Diary 2021 (122) September 11th/12th The Jenny Maurer Twins

When I peeked into Second Life on Saturday, September 11th, later morning, Mistress Jenny was inworld. I met her at club Domme a Domme. We caught up with our mutual news first. Mistress was in a quite domme mood. She took me to club DeLust and ordered me to sit on the cushion next to the chair she had chosen to sit on. The cushion was an human seat cushion, the one that I often use myself to sit on or rezz for Mistress to sit on a slave.
After a while Mistress asked another guest to have a seat on me ….
We returned home when it was time for Mistress and me to tend to our RL again. pet was at home and happily barked seeing us. I could get use to having a pet *winks*.

September 11th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme, at club DeLust and at home in our skybox

Mistres stored me at the wall in our skybox and teased me badly posing in front of me and rubbing herself. Then she left me frustrated and helplessly locked up.

When I returned inworld in the early afternoon, Mistress Jenny was already present. She unlocked me and led me to her throne to get licked by me. I licked her with passion and desire and got the next does of her intoxinating sweet poison falling deeper into submission to her. But this time Mistress had different plans. We went to xtra Ordinairy and I got the same latex business dress that Mistress was wearing since the day before. Furtheron Mistress took me to the hairstylist … and soon we were twins. Mistress even unlocked my slave collar and exchanged it with my partnering collar.

September 11th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home

We went to club Domme a Domme and to Puerto Esclava and we got quite some nice comments. We were wearing cuffs and had all keys out, yet nothing happened of course. It will be fun teasing our slaves and subs – double trouble for them (or double fun) *winks*. We had a quite full and varied 2 hours together that afternoon.

September 11th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava

We had a relaxed night. Flo, slave Holly, pet and slave Alessi were inworld and we played a round of greedy first. Angelique joined us and watched. After the game I really had to pee urgently and retreated with slave Holly.
We all went to Psi’s realm and spent the night there. We chatted amoung us and we teased our slaves and pet – nothing more and nothing less.

September 11th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at Psi’s realm with Angelique, Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi and pet

Sunday, September 12th, I met with Jenny in the later morning and it was at me to select an outfit for us twins. After we had changed we went to club Domme a Domme and to Heavy bondage Club. At coub Domme a Domme I really was flooded with IMs for what reason ever! But overall we had fun being together and trying to find any trouble – of course without any success.

September 12th: Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Heavy Bondage Club

We met again in the afternoon and went to Carnal Intentions for a while. Jenny had an idea to make something different. We went table dancing at club Delust. Unfortuantely whilt club DeLust is full almost anytime, there wren’t many guests and none who’s interest we could catch. We went to Puerto esclava next and danced on the court there – no tips *pouts*, no comments … Finally we went to club Domme a Domme and pole danced there. While it was full in the monring, it was almost empty in the afternoon. Again, no remarks nor comments, but Jenny and I had fun exposing ourselves. To complete our dancing afternoon we went to the Lesbian Loft and danced together there. Angelique came by there and we exchanged a few words. And that’s about the twin’s afternoon.

September 12th: Jenny and Diomita dancing as twins at club DeLust, Puerto Esclava, club Domme a Domme and Lesbian Loft

At night Jenny ran late and I played two rounds of greedy with slave Alessi and Flo. slave Holly came inworld after the first round, Jenny after the second. We decided to stay at home and took the girls to our stonehaven patio. Jenny rezzed 3 of her thrones, and took slave Holly to serve her. I took slave Alessi to serve me. And Flo? She sat between us and enjoyed her role as head maid and senior sub *laughs*. We had fun with some batner and with teasing the slaves.

September 12th: Jenny and Diomita at home with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

After Flo had drunk enough wine she retreated to her hut and we took slave Holly and slave Alessi to Carnal Intentions for a short while. we didn’t stay too long as slave Holly had an early start the next day. When we returned home, Faye cam inworld. We had in mind changing her outfit after she was in the hibble suit for quite some time. We took Faye to the stonehaven patio and spend the rest of the night with setting her up properly in a catsuit, harness and hood.

September 12th: Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and slave Alessi and at home with slave Faye

After all that was a nice and full weekend.

