Diary 2019 (36) March 10th/11th Tea at Psi’s

There’s not really much to report for the diary about Sunday, March 10th. I had a nice simploring tour in the afternoon.
At night Mistress Jenny and I were at Mesmerize Dungeon with Angelique and slave Flo. Angelique comes up with a new creative outfit almost every day lately and that night she once again selected a nice combination of harnesses, chastity belt and clear latex.
In the course of the evening Mistress Jenny pulled more and more information from Angelique as well as from me about the night before when I was alone with Angelique. Neither Angelique nor I did dare to lie to Mistress Jenny. Mistress Jenny did enjoy teasing me in particular.

March, 10th at Mesmerize Dungeon: Diomita, Angelique, slave Flo, Mistress Jenny

We returned home and her a skipee as teams and this time Mistress won it together with slave Flo against Angelique and me. And that’s it already about Sunday.

Monday, March 11th, Mistress Jenny and I caught up with our mutal news while being at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava. Mistress Jenny was prevented from being inworld at night.

March, 11th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava

I met Angelique at home and she had a surprise for me again. She looked like the young me and wore a nice red and white latex dress. She was tired and anounced she’d go to bed soon once she had finished drinking her tea in RL. slut cecy came inworld and Angelique and I went to Psi’s realm to look after our slut.

March, 11th: Diomita and Angelique Maurer

Spontaneously I rezzed a Mistress chair at Psi’s realm and asked Angelique to have a seat after I selected a pose for her drinking tea. I rewarded slut cecy and let her kneel in front of Angelique. She could enjoy the view while Angelique sipped her tea. Of course our slut was soon drippin’ again and melting. Angelique left when she had finished drinking her tea and I sat down on the chair instead – drinking coffee (also in RL) *winks*.

March, 11th: Diomita and Angelique with slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm

I continued teasing slut cecy, exposing her and her steady desire to cum. I fixed slut cecy on a rack and invited “BC (Baroness Capelo)’s twin” Sara over. That was fun … and poor slut cecy wasn’t allowed to cum in both worlds.

Simploring 2019 (32) Salt Water

I came across Salt Water following Inara Pey’s “Living in a Modemworld” blog and read her post “A dip into Salt Water in Second Life“.

“The cure for anything is Salt Water — in one form or another, sweat, tears or the Salt Sea.”
Beach, Sunset, Couples, Mexico, Belize Mayan Ruins and Roatan. Sim and homes are open to everyone.
is what you find in the landmark profile. Salt Water is owned by Kye (Kyevaiy)

Salt Water

The (adult) homestead has been designed and created by Tippy Wingtip. Kye wrote in her profile that Tippy completed her sim based on the photographs she got from Kye take at her trips to Mexico, Belize and Roatan.

Impressions of Salt Water (1)

The landing is on a rocky high plateau with Aztec ruins. Angelique accompanied me on my visit to Salt Water. We first enjoyed the view from the high plateau to the beaches and the shore and to the rain forest below, then we went exploring.
Salt Water is just beautiful, a paradise to enjoy and a great place to take pictures. On our way to the beach we came along some waterfalls and we saw a nice event and dance area. We walked along wooden paths at the beach and went into the 2 houses at Salt Water. At one, I met Kye and we had a nice chat. She once again confirmed that also the houses are public, she has a skybox as her private retreat. She also told me that Salt Water was opened to the public just recently.

Impressions of Salt Water (2)

A smaller island can be accessed by a bridge built of a tree. I found the rests of an old temple almost fully hidden by trees and plants. Not only here you also find several places to rest, to cuddle, to sit, to dance or to just enjoy togetherness with a loved one.

Impressions of Salt Water (3)

The nature and the whole set-up of Salt Water is a bit different to what I saw so far in Second Life. The rain forest, the Aztec ruins, the beaches, the paths, everything fits together and forms this little paradies. I haven’t ever been to Mexcio, Belize or Roatan but I’m pretty sure that Kye must feel like being in her own personal paradise when she spends time in Salt Water.

Impressions of Salt Water (4)

Thank you Kye (Kyevaiy) for providing and sharing your place with the public! Thank you Tippy Wingtip for designing. I really enjoyed my visit to Salt Water.

Landmark to Salt Water
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A dip into Salt Water in Second Life”

Mistress Jenny’s 11th rezzday

Today is the 11th rezzday of my beloved wife, my property, my partner, my friend, my mistress, my world – Mistress Jenny. Thank you for being inworld for me, Mistress, for your care and for the wonderful journey with you so far. I look forward to many years to come.
I love you, Mistress Jenny!

