Simploring 2017 (97) Dec 4th: Calas Galadhon’s Home for Christmas

Monday, December 4th, Mistress Jenny and I visited Calas Galadhon’s Christmas installion of 2017, which is called Home for Christmas. Although it is quite similar to the installations of the previous years, Home for Christmas is once again a highlight of my Second Life calendar. Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith succeeded in creating a lovely winterly Christams world full of all the accessoires and elements that most of us have in mind when thinking of Christmas.
CALAS GALADHON’S 2017 Christmas build. Two sims of winter splendor as only ‘CALAS’ can bring you in Second Life. Our gift to you. Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith, Calas Galadhon Park sims” is the landmarks description and it is really a lovely gift.

Calas Galadhon’s Home for Christmas – Overview

Right next to the landing point of Home for Christmas you’ll find the start of the sleigh tours. There’re sleighs for up to 4 persons and slieghs for up to 2 persons available. Mistress Jenny and I took the couple sleigh and made the full tour. It was very enjoyable again. There’s a lot to discover along the ride and the winter landscape is just perfect! And of ourse I took plenty of pictures. When we were dropped of the sleigh, we got this nice message from Ty and Truck: “Calas Cuddle Sleigh: We hope you enjoyed the sleigh ride this year. Our wish is that we have brought to your heart a bit of the warmth, peace and joy that we at Calas Galadhon Park strive to express at this special time of year! Merry Christmas!

Calas Galadhon’s Home for Christmas – Impressions from our sleigh tour

While we were enjoying our tour, slave Flo cam inworld and I picked her up at home after our sleigh tour. Together Mistress Jenny, slave FLo and I made the tour with the balloon. You get quite different view on Home for Christmas from the balloon. At the end of the tour the balloon rises up into the sky and if you do nothing, like we did, you’ll get ecjected at a height of 4000 meters. Luckily Mistress Jenny and I had our parachutes with us and we landed safe and sound. slave Flo was lucky too as she landed in a bit pile of snow.

Calas Galadhon’s Home for Christmas – Impressions from our balloon tour

Last but not least we also tried out the rendeer tour. One rendeer can only transport 2 people, I rode with slave Flo and Mistress Jenny took a rendeer for herself.

Calas Galadhon’s Home for Christmas – Impressions from our rendeer tour

The center of Home for Christmas is the Christmas pavillion with the large ice scating area and the big Christmas tree in front of it. Here you can sit and snuggle and watch or you can enjoy ice scating on a really large area.

Calas Galadhon’s Home for Christmas – More impressions

I also read in Inara Pey’s blog post “Home for Christmas at Calas, 2017” that you can just ride a rendeer or a horse that you can steer yourself for exploring and discovering more of this Christmas installion. Hence I have still something to do before 2017 ends. Thank you Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith for this year’s Christmas fun! You do a great job!

Landmark to Home for Christmas
Inara Pey’s blog post “Home For Christmas at Calas, 2017”

Simploring 2017 (93) New Greenland

Sunday, November 19th, I had the opportunity for a longer simploring tour. And I knew where to go to. I read Inara Pey’s blog entry “A vision of Greenland in Second Life” the day before and was already curious to see IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut. IASWAS? That rings a bell. “It All Starts With A Smile” seems to be kind of a brand for sims created by Kaelyn Alecto. In 2016 I visited IASWAS as a tropical island (read here) and in colourful Autumn (read here).

Let’s start with the landmark description:
“This is Greenland !!
With its typical colorful houses, fishing harbour, ice landscapes, frosted atmosphere and the sound of the bitter wind .. We tried to be original and as realistic as possible, while keeping a small part of fantasy of course. Have fun!”

Pictures and Information about Kangaamiut, Greenland

And this is Kangamiut: “Kangaamiut, Greenland, is located on an island off the coast of Davis Strait between mouths of two long fjords. To the south is the long and twisted Kangerlussuatsiaq Fjord and to the north is the Kangaamiut Kangerluarsuat Fjord. The mouth of the long Kangerlussuaq Fjord is located approximately 26 kilometers (16 mi) north of the island. It has a population of about 350 people (2013) (source wikipedia).
I found a lot of pictures of Kangaamiut on the internet. It looks really lovely and picturesque, I personally think – as long as you don’t have to live and to work for living there.

November 19th: Arriving at IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut

A visit to IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut (please note … Groenland instead of Greenland and Kangamiut instead of Kangaamiut) starts at a fountain in the center of the village. The first impression I had was really overwhelming – really beautiful! The village melts perfectly into the selected background. And on the first view it looks like the real village – colourful within the rough environment.

