Art in Second Life 2022 (1) Funday by Cica Ghost

Sunday, January 2nd, I got an invitation from Cica Chost to see her newest installation, the first of 2022. It is called “Funday“.

And so my 2nd day in 2022 (see all the two’s *winks*) became my first Funday. The thought Cica gave to us with her installation fits very well: “Happy Sunday Funday :)”
As I usually do, I zoomed out first and choose Midday as enviroment to get an overview. The landing is right in the middle of the sim. You can easily spot Cica’s shop for this installation, 2 ponds and a group of higher Cica-ish buildings, which I called Highrise-buildings. After this zoom out I used the shared environment settings again (as recommended).

Funday by Cica Ghost – overview and orientation map

Funday is just to have fun – and I had fun. There are a lot of buildings, walls and places at Funday, you can easily lose the orientation. The main animals at Funday are cows, chicken and sheep. You find them as 3D animals as well as in paintings on the walls. And there are a lot of paintings on the walls, all in the typical Cica style. The cows, chicken and sheep are available for purchase in Cica’s shop at Funday.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (1)

There is so much to discover, I certainly didn’t see all and for sure did not try out everything. You should hoover with your mouse over objects, many contain animations, so that you can dance or sit for example. There are also places where you can just dance. Look out for the signs “Dance”.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (2)

The paintings are mostly simply funny. For example the chicken that is jealous of the another chicken which holds a balloon. Or the two monsters that fight to be touched by you. If you touch them you get a link to Cica’s store on the marketplace where you can buy the little monsters that are from a previous isntallation of Cica Ghost. Also the frogs, which take a bath in one of the two ponds, are from a previous installation of Cica. Hence you can meet old acquaintances at Funday.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (3)

You can walk up ladders to get into the highrise-buildings and use bridges up there to get from one room to the other. Also here are opportunities to sit or to dance. You have a nice view from up there and may find more walls with paintings. I looked out for Cica’s cat, that is in almost all of her installations and I thought I had found it in a painting at one wall, at least the ears and the tail of a cat. I also found a bar to have a drink. Did I mention that there are cows and sheeps and chicken at almost every corner?

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (4)

It was quite busy when I visited and I could watch people having fun and I shared the fun and balanced on a rope with another visitor. As I said – try out everyhting, you will have fun! Of course I also visited the Loch Ness monster that peeks out it’s head at the second pond. Finally, shortly before I had to leave I found the cat and I sat down next to it with a big smile in my face.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (5)

Seeing the world with the eyes of children, having fun, dancing with fellow friends or even just with other visitors and forgetting problems for a short while is what you do on a happy Sunday Funday. Thank you Cica for the fun I had at Funday. It was a pleasure to visit and to write about it! And I still have a smile in my face.
As always, I don’t know how long Funday is available, that depends on the feedback and number of visitors and Cica’s mood and plans – hence go there soon and enjoy!

Landmark to Funday by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A
Cica Ghost on the marketplace

Art in Second Life 2021 (90) Waiting by Cica Ghost

Sunday, September 19th, I got an invitation from Cica to see her newest installation named “Waiting“. I was surprised getting it, as I just had visited her installation “Sandcastles” (read here), which is already gone now.

Right upon landing, it felt different from what I saw before from Cica. First of all you get big and highly visible recommendations to use shared environment, advanced lighting and shadows from sun, moon and projectors. Cica even provided a picture how it should look like at the landing to make sure, that you use the right settings. The environment settings are very important as they are part of the installation “Waiting“.

Waiting by Cica Ghost is not what I expected to see, and I didn’t leave the installation with a smile in my face like I usually do when I see something of Cica. No Cica-ish animals with big eyes, no Cica store and no hidden cat.
The ground is brown and desiccated – and the sky looks like desiccated ground as well. Acutally after a while you don’t know where is up and where is down. The trees have no leaves, the are just dead and do they root in the sky or in the ground?

