Simploring 2017 (82) Tavana Island

Tuesday, October 10th, my simploring tour let to Tavana Island. There’s a blog post about it on Inara Pey’s blog “Tavana Island’s autumnal beauty in Second Life” which caught my attention. Although I don’t like that the summer is ending, I do like the beauty of autumn.

October 10th – Impressions of Tavana Island (1)

Tavana Island has a Mediterrean touch and the island is surrounded by several smaller islands. On the main island there’s a bigger villa and a farm, a chapel, a gazebo, a windmill and a beach. A quite big sailing yacht anchors by the island. Everything radiates a relaxed and peaceful mood. You can dance at the Gazebo and or simple select one of the many places to sit or cuddle, be it at the beach or in hut, just enjoying the peace and the nature.

October 10th – Impressions of Tavana Island (2)

I tried some of the leisure spots as well as I roamed over Tavana Island and the other (smaller islands). For me it seems to be late summer here, although there are some indications of the arriving autmn, like the pumpkins, that I saw. I also enjoyed the views on the islands as a whole. Some of the pictures, that I took, look a like watercolour paintings as the colours of the gras, the rocks, the trees and the leaves melt into eachother. That all contributed to the peaceful mood of Tavana Island.

October 10th – Impressions of Tavana Island (3)

Tavana Island is owned by Brayan Friller (brayan26.friller) and was designed by him and Elyjia (elyjia.baxton) according to Inara Pey’s blog entry. Many thanks for providing your place for the public, Brayan. It’s just a beautiful place to relax or for taking pictures. I had a very enjoyable visit.

Landmark to Tavana Island
Inara Pey’s blog post “Tavana Island’s autumnal beauty in Second Life”


Simploring 2017 (79) Dark Moon, Calas Halloween 2017

Inara Pey posted recently about Dark Moon, Calas Halloween 2017: “A Dark Moon rises for Halloween in Second Life
“Every year, Ty Tenk (tymus tenk) and Truck Meredith produce a stunning immersive environment in Second Life to celebrate Halloween and to help support their Calas Galadhon regions. In 2017, they opted for a sci-fi design with the title Dark Moon; it carries a degree of emphasis on a certain film franchise ideal for  Halloween, richly re-imagined and with little twists of humour along the way“… read more here

This year’s Halloween build Dark Moon has four levels: the Cargo Ship “CS UTOPIA”, the moon’s surface, the cavern and the “MOTHERSHIP”

All levels are fun – if you’re not scared by dead bodies, blood, whinning creatures, aliens and other sort of Halloween fun. At the entrance you can grab a notecard with a short decription and landmarks if you get lost. I explored the cargo ship, made the shuttle tour, went all the way down in the cavern and made my way to the “MOHTERSHIP”. I had a very enjoyable hour! Thank you Ty Tenk (tymus tenk) and Truck Meredith!

October 2nd – Dark Moon, Calas Halloween 2017: Level One – Cargo Ship “CS UTOPIA”

Level One: The Cargo Ship “CS UTOPIA”. The ship is large so you’ll want to explore all areas of the ship. A ‘PORTAL’ to the next level is also found here.

October 2nd – Dark Moon, Calas Halloween 2017: Level Two – The moon’s surface

Level Two: The moon’s surface. Both the DARK MOON SHUTTLE TOUR & the CAVERN ENTRANCE can be found there. Arrows will help point the way. There is no Portal at this level, but the way to the next level is clear.

October 2nd – Dark Moon, Calas Halloween 2017: Level Three – The Cavern & Egg Room

Level Three: ‘THE CAVERN & EGG ROOM’ the cavern is a very large one and has several levels of its own. You will want to take your time in the cavern as you travel down to its floor.

October 2nd – Dark Moon, Calas Halloween 2017: Level Four – The “MOTHERSHIP”

Level Four is the ”MOTHERSHIP” which is the live music venue for October performances. While there grab a copy of the October calendar of events. All events will be costume with an alien/sci fi theme .. So have fun shopping 🙂

Dark Moon, Calas Halloween 2017, will stay available until October 31st. I will revisit with Mistress Jenny and some of the family.

Inara Pey’s blog post “A Dark Moon rises for Halloween in Second Life”
Landmark to Dark Moon, Calas Halloween 2017

Simploring 2017 (78) A Metropolis in Second Life

I went on a simploring tour today and selected to visit a metroplois that is stretched over 3 full sims. There’s a very detailed description in Inara Peys’s blog “Taking a drift through Tokyo in Second Life“. I started my visit at “Morpire City“, which is in the middle of the 3 sims “Morpire City“, “MitsumiTown in Tokyo” and “SSOC“. It takes some time to rezz and to load all the textures, at least it did for me. You land in the heart of a really big city, roads and transport systems block your view when you’re on the ground level. The 3 sims are embedded in a sim surround that provides more skyscrapers.

