Diary 2023 (27) March 20th-22nd Quiet days

Monday, March 20th, I had a quiet night. I played one round of skipee with Flo, then I roamed through the clubs, hopping from one place to the other. beside some chats, nothing happened and I made no pictures at all.
Tuesday night I was alone first and played 2 rounds skipee against myself. Angelique came by and we had a nice chat. Later slave Holly and slave Alessi were inworld. I took them to Carnal Intentions and had fun playing with their restrictions and restraints while chatting. And by the way, slave Holly had a perfect look on my behind again *winks*

March 21st: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and slave Alessi

Wednesday, March 22nd, Flo was inworld when I came online at night. I had three rounds of skipee with her and was the lucky one winning. It were close games though. Ebony came by to say hello and to catch up with us. The moment Flo left for bed slave Holly came inworld. That night I took her to club DeLust and we chatted a lot. Amoung other things we discussed the theme for the next Friday night party. slave Holly was about to leave when slave Alessi came inworld. I had the two slaves together at club DeLust for a short time, then I took slave Holly back home and went to Carnal Intentions with slave Alessi. There was really nothing going on at Carnal and hence we went back to club DeLust until it was time for my bed too.

March 22nd: Diomita at club DeLust and at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and slave Alessi

Diary 2023 (26) March 5th-19th Time out

I was off for two weeks and hence there’s not much to report for the diary. slave Holly hosted the Friday night party for me on March 10th and she sent a few pictures.

March 10th, Friday night party: the dance floor, Morgie Darkstone (upper row), Mistress Cherry, Sarah Fhang, Ebony Massey, slave Holly (lower row)

I admit that it made me smile to see slave Holly dancing on the table … if the cat is away the mice dance on the table *winks*

I returned in-world for our Friday night party on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day and of course most of us dressed in green, except one slave who couldn’t change. It was fun to be back and to start the weekend with a party as usual.

March 17th, Friday night party: Mistress Cherry, Diomita, slave Holly, Flo, Angelique, slave Alessi, Ebony Massey, Laura (laura00175), Claven Albatros, Sarah Fhang (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Kira Skytower, Zillzie, Morgie Darkstone, Jeanette Darkstone (arandomjeanette), Baroness Capelo, Moxie (moirapat), Virgo Babii (lower row)

Saturday, March 18th, I was just inworld very late at night, enough time to meet Mistress Cherry for a kiss and for a quick sim hopping, but not enough time to start anything or to take pictures.

Sunday, March 19th, I met with Flo and slave Alessi at night and we played a skipee together. Angelique came by to chat a bit with us. After the game Flo went to bed and I took slave Holly, who had also arrived while we played, and slave Alessi to club DeLust for the rest of the night. I enjoyed teasing and restricting the slaves and we chatted. I had a relaxed night. slave Holly controubuted a few ot the pictures with her restricted view.

Sunday, March 19th: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly and slave Alessi

Diary 2023 (25) March 3rd-5th Blue and Pink

For Friday, March 3rd, I picked an easy theme. I was lucky as several days fitting to set a theme were listed for March 3rd. So I could even offer alternatives:
It’s Friday once again, we celebrate the upcoming weekend. This Friday is “Dress in Blue Day” (First Friday in March). For those who don’t like blue – today is also Peach Blossom Day. Hence dress in blue or peach colours and join our party. Or come as you are (even naked), let’s party! DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes.
Although we were a bit less people than usual we had a great start into our weekend and succeeded to make Virgo strip.

March 3rd – Friday night party: Mistress Cherry, Diomita, Angelique, slave Alessi, Ebony Massey, Sarah Fhang, Baroness Capelo, Virgo Babii (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Claven Albatros, Laura (laura00175), Morgie Darkstone, Kira Skytower, Donna Jo (donnajo19720828), Katie Kagekiyo, Virgo Babii (lower row)

Saturday, March 4th, I visited the March exhibition at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery: “Transcend struggle” by Yann GYRO (read here).
Besides the gallery visit I spent some time with Dana Darkwatch, who showed me her new designed place. Later we spent some time at club DeLust. And I chatted with Mistress Cherry, who was still busy working for her store.

