Art in Second Life 2020 (49) Monsters by Cica Ghost

When I returned from my short off time, I found an invitation from Cica Chost in my messages. She had opened a new installation called “Monsters by Cica Ghost” on Friday August 7th.

I went there Saturday late afternoon and met Cica at the landing point next to one of her monsters. As monsters should be, they are all very tall. And in Second Life they are very real, hence the sentence that Cica is giving us on our way exploring: “Monsters are real, ghosts are real too.
You are asked to use the regional windlight (I did) and to switch on advanced lighting with activated shadows from sun/moon and projectors (I did as well).

Impressions of Monsters by Cica Ghost (1)

The monsters are not only really tall, they are ugly on a first view and I didn’t find any two which look alike. I didn’t count them but there must be more than 20 different monsters at least. Some look like dinosaurs, others have their eyes in their tentacles, some have 4 arms and 2 legs, others only legs, some look like octopussies, some have big noses, others a more or less a square face…. What they have in common are the Cica-ish big eyes that roll and seem to watch you. After a while they become your friend and at least I found all of them being nice and peaceful.

Impressions of Monsters by Cica Ghost (2)

Did I mention that they all are very tall? I think I did. If you take a closer look at the pictures that I took you might see me.. I’m the small one at the feet of the monsters *winks*. There are several buildings, or should I say open rooms. They are all built on poles and ladders or ramps lead up to them. In the rooms / or platforms you find scenes. The monsters live in these rooms. One sits on the edge and is fishing, others just look around, and a few listen to a girl that reads in a book. The girl is also very tall.

Impressions of Monsters by Cica Ghost (3)

And what about the cat? I didn’t find it at first and asked Cica if there’s a cat and she confirmed there is a cat and that it is hiding. I won’t reveal where it is but I took a picture and you should easily find it. I didn’t find any Cica-mobil this time, nor any Cica-aircraft, nor did I find any monster where I could sit on (or dance on it’s head). But there are several opportunities to sit and watch, be it a bench close to a monster or a chair in the “rooms”.

Impressions of Monsters by Cica Ghost (4)

Again you can purchase the monsters. There is a big monster shop with all the different types. The ones I looked at cost 350 L and use up 5 prims (at a size of about twice of my own size).
I had fun visiting as always. And as always Cica’s beings made me smile, allowed me an escape from reality into pure fantasy. Thank you Cica!

Impressions of Monsters by Cica Ghost (5)

We never know how long Cica keeps her installations open. It might be 2 weeks .. or 4 .. or longer. You should have a look if you’re up to seeing some monsters.

Landmark to Monsters by Cica Ghost

Art in Second Life 2020 (41) Summertime by Cica Ghost

I got a invitatation to visit “Summertime“, Cica Ghost’s newest installation that opened Friday, July 10th. I was prevented from going there right away, but I found some time today.

The thought that Cica selected for ther newest installation can be found in the landmark description: “Summertime is always the best of what might be. (Charles Bowden)

Summertime by Cica Ghost – landing and overview

I like Cica’s installations as they always succeed to make me smile. This time Cica created happy cows and placed them in a Summer environment. You’re asked to keep the selected windlight, to switch “Advanced Lighting Model” on and to use shadows set to “Sun/Moon + Projectors”.

Impressions of Summertime by Cica Ghost (1)

Summertime is an island with some nice hills, the ground is a bit structured like a chess board, it has green ad dry areas. Spread over the sim are clay objects, some looking like vases of flowers, other like open boxes or even old wagons. Trees and flowers grow in or out the clay objects. They have blossoms in different colours. Yet the all look as if the crave for more water ….

Impressions of Summertime by Cica Ghost (2)

The objects do also provide shadow and if you sit in them on a chair or bed, you’re in the shadow. And there are cows, alone or in groups and they all have the typical Cica-ish look, funny and peacefully and with google-eyes. And you hear their muuuuuh every once in a while. The cows are not the only inhabitants. There’s also a laying battery for chicken, so you can have eggs and milk for your Summer breakfast!

