Diary 2019 (190) December 5th/6th The end of a red light?

Thursday, December 5th, Mistress Jenny was inworld comparably early in the afternoon. She was adding to her wardrobe when I came online and I could watch her for a while. After she had finished she asked me to wear something black and domme and took me to club Domme a Domme. We caught up with our mutal news and then Mistress unlocked my Ehesklavin collar and replaced it with my sub collar.
Mistress used to end red lights with changing the collar. Things have changed with this red light, that started over 3 weeks ago. The changing of the collar didn’t really end the red light. There are no red lights anymore. Mistress said she will be just a bit less strict with me and that she indicates it with the change of the collar. She also suspended some of the rules for me temporarily and thus gave me a break. Thank you, Mistress.

20191205 Diary_001
December 5th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Heavy Bondage Club with Ann, the robot (upper middle picture shows me wearing my sub collar again)

We went to Heavy Bondage Club and talked about the last 3 weeks and how things have changed for me and for Mistress Jenny. Ann came by. She’s a robot right now and enjoys it a lot.

Thursday night was relaxed for Mistress and me. We went to The Red Room with Angelique, slave Flo and slave Gwendi and had slave Gwendi fixed in a pillory all night. slave Flo danced for us. Ann and two friends of her came by accidentially and later, just before we went off to bed slave slut cecy came inworld and Mistress summoned her to The Red Room as well. The Red Room had changed totally compared to my last visit but is still worth a visit!

December 5th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Gwendi, slave Flo, slave slut cecy and Ann at The Red Room

Friday, December 6th, I went on a simploring tour in the afternon. At night I was inworld early and met with slave Gwendi. I took the opportunity and made her spoil me with her tongue even if I had to free her head from the wire head cage. slave Gwendi was blindfolded and could focus on her “work”.

December 6th: Diomita and slave Gwendi at home

And Friday night we had our party of course. Starry had proposed the theme for that night: “Wear some latex or a harness, or even both and come dance with us.” We had fun starting into the weekend. Mistress, Angelique, slave Flo and slave Gwendi and I, we all had our little santas dancing with us 🙂

December 6th – Friday night party: Angelique, Diomita, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo, slave Gwendi, Angelique, Baroness Capelo (upper rowu) / Starbright Wingtips, Sara (SaraRandall), Della Randt, Jammy Serendipity (navanaxsacratus), Virgo Babii, Alaunirra A’Daragon (ams684), Della Randt (lower row)

I titeled this diary entry with “The end of a red light?” I could have also titeled “The end of red lights”. Both titles would not fit. In fact there’s a steady red light now, Mistress just tightens and relaxes it at her discretion – besides of green lights.


Diary 2019 (180) November 14th/15th – Colourful slaves

I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon on Thursday, November 14th. We went to Heavy Bondage Club and watched the silent crowd while we caught up with our mutual news and talked and chit chatted. Ann came by and stood behind us for a while. We enjoyed our time together that went by far too quickly.

At night Mistress wasn’t inworld due to her RL. When I returned in the evening slave Gwendi and slave Flo were present. slave Flo was playing greedy and slave Gwendi and I joined her. slave Flo was still unhappy with the pink of her isolation suit. We had a sidebet playing greedy 3 days before – if one of the slaves win, she could decide the colour of the suits. slave Christin won this game and wanted to decide the very next day but obviously her RL prevented her from joining us since that night.

November 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club with Ann behind us / Diomita at home and at Mesemrize Dungeon with slave Gwendi and slave Flo / slave Gwendi’s restricted view on Diomita

I took the slaves to the house and I sat down having in mind teasing the slaves a bit more but this time my RL kicked in and we had an unplanned break. Upon my return I decided to change at least slave Flo’s isolation suit and I selected a darker white but i kept the hood, her mittens and her boots in pink and I replaced the faceshield with a tranparent mask. Then I took the slaves to Mesmerize Dungeon. I continued playing with the isolation suit of both slaves, removed the mask from slave Flo’s face and coloured her hood, mittens and boots in a grey tone. I changed slave Gwendi’s suit into another white,  and coloured her hood, mittens and boots in red. Oh, and I played with slave Gwendi’s vision restriction.