March 4th: Diomita and Dana Darkwatch at Dana’s place and at club DeLust

At night I roamed around a bit, then returned home and played 2 rounds of skipee alone. slave Holly came inwrld for a shorter visit. We played one round of skipee, a close game, so it was fun.
slave Alessi joined us. After the game slave Holly went off again and I took slave Alessi with me to club deLust where we spent the rest of the night.

March 4th: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Alessi

Sunday, March 5th, I had a skipee with slave Holly again, another close game. slave Alessi joined us and I took the two to Carnal Intentions after the game. At Carnal people more and more meet outside of the club, the club itself was almost empty – outside it was full. When I saw that we could move on to DeLust as there were some free spaces I went there and summoned slave Holly and slave Alessi to me. Unfortunately the teleport didn’t work for slave Holly. There was the phenonemon again, that we experienced already a few times. Although slave Holly was shown as offline in my viewer (and in slave Alessi’s viewer) some message get throught to Holly and some answers too. I returned to Carnal, but slave Holly wasn’t there – and she stayed offline (for me).

March 5th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions and at club DeLust with slave Holly and slave Alessi / Diomita with Mistress Cherry at home

I was in IM with Mistress Cherry and when she went off to bed we met shortly at our skybox to say good night. I returned to club DeLust for a bit before I said good night to slave Alessi myself and went off.

Art in Second Life 2023 (14) “Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

Dido Haas invited me to see the March exhibition at her Nitroglobus Roof Gallery: “Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO. The offical opening will take place tonight, March 6th, at 12 PM SLT (9 PM CET).

“Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO (sempiternel) consists of 7 partly very large pictures and several animated 3D objects. Dido Hass wrote in her notecard about “Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO: “Yann’s topic isn’t easy; it deals with illness and death, but also gives sparks of hope for the future.

Although I’m used to the mirroring floor at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery, it still impresses me how much it adds to the exhibited art. Yann’s pictures deal with the fight against cancer, they worship the beauty of his mother, they express his love and strong bonds to her – and they express the fight torn between hope and desperation.

Right at the landing point you find a poem by Yann GYRO. The poem is also kind of a description of the installation:

You faced the fear, when you heard the news
But I was here, and I saw you rise and choose
To find your power, and stand tall with grace
And embrace the challenge, with courage in your face

The journey is tough, but I’ll always be near
To guide you with hope, and wipe away your tear
With love and strength, we’ll conquer and transcend
And do what’s needed, to heal and reach the end

The shadow holds a gift, I know it’s true
I see it in you, as you become more bold and bright too
I’m here to support, as you face what’s ahead
And grateful for the bond, that will never be shed

Resilience blooms, in the face of the fight
You won’t be defeated, I’ll stand by your side
I am your ally, with a heart to conquer
Resilience thrives, as we stand as one victor.

Impressions of “Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery (1)

Close to where you land you see a white 3D statue of a woman levitating in the center of the space – and it bursts into pieces. The statue is placed in front of a huge picture, held in red, a scaring picture dealing with cancer. In the back of this wing is another 3 – part picture of cells and in front of it literally rains pills, red, blue, green and white pills. Overall a very touching scenery!

In the other wing you can see the same statue, now not bursting into peices but surrounded by the same pills. Another 3D object, that permanantly rotates, shows parts of the exhibited pictures, also on a bed of pills.

Impressions of “Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery (2)

Accompanying a loved person in their struggle against a deadly illness is an experience that you can’t forget, that you don’t want to forget. As opposed to, it creates a strong bond to the person – beyond death. I personally can sense this bond looking at Yann’s pictures and exhibits. And they are very artful too!

Yann Gyro (sempiternel) is in Second Life since 2018. I first saw his art – very different from what you see in “Transcend Struggle” at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery – at La Maison d’Aneli in May 2021 (read here) and in December 2022 (read here). Yann is a photgrapher and designer. Yann has his own store on the marketplace. He also has a flickr account.

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery is owned and curated by Dido Haas. Thank you, Dido for providing the space for the art and for enabling the exhibition “Transcend Struggle” by Yann Gyro (sempiternel). And thank you Yann for your art.
As it is the March exhibition at the gallery “Transcend Struggle” shall be available until the end of this month.

