Diary 2018 (7) January 8th – short but busy

I had a very relaxed afternoon with Jenny and slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon. Besides teasing slave kelly we had some eye candy while we caught up about RL and SL.

January 8th. Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon

I was late at night due to RL, hence I was online comparably short but it turned out to become a quite busy hour. Jenny was at Domme a Domme with slave drone Flo and Argi. While she tried to tell me what happend so far, slave kelly came inworld and a few moments later slave Adarra. I had to fight following main chat and following private chat for quite a while. slave Flo had asked me to take a picture of her as a drone for her profile. I quickly made a picture and thought it would be just a preliminairy picture. But on the second glance it’s not bad as it shows Mistress Jenny in the background and a bit of me as well, hence drone Flo’s owners are shown in it as well.

January 8th – Drone slave Flo with her owners Mistresses Jenny and Diomita in the background

slave Flo has revised her main profile text and I’ll share it here…

After 4 years as slave, December 2017 Mistresses decided to seal her head Slave Flo, into real isolation – becoming a permasealed Drone

Drone is a accessory to her owners !
Owners statement about Drones :
„Drones are seen and not heard“
“Drone is an accessory to her owners”
“Drones crave isolation, heavy bondage and restriction“

Drones don’t need Talk, TP elsewhere, see Names, Places, hear and vision is most time restricted and IM or even NC are impossible.

What else beside chit chat? slave Adarra had to strip to reveal her new beautiful mesh body. Jenny and I agreed that she will have to ask for permission to dress and for what to wear. Good that we have an early spring at our homesim, we don’t want her to catch a cold.

January 8th at Domme a Domme: slave kelly, Diomita, Mistress Jenny, drone slave Flo, slave Adarra and Argi

And slave kelly? I took her gag off and she had to stay silent. Instead slave kelly began to test her limits emoting about other stunning looking dommes and staring at them. After I nice tug at her leash didn’t stop that, she quickly found herself staring at the floor and the gag went back in.
Argi was a source of fun as always. She’s able to entertain a big crowd and she teased slave Adarra again and again.

The night was short for me but we had fun, just like it should be.

Diary 2018 (6) January 7th – Full house

Let me start this diary entry with two pictures that I got from our Kitty. She visited our slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm several times and she sent me these pictures showing her with slut cecy. Our slut couldn’t hold back and sits in her own pee with wet pants. Humiliated in this way she’s not only wet in SL, I bet she’s also in RL.

January 6th/7th: slut cecy and Kitty at Psi’s / Diomita at Albatraz’ holding cage

Sunday afternoon, January 7th, I got a resuce call from Jana (object87), a blocked IM. After some attempts she succeeded to indicate where she was caught – at Claven’s Albatraz. I went over to the publich area of the prison and found Jana in the holding cage. I talked with her, but I couldn’t help her – she made a mistake and has to see what consequences it will have. Later Claven and I talked about Jana shortly but I have no idea what will happen.

January 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave Bella at Bondage & Storage Project / and with slave slut cecy at Lochme

Sunday night, January 7th, started quiet and became quite busy later. When Mistress Jenny and I came inworld, our drone slave Flo and slave Bella were present at home. We took the slaves to Bondage & Storage Project and I put slave Bella, protected by her chastity belt, on the pyramid rack, where we had Jana, slave Flo and slave Adarra the night before.

January 7th at Lochme: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Adarra, slave slut cecy, drone slave Flo and slave Bella

Then we went to Lochme for exposing our slaves. Later we also picked up slave slut cecy from Psi’s realm and brought her to Lochme and slave Adarra also joine us there. The slaves got some attention and gave reason for some public and private chat. Mistress had a longer private chat with another sub and they discussed about drones. Inspired by this conversation and as slave Flo is enjoying her new drone life (or isn’t she?), Mistress Jenny instructed me to seal her drone suit permanently – drones are permasealed forever.
If you take a closer look, you might notice that our slave Adarra has a new hair style. She was permitted to get a meshbody and she presented it to us at Lochme. Along with the meshbody, I insisted that she cuts her hair. It’s way shorter now (still quite long for a slave) and fitting better to her. We will for sure see more of new body soon.

January 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita storing slave slut cecy at Lochme (upper row) / at club DeLust with slave Bella (lower row)

Time flew by quickly again and when we left Lochme, we leashed slave slut cecy at the entrance of Lochme castle. There she has a good view on the court and she’s quite visible for all. We ended our night at club DeLust, where slave Bella danced for us and the other guests. And that’s it about our full Sunday night.

Diary 2018 (5) January 6th – Bondage night at BSP

Saturday, January 6th, Mistress Jenny began to take control again. She took off my partnering collar and locked my normal collar around my neck indicating my and her position. I had more than 2 weeks at same eye level and at her side and I enjoyed it. Thank you, Mistress Jenny!

