Simploring 2019 (52) Copper River – Flourish Sales Studio & Studio 52

Following Inara Pey’s Living in a Modemworld blog and her post “Showing a little Flourish in Second Life” I came across Copper River and visited it on Wednesday, April 17th.

Copper River is a full (moderate) region owned by Keely Stromfield (Keely Mistwood). It has been designed by Julz (Juliette Rainfall) and her partner, Leaf (Peyton Darmoset). The sim is home for two bi-monthly sales events, the Flourish Sales Studio and Studio 52.

Copper River Overview and Flourish Sales Studio

The landing point is close to the entrance to the (outdoor) Flourish Sales Studio. Addicted to shopping as I am, I had a look at it first. The current sales event offers a broad range of products, male and female fashion, accessories, docoration, furniture and more. The current event started April 10th and will be closed May 4th.
Salon 52, (previously Hairology) is a bi-monthly event for everything hair related. Event months are January, March, May, July, September and November.
Keely Stromfield (Keely Mistwood) runs her own blog (, it is about SL only and deals with amoung other issues with SL Fashion and home decoration.

Impressions of Copper River (1) – around the bus stop

Besides being home for the above bi-monthly events Copper River is an outstanding designed place. It’s somewhere in a desert, the vegetation is dominated by cactuses, creosote bushes and shrubs. You can seemingly feel the heat of the hot sun burning on your skin. Far away on the horizont you make out the silhouette of a large city with skyscrapers. Roads lead in an out Copper River. The sim is perfectly embedded into the surrounding, some bushes and cactuses being off sim but you only notice it when you want to get closer and reach the sim edge. Same goes for the roads which lead far out of the sim. Chapeau!

Impressions of Copper River (2) – around the appartments and the motel

Copper River offers some really great backgrounds for taking pictures and some oddities as well. Walking from the Flourish Sales Studio along the street you pass by an appartment complex and a bus stop. The bus’ engine is running yet there’s no driver nor guest. At the bus stop you find entertainment machines and food, it seems that you might have to wait very long for a bus out here in the desert.
Next to the bus stop is a truck which front is covered with tv screens and with slogans, really odd … and there’s camera as if there’d be anything to film here.

Walking further outbound you come along a motel, a crashed private jet plane (it is off sim already), a large solar park and a row of 3 huge female scultures which form the sentence “Life goes on”

Impressions of Copper River (3) – in the middle of nowhere

In the center of the sim is a large deep water reservoir. At least you won’t die of thirst in Copper River. The reservoir is fed by a waterfall and by wooden canals that come from the mountains. The wooden canals are dry and along them are stairs that lead into the mountains. Embedded into the mountains is the huge building for the Studio 52 bi-monthly event. The building can also be reached following the street. If you’re at the building and look over the water reservoir you see an event tent and platform, that you might oversee when just walking along the street. It is a bit hidden and it was the last stop on my simploring tour.

Impressions of Copper River (4) – the event area (upper left) and in the mountains close to Studio 52

I do appreciate the combination of inworld shops with a place to explore. And exploring Copper River was pure fun. It offers such great and particular views and I took a lot of pictures. Thank you, Keely, for providing Copper River along with the bi-monthly events. I did enjoy my simploring tour!

Landmark to Copper River
Inara Pey’s blog post “Showing a little Flourish in Second Life”
Keely Stromfield (Keely Mistwood)’s blog

Simploring 2019 (48) Amrum

When I came across Amrum on SL Destinations I decided immediately that I had to visit it. Amrum is an island located in the North Sea, just south of the way more famous island Sylt. I’ve been on Sylt quite often, I know the climate, the environment and I enjoyed walking endless hours along the beach. And Amrum in Second Life?