Landmark to Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and to “Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO
Dido Haas’ blog
Yann GYRO (sempiternel)’s store on the marketplace
Yann GYRO (sempiternel)’s flickr

Diary 2023 (24) February 28th – March 2nd Quiet days

Tuesday night, February 28th, was different though it was quiet. Flo and I were alone at home. As Flo was going to be away for one week and I would be off for vacation upon her return, we spent the time together playing cards. I wanted to distract Flo as the reason for her absence is not vacation. We played 3 rounds with different outcome once again.
Flo had just left when slave Holly came inworld comparably late. slave Holly had had a tiring day and was up playing cards. Hence I ended up playing cards all night – and no picture *winks*

Wednesday, March 1st, was a quiet night as well. As Flo was absent, I played a few rounds of skipee alone …. and of course I won. That is the upside of playing alone, though it is just relaxing and not competitive.
I went to club DeLust and watched the silent crowd. When slave Holly came online, I summoned her to me. We caught up with our mutual news and while we were at the club I had a funny short IM with one of the other guests and I shared with slave Holly:

Diomita Maurer: I seem to have some reputation in here…
XX: I love how you fuck your slaves Miss
Diomita Maurer: you know how I fuck them?
XX: I mean how you lock them
slave Holly: two word that often get mixed up Mistress – lock and fuck!
Diomita Maurer laughs
slave Holly: somehow that explains the whole BDSM thing! it’s where I’ve being going wrong all these years!
slave Holly: I never meant to get locked!!!!
Diomita Maurer: now you’re fucked …. you are locked most of the time and rarely get fucked
slave Holly: *grins* like minds Mistress – I was about to say – either way fucked!

slave Holly was tired and intended to go to bed early. It fitted well that slave Alessi came online.

Diomita Maurer: Shall I bring you home and to bed and pick up Alessi there?
slave Holly: yes thank you, Mistress Diomita – see if anyone here notices the difference!

I brought slave Holly home and took slave Alessi to club DeLust …. seems that really none noticed!
slave Alessi: If you only look like for a few moments and not that closely, the switch might really have gone unnoticed. 🙂

March 1st: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly and slave Alessi

On Thursday, March 2nd, I spent a relaxed night at club DeLust first. When Holly came inworld I summoned her to me and we caught up with our mutal news and chatted a bit. Then we reurned home and playe one round of skipee, then we both went to bed early.

March 2nd: Diomita at club deLust with slave Holly

Diary 2023 (23) February 26th/27th Spring is getting close

I had a good time in SL on Sunday, February 26th. In the afternonn I visited “The Magical Forest“, an art installation, a illustrated tale in 11 scenes, written and narrated. My visit took one hour and was a nice variation (read here).
At night I played two rounds of skipee with Flo, then slave Holly joined us comparably early and we played another round with three.

I took Flo and slave Holly to club DeLust and chatted a lot with Holly about everyday life and recipes. Later I talked with Flo, who always surprises me with her dry wit. slave Alessi also joined us.
We also watched the silent crowd and had a relaxed time at the club. Flo stayed up longer than usual and by the time she left we all returned home and to bed.

February 26th: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

Monday, February 27th, was similiar. I played 3 rounds of skipee with Flo, one was a close game. The other 2 rounds were very one sided, each of us won one game way to easy. After the game I walked over our sim with Flo and changed the season from Winter to Spring for all plants as Spring is coming.
Then I took Flo to club DeLust. Soon after we had arrived slave Holly came inworld and I summoned her to us. We chatted amoung us for an hour. Flo tried hard to get some main chat running and at some point she was close, but in the end the crowd got silent again. Flo has fun trying to initiate a conversation.

February 27th: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo and slave Holly

At flotime we all went off to bed.

Diary 2023 (22) February 24th/25th Marta released

When I had to fix a theme for our regular party on Friday, February 24th, it was sadly easy. One year ago, on February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukrainia violating the law of nations. Since this day war is back in Europe. Honestly, not really a day to celebrate – but a day to remember and to express our solidarity with Ukraine.
It’s Friday again, time to celebrate the start into our weekend. One year ago, on February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukrainia violating the law of nations. Since this day war is back in Europe. We express our ongoing solidarity with Ukraine and dress in blue and yellow. Or just come as you are (even naked). DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us

It was another great start into the weekend. The party was well attended. When it is full, I often think of Jenny, who loved it when the parties were full. That night I said an extra “Cheers, my love” to her.

