Simploring 2017 (64) Diomita in Sansar

As I follow Inara Pey’s “Living in a Modemworld” blog, I also followed what is going on with Linden Lab’s most important project “Sansar”. In the beginning there were many rumors that Sansar might replace Second Life. Linden Lab always denied that and pointed out that Sansar is aimed to provide other virtual experiences. Inara had quite some blog entries about the progress of Sansar and it’s potential release date. Time flew by and now Sansar is avaible in a beta version. Inara tested it and provided the basics how to get started in her entry “Sansar: getting started the basics” and also reported about her first expereinces in her entry “Sansar: a handful of personal picks to visit and some tips

August 3rd – Diomita in Sansar visiting the Apollo museum

And I? I did try it myself :-). I created an account and made my first steps in this virtual world. I visited the Appollo Museum, a place called New World and 114 Harvest. The Apollo Museum is for sure very well made, it is edcuational and you can spend a lot of time there, as you’d do in RL. The 3D expierence is similar to Second Life, yet the movement of the avatar is more restricted and needs getting used to. The lighting with shadows of natural light and projectors is standard in Sansar and really good. As opposed to in Second Life you have to switch that on and I often have it off as it consumes a lot of ressources of my PC. I visited 2 other places: New World (an artful installation of bizarre trees, blue light and Buildings) and 114 Harvest. 114 Harvest looks like a street in a residential area somewhere in the US and I couldn’t get into the deeper sense of it. I could go in at least one house and walk around and see the cellar.

August 3rd – Diomita in Sansar visiting 114 Harvest and New World

I can see the difference between Sansar and Second Life. The graphics looks more natural – but to be honest at least at this phase of the project it is not that overwhelming compared to some sims that I visited in Second Life. Sansar might look very different using a head mounted display. The handling of Sansar for the user is a lot easier but I also miss a lot of features that we have in Second Life. It might be too early to judge about that.
I think Sansar really targets at other experiences as Second Life – it might be a nice addon to visit and to enjoy places like the Apollo museum.

Try out yourself. I will return to Sansar and have a look into it again.

Inara Pey’s blog post: “Sansar: getting started – the basics”
Inara Pey’s blog post: “Sansar: a handful of personal picks to visit and some tips”

P.S.: In the meanwhile Inara has published more blog posts about Sansar in which she also summarizes her impressions and experiences and shares her opinion and thoughts – both not that far from my own opinion and thoughts. Here are the links to her newer posts:

“Sansar Creator Beta: personal thoughts”
“Sansar basics: Atlas, Desktop mode movement, chat and friends”
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Simploring 2017 (61) Serena Imagine Arts Center

For simploring Saturday, July 29th, I followed Inara Pey’s blog post “Picture of Oh in Second Life“. Bryn Oh is a well know artist in Second Life and has had already some very catching installations. I have visited some of them myself, for example Immersiva (read here). The exhibition Picture of Oh is in a skybox at Serena Imagine Arts Center and it is worth a visit. For a description you better read Inara Pey’s post – it is very detailed and I can’t add anything to it.

I never heard about Serena Imagine Arts Center before, so I had a look what else is there. The Arts Center is embedded in Wolves Land, a nice homestead sim that offers some places to dance, to relax or to wind down, just as it is described “Come, relax, have fun and meet friends in this wonderful wolf-friendly land. You will be welcome. Why not dance or just chill under a tree?“. Right now it hosts not just the exhibition “Picture of Oh” but also the exhibition “Talking Walls” by Lalie Sorbet and an exhibtion with pictures of Lin Carlucci, both artists in RL. Their paintings are shown open air in a park, another and different way to show paintings and some of them melt perfectly with the environment while others add strong colours to it.

Serena Imagine Arts Center is owned by Vita Theas, who owns the sim and has her clothes store “Just imagine” right next to the art center. Thus the sim has 3 functions: a peaceful retreat, a store and an art center. “Ciao, Wolves Land is opened for all to visit and my hope is that you’ll love it. There’s my store Just Imagine and the Arts Centre I’m taking care of since 2009. If you are an artist feel free to call me.”

I think that’s a really nice way to combine business, art and the beauty of Second Life. Thank you Vita for the idea and the support of arts!

Landmark to Serena Imagine Arts Center
Landmark to the exhibition “Picture of Oh”
Inara Pey’s blog post “Picture of Oh in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (57) – somewhere

Wednesday late night, I had time for a short simploring tour. I visited “somewhere” or more precisely “welcome to somewhere“. Inara Pey reported about her visit in her blog under the title “Welcome to Somewhere in Second Life“. Her description is as always very detailed, I recommend reading it.

