Diary 2017 (80) May 18th – double collaring anniversary

Thursday, May 18th, marked slave Adarra’s and slave slut cecy’s first collaring anniversary. As if they had agreed on it, slave Adarra and slave cecy logged in exactly at the same time. Mistress Jenny and I were at home in our office and had just said hello to slave Flo, who was dusting (good girl). But they logged in at different places, as slut cecy was still at Psi’s realm. We said hello to slave Adarra and also welcomed Argi, then I went to Psi’s realm to pick up slut cecy. Unfortunately slave Adarra had to log off again due to RL … hence she avoided getting her collaring day spanks, but they are just postponed. And also unfortunately I took no picture as long as she was with us.
This way slut cecy got all of our attention and she deserved it. Slave slut cecy has developed into a very loyal slave to us and we’re happy to have her around us and in our family. Nonetheless we will continue being strict with her – for her own good. Cecy had to lean over a school chair to recieve her collaring day spanks from Mistress Jenny, from head slave Flo, from Argi and from me and her bum was glowing nicely red afterwards.
After slave Flo and Argi left we took slave cecy to S & L Storage where she’s exposed from now on until I pick her up.
Happy 1st collaring anniversary once again, slave slut cecy!

Diary 2017 (56) April 16th (2) – Thrall

Sunday night, Easter Sunday 2017, April 16th, we first went to The Secret House. We that’s Jenny, slave Flo and I. We met Argi over there and chatted a bit. It was very laggy and even the conference IM lagged terribly. Time to do something else. I still have some landmarks to explore and discover that I found surfing profile.

April 16th at TSH: Jenny, slave Flo, Diomita and Argi

We went to Thrall. Somehow the name rang a bell, but Jenny didn’t remember it and nor did I. The orignal description I had was “Welcome! Island home to Miss Angie and Shae. Use the TP pads to explore, and enjoy the castle, the forest, the caverns, the space station, and of course, the dungeon. Bring your loved one here to visit one of our many dark cells, or just to cuddle 🙂“. When we arrived at Thrall, we learned that Thrall is currently under recontruction and might be some mess.Thrall. The moment we arrived it felt familiar. In particular many names of the Thrall group are very familiar. Shae, that’s Shae Thatcher, she has her private hime there, Sharie Criss, Aimee Riptide, Tania Owatatsumi …. many more, not close friends but acquaintances of a long Second Life. And Thrall? Yes, we’ve been there before. It is a homesim right next to Lochme. A lot more quiet, medieval, some private homes. It offers nice looks and views and also a dungeon. As opposed to Lochme, you won’t get that much attention at Thrall. Everything is more private here. Jenny, Argi, slave Flo and I roamed around Thrall for about an hour. We had fun exploring it and the longer I walked around, the more familiar the place became to me again. We shall come back soon to check what is remodelled.
We walked over to Lochme (well we had also to swim) and finished our visit. After slave Flo went to bed, I grabbed what is mine. I had in mind to take Jenny to club DeLust and we actually also went there, but lag was unbearable that night, so we went home and spent some time together in our own Fetisch Club before I took Jenny to the annex of our skybox, where I took advantage of being in control. We ended this night dancing at the rooftop of our skybox.

April 16th at home at Fetisch Club Chez Maurer: Diomita and Jenny

Diary 2017 (46) March 29th / March 30th – The belt

Wednesday, March 29th, I met my property in the afternoon and took advantage of her. I’m enjoying my green light to the fullest. At night, I took slave Flo and slavin C to Lochme. I expected slave cecy to show up. She was once again in “her” beloved voting cage. We chatted and Argi also came by, so the time flew by, but cecy didn’t show up before slave Flo needed to log off. I took slavin C home and tied and leash her at our patio. Later slave cecy showed up, but it was already too late for that night. As so often, if you make plans in Second Life, they fail *winks*

March 29th: Diomita ties and leashes slavin C at our patio wall

Thursday, March 30th, and I’m still enjoying my green light. I took my property to Chateau Catspaw, that I explored just before. It was one of the landmarks that I collected for kinkploring. I might present that here in the blog soon. We were all alone, as I hoped, and I had my way with my very owned property. I made her shouting her “thank you, Mistress Diomita” not just one time *winks*.

March 30th: Mistress Diomita taking her property Jenny

Thursday night I could finally do what I planned for the night before. I took slave slut home from the voting cage. She had worked the votes needed to get free down to 14 from 35. Well done, slut. As we had a visitor, Carrden (Historik Bracula), we stayed at the patio and Carrden found himself soon chained and tied up in a frame there, after a “bad click” –  he sat unasked on my lap. May “bad click” was tieing him up in the frame. And what was the plan? Ah yes, I wanted to get a t&t chastity belt for our slut as a birthday present. To shorten it, I went getting the belt and set it up and then fitted it on her. With the butt plug and the vibrator the toy is just made for our slut. With chatting and teasing our victim and getting the belt adjusted, it was soon time for bed.

