Diary 2017 (206) Dec 5th – Decorations

Tuesday, December 5th, started for me with spending an hour at Mistress Jenny’s feet at Domme a Domme. We caught up about RL und SL and Mistress clearly enjoyed her control and being decorated by me. She got some compliments. Well, there’s not much I can do about it.

December 5th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Domme a Domme

Our night turned out to become quite varied. When we cam inworld, slave Flo was present and was doing her chores, cleaning our house. We decided to continue decorating our homesim and now it looks ready for the season. When we were done, slave Flo volunteered to become our first Christmas tree. I admit, I helped her volunteering *winks*. As it was still quite early, we relaxed from the hard work of decorating and had 2 rounds of greedy before we went to The Secret House for getting some eye candy.

December 5th: Decorating our home for the season, slave Flo “volunteers” as a Christmas tree

It was full and quiet as it is often at TSH. When slave Bella came inworld we moved on to Psi’s realm, where we had left her 2 nights before. WOW, it was not only full at Psi’s realm, it was also decorated for the season, but in another way as at our home – living decoration! Mistress Jenny and I had fun watching and teasing the decorations. And later also slave kelly showed up. We leashed slave Bella next to her before we went off to bed. Time flies by when you’re having fun.

December 5th – an unexpectedly varied night: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at The Secret House (upper left) / Living decorations at Psi’s realm (upper middle and right) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Bella and slave kelly (lower pictures)

Simploring 2017 (97) Dec 4th: Calas Galadhon’s Home for Christmas

Monday, December 4th, Mistress Jenny and I visited Calas Galadhon’s Christmas installion of 2017, which is called Home for Christmas. Although it is quite similar to the installations of the previous years, Home for Christmas is once again a highlight of my Second Life calendar. Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith succeeded in creating a lovely winterly Christams world full of all the accessoires and elements that most of us have in mind when thinking of Christmas.
CALAS GALADHON’S 2017 Christmas build. Two sims of winter splendor as only ‘CALAS’ can bring you in Second Life. Our gift to you. Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith, Calas Galadhon Park sims” is the landmarks description and it is really a lovely gift.

Calas Galadhon’s Home for Christmas – Overview

Right next to the landing point of Home for Christmas you’ll find the start of the sleigh tours. There’re sleighs for up to 4 persons and slieghs for up to 2 persons available. Mistress Jenny and I took the couple sleigh and made the full tour. It was very enjoyable again. There’s a lot to discover along the ride and the winter landscape is just perfect! And of ourse I took plenty of pictures. When we were dropped of the sleigh, we got this nice message from Ty and Truck: “Calas Cuddle Sleigh: We hope you enjoyed the sleigh ride this year. Our wish is that we have brought to your heart a bit of the warmth, peace and joy that we at Calas Galadhon Park strive to express at this special time of year! Merry Christmas!

Calas Galadhon’s Home for Christmas – Impressions from our sleigh tour

While we were enjoying our tour, slave Flo cam inworld and I picked her up at home after our sleigh tour. Together Mistress Jenny, slave FLo and I made the tour with the balloon. You get quite different view on Home for Christmas from the balloon. At the end of the tour the balloon rises up into the sky and if you do nothing, like we did, you’ll get ecjected at a height of 4000 meters. Luckily Mistress Jenny and I had our parachutes with us and we landed safe and sound. slave Flo was lucky too as she landed in a bit pile of snow.

Calas Galadhon’s Home for Christmas – Impressions from our balloon tour

Last but not least we also tried out the rendeer tour. One rendeer can only transport 2 people, I rode with slave Flo and Mistress Jenny took a rendeer for herself.

Calas Galadhon’s Home for Christmas – Impressions from our rendeer tour

The center of Home for Christmas is the Christmas pavillion with the large ice scating area and the big Christmas tree in front of it. Here you can sit and snuggle and watch or you can enjoy ice scating on a really large area.

Calas Galadhon’s Home for Christmas – More impressions

I also read in Inara Pey’s blog post “Home for Christmas at Calas, 2017” that you can just ride a rendeer or a horse that you can steer yourself for exploring and discovering more of this Christmas installion. Hence I have still something to do before 2017 ends. Thank you Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith for this year’s Christmas fun! You do a great job!

Landmark to Home for Christmas
Inara Pey’s blog post “Home For Christmas at Calas, 2017”

Diary 2017 (204) Dec 2nd – slave kelly at Psi’s

Saturday night, December 2nd, slave Flo and slave kelly were inworld when I arrived. First I sat in our office and watched slave Flo dusting and slave kelly sweeping. We caught up a bit and as slave kelly needed to pee, I allowed her to use our outhouse, quite a privilege. When Mistress Jenny came inworld, we went to Mesmerize Dungeon. Mistress and I had a lot to talk about, both RL and SL and the slaves decorated us well – and they had some eye candy to look at.

