Simploring 2018 (14) 50 cats by Cica Ghost

Cica sent me a notecard with a poster and a landmark of her newest installation “50 cats“. The name reveals exactly what you will see when you visit 50 cats.

50 cats by Cica Ghost – an overview

Cica’s cats live on a meagre rocky and almost round island. In the middle of the island is a plateau which is surrounded by a village consisting just of many similar houses. The village looks dead and not inhabited. There’s just one path, that leads from the landing point at one corner of the island to the green hill with the plateau in the center. No other paths, no shops, no trees, almost no vegetation.
The plateau itself is different. It is a large and mostly paved place, with some flowerbeds in the corners and even 2 trees. At 2 sides the place is fenced with varicoloured wooden boards. And there they are: exactly 50 cats.

Impressions of “50 cats by Cica Ghost”

The cats are tall but they don’t look scary at all. They seem to look sceptical at all visitors. None of them is smiling, most aren’t even cute in a classical sense. But every cat is different. A few of them lay on their back, a few sit, on cat is trying to catch butterflies. And thay all are looking at the visitors.
There are not only the 50 cats to see. You’ll find also some rabbits who live peacefully beside the cats. One of the fences is decorated with mice – how funny as the cats can’t eat them and have to look at them all the time, the other fence is decorated with one of Cica’s stick figures, a girl that holds a balloon.

As Inara, who posted about 50 cats on February 7th, I can’t find any fitting interpretation for me. 50 cats is a sim in Cica’s typical design that gives home for her cats. Not much is destracting the visitor, so the focus is studying the cats, comparing them, thinking about their intentions and moods. You can buy the every cat and they are not expensive.

I bought one instead of leaving at tip. This cat, I’ll call her Cica, sits now on the porch of our house at home (I reduced her size).

More impressions of “50 cats by Cica Ghost” – the lower right Picture Shows me with our new cat “Cica” at home

50 cats is another interesting installation of Cica Ghost. I like that Cica always creates something different, always something outstanding. Thank you, Cica! I enjoyed my visit very much.

Landmark to 50 cats by Cica Ghost
Inara Pey’s blogpost “50 cats in Second Life”

Simploring 2018 (12) Neverfar

For my simploring tour February 1st, I selected Neverfar from the Destination guide. The name rang a bell, and yes, I read about Neverfar in Inara’s blog a couple of day’s before “Neverfar in Second Life“.
Neverfar was created and is owned by inertia (caridee.sparta), who is also offering her building skills to do design sims for customers. Hence Neverfar is also kind of a showcase. inertia says about it: “The Neverfar Project specializes in bringing my signature shabby vintage style to your space with amazing landscapes and sceneries. My our meticulous attention to detail and only the best in Second Life decor and landscaping items, i’ll bring your dream to life from a single room to a full sim uniquely designed by me.

Impressions of Neverfar (1)

Neverfar consists of 3 islands. The main island is public and there’s a lot to discover. The little village, obviously we’re somewhere in Asia, offers a lot of little details to discover. The rest of the main island is also inhabited and fun to explore. There’re many cosy places which offer nice views – a pardise for photographers. Time seems to stand still a bit in Neverfar and the “shabby vintage style” adds a particular charm. When you’re in the little village you will most probably meet a flying robot, which is harmless but a reminder that time didn’t stand still *winks*. I wonder what’s the robots’ assignment? Anyway it is funny!

Impressions of Neverfar (2) – note the fying robot and and Cica’s animated stick figure

On the other public island you climb up the lighthouse for a spectacluar view or visit the residentail home there. You’ll need to swim or fly to get there. The third island is private and you should respect that.
Inara mentioned Cica Ghost’s animated stick figures. And I saw them, at least a pair of them on bicycles. What a nice surprise 🙂

Impressions of Neverfar (3)

I enjoyed my short visit to Neverfar. Thank you inertia for sharing it with the public! And I like the expression “shabby vintage style”, as it describes pretty well the overal setting of Neverfar.

Landmark to Neverfar
Inara Pey’s blog post “Neverfar in Second Life”

Simploring 2018 (11) Flying Coyote River

Following Inara’s blog post “Flying Coyote River in Second Life“, I visited Flying Coyote River on Saturday, January 27th. The full sim is owned and designed by Lila Rose (masha.eilde). In her profile I found this description about Flying Coyote River: “People keep asking me, “what’s it for”? And after thinking about it, all I can say is, “what ever you want it for.” Folks are welcome. Hanging out is welcome. RP is very welcome. Nothing formal or managed or prescriptive. Just don’t mind me if I’m moving things around.

