Angelique Maurer aka. Angelique Teskat

I first saw Angelique Teskat at our strict ballet academy while I watched a lesson being given to her. She made such a sweet and innocent impression yet did her very best to please. I won’t go into embarrassing details but she had a little accident that was a lot of fun for those watching. During the weeks and even months following this lesson Angelique entered our world quietly. She stayed in the background watching, not talking that much. She began to follow us on our excursions and waited patiently for us. She never demanded anything. Thus we began to explore her and noticed her weakness for older women and some other secrets which we used to trap her more and more until she was helpless in our hands.

Angelique Teskat – Maurer’s Nichte

Angel has a lot of friends already in the places that she has shown to us. All of them tell us how nice she is, how special her needs are and some of them would like to own her for themselves. Angel did not like the idea of being forced into a cell for a long period however she is very obedient and followed our orders without question. As her trial progressed we discovered more about her likes and desires and she began to understand the true meaning of our trial.  Consequently we decided to weld a collar around her cute neck that will remind her that she’s ours and that she had better stay obedient.

Collared February 21st, 2012 as “Maurer’s Nichte”.

Update November 2016:
Angelique literally grew as our niece, she persued her own way and her own way of roleplay. And more and more we became her aunts, providing a stable family and base for her just like in RL. Angelique was never officially released by us, and we love to have her around – as our niece. And of course we won’t refrain from educating her or even punish her for disobedience even nowadays (if needed). Angelique is and will always be our beloved niece and has a place at home. Angelique is and will always be our beloved niece and has a place at home.

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