Impressions of Summertime by Cica Ghost (3)

And yes you also find a cat at Summertime! I won’t give away where, but it is not hard to find. What else? A clay helicopter to sit in and to flay around and a clay cinema where you can watch a Cica matchstick figure riding a bicycle. And there’s also a shop where you can purchase a cow (or two or more *winks*)

No attempt to interpret anything – just enjoy Cica’s Summertime!
Thank you, Cica 🙂

Landmark to Summertime by Cica Ghost

Diary 2020 (79) May 30th/31st Zia the dj / News from Puddle Whore

Saturday, May 30th, Mistress Jenny was prevented from getting inworld during the day. I went on a very enjoyable simploring tour in the afternoon and met slave Zia (Ziahon82) upon my return home. Time to get spoiled .. I took slave Zia to our bathroom and allowed her to lick me. She did well *winks*, as it should be. Fully satisfied I took her with me to Mesmerize Dungeon, where we were joined by Robur (Roburion), Scarlett (mswhiplash) and Seu (Suomai). I got interrupted by RL and had to leave soon after though.

May30th: Diomita with slave Zia (Ziahon82) at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon with Robur (Roburion), Scarlett (mswhiplash) and Seu (Suomai)

At night I took Angelique and slave Flo to “The Tavern”, where Zia was the dj for the night, stepping in for someone else. She had tested her equipment at our home the days before. Mistress Jenny and slave Gwendi joined us there and we spent the whole night there, unfortunately without Angelique who crashed and didn’t return. Zia played a nice set of music, very different to Virgo’s style and with more German Rock. We enjoyed the music and dancing and I caught up with Mistress about RL and SL.

May 30th – Zia, dj at The Tavern: Zia (Ziahon82), Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, slave Flo and slave Gwendi

Anything else? Yes, another report from Puddle whore (formerly known as Kitty Maurer):

Dear Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita,
PuddleWhore is learning her place.
PuddleWhore is learning not to speak unless spoken to. That has been really difficult and will likely continue to be so in the future. For better or worse, a giant penis gag is helping PuddleWhore avoid saying things.
PuddleWhore is also learning to be respectful to Mistress Amy and everyone else. PuddleWhore may not simply look at Mistress Amy or others just because PuddleWhore feels like it.
PuddleWhore’s existence is entirely dependent on Mistress Amy’s good will. Drawing her ire might have very bad consequences for PuddleWhore.
For the past days, PuddleWhore has been leashed near the entrance of the house, face down, ass up, with two buzzing dildos exposed to the world, for all to see. Is PuddleWhore an object on display or a storage container for two big dildos?
PuddleWhore is not sure what it is and also isn’t able to think much about it but there is a transformation happening inside PuddleWhore.
xox, PW

Sunday, May 31st, I spent some time inworld in the morning. I had intended to visit Amy (chasititycontroled) and Puddle Whore and it worked out. Both were present and when I came to the Black Widow Estate I found Puddle whore tied up and leash at the entrance of the manor. I took a few pictures but didn’t talk to whore (to tease her even more). Amy was just giving a tour to a visitor and I joined her and her guest. But soon the tour was over and Amy and I began teasing whore.

May 31st: Amy (chasititycontroled) and Diomita with Puddle Whore at Black Widow Estate

Amy offered to showcase Puddle Whore in other bondages and she first tied her up under the ceiling. My only concern was that someone might slip on the puddle that Puddle Whore was beginning to leave on the floor and Amy had no “Caution Wet” warning sign.
Next Amy used Puddle Whore as a wall decoration. I admit I liked this way of using it almost perfect. Puddle Whore was quite well behaved, she has made some notable progresses. We just heard a silent moan here and there. And Amy and I had fun together.

May 31st: Amy (chasititycontroled) and Diomita with Puddle Whore at Black Widow Estate

When Amy had to leave we simply left Puddle Whore where she was as a wall decoration. It was time for me to tend to my RL too anyway.

I was inworld after lunch again and found a message from Cica Ghost, who had opened a new installation. Spontaneously I went over there on the spot and enjoyed seeing “Elephants by Cica Ghost” (read here). It didn’t take too long and was another highlight of that Sunday.

I came on early at night and none of the family was present. I had the chance to continue the roleplay that Mistress Jenny and I are still having together and alone. It was another intense session. I might reveal the roleplay one day *winks*
Back to my day. I returned home and as still none of the family was present, I found the time to write, to sort pictures and to clean up inventory.

