Maurer’s It aka. QueenTacakz (Queen Takacs)

A few month ago qt came to us. She’s now our living fireplace decoration most of her time online and we gave her the name “Maurers’ It”, or even shorter just “It”. Sometimes we take It with us on a leash to just to company us and to please us. It is also a nice toy to explore new bondage gear. But as mentioned above you’ll see her mostly at our fireplace nicely encased in tight bondage like in the picture below. I asked It to write a blog entry about herself and about the story behind qt *coughs … I mean behind It. And here’s the story behind It.

Our living fireplace decoration "It"

This cold winter qt was homeless and desperately looked for warmth and hospitality. qt sneaked a view of her sister’s blog in hope to find something useful. danii was always the clever girl with good solid contacts and friends; maybe something was to be found there. qt noticed that a certain Diomita Maurer had good comments about her, that showed a warm cultural nature. So qt went to knock on Miss Maurer’s door. qt was not disappointed. Miss Maurer opened her warm house for qt and after some talk, she promised to try help to find somewhere for qt to stay.  She also offered qt a place to sleep until her problem was solved.

Miss Maurer had only one “little” thing to demand from qt in order that she would not be disappointed finding qt gone when she had done so much work to help. The one little thing was that qt agreed to let her cuff and chain to the warm spot by the fireplace. So qt let herself be captured by the fireplace whilst waiting and at least enjoying the warmth from the fire.

As soon as the next day Miss Maurer showed her competence and came home with a friend. Not a word was said, but in few seconds qt was in heavy chains, gagged and blindfolded with a heavy steel mask over her little head. She was taken to a strange place with bare concrete walls, the doors were shut and locked, and qt was left with no words to explain. She was just left alone for some time, maybe weeks, isolated, alone, with just a little to eat and drink. Then once again after losing track of time she was taken back to Miss Maurer’s house and told that she was never to be free again, but kept in various levels of restrictions.

qt was shocked, qt was stunned, never before had she been treated that harsh. Peeping from the holes of the steel mask qt had to learn about the new spot she was told that was to be her home. Then things became worse, much worse, when Miss Maurer brought her wife to meet qt. That was one mean bitch, who on every occasion given when Miss Maurer was not listening threatened qt with all the worst means ever. It was obvious to qt that “miss evil” did not dare to threaten the belongings of Miss Maurer when Miss Maurer listened, but qt was immediately shocked by the thought of being left alone with this mean creature.

qt wondered how Miss Maurer can be so fond of that evil monster. Miss Maurer seemed to listen, but qt was immediately shocked by the thought of being left alone with this mean creature. qt wonders how Miss Maurer can be so fond of that bitch? but she is. Sadly, they never miss an opportunity to tell each other how much they love each other and that they are “ehesklavin” together, whatever that means, but it must be good because they love to say it and there is a warmth glow between them when they do. Anyway qt is locked tightly and secure and cannot do much anymore. Happily Miss Maurer listened to qt’s complaints about being threatened all the time by that extreme sadist, and had qt clear her life from cruel implements such as Hoods and other tools of torture.

Miss Maurer is a good person, but qt wonder why she keeps qt so securely locked? We could be good friends and qt could avoid and ignore that bitchy wife of hers? But it seems to qt as if Miss Maurer thinks and likes qt to be some kind of decoration in her home. It is bearable compared to the long periods of qt’s life being much more securely restricted by cruel capturers like Miss Shu and others who found fun in taking every means of communication away from qt. Now qt can show her feelings and emotions, she can listen and see very clearly. So qt is not only just that decoration. For now qt will keep to herself just how much qt really can take and how long. Because if that evil minded bitch of a wife finds out, qt will have her ability to communicate removed as fast as that evil bitch can snap her fingers.

Thank you for giving us some background, It.

Update June 28th, 2015:
We know that qt lost her account by a hacking attack. She returned with a provisional alt in Februar 2015 and told us what happened. She considered to return but starting from the scratch was something she shyed away from and she had already considered leaving SL due to other priorities in her RL. For the last six months her home, a hanging cage in a cell, was kept ready for her return. But obviously she decided not to return. We miss her wit and the way she teased us about being not strict enough with her. We hope that she enjoys her life and that she smiles when reading this entry. And if she decides to return, we’ll catch her again and will find a nice place to keep her safe, secure and locked again.
All the best for you, qt, from Jenny and me and the whole Eurobrat family and friends… mmmuuuhhhh *winks*.


Update September 2nd, 2018:
qt returned to SL with a new account – QueenTacakz – and we brought her back home. Welcome home, slave!
Update February 1st, 2019
qt didn’t show up for several months again, hence we will treat her as our victim and slave, when she appears, but won’t list her as a close core family member

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