Diary 2018 (42) March 12th – Naughty girls II

Monday afternoon, March 12th, Mistress Jenny took me again to Domme a Domme and had me kneeling at her side while we caught up with our news. When our niece Angelique came inworld, Mistress took me back home and summoned her. Angelique was still dressed for dusting at the Apostasy from the night before. Knowing our answer, Mistress Jenny asked us if we wanted our Chastity belts unlocked and removed. Of course we did.
Mistress leashed both of us and took us the her new “naught girls room”. She locked me into my cage, sat down on her queening throne, removed her top and skirt and revealed the openings of the catsuit she wore below the top and the skirt, then she ordered Angelique to sit in front of her.

March 12th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Domme a Domme / Mistress Jenny taking her Ehesklavin Diomita and her niece Angelique to the “naughty girls room”

Mistress Jenny: “you are both going to get the same punishment”
Angelique: “punishment?”
Mistress Jenny: “for leaving me out of your fun together you both owe me an orgasm”
Diomita Maurer looks over to Mistress and Angellique
Angelique: “for being nice to each other?”
Diomita pulls at her armbinder
Angelique: “oooh.. gosh”
Mistress Jenny: “Angel first”
Angelique inhales deep softly moaning
Mistress Jenny: “I want you to lick me to an orgasm Angel”
Mistress Jenny tugs Angel’s head pulling it close between her legs
Angelique blinks crawling a little higher
Mistress Jenny: “then Diomita”
Angelique smells the lovely scent licking her lips
Mistress Jenny: “and finally I have a treat for you both before I unlock your belts”

That said, Mistress Jenny enjoyed getting licked by Angelique and I had to watch. Mistress’ remark that she now knows why Angelique is her favourite niece confirmed how much she enjoyed it: “I should take advantage of your tongue more often”. After she had her first orgasm, it was at me to lick her in front of Angelique, who had to watch this time.

When Mistress was satified, she released me and ordered Angelique and me to clean eachother’s face. Her particular treat, that she had announced, was that she peed on our faces, while we cleaned eachother. Then Mistress Jenny finally unlocked and removed my belt and ordered me to unlock and remove Angelique’s chastity belt.

March 12th: Mistress Jenny “catching up” with her Ehesklavin Diomita and her niece Angelique

Mistress Jenny: “would you both agree that I have caught up?”
Angelique: “yes Auntie…”
Diomita: “more than that, Mistress Jenny”
Mistress Jenny: “and I want you to promise that you two will keep on getting on very well together”

Our night was varied and relaxed. Mistress Jenny and I went to The Secret House and talked about the afternoon, read profiles, had eye candy and even a tiny bit of main chat at the club. When slave drone Flo came inworld, Mistress proposed to have one game of Skipee. We went home and found slave Flo and Anne (AnneWanne) there. Anne got a drone suit like slave drone Flo and is eager to learn more about it. And she helped slave drone Flo with cleaning at home – good girl.
We summoned Angelique, who was dusting again at the Apostasy. She had to fight with lag there and as the scripts didn’t work properly anymore, she was punished with locking time of the duster. To get it off she has to dust – and as the lag is too hight, she can’t. She could dust our Skipee table while playing. While playing Paige (Paige Umino) joined us and watched. We played exactly one round (I won it *wide grin*), then it was time for Flo to leave for bed.

March 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at the Secret House / gathering at home with slave Flo, Angelique and Anne (upper middle) / playing Skipee (upper right) / At the Apostasy – in the foreground Anne, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, (maid) Angelique and Paige (lower right)

We decided to take Angelique back to the Apostasy. Actually we wanted to watch her dusting for a bit – but we didn’t get any farer than the landing point. It was quite busy there and we had quite some entertainment and chat (the lag isn’t surprising with that many people and most of them wearing not just one restraint). Again time had flown by.

Something else? Yes, I locked Anne’s drone suit. Now she can experience it *winks*.

Diary 2018 (41) March 9th – 11th – Naughty girls

Friday afternoon, March 9th, I was simploring when Mistress Jenny came inworld. I finished simploring together with her, then she took to Domme a Domme to catch up about RL and SL news. I told her about the night before, where she wasn’t inworld (see last diary entry here) and that I retreated with Angelique after playing Skipee with her and slave drone Flo. Mistress Jenny asked me, what exaclty I did together with Angelique and grilled me until I told her that Angelique and I were more than a little bit close together.
I didn’t expect what happened next. Mistress was not angry or mad at me, as opposed to she was happy that Angelique and I got that close again. But with a mischievous grin she said that she’ll will get her way of fun. That said she ordered me to wear a black latex catsuit and then she put a small chastity belt on me. All my protests and complaints didn’t help. She was determined. She allowed me hiding the belt for the party at night and she also proposed that I should put Angelique into chastity too.