When Mistress came online, Angelique and slave Flo were also present and we went seeing them. They were already playing greedy and Mistress and I watched their play and caught up with our mutal news. Then we took them to our decking, Mistress and Angelique cuddled and I told slave Flo off for using our bathroom and bath tube the other day. She knew that was against the rules for the slaves as the bathroom is restrichted to the superiors. I put her into a gord suit and locked it tight.
In the meanwhile slave Luci and slave Gwendi had joined us and slave Gwendi was the next … I ordered her to wear a maid dress and explained her that she will serve us as a slave maid until further notice and of course will have to keep the house clean (that is why I installed a new cleaning system.
We went over to the house and to my surprise … it was almost clean. Angelique couldn’t bear with the dirt and had cleaned the house. Nonetheless I explained slave maid Gwendi how to clean and she had to clean the toilet as Angelique had left it out.

May 31st – a night at home: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, slave Luci, slave Flo and slave maid Gwendi

Time had went over very quickly again and it was already flotime. We said good night to slave Flo, the others slaves and to Angelique and retreated to our skybox. We found some time for ourselves and Mistress allowed me to lick her and to get my fix. Mistress takes care that I stay addicted to her and ensures that my submission gets a bit stronger with every day. Thank you, Mistress. It had been a varied day and night and overall nonetheless relaxing as it should be.



Art in Second Life 2020 (31) Elephants by Cica Ghost

Sunday, May 31st, I got an invitation to visit Cica Ghost’s newest installation “Elephants by Cica Ghost“. I went over there on the spot and met Cica at the landing point. While talking with her I already saw the elephants. Of course, huge elephants. Animals in Cica’s worlds are always very big and they all have big eyes – so do her elephants.

The scenery is bathed in black and green tones, the ground is dark and looks a bit like water at night, inbetween are many hills and islands. You see forests but there’re no leaves, no branches, just trunks. And that fits to Cica’s funny landmark description:
Q. What do a tree and an elephant have in common?
A. A trunk.

Impressions of “Elephants by Cica Ghost” (1) – overviews (left) / Dio meets Cica at the Landing Point / Diomita on the trunk of an elephants

It was not easy to take an overview picture of “Elephants by Cica Ghost” as changing the windlight did not have the desired effect and just zooming out was way to dark. Finally I succeeded with two overview pictures and then I started my tour. And I had fun! You will find 3 “Cica-ish” huts, way to small for an elephant to live in. You can use a swing in one hut, sit with two people in another hut and the third hut is Cica’s “Elephant Store”. There are nine different elephants that you can purchase as your personal souvenir.

Next to the store is a tall trunk and you can walk up to the top. From there you have a nice look over “Elephants by Cica Ghost” and you don’t need to use any tricks to get the overiew another way *winks”.

Impressions of “Elephants by Cica Ghost” (2) – the view from the tall trunk / Cica’s elephant store

On my way to the above mentioned tall trunk I walked into a field of high grass or plants, higher than a normal avatar and I can tell that I almost lost the orientation in it. Don’t miss to have a more detailed look at the grass-like plants. You can discover other elements like stars, snails, spirals and snakes. Of course I also tried to find Cica’s cat. And this time Cica has smuggeled in a cat again. You find in the hut where two people can sit in.

Impressions of “Elephants by Cica Ghost” (3) – admist the tall green plants / Cica’s cat

Don’t miss having a close look at all the elephants. They are really the stars in Cica’s installation. You can sit on them and those who I tried to sit on have 2 poses, one on the elephants schoulder and one on their trunk. In the middle of the installation is a hill with two trunks to sit on. These over 3 poses: one sit, one lay and one dance pose… and there’s another animal that found it’s way into “Elephants by Cica Ghost” – a parrot.

Impressions of “Elephants by Cica Ghost” (4) – Diomita enjoying Cica’s world

Cica did conjure a smile on my face with her newest installation, she always succeeds to make me smile. Thank you Cica! I just love your elephants (and the cat of course!).
Don’t miss riding Cica’s elephants!