November 19th: IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut = New Greenland (1)

I spent more than an hour exploring and the more I explored and discovered the more I liked IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut. Kangaamuit provided the idea and the layout but the detail is fantasy, I think more than a small part is fantasy. Most houses are furnished and decorated into the last detail. And the decoration, some buildings and the harbour reminded me strongly of New England. There’s the New England church, the New England covered bridge, there’s the christmas decoration, there’s the furniture inside the houses, there’re the billposters for Connecticut and New England Lobster, the creels, there’s the cosy cafe and the music store and much more. But don’t get me wrong – I love it!
Because it Looks that much like a place in New England, I selected as a title for this post: “New Greenland” 🙂

November 19th: IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut = New Greenland (2)

But there’s more to discover and to do. If you walk a bit outside of the village you’ll find moose and penguins (!), you can sit by a campfire or relax in a sauna. You can go sledding or you can go up into the hot-air balloon to enjoy the view on IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut. Or you visit the station with the signpost pointing to every metropol. The beauty of Kanagmiut in Second Life unlocks with the view on it from farer away as well as with the little details, like the three puppies watching tv in one of the houses.

November 19th: Impressions of IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut (1)

November 19th: Impressions of IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut (2)

My visit to IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut was a perfect start into the Winter season in Second Life as well as in RL and into my Sunday. It conjured more than one smile in my face. Thank you so much for creating it and for providing it to the public, Kaelyn Alecto!

I took Mistress Jenny to IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut the following day and gave her a short tour. We had in particular fun sledding together. Yes, I know, we weren’t really dressed for Winter *winks*

November 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut

Landmark to IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut
Inara Pey’s blog post “A vision of Greenland in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (92) New Babbage

I came across New Babbage following Inara Pey’s blog post “Exploring Lapprock Lighthouse in Second Life“.
Built on a massive volcanic plug out in the Vernian Sea, Lappock Rock Lighthouse protects the shipping sealanes against the treacherous Lappock Rocks. Open to visitors!” is the landmark’s description of Lapprock Lighthouse.

Impressions of Lapprock Lighthouse (1)

The lighthouse is was buildt by Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington) and I went visiting it. It is a quite large ligthouse and inside it is used for living. Each floor has it’s own purpose: Living room, Bedroom, Office, Library and Laboratory. In particular the inside is worth a visit. The rooms are fully furnitured up into the very last detail and I enjoyed a lot exploring and discovering it. You can’t get on the top of the lighthouse though although I’d love to go there to get a view from there.

Impressions of Lapprock Lighthouse (2)

Right on the ground level you can take an elevator that leads down into a maze of tubes and rooms underwater. I found a bar down there and another laboratory and after some exploring I came to another elevator that leads upwards and brought me to Port Babbage.

Pictures from the underwater world of Vernian Sea and Port Babbage

Lapprock Lighthouse is a part of 11 connected sims which build the Steampunk city of New Babbage. It exsists more than 10 years now. The eleven sims are: Babbage Canals, Wheatstone Waterways, New Babbage, Babbage Square, Port Babbage, Clockhaven, Quarry Hill, Babbage Palisade, Acedemy of Industry, The Fells and Vernian Sea (that’s where you find the Lapprock Lighthouse).
I visited other Steampunk places in Second Life before but I never visited New Babbage, which is in fact impressive not only because of it’s size but also because of it’s architecture and the many details you can discover. Actually New Babbage is a roleplace community. Visiting it brought up the question to me “What is Steampunk?” I looked it up in wikipedia and found a lot about it – including the source for the name “Babbage”.

Impressions of Port Babbage

“Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Steampunk works are often set in an alternative history of the 19th century’s British Victorian era or American “Wild West”, in a future during which steam power has maintained mainstream usage, or in a fantasy world that similarly employs steam power. Steampunk most recognizably features anachronistic technologies or retro-futuristic inventions as people in the 19th century might have envisioned them, and is likewise rooted in the era’s perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style, and art. Such technology may include fictional machines like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne. Other examples of steampunk contain alternative-history-style presentations of such technology as steam cannons, lighter-than-air airships, analogue computers, or such digital mechanical computers as Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine.
Steampunk may also incorporate additional elements from the genres of fantasy, horror, historical fiction, alternate history, or other branches of speculative fiction, making it often a hybrid genre.
The first known appearance of the term steampunk was in 1987, though it now retroactively refers to many works of fiction created as far back as the 1950s or 1960s.
Steampunk also refers to any of the artistic styles, clothing fashions, or subcultures that have developed from the aesthetics of steampunk fiction, Victorian-era fiction, art nouveau design, and films from the mid-20th century. Various modern utilitarian objects have been modded by individual artisans into a pseudo-Victorian mechanical “steampunk” style, and a number of visual and musical artists have been described as steampunk.” (source Wikipedia)

Impressions of Brunel Hall Hotel and Restaurant

I made a quick tour through all 11 sims to get at least a first impression. At Acedemy of Industry I found the Brunel Hall Hotel and Restaurant. Brunel Hall Hotel is ran by Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington) and Lia Venuto (venra.aries), and is the first of the major Second Life restaurants to be added to the Destination Guide. It was founded back in 2008. Besides dinning Brunel Hall is also a working hotel. With 10 rooms upstairs rented out on a weekly basis, its a great place for a temporary homebase while you explore the other 10 regions which make up the City State. The restaurant looked familiar to me and I think that I was there before when I was looking for a restaurant as a background for a scene for a picture I wanted to make. It’s just beautiful.

