Simploring 2018 (51) Sunny Day by Cica Ghost

Today, Saturday June 9th, I got an invitation from Cica Ghost to visit “Sunny Day“, her newest installation. I followed the invitation right ahead. The landing point is on a small rock that is connected by a bridge with the main island. The first view on “Sunny Day” is already lovely, you see several suns shining from a bright blue sky, moving flowers and the typical Cica-houses. “Sunny Day” is like from another world, it has something of a childlike phantasy world, a toy world, peaceful and beautiful.

Overlooking “Sunny Day by Cica Ghost”

Between you and “Sunny Day” is the bridge which is guarded by two monster fishes with intimidating teeth. But no worries, they don’t bite. On the island you can discover a lot of nice details. The ground is made of wooden plankes. The houses, the flowers, the tree and the persons can easily be recognized as Cica’s work. A road leads around the village in a circle and there’s one car driving. You can hop on the car and make a circle tour around the island.

Impressions of “Sunny Day by Cica Ghost” (1)

At one side of “Sunny Day” there’s the fence that Cica used for her installation “50 cats” (read here) and in one corner you find the “Catshop” with all to of them.

Impressions of “Sunny Day by Cica Ghost” (1)

I also found places to sit, there’re two tables with chairs. In the first moment you wouldn’t think that you can sit on them, but you can! The 12 people of the poster are spread around “Sunny Day” and they all look happy. I had fun exploring and discovering this little oasis, not searching for a deeper sense, but just enjoying the happiness that radiates from this installation.

Impressions of “Sunny Day by Cica Ghost” (3)

Thank you Cica for another great work that made me smile! And those who’re going to visit – enjoy!

Landmark to Sunny Day by Cica Ghost

Simploring 2018 (41) Cicamobiles

I came across a little exhibtion of Cica Ghost’s litte cars following Inara Pey’s blog where she published “Cica at Paris Metro in Second Life” on May 1st. And since I discovered Cica Ghost’s art in Second Life I try not to miss any of her installations or exhibtions.
There are some elements in Cica’s art installations that are unique and you recognize her objects and creations immediately. There are these fantastic, mostly oversized, animals with a human expressions in their faces, often looking content and happy or expressing strong feelings. And there are her two-dimensional stick figures, which are often animated. In Cica’s latest installations she offered little cars to drive around which were adapted to the theme. At Paris METRO Art Gallery these cars are exhibited and I called them “Cicamobiles”.

“Cicamobiles” at Paris METRO Art Gallery: Catomoblie with animated picture “Night traveler” in the background (upper right) / MouseCar and BirdCar with animated pictures “She” and “He” in the background, on the left is the animated “cyclist on the wall” (upper right) / UmbrellaCar (lower left) / FlowerCar (lower right)

It’s not a big exhibition but it is nice to see all the cicamobiles together at one place and seeing them remembered me of my visits to Cica’s installations. In total there are 4 drivable cars (Catomobile, MouseCar, BirdCar, FlowerCar) and 3 non-drivable cars (UmbrellaCar, CrocoCar, Cica’s Bus) exhibited at Paris METRO Art Gallery.
At the entrance, just next to the Catomobile you see Cica’s animated picture “Night traveler” and on the other side appears “cyclist on the wall”, one of her famous stick figures. At the wall behind the MouseCar and the BirdCar are two more animated stick figures riding bicycles named “She” and “He”.

“Cicamobiles” at Paris METRO Art Gallery: Cica’s Bus (upper left) / CorcoCar (upper right) / Cicamoblies overview (lower left) / animated pictures “She” and “He” closeup (lower right)

A really small but nice exhibtion which made me look forward seeing Cica’s next work, hopefully soon.
Thank you, Cica!
Thank you rfb morpock, who founded the Paris METRO Art Gallery and thank you, Shiloh Emmons, Director of the Gallery.

Landmark to Paris METRO Art Gallery
Inara Pey’s blog post “Cica at Paris Metro in Second Life

Simploring 2018 (29) – Bees and Bears by Cica Ghost

Cica Ghosts work became a regular part of my SL experience. Just recently in 2018 I visited her Bird People, the 50 cats  and her exhibition “from Under the Sea“. And now I got an invitation from Cica Ghost to see her “Bees and Bears“.

Bees and Bears by Cica Ghost

I visited “Bees and Bears” on Thursday, March 22nd. Cica selected a funny description for it “What do you call a bears without ears? – B’s“. Bees and Bears is installed on island with the typical Cica touch. The ground is first of all meagre but there are fields of white, large flowers, some trees, a few paths made of stones, some meadows and you can even find a spot with mushrooms. And of course there are bees, many of them and they’re quite large and most of them wear a smile in their face while they busy collect farina or transport baskets with honey.

