Simploring 2017 (23) – PeTOu

PeTOu is a sim which I visited following Inara Pey’s blog. As always I refer to her blog entry about PeTOu “PeTOu’s perfection in Second Life” for here more detailed description. I have no idea what PeTOu stands for, maybe it is something Japanese. The creator and owner of PeTou, Uta (xoyuutaox), seems to be Japanese.
PeTOu offers several worlds. The world you land when visiting PeTOu has the second name “Oriental” and it’s the main sim, which is just overwhelming in it’s beauty. And, fitting to spring, everywhere the cherry trees are blooming. WOW. Right next to the landing point you’ll find teleport pads to visit the other parts of PeTOu, which are smaller and placed into skyboxes.
Back to PeTOu – Oriental. I walked over the sim and enjoyed the power of colours and of the blooming cherry trees. Center piece of Oriental is a Japanese House surrounded by water and many wooden walkways through the water, with platforms to enjoy the view. There are two dragons close to the house and one seems to have just destroyed one of the walkways. On the water are many many laterns and if you turn your light to midnight you get a particular impression. Overall, I can only say: just beautiful.Just a few words about the other worlds.
Roofs of Paris is what the name already hints, a small piece of Paris. You’re on the roofs of Paris overlooking other roofs. There’s an atelier inside with some pieces of art and you can sit in a nice chair ourside on a roof terrace and enjoy.
R2 cafe is a very colourful cafe in a skybox that offers some games to play. I didn’t try the games but it was not greedy or any of the board games I know in Second Life.
Japan torii is nice but hard to describe and you might need to know more about Japan. There are bridges, fences, Japanese Arcs, laterns and many white and green flowers and gras but there’s no ground. Hence you walk somehow in the air. And the scenery is a night. It has for sure its temptations, but I didn’t understand if it has a deeper meaning or is just a piece of art.
Koi is a skybox with a pond with two Koi. Koi or more specifically nishikigoi (literally “brocaded carp”), are ornamental varieties of domesticated common carp (Cyprinus carpio) that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens (source Wikipedia).Magnolia is my favourite among the skyboxes of PeTOu. It is similar to “Japan torii” but dedicated to magnolias. Your are literally wurrounded by the beautiful blossoms. Just amazing.
Inara summarized her visit “PeTOu is a marvellous environment for exploring and for simply getting away from everything, be it time spent on the ground, or up in one of the skybox locations”. I can’t express it any better.
Thank you Uta, for providing PeTOu for the public. I enjoyed my visit very much.
Landmark to PeTOu
Inara Pey’s blog post “PeTOu’s perfection in Second Life”
Flickr group for PeTou

Simploring 2017 (18) An unusal way to visit Norderney

When I read the title “A return to Norderney in Second Life” in Inara Pey’s blog, I already knew that I had to visit. Norderney is one of the East Frisian Islands off the North Sea coast of Germany. The island is 14 by 2.5 kilometres,  having a total area of about 26.3 square kilometres and is Germany’s tenth-largest island. On the northern side of the island lies a 14 kilometres long sandy beach (read more about Norderney in wikipedia here).I visited the North Sea coast of Germany sometimes and the landscape is quite familiar to me. I don’t know if Linden Lab named the homestead sim or if it was named by the owner and creator of Norderney in Second Life, Jacky Macpherson. But from what I’ve seen, the sim is provides some of the environment and typical elements of the North Sea coast of Germany. For example there are sheeps. The sheeps play an important role at our coasts as they graze on the dykes protecting the coast. On the beach and on porches and terraces you will see often roofed wicker beach chairs. They are very cosy and you can spend a good time sitting in them even on windy days. Also typical are the many bicycles you’ll see in Nothern Germany. Of course you can find beaches everywhere in the world but together with these little elements you’d probably be in Germany.For my visit to Norderney in Second Life on Thursday, March 9th, I didn’t change but went there in my fetish outfit. That is for sure not the right outfit for a walk on the beach. But it adds a nice contrast and is something you resonably can only do in SL and not in reality (although it’s not illegal at all). And thus I got pictures of me in second life in an environment that I love in real. Kinky Diomita :-).

March 9th at Norderney in Second Life: Diomita Relaxing in a roofed wicker beach chair

Norderney offers many places to sit and cuddle, to dream and to watch. It is really beautiful and gets you into a relaxed mood. While I visited it was quite full there for Second Life, there were about 10 avatars exploring the island or enjoying the beach and the the mood. Thank you Jacky Macpherson for providing Norderney to the public.