Diary 2021 (117) Sept 1st/2nd Two quiet days

Wednesday, Sept 1st, I went inworld after lunch and met slave Holly. I too her to Puerto Esclava and we just caught up after we didn’t see each other the night before due to SL’s technical issues. To my suprise Mistress Jenny came inworld and joined us there. I also saw Faye inworld. She was still leashed at Carnal Intentions and absent. I released some of her restrictions so that she could roan around when she returned.

My time was limited and so Mistress, Holly and I returned home. Faye and Alessi joined us there. We had a spontaneous family gathering *winks* – then I had to leave again.

I ran late at night. Mistress Jenny and Flo were playing skipee, slave Holly must have had just arrived as she was still in her room (her cell). I released slave Holly and went to the game table where I also met our pet. After all the hellos and greeting rituals, pet left for bed. Mistress Jenny and Flo ended their game and we played a skippe as teams. slave Alessi came also by and watched us playing for a while.
For me it was what I needed as I was tired and a bit tipsy. After the game we went to Carnal Intentions for about half an hour, where Faye joined us shortly before we had to leave and to go to bed.

September 1st – a relaxed night: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, pet (Newlifeloading), slave Holly and Faye at home and at Carnal Intentions

Thursday, September 2nd, Mistress and I met in the afternoon and went sim-hopping together. We visited club Domme a Domme, Puerto Esclava, Heavy Bondage Club and finally club DeLust. Mistress Jenny looked stunning again – well she almost always looks stunning. At club DeLust Mistress made me wear cuffs and ballet boots and she enjoyed her control and power before we went to our loft skybox, where I was allowed to lick Mistress and to get my fix. Thank you, Mistress Jenny

September 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava, at Heavy Bondage Club, at club DeLust and at home

I was early at night and our pet was present. I crawled her neck, and gave it a few orders … sit, down, come .. and i even talked with her in IM (after all there’s a nice sub behind our pet *winks*). Mistress Jenny, Flo and Alessi came inworld and Mistress, Flo and I played a round of skipee, while Alessi and pet were watching us play. It was a close game, hence fun. Flo left after the game, and pet had to leave already before.

Mistress Jenny and I went to Carnal Intentions and we stayed there all night. Faye came by shortly and joined us. We had a quiet and relaxed night. Later Mistress Jenny and I even went hunting a bit hopping over the usual places – but we didn’t find any new sub/slave or any trouble either, so we called it a night.

September 2nd: Diomita and pet (Newlifeloading) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Faye and slave Alessi

Diary 2021 (115) August 28th/29th A new puppy

Saturday, August 28th, started with a suprise. I went inworld in the later morning and had intended to roam around a bit or to visit a gallery. But Mistress Jenny was present and she was in a clearly dominant mood. I had to change and she blindfolded and gagged me before she took me to club Domme a Domme. There I lost also names and was leashed to the “Bitch Post” in the center of the room. Mistress teased me for a bit, then left the area where I could see her, then logged off. I knew that the keys to the post were available as well as the keys to my cuffs and I emoted just a bit and was released by one of the present guests. But my gag and blindfold kept locked. Hence I returned home and logged off.

August 28th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home, at club Domme a Domme and at Carnal Intentions

When I returned in the afternoon, Mistress Jenny was present. She unlocked my gag and the the blindfold and removed both. Then we visited Puerto Esclava and later Carnal Intentions. We talked amd watched until Mistress had to leave to tend to her RL.

I was online later again and roamed a bit around. I had one very nice encounter with a longer (quite exciting) conversation (You know that the brain is the most important sexual organ *winks*). I returned home when Sun (Newlifeloading) and Faye came inworld almost at the same time. I tokk both inside of our house and talked with them while playing around wiht their AnaVision-HUD’s. The newest update is nice. In particular it allows to “spy”, to see the sub’s view. After half an hour I had to leave and to tend to my RL.

August 28th: Diomita at home with slave Faye and slave pet (aka. Sun (newlifeloading))

My night started a Puerto Esclava. Soon after I arrived, Sun came inworld and I summon her to me. We spend some time at Puerto Esclava and she had to focus on my feet. Geez, I love control *winks*. Then I took her to Carna Intentions and exposed her suspended from the ceiling. Mistress Jenny joined us there and we quickly caught up with mutual news. As Flo was present we returned home for a skipee – Sun had to watch kneeling at our feet.

