Diary 2017 (160) Sept. 22nd/23rd – Pirates, Lights, and a dress

Friday night, September 22nd, we had another party. The theme that Virgo picked was “Pirates”. We were just Virgo, Starry and myself in the beginning and hence I had time to get a fitting dress on the marketplace. I’m prepared now for the next “Pirates”-party. We had a very nice party with more guests later.

September 22nd: Friday night party “Pirates” – Baroness Capeleo, Diomita Maurer (upper pictures) and Della Randt, Starry, Virgo (lower pictures)

Saturday, September 23rd, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. She had announced before to take more control again yet I didn’t expect what she had in mind. We went to Restrained Freedom and she bought a sub suit for me. The sub suit is a quite elaborted restricting dress, that offers a lot of different designs, from a short unstricted dress to a full encasement with a hood – and a lot inbetween. Every single part of it can be coloured with a HUD in any Color and any material. Offering such a variety it is not that easy to set it up. slave Flo has one and I played with it several times. And now I own one, because Mistress wanted it for me. To stay honest, she also said that I may buy her one too. She will have the advantage that I can help her setting it up. I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon with setting up the sub suit and had it ready for Mistress Jenny at night.

September 23rd: Diomita Maurer wearing the “RF sub suit”

Saturday night we went attending a light show by Mario2 Helstein. I know Mario’s art and shows from visiting his LEA installation “Light Thoughts 3” (read here) and from visitng one of his former shows, the “Solstice Light Show” (read here). Mario had been busy working on the Sansar project and is back to Second Life now to do some events. He did a new “Equinox Show” at the Theatere On the Hill Saturday night and I had an invitation.

September 23rd: Impressions of Mario2 Helstein’s_Equinox_Show (1)

The show was fantastic again and I took about 100 (!) pictures again. For Mistress Jenny and slave Flo it was the first time seeing Mario’s light show and I’m glad they liked it as I did. Just amazing!

September 23rd: Impressions of Mario2 Helstein’s_Equinox_Show (2)

The show lasted over one hour and slave Flo went to bed when it was finished. Mistress Jenny and I went to The Secret house to wind down and we met Argi there. Soon later Kitty and slave slut cecy joined us. As it was already late we just chatted and caught up, then we brought slave cecy to Lochme, where she can hang around for a while.

September 23rd: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Kitty and slut cecy at TSH and Lochme

What a varied Saturday night!

Diary 2017 (156) Sept 16th/17th Mesh head and other fun

During the weekend of September 16th/17th I used my free time to work on my mesh head. Actually I do have it quite a while but my first attempts resulted in a totally face, that did not look like myself. A few weeks ago, Angelique began to consider to change to a mesh head and more and more poeple around us do. After some research Angelique decided for the LeLutka bento head, the same brand that I choose months before and she began to work on it to get it similar to her old “me”. She did very well, as this picture of her proves.

September 17th: Angelique Maurer

I began to work on my mesh head again a week ago and with Angelique’s help I made progress. It takes quite a while in particular if you want to get it looking similar to how you looked before. Hence I filled any time inbetween during this weekend with working on my mesh head … and that is the preliminary result.. taadaaa

September 16th/17th: Diomita Maurer with “systemhead” (left) and with “mesh head” (right) – it’s getting close, isn’t it?

From Saturday, September 16th, I just have on picture of Mistress Jenny and me at Mesmerize Dungeon. Mistress and I spent a quiet hour in the afternoon. At night, Angelique, slave Flo and I played greedy until Mistress Jenny joined us. We chatted, caught up and had a relaxing night. Mistress Jenny and I did something else, but that’s not to be documented in the diary, not yet at least *winks*

September 16th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon

Sunday night was busy. Mistress Jenny was off due to RL obligations. When I came online, slave Flo was present and I decided to take her to the Stonehaven wall to tie her up. I had fun, in particular when slave Adarra and slave slut cecy joined in as well. Finally a bondage session again! And it was completed when Angelique and Argi came by and enjoyed the tied up eye candy together with me. And that’s it for this diary entry.

September 17th, a bondage night: slave Flo, slave Adarra, slave cecy tied up, Diomita, Angelique and Argi enjoying the eye candy

Diary 2017 (153) Sept 13th – Enjoying control / Enjoying bondage

Wednesday afternoon. September 13th, I tied up my wife, my property, my owned owner and took her to several sim to expose her. I enjoyed being back in control and she enjoyed being tied up and restricted, hence a true win/win situation. Having Jenny tied up close to me I could burst of pride although I know it is a very personal feeling and nothing other people could really notice. But I did get several instant messages out of the blue congratulating me for my lovely property. There’s nothing more to report – I let the pictures speak for themselves ….

September 13th: Diomita with her property Jenny at Heavy Bondage Club and at The Secret House

September 13th: Diomita with her property Jenny at The Secret House and at Mesmerize Dungeon

Time flew by again this afternoon and I left Jenny tied up and leashed at Lochme, so that she can enjoy her helplessness and think of her owner (of me 🙂 ) in case she finds time going inworld.