At the Landing Point somewhere (welcome to somewhere)

welcome to somewhere” is a bit dark and even scary, in particular when you use the preset windlight setting. I did that when I arrived but changed to a setting with more light to see more details. The sim combines a lot of elements that I saw already at other places. It is very well buildt and there’s really a lot to explore and discover, for sure more than I saw during my short visit of about 30 minutes.

Most places, and the majority of houses at “welcome to somewhere“, seem to be abandoned, but then you find a lot of evidences that you’re not alone there – I was alone during my visit. The food stall, right next to the landing point offers hot food and you hear the sound of frying fat and can almost smell it – a clear evidence that somebody lives somewhere. Everything is partially damaged or fully broken – some houses look inhabited, some are totally or nearly empty. On my discovering tour I came across some places, that do fit into the Halloween season like bloodied scary dolls, bloodied wall papers and broken dolls. I found the grave of a Vampire:

In loving Memory
Desire Dark
the faked vampire,
beloved Daddy
1735 – Eternity

There’s for sure a mystery hidden at “welcome to somewhere“. I got some lovely views but also took some pictures with scary elements. “welcome to somewhere” offers both. But once you came across the scary elements, everything looks different, feels different. It is this combination that makes “welcome to somewhere” a place to visit and to dive deeper into.
The sim is owned by DarkDesire (Stefan Salmson), the above mentioned vampire. Thank you for providing it to the public.

Landmark to “welcome to somewhere”
Inara Pey’s blog post “Welcome to Somewhere in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (55) Ash Falls

I came across Ash Falls by following Inara Pey’s Living in a modemworld blog. Just a few days ago she published her post about “Ash Falls in Second Life“. Ash Falls is a homestead sim build by Birdy Moone (silent halostar) and Leaf Moone (peyton darmoset) and owned by a group named Dirty.Pretty. The group and Ash Falls are freely open to the public until July, 31st 2017. Later the region will return to group access only and you’ll have to join the Dirty.Pretty group in order to visit Ash Falls.

The windlight setting of Ash Falls (Bryn Oh’s Mayfly) is quite dark and enhances the intended atmosphere of it. Ash Falls is a volcano island, the ground and in particular the large beach is covered by dark volcano ash sand. The vegetation is dominated by large conifers. The landing point is at the North West end of the U-shaped island. Along your way discovering Ash Falls you will find quite a lot, hidden corners to sit and mediate or to cuddle as well as terraces with nice views. At the other end of the island is a residental, modern home that looks occupied and in use. What else you will find? There’s an old quarry, obviously not in use and semi-flooded lightened by floating laterns. Not far from the quarry is outdoor cinema. The projector is still running but you won’t see a movie, just shadows on the broken wall that was once used as a screen. The sound of the projector together with the dark light creates a strange morbide atmosphere. And not far from the cinema is an old shack and barn. The modern truck in front of the farm indicates that someone is still living there. And there’s the large beach. Quite close to the water is a shed that is used as a coffee house and offers seating in and outside.

Ash Falls is outstanding and a great place to take pictures, to explore and to sit and watch. For me it looks like a long forgotten place that has been discovered by some people who made it their personal retreat. They buildt the new residential home and are just about to bring a bit of life back to the island. The dark windlight setting provides a particular atmosphere that fits perfect to the volcano character of the island. I took some pictures with more light, but then the mystic of the island is gone.

Ash Falls is worth a visit and I enjoyed my simploring tour. Thank you Leaf and Birdy Moone!

Landmark to Ash Falls
Inara Pey’s blog post about Ash Falls

Simploring 2017 (46) – Le Sixième Sens

Tuesday, June 13th, I made another simploring tour. Inara Peys’ blog “A sixth sense in Second Life” caught my attention as I was in the mood something just naturally peaceful.
Le Sixième Sens is French and means “The sixth sense”. The sim is designed by Yeiyaiel and Natacha Haroldsen, they are partnered in Second Life. Le Sixième Sens is the home of the Knicks Knacks mainstore, which is owned by Natacha Haroldsen. The shop offers design buliding elements and other stuff for interior and exterior decoration. You land exactly in front of the main entrance of this shop. I had a quick look around and yes, there’s some stuff that really looks nice.

The Knicks Knacks mainstore is the biggest building of the Tuscan village and dominating the market court. There are some other smaller store at the court, smaller stores, like boutiques that you would expect there, so the village is also a place to shop.

Le Sixième Sens consists of three islands, the village is on the main island. The seccond largest island is farmland. On it’s one end is a ruin with same nice places to sit and cuddle. And there’s the broken lighthouse that I saw on another sim already. That fits well to the ruin. Besides the farm there’s wine and a lovely house on the top of the vineyard. The smallest island is more or less just a rock with a little house on it’s top, that is used as an artist’s workshop.