Visiting a Metropolis in Second Life – Views on Morpire City, Mitsumi-Town in Tokyo and SSOC

I began exploring and walked around. You can enter the skyscrapers and discover the inside. There are many bars and cantines and restaurants as you would expect it in a working environment. I was impressed seeing floors of desks and offices like in RL. It is like walking through a design metropolis, as there’re just a few cars and trucks on the streets, there’s no dirt or garbage and most important there’re not thousands of people. The metroplois is sleeping, ready to be taken by the masses.

Visiting a Metropolis in Second Life – Inside views of Morpire City, Mitsumi-Town in Tokyo and SSOC

There are also some nice little corners of quietness, places where you can catch your breath and relax in the middle of this mega city. “SSOC” is the headquarter of the company selling gear for combat games within Second Life (as far as I understood, as I’m not at all into it) and “MitsumiTown in Tokyo” is the headquarter of R2 Fashion. There might be more business coming into this city.

Visiting a Metropolis in Second Life – Modern offices at Morpire City, Mitsumi-Town in Tokyo and SSOC

I just peeked in, there’s much more to explore. But I got an impression. Thank you Eripom Moonwall, for providing these 3 sims for us. They are outstanding!

Visiting a Metropolis in Second Life – Cantines, bars and restaurants at Morpire City, Mitsumi-Town in Tokyo and SSOC

Inara Peys blog post “Taking a drift through Tokyo in Second Life”
Landmark to Morpire City
Landmark to Mitsumi-Town in Tokyo
Landmark to SSOC

Simploring 2017 (77) 5 years of Fractals

When I read Inara Pey’s blog entry “Five Years of Fractals in Second Life” I remembered my visit to the installation “No Frontiers” by Gem Preiz at LEA in July (read here).
“5 years of Fractals” is an exhibition at the R&D Art Gallery that covers Gem Preiz’ artistical work of the last 5 years.

You can grab an information about Gem Preiz at the entrance of the exhibition and it is helpful for understanding what you see. Gem Preiz “is educated in science and mathematics and is fond of anything related to Nature, Cosmos and Earth, from astronomy to geology. The world of fractals is, in the same way, ruled by Mathematics functions which, as Physics do in Nature, enable to create objects which features repeat themselves at every scale.” In the notecard you’ll find a list of Gem’s work in Second Life and wihtin the LEA program – a long list btw.

The exhibtion is just great. It shows what you can do using fractals, be it related to nature or to Science Fiction, or be it simply fantasy. You will be captured in these pictures as you can discover so much. Many frames are slideshows presenting not just one picture but series of pictures. This way when you stand in one room of the exhibtion you can really dive into this world of fractals. It is amazing. There are links to youtube videos, that were taken at Gem’s former installations. I recommend watching them while you visit the exhibtion. It might change your view on the presented art as the videos add a third dimension and Gem selected fitting music.

The exhibition “5 years of Fractals” at the R&D Art Gallery is quite large and although I spent more than one hour there, I haven’t seen it all. Thank you very much, Gem. I had a nice time-out visiting your exhibtion.

I also looked up Gem Preiz’ profile and he found a nice way to interpret his Second Life name Gem:
“Gem like Gemini, which means twin: I feel so mach better when I’m together with my twin – Gem like Gemstome: I have a passion for minerals”
For sure Gem Preiz’ art is a gem of Second Life.
I also like what he states about his Real Life as it fits perfect to his art: “I spend more than half of my life dreaming of another life”

The R&D Art Gallery is at a sim with the name Diotima. The name Diotima means Zeus Honor, either in the active sense of a woman who honors Zeus, or in the passive sense of a woman honored by Zeus (source: wikipedia). On a sidenote: when I selected my name for Second Life I didn’t remember this name correctly and choose Diomita instead – funny coincidence.

Landmark to R&D Gallery
Inara pey’s blog entry “Five Years of Fractals in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (75) ~Neive~

Once again I followed Inara’s simploring “Visiting ~Neive~ in Second Life“. “~Neive~” is a homestead sim owned by Claudia (claudia74a Orsini). Upon landing you can get a notecard with a nice description of what you will see:
Welcome to Neive! Neive was first created in 2016 and is now back. As before it is designed with photography, romance and friends in mind. Neive is an adult sim but discretion is expected and harassment will not be tolerated.”