Those involved in running New Babbage and the roleplay community do that with passion and you can sense that when you visit. I like that you’re invited to visit and explore regardless of whether you want to roleplay or not. I rather won’t roleplay there myself as my Second Life is focussed on my family and friends and within the bdsm community but New Babbage did really impress me.
Of course there’s also a homepage for the city of New Babbage for further information.

Impressions of the City State of New Babbage

There’s so much to discover and explore in Second Life, I think I’ll need a third and fourth life!
Thanks to all who keep this city alive and accessible to us all.

Landmark to Lapprock Lighthouse
Landmark to Port Babbage
Landmark to Brunel Hall Hotel and Restaurant
City of New Babbage homepage
Inara Pey’s blog entry “Exploring Lapprock Lighthouse in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (91) Aspen Fell Memories

Tuesday, November 14th, I went on another simploring tour. I visited Aspen Fell Memories following Inara Pey’s blog “A winter’s return to Aspen Fell in Second Life“.

Aspen Fell Memories is designed and owned by Aspen Fell (aspenfell), who had already 3 other sims before as I could learn from Aspen’s profile. Aspen Fell Memories is the actual design, the others were closed. I visited Aspen Fell Endless in 2015 and wrote about it here.
Aspen Fell Memories is devided in two parts, an Autumn part and a Winter part. At the landing point you can turn westwards to a portal leading to the Autumn part or eastwards trough another portal into the winter part. Both parts are buildt on high cliffs.

Aspen Fell Memories – an overview

I decided for the Autumn part first and went up to the cliff. You have beautiful views from up there as Aspen Fell Memories is embedded in a perfect sim background. There are several places to sit and cuddle or to mediate. When you walk to the end of the cliff you come to the ruins of a farm – and it begins to rain. At one wall you find the inscription “The best thing about Memories is making them“. Just closeby is a nice and cosy tree house where you can warm up.

Aspen Fall Memories – Impressions of Autumn (1)

Aspen Fall Memories – Impressions of Autumn (2)

Around the Autumn part of Aspen Fell Memories is a large beach which offers again nice spots and views.

The Winter part is different. It’s cold and snowy. This part is dominated by a large stone bridge that seems to be the rest of a bigger building that might have been here before. On the brige you find benches to rest and souvenirs like a love sign or a street sign of Paris – Memories. Across the bridge is a residential home and beyond it an event spot, which is not in use because of the season. But there’s more to discover. Just before your reach the bridge there’s a living room without a house. It looks a bit odd in this cold cold environment but offers particular views for taking a picture.

Aspen Fall Memories – Impressions of the beach (upper pictures) / Impressions of Winter (lower pictures)

Above the landing point the both cliffs are connected by an old railroad and on the tracks are 3 old good waggons. Again they have found a new usage which is a bit bizarre. There’s a piano and a well-laid table for a romantic dinner. And inside of one of the waggons is a place to cuddle. And all this in winter and outside – and me wearing some shiny summer clothes! Again this offers nice settings for taking pictures.

Aspen Fall Memories – Impressions of Winter

I’m pretty sure there’s much more to discover at Aspen Fell Memories. It’s a well designed sim and different and again a prove of the beauty and creativity you can find in Second Life. Thank you Aspen for providing it to the public!

Landmark to Aspen Fell Memories
Inara Pey’s “A winter’s return to Aspen Fell in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (90) Borneo Isle

I followed Inara Pey’s blog entry about Borneo Isle “A trip to Borneo in Second Life” and visited it myself. The landmark description is incomplete “Borneo is an all-new sim designed as a beautiful destination for those looking to explore, relax or simply pass the time with friends. This intricately detailed sim is open to all visitors, and offers a breath-taking landscape created by the amazingly ta” I assume that the maximum of letters was reached and that Gac Akina, the owner of Borneo Isle, wanted to give credit to the designer of the sim Neva Crystall (nevacrystall).