March 30th: Diomita with slave FLo and slave slut cecy at the patio teasing Carrden

That’s it for today.

Diary 2017 (45) March 27th / March 28th – Green

Time for a short diary entry, about a short but relaxing night on Monday, March 27th. It began late and ended early due to RL. Mistress Jenny and I spend the night at The Secret House and we had slave Flo, slave Adarra and Argi with us and hence some chatting there.

March 27th at TSH: slave Adarra, Argi, slave Flo, Diomita and Mistress Jenny

I had asked Mistress Jenny to retreat early as she gave free rein to a green light the night before. And of course I didn’t intend to miss it! It feels great to be in control of my very owned Mistress, different as how it was years ago .. but great. And most probably those who know us can see my pride *winks*

March 27th: Mistress Diomita and her very owned Mistress Jenny

Tuesday night, March 28th, we went on a kinkploring tour together (an entry about it is going to be published soon). And after the tour I enjoyed explosing my very owned Mistress at The Secret House, where we met Argi. That’s it for a short diary entry.

March 28th at TSH: Mistress Diomita and her very owned Mistress Jenny and Argi

Diary 2017 (43) March 20th/21st – family nights

We had two nights mostly chatting within the Family, Monday and Tuesday, March 20th/21st. We read profiles, tried a few Landmarks but with no real good result. But overall it was just relaxing. No post without a picture, and as it were 2 nights, two pictures. Both were taken at The Secret House.

March 20t at TSH: Angelique, Mistress Jenny, slavin C, Argi, Diomita slave slut cecy and slave Flo

March 21st at TSH: Argi, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo

Jenny Maurer’s 9th Rezzday (II)

Anniversaries were taken seriously throughout our Second Life. We celebrate them, we think about something particular and we have traditions. One of them is quite common for rezzdays – spanks. Mistress Jenny had granted me a short green light on the occasion of her rezzday and it was my intention to make it an enjoyable night for her. When she came inworld after a long day at work, I welcomed her in the annex of our skybox. The annex is the place where she can let go and show her submissive side. First of all she got her rezzday present. She got the NGW Andromede corset and the NGW Diane boots and a fitting black latex catsuit with zippers to open it at the right spots. Then, after she changed, she got her rezzday spanks …. one for each year.I added her vixen cuffs and her vixen collar, locked her securely and took her to Mesmerize Dungeon where we spent a very relaxing hour exposing our slaves Flo, slut cecy and puppy Adarra. We chatted and had fun talking with a very curios boy. And later Argi joined as well to congratulate Jenny.

March 19th at MD celebrating Jenny’s 9th rezzday: slave puppy Adarra, slave Flo, Diomita, Jenny, slave slut cecy

March 19th: Diomita taking her very owned Mistress

I retreated with my very owned Mistress early enough to take her another sim where I spoiled her with my strapon, before my short green light ended already again when we returned to our skybox. It was a dense and varied night. Thank you for being with me almost all of the 9 years, Jenny *mmmmmwah*. Congratulations!

Diary 2017 (38) March 6th / 7th – back in charge

Having a green light I enjoyed being back in charge. Monday night, March 6th, I got a visit from Mii, who’s in a maid dress just licke slavin C now. She’s still very tall and enjoying bondage, here’s an actual picture of her. Later I spent a quiet night with slave Flo and with slave slut cecy at TSH.

March 6th: Diomita with maid Mii

Tuesday, March 7th, I met met my property in the afternoon and released her from the cell at Seaside Slave storage and took her to Dark Wishes where I had my way with her. As there won’t be pictures of this here’s one of me with my very owned Mistress at Domme a Domme where we went afterwards.

March 7th: Diomita with her property at DaD

And at night we chatted a bit at The Secret House with Argi while exposing slave Flo and slave slut cecy. Apropos slave slut cecy: she enjoyed the voting cage that much that she asked to repeat the expierence. We granted her wish but as slaves don’t dictate we set the needed votes for release to 25. You won’t believe it but slave cecy got out within 3 hours! There’re either not enough nice people who vote against releasing or there was a technical problem – we’ll find out. There are ways to extend the exposing time *winks*.
I finished this enjoyable day in charge at club DeLust with my very owned Mistress, before I stored her in the annex of our skybox.

March 7th at Club DeLust: Diomita and Jenny Maurer

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