Diary 2019 (35) March 8th/9th Angelique in red

Friday, March 8th, we had our regular party at night. Jenny and I proposed the theme for it “Bodies and boots”. We choose it so that our slaves Flo and cecy would fit in fine, as we had just selected this outfit (of course without boots) for them. Unfortunately slave cecy couldn’t join us, but slave Flo did. We enjoyed another great start into the weekend!

March 8th, Friday night party, theme “Bodies and boots”: Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, Starbright Wingtips, Jess357us (jesus7269) (upper row), PapaFox (papafox57), slave Flo, Della Randt, Baroness Capelo (lower row)

Anything else to report from Friday? Yes, Mistress Jenny exchanged my partnering collar with my sub collar again and thus took back control – because she can.

Saturday, March 9th, Mistress Jenny and I were both busy in RL during the day, but we met at night. We went to Puerto Esclava and club Domme a Domme with the slave Flo and Angelique. Angelique had a particular tease for me, she coloured her haid in red and wore a really tempting outfit. Mistress was up for a round of skipee playing in teams. This time Angelique and I won it.

March 9th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique and slave Flo at Puerto Esclava and at club Domme a Domme

After slave Flo and Mistress Jenny had left for bed, Angelique and I were alone and as much as we tried to resist, we both couldn’t refrain from savaging each other. What a relief! No pictures here *winks*.

Simploring 2019 (31) Quebec City

My simploring tour on Friday, March 8th, brought me to “Quebec City / where art & music lives (in the Canadian Spring)“. I came across it by looking up scoop.it SL Destinations.

Quebec City is a moderate sim, owned by a group named “PSY CITY citizen” which was founded by Louise Françoise de Dampierre (felizitas barbosa). I assume that Louise owns Quebec City. The landing point is in the middle of a crossing. Looking around there’s the fire department, a drive-in movie theatre, and a dead end road leading to the coast. In the background you see the typcial mix of highrise houses and lower houses. Quebec City is not dirty, yet it isn’t neat and clean neither, just as you’d expect it.

Impressions of Quebec City (1) – around the landing point and at the shore (lower right)

I first went to the coast and the pier with the motor yacht. There’s also a waterplane and a submarine. I admit it made me smile seeing the lobster sign of Nantucket, that I have seen in several sims already. We’re in Canda, in the French part of Canada. Of course, there’s lobster in Canada, but for sure not in Nantucket *winks*. I loved the dead shark hanging at the pier. The poor fish has even a name: Bruce.

Impressions of Quebec City (2) – at the shore, Diomita meets the shark Bruce (upper left)

Walking back from the shore, I first walked up and down the the street with the open air drive-in movie theatre. Besides the fire department, there’s a police station right across it. On the other side is a gas station, a dinner and an old residential home. This home is private. And as Louise was present and inside, I assume that it is her private home. Across the street of her home is the park of Quebec City, a little oasis in the town. If you blind out the highrise buildings in the background, you could imagine being in pure nature.

Impressions of Quebec City (3) – exploring the town: Police department (upper left), gas station and diner (upper right), residential home of Louise (lower left) and city park (lower right)

I continued exploring the town and found a night club named “Le Lotus Bleu”, I saw a patisserie, a shop for records, a fashion shop and a museum “Musée des Beaux Arts”. I visited the Zoo. Quebec City offers what you’d expect from a larger town. Did I mention that the street signs are French?

Impressions of Quebec City (4) – exploring the town: “Le Louts Bleu” exterior and interior (upper pictures), the zoo (lower left) and inside the “Musée des Beaux Arts” (lower right)

My next stop was the hotel. When you enter it, it really feels like the lobby of a hotel that could be anywhere in the world, a reception, a few chairs, clocks showing the time of New York, Paris and Baghdad. A luggage cart with some suitcases stands in the middle of the room. At the reception is a wall with room keys, some pictures decorate the walls and at the end of the entrance hall is an elevator.

Impressions of Quebec City (5) – exploring the town: The hotel (upper left), the entrance hall with the reception (upper right), the gentleman lounge (lower left) and FIXPOINT PHOTO Agency & Studio (lower right)

The elevator leads up to the gentleman lounge, which offers a bar, coosy chairs, billard, a piano … and two intimate rooms upstairs, one named “Dungeon” and one named “Red Room”. No wonder that I of all people found these rooms in Quebec City! The Dungeon itself was empty though, but had a nice bathroom and the Red Room was also more or less empty. Both are either not yet installed or there’s a new usage planned for them.
After visiting the hotel I walked to FIXPOINT PHOTO Agency & Studio. In Louise’s picks I found that they offer high quality model photo shootings.