Landmark to Elephants by Cica Ghost

Diary 2020 (66) May 6th/7th Getting deeper again

I met with Mistress Jenny for one hour in the afternoon on Wednesday, May 6th, and it became an intensive hour for me. I had changed into shorts, a white blouse and overknee boots but I had to take off the blouse again and Mistress put me into the armbinder venus corset. Then we went to Heavy Bondage club and talked about the roleplay the night before. Mistress had enjoyed it, hence it might go on.
But I could also sense that Mistress was in a dominant mood and she destroyed all doubt about it. I had to wear my Ehesklavin tag again and she kept me restricted at Heavy Bondage Club. She also ordered me to take off the overknee boots and to wear ballet boots. One of Mistress’ rules is that slaves either wear no shoes at all or ballet boots and I am her married slave. And she made it very clear that I will regret it if I don’t comply to it during the red light.
The hour went over quickly and we returned to the loft skybox, where Mistress Jenny stored me in the glass cage at the wall close to her throne. I was already getting deep into subspace again.

May 6th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at our loft skybox

At night Mistress released me from the glass cage and made me lick her to earn getting off the armbinder corset. I must have done well because she unlocked it and allowed me to wear the blouse again. And she cares about my addiction and that I stay addicted to her. Thank you, Mistress.

We went home and found slave Gwendi, slave Flo and slave Luci playing greedy and we joined in. After the game we decided to go to Gravity’s Wednesday party at Caged Elegance. And slave slut cecy joined us there soon after we arrived. We had fun and I found time to talk to all of them a bit. That is the upside of dancing in Second Life. The music was great as always. We had a relaxed time and Gravity played until flotime.

May 6th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at our loft skybox / Dancing at Caged Elegance with slave Gwendi, slave Flo, slave Luci and slave slut cecy / in our skybox at home

After the slaves were off to bed, Mistress Jenny and I spent a few minutes at club Domme a Domme. We were both tired after the roleplay the night before had kept us up way too long and hence we went back home and called it a night.

Thursday, May 7th, Mistress Jenny and I met in the afternoon again for 45 minutes. We spent the time at Heavy Bondage Club mainly just chatting and catching up with our mutual news. We were that busy talking that I even forgot to take a picture, but there are many of those pictures in the blog already *winks*

I had an invitation from Cica Ghost to visit “Social Distancing by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost” and I did in the afternoon. As the name already gives away it is an installation that deals with the current situation in our RL and it does so with a whimsical smile (read here about this installation).
In the early afternoon I made another simploring tour and visited Hotel del Salto, the new sim of Jade Koltai. It is once again a sim that was built after a real place and I enjoyed my visit a lot and I was impressed (read my simploring report here).

At night Mistress Jenny and I met slave Flo and slave gwendi at the greedy table and we joined their game. When we were finished Ann came by and we had a longer chat with her in a relaxed atmosphere. As the slaves were not much restricted it was an opportunity to do something totally different from our normal activities. I took Mistress Jenny and the slaves to “Social Distancing by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost” first and later to Hotel del Salto. It was fun and Mistress and the slaves enjoyed doing something different.

May 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with Ann, slave Flo and slave Gwendi / Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Flo and slave Gwendi visiting Hotel del Salto

It was not yet flotime when we returned and hence we went to Psi’s realm just to wind down a bit before slave Flo and slave Gwendi went to bed. Mistress Jenny and I went to Puerto Esclava for a few minutes and then went to bed ourselves.

May 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with slave Flo and slave Gwendi / at Puerto Esclava

Art in Second Life 2020 (24) Social Distancing by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost

Yesterday I got an invitation from Cica Ghost who has opened her newest art work that she created together with Bryn Oh: Social Distancing. I went there right the next day, May 7th, 2020.

The landing is at Bryn Oh’s sim Immersiva in a box that is also the starting point when visiting Bryn Oh’s installation “Hand”. There’s a board for “Social Distancing” that leads to a platform, where you find Cica’s and Bryn’s installation “Social Distancing“.

Impressions of “Social Distancing by Cica Ghost and Bryn Oh” – around the Landing and meeting the Corona Monster

The theme of “Social Distancing” is of course the current situation most of us are suffering of right now, the Corona virus. But it is done in the typcial Cica way, conjuring a smile in everybody’s face nonetheless – at least in mine. The Cica houses have become small in comparision to humans. One person occupies one house and they keep distance from eachother. Homing pigeons carry the messages between the people. In the background you hear chimes and voices saying “hello”. The scene is installed in a dark forest, you wade mostly through knee deep water if you don’t use the paths that are made of stones. The houses are on hills at a clearing.