August 28th: Diomita and slave pet (aka. Sun (newlifeloading)) at Puerto Esclava and at Carnal Intentions with Mistress Jenny – slave pet’s view’s are added (upper middle and lower right)

It was a close game and fun, Mistress Jenny won it by the way. While we played I caught up with Mistress and I had a longer chat with Sun about her desires and fantasies. And also while we played slave Alessi joined us.
We went to Carnal Intentions to watch people. After Flo had left for bed, Mistress and I returned home with Sun and Alessi. Sun got her office desk initiation and Alessi was allowed to spoil Mistress Jenny with her tongue.

August 28th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave pet and slave Alessi / at home with slave pet and slave Alessi and Faye

Finally we sat down in the living room and chatted a bit to wind down. Faye joined us there. But it was already late for Mistress Jenny as she had an early start, and hence we retreated soon.

Sunday, August 29th, was quiet during the day. I was inworld in the later morning, had a quick sim hopping, then visited an art installation. In the afternoon I spent squite some time writing about the installation, was inworld again for an hour for some sim hopping, but that’s it.

Our night was quite filled. Sun (Newlifeloading) was inworld when I arrived. I went seeing her. She had asked to become a puppy and we had prepared what kind of gear she would need for it. And she had prepared herself already a bit. But she needed to be unlocked to add the new gear. We were still in the process of unlocking when Mistress Jenny joined us.
While Sun become a puppy step by step, Flo came inworld. And when Sun’s transformation was done we went to see Flo and to play a round of skipee with her.

While we played, Mistress and I caught up with our news and I further talked with Sun about her puppy life. There’s a lot to read and to learn for the puppy owner as well, the available scripts to adjust hearing and talking are complex and quite something to learn.
Alessi joined us at the game table and we all went to Psi’s realm after the game. We spent the night there. i was mainly occupied with first steps to understand Sun’s gear, but we also chatted amoung us, until first Flo, then Sun and finally Mistress and I retreated to bed.

August 29th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with Flo, slave Alessi and Maurer’s pet Sun

Diary 2021 (113) August 24th/25th Bondage nights / back in my slave collar

Tuesday, August 24th, Mistress Jenny and I met at Puerto esclava in the afternoon. We caught up with our mutual news there. Mistress told me that she received a message from our Kitty T. and she shared it with me:

Hello Mistress Jenny,
hopefully this notecard can be sent.
Kitty was feeling adventurous, exploring new places and in the process got captured on a space station in a far-away where Kitty is being accused of spying. As harsh as the allegations may sound, everyone here, including the space station commander are all very nice and Kitty is having a good time. However, there is some talk around what they consider doing in case Kitty doesn’t get picked up. Considering the vast distance that a rescue-mission would have to travel to get here, and the inherent dangers it would face, it might be safer and also more effective to have Kitty perform a self-rescue when the opportunity arises. The only real issue that Kitty would have to solve is how to undo the effects of a red pill that they made Kitty swallow. Though Kitty hasn’t attempted to escape, if it is true what the commander claimed, this pill is preventing Kitty from leaving the space station. On the other hand, Kitty has never had an adventure in outer space.
oh – here they come.. must stop writing. Transmitting message now. xox KTM

Kitty T. Maurer must have fun!

August 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto esclava, club Domme a Domme and at Dark Butterfly with Jenny Ceangail (Jen Starlight)

We went to club Domme a Domme and to heavy Bondage club, yet nothing really happened although we had our keys out. Finally we went to Dark Butterfly. And there was another Jenny, Jenny Ceangail (Jen Starlight) and she was wearing a tag “Mistress Jenny”. Hence I had two Mistress Jenny there and we had a nice conversation with her. Guess, where my place was .. kneeling between them *winks*
Unfortunately Mistress Jenny had to leave all of a sudden and she wouldn’t be inworld at night.