In the meanwhile slave cyberslut cecy had come inworld and waited at Psi’s realm for us. I assume she was already desperate as she had to wait for 20 minutes and was restricted to IM with me. I had set the isolation suits of the slaves preventing IM except with the one holding the key – and Mistress Jenny still had cyberslut’s key. Accordingly our cyberslut was melting to use her words. Our move to Psi’s realm caused a crash with a roll back for slave Gwendi, hence my settings of her suit were lost and she was coloured pink again. I changed her suit to a grey called slate which looks more like a green and kept her hood, mittens and boots in red.

November 14th: Diomita at Psi’S realm with slave Gwendi, slave Flo and slave cyberslut cecy (and Ann)

The isolation suits have a little hole for relief and slave Gwendi had an accident while we were at Psi’s. Ann came by shortly and teased our cyberslut a bit – as did I. I was a bit mean and didn’t take slave cyberslut cecy’s key and kept her in pink/red. Most probably that excited her even more, in particular as we left her at Psi’s realm when it was slave Flo’s and our all bedtime. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Friday, November 15th, started just like Thursday. I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon and we caught up with our news at club Domme a Domme this time. We moved on to Heavy Bondage Club as it was comparably empty at Domme a Domme and we met Ann at Heavy Bondage Club again. She asked Mistress Jenny about her Picasso face and confused as I was I asked Ann “What Picasso face?” Ann showed us how she saw Mistress and me before we rezzed – and yes, it could have been a Picasso, how funny!

This afternoon ended different from the one the day before. I could sense that Mistress was planning to put me into a red light again soon and I asked her about it. She confirmed but left open when. I was eager to please and serve her and when we went home I stripped and knelt for her. Mistress then told me that she had in mind to place my Ehesklavin collar around my neck the next day or even after the weekend …. but as I asked so nicely *sighs* ..click… I’m back at Mistress’ feet. But it was what I longed for, wasn’t it?

November 15th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Heavy Bondage Club with Ann / “Picasso faces” / Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at home

Friday night Mistress was absent again due to RL. Nonetheless we had our Friday night party as every Friday and it was fun as every Friday. Virgo set a theme that was quite open for everything “Put on a catsuit or just some jeans and come dance with us now” and hence everyone came more or less as they are. And some had no choice anyway *winks*

November 15th – Friday night party: Claire (maddh4tt3r), Firefly (rmf361sim), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, papafox57, Jade (enigmawrappednightmare), Belle Panacek (Beltedone Shan), Ann (Transann) (upper row) / Sarah Fhang, vero Hartmann, slave Flo, slave Gwendi, Angelique, Diomita, Baroness Capelo, Virgo Babii (lower row)


Backflash November 2019 – News from flo – Chapter 15: Becoming a drone (November 14th, 2014)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers this series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.

For November 2019, I scrolled 5 years back to November 2014 and found several posts suitable for the Backflash series. As I couldn’t decide which one to pick I publish 2 Backflash post for November. The first one is a post that was written by slave Flo. slave Flo describes her expierences as a drone in it. What a fit, what a coincidende as we had the slaves Gwendi, Christin, cecy and Flo in isolation suits again just this month!

News from flo
Chapter 15: Becoming a drone

Some days ago, Tyra told us of a free drone suit that she and Virgo tried out and she was excited about it. And as we know about our slave Flo’s kinks it was obvious that we decided to put her in this drone suit (we can provide information and the landmark if you’re interested). Slave Flo (or better: L.A. Drone 171) is a drone now for some days already and provided this next chapter for you to read and enjoy. As always, i only revised typos and added the pictures. Here’s slave Flo’s chapter 15:

Woahhhhh….. that wasn’t expected ……
Lately my Mistresses offered me a trip for shopping. If they do… they are purchasing …. They don’t much window shopping. So we arrived a very special store. Not much items just one big sign – get your free suit. Mistress Jenny was short in ordering – “get this slave” – wear!!!
As Flo know – this tune doesn’t promise playful mood – she did was she had been told ……. and seconds later she has been sealed inside a very special latex suit. It was comfortable to wear, only the fingers couldn’t be spread anymore due the very compressing mittens. I had become a “Drone”!!! I appeared in a shiny latex suit, and Mistress Jenny told me that this is sealed with a special glue that very rarely come off. As soon I had read the note delivered with the suit I knew why. The wearer is fully dependent on public. Anyone can play with drones – they just have to follow what is decided.
One thing made me shivering – the charger – an oral charger that charges the drones energy by a big moving thing … entering her mouth. A very humiliating position that drone can’t impede. The feeling inside was wonderful – like be saved from outside of the world. I was overwhelmed and thanked my owners for that very special change. Drones view of her Situation:
Drones are friendly and helpful. They don’t know about time, duration and numbers. They don’t fight against her fate.
Drones are depending her charge level, able to see or at low level become a blurred vision up to blind.
Drone has useful openings on her suit. Drones meet at the Drone station to get charged if the oral charger isn’t of use due public.
Drones take her fate with much excitement and can’t negate they are most time sexually aroused.
Drones can be switched off – as a pleasurable game for her owners.