Landmark to Norderney
Inara Pey’s blog entry about Norderney

Simploring 2017 (16) Long Journey

I went simploring and visted “Long Journey“, a place created by Yang (Sun2idea). Inara Pey had a blog post about it – A Long Journey in Second Life. From Yang’s profile I took this text about Long Journey: “An end or just a start? Are you always on your trip or need a stop? Make your heart peaceful but the music loud.  Runing away is also a long journey,  waitting a tram go through your dream and keeping smile.”
Visitors land inside a cosy bar and coffee shop and I couldn’t resist to sit down first before I began exploring the place, which is not that large but really offers a lot. I try to describe what I discovered. 20170303-lang-journey_01620170303-lang-journey_017The bar, where I landed, is at the entrance to the tunnel, that you see in the middle in the background of the overview picture. On the left is a large buildiung, that looks like a storage building but is mostly used as a photo and painting atelier. On the right is the ruin of another storage or fabric building. In the center is the railroad station and a a train is just arriving. In the foreground bottom right side is a residents house. And what else? A lot of details are to discover. Long Journey seems to be a artists’ colony. There’s the big building on the left. On the frontside is an painting atelier. The main part of the building is dominated by a scenery with a truck, obviously to take pictures of to present other artists acts. The ruin on the other side is in use for making a movie scene.

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (1)

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (1)

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (2)

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (2)

And on the street is the exhibition of another painter. You can also see a camera on a tripod that on a wooden bridge over a canal in the middle of the village. And there many restaurants and cafes. You will find a lot of places to sit and dream or to pose for a picture. What you really sense here is the love for detail that Yang has put in this creation. What I missed to my surprise was music. But I could turn on my own instead. I enjoyed a lovely, relaxing hour of simploring at Long Journey. Thank you Yang for opening the place for the public.

Landmark for Long Journey
Inara Pey’s blog post about Long Journey

Simploring 2017 (15) Colourful and bright art in Second Life

Wednesday, March 1st, I found time for a short but very impressive simploring tour. A blog post from Inara “The Architect’s Playground in Second Life” caught my attention. The Architect’s Playground is a full region installation by Methias Kira.

March 1st, exploring "The Architect's Playground: at the landing area

March 1st, exploring “The Architect’s Playground: at the landing area

Upon your landing you are surrounded by light, by colours, by particles and it is that overwhelming that you loose orientation first, at least I lost it and fell down from the platform in the sky to the ground. I first thought ok, you have to explore flying then, so I began to fly upwards until I reached the next platform. Then I recognized that there are quite broad and lighted transparent walkways between the different also transparent platforms. Hence I walked over these ways traveling from one scenery to the next always getting new viewing angels, new bright hovering spirals, other blazing particles in all colours of the rainbow, new impressions.

March 1st, exploring "The Architect's Playground: the walkways between the platforms

March 1st, exploring “The Architect’s Playground: the walkways between the platforms

March 1st, exploring "The Architect's Playground: impressions (1)

March 1st, exploring “The Architect’s Playground: impressions (1)

March 1st, exploring "The Architect's Playground: impressions (1)

March 1st, exploring “The Architect’s Playground: impressions (2)

This installation is a another piece of virtual and temporary art showing the possibilities of Second Life. In one word amazing! And everybody will see it different, from another viewing angel, at another moment of this constantly moving installation. I took a lot of pictures, a lot more than I will publish here. This installation is a “must-see” piece for everyone interested in digital art.

March 1st, Diomita at "The Architect's Playground"

March 1st, Diomita at “The Architect’s Playground”

Thank you Methias for this beautiful sim! The Architect’s Playground will stay open until June, 2017 – so don’t miss seeing it.
Inara Pey’s blog entry about The Archtect’s Playground
Landmark to The Architect’s Playground

Simploring 2017 (11) The Gardens By The Bay

Saturday, February 18th, I went simploring and visited “The Gardens By The Bay“. It is part of the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) and shall be open until June 2017. Once again I came across it following Inara Peys blog. She wrote a post about “The Gardens by the Bay in Second Life
Gardens by the Bay is a nature park spanning 101 hectares (250 acres) of reclaimed land in central Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. The largest of the gardens is Bay South Garden at 54 hectares (130 acres).
Gardens by the Bay is part of a strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden”. The stated aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.” (source Wikipedia). I also recommend to go to the official website of the gardens, there’s plenty of information about it.
The Gardens By The Bay in Second Life were created by Maddy (nibby.riddler), the creator of Eclectica, which I visited within my exploring tour in 2015 (see here) and 2016 (see here).
Upon my arrival I had the first wow-experience. What a breathtaking colourful environment!
You will recognize immediately the Supertrees. In reality the Supertrees are tree-like structures that dominate the Gardens’ landscape with heights that range between 25 metres (82 ft) and 50 metres (160 ft). They are vertical gardens that perform a multitude of functions, which include planting, shading and working as environmental engines for the gardens. There is an elevated walkway, the OCBC Skyway, between two of the larger Supertrees for visitors to enjoy a panoramic aerial view of the Gardens.
In SL you can walk a whole circle and you get amazings views on the garden from up there. There are TP pads spreaded in the garden and on the eleveated walkway to travel easily between both in SL.
The garden in Second Life is just beautiful. It is hard not to be overwhelmed by all the colours. But there’s more to discover, more similarites between real life and second Life, yet it is not just a copy, it is inspired by the real garden. Take the glas structure that looks like a big agave – and then look at the 2 greenhouses in the real garden, by the way, which are supposedly the biggest columnless greenhouses on the world.20170218-gardens-by-the-bay_025
Or look at the silver ant and compare it with the little ants in reality. Or the flower clock – here and there.20170218-gardens-by-the-bay_026

Maddy added her own art to her garden, which is artful itself. You can spot it everywhere. Not a single space is not designed with artful creativity. As Inara wrote and as the landmark description says: This is a “must see build” for everyone who enjoys traveling and discovering SL and for everyone who likes to take pictures. Awesome!