December 2nd: Diomita at home with slave Flo watching slave kelly (upper left) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon (lower left) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita leashing slave kelly at Psi’s (lower right) / Diomita with slave kelly and a stray sub at Psi’s (upper right)

After slave Flo went to bed Mistress Jenny and I went to Psi’s realm with slave kelly and stored her at the wall there. It was quite empty at Psi’s. I returned after Mistress Jenny went to bed and watched and teased slave kelly and it became more crowded. slave kelly attracted some attention and before I called it a night, I got a stray sub locked by her side for company…. and that’s it about Saturday.

Diary 2017 (203) Nov 30th / Dec 1st – Around slave Flo’s collaring day

We had plans for Thursday night, November 30th. Plans are good and necessary but you can rarely realize them in Second Life on an exact date. You better keep them in mind and have them ready when the opportunity arises. As not all slaves for our plan were online, Mistress Jenny and I took slave Flo Venustus for a dance. We had just arrived, when our puppy slave Christa came inworld after a 2 weeks break. So I went back home and grabbed our pet. Luckily pets are allowed at Venustus. We spent a lovely and relaxing hour at Venustus and slave Flo was happy being not restricted and wearing her new corset and her new boots. After we went home to say good night to slave Flo, slave kelly came inworld. As it was already late and too late for our plan, we went to club DeLust with our pet and slave kelly and chilled and chatted there a bit. Plans can be postponed.

November 30th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave Flo at Venustus with puppy slave C / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Delust with slave kelly and puppy slave C

Friday, December 1st, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. We both didn’t have much time due to RL but as slave Flo and slave kelly were both online, we decided to realize our plan for the night before: Flo’s last 4th collaring anniversary treat. We took the slaves to our office and had slave Flo kneeling on our desk, and slave kelly was positioned so that she could easily reach slave Flo’s pussy. She brought her sister slave Flo to an heavy and deliberating orgasm, something slave FLo was craving for desperately after being locked away in her chastity belt for several weeks.

December 1st at home -Flo’s last anniversary gift: Mistress Jenny and Diomita watching slave kelly licking slave Flo

I don’t need to repeat what we did Friday night – party of course as every Friday!

December 1st – another great Friday night party

Diary 2017 (202) November 29th – 3 parts with 3 slaves

Wednesday, November 29th, was a mixed day in Second Life for me and it was split up in 3 parts. First I met with Mistress in the afternoon and slave kelly was present. slave kelly was stored at the terrace cell in our main house and we met her there and just caught up a bit with her. Mistress Jenny didn’t have much time and retreated again .. and I had some inventory sorting to do. I have a web based wardrobe and when I get new clothes I have to take a picture and to select tags and to upload them to my wardrobe. This way I keep an overview about the content of my wardrobe – and it got quite big over all the years in Second Life. I stayed with slave kelly and did the sorting work. She could watch me changing and taking pictures and we also talked a bit inbetween.

November 29th: Diomita trying on new clothes, slave kelly watching

The second and main part of Wednesday night was the 4th collaring anniversary of slave Flo. To celebrate the day, I unlocked her hood and took it off and I unlocked and removed her chastity belt. We got 2 presents for her, a NGW Andromeda corset and NGW Diane boots. It took a while for slave Flo to try them on and to adjust them properly, she’s not that used to changing clothes as we are *winks*. Mistress and I had fun watching her while we talked. Later Mistress took me and slave Flo to several places which she had found recently. We explored them briefly and then went home to see slave Bella, who came inworld in the meanwhile.

November 29th: slave Flo’s 4th collaring anniversary

And the third part was after Mistress Jenny and slave Flo went off to bed. I took slave Bella to our office and allowed her to rub herself against my boot .. and to cum for me this way.

November 29th at home: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Bella and slave Flo / Diomita with slave Bella at home

Diary 2017 (199) November 23rd-25th – Enjoying variety

Thursday, November 23rd, we spent most of the night adjusting the gear of chrissytoy, who come back to us to get locked up again within our key holding program. This time she’s sealed into puppy gear. We also cared about slave Bella and began to get known to her a bit more. We shall see where this will lead to. I didn’t make many pictures of this night. It went by quick as always and was quite relaxing.

November 23rd: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave bella locking up puppy chrisstoy / slave bella at home

Friday, November 24th, I could spent quite a lot of time with Mistress Jenny during the day. We tired out new gear that we might get for our slaves or at least for some of them. The testing itself was quite fun and for me a deep going experience as Mistress wore the very restrictive gear and I had full control of her for several hours. I enjoyed it to the fullest and was really tempted to stay in control. I would have stayed in control … but as Mistress had work and I had some RL obligations it was a bad timing to extend it my control into a longer (unplanned and not permitted) green light. I will reveal what gear we tested some time later. After I released Jenny, we took slave kelly to Mesmerize dungeon where we winded down – and at night we had our regular Friday night party.