February 24th – Friday nigth party: Mistress Cherry, Diomita, Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi, slave Marta (muzylla), Ebony Massey, Dely (krysbia), Sarah Fhang, Virgo Babii (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Baroness Capelo, Domina Ansar, midnight (Kekoa Slade), Morgie Darkstone, Kira Skytower, Laura (laura00175), Claven Albatros, Lucy (lucycaspiana) (lower row)

slave Holly made also picture and sent me two of them …

February 24th – Friday nigth party: Maurer’s dancing

Saturday night, February 25th, I was playing skipee with Flo when Angelique and soon later slave Holly came inworld and joined us by the table. We went to club DeLust where I spent almost the whole night chatting amoung us and with a few of the other guests. I returned home inbetween to take slave Holly to bed who was tired. Angelique also left by that time.
While I was taking home slave Holly, slave Marta (muzylla) came inworld and was at our homesim. I took her with me back to clubd DeLust. slave Marta was disppointed, obviously she had expected less strictness and more care or whatever. She had already expressed her discontentment to me the night before at the party. In my perception she was offending me. Consequently I released slave Marta while we were at club DeLust.
Finally, after Flo had left for bed, I spent some time with slave Alessi at Carnal Inentions. I had in mind to put her into the serious cage there, but it was occupied and not available.

February 25th: Diomita at club DeLust and at Carnal Intentions with Angelique, Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Marta

That’s it for this entry.

Backflash February 2023 “Angelique collared one year” (Feb 21st, 2013)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the series shall provide an insight into my and our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives. It has been a while that I had the last “Backflash of the month” entry in this blog. With this post I intend to continue the series.
For February 2023 I selected a post from February 2013 – 10 (!) years ago. It is a diary post about Angelique, who celebrated her 1st collaring anniversary on February 21st, 2013. I appreciate a lot that Angelique is still close to me, still my niece and still such a special person in my life.
Enjoy the travel in time ….

Angelique, our sweet niece, is collared one year today!

When Angel first came to us she was a troubled young lady who used to embarrass herself quite often.  We took Angel under our wing and decided that Angel was in need of some further education in order for her to become a young lady who would be a real credit to our family.

However when we first tried to help Angel we found that it often became a struggle and that she would resist some of our help. Over time we discovered that what Angel really needed was two role models and not just a Mistress / Sub relationship. We decided it would be best if we adopted her into our family and we became her Aunties. After this Angel’s behaviour improved a great deal and we noticed that her embarrassing problem was now under control. A few people still tease her by calling her little miss pissy pants but those days are long gone.

We found a good finishing school for Angel to attend and she began her journey to becoming quite the young lady. Unfortunately as with a lot of things in SL, people come and go and so do the places. We have had to move Angel a number of times, but this has also helped her to develop many new skills. You are quite likely to find Angel at our home dusting and cleaning when she is not busy in class. One thing that we can both say about Angel is that she puts her heart into everything that she does and always gives 100%. She is bright, funny and has brought us many smiles since we met her. In fact Angel we both love you very much.

One final word of warning for you though Angel. Aunties have a habit of knowing all the dark secrets of their nieces. Just because we have not said anything does not mean that we are blind to it, just that we do not disapprove. (winks).

Angelique Maurer's collaring anniversary

Angelique Maurer’s collaring anniversary

Happy first collaring anniversary, Angelique
Love from your aunties Diomita and Jenny

Link to the original post

Art in Second Life (13) The Magical Forest by Jaz and Harry

Jaz (Jessamine2108) sent a message to me and invited me to see “The Magical Forest“, an istallation by Harry Cover (Impossibleisnotfrench) and Jaz herself.
Along with the landmark to “The Magical Forest”, I got a notecard that contained all relevant information including a few words about the artists who were involved in creating “The Magical Forest“. I will be lazy and use most of this notecard.

First of all there’re instructions for your viewer settings and you should follow them to get the full experience.

The exhibit is an immersive experience of Peter’s story, his journey to the magical forest, and his assimilation into it. It also touches upon human greed and the possible consequences. The story unfolds in 11 scenes – the road will take you through the scenes in sequence. You can either read about each scene, listen to the narration, and experience the special effects.
The immersive exhibit brings together the creativity in multiple areas like mesh, landscaping, storytelling, photography and particles. We hope you enjoy the magic and the story.

