Diary 2017 (115) July 16th/17th – The guest list

Sunday night, July 16th, was quiet. I went to Domme a Domme to watch the silent crowd and for reading profiles. Soon after my arrival I got an IM from Summer Robertson (summerlong) “There’s the woman with the nice blog i always like to read. How is your day?”. I Like getting feedback for this blog and of course I felt flattered and I began to chat with Summer. We talked about her likes, experiences and plans. Summer was polite and open and soon she knelt at my feet obediently. She sees herself more as a dominant but having not much experience on either side of the leash and we agreed that she may get some experience at our leash. Oh, and she hoped to appear in this blog some day – that wish is fulfilled now *winks*. Later at night she met Jenny as well. She told us, that she’s more active on weekends – so will see how and if something develops.

What else to report from Sunday night? Yes, slave L was eager to be tied up and literally throwed herself at my feet at Domme a Domme. As I had no ther plans, I did her the favour and took her to our “Stonehaven” wall, where slave Flo and I teased her for a while. Just some entertainment for slave Flo and me.

Monday, July 17th, was quiet too, but different. Mistress Jenny is back and we started our night talking about our “guest list” that consists of Jade (jadaide), Irene (adlerirene), Rubbertoy (Bianca Lamplugh) and the above mentioned Summer Robertson (summerlong). We didn’t see slave Jade for quite a while now and so far our timetables did not fit. With regard to Irene and Summer, we have just started and have to wait if there’s a fit.
And Rubbertoy? She became reluctant, doesn’t talk and tries to test her limits, obviously she wants to try it the hard way – well ok.
Rubbertoy was present Monday night. We went to her cell and I took her out, removed the gag – no single word. Ok, gag back on. We took her with us to Domme a Domme where we met Baroness and watched what was going on. It was full and reading profiles and observing was fun.

Then we took Rubbertoy to club DeLust and had her dancing on the table while Mistress Jenny and I enjoyed togetherness after a week where we both missed eachother due to our RL obligations. That was very relaxing. Time flew by. we brought Rubbertoy back to her cell – and surprise surprise, she said something. Not much, but enough ot give evidence that she was not absent that night.
Anything else? Oh yes, Mistress Jenny replaced my partnering collar with the thicker jewelery collar. Back to everyday life in Second Life (if there’s something like that).

Diary 2017 (105) June 28th / 29th – slave pet & slave Jade and a relaxed night

We had a very relaxed night Wednesday, June 28th. We spend most of it together with slave pet and slave Flo in “the Keep”, where slave pet has her place to sleep. This night, she had some trouble with seeting up further gear that will make her even more looking like our slave pet (or puppy), she got a muzzle. So we were busy to get it sort. slave pet will be off for 2 weeks and unfortunately will miss her first collaring anniversary on July 2nd. But we will make up for that and then I will also have some pictures of our slave pet, puppy Christa.
Slave Maddie was present as well and we took her out of the terrace cell and went to Mesmerize Dungeon … where we lost her in lag. Also something that happens in Second Life sometimes.

Thursday, June 29th, Mistress Jenny and I met in the afternoon. As slave Jade was present, we went down to her cell and took her out of it for the first time since we caught her more than a week ago on June 21st. We brought her to Bondage & Storage Project (BSP) and I fixed her on the triple spanking machine. Prepared like that we began to tease her and to talk with her. and within a few minutes we had 2 random subs watching us. Mistress Jenny leashed and cuffed one ot them. This random sub had more luck than slave Jade – Mistress Jenny released her shortly after.

slave Jade seems already quite arrived in her new life. She accepted her fate as unevitable and does quite atentive listen and follow her rules. She must have realized what Mistress Jenny told her – it can always be worse. After our visit to BSP we leashed her at home at the Stonehaven wall.

Thursday night started off with another visit of “No Frontiers” (see yesterday’s post here). I visited it again this time together with Mistress Jenny. I just wanted to show her this art installation and we did the whole flight. Then we went to The Secret House and chatted a bit with BC (baroness capelo) and entertained the slent crowd *winks*.

