Kitty Maurer’s 9th collaring anniversary

Just recently we celebrated Kitty Maurer’s (aka. Santana Thibedeau) 10th rezzday (read here).  And today marks Kitty’s 9th (!) collaring day.

I was part of Yasmin’s Brat Pack and Yasmin’s collared sub and had just married my slave Jenny. On November 22nd, 2008 Jenny and I found a “present” at home. My sister Yar (Yar Telling), another brat of Yasmin (Yasmin Heartsdale), had caught Santana, had fun with him and left him in a cage in our house in Stonehaven when she was done with him. Santana was convinced that he could talk himself out of the cage and announced that he will enslave us. Actually, Santana has the particular talent to talk himself out of every miserable situation. But this one time he was wrong. We kept the boy and the more he threatened us to get out and to enslave us, the more we were motivated to prove the opposite. Santana moved with us to Rivers Rock where he was one of the first guests in our Hotel California and he spent months in his hotel room.
After that nice and comfy stay he was well conditioned and submitted to us. We both became fond of our captive and decided to make him a slave to the whole family as our time zones did not match fully. One thing shone through all this time and that was no matter when or where slaveboy always remained loyal to us and made us proud to own him (and later her) wherever (s)he went.

November 22nd, 2008 …..

November 22nd – Kitty Maurer’s 9th collaring anniversary

A lot has happened since that day. Second Life developed and changed, our family in Second Life changed, some good friends left us or decided to persue other ways in SL, Santana became Kitty Maurer, my slave wife Jenny became my Mistress – Kitty stayed with us all the time.
Thank you Kitty for your unconditional submission and dedication to your owners.
Happy collaring anniversary!

Diary 2017 (193) Nov 14th – slave Flo’s new hood

Tuesday, November 14th, Mistress Jenny and I had some unexpected fun at night. When Mistress Jenny came online, she found te house cleaned and slave Flo was sitting on the bed at the sub’s hut Shangri-La reading the instructions of a new toy, a hood that she had bought herself. She saw it just a few days before at club DeLust and must have searched at the appropriate stores (this one is from NGW). Naughty slave!

November 14th – Mistress Jenny and Diomita fitting the new hood, that slave Flo got herself, naughty slave girl!

Of course we had to put it on and lock in on her. It has some nice add-ons like a breathing bag. We went over to slave kelly’s pit and took a picture of us with slave Flo. Too bad that slave kelly couldn’t see it from her pit down there. Later we went to Mesmerize dungeon with slave Flo exposing her there and teasing her. I turned on the secret vibrators in her chastity belt and had fun wathing her coming close to an orgasm that was prevented by an electric shock. Poor slave.

November 14th: Diomita donating something to drink for slave kelly

After Mistress Jenny and slave Flo both went to bed, I stayed online and wrote a bit on this blog .. and drank a glass of wine. As slave kelly is still in the pit, she needs something to drink of course, and I cared for that later before I went to bed myself.

Simploring 2017 (90) Borneo Isle

I followed Inara Pey’s blog entry about Borneo Isle “A trip to Borneo in Second Life” and visited it myself. The landmark description is incomplete “Borneo is an all-new sim designed as a beautiful destination for those looking to explore, relax or simply pass the time with friends. This intricately detailed sim is open to all visitors, and offers a breath-taking landscape created by the amazingly ta” I assume that the maximum of letters was reached and that Gac Akina, the owner of Borneo Isle, wanted to give credit to the designer of the sim Neva Crystall (nevacrystall).

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – Around the landing point

Borneo Isle isn’t in the jungle, it’s just somewhere, maybe in Europe or North America. It consists of a larger and a smaller island, both are high rocks in the ocean and are connected by a bridge. Borneo Isle is set for the season, hence it is cold but not winter already.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – The nature growing back in the buildings

Arriving at the landing point in the middle of the main island and looking around you see a lovely autumn setting, bicycles, benches … and it looks inhabited. On the second view and taking a closer look, you see that the few buildings are abandonned, the nature is already taking the place back. The two buildings close to the landing are still full of stuff and furniture but the bushes and trees begin to grow even inside.
Form the landing point you can dare to walk downstairs on a wooden partly broken construction down to a bay where you find some old furntiure to sit on. Although is obviously abandonned it has it’s own charme and I spent some time there. In one edge there’s a chair, a guitar and an oven in a small shelter, just as if someone has discovered this place overlooking the bay as a personal secret retreat.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – At the bay

It’s fun to explore this Borneo Isle. I walked over the bridge to the smaller island and enjoyed the views. On the smaller island is another building and that is not abandonned. It’s used as bar and event hall and from Inara Pey’s blog post I learned it is supposed to be used for some events.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – Inside and outside of the bar

What else? On the main island is one building that you can’t access, most probably that’s where the owner of Borneo Isle settled. The building does fit perfect into the style. Just everything is very detailled and fitting to the style. A really great and thoughtfully designed place. I enjoyed my vist very much! Thank you, Gac Akina, for providing your place to the public.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – The lighthouse and a scenic view (upper), and the private part of the Island (lower)

Landmark to Borneo Isle
Inara Pey’s blog post “A trip to Borneo in Second Life”

Diary 2017 (192) November 13th – Venustus

There’s not that much to report for the diary about Monday, November 13th. Mistress Jenny and I were online just at night and we were alone first. We visited some clubs, read profiles and discussed them and looked at some eye candy. When we moved on to Venustus to dance a bit, slave Flo and slave Adarra came online and joined us there. We spent about an hour dancing, enjoying the music and catching up. When slave Flo left for bed, Mistress and I retreated to our skybox and just sat together a little bit before our bedtime soon after.