Amrum in Second Life is an adult homestead designed by Jacky Macpherson and owned by Sunrise (Sunrise Avalanche). It is way smaller than the island in the physcial world and just has 3 houses. The name does fit nonetheless as Amrum in SL has a comparably long beach at one side (the side directed to the sea) and a greener and a bit more rocky shore on the other side. The vegetation consists of grass, beachgrass and some trees. You come across some horses and sheep that graze peacefully and seagulls circle above your head. You hear the sound of the sea rushing. And you even find two beach chairs, which are quite typical for the German coast. This all adds up to the feeling being on vacation on an island in the German North Sea.

The three houses don’t fit on a German island with regard to their style and architecture. They do fit to Amrum in Second Life though. The houses are public, at least I saw no single sign or read anything saying that they are private. And the doors are wide open, the curtains fly like flags out of the open windows. Hence I looked inside.

Impressions of Amrum (1) – The Meet&Talk house and the Event decking

The house near to the landing point offers space to sit on a large wooden terrace. Inside is just one large room that offers also places to sit and talk. From the other side you can see a yacht anchoring nearby and you can see at platform at the beach, which could be used for parties or events. I named this house the “Meet&Talk house”

Impressions of Amrum (2) – The Bedroom house

The second house I went into just has only one single room inside as well featuring a large (adult) bed and some decorations, hence I named it “Bedroom house”

Impressions of Amrum (3) – The BDSM house

The third house has two rooms, one of them is fitted with BDSM gear and furniture of high quality and is in my opinion quite stylish. I might make use of it for a session. I couldn’t refrain from testing some of the gear. The other room is decorated with erotic pictures, has a piano and some adult furniture and also looks quite stylish. I called this house “BDSM house”. What a vacation home!

Impressions of Amrum (4) – Varous spots to sit and enjoy

As mentioned above Amrum in SL has a quite long beach at one side of the island and I had fun walking along it. I sat in one of the beach chairs and I tried out several other opportunities to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Quite close to the BDSM house is a nice place to meditate, another meditation point is closer to the Meet&Talk house.

More impressions of Amrum

Beside all of the above Amrum is a nice place to take pictures with a maritime background and to simply enjoy. When I visited Amrum the first time I met Inara Pey who was exploring Amrum riding her horse. We had a nice chat. Inara published her blogpost “Amrum in Second Life” just the same day.

Thank you Sunrise for sharing your sim with the public. I enjoyed my short trip to the North sea in Second Life!

Landmark to Amrum
Inara Pey’s blog post “Amrum in Second Life”

Simploring 2019 (47) Green Acres

Wednesday, April 3rd, I visited Green Arces, an adult homestead owned and created by Alsatian Kidd. I came acress Green Acres following Inara Pey’s blog and reading her post “A trip to Green Acres in Second Life“.

The landmark profile contains a perfect description: “Green Acres provides the three R’s. Rustic. Rural. Retreat. This adult-themed sim has open vistas providing opportunities for photography, horseback riding, and hanging out. Explore the farm with livestock, crops and a farmers market.”

Green Acres – orientation map / around the landing point

The landing point is in the East of the island just close to 2 houses, that are nested into a steep rock and supported by trees. I climbed up and enjoyed the view from up there to get a first impression about Green Acres. I was greeted by a visitor bot: “Welcome to the Green Acres sim. Feel free to explore and enjoy the many amenities throughout Green Acres. We only ask you to respect the privacy of the ranch house.
In the orientation map I marked the private ranch house.

Impression of Green Acres (1)

From the tree houses I walked along the river and enjoyed the many lovely views. Green Acres is a paradise for photographers and I took quite some pictures. The island radiates a peaceful atmosphere. You can see a lot of animals along the way like deers, raccoons, foxes, ducks, cows and many birds. I walked along the Northern shore up to the lighthouse and the beach, where I sat down for another rest.

Impression of Green Acres (2) – the lighthouse and the beach

Close to the lighthouse is the small fishing harbour. Here I met Bruce, the poor dead shark, again, which I saw already on other sims. The harbour with the lighthouse in it’s background is very picturesque.