Next stop was Mesmerize Dungeon, then Psi’s realm, where Mistress Jenny leashed a random stray sub and pulled her locks just a but tighter and the last place for that night was once again Club DeLust. On our way home we stopped by at our studio and I made a new profile picture for Mistress Jenny with the LUMIPro HUD. Kitty came by and was allowed to watch me working. She had a new “accident and was transformed to a Bimbo ….talking like a Bimbo .. so hot, she was so hot. Kitty Maurer: “Kitty was at Lillith’s *giggles* new like *giggles* sim… like Hathor’s Homeworld. Sorry for being so like *giggles* much trouble”

So that was another relaxing night. It looks like we have relaxed and full nights alternating now. That’s it for this diary post.

Mistress Jenny Maurer

St. Partick’s Day Party

Just a quick post inbetween. We celebrated St. Patrick’s day at our regular party at home, We already prepared in the afternoon and vhanged slave Flo’s outfit into something green…

March 17th at TSH: Mistress Jenny, slave Flo and Diomita preparing for the St. Patrcik’s day party

And then we had our party – and everyone was dressed for the day. Even the bunny that Starry brought with her was dressed up for the day. YAY! That’s it for this quick post 🙂

Diary (5) Jan 6th – Friday night

Friday night, January 6th, was the first Friday night party of 2017. As the slaves are in their colourful latex outfits I agreed with Virgo to have all colours of the rainbow as the theme for our party. And hence we also brought some colour to our dance night, something to warm us in these cold winter days. We had lots of fun! In particular slave maid cecy attracted lots of attention as she worked herself up into getting teased. Mistress Jenny and I had to leave quite early, just after midnight. Generous as we are we allowed slave cecy to flood the dance floor after we left. Of course this is meant only literally, the latex catsuits are quite proof and slave cecy will be a bit wet inside now (and stinky). Here are some expression from our first party in 2017. We’re happy to welcome new guest, so don’t hesitate to join .. every Friday 9 PM GMT.20170106-friday-night-partyLater also our Kitty in her white catsuit with the green corset and her pussy muzzle hood showed up and added some more colour….

Jan 6th - Friday night Party: pussy Kitty on the left side

Jan 6th – Friday night Party: pussy Kitty on the left side, then Diomita, slave maid cecy, slave puppy Adarra, Mistress Jenny, Baroness Capelo

Halloween 2016

On Friday, Ocotber 28th, our regular Friday night party was our Halloween party again. I reported already that Mistress had decorated our dance area for Halloween already. The slaves on vacation were released from their restriction in order that they can join the party –  and they might put back into tight restriction afterwards. When I prepared for the party, Angelique came by and showed me her dress for Halloween, really lovely! So I asked her where she got it and found something similar for myself. This way aunt and niece were wearing kind of a family dress for the party :-).

Ocotber 28th: Diomita and Angelique Maurer, ready for the Halloween party

Ocotber 28th: Diomita and Angelique Maurer, ready for the Halloween party

Unfortunately Mistress Jenny herself could only stay for 90 minutes and I had also some RL interruptions and absencies. But nonetheless we had a great Halloween party and did enjoy the decoration, the great Music (thank you, Virgo!), the zombies and ghosts and that everybody was in disguise. It is a big fun every year.

October 28th - dressed up for the Halloween party at Eurobrats HQ

October 28th – dressed up for the Halloween party at Eurobrats HQ

I took some more pictures … you can see that we all danced around our zombie Mistress Jenny (she the one in the middle of the dancefloor) 🙂

Ocotber 28th: Halloween party (1)

Ocotber 28th: Halloween party (1)

Ocotber 28th: Halloween party (2)

Ocotber 28th: Halloween party (2)

Happy Halloween everybody!