You walk along the scences, each scene has a text going along with it. You can grab the according notecard or listen to the narrator. Listening will take around 5 min for each scene so the whole story unfolds in about one hour. The story is a tale with many references to today’s world and to our dealings with nature and wildlife. It is fun with enough seriousness.
The 11 scences are arranged in boxes along the edges of a sky platform. In the center you find some of the participant characters, flowers and other elements.

The Magical Forest – overview

The Magical Forest team would like to express their thanks to
Kurk Mumfuzz for his mentoring on particles
Natalie Starlight for offering her magical sim “Lost Unicorn” as the background for the story
Harriet Gausman for inspiring writers to create on her “Milkwood” sim
Frank Atisso & Jerzzie Reece for their continued support throughout this project

We hope you enjoy the magical journey through the forest.

The Magical Forest – scene 2 and 7

About the Magical Forest Team:

Finn Bookmite (Fionn Bookmite)
Finn Bookmite is a member of the Milk Wood writers group and Interested in the role of (coughs) more mature people in SL. In RL she is the author of four historical novels.

Harry Cover (Impossibleisnotfrench)
Harry Cover, a.k.a. Impossibleisnotfrench, is a French man. He started his second life by playing with prims, then sculpties and finally mesh.
Passionate about photos, graphic designer in RL (among others), and driftwood objects creator.
Come discover his creations, unique objects, inspired by his meetings, his interests including the recycling of metal objects. He has created L’Artistan to exhibit the objects he has created over time and welcomes you to share your comments, your visions and your experiences.

Jaz (Jessamine2108)
Jaz loves colors and loves to express herself with them. For her, creation is fun and a process of learning. She enjoys experimenting and loves to bring the different things that she does – tell stories, blend colors, create particles, and take photos – together. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t — but it is always fun doing it.

Wednezday Mourningside – Wenz (odinswendzday)
Wenz is a remarkably talented designer, possessing both an impeccable eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of design principles. She has an innate ability to take complex ideas and distill them into simple, elegant solutions that communicate effectively to her audience. Wenz is also an excellent communicator and collaborator, always open to feedback and willing to work closely with clients to ensure their needs are met. Her attention to detail is unparalleled, and she takes pride in delivering work that is not only visually stunning but also functional and user-friendly. Wenz’s passion for design is evident in everything she creates, and her dedication to her craft is an inspiration to all who work with her.

The Magical Forest – scene 10 and 11

Thank you Jaz (Jessamine2108) and Harry (Impossibleisnotfrench) for this installation, thank you Finn Bookmite (Fionn Bookmite) and Wenz (odinswendzday). I had a lovely and relaxing hour visiting, listening and reading.
I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to The Magical Forest – Landing point

Diary 2023 (21) February 22nd/23rd Finishing the February slave outfit

Wednesday, February 22nd, I started my night with a skipee with Flo, as I do almost every night. I chatted with Mistress Cherry while playing. She was again busy working on textures for her shop. slave Alessi joined Flo and me and we played another round with three. And slave Marta (muzylla)came online as well and I brought her to the skipee table.
After the game Flo left early than usual. I decided to get Alessi the last piece of the February slave outfit, which now will be the outfit for March as well, in particular as I will be offline almost two weeks in March. I summoned slave Alessi and slave Marta to DHB and got a straight jacket for slave Alessi. Coincidently slave Holly just came in-world and hence I also summoned her to me and she got the straight jacket as well. The slaves look great in these jackets! I went to Carnal Intentions with them and blindfolded them and forced them to look at me. I was satisfied with my work *winks*.

February 22nd: Diomita at Carnal Intentions and at club DeLust with slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Marta

We moved on the club DeLust and I got some nice remarks about the slaves. slave Holly also made some nice pictures. Inbetween I took slave Marta home, who had to go to bed.
When slave Holly had to leave a bit early that night, I decided to go to bed myself as well and took the slaves home.

February 22nd: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Marta

Thursday, February 23rd, I was running late due to RL. Nonetheless I played my regular skipee game with Flo and had slave Marta lasehed by the table. I took Flo and slave Marta to club DeLust afterwards, where Alessi joined us. While I was chatting I teased the slave. After Flo and slave marta had eft for bed, I stayed a bit at the club with slave Alessi and continued teasing her before I went off to bed early myself.

February 23rd: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo, slave Alessi and slave Marta

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