Impression of Green Acres (3) – the fishing harbour

Walking over the bridge close to the harbour I got to the farmers market with local food and reached the ranch. Please keep in mind that the ranch house itself is private. I had fun exploring the farm, looking at the scarecrow admist a field of sunflowers, exploring the (public) ranch buildings and I went into one building, that is obviously used as a photostudio and event area. It`s close to the ranch house, but as far as I gathered it is not private. Close to the ranch is a nice pond with some waterfalls and a cajak that offers nice opportunites for taking pictures.

Impression of Green Acres (4) – around the ranch

From there I walked back to the landing point. On my way back I noticed a bear which was fishing in the river. You an watch the bear eating the fish. I also had a look at the vineyard close to the ranch house from where you have a nice look to the harbour.

Impression of Green Acres (5) – the fishing bear, the vineyard, the lighthouse and Harbour, the (private) ranch house

I like the description of Green Arces providing the three R’s: Rustic, Rural, Retreat. It is a very peaceful setting, there’s a lot to discover and to observe, you can take pictures, you can simply enjoy the environment, you can retreat – in one word: I enjoyed my visit.
Thank you, Alsatian for sharing your world with the public!

Landmark to Green Acres
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A trip to Green Acres in Second Life”

Simploring 2019 (43) Secondlife National Park and Wildlife Refuge

Sunday, March 24th, I visited “Secondlife National Park and Wildlife Refuge” (lateron shorter referred to as SL National Park) after reading Inara Pey’s blogpost “Touring Toshi Farms in Second Life“. SL National Park is created and ownd by Syx Toshi and her partner Bryn Toshi (bryn bulloch). It expands over 2 (moderate) homesteads and it is changing according to the season or to it’s owner’s desire.

The landmark description is inviting:
Come visit our Farm and Wildlife preserve. Its now spring at the farm and the forest is full of life. We have swiming, boating and nature trails. The area is also pet friendly“.

SL National Park – overview

The landing point of SL National Park is in the center of the Southern sim which is connected to the Northern sim by a bridge. Close to the landing point is a covered Bridge, an event barn and a private area that looks like being the park administration. It’s no surprise that you find yourself in a beautiful nature refuge. You can walk along the trails that will lead through the park. Along the trails are benches to take a rest and to admire the environment.

SL National Park – Park Administration, Event barn, covered bridge

But there’s more to do and to discover at SL National Park. For example you can rezz a canoe and see the park from the water getting a different view on it. The park is not restricted to the sim you land. It continues when you you walk over the bridge to the Northern sim, just the sim name changes to “Peace”. And walking further north you get to a Toshi farms. The main building of the farm looked quite private to me, hence I didn’t walk it.

Impressions of SL National Park – canoeing

Not far from the farm, on the Eastern shore of “Peace” is a public hut, that offers space to sit at a fireplace or to sit on a balcony overlooking the sea and enjoying the peace of SL National Park.

SL National Park – around the farm house

SL National Park is a great place to take pictures, to experience the almost unlimited possibilities of Second Life. It looks really natural and like a National Park in the US. It conjured a smile on my face when I discovered the toilets along the trails – just like you’d expect it when visiting a National Park.

SL National Park – at the farm, a toilet house and more impressions

Along the way is a lot to discover, there’re are over 50 different animals living at SL National Park. Anything else I did beside taking pictures and enjoying the wonderful nature? Yes, I jumped and dived from the swimming platform close to the coanoeing.

SL National Park – the public hut, jumping and diving, hiking

Let me close this simploring report with an excerpt from Bryn Toshi’s profile:
Syx and I have tried to create a realistic, natural country setting. A Farm and wildlife refuge where you just might catch a glimpse of any of over 50 different animals! Part of this sim is devoted to our family home and farm, then flows seamlessly into the Second Life Nature Preserve where you can experience the absolute BEST National Park experience in SL. It changes as the seasons change. There’s always something just a little different each time you visit! Wildlife abounds, creeks flow, water falls, trails beckon you to explore… Hiking, bike riding, kayaking, swimming and MORE! All just here waiting for you to enjoy.”