Jenny and Diomita married for 8 years

Dio and Jenny at the altar during the ceremony in 2008

Dio and Jenny at the ceremony in 2008

Monday, October 24th, marks the 8th (!) anniversary of our wedding. I think I mention every time how time flew and still flies by. When you hear about relations in Second Life, most people say that they don’t last that long, that a year in SL equals 10 years in Real Life. One important reason might be that obligations and consequences in SL aren’t comparable with those in RL. Jenny and I have experienced a lot together in Second Life and we spend quite a big part of our free time together, hence SL is a part of our RL. Jenny often said from the beginning of our time together that it is a journey, that we get new impressions and experiences – and that we change with time, not to the worse, but we change and develop and so did we.

Jenny developed from my slave to my Ehesklavin (German for a slave married to her owner) to my partner, to the dominant woman at my side. She began to take care of my submissive side and encased me into a cocoon of love. I was a bit scared to admit my submission to her and to loose control, but Jenny took away my fear with her love, patience and persistence. And I let go control more and more.

October 23rd, 2016: The different 8th wedding anniversary

October 23rd, 2016: The different 8th wedding anniversary

For everyone outside of our family we are (and we stay!) a domme couple, enjoying the time online in our world, with our slaves and exploring our kinks (and their’s) and (at least me) the creativity and beauty of Second Life. But between Jenny and me we developed a new balance – and it is not the first time that I write about this new balance.
Our wedding anniversaries were something particular for us every year. In one way or the other we looked back, we renewed our wedding vows and we looked forward. For this year I proposed something different to celebrate it accordingly. While I married my slave in 2008, this year Mistress Jenny should marry her sub Diomita.
October 23rd, 2016: The different 8th wedding anniversary (2)

October 23rd, 2016: The different 8th wedding anniversary (2)

I wrote a vow for my submission to Mistress Jenny on the occasion of my 3rd collaring anniversary. And on Sunday, October 23rd, the night before our anniversary, I repeated it in front of our family and friends. Mistress Jenny wrote a new vow and said that one in front of the family and friends for me. Hence we renewed and confirmed our partnership, just that the roles changed. Times have changed.

October 23rd, 2016: The different 8th wedding anniversary (3)

October 23rd, 2016: The different 8th wedding anniversary (3

My vow ….
I am proud to be owned by you, Mistress Jenny, my wife
I will obey and I will serve you, Mistress
I will accept your decisions, Mistress
I will accept your punishment, you know what is good for me, Mistress
I will accept your control and guidance, Mistress
I will be grateful for time you allow me to be equal to you as my partner and wife, Mistress.
I promise to be prepared for your submission to me, to make the most of it for you and for me and to value this particular gift, Mistress
But most of all I promise to be your perfect wife and lover, Mistress because you own me
I submit to you, Mistress Jenny

October 23rd, 2016: The different 8th wedding anniversary (4)

October 23rd, 2016: The different 8th wedding anniversary (4)

Mistress vow ….
My Dearest Diomita
The day you accepted to wear my collar made me very happy and proud.
I promise I will treasure the key to your collar,
That I will protect you when you are at my side,
I won’t punish you except for the times when you give me no other option.
I will control you and guide you further in your submission to me, yet allow you occasions to express your domme side
I give you my submissive side as you give me yours although there will be more of yours.
I promise to cherish being the owner you deserve and to value the gift of your submission.
But most of all I promise to be your perfect wife, partner, lover and Mistress
Thanks to all who attended our short ceremony, Thank you family and friends,
Happy wedding anniversary, Jenny… ehm.. Mistress Jenny. I love you!

Diary (51) Friday night Party with slaves

Last night was our regular Friday night party. Mistress Jenny had work. I had a relaxed night while three of our slaves spent the night kneeling at my silde. We enjoyed the Virgo’s music and a bit chatting and the banter going on.

May 13th: Friday night party with the slaves (1)

May 13th: Friday night party with the slaves (1)

May 13th: Friday night party with the slaves (2)

May 13th: Friday night party with the slaves (2)

You may guess who is who 🙂


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