Flying Coyote River – an overview

It is really hard or maybe impossible to find a clear purpose of Flying Coyote River. There seems to be no plan nor a fixed theme. The landing point is it the center of the sim on an island in the middle of the river that devides the sim into two pieces. From here you can start exploring. Scattered all over the sim are houses, huts and places to live. Some are easy to find, some are hidden (like a cave). But all are furnished and look inhabited. You find ruins (also used for living), art, a broken and a working lighthouse, an old train, that is covered with plants, a huge broken doll (you might recognize it, I don’t) or a broken crashed airplane.

Impressions of Flying Coyote River (1): landing point (upper left) / the pool (upper right) / the broken doll (lower left and right)

Impressions of Flying Coyote River (2): an inhabited hut from outside (upper left) / from inside (upper right) / the caroussel (lower left) / inside of the lighthouse (lower right)

Exploring Flying Coyote River is really fun. You walk over suspension bridges, ladders and steep rocks always looking for something new to discover. Although there’re so many living places, you feel like being in a wilderness. Plants have grown over ruins and taken back territory. I took many pictures, that may give you an impression what to expect when you go discovering yourself.

Impressions of Flying Coyote River (3): broken and working lighthouse (upper left) / broken crashed plane (upper right) / train waggon (lower left) / train wreck (lower right)

Flying Coyote River is an adult sim. But I didn’t find much adult stuff. Maybe some of the furniture includes adult animations. Just in the lighthouse I found some Shibari racks, but that’s it. There might be more, left to discover for another visit.

Impressions of Flying Coyote River (4): the tower (upper left and right) / the piano (lower left) / view from the lighthouse (lower right)

Thank you Lila Rose for providing Flying Coyote River to the public. It is really a different place offering so much to explore!

Inara Pey’s blog entry “Flying Coyote River in Second Life”
Landmark to Flying Coyote River

Simploring 2018 (9) Ivy Falls

Once again I selected my destination for a simploring tour following Inara Pey’s blog “Ivy Falls in Second Life“. Ivy Falls is a full sim, built by Kere Delcon and Rekka Berchot, it’s group owned, the group founded by Rekka, hence I assume Ivy Falls is onwed by her or by her and Kere. Ivy Falls is a stricly adult sim. It consists of two parts, one public part and a private part, the latter being separated from the public part by a pond. You can only reach it taking a boat or now during Winter by walking over the frozen pond. Please respect privacy and don’t go there.

Ivy Falls overview and gliders at the landing point

The public part is very picturesque and predestinated for those who have a passion for taking pictures (like me). You’ll find many spots with a great view or where you can cuddle, sit or mediate. There’s a lot to discover.

Teleporter tour exploring Ivy Falls (1): Gliders (upper left) / Bar (upper right) / Beach (lower left and right)

The landmark to Ivy Falls leads you to the top of a rock from which you have a good view over the sim. you can either take the teleport system to travel around or you use the glider up there and begin your exploring with flight around. I did both :-).

Teleporter tour exploring Ivy Falls (1): Campsite (upper left) / Sauna (upper right) / Bath house (lower left) / Boat pier (lower right)

The center of the public part is a small village with a lighthouse, a bar, a cafe, a gallery, and a barbershop, a bit aside of the center a bathhouse and a gym. On the other side of the village’s pier there’s a big beach with some beach houses. And if you take a walk outside of the village to the other side you can find a campsite and a sauna.

Ivy Falls bar and dungeon

Besides that I enjoyed the views and the love for details, with which Ivy Falls is built, the nature and the great views, I also focussed on the adult part of Ivy Falls, that is not only based on potential nudity at the beach during summer. But the adult part isn’t obvious on a first glance. Most prominent is the dungeon, which is in the backrooms of the bar. The bar itself is very nice and cosy, and of course I also liked the dungeon, which is really classic and offers enough opportunites for play.

Exploring Ivy Falls: Bath house (upper leaft) / Gallery (upper right) / kinky wardrobe (lower left) / old chapel (lower middle) / Barber shop (lower right)

But the dungeon isn’t the only kinky element. At one house I found a wardrobe which is just a hidden rack and naught me tried it out. I didn’t test, but I assume that the gym offeres some spots for play as well as the bath house might do. Looking for adult fun you should also try out the furniture of the many cosy spots. All of them offer not only cuddling animations but also adult poses and animations.

Impressions from my visit to Ivy Falls

Overall Ivy Falls has something on stock for everybody, be it kinky or not. For example the glider or roaming around with a boat, enjoying the nature or a coffee in the center of Ivy Falls. It’s beautiful and perfectly set for Winter right now. I intend to have a look at it in Summer or autumn again. I enjoyed my visit. Many thanks to Rekka and Kere for sharing the sim with the public.