September 13th: Diomita with her property Jenny at Lochme

Wednesday night had some surprises on stock for me. First I met slave Flo at home. She asked me about a new sculpture in our garden. I didn’t buy anything. Actually slave Flo was referring to a random visitor named michaela (mike2007 Coeyman) who occupied one of our podestals. We went over to our newest art addition and spoke about it. slave Flo had the impression that the eyes of the bust were moving, but that’s impossible isn’t it? slave Flo must have a very vivid imagination.

September 13th: Diomita, slave Flo and the statue michaela (mike2007 Coeyman)

slave Flo went to bed early and my night was very quiet. I roamed through the clubs and met Argi at Domme a Domme. Argi was talkative like always and we entertained the whole club with our conversation. I continued roaming but nothing else happened anymore besides a very interesting chat I had a The Secret House when I was about to go to bed already. That kept me online longer than planned and might develop into something. We will see about it.

September 13th: Diomita with Argi at Domme a Domme

Diary 2017 (151) Sept 10th/11th quiet but varied nights

Sunday, September 10th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. We caught up with all news while I was kneeling at Mistress’ side at Domme a Domme. We spent the evening with slave Flo, Angelique and later also with slut cecy at various places, but we couldn’t find any trouble or entertainment and stayed among ourselves – and I didn’t take any picture. Hence for Sunday, there’s just one picture from the afternoon.

September 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Domme a Domme

Monday night, September 11th, was different. I went with Mistress Jenny to the Lesbian Society to have a look at the latest pictures there. Angelique joined us just for a short time. She had technical problems, crashed and didn’t return. And Mistress Jenny was interrupted by her RL and absent. I couldn’t resist to take the opportunity, cuffed and gagged my Mistress and brought her to a seating group at the Society. I had fun and Jenny wasn’t upset when she returned from her absence, she admitted she’d done the same being in my shoes.

September 11th at the Lesbian Society: Diomita and Angelique (left) / Diomita and Mistress Jenny (right)

We were just about to make plans for a night just among us two, when sissy maid came inworld. After she was done with her main chores at home, we summoned her to Domme a Domme, where we met Argi. We also summoned slave Adarra there, when she came inworld later. We had fun chatting and teasing and spent a nice and relaxing hour at Domme a Domme.

September 11th: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at the Lesbian Society (upper left) / Diomita, sissy maid, Argi, slave Adarra (Mistress’ seat) and Mistress Jenny at Domme a Domme

Diary 2017 (148) Sept 5th – The return of MIA slaves

Tuesday night, September 5th, was really particular. Mistress Jenny, who I met in the afternoon, was unavailable that night. When I came inworld I found slave Flo sitting next to slave pet’s kennel at the porch of our house. slave Flo held company to our pet slavin C. We hadn’t seen slavin C for about a month. I decided to take slave Flo to the dungeon of Mirage (read about it in yesterday’s post here) and to try out some of the bdsm gear there and I took slave pet with me on a short leash.

Sept 5th: Diomita with slave Flo and slavin C at Mirage dungeon

Again I didn’t find the official entrance to the dungeon and had to postpone that for the next visit. In the dugeon slave Flo was suspended in the center and I used a vibrator and my remote control to arouse her and to entertain me. We spent about an hour there and slave Flo was spoiled with more than one orgasm. Then it was about time to bring slave Flo to bed.

Together with slave pet I went to The Secret House and tended to her. I thought that she had understood at least parts of my conversation with slave Flo – she didn’t. slave pet wears a SubListen HUD, a toy particularly designed for pet play. It filters out most of what the sub hears on the chat, and replaces it with static. Like real animals, they can only understand a few words a human says, and only after some extensive training. As I wasn’t familiar anymore with the HUD I had a wrong setting causing slave pet to hear really nothing. I changed that, so now slave pet hears at least some words just like a pet does.

Sept 5th: Diomita with slave summer, slavin C and Argi at TSH (left) and visting slave Adarra at Lochme (right)

Argi joined us at TSH and then the next MIA slave appeared inworld, slave summer (summerlong), who I summoned to us. We didn’t stay very long at TSH as slave Adarra showed up as well. slave Adarra had just returned from being MIA a few days ago and Mistress Jenny and I had stored her exposed on the slut platform at Lochme next to slave slut cecy. So the next place we visited was Lochme. After Argi left I took my little tribe of returning slaves home and slave Adarra and slave pet had to change in their September outfit, which is a transparent dark catsuit with a hood. slave Flo, slave slut cecy and slave Adarra do look quite similar now for this month at least while slave pet just got her skin dyed into another fitting colour.

Sept 5th: Diomita at home with slave Adarra (in September outfit), slavin C, slave summer (summerlong) and our random visitor cristy (cristy Lysette)

What a busy and surprising night! Three missed slaves returning and to crown it, we had a random sub (cristy Lysette) visiting our island who was trapped by our spider.