I further explored the town and took a few more pictures. I recommend visiting the small chapel at the shore, it’s really lovely inside. I also discovered the underworld ot Quebec City. At some points you can enter the sewers. Last but not least I stopped by the diner once again. There’s a sign welcoming you to “Psy City”. Is Quebec City also named “Psy City”? I have no idea, and I didn’t find anything fitting on the internet.


Impressions of Quebec City (6) – exploring the town: The Chapel (upper left), record store and fashion shop (upper right), in the underworld of Quebec City (lower left) and “Welcome to Psy City” (lower right)

Quebec City is worth a visit, a little piece of France in North America. The town offers a lot of what you’d expect and is a great background for roleplaying as well as for taking pictures. I enjoyed exploring it. Thank you, Louise Françoise de Dampierre (felizitas barbosa) for providing this place to us all!

Landmark to Quebec City

Diary 2019 (34) March 6th/7th Dressing up slave Flo and slave slut cecy

There’re days in SL, where’s not much to report for the diary. Wednesday, March 6th, was such a day. I met with Jenny in the afternoon and we spent an hour at club Domme a Domme together. We had a nice private chat and Jenny got some compliments for her amazing looking pants (in fact, it is her butt that attract people *winks*).

March 6th: Mrs. Jenny Maurer and Mrs. Diomita Maurer at club Domme a Domme at, Puerto Esclava and at Psi’s realm

And at night, SL had some hiccups. I couldn’t log in for a while, and when I finally made it, I couldn’t really move and was suffering of heavy lag. I saw Angelique and we started a greedy, but it simply didn’t work for me. I dared to try a relog and couldn’t log back in for over 30 minutes. By then, Angelique was off to bed. Jenny came online though and hadn’t had any issues, she just ran late. We had a quiet night, visiting club Domme a Domme again, Psi’s realm and Puerto Esclava. Again Jenny got some compliments … and we enjoyed eye candy and being together.

Thursday afternoon, Jenny and I spent some time at club Domme a Domme together with Angelique. We just chatted and read profiles and had a bit of fun. At night slave Flo and Angelique were at home, when Jenny and I came inworld. After we had unwrapped slave Flo a few days before, it was time to get her into something different. Jenny and I had agreed beforehand for something “lighter”. Her new outfit just consists of a leotard, wrist cuffs and collar and her chastity belt. We decided for a light rose as colour.

March 7th: Jenny, Diomita and Angelique at club Domme a Domme / Jenny, Diomita and Angelique at home dressing up slave Flo and slave slut cecy

slave slut cecy joined us at home just as we were about to finish slave Flo’s new outfit, that was a good timing. We selected a leotard for her as well and added shortly before we added wrist cuffs and collar and her chastity belt. Now the two slaves look a bit more alike for a while at least.
We went to Psi’s realm with Angelique and the slaves and watched what was going on there, and there’s almost always something going on.

March 7th: Jenny, Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo and slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm

After slave slut cecy left to tend to her RL, we returned home and Jenny, Angelique and I played a round of skipee (Angelique won).
To sum it up, we had two nice and relaxing days.

Simploring 2019 (30) Elevate Femdom Lounge & Spa 2019 – “a trip to india”

On March 5th, I visited “Elevate Femdom“, a landmark I got from Ally (ally259), who recommended a visit. Elevate Femdom, or with it’s full name Elevate Femdom Lounge & Spa 2019 – “a trip to india”, is described in the landmark profile as:
Set in an exquisite Indian themed venue, Elevate Femdom Lounge & Spa offers a truly unique Female Led BDSM experience.” and tagged with “Mistress, sub, slave, Domme, Fetish, Bondage, domination, submission, dancing, live music, Femdom, Spa, Pool, event, fetish club“.
Of course it is an adult place. They host regular events including discussions, workshops, art exhibitions, fetish parties and banquets. Elevate Femdom is owned by mynx (mispixl) and her Mistress wife Eva Burroughs (evangelinaburroughs).

The landing point is in a seperate welcome pavilion, where you can get a notecard with some background information about Elevate Femdom and a notecard with the simrules. I recommend reading the rules, although they are quite simple considering that it is a femdom place and everybody is asked behave accordingly.