I was early inworld at night and Sun (Newlifeloading) was at home. I had planned a “suffer for Diomita” night after the “spoil Diomita” night the night before. Hence I wanted Sun in a chatity belt. THat took quite some time as she couldn’t make me owner, then ahd to edit it .. but we got it done in the end with enough patience. I took Sun to Psi’s and tied her up there.

August 24th: Diomita and Sun (Newlifeloading) at home and at Psi’s realm

I got my “suffer for Diomita” night. Well, let’s say at least part one. Flo came inworld and joined us for a while. She had had again some issues in her RL, poor girl. Alessi joined us also and I first let her play a bit with Sun’s nipples before I tied her up close to Sun.

August 24th: Diomita at Psi’s realm with Sun (Newlifeloading), Flo and Alessi

Finally slave Holly came inworld and of course I summoned her to us and tied her up as well. I made a couple of picture before Sun had to leave. then I teased Alessi and slave holly and I tried out slave holly’s updated Anavision. It worked fin and I could see what she saw. And of course it had become late over all the bondage fun. Part 2 is going to follow.

August 24th: Diomita at Psi’s realm with Sun (Newlifeloading), slave Holly and Alessi

Wednesday, August 25th, I found a picture of Holly in my messages. She took it when she was inworld in the morning. I had left her and Sun at Psi’s realm the night before. Mistress Jenny and I met in the afternoon and caught up with our news at Puerto Esclava. We both had IMs while we talked with each other. slave Faye came inworld and joined us for a while. We went to Heavy Bondage Club next. I had sensed it already before and could sense it again at Heavy Bondage Club, Mistress shortened my leash and enjoyed having me at her feet. I admit, I enjoyed pleasing her. After a while we went home to our skybox where Mistress expected me sitting in her throne. She made me lick and clean her pumps and then put her foot into my crotch so that I could rub myself against her leg. Talking with me and teasing me and distracting me I made a mistake and failed following a rule. Mistress had planned that … and replaced my sub collar with the slave collar *sighs a little bit*. Thank you Mistress Jenny.

August 25th: slave Holly at Psi’s realm. Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava with Faye, at Heavy Bondage Club and at home

Mistress wasn’t inworld at night and my night was busy as I expected it. Sun was at Psi’s realm when I came inworld and I went there to tease her. Flo came inworld and we chatted a bit in IM. She wanted to play a skipee against herself first. I decorated Sun with some nipple clamps and was busy trying to figure out how her clamps worked when Flo joined us at Psi’s. When i was just done with the nipple clamps. Faye and Holly came inworld. Holly was already at her place but I had to tie up Faye. After all I really created a bondage installation *winks*

August 25th at Psi’s: Sun (Newlifeloading), Diomita, Flo, Faye and slave Holly

After all this work I needed to relax and enjoy the result of my work. The three slaves looked just great in their bondage. When Alessi came by I also had the “right” chair. Faye had to leave for RL and Sun left soon after. I decided to take slave Holly and Alessi Carnal Intentions to wind down a bit for a few minutes, then I retreated to bed. What an intense day in Second life again.

August 25th: Diomita at Psi’s realm with Sun (Newlifeloading), slave Faye, slave Holly and slave Alessi / at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and slave Alessi

Diary 2021 (112) August 22nd / 23rd Spoil Diomita night

I had a varied day on Sunday, August 22nd. I went inworld quite early in the morning. Kitty was inworld but restricted from IM and I didn’t know the place she was at. She confirmed with blocked messages that she was doing fine and having fun. I had in mind to visit a gallery and I did. The visit took longer than I thought. Sun (Newliefeloading) came inworld. I had given her some assignments and she needed touch for them. It was my mistake, I thought that I’d granted that to her, but I hadn’t. Anyway, I returned home and allowed her touch. We shortly spoke with each other, then I continued my gallery visit.

August 22nd: Diomita and Sun (Newlifeloading)

After the visit a made a quick sim hop and at PE a strange looking lady grabbed my keys all of a sudden and to my surprise. I don’t know when that happened the last time. Anyway, we had a nice roleplay. In the end I had spent far more than 2 hours inworld and had to leave to tend to my RL.