Le Sixième Sens is beautiful and pitoresque. The pictures i took look like watercolour, amazing. It is as if you were walking and sitting in a picture. I can’t express is any better than Inara did in her blog entry “Le Sixième Sens retains a wonderfully relaxed feel, offering the kind of setting you hope to find whilst travelling on vacation; a place that calls on you to stop, explore, run your fingers lightly over the delicate curl of flower petals and watch the water slip slowly under bridge and bough.”

Thank you Natacha Haroldsen and Yeiyaiel for providing this spot of Mediterrean peace to all of us.

Landmark to Le Sixième Sens
Inara Pey’s blog about Le Sixième Sens

Simploring 2017 (41) – Surreal Chess Wonderland

Inspired by Inara Pey’s blog post “A Chess Wonderland in Second Life” I went exploring Chess Wonderland – The Life of Black and White. “Chess is all about black and white trying to conquer each other. There is no grey in chess and same goes for life.” is the description of the landmark.

Chess Wonderland is surreal. The ground is made of black and white squares yet not flat but undulating. Right close to the landimg point is a sculpture of Mistero Hifeng “Siamo diversi”, a figure sitting on a bench. If you walk a bit further you’ll see a stage with some muscians. Those are contributed by Cica Ghost. It looks that I come across these two artist quite often on my simploring tours. Chess Wonderland is enclosed in a box, the wall glow in different colours of a rainbow and on the ceiling is one large light that illumintes the scenery together with the glowing wall. The preset ambient is foggy and mysterty. You can find all chessmen spread over the installation, there’s also one real battlefield where the chessmen are in close-quarters fighting. In one corner of the isntallation is a big castle, which rooms to explore. Some parts of the castle are fake though, contain no rooms and you can fly through it walls. On one of the roofs are a black and a white sofa and you can sit there to watch the scenery and to suck in the impressions. There are for sure a lot of symbols hidden not only in the castle but also in the installation itself. Everybody has to interpret them individually. For me it was like diving into a battlefield and not looking at a game. It lifts chess into another dimension giving winning and loosing another meaning.

Of course you can take fantastic pictures of Chess Wonderland, and I took a lot. In the end I changed the windlight settings to get a better insight how the installion is buildt – and it looks totally different if you change the settings. Thank you EgyptRocker for providing this peice of art to us!

Landmark to Chess Wonderland
Inara Pey’s blog post “A Chess Wonderland in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (39) Costa Blanco

Tuesday, May 23rd, I found time for a simploring tour again. I looked up Inara Pey’s blog and selected “Costa Blanco in Second Life“. Inara has a very detailed description in her blog. The landmark description read promising for me, as I was in the mood for a beautiful environment and nature: “Costa Blanco is situated in the southernmost province of Sweden, and is connected by weather and theme with Bretagne in France. It’s a sophisticated place to take pictures, where nature’s spacious beauty, is combined with adult pleasures.”
I associated Costa Blanco with Spain mixing it up with Costa Blanca (Costa Blanca, literally meaning “White Coast”, refers to over 200 kilometres (120 mi) of Mediterranean coastline in the Alicante province, on the southeastern coast of Spain).
Anyway back to my visit to Costa Blanco. I was not disappointed. Costa Blanco is beautiful and rural. I consits of one main island with a little harbour and two very small little islands. You can take a motorboat to reach the 2 smaller islands. There’s not much to see or to explore and discover at Costa Blanco on the first glance. Just nature, some fields and agriculture, horses, a lonely beach, some places to sit and cuddle. As it is an adult sim, I went there still dressed in a full black latex catsuit from the night before. I love doing that as it gives some pictures a little kick (and kink). Some areas of Costa Blanco look half-abandoned, the houses empty. But then you find also houses which look as someone has just left. One house is an art studio.
I began to search the adult pleasure of the landmark description and in another house I noticed a chain with handcuffs and a whip on the floor (also working for bdsm scenes, if you click on the rug). I continued exploring now with another focus and also discoverd a suspension ring hanging from the ceiling in another house. And this turned out being for Shibari. I couldn’t resist to try it our and as I had no slave in accompany, I had to try it myself.
I’m sure there’s more to discover but my hour for the visit ended way to quick. Thank you Gabrian Lascelles (gothicgaylord) for creating Costa Blanco and for providing it to the public. I enjoyed my visit.
Landmark to Costa Blanco
Inara Pey’s blog entry “Costa Blanco in Second Life”

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