Impressions of “Waiting” by Cica Ghost (1)

What you see first when entering the installation are a few buildings. These look a bit “Cica-ish”. I went there and found the first buildings empty. On a high plateau many, really many people cower together as if they seek nearness all being scared of something. It is a very dark and intimidating scenery.
A few people are not cowering on the high plateau but walking around in search of something. In one building cowers another person. Has there just been a catastrophy?

Impressions of “Waiting” by Cica Ghost (2)

Time waits for no one” is the message Cica Ghost provides with “Waiting“. And to be honest, I don’t know what Cica wants to express. As with every art installation, it is what the spectator feels, the visitors have to interpret the art for themselves. My first thought was that the people on the high plateau fled from a flood and that is why the cower on the high plateau – the result of climate change? But then all is desiccated, another result of climate change? Desiccated because of the higher temepratures? Some people try to explore what is left, they try to accomodate, others hide alone in a corner, but most just wait and let happen what will happen.
Well, that is one (that is my) interpretation. But depending on the visitor’s mood, on the personal situation one might get to a totally different interpretation.

Impressions of “Waiting” by Cica Ghost (3)

What else? Two rope nooses but they are not hanging there to commit suicide, instead you can sit there and watch. You can also dance … there are some nails sticking in the desiccated groud, clicking them animates your avatar. By the way, the music Cica has provided is not easy listening.

Time waits for no one – who knows how long “Waiting” by Cica Ghost will be available for a visit? It’s really worth a visit. What is your interpretation?

Addendum: after this post was published Cica Ghost sent me a message and told me what I missed. First of all there is a cat! And Cica had added it just for me – so sorry, Cica *winks*. Secondly there is at least one animal hidden in the dead trees, animals that can bear the aridity. Thank you, Cica.

Landmark to Waiting by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A
Cica Ghost on the marketplace

Art in Second Life 2021 (81) Sandcastles by Cica Ghost

On Tuesday, August 31st, Cica opened her latest installation “Sandcastles“. I went there right away and I left with a smile in my face once again! Thank you, Cica.

Cica’s quote for her installation can be found in the landmark’s description “Like a sandcastle, all is temporary. Build it, tend it, enjoy it. And when the time comes, let it go.” (Jack Kornfield)

That quote fits perfectly to Cica, as her installations are temporory and when she’s in the mood for it, she builds something new. What is left are memories of a happy time.

As usual it is recommended that you use the share environment, switch shadows on, sun/moon and projectors and that you use advance lighting. Cica also asks to play media to hear the sounds. That didn#t work for me though but Cica shared a youtube with me so that I could hear wich music she had selected: “Hawaiian music – sould of Hawaii – steel guitar, instrumental” The music really fits!

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost (1)

The landing is on a seperate island form where you begin your exploration. Of course it is all about sancastles. There are quite some sandcastles on the large sim. I didn’t count them .. five major castles and quite some smaller ones? Well it doesn’t matter.

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost (2) – overiew with and without sared environment / dancing at one sandcaslte court.

The inhabitants at “Sandcastles” are starfish, crabs, seanails, shells and one whale. No surprise they are all big, way bigger than humans and they are in “Cica”-style with large eyes looking at you. You shall and you will feel small, returning to see the world with the curiosity of children.

You find many places to dance at “Sandcastles“. To animate your avatar just click a shall nearby. When I visited quite some people were dancing together with Cica at the court closest to the landing point.

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost (3)

Exploring “Sandcastles” is fun and you get some real nice views. The dark blue sky with the many stars adds to the happy mood. You can climb up the towers for an overview, or you can sit down at other places just to relax and enjoy (just hoover with your mouse over what might look like a place to sit).

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost (4)

Last but not least you can buy a memory at Cica’s store, that is in one of the sandcastles – add a whale, a starfish, a crab or a seasnail to your place at home and keep the happy time in mind.

