Diary 2017 (130) August 8th – slave Flo in heaven (II)

When we came inworld Tuesday night, August 8th, Mistress Jenny had to pick up slave Flo at club DeLust. She was enjoying herself there instead of dusting and cleaning the house. Obviously slave slut’s laziness is infectious. Of coruse I had to tell slave Flo off. We took her slave Flo to Psi’s realm. The August outfit of slave Flo with the MD cuffs and the hood offers some nice opportunities for bondage. I suspended slave Flo in the middle of the main meeting room at Psi’s. In that position her pussy was at a perfect height for teasing and play. Mistress Jenny and I sat down and caught up with our news while watching slave Flo. The room filled more and more. We had a short conversation with Ally (ally259) who stood close to where I suspended slave Flo. I had the impression that she was a bit jealous of Flo, and I wasn’t wrong. But Ally’s cuffs were not suitable for a comparable suspension. Nonetheless I locked Ally’s cuffs and leashed her even closer to slave Flo, her face being close to slave Flo’s pussy – and I allowed Ally to tease our slave. That was really entertaining and Ally did a good job. slave Flo got more and more aroused and began to beg for permission to cum and Ally kept her on the edge. Another bystander, Nano Siemens, admitted how exciting it was for her just to observe Ally’s teasing and licking. slave Flo promised to improve and Mistress Jenny and I allowed her to cum. To be honest, I didn’t plan to reward slave Flo as we did in the end with allowance to cum. I just hope that she doesn’t misinterpret Mistress’ and my generosity and really improves because otherwise …..

August 8th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at Psi’s realm

After slave Flo went to bed, Mistress Jenny put me back into hood and veil and took me to club DeLust. I still struggle and feel rebellious sometimes when she treats me like that, as her married slave, her property. That’s my domme nature that is still existent and Mistress Jenny insists that I lead the family and live out my dominant side with the slaves. But with each red light she strenghtens her position and wipes out another former limit of mine. I see no way out anymore, she fully controls me as her property now. Mistress Jenny annouced that she’ll keep me like that until I have been out and about without her wearing hood and veil and the Mo gag covered by the veil. I know I am wearing a titeler that I don’t see and that anybody can change und humiliate me with. That’s cruel! I can’t describe my feelings about it. I argued but all I got was what I’d had replied to a slave myself “You know it is because I can and I want you to. It will please me when you do it and you will do it” – and end of discussion. Mistress Jenny left me in the hood and veil outfit, gagged and with my arms tied up in the reverse straight jacket in our skybox – and she’s going to prevail.

Diary 2017 (129) August 7th – Hood and veil

Monday, August 7th, Mistress Jenny put me again in a red light as she had already annouced before. We met in the afternoon and she put me into the reverse straight jacket and then went to Domme a Domme with me at her leash to expose her property. For someone like me, who is dominant and used to be in control, it might be harder to submit and to loose control. Mistress Jenny ensures that I won’t forget my place and role in our relation anymore.

August 7th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Domme a Domme

While being at Domme a Domme Mistress Jenny saw a profile picture of a woman with a hood and a veil and she told me that she’d like that for me. Upon our return to our skybox, she had found what she was looking for at the marketplace and I had to wear it. The veil hides at least the Mo penis gag that I had to wear in addition. Nonethelss I look like property, like someone controlled – and that is what Mistress had in mind. She left me like this in our skybox when she had to leave. Of course I had no intention to roam around or see anybody wearing this outfit. As I had a bit more time, I went to our studio and made some picture of myself.

August 7th: Ehesklavin Diomita in reverse straightjacket, hood and veil

When I came inworld at night, Mistress Jenny and slave Flo were already on. Mistress summoned me to Mesmerize Dungeon where she was looking at the crowd with slave Flo at her leash. slave Flo, even gagged and blindfolded, sensed my predicament and dared not to address me respectfully. Mistress Jenny released me from the straigt jacket, the hood, the veil and the gag and handed slave Flo’s leash over to me. We went to The Secret House and slave Flo had some time to consider her behavior and to regret it while I tightened her restraints. We went back home, when it was bedtime for slave Flo and met sissy maid and Argi at home. I had some fun with Argi who I trapped with a poisoned kiss into a kneeling pose. Our night ended at club DeLust .. and I was put back into my outfit from the afternoon.