Landmark to Ivy Falls
Inara Pey’s blog post “Ivy Falls in Second Life”

Simploring 2018 (8) Gem Preiz’ Sapiens

I discovered Gem Preiz’ artful work in Second Life last year and had some posts about the exhibitions and installations that I visited (No Frontiers, 5 years of Fractals, Chaos). Gem Preiz works with fractals, his pictures are based on math, but although the forms are duplicated what you see is a picture and you’re not able to to see the logic behind it. Often his work has a touch of science fiction. When I got the invitation to visit Gem’s newest installation at LEA 29, Sapiens, I went there a few hours before it opened offcially.

Gem Preiz’ Sapiens – Exhibition board (upper left) / at the landing Point (upper right) / inside the grid cube (lower)

You land in a hallway that could be part of a spaceship, some fog rises from below. There’re boards on both sides of the hallways and you can grab information about Gem and a notecard about the installation Sapiens. Gem describes his intentions and thoughts about Sapiens in the notecard (grab one). The boards also recommend the appropriate settings for your viewer for the best experience of Sapiens. I strongly recommend to switch the music on. At the end of the hallway is a cube, which is used as a TP to the installation itself.

Gem Preiz’ Sapiens – in the hallways / inside of the grid cube

Sapiens is a cube, a grid of 4 x 4 hallways and you land somewhere inside of an hallway. The cube hoovers in the endlessness of space. The hallways do look all the same, like at the landing they appear to be part of a huge spaceship. You get more or less lost in them, it’s a labyrinth, a maze. Gem describes the grid cube as a “limited universe, locked like a prison”. The “maze of interconnected passages is similar to a brain where the thoughts turn in a loop without any solution”.
You can travel between the 4 levels using elevator platforms that are on some crossings and which move up and down steadily. At the corners of the hallways you can peek out into the inner structure of the grid cube and again you’re lost, you find no mark, just endless repeating structures.

At the sides of the hallways of Sapiens Gem presents in total 40 fractals which he categorized into the themes: technology, maze, darkness, confinement.

Gem Preiz’ Sapiens -examples of the exhibted fractals

While I explored I met Inara Pey. I follow her blog “Living in a modemworld” for some years now and I often follow her exploring tours when I go simploring. It was the first time that I met her inworld and we had a very nice chat. And I had the opportunity to thank her in perosn for her great work for the community. Inara was just visiting like myself and just working on her blog post about Sapiens, which was published a few hours later (“A journey into Sapiens in Second Life“). As Inara has a passion for science fiction and space flight, Sapiens was for sure a highlight for her. Inara also told me, that Gem plans to expand the installation End of February, hence a reason for me to return.

Gem Preiz’ Sapiens – more impressions / Inara and Diomita (upper left)

Back to Sapiens. If you look out for details on the sides of the hallways besides the 40 pictures, you can find “Exits”, actually I saw 2 of them. They allow you to explore the inner structure of grid cube into which you peek from inside. You need to fly as there’re no hallways, otherwise you’ll fall down. The hovering objects, Gem calls them shuttles, are phamtom and thus colliding with them is harmless. I flew a bit around and although it looks huge at the first glance, you quickly discover your limitations. You can’t get out, I got a real prison feeling there and returned inside.

There’s another exit. In the hallways you find big black hands every once in a while. First I thought they might direct you way, but they don’t. Either by accident or by systematically walking every hallways on each level you will find a spot with many of these balck hands. They seem to have caught a golden statue, a human, who cowers under them. Clicking the golden statue brings you to the end of the exhibtion, which is on a extra platform, from where you can also return to the start. You can also see all 40 exhibited pictures once again in a catalogue. Above the platform sits is a huge golden statue (the homo sapiens sapiens?) holding the grid cube in it’s hand, looking at is lost in thoughts.

Gem Preiz’ Sapiens – the golden homo sapiens sapiens

Sapiens is a great combination of a 3D installation with a gallery presenting Gem’s fractal art. Both fit together perfectly. It is a journey into the inexplainable space inside of our brains, that can be like space flight into the endless room. And I like and admire the fractals. Thank you for another great experience in Second Life, Gem!