First impressions of “Bees and Bears” around the landing spot (lower right shows Cica and me)

Besides the fields of flowers you’ll find 4 outstanding spots and scenes:
– the bee fairy who stands on one hill and is surrounded by bees
– the village where the bee live in their hives. Have a look into the hives, some are empty, some only inhabited by one bee, others are used by several bees to sleep in and some ore used a honey storage.
– the two bears, also surrounded by bees and flowers, one bear pulls a little cart with a pot of honey
– Cica’s hut with a small garden

Bees and Bears by Cica Ghost – the 4 highlights

It all looks very peaceful. It is a world of it’s own, like a fairy tale. Happy bees, happy bears, the bee fairy, growing flowers, green meadows, the little garden and some trees transformed the meagre island into a happy spot for an escape of everyday life.

Bees and Bears by Cica Ghost – the village of beehives

For the fun, Cica also provides a bee car which you can use to cruise over the island. And every visitor can grab a free flower and either hold it during the visit or take it home and plant it (I did both!).
At the landing spot you can also get a notecard with the list of Cica’s former installations in Second Life as well as a landmark to her inworld shop. I met Cica during my visit and we had a small chat. She told me that she always has just one installation open for a limited time, then she closes it and works on the next.

Bees and Bears by Cica Ghost – Cica’s hut and Cica’s bee car

Bees and Bears has not such a serious background as the Bird People. The only message I can think of is the current debate about mass death of bees due to environmental factors and pesticides – here at Bees and Bears, they have a their own little world and can demonstrate their important contribution to life. Nonetheles, Bees and Bears is more providing a smile and transfers some of the bees and bears happiness to the visitor, at least I left with a smile in my face.

Go and visit yourself as long as it is open to the public.
Thank you Cica!

Bees and Bears by Cica Ghost

Cica Ghost’s flickr:

Cica’s Shop in SL:

Simploring 2018 (15) from Under the Sea by Cica Ghost

A couple of days ago, Cica Ghost contacted me and told me that she opened an exhibition in the lalalala Gallery Thistle. It is about her old fish and called “from Under the Sea”

“from Under the Sea” by Cica Ghost at lalalala Gallery Thistle

I went on a short simploring tour Friday, February 9th, to see it. When you arrive at the lalalala Gallery, you’ll find just one exhibtion room. There’s just a teaser, a poster for the exhibtion and a teleporter to the gallery itself, which is located in a skybox.

“from Under the Sea” by Cica Ghost at lalalala Gallery Thistle – some inhabitants from under the sea

As I didn’t know Cica’s “old” fish yet, this exhibition was new to me. The inhabitants from under the sea are alive but not under water. Each of them is unique and I enjoyed to see them. Some look really evil and – not surprising for me considering what I saw so far from Cica’s art – they seem to look at you. But overall it is a peaceful atmosphere.
You can buy the fish at the gallery for small money and take them home if you have a proper environment for them. I’m pretty sure that I will see some of them on my further simploring tours, now that I know how they look like.

Impressions of “from Under the Sea” by Cica Ghost at lalalala Gallery Thistle

The lalalala Gallery Thistle is owned and provided by lala Lightfoot. Thank you lala for providing your space for the art. And thank you Cica for another piece of art. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to lalalala Gallery Thistle landmark to me.

Simploring 2018 (14) 50 cats by Cica Ghost

Cica sent me a notecard with a poster and a landmark of her newest installation “50 cats“. The name reveals exactly what you will see when you visit 50 cats.

50 cats by Cica Ghost – an overview

Cica’s cats live on a meagre rocky and almost round island. In the middle of the island is a plateau which is surrounded by a village consisting just of many similar houses. The village looks dead and not inhabited. There’s just one path, that leads from the landing point at one corner of the island to the green hill with the plateau in the center. No other paths, no shops, no trees, almost no vegetation.
The plateau itself is different. It is a large and mostly paved place, with some flowerbeds in the corners and even 2 trees. At 2 sides the place is fenced with varicoloured wooden boards. And there they are: exactly 50 cats.

Impressions of “50 cats by Cica Ghost”

The cats are tall but they don’t look scary at all. They seem to look sceptical at all visitors. None of them is smiling, most aren’t even cute in a classical sense. But every cat is different. A few of them lay on their back, a few sit, on cat is trying to catch butterflies. And thay all are looking at the visitors.
There are not only the 50 cats to see. You’ll find also some rabbits who live peacefully beside the cats. One of the fences is decorated with mice – how funny as the cats can’t eat them and have to look at them all the time, the other fence is decorated with one of Cica’s stick figures, a girl that holds a balloon.

As Inara, who posted about 50 cats on February 7th, I can’t find any fitting interpretation for me. 50 cats is a sim in Cica’s typical design that gives home for her cats. Not much is destracting the visitor, so the focus is studying the cats, comparing them, thinking about their intentions and moods. You can buy the every cat and they are not expensive.