March 9th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Domme a Domme / Friday night party – Diomita, with Angelique and slave Flo (upper) and the Pixies (lower)

Before the party at night I tired a lot of different clothes to hide the darn chastity belt. Finally I found something that covered the belt. Our party started late as Virgo ran late but again it was a great start into the weekend. I told Angelique about my belt – and no I didn’t put Angelique into chastity.

Saturday afternoon, March 10th, Mistress and I went to Domme a Domme again to catch up. I told Mistress Jenny about the night before and about our party which she could not attend due to RL. She was surprised that I didn’t put Angelique under chastity as well.
She called Angelique, who was just dusting at the Apostasy, and summoned her home. Then she ordered Angelique to put her chastity belt on and ordered me to lock it. All protests of Angelique didn’t help. I selected a dress for Angelique that hides it quite well and decided to wear a similar myself later. Again Mistress confirmed that she was not upset at all, but that she just will have fun and enjoy herself. Before leaving into RL Mistress locked my up at our skybox.

March 10th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Domme a Domme (left) and at our skybox (middle) ( Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, slave slut cecy at home with Anne (AnneWanne) (right)

Saturday night, Mistress Jenny had fun teasing Angelique and me and preparing her fun. She took Angelique and me to the wet room of our dungeon and declared it to be the “naughty girls room”. I had to move my cage from our skybox to the naughty girls room and to add a small queening throne, which we also have at our skybox and which is one of Mistress’ favourite places to sit on (and get particular services). I began to suspect at least some parts of Mistress’ planned fun.
When Mistress was pleased with the preparations we first played a round of Skipee and then went to The Secret House for chatting. Angelique and I tried our best to persuading Mistress to revise her plans and to take us out of chastity – again with no success.

Later at night, slave slut cecy came inworld and we went home to look after her. AnneWanne was at home too and it was fun to expose our drippin’ slave in front of her. Before we went to bed I leashed slave slut cecy at the porch of our home.

March 11th: Angelique in her newest “bound maid” outfit with Mistress Jenny and Diomita

Sunday, March 11th, I was inworld for a bit in the afternoon and met Anne again. We had a nice chat and I gave her some hints about body shapes.
When I returned Sunday night, slave drone Flo and Anne were together at the disco, obviously chatting. I got a call from Angelique who confessed to me that she got herself in some trouble. She had been dusting again at the Apostasy and inspired from other maids cleaning there she tried some self bondage. Oh my god, she must have inherited at least some of Mistress Jenny’s genes too. She wanted to prepare me in order that I won’t be too surprised when seeing her.
Mistress Jenny came inworld and after we caught up we went to the loft and summoned Angelique there. Well, her outfit was really stunning. Angelique succeeded again with a nice mix and match outfit and the nipple clamps as well as her hood really look tempting. Too bad, that she and I are still wearing these darn chastity belts.
Angelique told us about a new shop she discovered and we went there – Deviant Behavior. They sell nice latex clothes there and the way you test the demos is outstanding as you present yourself on a stage wearing a demo. Great shop – great clothes! We spent some time there and Mistress Jenny, Angelique and I had fun trying on some outfits.

March 11th: Angelique, Diomita and Mistress Jenny at the Deviant Behavior shop

In the meanwhile also slave slut cecy was inworld. We went home and met also with slave drone Flo and Anne. I took slave slut to the Skipee table and leashed her there. She could watch Mistress Jenny, Angelique, Anne, slave drone Flo and me playing cards and learn the game herself by watching us. slave drone Flo won the game and time had flown by again.
Mistress Jenny and I stored slave slut cecy at Psi’ realm and then we went with Angelique to club DeLust to wind down a bit. Oh … and Mistress Jenny bought one of the dresses of Deviant Behavior for me and I had to wear it at club DeLust. What a full and varied night again!

March 11th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, Anne and slave Flo playing Skipee and slave slut cecy watching (upper left) / storing slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm (lower left) / Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique at club De Lust (right)

Something else?
Yes …. Mistress Jenny continued teasing Angelique and me with our chastity belts and that she is looking forward to having both of us at her new “naughty girls room”…..