In the afternoon I returned inworld after I had written the report about my gallery visit. I roamed around a bit, but nothing was going on. Finally I returned home and put my RemVision on and watched the “longer bondage scenes”. The slideshow lasts about 85 minutes. But now I know what slave Holly is watching at the moment. That will be useful when teasing her – or any other slave / sub. I also bought one of the movies that you can purchase seperately for the RemVision HUD. I watched the first of 3 parts when Faye and then Sun came inworld. As it was not possible to watch and chat at the same time I decided to log off (It is possible technically but it is hard to focus on both).
Later I finished watching the ist part (It is 40 min long).

At night Mistress Jenny was present as well as Sun, slave Holly and Alessi. We went to Carnal Intentions first for a few minutes, then we moved on to Psi’s realm. It was quite full there and a lot was going on, yet I was quite focused on our group. chatting with Mistress Jenny, with slave Holly, with Alessi and with Sun.

August 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with slave Holly, Sun and Alessi

Mistress proposed that I’d had a seat on Holly and I kpet teasing her. Argi and later also Faye joined us. I tried out Faye’s updated AnaVision HUD and used the spy function to see and control her view. And slave Holly sent me her view.

August 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with Argi, slave Holly, slave Faye and Alessi

August 22nd: slave Faye’s restricted view on Diomita’s heels, slave Holly’s view on Diomita’s legs

The viewing restriction can also create quite artful pictures as the background is black, slave Holly made on pictures that is really great and worth being shared here, thank you slave Holly.

August 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with slave Holly, Sun and Alessi

When I met Mistress Jenny in afternoon of Monday, August 23rd, first thing she was leading me to her favourite chair. She took her skirt off and invited me to lick her and to get my fix. I never reject it and happily began to serve her and to make her cum. The effect of her sweet poison kick in immediately making me more submissive. Afterwards Mistress ordered me to put on my wrists cuffs and she locked them on me.

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin at home

We went to club Domme a Domme and to Carnal Intentions to catch up with our mutual news. Faye joined us at Carnal Intentions where we stayed until Faye had to leave into her RL. Then we spent the rest of our time in the afternoon at Puerto Esclava. I nejoyed being on Mistress’ side, although I could feel that she’s shortening my leash again slowly .

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme, at Carnal Intentions with slave Faye and at Puerto Esclava

Mistress jenny was not inworld at night. When I returned online Sun (Newlifeloading) was present and I took her with me to the office for a reason. I had decided that it was “Spoil Diomita night”. Hence I allowed Sun to lick me. Alessi came inworld and I ordered her to kneel and watch while I had my fist intense orgasm, licked by Sun.
Sun wasn’t allowed to clean me, instead I gave that job to Alessi, who did it very well without stimulating me too much again.
Then slave Holly came inworld. I rezzed a dual pole dildo stand and fixed Alessi and Sun on it, then slave Holly was allowed to lick me – it was “Spoil Diomita night” *winks*.

August 23rd: Diomita at home with Sun, slave Alessi and slave Holly

After I had my second orgasm, Sun had to leave for bed and slave Holly took her place. I had fun teasing the two and turned the vibrators on until both had an orgasm almost simultaneously. It was also “spoil slaves night”. And as I had to pee, slave Holly got an extra treat.

August 23rd: Diomita at home and at Carnal Intentions with slave Alessi and slave Holly

I took slave Holly and slave Alessi to Carnal Intentions for a few minutes just to wind down, then we returned home and called it a night. It had been a very enjoyabe night.

Diary 2020 (170) December 6th – 8th In the run up to Christmas

Sunday, December 6th, I had a lazy day with quite some inworld presence. I met Kitty in the morning. She was locked up and leashed at at the Wall of Shame at Psi’s realm. She told me she was there since Tuesday. Her keyholder had locked her and left her their – with no timers. We caught up a bit with our news, then I set timers to her cuffs and went off to tend to my RL.
I returned before lunch for a gallery visit and saw that Kitty was still inworld – she was having fun already again. Good!

December 6th: Diomita with Kitty at Psi’s realm

In the afternoon I met with Mistress and we stayed some time at club Domme a Domme. When Flo showed up we returned home for a game of skipee. Alessi showed up as well so we played with 4 .. unfortunately it took too long and Flo and also myself had to leave.