Impressions of “Social Distancing by Cica Ghost and Bryn Oh” – meeting the Corona Monster, the red canoe, the houses and the gatcha

And of course there are Corona viruses, the Corona Monsters. They are big and don’t look really nice, no wonder that the humans stay at home! Nonetheless the scene is not scary though. On the water you also find a read canoe, made for social distancing. You can purchase the items used for creating “Social Distancing” at a Gatcha for 80 L$, and if you’re lucky you get the canoe.

Anything else? Yes, I saw no Cica cat :-(. And try to sit in one of the two empty houses and become a part of the community.

Impressions of “Social Distancing by Cica Ghost and Bryn Oh” – some more impressions and Diomita as part of the community

I enjoyed my visit and I like how Cica and Bryn have transformed our current situation into Second Life. Thank you both for this piece of art.

Landmark to Social Distancing by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost

Art in Second Life 2020 (10) Another Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost

Yesterday, March 7th, I got an invitation from Cica Chost. She had opened her newest installation named “Another Fairy Tale“. As usual Cica provides a quote along with her installation, something to think about while visiting “Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you can get a story from everything you touch. (Hans Christian Andersen)

Right at the landing you’re asked to use advanced lighting and to set shadows with sun/moon and projectors. The scenery at Another Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost is set at night and Cica plays with lights and projectors to showcase her animals. This time we meet dragons, some snails, some other animals which I’d call horses or unicorns (it’s something inbetween), bugs, dead sharks and other fantasy animals.

Impressions of “Another Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost” (1)

The human visitor is once again just a dwarf. Even the flowers are huge. The landscape is hilly but sometimes what seems to be a hill is just the tail or the back of another huge dragon or animal. As always it is fun to have a detailed look at Cica’s animals with their big eyes that seemingly watch you.

Impressions of “Another Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost” (2)

Opposed to the landing point you find 3 dead sharks that stick in the ground. Their opened mouth is the entrance to kind of a living room for snails. And plants and flowers are growing from the sharks gills. Bugs fly around everywhere, I didn’t count them, and they are also really big. You can “sit” on them and will find yourself hanging at one to their legs and accompany them flying around.

Impressions of “Another Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost” (3)

By th use of projectors some animals are in the spotlight sometimes and that makes them look even more interesting, for example one dragon – or is it the monster of Loch Ness (?), comes up from the depths of the sea and looks around.

Close to the landing point is the biggest dragon, you can walk up it’s tail and back almost up to it’s head and you get a nice view from there. Under it’s tail, that is used as bridge, is another smaller dragon in the sea.

Impressions of “Another Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost” (4)

I had fun exploring Another Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost and looking at Cica’s animals. And you can let your mind wander and think of a fantasy or fairy tale that would fit into this scene. Although the animals are huge, they are not scary. They seem to be peacefully enjoying their lives and to look very interested at these little human visitors.

Overall, Cica’s animals made me smile again. Thank you for another great fantasy world, Cica!

Landmark to Another Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost

Dio’s 12th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2019 – Part II

Yesterday, I had my 12th anniversary of joining Second Life.
It has become a tradition for me to write a longer blog post on the occasion of my rezzdays, to have a look back on the last year and to realize the changes in my Second Life as well as the things that didn’t change. Yesterday, I published Part I of my anniversary entry and talked about my closer family and the changes in my family. Today’s part II is about the simploring tours I made in my 12th year.

12 years in Second Life – part II: My simploring tours

Let me start with my simploring tours about art in Second Life. I admire the creativity of artists in this virtual world, I visited galleries like Lyric Art Gallery, La Masion D’Aneli, 20][21 gallery, Rey’s Gallery, Shui Mo Gallery, Milly Sharple’s Fractal galleries, Daphne.Arts and Deva Westland’s Galerie Des Beaux-Arts. I visited and wrote about 7 installations of Cica Ghost, who continues to conjure a smile in my face with every of her funny whimsical creations. I saw fewer art installations since the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) is on hold. But some private initiatives luckily provide space or the artists themselves dedicate their own space. Just recently I saw an exhibition of Mistero Hifeng’s art at Valium Creek Art Park. I saw “The Mind Melter” by Thoth Jantzen at VeGeTaL PLaNeT, I saw “Lalawood” by Theda Tammas, Yoon (onyxxe), Iono Allen and JadeYu Fhang at La Maison d’Aneli as well as “Binary Radiation” by Nino Vichan. I saw Twilights Doors by Bo Zano (Bozanonl Resident), “The Outer Garden” by bisou Dexler, “Inferno” by Noke Yuitza, “Avaloir” by Eupalinos Ugajin, Undertones by Oluja (artistik Oluja) and “Delicatessen – Tell Me a Story” by Meilo Minotaur.

