Simploring 2019 (9) The Citadel

When I came inworld earlier than usually on Tuesday night, January 8th, slave Gwen was present. Reading profiles I had grabbed a landmark a few days before about a place named “The Citadel” and I wanted to have a look at the Black Lux Gallery there. Knowing that it is an adult place, I simply took slave Gwen with me.

The Citadel – overview

The Citadel is an adult homestead owned by Lesk Alzael. The landing point is quite in the center of the sim, right opposed to a store named Cabal. There are not many things you can buy there, but they are extraordinary. I bought a large obelisk and had a look around. Cabal is presenting Lesk’s work that extends from decor and sculptures to architecture. There’s also a group joiner for the Cabal group and for the The Citadel group at the landing Point.

Impressions of The Citadel (1) – Cabal store (upper left) / at Eagle’s Landing (lower left) / Black Lux Gallery (lower right)

You can get around the sim either on foot or using the teleporters. I visited the Black Lux Gallery first as it was the main reason why I wanted to visit. The gallery right now shows a potpourri of the 2018 exhibitions. Obviously the program changes monthly. You can grab a notecard explaining how you could exhibit your art at the gallery’s entrance. The gallery does have a second usage as an event hall.

Impressions of The Citadel (2) – Black Lux Gallery

The next place I visited with slave Gwen at The Citadel was the Sunwater Hall, a big house full furnished and equipped. The open main room is used as a club with lots of cosy places to sit and pole dance areas. The furniture is stylish, the decoration artful and the place is used thoughtfully. I liked in particular the cell, that is installed under the staircase, what a sensful usage of this otherwise dead space! There are more rooms at Sunwater Hall and they are all worth having a look into. Clearly this space is adult *winks*.

Impressions of The Citadel (3) – Sunwater Hall

In the meanwhile Mistress Jenny has joined us and we went visiting the big tower overlooking the sim called “The Redoubt”. It is equipped with many bdsm furniture and I consider to visit with Mistress again, maybe on the occasion of a green light. Mistress and I tried out a throne with a cage under it. Again, this tower is furnished stylish and it is not a dark dungeon.

Impressions of The Citadel (4) – The Redoubt / a view from the gallery to the landing point with the Cabal store (lower right)

I also visited Castle Gardens and Eagle’s Landing, both are parks and offer cosy areas to sit and communicate or to just enjoy.
The Citadel is a very well made adult/BDSM friendly venue. For me it has the perfect mixture of my personal Second Life: Art & Architecture, BDSM and a nice environment. Good that I discovered it and made a first tour.
Thank you Lesk for providing the sim for playing and for providing the space for the art. The obelisk should remind me to come back soon, once I found a place for it at our home. I enjoyed my first visit!

Landmark to The Citadel

Diary 2019 (6) January 8th – 13th A short vacation

We had a relaxed hour Tuesday afternoon, January 8th. Mistress Jenny, Angelique and I played a round of skipee while we exhanged our mutal news. When I came inworld earlier than usually at night, slave Gwen was present. Reading profiles I had grabbed a landmark a few days before about a place named “The Citadel” and I wanted to have a look at the Black Lux Gallery there. Knowing that it is an adult place, I simply took slave Gwen with me. Read more about “The Citadel” in tomorrow’s simploring post.

January 8th: Angelique, Diomita, Mistress Jenny playing skipee / Diomita with slave Gwen at “The Citadel” / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave Gwen at Mesmerize Dungeon

Mistress Jenny had joined slave Gwen and me at “The Citadel” and after we had finished simploring, we spent time with Angelique, slave Gwen, slave Flo and slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon. It became a real family night.

January 8th: Mistress Jenny, slave Flo, Diomita and slave Gwen at Mesmerize Dungeon / Mistress Jenny, Angelique, slave Flo and slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon

In the end Mistress Jenny and made herself comfortable on slave Flo and I sat on slave kelly. After the slaves and Angelique were off to bed, Mistress and I went to club DeLust. It looks as if Mistress Jenny got used to sitting comfortable as she used me now to rest her feet.

January 8th:
Mistress Jenny sitting on slave Flo and Diomita sitting on slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon with Angelique / Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club DeLust

We had again an afternoon within the family on Wednesday, January 9th. Angelique gave a fashion show for Mistress and me. slave Gwen and slave kelly were present as well. She showed us some of her recent purchased clothes to get our approval which of the chlothes she may keep. Time went by very quickly that afternoon and Mistress Jenny and I retreated to our skybox. Mistress was off at night – I was offline the next days for a short vacation until Monday, January 14th. Mistress wrote a blog post about the Friday night party on January 11th, that I missed (read here)

Diary 2019 (5) January 6th/7th at Bondage City

My Sunday, January 6th was quite quiet. I met Mistress Jenny and slave kelly shortly in the morning. We went to Puerto Esclava with our slave. She getting used to our control again after her break and realizes that any complain wouldn’t really bring her anything but more humiliation.

January 6th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Puerto Esclava / Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Bondage City

In the afternoon I made a simploring tour and I had just finished with it when Mistress Jenny came back inworld. I did a fashion show for her and showed her the gifts I grabbed Friday night after our party. Although she mostly left it up to me myself what I should keep or trash, she insisted that I’d keep one hairstyle (which is absurdly girlie) *sighs*. Mistress asked me to strip and locked my inventory to prevent any clothes. We went to Bondage City and visited the club there. We weren’t alone but it was nice to be with Mistress. Later, I was allowed wearing clothes again and we went to club Domme a Domme for a while.

January 6th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Bondage City / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme

And at night, I did some sorting of my inventory and added to my closet what I wanted to keep from the gifts. I had a game of skipee with slave Flo and Angelique and I visited Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo. We just watched … well, I watched sitting comfy on slave Flo. Isn’t that what slaves are for?

January 6th: Diomita with slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon

We made a short visit to Psi’s realm, then it was time for bed. It has been a quiet day in SL, but I got quite some sorting done, I had a simploring tour, I had time with slave Flo, with slave kelly and with Angelique. And I had time with Mistress Jenny. What could I wish more for? Wasn’t that quiet after all *winks*

Monday, January 7th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon and we took slave kelly to Lochme for a bit. It turned out to be a fun hour. First we met another domme with her slave and we discussed about hair or better expressed baldness and about dripping slaves. She had to leave unfortunately. Then another submissive showed up. We had seen her before and summoned her over to us and had entertainment watching slave kelly (or pinky right now) and the other sub.

Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Lochme interacting with another domme with her slave and with a random sub

At night Mistress Jenny was off. When I came inworld, slave Gwen was present and I decided to take her to Bondage City. I saw Mitchen Heston there the night before when Mistress Jenny had brought me there and Mitchen was working on a nice piece of bondage, that she published in her dA account later.
I tried to get to the room above the club at Bondage City, where I saw Mitchen the day before but there was no staircase nor an elevator. I was still looking how to get there when Mitchen appeared and told me that I could cheat in by sitting what I did before I summoned slave Gwen to me. Mitchen and I had a nice talk, then she explained me how to use the above mentioned bondage rig.
It was fun to attach one rope ofter the other until slave Gwen was nicely tied up. Unfortunately slave Gwen had to leave before I could adjust all ropes and elements to perfection.

I chatted a bit with Mitchen about her newest projects, then I went to club Domme a Domme for a bit to get some eye candy. I had just left club Domme a Domme and had moved to Heavy Bondage club, when slave kelly came inworld. I picked her up at home and we spent an hour at Heavy Bondage Club. I read profiles and collected ideas and that’s it for this diary entry.

Simploring 2019 (8) Petit Lac Des Cygnes

For my Sunday simploring tour, January 6th, I selected Petit Lac Des Cygnes from SL Destinations Petit Lac Des Cygnes is “located in the southwest region of France at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains, the private estate now open to the public, is comprised of the chateau, Le Petit Cafe Cygne, Antoinette’s, Little Swan Lake for which the region is named, and much more.” (taken from the landmark description).

Petit Lac Des Cygnes is a full sim and is owned by Cougar (Cougar Sangria) and her partner Henry (Henry Mcauley). When you land at Petit Lac Des Cygnes you are offered a folder with some information about the sim and some rules. First of all it is a private sim, although it is open to the public and: “Scripts are limited to 75 for everyone’s enjoyment, and complexity has a limit of 200,000. The region is a NO FLY ZONE. You will be notified upon landing if you are not in compliance.” In addition, no nudity and no sex is allowed at Petit Lac Des Cygnes. Due to privacy, the sim is closed for the public Mondays and Tuesdays.

Petit Lac Des Cygnes – overview

I had to strip off some of my scripts to get below the demanded limit, but it was really worth doing it. Right next to the landing point is the “Le Petite café Cygne”. You will have to follow the road and walk around it to get to the entrance. The cafe offers places to sit and have a meal outside but also inside. I recommend that you have a look inside. The cafe is way bigger than you might suspect. The tables are all set, there’re a lot of details to discover.

Impressions of Petit Lac Des Cygnes (1) – Le Petite Café Cygne

Impressions of Petit Lac Des Cygnes (2) – Le Petite Café Cygne

From the café I continued my tour of Petit Lac Des Cygnes and visited the chateau. The chateau is the private residence of Cougar and Henry and should be treated as such, yet you’re allowed to tour it but you shouldn’t use the furniture menu. Somehow that reminded me of tours I had to chateaus in real life. Of course you my look but you’re not allowed touching anything. What I missed in Second Life were those red ropes that usually prevent you from going to close to some objects.
The chateau is a building that I have seen before in Second Life, but this one is fitted with some very extravagant furniture which was selected with style. The paintings at the wall give the impression of being in a chateau, and even the paintings that are pictures taken in Second Life look ancient. The bathroom is just amazing and also every other room has it’s purpose, be it dining, representation, playing for kids or meeting. I really like the chateau with all it’s luxury.

Impressions of Petit Lac Des Cygnes (3) – Le Château

Of course there’s also a park and some fountains behind the chateau – and an orangery. I had a look into the orangery and it suits perfectly for a formal invitation or a ball. A bit hidden by the orangery is a place where you can play chess or retreat a bit.

Impressions of Petit Lac Des Cygnes (4) – Le Château and L’Orangerie

At the end of the park is a labyrinth as well as a big swimming pool. Again, it is stylish with a lot of statues and well shaped plants. But you can also see that the owners of the chateau live here and enjoy their property. The loungers around the pool are modern and there’re some toys swimming in the pool.
Just next to the pool, a bit difficult to get to due to some hegderows, is a restaurant – Antoinette’s. Again it is fun visiting and looking at the interior. And in one seperate room you find a table set for two. It’s the perfect place to go out for an exclusive dinner in Second Life.

Impressions of Petit Lac Des Cygnes (5) – La Piscine and Restaurant Antoinette’s

I ended my simploring tour to Petit Lac Des Cygnes with visiting the little swan lake, that is surrounded by a lovely park, a great place to take pictures or to just sit and chill. Of course I took a lot of pictures as you can discover a lot of nice details.

Impressions of Petit Lac Des Cygnes (6) – Around Le petit lac des cygnes

Cougar (Cougar Sangria) and Henry (Henry Mcauley) created a particular place for themselves. It feels like visiting a larger park around a chateau in real life. For the tourists there’s the petite cafe and they can walk around at the swan lake. Visiting the chateau of course is the highlight of a visit and privileged rich people can dine at Antoinette’s – perfect.

Cougar wrote a nice background story for her place “Petit Lac Des Cygnes“. You can read it in her blog here. I recommend reading this article before you visit Petit Lac Des Cygnes as it brought me into the right mood and enhanced my experience.

Thank you for sharing your personal place with the public, Cougar and Henry!

Landmark to Petit Lac Des Cygnes
Cougar Sangria’s blog
Post with background story about Petit Lac Des Cygnes

Diary 2019 (4) January 5th – a long day in Second Life

Saturday, January 5th, I spent a lot of time online sorting stuff. I had been to a Christmas mall after our party the night before and grabbed around 50 gifts there. That had to be punished *grins*. I spent almost 3 hours, just unwrapping and seeing what I got. I kept a very few items, shoes and sweaters for my simploring tour, a funny Christmas dress, a harness, some lingerie and a very nice skirt. And there’s still stuff I need to decide about.

January 5th: Diomita with slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon and at home

I between my “work” slave kelly showed up and I took her out of her cage and brought her to Mesmerize Dungeon to decorate me and to expose her. She had been complaining about her outfit during our party, not realizing that it could be much worse. Hence I added a board to her nipple clamps “I won’t complain about my outfit” – and believe it or not, it helped *grins*. Part of SL is that you get RL interruptions, and most of the time I spent with slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon I was absent due to RL. Then I brought slave kelly back home.

January 5th: The last dances in our Christmas gazebo – Mistress Jenny and Diomita / Diomita and Angelique

At night Mistress Jenny and I had our last dance in the Christmas gazebo for the season. I also danced with Angelique who joined us. Later also slave Flo came inworld. We decided to play skipee in teams. Mistress Jenny and slave Flo won against Angelique an me.
And while we were playing, slave slut cecy came inworld. We hadn’t seen her since before Christmas 2018. Hence we all went back to the house and slave slut got her belated Christmas presents – a police collar and a latex catsuit with open crotch and open breasts. Also slave kelly come inworld … really a full house. It took some time to set up slave slut cecy correctly.
Angelique and slave Flo went to bed and also slave kelly had to leave. Mistress Jenny and I brought slave slut cecy to Psi’s realm before we went to bed as well.

January 5th, a busy night: slave Flo, Angelique, Mistress Jenny, slave slut cecy (kneeling) and Diomita playing skipee (upper left) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with slave Flo, slave kelly and slave slut cecy (lower left) / slave slut cecy and slave kelly (upper right) / slave slut cecy in her new outfit (lower middle) / Diomita and slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm (lower right)

Oh … and inbetween I took the Christmas decoration off in our sim and put it all back in the right folders for the next season. Mistress Jenny cared for warmer weather in Second Life and the snow melted on our island. Now the tress have to get green soon too. We love having an early Spring in Second Live

Diary 2019 (3) Jan 3rd/4th slowly getting back to everyday life in SL

Thursday, January 3rd, Mistress Jenny and I caught up at our loft for a change. Mistress told me that she had met our Kitty in the morning and that Kitty has once again succeeded to imprison everyone at Psi’s who wasn’t quick enough. The two caught up and I could tell from Mistress’ smile that she enjoyed Kitty’s report. Later Mistress got a picture from our Kitty who had been caught by one of her friends – now unable to cause more trouble for a short time *winks*. Mistress also send me a picture and the according link to the marketplace of a clowns outfit, that could be very useful to try out with our slaves – at least it is a perfect threat.

January 3rd: Kitty not causing trouble anymore (upper left) / the clown’s outfit (lower left) / Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, slave kelly, slave Flo, slave Gwen at the porch of our home (upper middle and right) / Mistress, Angelique and Diomita playing greedy

We went seeing the slaves at home and gathered around slave kelly’s cage on the porch. We chatted and teased them, yes and I also show them the clowns outfit, just to make them aware that the outfit they are wearing is still demure in comparison. I tightened slave Gwens restrictions and let her change into a yellow catsuit, now the slaves are more easy to distinguish – slave Flo in white, slave kelly in pink and slave Gwen in yellow. Then our time was already over again for the afternoon.

At night I was alone inworld most of the time. I went on a simploring tour and wrote for the blog. Mistress Jenny came inwolrd late and had to leave early due to her RL the next day. Mistress Jenny, Angelique and I used the remain time at night to chat and to play 2 rounds of greedy.

My afternoon on Friday, January 4th, was entertaining despite Mistress Jenny’s absence due to RL. slave kelly and slave Gwen were present and I got my pumps nicely worshiped, licked and cleaned by both of them. In return I rubbed their shielded pussies. When my shoes pumps really clean and shiny, I first took the slaves to update their collar, then I went to our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer with them. I opened the chastity belts of both and allowed them to ride a double sided dildo.

January 4th: Diomita getting her pumps thoroughly licked and cleaned by slave kelly and slave Gwen / Diomita watching slave Gwen and slave kelly riding a double sided dildo

I made myself comfy and watched the slaves. slave kelly, once again, was too excited and needed to pee – and she made it almost to the naughty girls room but failed and peed in the corridor. When she returned and I had allowed both to have an orgasm, slave Gwen easily had hers but poor slave kelly with the peeing break couldn’t make it in time. I closed and locked the chastity belts of the slaves again, one had got a tiny relief, the other will have to wait for the next opportunity.

At night we had the first party of the year 2019. When Mistress came inworld she changed into a new dress – wow, very feminine, stylish, elegant and dominant. She’s really adorable.

January 4th: Mistress Jenny in her new dress and Ehesklavin Diomita at our skybox

Mistress asked for the theme of the party and proposed it should be something dark as night, as the nights are already getting shorter again (YaY). Virgo set this theme – and we enjoyed the first Friday night party in 2019.

January 4th: The first Friday night party in 2019 – enjoyable as always

Simploring 2019 (7) Rummu

When I saw a post on SL Destinations reporting that Serene Footman and Jade Koltai had just opened a new sim called Rummu I had to read about it and of course I had to visit it. Serene has written a very detailed documentation about Rummu, Estonia, the place they rebuilt in SL. I strongly recommend to read this documentation and to watch the documantaries embedded there. It provides the needed information to judge what you see in Second Life. It also makes your visit in Second Life getting closer to the feeling that you know this place as if you were there.