August 7th: Mistress Jenny with Diomita and slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon (upper left) and at The Secret House (upper right), with Sissy maid and Argi at home (lower left) and at Club DeLust (lower right)

Diary 2017 (128) August 6th – August outfit for slave slut cecy

There’s not that much to report from Sunday night, August 6th. Mistress Jenny and I spent most of it at our Stonehaven patio. slave Flo enjoyed her silence kneeling at Mistress Jenny’s feet, later sissy maid joined her there. And I was busy with slave slut cecy with telling her off and with getting her in her August slave outfit.

Is it really too much to ask for getting a report after you spoil a slave? For slave slut cecy it was. Instead of fulfilling such a simple assignment, she roamed around and was simhopping and she even didn’t help sissy maid with dusting. slaves should do their duties and assignments first and then they may roam or relax – if their owners allow it.

Is it really too much to ask that a slave should keep her restraints ready for her owners to use? For slave slut cecy it was. When I asked for her MD cuffs, she wasn’t sure if she had them and they were not working, they were useless, garbage. I had to get her new ones. slaves should keep their gear ready and nicely organized in the RLV folder for their owners to use them.

Is it really too much to ask that a slave should listen to their owners? It took really really long to get the cuffs ready to use for Mistress Jenny and me, as slave cecy was distracted and not focussed. She was dirppin’ wet instead as my sharp commands and my ranting made her wet instead of concentrating. slaves should listen carefully and do exactly what they are asked for, not less and not more. It is called obedience. And slaves should answer questions correctly and precisely.

August 6th at our Stonehaven patio: slave Flo, Diomita, Mistress Jenny, slave slut cecy and Sissy maid

slave slut got a pink catsuit, just the same that slave Flo got in black for August. I closed her chastity belt – and we might keep it closed for a while now. With all that the night went by quickly and I even didn’t make any pictures. Well I made one in the end and had to ask slave Flo to stay longer as it was already over her bedtime. I gagged slave slut cecy and leashed her by the Stonehaven wall. And I really hope that she understood her lesson this time. Don’t get me wrong by all my ranting, it had to be said and it had to be written down (also for slut cecy to read it over and over again), our drippin’ slut is nonetheless loved and it is just for her own good.

Diary 2017 (126) August 2nd/3rd – slave Flo in heaven

Wednesday, August 2nd, and Thursday, August 3rd, were both relaxing. slave Flo is enoying her August outfit. We slowly tightened her restrictions. Instead of a chastity belt we let some air to her pussy and tied her hands out of reach. slave Flo is blindfolded, sometimes the blindfold is faux, sometimes half blurry, she’s gagged and we switch her hearing on and off with earmuffs. This way slave Flo is in heaven, can Focus on her helplessness, mediate and enjoy and this is at the same time the renamer we chose for the rare words she’s permitted to say “slave Flo in heaven”

We took slave Flo out to the Garden of Abydos (read here) Wednesday night and spent some time there. Later at night we also met our sissy maid, who cares about our household and so far we’re satisfied. Keep on the good work, sissy.

August 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Garden of Abydos with slave Flo and at home with slave Flo and Sissy maid

Thursday night we went to Domme a Domme with slave Flo and while we were there a client of our key holding service (read here), chrissytoy, showed up. chrisstoy joined our service in April but she never presented herself ready to be locked. As most of her keys were out and available Mistress Jenny locked everything and handed the keys over to me. This is always part of the fun as everyone should know in the meanwhile that I tend to loose keys – and talking about it really gives opportunity for some laughter. chrissytoy is going to enjoy being tied up for at least a week *winks*

August 3rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Domme a Domme with slave Flo and chrissytoy

And that’s it about 2 relaxing nights.

Diary 2017 (125) July 31st / August 1st sissy maid

Monday night, July 31st, Mistress Jenny and I spent time with slave Adarra first. She was the first to get her August slave outfit. In August we will dress each slave according to what we see fits best for them. slave Adarra is dressed in a red latex catsuit, no hood and with her MD cuffs. I is nice to see slave Adarra’s face again – and the MD cuffs shall provide bondage fun (no picture right now as I forgot to take one).

August 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo in her August slave outfit and with sissy maid, who started her trial for us

With slave Adarra and slave maid Karen we went to test a new bdsm furniture – a dual slave post, that was build by Mitchen Heston. We saw Mitchen at club DeLust a couple of days ago, she has a deviant Art account and that connects Mitchen and me and got us in touch. That night Mitchen was looking for a second slave to test a new device and she took one slave from club DeLust with her. One day later I could see her slave and the one she picked up at club Delust nicely tied up at her new device in a series of pictures that she published on dA (under MissHeston). I asked Mitchen where to get it and she invited me over to her place to get one. It is still a beta version, but I’m sure we will have fun with it (again no picture right now).