Shui Mo Gallery (upper left) / Aneli Abeyante’s art at La Maison d’Aneli (upper right) / Delicatessen – Tell Me a Story (lower left) / INFERNO by Noke Yuitza (lower right)

Since January 2020 the blog has a new category for blogposts about art in Second Life, I won’t categorize old entries though.

I found many cosy and lovely sims where people built their own dreamworld, peaceful and picturesque. You don’t need many prims or a large place for it, Nevgilde Gaard or Black Mire – around hi-cafe are examples for that. Most of these dreamworlds were homesteads: Florence Bay, Authors Point, Secondlife National Park, Maderia Springs, Blaylock Island, Scarlett Isle, Carolina, Broken, Alternate Reality, Fleur Nederland [Dutch], La Digue, Northern Shore – Skärgården, Soul of Dreams … just to name a few. In these sims I spent relaxing hours and enjoyed the views and the peace.

Northern Shore – Skärgården (upper left) / Scarlett Isle (upper right) / Secondlife National Park (lower left) / Black Mire – around hi-cafe (lower right)

Some were really particular. I want to mention Last Dove, a sim like a movie. It’s setting is based on Lonesome Dove, a 1985 Western novel by American writer Larry McMurtry. Last Dove is still open if you haven’t seen it yet. I also liked Kun-Tei-Ner, a sim that provided a scary view into mankind’s future, a place with no land, a city that grew up on a huge mountain of containers filled with broken technological stuff. And just recently I visited the SS Galaxy, the largest cruiseship in Second Life – impressive, in particular when you consider it’s history.

Last Dove (upper and lower left) / Kun-Tei-Ner (upper right) / SS Galaxy (lower right)

Then there were the sims that have a real background, where a place in the physical world was build in Second Life. This way I got a picture, an idea of the real places and my visits gave reason to do a little bit of research. Venice in Italy was one of these impressing places and I spent some time exploring it.
I had never heard about Ukivok before and now I have the feeling that I’ve been there already. I had heard of Huntington Beach before but wasn’t aware of it’s oil industry history. I also had heard and read of North Brother Island, yet I haven’t been there in real life (yet). Now I somehow feel like I’ve been there. I learned a lot about Chesapeake Bay, a place I’ve been to twice in reality already being not aware of it’s history.

Ukivok (upper left) / North Brother Island (upper right) / Chesapeake Bay (lower left) / Huntington Beach (lower right)

I also discovered many places related to my kinky side, to BDSM. That’s another dream you can live in Second Life and I do. Unfortunately some of these places don’t stay long like the Elevate Femdom Lounge, Windhaven or Meadow Rose. Also some adult places, that we liked to visit every once in a while, are gone now like The Apostasy or Angel of Pain’s BDSM island (Remark: Angel of Pain has a successor sim)

Gone: The Apostasy (upper left) / Angel of Pain’s BDSM Island (upper right) / Dungeon at Windhaven (lower left) / Meadow Rose (lower right)

Just recently I discovered Caged Elegance, a club with many member, lots of events and all sort of kinks. I enjoyed my visit to Catena et Cavea, an adult sim that is also really picturesque. Amrum is another place I not only went to for simploring but also for a session with Mistress Jenny when I had a green light. I like in particular the BDSM vacation home there.
We visited The Obliviation Hole RLV Prison of Starbright Wingtips who gave us a full tour. The prison and what is going on there is a regular subject when we chat during our Friday night parties.

Caged Elegance (upper left) / Catena et Cavea (upper right) / Amrum BDSM vacation home (lower left) / The Obliviation Hole RLV Prison (lower right)

Thank you all for building, for creating and for sharing your dreams (kinky or not kinky) with the rest of the community. And please apologize if I did not mention all of my tours, it were simply too many. I did really enjoy all of my simploring tours!

End of part II, tomorrow’s part III will be about the other highlights of my 12th year.