Diary 2017 (140) August 24th – Green

Thursday, August 24th, I fully started my green light in the afternoon. I had bought a surgical mask with neck corset for Jenny a couple of days before, something similar to the hood and veil she used for me, not a new idea but different nonetheless. I hid a the Mo penis gag below it. First I took Jenny to Domme a Domme to enjoy not only having her at my feet but also to expose her, proving that I own my mistress vice versa – and of course I made a couple of pictures.

August 24th: Diomita exposing her very owned Mistress Jenny at Domme a Domme

After that I brought Jenny to Psi’s realm and put her in an elaborate suspension bondage. We had quite some people observing us and I teased my property before I left her there, helplessly tied up and extradited to the views and touches of everyone visiting.

August 24th: Diomita providing some time to hang around at Psi’s realm for her very owned Mistress Jenny

At night, when I picked Jenny up, Mitchen (Mitchen Heston) was teasing my property with a feather. Mitchen hid the feather when I appeared, but I noticed it *winks*. Jenny was aroused and moaning – it seems that she enjoyed her time at Psi’s. I released her and we went home, to see slave Flo, but she had left after cleaning the house. We went to The Secret House, relaxed and met Argi there. After some banter and as slave Flo didn’t reappear the next stop was “our” club DeLust. I made myself comfy and had my property keenling next to me on the kneeling pad. She really looks yummy and desirable like this!

August 24th: Diomita and Mitchen teasing Dio’s property Jenny at Psi’s realm / Diomita and Jenny at The Secret House with Argi

August 24th: Diomita with her very owned Mistress Jenny at club DeLust

After I while I couldn’t hold back anymore and took her home to the annex of our skybox and had my way with her. I left her tied up strictly, gagged and with a fixed vibrator to keep her aroused. Yes, I did exchange the batteries. Of course, I made some pictures of her like this but those will stay private. She’s still my very owned mistress and I don’t like to share some too exposing, compromising pictures of her.

Diary 2017 (139) August 21st-23rd – Yellow

It’s now close to seven weeks since I had my last green light early July. During these weeks my former slave, my Ehesklavin, continued strengthening her position as my Mistress. My submission to her grew further slowly but steadily more and more.
The memories of owning her as my slave fade more and more. I am her Ehesklavin and, her property and it might be irreversible at least for the nearer furture. I accept it, I don’t rebel and yes, I enjoy it. I wear the parterning collar once again for a couple of days now. Wearing it makes me proud, it is a reward that Mistress Jenny granted. I know, that it is just for a limited time and it doesn’t change my submission to her.

August 21st: sissy maid aka. forcedmaid

Monday night, August 21st, was very quiet. When I came inworld none of the family was around. I went to Heavy Bondage Club and relaxed reading in profiles and getting some eye candy. I noticed sissy maid getting inworld. Knowing she will be dusting and cleaning I waited about 15 minutes before I went home. Just as I arrived in the house, slave Flo came inworld too.

I took slave Flo and sissy maid to the patio, where Fin’s Beauty Virgo was still locked on the dual slave post, but apart from saying hello to her, I more or less neglected her. She has a lot to learn but that’s Fin’s task, not mine. I tried to play with sissy’s chastitied dick and wanted to leash her by it, but it widn’t work. We went to xcite for an update, but that didn’t help. I can’t unlock sissy’s chastity device, I can’t leash her by it, I can just hide it. With this technical issue time flew by and slave Flo had gone to bed. sissy maid will have to contact the customer support.

August 22nd: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Flo and Argi at The Secret House

Tuesday night, August 22nd, was again quiet but relaxing. Mistress Jenny and I went to The Secret House with slave Flo and met Argi there. We had fun chatting and teasing Argi about the collar that we have on stock for her. But that’s it more or less – at least for the diary *winks*.

Wednesday, August 23rd, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. We went shopping and then spent some time at club DeLust. We talked about the change in our relation. Both of us are happy as it is. Yet we’re both possessive. And although I’m Mistress Jenny’s Ehsklavin, I still own her and she needs me to care about her sub side. I will make sure that it won’t vanish and will nurture it.
At night I played with Fin’s Rubber Slave Tyra at our Stonehaven patio. I took her off the dual slave post and fixed her an the Tubular Boobular device and made myself comfy. Mistress Jenny joined soon after and we both hat fun teasing Tyra and playing with the remote of the device until Tyra couldn’t hold back and had an orgasm. She’s quite well educated and thanked us properly that we granted it.

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Fin’s Rubber Slave Tyra at our Stonehaven patio

Yellow. I choose the title yellow for this post as Mistress Jenny allowed a green light to me a couple of days ago when she fitted the partnering collar around my neck (read here). She didn’t fix a date, hence the status was yellow – allowing me to start my green light when I’m ready for it and when I see fit.

August 23rd starting my green light: Diomita and her very owned Mistress Jenny

Well, I was ready for taking my green light Wednesday night, when we were done with Tyra. I took Mistress Jenny to the annex of our skybox and fitted her old slave collar around her neck. Then I took my very owned Mistress, my property, Mine, to Domme a Domme and to club DeLust, proudly enjoying having her at feet again. Nothing can really beat this incomparable feeling – being back in control of who is Mine. And I took advantage of my property before we went to bed.


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