Novmber 24th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon

Saturday, November 25th, turned out to be busy but nice. Mistress Jenny wasn’t online and my online time was limited as well due to RL obligations. At night I first saw slave Flo and I took her to Domme a Domme. There we me Argi and later slave slut cecy joined us there. I also went home quickly and took slave Bella out of her cage and to Domme a Domme. Together we watched the scene. Loes was there with Bianca Lamplugh at her leash (formerly known as our short time “Maurer’s Rubbertoy”). She sold her publically to Pike Mayo, someone who was close to us many years ago. I turned the vibrators on in slave Flo’s chastity belt and she was more or less moaning and fighting her arousal the whole time we spent at Domme a Domme until an electric shock ended her arousal, poor slave! We had fun and when you have fun time flies. Close to midnight I took slave Flo and slave Bella home. Of course slave cecy begged to be exposed again. Lochme was way too laggy again and finally I took her to Stones ‘N Rubber and displayed her as a statue.

November 25th: Diomita and Argi at Domme a Domme with slave Flo (upper left) / with slave Flo, slave slut cecy, Loes and Bianca (upper right) / with slave Flo, slave slut cecy and slave Bella (lower left) / Diomita exposing slave slut cecy as a statue at Stones ‘N Rubber (lower right)

And that’s is for this diary entry.

Diary 2017 (198) November 22nd – slave kelly’s branding

Wednesday, November 22nd was an eventful and varied day in Second Life for us. In the afternoon I took slave kelly to our wetroom in the dungeon and used her as a toilet as well as for cleaning me afterwards. Then I went to DeLust to collect Flo who was still there as a leftover from our visit the night before. And finally I spent an hour with slave kelly to sort out a problem with her restrictions. Every time she stood up, she was forced teleported to the landing point of the sim. That’s solved now and won’t disturb play anymore.

November 22nd: Diomita using slave kelly as her personal toilet

Our night began really quiet. Mistress Jenny and I were alone and for a change we went to club DeLust first and not at the end of our night. We were at the bar and I took some lovely pictures of Mistress and myself. When slave kelly came inworld we summoned her and I placed her at the fucking machine, I unshielded her chastity belt, adjusted the machine and turned it on. slave kelly’s moans and her more and more desperate begging to be allowed to cum did entertain not only us but the whole club. In the meanwhile slave Adarra came inworld and knelt next to us and could witness slave kelly’s orgasm that we finally allowed.

November 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita enjoying togetherness at club DeLust

November 22nd: slave kelly and the fucking machine at club Delust. Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave Adarra watching her.

slave Adarra had the assignment to prepare an iron for branding slave kelly. She finished it that night. (remark: slave Adarra made a layer with the brand for Maitreya Lara meshbodies, thank you Adarra!). To my surprise Mistress Jenny decided to mark slave kelly immediately after she approved the design of the brand. We went to Bondage&Storage Project to mark slave kelly. She protested as much as possible being gagged, she cried, she begged, she pulled at my leash – in vain. I fixed her on an old cartwheel and marked her left buttock with our brand (unfortunately there was no really fitting animation). slave kelly’s screams were stuffed by her gag and after the pain and fading out, she was just crying and sobbing.

November 22nd: Mistress Jenny and slave Adarra witnessing Diomita marking slave kelly with our newly designed brand

We took slave kelly home and looked after slave Bella. Mistress had a closer look at her and she gave her orders to me how I should treat the slave right in front of slave Bella. slave kelly didn’t move an inch from my feet and was constantly mumbling something like “Mistress …slave” as if she were repeating a mantra. She tried to rub her head against my calf like a pet. There was no reluctance anymore.

November 22nd: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Adarra and slave kelly visiting slave bella at home

What an eventful and varied day! After Mistress Jenny went to bed I went back to our house and had a look at slave Bella and at slave kelly, who was recovering in a cage inside of our house. Later she told me she had nightmares and the worst nightmare was that it wasn’t a nightmare.
slave kelly awakens from terrible nightmares in a cold sweat……jumps out of bed only to be yanked back onto the floor by the short chain…..suddenly a sharp, pounding pain becomes overwhelming and mind numbing….a hand slides down to the source to quickly rub and comfort it only to discover a large bump and scab forming over what is now a permanent mark…a brand….it all flashes back to the last coherent memory of being strapped to the wheel….Mistress approaching with the huge branding iron…..the panic and fear….the flash of instant searing pain……her own screams suddenly deafen her as it all flows back….she sobs herself back to sleep….defeated………ENSLAVED!
slave kelly carefully change position not wanting to inflame the searing pain any further….squirms on the floor……pounds her fists in frustration and agony……cries alone in the dark…….moans loudly………sobs………..”

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