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – Around the landing point

Borneo Isle isn’t in the jungle, it’s just somewhere, maybe in Europe or North America. It consists of a larger and a smaller island, both are high rocks in the ocean and are connected by a bridge. Borneo Isle is set for the season, hence it is cold but not winter already.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – The nature growing back in the buildings

Arriving at the landing point in the middle of the main island and looking around you see a lovely autumn setting, bicycles, benches … and it looks inhabited. On the second view and taking a closer look, you see that the few buildings are abandonned, the nature is already taking the place back. The two buildings close to the landing are still full of stuff and furniture but the bushes and trees begin to grow even inside.
Form the landing point you can dare to walk downstairs on a wooden partly broken construction down to a bay where you find some old furntiure to sit on. Although is obviously abandonned it has it’s own charme and I spent some time there. In one edge there’s a chair, a guitar and an oven in a small shelter, just as if someone has discovered this place overlooking the bay as a personal secret retreat.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – At the bay

It’s fun to explore this Borneo Isle. I walked over the bridge to the smaller island and enjoyed the views. On the smaller island is another building and that is not abandonned. It’s used as bar and event hall and from Inara Pey’s blog post I learned it is supposed to be used for some events.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – Inside and outside of the bar

What else? On the main island is one building that you can’t access, most probably that’s where the owner of Borneo Isle settled. The building does fit perfect into the style. Just everything is very detailled and fitting to the style. A really great and thoughtfully designed place. I enjoyed my vist very much! Thank you, Gac Akina, for providing your place to the public.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – The lighthouse and a scenic view (upper), and the private part of the Island (lower)

Landmark to Borneo Isle
Inara Pey’s blog post “A trip to Borneo in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (88) – Dissected Soul

“Dissected Soul” by Theda Tammas at Split Screen

My simploring tour of Friday, November 3rd, led me to Split Screen at LEA 15 again, which is a temporary home for Dividni Shostakovich’s Split Screen. Split Screen Installation Space is a curated place for artists to develop large installations, often not possible in the physical world.
My first visit was in August 2017 (read here) and it was inspired by a blog entry of Inara Pey. And now I came across Split screen again reading her blog entry “A Dissected Soul in Second Life“.

Impressions of “Dissected Soul” by Theda Tammas at Split Screen (1)

Right now Split Screen hosts an installtion of Theda Tammas “Dissected Soul“. Along with her work Theda give us some words from Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet, writer, literary critic, translator, publisher and philosopher, described as one of the most significant literary figures of the 20th century and one of the greatest poets in the Portuguese language (1888 – 1935) (source wikipedia).
“…I don’t know how many souls I have, I’ve changed at every moment, I always feel like a stranger.I’ve never seen or found myself…”
In the above mentioned blog entry Inara gives her interpretation of “Dissected Soul” starting with Pessoa’s words about his soul. I can follow her thoughts and recommend that you read her blog post.

Impressions of “Dissected Soul” by Theda Tammas at Split Screen (2)

Theda Tammas’ figures in her installation are all different, some miss their head, some there limbs, some walk in a line following a goal, some are entwined on eachother. There are some veines that start at the figures chests and end in a hank, as if someone had teared the heart out of the body? The ground is covered with a mixture of water and blood. But nonetheless the installation is not scary. You get different views of the figures depending from where you look at them, different views on your own soul? And the barbed wire? Does it symbolize the challenges we face in live – or is it the protection that we build around our soul?

Impressions of “Dissected Soul” by Theda Tammas at Split Screen (3)

Theda Tammas’ “Dissected Soul” provides food for thoughts. A visit mustn’t take long, but it might stay long in your mind.

Inara Pey’s blog entry “A Dissected Soul in Second Life”
Landmark to Split Screen Installation Space “Dissected Soul”

Simploring 2017 (87) Land of Owls by Cica Ghost

Again I became aware of a new installation of Cica Ghost by floowing Inara’s Living in a modemworld blog. Thank you, Inara! She wrote about Cica’s “Land of Owlshere.
As every installation I saw so far from Cica, her Land of Owls is again outstanding and different to what I saw before from her, but you can see Cica’s style. Land of Owls is a barren island with uprising stones comparable to menhirs, trees without any leave, bamboo sticks and some tundra gras. All is covered in blueish light. But there’s more …. some islands of flowers, some (not as many as I expected) owls watching the scenerey and what is going on, a couple of Flamingos at one corner of the island and some squared stones with holes that seem to be owls homes.

Impressions of Land of Owls by Cica Ghost (1)

You can take a ride with a strange boat on weels and with an umbrella. It will take you around but to discover more you’ll need to walk. Spreaded around are also some benche where you dan sit and watch the scenery. Although it’s a barren island, it doesn’t feel cold nor scary, maybe due to the flowers that made me strangely happy. The owls seem to be in control and made it their place and the watch who is disturbing them. I felt that I have to be quiet in order not to disturb them, same with the Flamingos, bt they somehow look like just being tolerated like us human visitors.

Impressions of Land of Owls by Cica Ghost (2)

Land of Owls is another piece of art from Cica ghost to enjoy. Thank you Cica!

Landmark to Land of Owls by Cica Ghost
Inara Pey’s blog entry “Cica’s Land of Owls in Second Life”

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