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost (5) – the store

I enjoyed my visit as I always do. Just one thing is missing, there’s no cat again *pouts*. I had fun and left in a very happy mood. Thank you, Cica!

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost (6)

Landmark to Sandcastles by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A
Cica Ghost on the marketplace

Art in Second Life (74) Lollipop by Cica Ghost

Sunday, August 8th, I got a message from Cica Ghost – she just had opened her next installation named “Lollipop“. This time the motto she provides to the visitor is: “Happiness is enjoying the little things in your life.

I personally think that this motto fits almost perfectly to all of Cica’s installations: Having fun exploring her world of giant animals, her journey back into childhood, when everything was big, not intimidating, just a world to explore and discover. And it makes you happy – well at least me!

Aus usual you should use shared environment and set advance lighting on as well as shadows from sun+moon and projectors. The fun begins right next to the landing spot where I met Cica. In front of you is a large court with 5 funny mice. One of them holds up a sign “Dance”. Hence you can start dancing to get into the right mood.
I myself was curious about all the ladders that lead up to steep rocks with houses (in Cica-style of course) or with opportunities to sit and watch or to dance. I walked up a few of the ladders close to the landing spot and enjoyed the view and had already fun – looking into the big eyes of a snake that sat on the top of one of the houses.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (1)

Also quite close to the landing spot is a strange kind of machine – the lollipop machine. In front of it are a few gear wheels, and in the rear is a tube from which lollipops drop on the ground. At the base of the machine is a board where you can get a free lollipop to wear for your visit (or later of course). You can change the colour of the lollipop.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (2)

This time there’s no hidden cat…. as opposed to the cat is big and showcased strikingly on a large table also close to the landing spot. Actually it is not a cat, it is a catfish. I walked up the ladder to the table, and sat at the catfish’s head, looking directly into it’s eyes. The table has another hidden feature. You can change it’s colour and I did that. Walking aroud at Lollipop by Cica Ghost you can find more objects where you can adjust the colour. This way the visitors can actively change the installation.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (3)

What else? There is a little town that is occupied by a 3 headed snake (or 3 snakes?) watching you as you explore it’s home and the many houses.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (4)

And to no surprise there’re also a vehicles again, kind of a helicopter, a “Cica-copter”. I think 3 or 4 of them are circling over the island. If you hoover your mouse over them you can sit inside and enjoy the view from above, yet you can’t steer it yourself, just sit and relax and enjoy – and smile.
I saw a family of dinosaurs as well as a big frog sitting on one of the steep rocks. I tried sitting on quite some of the many spots. And I had a look at Cica’s shop at Lollipop by Cica Ghost. It offers the different mice and the frog.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (5)

Lollipop by Cica Ghost is an installation to escape from the serious everyday life. It’s your little time out to see the world with the eye of a kid again and to explore an unknown world. In addition it inspires you to try out the different spots to sit or dance, to take the “Cica-copter” tour, to climb the ladders and to enjoy your lollipop. And as always Cica succeeded to conjure a smile into my face. Thank you very much, Cica.

Landmark to Lollipop by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A

Art in Second Life 2021 (65) Summer day by Cica Ghost

Once again Cica opened a new installation. It’s called Summer day. As always Cica provided a thought along with her installation in the landmark description: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory

Summer day by Cica Ghost is a bit different from what I saw so far from her. The main animals are white horses. In total there’re 10 different horses spread over the sim. The selected windlight is a bit hzay, in a blueish green, yet it still provides warmth, as it should be on a Summer day. The ground is mainly covered with grass, high gras and flowers. but there’re also green meadows and quite some trees. Not far from the landing point is a larger pond.

Impressions of “Summer day” by Cica Ghost (1) – around the landing point

A man is fishing in the pond and a swan is circling quietly around. At the landing point are several boards, one contains a notecard with a bit more information about Cica, one brings you to Cica’s store, another to her store on the marketplace, one is a tipjar and one brings you to the horse store where you can purchase all of the 10 different horses used in the installion.

This time the store is not integrated into the installation but on a seperate platform in the sky. I met Cica at the landing point and we had a short chat.

Impressions of “Summer day” by Cica Ghost (2) – the house on the hill / Cica’s cat

The horses are huge, nothing that surprised me. In Cica’s worlds adults are small, they watch the world through the eyes of children. What is striking about the horses is that they are not cica-ish, they are tall yes, but the proportions fit and they don’t have big eyes or big mouthes. They are just beautiful animals. And that is what I meant when I wrote, that Summer day by Cica Ghost is a bit different from her other installations.

Impressions of “Summer day” by Cica Ghost (3)

Up on a hill is a house and a girl sits in front of it with a goose on her lap. She seems to enjoy the Summer day. Close by is a white stork watching the world from a rock. And when you walk down the stairs, that lead to the house you may find a bench to sit down and one of Cica’s cats. Cica told me that she added a cat as I was missing a cat in some of her recent installations and I complained at her as it is kind of a trademark of Cica. Well at Summer day there’s a cat again. Thank you, Cica!

What else? You should look close at the trees around the pond. On one of the trees you may find a box dangling from a branch. Click on it to get a gift. It’s a balloon and you can use it for exploring Summer day from above.

Impressions of “Summer day” by Cica Ghost (4) – the balloon gift (upper right), the horse shop (lower left)

Summer day by Cica Ghost is an installation where you can enjoy the moment, enjoy the views, enjoy the beauty of the majestic white horses and relax as time flows by slowly, but inexorable. Enjoy viewing the world with the eyes of a kid, curious and always positive. This way, Cica presents us with a smile again and we leave Summer day happily and with a positive mindset.

Landmark to Summer day by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A

Art in Second Life (51) Circus by Cica Ghost

Cica Ghost’s newest installation named “Circus” opened June 8th. As always Cica provided a thought along with her installation in the landmark’s description: “If all else fails join the circus…”
Circus is a very playful installation in the typical Cica style. Humans are small in her world. You see the world from a kid’s perspective. Huge Clowns, huge giraffes, huge carousels, huge tents, huge circus wagons.

Circus by Cica Ghost – poster / overview / at the landing point

“Circus” by Cica Ghost is colourful yet the selected environment is a bit foggy, making it kind of a long forgotten memory or a dream. But the basic intention of Circus is having fun. The big smilies are actually trampolines that make you bounce up into the air – and you could get up quite high!

Impressions of Circus by Cica Ghost (1)

There are many places to sit inside of tents and inside inside of the ciruc wagons.
There are places to dance. At one of the courts to dance you find a box with a free oversized hat and oversized shoes – it’s fun to dance in them! Cica was around while I visited and we danced. Pure fun.

Impressions of Circus by Cica Ghost (2)

You can also sit on the large wheel and watch the world turning .. or dance on the duck carousel. You can purchase all of the animals, clowns and other gear at Cica’s store in one of the tents. Circus by Cica Ghost is just fun. Become a child again, see the facinating world of circus and enjoy yourself…. and very soon we all can visit a circus in RL again – hopefully.

Impressions of Circus by Cica Ghost (3)

I began to search Cica’s cat. Cica almost always hides on of her famous cats somewhere – but not at this installation. No surprise that mice feel safe at the circus – and they are really small! Can you find them?

Cica Chost’s mice at the circus

Thank you Cica for the smile you gave me! I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Circus by Cica Ghost
Cica’s flickr

Art in Second Life 2021 (22) Stars by Cica Ghost

On March 4th, Cica opened her newest installation named “Stars“. I went there spontaneously at the opening day and besides Cica herself I met Inara Pey and Maddy Gynoid. I think we have all covered Cica Ghost’s installations in our blogs over the last year. Inara and Maddy have both already published their reports about “Stars by Cica Ghost” (see here and here). I added the links to their posts under this post. Maddy wrote that it is Cica’s 70th installation, yet it is her 55th installation as she told me herself. Nonetheless, an almost incredible number of installation, proving Cica’s almost endless creativity. Congratulations Cica! I must have missed out quite some, in particular the earlier installations.

It is important that you use the shared environment to see “Stars by Cica Ghost” the way Cica has it planned. I use the Firestorm viewer and the setting is on the top menu under “World” -> “Environment”. With this setting you will see a dark, brown sky covered with yellow stars. Hence the quote that Cica provides with her installation “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars“.

Stars by Cica Ghost – Overview / at the landing

I zoomed out and made a bird’s eye view first to see the structure. The landing is quite in the center of the sim. “Stars” is difficult to categorize. It is a town with 6 main courts, all of them are connected by a road. The whole sim is held in brown colours, the air is dusty. The houses are build in Cica’s style, some of them are accessible. It is a steampunk like setting. You see lots of gear-wheels and other metal objects and of course humans are comparably small as usual in Cica’s worlds.

Stars by Cica Ghost – Impressions (1)

All beings are made of metal, yet you can still identify them easily as Cica’s creations. You find snakes, snails, birds, seahorses, fish and other beings. And there is a lot to do at Stars. You can enter the houses and sit down in the huge chairs, you can hop on a large car that takes you on a tour around “Stars“, you can sit on a swingboat, you can visit a room full with keys and gear wheels.

Stars by Cica Ghost – Impressions (2)

You can watch a band play or watch a puppet theatre. You can dance on several courts, you can watch Cica’s robots which move on one wheel, or you simply listen to the music which is fitting to the setting steampunk and from the early 20th century.

Stars by Cica Ghost – Impressions (3)

Don’t miss to look on the roofs as there are more Cica beings like the one in the poster. You can easily spent a lot of time exploring “Stars” and you will for sure discover even more than I did as I had only about one hour for my visit.
What I missed was a cat, be it a steampunk metal cat or one of Cica’s cats. It looks to me that Cica has forgotten to rezz one. What I also missed was Cica’s matchstick man riding a bicycle, but it is there, I just didn’t see it (it is in Inara’s and Maddy’s posts though)

Stars by Cica Ghost – Impressions (4)

Cica’s shop, where you can buy the robots, is a bit aside and can be reached by walking over a bridge.
Stars by Cica Ghost is another excellent fantasy world that made me smile like all of Cica’s installations. It is like a short trip into another peaceful world, I simply enjoyed it. Thank you, Cica.

Landmark to Stars by Cica Ghost
Cica’s flickr
Maddy Gynoid’s post “Simtipp: “Stars” von Cica Ghost”
Inara Pey’s post “Cica’s Stars in Second Life”

Art in Second Life (9) Planet by Cica Ghost

On Tuesday, January 26th, I got a message from Cica Ghost. She had just opened her newest installation “Planet“- I went there the next day and as always I enjoyed my visit to Cica’s installations

Planet is a strange and weired world of itself. Planet has pink, violet and blue ground textures, the sky has also a touch of violet. Flying saucers, UFO’s, fly above in the sky. Cica’s tip jar is also a UFO. I zoomed out for an overview. You can see another planet (the earth?) on the horizont. What I noticed first were the bizarre structures with holes, some looking like trunks, others like skulls.

Impressions of Planet by Cica Ghost (1) – Bird yes view, Cica’s TipJar

Looking around I noticed that some holes are filled with eyes that look around on what is going on, some of the structures move a bit, they can’t move a lot though as they are connected with the ground. There are objects with one, two and three eyes. Quite close to the landing is a colourful structure, kind of a large worm with one eye and 3 objects with 2 eyes, which reminded me a bit of polyps. On the ground are several fields with flower like objects. I first thought it were mushrooms, but now I think they look at bit like jellyfishes. From these fields and from nowhere particles rise and vanish, The particles look like little ufos, others like matchstickmen and others like viruses. So much to discover!