I bought one instead of leaving at tip. This cat, I’ll call her Cica, sits now on the porch of our house at home (I reduced her size).

More impressions of “50 cats by Cica Ghost” – the lower right Picture Shows me with our new cat “Cica” at home

50 cats is another interesting installation of Cica Ghost. I like that Cica always creates something different, always something outstanding. Thank you, Cica! I enjoyed my visit very much.

Landmark to 50 cats by Cica Ghost
Inara Pey’s blogpost “50 cats in Second Life”

Simploring 2018 (12) Neverfar

For my simploring tour February 1st, I selected Neverfar from the Destination guide. The name rang a bell, and yes, I read about Neverfar in Inara’s blog a couple of day’s before “Neverfar in Second Life“.
Neverfar was created and is owned by inertia (caridee.sparta), who is also offering her building skills to do design sims for customers. Hence Neverfar is also kind of a showcase. inertia says about it: “The Neverfar Project specializes in bringing my signature shabby vintage style to your space with amazing landscapes and sceneries. My our meticulous attention to detail and only the best in Second Life decor and landscaping items, i’ll bring your dream to life from a single room to a full sim uniquely designed by me.

Impressions of Neverfar (1)

Neverfar consists of 3 islands. The main island is public and there’s a lot to discover. The little village, obviously we’re somewhere in Asia, offers a lot of little details to discover. The rest of the main island is also inhabited and fun to explore. There’re many cosy places which offer nice views – a pardise for photographers. Time seems to stand still a bit in Neverfar and the “shabby vintage style” adds a particular charm. When you’re in the little village you will most probably meet a flying robot, which is harmless but a reminder that time didn’t stand still *winks*. I wonder what’s the robots’ assignment? Anyway it is funny!

Impressions of Neverfar (2) – note the fying robot and and Cica’s animated stick figure

On the other public island you climb up the lighthouse for a spectacluar view or visit the residentail home there. You’ll need to swim or fly to get there. The third island is private and you should respect that.
Inara mentioned Cica Ghost’s animated stick figures. And I saw them, at least a pair of them on bicycles. What a nice surprise 🙂

Impressions of Neverfar (3)

I enjoyed my short visit to Neverfar. Thank you inertia for sharing it with the public! And I like the expression “shabby vintage style”, as it describes pretty well the overal setting of Neverfar.

Landmark to Neverfar
Inara Pey’s blog post “Neverfar in Second Life”

Simploring 2018 (5) Bird People by Cica Ghost

To be able to fly (in the physical world) is an old dream of mankind and if we could fly we were free as birds, maybe we would be bird people. On Saturday, January 6th, I visited “Bird people by Cica Ghost“. Upon landing you’re asked to use region windlight and to switch the advanced lighting model and shadows (sun/moon + projector) on.

January 6th: Stepping into the world of “Bird People by Cica Ghost”

Where you land? In a bird cage of course. No worries, it is open and from here you can explore Cica’s Bird people. It is another very impressive art installation from Cica. Cica’s Bird People live in a dark and foggy world of metal bird cages, which are connected or accessed by stairs. Besides the cages, most of them are open, there’re large metal fences and frames, stell beams and some decorative ironwork. The ground is tiled with some islands of plants inbetween, the plants being in shadows of grey as the whole world of the Bird People.

Bird People by Cica Ghost in their cages

This time Cica gives away the central message of her piece of art “We are all living in cages with the door wide open (George Lucas)“. And yes, “Bird People by Cica Ghost” is full of metaphers. They are free yet they seek the protection of there cages, but they also seek to gather. Some of them have left their cages and gathered, maybe to talk or just to be close together. But they can always return to the security of their cages. Some do live alone in a cage, some as a family of two or three. Their world is dark and foggy and quite complex, structures are hard to reveal.

Bird People by Cica Ghost seeking togetherness

Some of the Bird people just observe the scenery from an elevated point, a higher cage, but they live in their cage like the others. Another thought came into my mind, Bird people could fly (they are birds!) yet they don’t. They could take advantage of their abilities, but they don’t. We learned to fly in the physical world, we can get over most barriers and frontiers but we don’t, we’re caught in our little world of cages, which offers security. And hence the world stays grey.

Diomita meets Cica literally in her installation “Bird People”

I met Cica in one of the cages a little bit apart of the main structure and with a good view on it. She was there with a friend or acquaintance and they were talking about the Bird People. And of course we exchanged as well about them. Cica Ghost’s art installations are always worth a visit and the Bird People is no exemption. I admire her creativity and art. You should get a look at the “Bird People by Cica Ghost“.
Thank you Cica. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to Bird People by Cica Ghost

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