December 6th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme … and being a bit curious and naughty exploring a sim

At night I was alone first and went exploring a private homestead and had a bit of fun looking at all edges (with the consent of the owner)

I had a good time, met with the owner and we chatted a lot. Finally I returned home. Flo had come inworld and we played a greedy while waiting for Mistress to get inworld. Alessi joined us and then Mistress …
We playe a round of greedy. Then we moved all to Carnal intentions. Alessi had bought the AnaVision HUD. I teased her and Flo with different restrictions while I caught up with Mistress. Time flew by.

December 6th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo and slave Alessi / Diomita in trouble

Mistress and I had several chats going on simultaneously and one was from a potential domme who might provide the time out Mistress and I are seeking. After flotime we went seeing her and I will just reveal one picture here. Let’s say it was a start. We will see if anything more will develop from it but Mistress and I, we both doubt it. It was a full Sunday.

Monday, December 7th, I met with Mistress at Psi’s realm. We caught up with our news there and had Faye (Bay Serenity) close to us. Mistress did also take care about me fix before we had to log off for dinner. The fix was overdue.

December 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with Faye and at home

Once again we had a relaxed night and started it with playing a skipee with Flo. We were just done when slave Alessi joined us. We went to Psi’s realm that night. I played with Flo’s and Alessi’s AnaVision and filled their world with smilies. I admit, that is a quite disturbing vision. Flo had fun and told everyone that she took a happy drug. And she said that she was seeing the avatars that were turned to grey silhouettes by the vision HUD as nakies.
Later Argi found us at Psi’s and she’s always entertaining. When we took Flo home at flotime, Argi came with us and we chatted a bit with her and Alessi. And that’s it about another quite lazy day in SL.

December 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’S realm with Flo, slave Alessi and Argi / Flo’s restricted vision / at home with Argi and slave Alessi

Well, that’s almost it. I stayed a bit longer inworld and idled a bit while writing for the blog. And this time something happened at PE. I got into trouble and had an intense roleplay being told off for my brattiness, forced into kneeling ruthlessly and being locked. Pheewwww, intense yet very exciting. Any more details in the blog? No, that’s just a litte note for myself to remember my play with H.J. *winks*

Tuesday, December 8th, Mistress took me to the Christmas platform of Dangerous, A Place for Women after we had caught up with our news in the afternoon. We had just arrived when Flo came inworld and Mistress summoned her to us immediately. Mistress had seen the platform before and showed us some nice spots there, including a post with an animation to make a snow angel. Mistress even gave Flo and me a ride in a sleigh that she pulled for us (good girl, Mistress), but honestly Mistress is not a very talented pony and we almost fall from the sleigh. Wen went to the shop selling the “snow angel post” next, and then moved on to the Christmas Shop of Simply Shelby Home & Garden. Mistress wanted some new decoration for our home. We first grabbed some 10L surprise boxes at the advent calender there before looking at all the other decoration items. I teleported Faye to us, when she reported in to me. And all together we tried to keep up with Mistress who quickly walked through the shop and finally picked 3 different decoration. Time flew and we were already over our usual time to return to our RL. Nonetheless we rezzed the decorations before we logged off.

December 8th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at Dangerous, A Place for Women and at home

December 8th: Christmas shop at Simply Shelby Home & Garden (upper left), the new decoration at our home

At night I rezzed the content of the 10L boxes at our skybox and was just done when Mistress came online as well. We decided to keep two of the 10L items: an archway that we placed at the bridge to Sarah Fhang’s island and at the bridge to the island of Virgo and Tyra. And a lighted Winter tree that we placed opposed to our house and next to Flo’s heaven. We made some more prims avilable by taking back some bdsm furniture that is rarely used and rezzed the two skating penugins, that we got last Christmas. And finally we found a plce for our snowman with the lovely poses. We have it out for the season for several years now.

December 8th: Further decorating our home for Christmas

After all this “work” we had a game of skipee before we got amoung people and went to Caral Intentions. We had fun chatting amoung us for example about a “Royal Queen” there (is that possible??) and about a giantrice … wow. After Flo went to bed, Mistress and I went to club Domme a Domme and to Puerto Esclava for a bit just to enjoy being together.

December 8th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo / the giantrice / at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava