Simploring 2018 (7) Green story

Tuesday, January 9th, I went on a simploring tour late night after Jenny had already left. I looked up (link is listed on the sidebar under Other links: SL Desinations or read here) and choose Green story as destination.

Green story – overview

The sim’s name “Green story” is misleading, there’s no green. Instead Green story is a larger sandback somewhere up in the North, something that doesn’t exist in the physical world. It’s cold, it is snowing, it is windy, the sand is covered with snow where the wind hasn’t blown it off.
The island is dominated by a big lighthouse with an attached scaffold, which purpose isn’t comprehensible for me. At the foot of the lighthouse, is a small hut and from there a broken railway track leads to an old railway car, that is used as a home.

First impressions of Green story

The rest of Green story is mostly empty besides some elks and goats. On the top of the dune you’ll find a windmill. A bit away from the main sandbank is a small island with a campfire and an empty residential shed. Up in the sky is a suspension bridge held by ballons, that might connected the small island with the main island before it got loose and went up in the sky.
With the sim’s winlight settings you see northern lights everywhere that produce a very pecialatmosphere together with the permanent snow falls.

On the top and at the foot of the lighthouse at Green story

Green story is created and owned by Dior (rich.canis) as far as I could find out. The landmark description doesn’t contain too much about the creator’s intentions and ideas “You have to relax here. You have to think here. You bank here another memory.”

At Green Story: the old railway car and sitting at the campfire on the small disconnected island

Green story is pure fantasy, a mix of several fantasies, a bit like a dream that doesn’t make sense often. There’re several really cosy spots to sit and to mediate looking at the northern lights and warmed by a fire. The snow storm at the top of the scaffold is not really inviting but the view from the top is great and luckily in Second Life you don’t need to protect yourself against the cold too much.

Green story: the suspension bridge and other impressions

All the inconsistencies of Green story, of this artful creation, give reason to dream and to mediate, to let your mind wander or to simply enjoy the beauty of the northern lights and of the atmosphere.
Thank you Dior, for sharing Green story with the public. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to Green Story

Enjoying Bondage January 2018 – The pyramid racks

On January 6th we had a spontaneous bondage night at Bondage & Storage Project (BSP) (read here). We discovered the pyramid racks there, a kind of a spanish horse. That very night we had slave Flo, slave Adarra and Jana (object87) on these racks and our slave puppy Christa on our leash. And the slaves were happy to wear their chastity belts shielded as they provided some protection to their most sensitive parts. I had already in mind to take one of the pictures of January 6th as a base for the enjoying bondage series.

Enjoying bondage January 2018 at BSP: slave Bella, Jana, Mistress Jenny, slave puppy Christa, slave drone Flo, Diomita, slave Adarra, slave kelly and slave slut cecy (from left to right)

We took slave Bella to BSP the next day and slave kelly a few days later and both were placed on the pyramid rack as well. While I was kind to slave Bella I removed slave kelly’s shield and I got some nice moans and a lot of begging in return. Actually slave kelly was very excited as dripping wet like as slut cecy. Appropos slut, she didn’t (yet) experience the pyramid but I added her as well to the enjoying bondage picture for January. Look at her crotch, she couldn’t resist once more and wettened herself.
From our subs and slaves just Kitty is missing in the January picture.

Diary 2018 (8) January 9th – quiet night

After we had a busy night on Monday, Tuesday January 9th, became a quiet night. When Jenny and I came inworld we were alone at first. We went playing dice, Yahtzee. Our drone slave Flo joined us.

January 9th – Jenny and Diomita: at home playing dice (upper left) / at Heavy Bondage Club with slave drone Flo and a random stray sub (upper right) / at Domme a Domme (lower left) and at club DeLust (lower right)

We took her to Heavy Bondage Club, where we spent most of our night. We had some entertainment. A stray sub approached me and was added to decorate us, but that’s it. When slave Flo left, we moved on to Domme a Domme and then to club DeLust. And as Jenny had to get up early the next day, that’s it already for this diary entry. Second Life is never predictable but always enjoyable (at least for me).

Diary 2018 (7) January 8th – short but busy

I had a very relaxed afternoon with Jenny and slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon. Besides teasing slave kelly we had some eye candy while we caught up about RL and SL.

January 8th. Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon

I was late at night due to RL, hence I was online comparably short but it turned out to become a quite busy hour. Jenny was at Domme a Domme with slave drone Flo and Argi. While she tried to tell me what happend so far, slave kelly came inworld and a few moments later slave Adarra. I had to fight following main chat and following private chat for quite a while. slave Flo had asked me to take a picture of her as a drone for her profile. I quickly made a picture and thought it would be just a preliminairy picture. But on the second glance it’s not bad as it shows Mistress Jenny in the background and a bit of me as well, hence drone Flo’s owners are shown in it as well.

January 8th – Drone slave Flo with her owners Mistresses Jenny and Diomita in the background

slave Flo has revised her main profile text and I’ll share it here…

After 4 years as slave, December 2017 Mistresses decided to seal her head Slave Flo, into real isolation – becoming a permasealed Drone

Drone is a accessory to her owners !
Owners statement about Drones :
„Drones are seen and not heard“
“Drone is an accessory to her owners”
“Drones crave isolation, heavy bondage and restriction“

Drones don’t need Talk, TP elsewhere, see Names, Places, hear and vision is most time restricted and IM or even NC are impossible.

What else beside chit chat? slave Adarra had to strip to reveal her new beautiful mesh body. Jenny and I agreed that she will have to ask for permission to dress and for what to wear. Good that we have an early spring at our homesim, we don’t want her to catch a cold.

January 8th at Domme a Domme: slave kelly, Diomita, Mistress Jenny, drone slave Flo, slave Adarra and Argi

And slave kelly? I took her gag off and she had to stay silent. Instead slave kelly began to test her limits emoting about other stunning looking dommes and staring at them. After I nice tug at her leash didn’t stop that, she quickly found herself staring at the floor and the gag went back in.
Argi was a source of fun as always. She’s able to entertain a big crowd and she teased slave Adarra again and again.

The night was short for me but we had fun, just like it should be.

Simploring 2018 (6) New Babbage in Winter

January 7th: Port Babbage in Winter

After I discovered Babbage last year (read here “Simploring 2017 (92) New Babbage“), I had a short chat with Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington). He advised to see New Babbage in Winter… and so I did Sunday, January 7th. Eleven connected sims all set to Winter with heavy snowfalls, that’s quite impressive. On my first visit I just got a little small insight into this Steampunk world. And with my 2nd visit now, my insight is still very small. I landed in Port Babbage and walked from there to Babbage Square, New Babbage and Wheatstone Waterways. I enjoyed the views and the atmosphere, I took the elevator to the top of the high tower at New Babbage just for the view.

January 7th: Babbage Square and New Babbage in Winter / a view from the top of the Tower at New Babbage.

I went into some halls, stores and pubs. And I saw Hawksley Pumping Station. Inside the building you can see the big pumps and the wheels are turning. There’re some pictures of pumping stations in the physical world (Papplewick pumphouse and Crossness pumphouse) that have inspired for building the Hawksley Pumping station.  I looked up both pumphouses:
The Papplewick pumphouse was designed in the early 1880s to pump millions of gallons of clean fresh water every day to the rapidly increasing population of Industrial Nottingham (read more here).
Crossness pumphouse weas built by Sir Joseph Bazalgette for London’s sewage system and opened in 1865, it is a Grade 1 Listed building and features some of the most spectacular ornamental Victorian cast ironwork found in the world today (read more here).
And Hawskley? Well, Thomas Hawksley (1807 – 1893) was an English civil engineer of the 19th century, particularly associated with early water supply and coal gas engineering projects. Hawksley was one of the leading British water engineers (source: Wikipedia).
Visiting these pump stations must be really inspiring for Steampunk enthusiasts.

January 7th: Hawksley Pumping Station in Second Life (upper row) / RL pictures of Papplewick Pumphouse and Crossness Pumphouse exhibited in SL and taken from the Internet (middle row) / Wheatstone Waterways in Winter

As I said, I really just saw another small piece of New Babbage, it’s just too huge. You can spent easily several days just to see all buildings and each of them is built with love for the detail. I hope to find the time for some more simploring tours to New Babbage.

Thanks to Vic Mornington and all others who built New Babbage and who keep it alive and share it with us all.

Landmark to Port Babbage
Papplewick pumphouse
Crossness pumphouse

Diary 2018 (6) January 7th – Full house

Let me start this diary entry with two pictures that I got from our Kitty. She visited our slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm several times and she sent me these pictures showing her with slut cecy. Our slut couldn’t hold back and sits in her own pee with wet pants. Humiliated in this way she’s not only wet in SL, I bet she’s also in RL.

January 6th/7th: slut cecy and Kitty at Psi’s / Diomita at Albatraz’ holding cage

Sunday afternoon, January 7th, I got a resuce call from Jana (object87), a blocked IM. After some attempts she succeeded to indicate where she was caught – at Claven’s Albatraz. I went over to the publich area of the prison and found Jana in the holding cage. I talked with her, but I couldn’t help her – she made a mistake and has to see what consequences it will have. Later Claven and I talked about Jana shortly but I have no idea what will happen.

January 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave Bella at Bondage & Storage Project / and with slave slut cecy at Lochme

Sunday night, January 7th, started quiet and became quite busy later. When Mistress Jenny and I came inworld, our drone slave Flo and slave Bella were present at home. We took the slaves to Bondage & Storage Project and I put slave Bella, protected by her chastity belt, on the pyramid rack, where we had Jana, slave Flo and slave Adarra the night before.

January 7th at Lochme: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Adarra, slave slut cecy, drone slave Flo and slave Bella

Then we went to Lochme for exposing our slaves. Later we also picked up slave slut cecy from Psi’s realm and brought her to Lochme and slave Adarra also joine us there. The slaves got some attention and gave reason for some public and private chat. Mistress had a longer private chat with another sub and they discussed about drones. Inspired by this conversation and as slave Flo is enjoying her new drone life (or isn’t she?), Mistress Jenny instructed me to seal her drone suit permanently – drones are permasealed forever.
If you take a closer look, you might notice that our slave Adarra has a new hair style. She was permitted to get a meshbody and she presented it to us at Lochme. Along with the meshbody, I insisted that she cuts her hair. It’s way shorter now (still quite long for a slave) and fitting better to her. We will for sure see more of new body soon.

January 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita storing slave slut cecy at Lochme (upper row) / at club DeLust with slave Bella (lower row)

Time flew by quickly again and when we left Lochme, we leashed slave slut cecy at the entrance of Lochme castle. There she has a good view on the court and she’s quite visible for all. We ended our night at club DeLust, where slave Bella danced for us and the other guests. And that’s it about our full Sunday night.

Diary 2018 (5) January 6th – Bondage night at BSP

Saturday, January 6th, Mistress Jenny began to take control again. She took off my partnering collar and locked my normal collar around my neck indicating my and her position. I had more than 2 weeks at same eye level and at her side and I enjoyed it. Thank you, Mistress Jenny!

January 6th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Domme a Domme (upper left) / at home with Jana and slave Flo (upper right) / dancong in our Christmas gazebo (lower left) / picking up slave pet Christa (lower right)

When I came inworld at night slave Flo was busy with dusting. One of her drone mantras says “Drone Flo must clean her owner’s house, a clean house is a happy house“. Jana (object87) was present as well and I intructed her to sweep, then I relaxed after Jana had also cleaned my boots. Jenny joined and we began our night very relaxed talking about how to spend it. First Jenny and I had our last dance in the Christmas gazebo for this Holiday season. After taking down the gazebo we also ended Winter at our homesim. Wow, just a click and it became spring!

January 6th at Bondage & Storage Project: slave pet Christa in the doghouse (upper left) / Mistress Jenny with slave Flo (upper right) / Jana on the pyramid rack (lower left and right)

We picked up our slave pet Christa and went to Bondage&Storage Project and had our way, our fun with drone slave Flo, Jana, slave pet Christa and slave Adarra. We tried a few different racks, locked our pet into a doghouse and teased them. In the end Jana, slave Flo and slave Adarra ended tied them up next to each other on a decive named “Pyramid”, kind of a spanish horse but maybe even more painful. Jana noticed how protective and helpful a chastity belt can be. She said “will never again be without belt! never no not at all!“. I was generous with her and fulfilled her wish.

January 6th: Bondage night at Bondage & Storage Project: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Argi, Jana, slave pet Christa, drone slave Flo, slave Adarra

Shortly after Mistress Jenny and I had retreated to a nearby sofa to relax after the hard work and to enjoy the moans of our slaves, Argi joined us. She has her own way to tease the slaves. This way we could even more enjoy the result of our work. What a full but enjoyable night and Mistress Jenny and I crowned it with a short visit at club DeLust where we enjoyed a few moments of togetherness.

January 6th: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at club DeLust

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