Impressions of Planet by Cica Ghost (2) – Eyes are watching you

The thought Cica provides with Planet is: “What if I’m a princess on another planet? And no one on this planet knows it?” (Candace Bushnell)
The princess lives in her own little world on Planet. In the center is a glass dome with a large rolling shutter gate. Inside lives the princess with her cow, the laundry is drying on a washing line, many flowers and gras provide an earth like environment. Also inside is the princess’ house, decorated with pictures of other Cica-creatures.

Impressions of Planet by Cica Ghost (3) – Princess’ glass dome

You can use some of the flying saucers to fly yourself. Just hoover with your mouse over them and if you can sit … et voila. The UFO flies you around and you can watch out trying to differentiate between rock and living creature – and enjoy. There’s also a rocket, mabye the rocket the princess onced arrived with. You can sit in the capsule and look out.

Impressions of Planet by Cica Ghost (4) – Flying with the UFO, the rocket and other creatures

What else? There’s a free space ship that Cica gifts to us. I tried it, it is funny to fly around with it. And you might wonder, where is the cat? It is in the glass dome, not that hard to find this time. *winks*

Impressions of Planet by Cica Ghost (5) – The Space ship gift, the cat and a few more impressions

Planet by Cica Ghost is as all of her installations first and foremost fun. Her funny creatures and her fine irony always make me smile. Although there are quite some strong pictures that refer to all of our lifes at the moment. The glass dome with it’s little perfect world inside, safe and sound. The virus like creatures waiting ouside, the big monster virus with one central eye which shows up at the coast, the particles that look like viruses, the immobility of Cica’s creatures, the empty holes, where once might have been eyes ….
Well you might (and should) have another and happier message – just smile looking at Cica’s creatures and creations.

P.S.: I saw other blog entries about Planet by Cica Ghost and noticed that for some reason I had not the environment setting that Cica had intended for her installation (I thought I had set it to region default but I had not). Her sky looks like in the poster, the first picture in this entry. Anyway, my pictures are even more particular now *winks*

Thank you Cica for another great installation.
Have fun! As always, we don’t know how long Planet by Cica Ghost might stay open.

Landmark to Planet by Cica Ghost

Art in Second Life 2020 (71) Bridge by Cica Ghost

Thursday night, November 5th, I got an invitation from Cica Ghost to visit her newest installation “Bridge“. I went there Friday, November 6th.

It takes both sides to build a bridge” is the thought that Cica gives us on our way visiting. This time Cica’s installation has a clear message, that is also expressed in this thought. You can easily see this message when you stand on the landing point and zoom out.

Impressions of “Bridge by Cica Ghost” (1)

You see two Cica-ish villages. Both are built on high plateaus with steep slopes. These two villages look alike on a first view and in particlar looking at them from farer away. The villages are connected by a bridge. In the valley between the two villages lives a huge dragon who looks down at the two village. Beside the two village and the dragon there’s a languet with a single tree.

I went exploring the first village and form some elements that made me smile as they are so “Cica-ish”, the girl with the cat drawn at one wall, or the car drawn on another wall. Flowers and flowerbeds decorate the courts, there’re opportunities to sit and watch.

Impressions of “Bridge by Cica Ghost” (2)

I went over the bridge and visited the other village, that looked alike in the first view. But the houses have more and bigger windows. There are 3 cars, Cica mobiles, that you can either use on the installation or purchase for your own plot. I tried driving one but it is very difficult in the narrow roads. You find some of Cica’s cats strolling around the village, hence I didn’t have to search “the one” cat. For me it seems as if the inhabitants of the second village a slightly more wealthy and live a little bit different.

Impressions of “Bridge by Cica Ghost” (3)

Both hills, both villages, have an access to the valley. Form the first village there’s one not that steep way down, from the second village there’s a stair leading down. I went down to the valley and found not only the dragon down there (or more it’s feet). There’re also two sheeps, a black and a white one – another strong symbol. Far outside on the languet with a single tree you can sit on a swing and overlook the scene. But sitting there outside you’re quite alone and if the dragon would be dangerous ….. no way to get to the villages.