After this visit (slave Adarra had left in the meanwhile) Mistress Jenny and I took slave maid Karen to our loft and we spoke about her future with her. Long story made short: slave maid Karen got a new maid dress and she had to change her display name to “sissy maid” (little hint, you could look under her skirt) and she started her trial to become our collared slave. It will not be the “traditional” cage trial. Mistress and I agreed that Karen will stay at home and keep the house clean for a while. The family and she will get the opportunity to get known to eachother. Good luck, sissy maid!

August 1st at home: Sissy maid gets her pet ring (Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Flo, sissy maid and Argi)

Tuesday night, August 1st, slave Flo got her outfit for August, consisting of a black latex catsuit, MD cuffs, and a RF hood. We got a short visit from Argi and sissy got her pet ring (nose ring). We also showed sissy maid the rest of our home and then the time was already up again. That night I didn’t forget to take some pictures *winks*.

Diary 2017 (124) July 30th Red weekend (II)

Sunday, July 30th, was varied and surprising. I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon and first she exposed me again in different clubs while we caught up. Then she took me home to our skybox and she used and fucked me hard and intensively. She literally broke all of my left over will. As in the meanwhile slave Summer (summerlong, one of our “guests”) and slave pet were at home Mistress Jenny took me to another sim where she bolstered me and gave me time to catch breath and recover a bit. Thank you, Mistress Jenny!
Then we went home again and had some time with Summer and slave pet.

Mistress Jenny and I started our night at club DeLust. We had slave Flo and slave slut cecy dancing for us and the other guests at club. To my surprise Mistress Jenny ended my red light and exchanged the Ehesklavin collar with my normal jewelery collar. I didn’t expect that. With every red light my submission to Mistress is strengthened.

July 30th at club DeLust: Mistress Jenny finished the red light and fitted the normal jewelery collar back on her Ehesklavin’s neck

We left club DeLust when slave maid Karen came inworld and slave Flo had to retreat to bed. slave slut cecy was fixed on the dildo bondage frame at our patio and we had a closer look at slave maid Karen. She had to strip so that we could inspect her and her tiny caged sissy cock – cute. While Mistress and I discussed slave maid Karen’s future, I began to play with the remote of the dildo bondage frame and slave slut cecy moans provided kind of a background music *winks*. When slave slut began to beg to cum, slave maid Karen was ordered to use her tongue on slut cecy. We had some entertainment.
slave slut cecy is now stored at the entrance to Gwen’s storage and slave maid Karen will stay naked at home until further notice.

July 30th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave slut cecy and slave maid Karen

Diary 2017 (123) July 28th/29th Red weekend

Friday, July 28th, we had our regular party. The theme that night was carnival and Starry (starbright wingtips), Della (della randt) and I had voluminous feather costumes and needed accordingly a lot of space to dance. Once again it was a very relaxed night, listening to music and chatting. I had a long chat with our new slave maid Karen – and that is all to report for Friday.

Saturday, July 29th, I met Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. I am in red light conditions for one week now, wearing my Ehesklavin collar and some kind of cuffs permantenly and being very focused on Mistress. She announced a weekend in tight bondage for me. In the afternoon Mistress Jenny tied me up in a latex reverse-straitjacket, the vixen collar in the head-up pose and the Mo penis-pacifier. Being satisfied with her work she left me in our skybox. I took some pictures of myself in this bondage.

At night, Mistress Jenny dragged me and later slave Flo, slave Adarra and slave cecy trough some of our favourite clubs. I couldn’t do much more than kneel next to her and watch. With that pacifier I was unable to articulate myself understandable and was reduced to gestures. In addition, Mistress added a titeler (that I couldn’t see) and a renamer. Both gave reason to talk about me and to expose me as her slave, her Ehesklavin. Sometimes it is not easy to endure being treated like that in public. And although I get green lights and have Mistress Jenny kneeling for me sometimes these public demonstrations and humiliations ensure that I won’t forget who owns me and who is in charge.

July 29th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita (upper left, upper right with slave Flo at Heavy Bondage club, at club DeLust with slave Flo dancing on the table, at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Adarra and slave slut cecy)

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