L.A. Drone 171 slave Flo

Since sealed and transformed Flo is the happiest one aside her Mistresses. She don’t feel the punishment – raising her restriction level as what it is. She know that its the only purpose for her to make her Mistresses happy. To be her vulnerable toy or pet. At the last Friday night dance party was the Drone the center of attraction for her Mistresses friends. The sometimes close impertinent up to naughty comments of the drone resulted in raising her restriction level to 9, which resultet in being tightly gagged and deaf – just be at the mercy of her so loved Mistresses. Miss Capello, you know the red haired, and Miss Claven, both enjoyed for once to play with the drones restrictions while Flo herself was in seventh heaven, knowing her owners chooses this transformation for her.
It’s only one way out of this suit…. to reach the level 0 – and that would be really hard as anyone in this world can at any time prevent that. Drone 171 is meanwhile a happy pet watching and see her Mistresses eyes in bright shine while they think about to choose higher or lower level. Drone 171 is grateful to her loved Mistresses to be chosen to walk into this adventure.
Thank you my wonderful Mistresses

Thank you, slave Flo for this report.

Dio and Jenny with L.A. Drone 171 slave Flo

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Diary 2019 (170) October 31st – Halloween in Second Life

On Thursday, October 31st, Halloween I met with Mistress in the afternoon. Halloween is a particular fun in Second Life. Many places are decorated for it, many people wear weired costumes and there’re parties. Mistress Jenny and I first caught up with our mutual news, then we dressed for the day. Mistress wore her bloody Halloween dress and I got into a witch costume. We went to club Domme a domme and spent some time there. BC came by and Luci joined us kneeling at our feet.

October 31, Halloween: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at home and at club Domme a domme with BC and Luci

At night we visited 3 Halloween parties. We started at velvet dreams mainstore. slave Flo and slave Gwendi joined us there. The slaves didn’t change into something Halloween-ish but we saw another shiny and transparent outfit of Gwendi. Ann (TransAnn) joined us there and changed into a Halloween dress with many skulls. And Argi joined us there as well. We hadn’t seen her since August. It was good to see her again and to know that she’s doing well. The party at velvet dreams mainstore ended at 10:30 PM and we moved on to Venustus. There was no real Halloween party going on there but we listened to good music and made it to an Halloween party.

October 31, Halloween: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Argi, Ann, slave Fo and slave Gwendi dancing at velvet dreams mainstore and at Venustus

I had an invite from Aneli Abeyante and Vroum Short for another Halloween party at VeGeTaL PLaNeT starting at 11 PM and we went there next. The decoration of the party area was great and the windlight setting was very fitting. Argi and Ann left us as well as slave Flo soon afterwards but Mistress, slave Gwendi and I continued dancing and chatting there until after midnight.

October 31, Halloween: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Gwendi and slave Flo at VeGeTaL PLaNeT celebrating Halloween

It was a very relaxed and enjoyable Halloween!

October 31, Halloween: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Gwendi at VeGeTaL PLaNeT celebrating Halloween

Diary 2019 (169) October 29th/30th A few days of relative freedom for the slaves (II)

Tuesday, Ocotber 29th, I met with Mistress in the afternoon. After I had reported to her about my day so far, Mistress instructed me exactly what to wear, added wrist cuffs, leashed and took me to a place I had’t been before – Bellaura Manor & Slave Storage. I didn’t see much of it as Mistress led me into one room, locked me in a tiny cage and made herself comfortable on a couch nearby. Then she finally told me about her day. After she had caught up with me, she released me from the cage and we cuddled a bit on the couch.

October 29th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Bellaura Manor & Slave Storage.

We left the place and went on to club Domme a Domme where we watched people and read profiles for a while. I enjoyed kneeling leashed at Mistress’ feet. Finally Mistress took me home and we had a dance at our disco that is still decorated for the season. Then Mistress had to leave into her RL.