Thank you, Syx Toshi and Bryn Toshi (bryn bulloch) for sharing SL National Park with the public. I really enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Secondlife National Park and Wildlife Refuge
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Touring Toshi Farms in Second Life”

Simploring 2019 (34) Florence Bay

Thursday, March 14th, I visited Florence Bay together with Angelique. It was nice to have Angelique with me on my tour. I had the landmark on my list of places for a while already since I read Inara Pey’s blog post “A rendezvous with Florence Bay in Second Life” back in September 2018. Just a few days before I finally went visiting, Florence Bay was also listed again in SL Destinations.

Florence Bay – overview

Florence Bay is a (moderate) homestead owned by Gnaaah Xeltentat and Tomaso Franizzi. It was originally designed, created and landscaped by Minnie Atlass. Florence Bay is a rocky island with dark gravel shores formed in the shape of a horse shoe.
The landing is at a pier close to a lighthouse at one end of the horse shoe. Angelique and I searched a way from there to the houses we could see from the landing pier but there’s no path. Hence we had to climb and search our own way.
We first went to the lighthouse and then back, climbed up the rocks and visited the cafe, from which you have a nice overlook over the bay. We both wondered how the guests may reach the cafe.

Impressions of Florence Bay (1) – around the landing pier

Quite close to the landing is another curiosity – a garage with car, but there’re no streets on the whole island. From the garage you can walk on the top of the rocks along the whole island and make side trips to the shore. But don’t expect too many paths. There’re stairs from the shore to the rim of the rocks at some places though.

Impressions of Florence Bay (2)

Angelique and I visited the chapel which had another curiosity in stock for us, as there’s no altar but a buddha statue inside of it. We went to the raft with a tent and a sail, that is nearby. And we had fun sitting on a bench that is in front of two funny birds who seemingly talked with us.

Impressions of Florence Bay (3)

Florence Bay has two private residences, those of Gnaaah Xeltentat and Tomaso Franizzi and you’re kindly asked to respect the privacy there. Gnaaah confirmed to me later, when I had the opportunity to talk with him, that the rest of Florence Bay is public.
Florence Bay offers a lot of beautiful views and places to cuddle and enjoy And Angelique and I enjoyed exploring as well as trying out some of the places to sit and cuddle. There’s a lot of nature and animals like birds, seals, deers and many other who live peacefully here. And of course I took many pictures.

Impressions of Florence Bay (4)

We ended our visit with a long stay on the cuddle pier just below of one of the private houses. A seal was watching us and a few other seals were sunbathing close by.

Impressions of Florence Bay (5)

Florence Bay is a peaceful place to retreat to. It’s once again a personal dreamworld, and we could sense the love and the passion that went into it’s creation. I appreciate a lot that Gnaaah Xeltentat and Tomaso Franizzi share their world with the public. Thank you!
And the above mentioned curiosities just make Florence Bay a bit more unique and outstanding.

Landmark to Florence Bay
Inara Pey’s blog post “A rendezvous with Florence Bay in Second Life”

Simploring 2019 (33) Provincial Life and High Rock

Inspired by SL Destinations and by Inara Pey’s blogpost “A Provincial Life in Second Life” I made a simploring tour to Provincial Life.

Provincial Life is a (moderate) homestead owned by Hania Amidst (amberfff). In the landmark description Hania wrote about it:
The quiet simple life for me. Lots of little photo ops. and connected to High Rock for extended exploration. Please be respectful and have fun.

Provincial Life, High Rock and Provincial Life too – overview

In fact I didn’t just visit Provincial Life but also High Rock and Provincial Life too, different plots of one and the same homestead. I didn’t go to the 2nd Island on this homestead as it is obviously private.