Impression of Rummu quarry, Estonia (1)

So what is Rummu? First of all it is a small borough in northern Estonia. Secondly there’s the Rummu quarry, a submerged limestone and Vasalemma marble quarry.
The latter is a specific kind of limestone with its structure and texture resembling that of marble. The quarry is close to two former prisons, the nearest being the former Rummu prison. During the Soviet era, until the 1990s, excavation was performed as hard labour prisoners. When pumping of water ceased, the quarry quickly filled with groundwater, forming a lake, immersing some of the utility buildings and machinery. Next to the lake is the Vasalemma spoil tip (slag heap). Over time, the spoil tip assumed a unique appearance through erosion by water.
With the closure of the Rummu quarry, the area became a featured location for nature photography, hiking, rafting, scuba diving, as a summer spot, musical and sports events, and as a filming location for its unique layout. The site was depicted in the post-apocalyptic short film The Most Beautiful Day (2015) by Einar Kuusk. Several of the deserted buildings at Rummu were featured in the video for hit song “Faded” (2015) by Norwegian DJ Alan Walker.
Jump-diving into the lake off derelict buildings is very dangerous, because the lake bed contains pieces of thick concrete, tree branches, rebar spikes, metal construction (including machinery), and plenty of barbed wire.“(excerpt from wikipedia)
The area is closed now officially, which doesn’t prevent people from visiting.

Impression of Rummu quarry, Estonia (2)

Serene writes about Rummu:
Those who visit Rummu and write about the experience invariably say that besides the strange beauty of the derelict buildings that lie partially submerged, it is the knowledge of what lies below the water – and the terrible history of the prison itself – that lends the place its extraordinary charisma. We have tried to recreate this combination of surface and depth. If you venture into the water and walk around, you will soon find yourself in darkness, surrounded by plants and pieces of derelict building. Keep on going down the slope, and in the depths you will reach some gates. Here you enter the prison itself, deep under the water, just as divers do today. It’s a creepy place, for sure.

Above ground, Rummu’s most striking feature consists of the giant slag heaps that were created by quarry works. These act as a great vantage point, while in the real place, they have to be crossed to gain access to the beach. Besides the ruined buildings and underwater prison, Rummu’s other distinctive feature are its murals, and we have recreated some of these – while adding others – at the sim. The biggest murals, most notably the image of the coffee cup, which exists at Rummu, appear to be the work of a Moscow-based group of artists called Zukclub.” (taken from Serene’s website)

Rummu in Second Life – overview

Enough foreword and quotes – let’s get to Rummu in SL.
Rummu is a moderate homestead. It is dominated by the lake with the rests of the prison and the quarry underwater, some concrete ruins of the former buildings still reaching high out of the water. There’s the slag heap, two big hills right next to the lake. Plants are growing on the slag heap. The lake is surrounded by beaches and some other solitaire concrete hugs buildings. The nature has taken back almost everything, plants and trees are growing out of every crack of the ruins. Some of the walls are covered artfully with murals outside and inside of the buildings.

Impressions of Rummu in Second Life (1)

You can walk inside of the buildings and climb up to the roos for the view and for the fun there’s a zip lane leading from one of the buildings to a ruin in the center of the lake. Serene has added reams of chairs, benches, loungers, beach furntiure, camping furniture and during my visit some of them were taken by other visitors. You can also use a Swan paddle boat, the one I saw when visiting :notos:deer: (read Simploring 2018 (106) :nostos:deer:).

Impressions of Rummu in Second Life (2)

Impressions of Rummu in Second Life (3)

I explored the whole sim, I visited the hut as well as the two cranes behind the slag heap. I dived and looked at the sunken prison, I went into all buildings, and i visited the ruins of a huge indoor swimming hall. I think, I won’t forget the statue there “A woman is more dangerous than a loaded pistol”, although I have no idea if it is something that belongs to the real Rummu (I think it doesn’t) nor do I know if it is build after a statue in RL.

Impressions of Rummu in Second Life (4)

Rummu for sure has it’s magic attraction. Having the pictures in mind that I saw in the documentaries on Serene’s website made my visit quite real. It’s great to see how people take over these really scary places and turn it into something to enjoy. That doesn’t make us forget the history but gives hope that terror and violence won’t ever be permanent.

Impressions of Rummu in Second Life (5)

Thank you Serene Footman and Jade Koltai for providing this once again impressive place to the public. I did really enjoy my visit!

Landmark to Rummu
Serene Footman’s website page about Rummu
Wikipedia entry about Rummu quarry
Flickr group

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