October 29th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club Domme a Domme and dancing at home

Mistress Jenny is taking me even further in my submission to her and she already took me beyond the point she experienced herself many years ago as my submissive. Sometimes I still wonder and just adore her.

My night became relaxed. First just slave Flo was present when I returned inworld at night. But slave Christin and slave Gwendi showed up soon after. I first released slave Flo’s restrictions and allowed her to change and while she change I sat down and talked with the other two slaves. slave Flo selected a hot dress and no wig. As the slaves enjoyed their relative freedom I even proposed four alternatives for how to spend the night – but they are not used to make any decisions. Finally I decided. We had one game of greedy, then we went to Mesmerize Dungeon so that the slaves could show their dresses. Once again I had the impression that we were the only ones who dare to talk in mainchat. The slaves did enjoy their freedom and we quite some silly chit chat before it was already time to head home and to bed.

October 29th: Diomita with slave Flo, slave Christin and slave gwendi at home and at Mesemrize Dungeon

Wednesday, October 30th, I had one hour in the afternoon with Mistress Jenny. She took me to Heavy Bondage Club and to club Domme a Domme where we met BC. Mistress and I caught up with our mutual news and talked about the upcoming days. I enjoyed being with Mistress’ leash and before Mistress Jenny had to leave she allowed me getting my fix. Thank you Mistress.

October 30th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita t Heavy Bondage Club and at club Domme a Domme with BC

My night was comparable short as I came inworld late due to RL. slave Gwendi, slave Chrsstin, slave Flo and slave slut cecy were inworld. slave Flo had cleaned the house and slave slut cecy had done the sweeping. We first stayed at home. The slaves begin to make the most of their relative freedom. slave Flo was shopping and presented new ballet boots to me. She also got some head phones. slave Christin has visited some clubs where she hasen’t been for a while. And slave Gwendi had tried on different outfits. When I met her she was disguised as a domme.

October 30th: Diomita with slave Gwendi, slave Christin, slave Flo and slave slut cecy at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon.

We went to Mesmerize Dungeon for about 30 minutes and continued chatting there. slave Christin mentioned that slave Gwendi was wearing a whip before. It almost seemed that slave Christin is missing gettin whipped. Well, we will find out about that. slave Gwendi asked me for permission to stand and to wear the whip again. I took a picture of slave Gwendi standing in front of slave Christin. slave Christin had nothing to fear as I still held slave Gwendi’s leash *grins*. We had fun being a bit silly. And it is quite interesting to watch the slaves while they enjoy some freedom. We learn more about their secret desires and they will feel their restrictions way more intense again afterwards as they can only miss what the had *winks*

Diary 2019 (164) October 20th – smurfette slave slut cecy changed

Sunday, October 20th, I met with Jenny in the afternoon and enjoyed being in control. We went to club Domme a Domme first, where her kneeling at my side caught someone’s attention. Our repeated role reversal still confuses some people, yet we both enjoy it. We went to Heavy Bondage Club afterwards. Jenny and I caught up with our news, we chatted, read profiles and for me it simply felt good having my porperty Jenny kneeling at my feet. Before Jenny had to leave to tend to her RL I teased and licked her at home and got her juices to satisfy my addiction.

October 20th: Mistress Diomita and her property Jenny at club Domme a Domme, at Heavy Bondage Club and at home

After Jenny had left I spent some time idling at Mesmerize Dungeon while I tended to my RL as well. Suzie (suziegirl1999) and Luci (Luci Glendale) decorated me, good slave girls.

Sunday night I had a game of greedy with slave Flo and slave Gwendi while we waited for Jenny to return inworld. She joined us soon later and we played another round. Luci was kneeling at the greedy table and watched and Ann (Transann) came by for a short visit as well.
After we finished playing greedy I took Jenny, slave Flo, slave Gwendi and Luci to the new Bound maids castle (read Diary 2019 (161) Oct 13th – Oct 16th – Bound maids is back). I had in mind showing them the place and thought it could be fun teasing the slaves with maid chores. But we didn’t get any farer than the landing point right at the entrance of the new Bound maids castle. To Jenny’s and my surprise, we found BC Baroness Capelo tied up and leashed at the entrance.
We all had fun teasing BC, who’s name was “Fucktoybaroness”, we speculated what her garbled protests might have meant, “please more”, “I love you”, “slap me harder”, “pump up my gag please”. slave Flo posed next to BC and called the picture “the beauty and the beast”. I called Angelique, and told her that Jenny and I wanted to show a new shiny object to dust to her. Angelique joined us at the entrance of the castle and she was not surprised at all. She had seen BC there before. We had the idea of taking BC with us and intregrating her into our sculpture garden at home. That’s something we shall consider.