Provincial Life is rural, beautiful and and offers wonderful views with many opportunities to take pictures. Close to the landing is a small house, fully furnished and sort of a spontaneous event area with a truck which loading area is used as a stage. Wild horses graze peacefully not only here but on the whole Island, an old rusted tractor is used to adverstise a farmer market, cats, dogs and other pets roam around.

Impressions of Provincial Life

Not far from the house is a nice spot at the shore to sit and mediate and a cosy hut, where you can just enjoy the environment and cuddle. Walking along the path to the inner island you get to another lovely small house, furnished and decorated, surrounded by grasland and grazing horses.

The other part of the island is named “High Rock”. No surprise, that it is dominated by a high rock, which is painted with graffiti, natives, a rainbow, hearts and other pictures. Below of it is a nice pond, more places to relax and sit and chat. I walked up the rock and the view from there down is just beautiful. There’re again several places to sit and to cuddle.

Impressions of High Rock (1)

Walking back and in another direction I came to a gazebo. Do I need to mention that it is furnished and offers lovely seats? *winks*. And nearby I met a grizzly. Thank god, it’s Second Life and I could even take a picture of me with the grizzly.

Impressions of High Rock (2)

Nearby is another beach. It belongs to Provincial Life too. I enjoy sitting there, took some more pictures and walked over to the house overlooking the beach. There’re sheeps grazing …. and they don’t mind that a group of grizzlies watch them. I didn’t go inside of the house, as it does look private.

Impressions of Provincial Life Too

Provincial Life and High Rock is a nice place for exploring and for taking pictures. It felt like a short vacation for me, it radiates peace and sereneness and is simply fun.

Thank you, Hania Amidst (amberfff), for sharing your place with the public. I enjoyed!

Landmark to Provincial Life
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A Provincial Life in Second Life”

Simploring 2019 (32) Salt Water

I came across Salt Water following Inara Pey’s “Living in a Modemworld” blog and read her post “A dip into Salt Water in Second Life“.

“The cure for anything is Salt Water — in one form or another, sweat, tears or the Salt Sea.”
Beach, Sunset, Couples, Mexico, Belize Mayan Ruins and Roatan. Sim and homes are open to everyone.
is what you find in the landmark profile. Salt Water is owned by Kye (Kyevaiy)

Salt Water

The (adult) homestead has been designed and created by Tippy Wingtip. Kye wrote in her profile that Tippy completed her sim based on the photographs she got from Kye take at her trips to Mexico, Belize and Roatan.

Impressions of Salt Water (1)

The landing is on a rocky high plateau with Aztec ruins. Angelique accompanied me on my visit to Salt Water. We first enjoyed the view from the high plateau to the beaches and the shore and to the rain forest below, then we went exploring.
Salt Water is just beautiful, a paradise to enjoy and a great place to take pictures. On our way to the beach we came along some waterfalls and we saw a nice event and dance area. We walked along wooden paths at the beach and went into the 2 houses at Salt Water. At one, I met Kye and we had a nice chat. She once again confirmed that also the houses are public, she has a skybox as her private retreat. She also told me that Salt Water was opened to the public just recently.

Impressions of Salt Water (2)

A smaller island can be accessed by a bridge built of a tree. I found the rests of an old temple almost fully hidden by trees and plants. Not only here you also find several places to rest, to cuddle, to sit, to dance or to just enjoy togetherness with a loved one.

Impressions of Salt Water (3)

The nature and the whole set-up of Salt Water is a bit different to what I saw so far in Second Life. The rain forest, the Aztec ruins, the beaches, the paths, everything fits together and forms this little paradies. I haven’t ever been to Mexcio, Belize or Roatan but I’m pretty sure that Kye must feel like being in her own personal paradise when she spends time in Salt Water.

Impressions of Salt Water (4)

Thank you Kye (Kyevaiy) for providing and sharing your place with the public! Thank you Tippy Wingtip for designing. I really enjoyed my visit to Salt Water.

Landmark to Salt Water
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A dip into Salt Water in Second Life”

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