was curious about all the ladders that lead up to steep rocks with houses (in Cica-style of course) or with opportunities to sit and watch or to dance. I walked up a few of the ladders close to the landing spot and enjoyed the view and had already fun – looking into the big eyes of a snake that sat on the top of one of the houses.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (1)

Also quite close to the landing spot is a strange kind of machine – the lollipop machine. In front of it are a few gear wheels, and in the rear is a tube from which lollipops drop on the ground. At the base of the machine is a board where you can get a free lollipop to wear for your visit (or later of course). You can change the colour of the lollipop.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (2)

This time there’s no hidden cat…. as opposed to the cat is big and showcased strikingly on a large table also close to the landing spot. Actually it is not a cat, it is a catfish. I walked up the ladder to the table, and sat at the catfish’s head, looking directly into it’s eyes. The table has another hidden feature. You can change it’s colour and I did that. Walking aroud at Lollipop by Cica Ghost you can find more objects where you can adjust the colour. This way the visitors can actively change the installation.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (3)

What else? There is a little town that is occupied by a 3 headed snake (or 3 snakes?) watching you as you explore it’s home and the many houses.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (4)

And to no surprise there’re also a vehicles again, kind of a helicopter, a “Cica-copter”. I think 3 or 4 of them are circling over the island. If you hoover your mouse over them you can sit inside and enjoy the view from above, yet you can’t steer it yourself, just sit and relax and enjoy – and smile.
I saw a family of dinosaurs as well as a big frog sitting on one of the steep rocks. I tried sitting on quite some of the many spots. And I had a look at Cica’s shop at Lollipop by Cica Ghost. It offers the different mice and the frog.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (5)

Lollipop by Cica Ghost is an installation to escape from the serious everyday life. It’s your little time out to see the world with the eye of a kid again and to explore an unknown world. In addition it inspires you to try out the different spots to sit or dance, to take the “Cica-copter” tour, to climb the ladders and to enjoy your lollipop. And as always Cica succeeded to conjure a smile into my face. Thank you very much, Cica.

Landmark to Lollipop by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A

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