November 13th at Venustus: slave Flo, Diomita, slave Adarra and Mistress Jenny

Anything else? Oh .. I should have a look into our pit. Didn’t I leave slave kelly in there?

Diary 2017 (191) November 12th Mixed Sunday

Mistress Jenny and I had a mixed Sunday. We met already in the morning more or less by accident as we both hadn’t planned it. slave kelly was inworld and we took the opportunity to start her punishment. Punishment? Yes, slave kelly misbehaved at our party (no details here) and she has to bear the consequences now. I’m determined to form and educate her. Some rules and behaviors might need stronger and crueler enforcements. But then, that’s also fun (for me *winks*). Anyway, to make a longer story short, Mistress Jenny and I put her into a dark pit that I had just build close to the main house, where we often meet. The pit is covered with an additional lid to make it dark and uncomfy inside. I’m pretty sure, that will help enforcing our rules.

November 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at the new pit (with slave kelly inside)

At night we met slave Flo first and spend some time to get her into a different outfit. We updated her chastity belt and her KaS corset and I locked everything to keep her safe. Then we went to club DeLust to relax and slave Flo got the place on the kneeling pad right next to us – not for long though because slave slut cecy came inworld and shared the place with slave Flo.

November 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at home and at club Delust

Mistress Jenny and I had fun teasing both and the club became fuller and fuller in the meanwhile – and then the lag caused slave cecy to crash. After we took slave Flo home to say good night to her and slut cecy returned online, still horny and begging to cum in RL. Mistress Jenny and I had other plans. We went for a game of dice and had a personal side bet (again nothing for the blog). I extended the bet and made cecy’s orgasm depending on the outcome of our dice game. I won it:-) and slave slut lost her orgasm therefor .. poor slut.

November 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Club DeLust with slave Flo and slave slut cecy – and later at home playing dice

This way we had a playful end of this Sunday night and I enjoyed it a lot particular when I got my prize for winning later at our skybox.

Diary 2017 (190) Nov 10th/11th – The gifted rack

Friday, November 10th, we had another Friday Night Party. Virgo selected “War and peace” as our theme, so the night began with selecting a fitting outfit. It was full again, just as we like it. Mistress Jenny and I had slave Flo and slave kelly dancing with us and we had fun.

November 10th: Friday Night Party

Saturday, November 11th, was very relaxed. Mistress Jenny and I took slave Flo to our Stonehaven patio where I had rezzed a new rack, that I got as a gift from a shop for bdsm furniture (Nice but Naughty). While I began testing the new rack with slave Flo, Mistress Jenny sat down and watched and made her remarks. Soon later slave slut cecy joined and also Kitty came by for a short while. I teased and spanked slave Flo and then had my way with her using my strapon, enjoying the moans and the begging. When I was done with slave Flo, slave slut cecy should clean her sister’s pussy, which she did after Flo had another two orgasms.

November 11th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Flo, slave slut cecy and Kitty at our Stonehaven patio testing the gifted rack, at Mesmerize Dungeon and at Psi’s realm

Later we went to Mesmerize Dungeon and club DeLust to wind down, stored slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm again and crowned our Saturday night with a dance at our skybox’ roof top.

Mrs. amd Mrs. Maurer

Simploring 2017 (89) Gem Preiz’ Chaos at The Eye Art Gallery

Gem Preiz’ “Chaos” – The Eye Art Gallery – November 2017 (1)

I discovered Gem Preiz’ art this year and wrote about it in this blog. I saw “No Frontiers” and I saw his exhibtion “5 years of Fractals“. A few days ago I got an invitation from Gem Preiz to visit his latest exhibition called “Chaos” at “The Eye Art Gallery“. Considering that Gem uses fractals for creating his Pictures, “Chaos” seems to be the opposite of what is underlying his art.
Gem wrote an introduction to his exhibtion “Chaos” that describes perfectly what he does and what it expresses:

Gem Preiz’ “Chaos” – The Eye Art Gallery – November 2017 (2)

Confronted with the mysteries of the origins and with the question of the determinism of the Nature, Mankind from Hesiode’s theogony to the most recent mathematical theories, wanted to tame the Chaos, first by naming and personifying it, then much later by putting it in equations, still unsolved.

Look for an underlying structure in the formless and for causes of the unexplained, here is the rock which the Man-Sisyphe pushes in front of him in his secular effort to understand the Universe and dominate it.

This exhibition displays 12 fractal “paintings” on the theme of the Chaos, which seem to illustrate its description given by Ovide : «a raw confused mass, nothing but inert matter, badly combined discordant atoms of things, confused in the one place», but arisen from mathematical functions and numerical calculations which make them pure products of a perfect determinism.”

You can look a few seconds or a few hours at each picture, you won’t recognize any system, any order or any equation that describes it – it looks like chaos. Just the knowledge that it is no chaos won’t help you solving this mystery. And if you neglect this fact and don’t search for the system, then you can see what your mind wants to see within the chaos. I saw landscapes, rocks and water, I saw vulcans and fire. Amzazing pictures, Gem! Thank you.

Gem Preiz’ “Chaos” – The Eye Art Gallery – November 2017 (3)

“Chaos” is presented at The Eye Art Gallery in November 2017. The Eye Art Gallery is owned by Mona (monabyte) and has a monthly changing exhibtion as far as I understood. Unfortunately Mona’s profile is in Spanish (maybe another language?) and I couldn’t find our more about the Art Gallery but I saw some names in the member list that sound familiar to me. Thank you Mona (monabyte) for enabling this exhibtion of Gem.

Landmark to The Eye Art Gallery

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