January 6th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Domme a Domme (upper left) / at home with Jana and slave Flo (upper right) / dancong in our Christmas gazebo (lower left) / picking up slave pet Christa (lower right)

When I came inworld at night slave Flo was busy with dusting. One of her drone mantras says “Drone Flo must clean her owner’s house, a clean house is a happy house“. Jana (object87) was present as well and I intructed her to sweep, then I relaxed after Jana had also cleaned my boots. Jenny joined and we began our night very relaxed talking about how to spend it. First Jenny and I had our last dance in the Christmas gazebo for this Holiday season. After taking down the gazebo we also ended Winter at our homesim. Wow, just a click and it became spring!

January 6th at Bondage & Storage Project: slave pet Christa in the doghouse (upper left) / Mistress Jenny with slave Flo (upper right) / Jana on the pyramid rack (lower left and right)

We picked up our slave pet Christa and went to Bondage&Storage Project and had our way, our fun with drone slave Flo, Jana, slave pet Christa and slave Adarra. We tried a few different racks, locked our pet into a doghouse and teased them. In the end Jana, slave Flo and slave Adarra ended tied them up next to each other on a decive named “Pyramid”, kind of a spanish horse but maybe even more painful. Jana noticed how protective and helpful a chastity belt can be. She said “will never again be without belt! never no not at all!“. I was generous with her and fulfilled her wish.

January 6th: Bondage night at Bondage & Storage Project: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Argi, Jana, slave pet Christa, drone slave Flo, slave Adarra

Shortly after Mistress Jenny and I had retreated to a nearby sofa to relax after the hard work and to enjoy the moans of our slaves, Argi joined us. She has her own way to tease the slaves. This way we could even more enjoy the result of our work. What a full but enjoyable night and Mistress Jenny and I crowned it with a short visit at club DeLust where we enjoyed a few moments of togetherness.

January 6th: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at club DeLust

Maurer’s Rose

slave Bella (BellaRose1998) came to us in November 2017. She attended our Friday night party November 17th from a quite secure distance. Bella didn’t dance but stood aside most of the time and she spent some time at the pit, where slave kelly was stored that night. She was picturing herself fully controlled, tied and locked and was not at all shying away even from isolation but had no experience. I know that many slaves have this fantasy but once it comes true they can’t stand it and cheat out (instead of begging for release). Bella continued contacting me and she sounded serious. She considered to join our keyholding service. I had several private chats with her the following days and I agreed to provide the experience she was longing for for a couple of days so that she could get more insight about the life of an Eurobrat slave.

slave Bella (BellaRose1998) aka. Maurer’s Rose – with Diomita at The Secret House Dec 19th, 2017 / with Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm Dec 5th, 2017 / with Diomita, slave slut cecy and Mistress Jenny at The Secret House Nov 19th, 2017

November 21st: Diomita with slave kelly and slave Bella (bellarose1998) at home

Bella is from Germany like me but we talk English as I don’t like to switch between English and German while I’m inworld. And Bella is as young as her username implies. The few days I planned having her under control became a week, two weeks, a month and Bella was treated like a slave of ours. She was restricted to stay at home, unless we summoned her and we kept her leashed, naked, and locked when we were not present. Bella did not complain at all. She observed and she obeyed. Bella is patient, a way that Jenny and I appreciate and that is an important pre-condition for a slave. She accepted our rules without hesitating or shying back, open to experience what is happening to her and eager to serve. Jenny and I both enjoy her presence and openness. There’s a lot to learn, to explore and to discover for Bella.

slave Bella (BellaRose1998) aka. Maurer’s Rose – before she met us (left) and during her trial, Jan 3rd, 2018 (right)

End of December 2017 I told Bella that we plan to collar her and again she was not shying back but embracing it. After a few more conversations, we finally started our traditional trial and locked Bella into the tube cell at home.
We collared slave Bella on January 5th, 2018 as Maurer’s Rose. Welcome to the family, welcome to your nightmare and fate, slave Bella.

Maurer’s Rose aka. slave Bella (BellaRose1998), collared Jan 5th, 2018

Simploring 2018 (4) Brand New Colony

A few days ago Inara Pey wrote about New Brand Colony in her blog “Return to Brand New Colony in Second Life“. I was at Brand New Colony End of July 2017 and had a blog post about it (Simploring 2017 (59) Brand New Colony). I wrote about it: “What a lovely place! It’s peaceful and offers a lot of spots to sit and watch, to cuddle or to mediate. And as it is an adult sim, there’re also some adult animations. Brand New Colony truely is – as described in the destination guide – photogenic. I enjoyed exploring and discovering it. Of course I also went to the dungeon, which is located in a skybox. The dungeon is well equipped and cosy“. I also wrote that the sim is owned by the Blessed Family and I assumed Esmenet Foxdale (esmenetpink ishtari), the founder of the group, being the owner.
Of course, Inara’s recent post attracted my attention. I learned that Brand New Colony has moved and was redesigned. The redesign as well as the first sim was done by Bunny Blessed (Svelte Blessed) and Mimara Blessed (Mimara) with assistance from Seren La Croix (torturedstar).