Landmark to Gem Preiz’ Sapiens
Inara Pey’s blog post A journey into Sapiens in Second Life

MetaLES to close its doors in Second Life

Just a few minutes ago I heard that MetaLES is going to close today after 8 years of providing space for the art in Second Life and featuring a lot of artists. I personally discovered MetaLES, which was run by Romy Nayar and Ux Hax, in July 2016 on a Saturday afternoon simploring tour and had a longer visit to it in 2017 (Simploring 2017 (45) MetaLes ..O.. ArT Virtual Space).
It’s sad that this art space is going to disappear but we have to be thankful for having it for such a long time. Thank you Romy and Ux, and good luck for your next projects outside of Second Life.
Inara has a way more detailed farewell blog post about MetaLES. Thank you, Inara.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

MetaLES: Haveit Neox The Haul (2017)

On Monday, January 15th, Ux Hax and Second Life partner, Romy Nayar, announced that their art region, MetaLES, would be closing at the end of the day. The announcement came in a simple statement passed through a number of art group:

After 8 years of art, fantasy and work MetaLES ..O.. closes its doors. Many thanks to all the artists, bloggers, friends and visitors who made it possible, The decision is for the lack of time to dedicate to the project.

Kisses and hugs

Romy & Ux

“Yes today is the last day,” Ux informed me. “We are sad, but the art in SL will continue!” He went on to say that the lack of time mentioned in the notices is related to a new physical world project he and Romy are involved in. However, he refused to be drawn into providing any  specifics…

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Simploring 2018 (4) Brand New Colony

A few days ago Inara Pey wrote about New Brand Colony in her blog “Return to Brand New Colony in Second Life“. I was at Brand New Colony End of July 2017 and had a blog post about it (Simploring 2017 (59) Brand New Colony). I wrote about it: “What a lovely place! It’s peaceful and offers a lot of spots to sit and watch, to cuddle or to mediate. And as it is an adult sim, there’re also some adult animations. Brand New Colony truely is – as described in the destination guide – photogenic. I enjoyed exploring and discovering it. Of course I also went to the dungeon, which is located in a skybox. The dungeon is well equipped and cosy“. I also wrote that the sim is owned by the Blessed Family and I assumed Esmenet Foxdale (esmenetpink ishtari), the founder of the group, being the owner.
Of course, Inara’s recent post attracted my attention. I learned that Brand New Colony has moved and was redesigned. The redesign as well as the first sim was done by Bunny Blessed (Svelte Blessed) and Mimara Blessed (Mimara) with assistance from Seren La Croix (torturedstar).

Brand New Colony January 2018 – overview

Again Brand New Colony is lovely and photogenic. It has changed a lot. There’re six islands now and the fact that some of them hoover above the sea like balloons clearly defines the sim as a dream, a lovely dream. The islands are held on the ground by thick and heavy chains that connects them to the main island and the chains also serve as bridges between the islands. All islands offer a rich and colourful vegetation and many spots to sit and cuddle. Here you can really wind down and dream.

Brand New Colony January 2018 – Landing Point (left pictures) and Gazebo (right pictures)

Instead of walking you can use the sim’s teleport system. In the overview above I added the teleport spots for your orientation. On the main island, which has a Mediterrean touch, is a large villa and a bit below of it a nice decking with a fireplace. The decking is just next to a small jetty with a sailboat.

Brand New Colony January 2018 – Pond (upper left) / Chapel (lower left) / Dock (upper and lower right)

January 2018 – Villa (upper left and right) / Roma Camp (lower left and right)

Brand New Colony is still an adult sim but on the first view and in most areas you won’t notice it. I went inside the villa and found a dungeon in one of the rooms. The skybox dungeon doesn’t exsist anymore, at least it is not accessible by the teleport system. Inside of the villa, there are some items that are related to bdsm on the second view. During my visit, I saw a male slave locked into one ot the closets. I had a look into all rooms, and I also went upstairs to the “Management” room. First I thought, I’d be in a girls room, pink being the dominating colour. But then I realised that it must be the Mistress’ room. There are toys, a real wardrobe and a desk. And again you see the toys and the more kinky decorations not immediately but when you look at details. There’s the tied up bear under the chair, a gagged piggy bank, a laptop with an erotic picture, a vibrator on the desk …. I admit, I spent some time in this room and began to enjoy the atmosphere very much.

January 2018, the kinky side of the villa – Dungeon (upper left) and Management room (all others)

I remember that I wanted to return to Brand New Colony together with Jenny, be it for cuddling or for playing, but with all of our activities I forgot about it. I hope, that I won’t forget about it this time. Brand New Colony is a dream turned into reality. I really like it!
And still it is open to the public. The landmark description is inviting “Home of the Blessed family. Everyone nice is welcome.
Thank you Bunny Blessed (Svelte Blessed), Mimara Blessed (Mimara) and Seren La Croix (torturedstar) for creating this dream and thanks to the Blessed Family for sharing it with the public.

Landmark to Brand New Colony
My first visit Simploring 2017 (59) Brand New Colony
Inara Pey’s blog “Return to Brand New Colony in Second Life”

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