First impressions of ~Neive~ (upper left is Neive, Italy)

~Neive~” consists of several small islands that are connected to each other and form a circle so that there’s kind of a lagune in the middle of them. The islands have a clear Mediterrean character, be it little villages or farms. I looked up Neive at wikipedia and found out that Neive is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 50 kilometres (31 mi) southeast of Turin and about 60 kilometres (37 mi) northeast of Cuneo. ( I have no idea if “~Neive~” in Second Life has any similarities with Neive in the physical world. At least from the picture I found in the net, there’s none but the name. Nonetheless “~Neive~” in Second Life could be somewhere in Italy.

At ~Neive~ beach

Exploring “~Neive~” was very enjoyable. The Mediterream atmosphere did capture me. Everything looks peaceful and relaxed. “~Neive~” offers a lot of places to take pictures be it of single farms or buildings, be it villages or ruins, be it at the lovely large beach or from the balloon that is floating in the center of the islands. I found really dozens of spots to sit and cuddle or to talk. Again the pictures I took speak for themselves.

Impressions of ~Neive~

Diomita relaxing at peaceful ~Neive~

As I do often, I recommend to read Inara’s blog post for a more detailed description – or just explore yourself. “~Neive~” is just beautiful, eclectic and a place to enjoy. Thank you Claudia for providing it to us all!

Inara Pey’s blog “Visiting ~Neive~ in Second Life”
Landmark to ~Neive~

Simploring 2017 (74) Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66

When I read the title “Get your pics on Route 66 in Second Life” in Inara Pey’s blog, I knew I had to visit and so I did.
“Mother road is a lovingly crafted Nevada-esque back country, inspired by the original Mother Road sim.” “Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66” is a sim owned and designed by Paul Cutter (xtreme paule), it is buildt on a platform in the skies and the view into nothing at the horziont adds perfect to the feeling that you’re in the middle of nothing and time has stopped.

Impressions of Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66 (1)

Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66” is perfect for taking pictures and the atmosphere is just great. You literally can begin to dream of this legendary road when staying there. I let the pictures speak for themselves. Alternatively read Inara Pey’s blog entry, which is quite detailed and elaborated as always. Thank you Paul for this great place. Diomita greets from route 66…

Impressions of Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66 (2)

Inary Peys’s “Get your pics on Route 66 in Second Life”
Landmark to Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66

Simploring 2017 (72) Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost

My simploring tour Saturday, September 2nd, led me to “Fairy Tale” by Cica Ghost  . I became aware of it by Inara Pey’s blog entry “Cica’s Fairy Tale in Second Life” .

If you’re interested in art within Second Life, it is very likely that you’ll come across Cica Ghost. She has had many art installations and sigle pieces of her can be found in several other sims which deal with art. Cica Ghost is an artist from Serbia and in Second Life since 2010. Cica Ghost runs a little shop where you can buy some of her art. Her list of exhibitions and installations is quite long. You can grab one at the landing point at “Fairy Tale“. I myself visited some of the sims, that she has created and I wrote bout them: Cica’s Library, Frogs, Keys, Ruins.

September 3rd: Impressions of “Fairy Tale” by Cica Ghost (1)

Fairy Tale” is once again different. It is build on a rocky and hilly island. Many towers, build of separate large flat stones, rise up very high. The vagetation is meagre and and look like in winter, there’s no single leaf. In the middle of the island are two dragons that seem to supervise the island. On one bigger rock at one side of the island is a single one room shed. And there’s a fence around the shed and a littel garden with some flowers (and colours as opposed to the rest of the island). Some cats and one woman live their lonely life there.

September 3rd: Impressions of “Fairy Tale” by Cica Ghost (2)

The landmark description is a quote of C. S. Lewis, a british novelist and poet: “Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”
Like Cica’s other installations there’re plenty of possible interpretations and she avoids giving any direction. I personally can’t really get the quote into a reasonable relation to the sim “Fairy Tale“. Just the single house with the garden and it’s strange inhabitant with the cats build a sharp contrast to the rest of the island with it’s stone towers and the two dragons. Overall the atmosphere is cold but it’s not hostile, and the dragons seem to be peaceful (to me). I found a dancing animation on one rock and tried it out, as well as a sitting pose just next to one of the dragons. What reminds me of a fairy tale is that the whole installation seems to be like dream, as not everything makes sense in a dream.

September 3rd: Impressions of “Fairy Tale” by Cica Ghost (3)

Build yourself your own picture and your own interpretation. Thank you Cica for another piece of art for Second Life.

Landmark to Fairy Tale
Inara Pey’s blog post “Cica’s Fairy Tale in Second Life”
Cica’s shop in Second Life

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