October 20th at the entrance of the bound maid castle: Angelique, Jenny, Diomita, slave Gwendi, Luci and slave Flo teasing “Fucktoybaroness” / slave Flo and BC – “the beauty and the beast”

After our fun with “Fucktoybaroness” we went to Mesmerize Dungeon – filling the club. We chatted publically and relaxed. Suzie joined us there and slave slut cecy, our smurfette, had her Sunday appearance. slave slut cecy can’t be with us often due to her RL and due to timezones. Her SL has reduced to one or two hours Sundays for more than a year now. But she’s very loyal and stays in touch. As her connection is weak she also crashes often in addition during her rare times with us. Because of that we had not changed her appearance for a very long time as we wanted to prevent that she crashes while changing her.
Jenny took care of our slut that night. While I tended to Angelique, Suzie, Luci, slave Flo and slave Gwendi, Jenny began to change slave slut cecy. She reduced her restrictions and made her wear less gear to lower the crash risk and she peeled our slut out of her blue/yellow latex catsuit – now slave slut cecy is no long the colour spot when she’s with us.

October 20th at Mesmerize Dungeon: Angelique, Diomita, Luci, slave Gwendi, slave Flo, slave slut cecy and Mistress Jenny / Mistress Jenny and slave slut cecy after changing her

Time flew by quickly again and after midnight I took Jenny to the annex of our skybox, where I made her spoiling me with her tongue. It’s always hard for me to end my green lights and Mistress Jenny had granted that green light even two days longer but I can sense fairly well when the time to end has come. Hence I unlocked the vixen collar around her neck and ended the green light. Thank you for another enjoyable green light, Mistress Jenny.
We ended our Sunday in SL with a dance on the roof top of our skybox

October 20th: Jenny and Diomita at home

Diary 2019 (155) October 3rd/4th Uniforms

Thursday morning I had a tour to Autumn in SL together Kitty (see also Diary 2019 (154) October 3rd – A tour with Kitty to Autumn in SL). It was great being with her again for more than just 5 minutes and I wrote an extra diary entry about this tour.
In the afternoon I made another simploring tour to a sim decorated for Autumn. Hence Thursday was kind of an explore Autumn day for me.
Our night was quite uneventful. Mistress Jenny and I caught up with our mutual news before we met with slave Gwendi and Angelique at home. Mistress was up for a team skipee – and she won it together with slave Gwendi against Angelique and me. slave Flo joined us and watched but went to bed when we had finished. And Angelique went off as well, as it was already late.
Mistress Jenny and I took lsave Gwendie to Mesmerize Dungeon and we chatted a bit while watching what was going on there (not much really that night). Did I mention that slave Gwendi’s hair begins to grow again?

October 3rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Gwendi at Mesmerize Dungeon


Friday afternoon, October 4th, I spent my free time at Heavy Bondage Club. I had some nice chats and when I had to leave to tend to my RL I had Poison and Luci Glendale at my feet. Luci is another friend of slave Gwendi and I took her home to us and leashed her close to slave Gwendi’s cell. This way slave Gwendi had a friend next to her when she came inworld.

October 4th: Diomita with Poison Fishnet and Luci Glendale at Heavy Bondage Club

When I came inworld at night Angelique, slave Gwendi and Luci were at home and I unleashed and unlocked Luci. Starry called me and proposed uniforms as a theme for the Friday night night party. She might have been just lazy as she could come as she was with her prison gang. Mistress JEnny and I wore scifi uniforms, Angelique a school uniform and slave Flo and slave Gwendi could simply stay in their slave uniforms *winks*. We had another great start into our weekend, dancing and chatting and listening to good music.

October 4th – Friday night party: overview, vero Hartmann, Sarah Fhang, Luci Glendale, Baroness Capelo, Claven Albatros (upper row) / Claire (maddh4tt3r), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, SadaRandall (left middle) / Mistress Jenny, slave FLo, Diomita, slave Gwendi, papafox57, Virgo Babii, Angelique Maurer, Jammy (navanaxsacratus), Jade (enigmawrappednightmare)

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