Jenny Maurer’s 10th rezzday anniversary

Today marks Jenny’s 10th rezzday anniversary in Second Life. I bet she didn’t expect to get addicted to Second Life and to stay that long in this virtual world – and nor did I. Our paths crossed soon after her rezzing and we we’re together ever since, as partners and as D/s couple. She’s my base and my anchor in this virtual world and I am her’s. We share the same memories, we share the same family and friends. This blog is full of these memories.

Happy 10th rezz day anniversary, Jenny, my love

I hope we can celebrate many many more anniversaries together.
Happy rezzday anniversary, Jenny, my love!

Simploring 2018 (25) Never Totally Dead

I picked “Never Totally Dead” from scoop.it SL Destinations, again a place built as an exhibition for a store with the same name owned by Sean (Bluesean Yiyuan). The store offers old manors, historic buildings, haunted items, furniture and curiosities. The landing is on a street in front of the main store. The whole scenery is set to the 1930’s or 40’s, at least looking at the car, that is parked on the street and looking at the front of the store. The store looks really small, but it opens up in the back and is quite large actually.

Never Totally Dead – overview

I started my visit with the store. And this visit was quite enjoyable. There’s not just furniture! Walking through the rooms I passed by antique vases on podests …. and ups, they fall down and broke into pieces. Did I touch? Antique porcelain dishes falled from the wall, ghosts began to throw with paper, books and other stuffs …. a dining table was set up by magic and a turkey and a bottle of champane began to hoover above the table. Funny! Halloween is coming but not now! You can of course also buy antique furniture, clocks and other stuff, even a old manor. This visit was fun – and now I know where to get some joke articles.

Never Totally Dead – impressions from the store

Leaving the store “Never Totally Dead” and following the road you come to a manor, that is surrounded by a large garden, or is it more a palace? I went inside and it looked quite familiar. It was not the furniture that looked familiar. The manor is furnished like you would expect it from a palace and is really fitting to the outside. And of course it is mainly furnished with the furniture you can buy at the store.
Familiar for me was the layout because I saw this manor already in several other places. Now I know where I could buy this manor (I won’t). Knowing the general floor plan I found the staircase to the cellar, but in this manor you just find wine there. In the cellars of the manors I visited before in Second Life there was the more kinky stuff. Did I mention that I destroyed some vases and porcelain again during my visit to the manor?
Anway, the manor, the garden house and the surrounding park is very nice and invites to take same pictures. I had fun.

Never Totally Dead – impressions from the manor

When I had just finish my simploring tour, Mistress Jenny came inworld and I invited her over. I can tell that she had really fun with the haunted items in the store and she also recognized the floorplan of the manor.

Never Totally Dead – more impressions / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at the manor and in the store

Never Totally Dead” is a really nice setting for a store like this. It might be more expensive than just a store or selling at the marketplace. But I’m much happier to see the items in a fitting enviroment and having fun exploring. Even when you don’t buy anything, “Never Totally Dead” is worth a visit! Thank you Sean for being creative and providing some more fun and a nice environment for your store. I liked it.

Landmark to Never Totally Dead

Simploring 2018 (24) Seaside Shores

Thursday, March 8th, I went simploring again and again I picked a landmark from scoop.it SL Destinations  – Seaside Shores.

Seaside Shores – overview

Seaside Shores is located on a sim named “Gentle Breezes” and owned by Rose Nitely (Rosy Highwater). I don’t know if the sim’s name is just a coincidence. It might be that Rose has choose the sim’s name. It fits!
Seaside Shores‘ landmark description is a poem:
To the beach, the sand , the waves
A summer day with no sense of hurry
Feet in the surf and the cry of the gull
Appreciating a day without worry…

Seaside Shores – at the beach

In Rose’s profile I found this short summary and invitation: “Gentle Breezes is finally open to the public for a while. Come walk the sandy shores, relax in a hotspring or climb the bluffs and wander amidst lush meadow and wooded glade. Most of all, simply enjoy what we hope may be among your favorite places to visit.

Seaside Shores – at the beach (upper) and on the hills (lower)

The landing point of Seaside Shores is in the middle of a large beach that is surrounded by a chain of hills to one side and the water on the other side. From the beach you can see some homes on the hills overlooking the beach as well as a waterfall. It all looks very peaceful. I walked along the beach, enjoyed the views, visited a beach bar. There are many places do sit together or alone, just lovely. I got a nice early taste of Summer, although I was dressed absolutely wrong.