Brand New Colony January 2018 – overview

Again Brand New Colony is lovely and photogenic. It has changed a lot. There’re six islands now and the fact that some of them hoover above the sea like balloons clearly defines the sim as a dream, a lovely dream. The islands are held on the ground by thick and heavy chains that connects them to the main island and the chains also serve as bridges between the islands. All islands offer a rich and colourful vegetation and many spots to sit and cuddle. Here you can really wind down and dream.

Brand New Colony January 2018 – Landing Point (left pictures) and Gazebo (right pictures)

Instead of walking you can use the sim’s teleport system. In the overview above I added the teleport spots for your orientation. On the main island, which has a Mediterrean touch, is a large villa and a bit below of it a nice decking with a fireplace. The decking is just next to a small jetty with a sailboat.

Brand New Colony January 2018 – Pond (upper left) / Chapel (lower left) / Dock (upper and lower right)

January 2018 – Villa (upper left and right) / Roma Camp (lower left and right)

Brand New Colony is still an adult sim but on the first view and in most areas you won’t notice it. I went inside the villa and found a dungeon in one of the rooms. The skybox dungeon doesn’t exsist anymore, at least it is not accessible by the teleport system. Inside of the villa, there are some items that are related to bdsm on the second view. During my visit, I saw a male slave locked into one ot the closets. I had a look into all rooms, and I also went upstairs to the “Management” room. First I thought, I’d be in a girls room, pink being the dominating colour. But then I realised that it must be the Mistress’ room. There are toys, a real wardrobe and a desk. And again you see the toys and the more kinky decorations not immediately but when you look at details. There’s the tied up bear under the chair, a gagged piggy bank, a laptop with an erotic picture, a vibrator on the desk …. I admit, I spent some time in this room and began to enjoy the atmosphere very much.

January 2018, the kinky side of the villa – Dungeon (upper left) and Management room (all others)

I remember that I wanted to return to Brand New Colony together with Jenny, be it for cuddling or for playing, but with all of our activities I forgot about it. I hope, that I won’t forget about it this time. Brand New Colony is a dream turned into reality. I really like it!
And still it is open to the public. The landmark description is inviting “Home of the Blessed family. Everyone nice is welcome.
Thank you Bunny Blessed (Svelte Blessed), Mimara Blessed (Mimara) and Seren La Croix (torturedstar) for creating this dream and thanks to the Blessed Family for sharing it with the public.

Landmark to Brand New Colony
My first visit Simploring 2017 (59) Brand New Colony
Inara Pey’s blog “Return to Brand New Colony in Second Life”

Diary 2018 (3) January 3rd – at slave Bella’s tube cell

Wednesday, January 3rd, I could meet with Jenny shortly in the afternoon. We went to Psi’s realm and teased slave kelly a bit. Jenny had to leave soon after for RL and I took slave kelly home.

January 3rd: Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Psi’s realm / Diomita at home with slave Flo at Bella’s cell

I spent my night at home sitting by the tube cell where slave Bella is locked for her trial with us. She’s doing well. She was absent first but later we found time to talk. It was a coming and going … first slave Flo was with me, then Mara (Maralyn Corleone) showed up to say hello and to wish a happy new year. Mara left and slave L came. slave Flo went to bed. I began teasing slave L and she was allowed to cum. When slave L left, slave kelly returned inworld and also Jana (object87).

January 3rd: Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Psi’s realm / Diomita at home with slave Flo, Mara, slave kelly and Jana at Bella’s cell

When you’re alone it is sometimes not that easy to keep track with the chat and the private chat and to play simultaneously. But time does fly by quickly and I had a nice night. It is still very exciting to have a new slave, a new family member on trial.

Diary 2018 (1) January 1st – New Year Day

Our new year in Second Life started very nice and relaxed. In the afternoon I saw slave Kelly and I took her out to The Secret House. Shortly after we entered the club, Angelique joined us. I caught up with Angelique and slave kelly got some attention in the club. For sure, bald headed slaves aren’t that common there. As it is in real life, I also got quite some New Year wishes in my private chat.

January 1st: Diomita with slave kelly and Angelique at The Secret House (left) / Maurer’s at home: slave pet C, slave slut cecy, Diomita, slave kelly, Mistress Jenny, Angelique and slave Flo (right Picture, from left to right)

At night Jenny and I had a full house with Angelique, slave Flo, slave kelly, slave slut cecy and slave pet Christa. As that’s quite rare, I had to take a picture.

January 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly, slave pet C and slave slut and Angelique at home (upper picture) / Diomita at Psi’s realm storing slave kelly and slave slut cecy, yes, the pet at my leash is slave pet C (lower picture)

We went inside and I played a bit with slave kelly’s and slave slut’s chastity belt. The two gave quite a concert of moans for Jenny and me. Time flew by and after Jenny had left for bed, I took slave kelly and slave slut cecy to Psi’s realm where they can entertain the crowd with their moans.
It was just a smooth and nice beginning of 2018.

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