Art in Second Life 2020 (7) Burlap by Cica Ghost

Today, Sunday February 9th, I got a message from Cica Ghost that she had opened her newest installation “Burlap by Cica Ghost“. There’s no thought or wisdom she gives us before visiting, this time it is a simple description about what to expect: “Burlap dolls and things….”

As expected the installation is about burlap, everything is made of burlap, the groud, the paths, the roads, the cica-ish houses, the flowers and the cica-ish inhabitants.

Burlap by Cica Ghost – overview

You find all kind of inhabitants: Rabbits, Lions, Cats, Bears, Ducks, Fishes … and they’re all tall again, very tall. As a visitor you’re like a dwarf or a small child visiting a peaceful happy world. And also things are huge compared to yourself, there’s a big old record player (look at the label of the record!) and a huge  cooking pot and some big plants and flowers. The houses though are a bit too small for the inhabitants.

Burlap by Cica Ghost – Jumping bag and “Lion and Cat Shop”

You can purchase almost all (maybe even all) burlap dolls. At each group you find a small shop “Lion and Cat Shop”, “Bears Shop”, “Rabbits Shop”… and behind the burlap curtain are the vendors.

Burlap by Cica Ghost – exploring driving the Cica-mobil

But there’s more to do and to have fun in the world of burlap. I took a free burlap jumping bag and explored “Burlap by Cica Ghost” jumping around. I also took a “Cica-mobil”, made of burlap as you can already guess, and explore driving around.

Burlap by Cica Ghost – the record Player and some of the seating poses

And there’re many spots to sit or to dance. Just hoover with your mouse over the object and sit when your get the according symbol.
Being childish and curios can be great fun, no – is great fun. And it made me smile. Just the right thing to do in Second Life to wind down. Thank you Cica!

Landmark to Burlap by Cica Ghost

Simploring 2019 (124) Donkeys by Cica Ghost

Yesterday I got an invitation from Cica to visit her newest installation “Donkeys by Cica Ghost“, that opnend December 12th. I went there today.

Cica’s invitation (Upper left) / Diomita riding a donkey (lower left) / Diomita taking a break watching the seagulls (upper right) / Bird eye view on Donkeys by Cica Ghost (lower right)

Cica’s Donkeys are presented once again by Sim Quarterly, a sim and initiative of Electric Monday:
Art and the virtual world, Second Life© are very similar — you are able to both find yourself and immerse yourself (and maybe even lose yourself) in something totally unlike what you already know. The experiences you gain help you grow and form new opinions about the world. That is what I hope this sim can provide over time. I am very excited to bring to you a quarterly art project by way of The Sim Quarterly.
The project features one creator every 3 months (every quarter) as an artist in residence. The purpose of the sim is so that residents can experience something new and even create a community.
Learn more about Sim Quarterly at their website.

Impressions of “Donkeys by Cica Ghost” (1)

As I expected already I had a lot of fun visiting Cica’s donkeys. They look “Cica-ish”, are of course very tall, and are happy. Their i-a, i-a, ia can be heard all over the place. Many “Cica-ish” houses are all around the island, which is quite full of flowers and trees, mainly coconut trees. That is a little bit unusual for Cica but fits very well.

Impressions of “Donkeys by Cica Ghost” (2) snails and cats

Quite close to the landing you find a house with a donkey store inside. And yes, you can buy these happy animals – 10 different donkeys. But there are more animals at Donkeys by Cica Ghost. I saw many seagulls, I saw butterflies, snails and… yes, cats!

Impressions of “Donkeys by Cica Ghost” (3) – lower right shows the donkey store

There is no deeper sense – at least not for me. Donkeys by Cica Ghost is just for having fun, for being childish and enjoy. There’re comparably many opportunities to sit, for example in the houses, and to watch the animals. I recommend to hoover with your muse over the objects … at one gateway you can stand and dance. Cica also place a litte tv in one house “Don’t touch” – and of course it means “touch!”, funny! You can also sit in a boat and watch the scenery from there.

Impressions of “Donkeys by Cica Ghost” (4)

In short: Donkeys by Cica Ghost are fun – a different fun these days before Christmas. I enjoyed my visit and it comnjured a smile in my face!
Thank you Cica for another great installation and thank you Electric Monday for your initiave and for hosting “Donkeys by Cica Ghost“.

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