Seaside Shores – path on the hills (upper left) / at the waterfall (upper right) / on the porch of one home (lower)

I walked up to the hills, where the atmosphere is different: everything is green, there’s a small forest, a nice path along the hills. All the homes offer nice views to the beach and again you find a lot of places to stop and sit and enjoy. I also used the ballon above the waterfall which offers another possibility to sit. The waterfall at Seaside Shores is similar to the one have our home sim “Mount Everest” (the name does not fit), ours is called “Angel Falls”.

Seaside Shores – impressions

After my walk long the hills I went down to the beach and went over to the lighthouse. I walked up just to enjoy the view from there.
Seaside Shores is a perfect place to wind down and enjoy togetherness. You can sense that it is built with love. I enjoyed my short visit a lot! Thank you Rose for providing your place to the public.

Landmark to Seaside Shores

Diary 2018 (40) March 7th/8th Angelique at Hiltop Manor

Wednesday, March 7th, was a varied day. In the afternoon I met with Angelique and I had a spontaneous photoshooting and more with her that led to the enjoying bondage entry for March, which was published yesterday (see here).
When Mistress Jenny and I came inworld at night we were alone at home. Where was Angelique? We found her at The Apostasy, the place we had just visited two days before when we were out kinkploring and were we found something like the old Bound Maid Castle there, Hiltop Manor. Mistress Jenny and I had discussed sending Angelique there one day.
Guess what? Angelique was dusting there already! She told us that she was a maid there before and that’s why she could enroll again quickly. Angelique showed us the control room of the Hiltop Manor, where you can see the dusting statistics for the maids. Angelique was already listed as number 43 with a dusting time of about one hour. But I don’t know when the statistic began. Even more interesting was another name, we found on the list – Baroness Capelo, numer 46 with 17 minutes dusting time.

March 7th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique – with slave Flo at Hiltop Manor / at Domme a Domme

Talking about BC …. she showed up and we, Mistress Jenny, Angelique, slave drone Flo and I had a nice chat about the manor and maids. slave drone Flo found an admirer, AnneWanne, who loved her drone suit and had a chat with slave drone Flo and me. After the visit of Hiltop Manor we went home for a round of Skipee again.
And AnneWanne followed us. She got the very same drone suit as slave drone Flo and watched us playing – and had a lot of questions about it. We played Skippe as teams this time, Mistress Jenny and me against Angelique and slave drone Flo. The game took not less time than playing single, but was a bit more entertaining.

Our Wednesday night ended with a visit to Domme a Domme.

March 8th – a night with Angelique and slave drone Flo

Thursday, March 8th, Mistress Jenny and I spent an hour together at Heavy Bondage Club in the afternoon. We caught up, read profiles and talked about family affairs. Time flew by quickly again.
At night slave drone Flo was at home dusting. I took her to Hiltop Manor at The Apostasy where we picked up Angelique. She was dusting there. She seems to like the place, although dusting there does demand full focusing on it – otherwise the there’re some punishments on stock for the maids.
We went to The Secret House for a bit, then played a round Skipee at home, which took again a lot of time but was fun in particular as I won it *winks*. After slave Flo went to bed, Angelique and I spend some time together at home.

Enjoying Bondage March 2018 – Angelique

This month’s enjoying bondage picture is particular in many ways. First of all, I had in mind already that it shouldn’t be a collage but should just be Angelique and me in a bondage and spanking scene. Then, when I came inworld Wednesday, March 7th, in the afternoon for a bit of simploring, Angelique was also inworld unexpectedly and she called me to have a look at a pair of nipple clamps. She has some already, but she and I were not happy with them as they are static, they are attached to her avatar body but when she walks they don’t stay attached to her nipples. Now she found some that are not static. I joined her at the store and after looking at a demo version, we got not only these nipple clamps for her, but also labia clamps, weights, cuffs, chains, an anal hook and a spreader bar.

I took Angelique to our studio and attached all of the above. And yes, of course I took pictures! The photo shooting did take up same time and I instinctively began to tease Angelique, who was unable to move, more and more. Finally I had to gag her to prevent her from protests. And soon later I forgot about taking pictures and began to take advantage of her. Her moans were infectious. We had a very intense session, a session that I will remember for quite a while.

So for March 2018 I have these 4 pictures showing Angelique in a very naughty, erotic, and exciting bondage:

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