Impressions of “Bridge by Cica Ghost” (4)

It takes both sides to build a bridge“, a bridge to connect people. Particular in this day and age where not only in the US the division of the society progresses more and more, it needs a bridge to reconnect people and to overcome the division.

I enjoyed my visit to Bridges by Cica Ghost and despite the serious message of this installation I had fun seeing the world with kids eyes and looking at the “Cica-ish” objects, houses, flowers, graffiti and animals. Thank you Cica!

Landmark to Bridges by Cica Ghost

Diary 2020 (144) October 12th – 14th A Yellow Light

I met with Mistress on Monday, October 12th, in the afternoon. Mistress was at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club where I joined her and Ann. We both had an offline message from slave Flo who had sent a sign of life. She is going through hard times in her RL. slave Flo told us that she won’t be in a kinky mood, when coming inworld. Of course we will respect that.
Mistress and I caught up with our other mutual news, we chatted and had fun watching other people at the club. Mistress and I are both wearing corsets and Mistress holds the keys for my corset and I hold the keys for her corset. The corsets have a training mode. To tie them tighter it is necessary to wear them for a certain time before. Mistress’ goal is to get the training done before we unlock them. In addition we were still wearing our elegance collars with the keys out – hoping to find some trouble. Is that really a red light for me? Sure, Mistress is supervising all and in control but she is always in control anyway. As I hold her corset keys and as we both try to find some trouble this red light is a mix of a green and a red light. What do you get when you mix green and red – a yellow light. Hence the title of this diary entry: “A Yellow Light” *winks*

October 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with Ann

We stayed about an hour and then returned home to tend to our RL.

We met with Angelique and Flo at night and chatted at home, then Angelique had to go off. We played two rounds of greedy with Flo, then went to Mesmerize Dungeon and watched the almost silent crowd. Well a bit was actually going on but not much. Flo left quite early and Mistress Jenny and I moved on to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club for a bit. Of course none took our keys and of course we didn’t get into any trouble. As Mistress had an early start the next day, we went home quite early.

October 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesemrize Dingeoun with Flo and at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club

Tuesday, October 13th, Mistress was prevented from coming inworld during the day. I used some free time in the afternoon to visit another exhibtion and to write in the blog.
Our night – “under a yellow light” was once gain quiet and relaxed. slave Flo was inworld. She still has a lot of worries in RL and just seeked a bit distraction. We had a game of skipee with her (she won it :-)). That took a while but the game was close in the end and hence it was entertaining. We went to BDSM Lifstyle Swingers Club with Flo and watched the people coming and going for a while until it was time for Flo to retreat.

October 13th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with slave Flo and a NPC (static non-player character) and at Puerto Esclava

Mistress and I went to Puerto Esclava for a quarter of an hour, then Mistress had to go to bed due to an early start the next day again.

Wednesday, October 14th, Mistress and I were both prevented from coming inworld during the day. When we came online at night slave Flo was present and cleaning the house. I had an invitation from Cica Ghost, who had opened her newest installation “Halloween by Cica Ghost“. As slave Flo is still not in a kinky mood, why not visit there together. So we all went seeing Cica’s installation. And it was fun as always! Read more about itin this blog here.
When we returned home, slave Melissa and Ann were present and we first chatted about the new chastity belt Ann was wearing. It’s from DHB and looks quite real, snug and cruel. We discussed about the maker of it in RL and Mistress and I noticed that Flo was extremely intrigued by it … christmas is not that far away anymore *winks.
We went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with the slaves next. When slave Flo had to leave for bed we moved on to Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Melissa where Argi joined us. Being with Argi is always quite entertaining and soon it was time to call it a night for us.

October 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with slave Flo, slave Melissa and Ann / at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with the slaves and at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Melissa and Argi

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