Feb 18th: Diomita's visit to Gardens By The Bay (1)

Feb 18th: Diomita’s visit to Gardens By The Bay (1)

Feb 18th: Diomita's visit to Gardens By The Bay (2)

Feb 18th: Diomita’s visit to Gardens By The Bay (2)

Feb 18th: Diomita's visit to Gardens By The Bay (3)

Feb 18th: Diomita’s visit to Gardens By The Bay (3)

Feb 18th: Diomita's visit to Gardens By The Bay (4)

Feb 18th: Diomita’s visit to Gardens By The Bay (4)

Thank you Maddy for creating this for us. I just love your garden!
Landmark to The Gardens By The Bay
Inara Pey’s blog post about The Gardens By The Bay
Gardens By The Bay in Wikipedia
Gardens By The Bay Website

Simploring 2017 (10) Mistero at Astral Dreams

Just after visiting Anduril, where I saw art of Mistero Hifeng again, Inara had another blog about an exhibition of Mistero’s art at Astral Dreams “Mistero Hifeng at Astral Dreams in Second Life“. 20170215-astral-dreams-mistero-hifeng_010Of course I went to Astral Dreams and had a look. In this concentration Mistero’s art has not the same strong effect than it has when you stumble over it by accident be it in plain nature or in any other environment. I think this kind of art, big surrealistic statues often somehow craving for love or for music, and always a bit broken into pieces, do fit better as a single point of art, as stand alone piece – but that is just my personal opinion and for art everyone has an own way seeing it. No question I like Mistero’s art.20170215-astral-dreams-mistero-hifeng_011

Feb 15th: Diomita visiting the Mistero Hifeng Exhibition at Astral Dreams (La...chiamano realta' by Mistero Hifeng)

Feb 15th: Diomita visiting the Mistero Hifeng Exhibition at Astral Dreams
(La…chiamano realta’ by Mistero Hifeng)

The pieces at Astral Dreams do provide a good overview about Mistero Hifeng’s art and you can even buy them there….. and Bruciando ricordi (Burning Memories) can be seen at our homeplace now.

Feb 15th at home: Mistress Jenny, Angelique, Diomita, slave Flo, slave cecy looking at "Bruciando ricordi (Burning memories) by Mistero Hifeng"

Feb 15th at home: Mistress Jenny, Angelique, Diomita, slave Flo, slave cecy looking at “Bruciando ricordi (Burning memories) by Mistero Hifeng”

Landmark to Astral Dreams with the exhibition of Mistero Hifeng:
Inara Pey’s blog post

Simploring 2017 (9) Anduril

20171102-anduril_028Saturday, Feb 11th, I went on a simploring tour to Anduril. Inary Pey wrote about it in her blog “The streets and paths of Anduril in Second Life“.
Anduril is a sim with 3 faces. Upon your landing it is first of all a small town as you land on the main street. There are cars, street lights, sidwalks, shops, some trees, just what you expect from a small town. Every thing is nice, clean and neat. maybe there could be more people on the street but that’s Second Life. The town and the the whole sim is somehow dominated by a lighthouse, you can see it from everyhwere. Just where you land is a hotel and above the entrance is at well lightened statue. Inara writes it is a statue from Marcel Marceau. At least it is extraordinary for sure. At the end of the street is a big old villa. If you go in, you’ll find a big room that is used for ballet and on the balcony is a (ballet?) dancer.20171102-anduril_029
But Anduril is not just a little town. if you turn right and walk through a passage you can look at the backside of the houses and it looks not neat and clean anymore, but abandonned, as if the people left the place in a hurry. In one old building there’s an art installation of Mistero Hifeng .. that leads to the second face of Anduril: art. There’s not just the statue of Marcel Marceau, other pieces of art from Silas Merlin and Mistero Hifeng and others are spread over the sim.

Art at Anduril

Art at Anduril

The third face of Anduril is nature, more a park just next to the town. There are places to sit and cuddle, places to enjoy the view and there’re other pieces of art in this park. Overall, there’s a lot to discover and explore at Anduril and my one hour visit went by very quickly. Thank you Marina Breen and Asa Vordun for providing Anduril to the public. For me it is the best way to espose art, not in a museum and packed but in a park more by accident, when you’re in the right mood as you’re relaxed when walking through a park. There you can you discover each piece and they look different outside embedded in the environment.20170211-anduril_031


Feb 11th: Diomita relaxing and writing at the end of her visit to Anduril

Landmark to Andruil
Inara Pey’s blog about Anduril

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