Overview – Elevate Femdom Lounge & Spa 2019 – “a trip to india”

At the time I visited, mynx (mispixl) and Eva Burroughs (evangelinaburroughs) and quite some other guests were present, amoung who were the sim manager Lethra Nyx (crazysad1stlady), the house slave Meldoran and the head barman and event host Marcas (marcasalan). Eva Burroughs kindly asked Marcas (marcasalan) to offer me a tour, which Marcas did. He was very kind, led me around everywhere, answered my questions and was just perfectly well-mannered.

Marcas: May I show yoou around, Miss Diomita?
Diomita: yes
Marcas: Miss Eva and Mynx have created a beautiful new place for those of us who call Elevate home. We can start with the main house. Most recently in between sims we had a bar called Elevate Wine bar. To my right we have incorporated it into the larger sim. We host smaller more intimate events here in the bar such as impromptu dances. A big part of this is community and it’s important to have plenty of places where we can congregate in different settings. Up the stairs here is our chat area.
Diomita: The chat area quite spacious
Marcas: Yes, it’s very open, but at the same time Miss Eva, Mynx and I feel like kept it contained to retain a sense of intimacy
We entered the chat area where I was kindly welcomed and introduced to the other guests.
Marcas: This, like I said is our main chat area. A lot of our guests often come here in the mornings and chat as they’re getting ready for work RL. There is also a room to each side of this one for smaller groups or couples for a more intimate setting. This allows people a break when the main area may get more full or “rambunctious” for their mood
Diomita: yes, the booths looks more cosy
Marcas: The whole sim is loosely based on a region of India, I believe called Kemar known for its waterways
Diomita: ah, therefor the subtitle “a trip to India”
Marcas: Also we like to have an area for more formal gatherings and events and every Christmas we have a holiday banquet. Our main dining room is this way.

Elevate Femdom: The landing pavilion (upper left), the bar (upper right), the chat area (lower left) and an intimate booth (lower right)

Diomita: and there is the pool
Marcas: Yes, the pool is down this way. A couple of the peacocks get a little friendly. Although this area is wide open and has plenty of room for large groups it’s also a great place to come when you want some alone time.
Marcas: Obviously this is an adult sim and much of the furniture and accessories allow for that type of entertainment
Diomita: is there also a dungeon?
Marcas: There is no dungeon. They had something like that at the old sim, and Miss Eva and Mynx found that it wasn’t getting much use

Elevate Femdom: The banquet hall (upper left and right), the pool (lower left and right)

Diomita: so what I missed seeing then is the event area, right?
Marcas grins “I was saving that for last, Miss”
Marcas: We’re having an event there that I’ve had the privelage in taking part in the preparations. It’s this way.
Marcas: This is our events area and normally looks like a wooden pavillion. Tomorrow we’re kicking off our new monthly Coffee Shop Art series. Each month we hope to feature one artist with an exhibit event and then display their pieces in the bar for the month
Diomita: So this exhibition ends today?
Marcas: No, it begins tomorrow. We just finished setting it up this morning
Diomita: for how long will it be opened?
Marcas: In here it will just be a day or two, but my hope is to move the pieces into the bar for the next month. All items will be on sale, proceeds of their sale will go to benefit the sim and the artist
Diomita: Eta Goldsmith (etamae) is the artist?
Marcas: Yes
Diomita: Why is it only opened so short … that is unusal for an exhibtion
Marcas: The event in here will be short yes, so we can use the space for other events but the exhibit itself will still be on display in the bar for a month
Diomita: good. I didn’t come across Eta Goldsmith (etamae) so far, but I really like her art.

Dominance and Submission by Eta Goldsmith (etamae) at Elevate Femdom

Diomita: unfortunately I have to run now
Marcas: Well thank you for indulging me in showing off the place
Diomita: thank you for the tour. I really enjoyed it, Marcas
Marcas: It was a pleasure meeting you.
Diomita: is the sim European dominated?
Marcas: Between Europe and England, yes. but there is a growing contingent of us from the US and Canada. I’d say the UK has the highest population here, but that’s also where Miss Eva and Mynx are from
Diomita: I understand. Thank you again … I really have to run now
Marcas: You’re welcome and come back any time

I really enjoyed my visit and the tour. I like the concept, that Mynx (mispixl) and Eva Burroughs (evangelinaburroughs) have realised at Elevate Femdom. I enjoyed my short visit to Eta Goldsmith (etamae)’s Exhibition “Dominance and Submission”.
I was impressed by the hospitality and the politeness of everybody I met. Elevate Femdom is for sure a really nice community for everybody who’s into female domination – and doesn’t have torture and dark dungeons as their primary kink. Thank you Mynx and Eva for providing this place, and thank you for everybody involved.
And last but not least, thank you, Marcas!

Landmark to Elevate Femdom


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