Danii Szydlowska

We had a post “Some that got away” which is now in our family & friends page. And one of those who got away is Danii Szydlowksa aka cutie, wife and sub to Pike Mayo (see https://themaurers.wordpress.com/familyfriends/some-that-got-away/).  Danii became very close to us again when Pike reduced her online times in SL. And on November 5th, 2011 we decided to “adopt” Danii as our Fosterbrat. Welcome back home, Danii. And we’ll  won’t unlock her collar again unless Pike demands it, as she will always hold a spare key to her collar. Danii has her own blog (see under links) and thus it suggest itself that we asked her to write something about herself on the occasion of her recollaring. Here’s what cutie wrote for our blog….

Hi there, My name is Danii, and you’ve probably heard of me, as Miss Dio & Jenny sometimes write about me in this blog. I’m writing now because Miss Dio asked me, although I don’t really know what to write.

So I started writing, and then before I finished, some new things happened what makes most of my writing outdated. As there is still valuable thoughts in it – I think – you get this part nevertheless: — Maybe I should start by telling something about my relationship to the Maurers? Sometime in the past, me and my Mistress/wife Pike have been subs to Miss Dio. But somehow this didn’t work out for Pike, and a loyal sub I am, I had to follow my wife. But both of us stayed friends to the Eurobrats, let’s say some unspecified family members. As Pike unfortunately isn’t in SL a lot anymore (which makes me feel rather widowy) I hang around with the family quite often, as they are there most of the time, and I always feel welcome here.

Most of the time, I behave as a sub to Miss Dio and a (sub)sis to Jenny, although in the rare(?) moments where I feel Domme, of course I don’t. Ahhhhh, there we touched a subject! Being almost 5 years in SL, I think I can say I have seen and learned things. One of those things is that there are waaaaaay more submissives in SL than there are (good) Mistresses! In all modesty, I heard more than once from different people that I can Domme well enough. That is, I guess, when I’m in the mood for it. And there is the problem: I’m not feeling like dominating all the time, not even most of the time. What makes that I am not a good… Mistress. Subs tend to have problems with a switch Mistress. It often confuses them, and they are left on their own when their Mistress is subbing. Of course there are ways around this, and plenty of exceptions. It’s a generalised view I’m drawing here. Maybe my D/s ratio is too low, but it didn’t work out with the subs I had long ago due to the Mistress in me being unavailable too often. Having this strong sub side, helps me being a good Domme though, the rare moments I’m into it, but as a sub, I find myself in profound need of an attentfull, understanding and… very strict Mistress quite too often. Pike, my beloved wife, with all due respect is not, as her sub side is even stronger than mine. And she loves me too much to get herself to be strict enough to me. You know,  there’s only one thing worse than having someone abusing their power to restrict you, that’s them not using that power enough. Besides the attention, the understanding, the strictness and the availability, there is also needed some matching of tastes… Well, much words to say I’m still (or again?) looking for The Real Mistress (for me) — Now what happened making this outdated, you think? Wellllllll, we somehow specified how I am related to the family: as my Mistress and wife Pike seems to be gone for more than a month now already, I needed something like a foster Mistress & family, making me Maurer’s Fosterbrat now. Miss Dio has become Mistress Dio again to me, and she put me in sis Deli’s strict hands. Deli is Miss Delilah now to me, although I tend to call her Miss Delicious.

Just like before, and they never really stopped doing so, Mistress Dio and most of the family usually calls me “Cutie”. They covered me completely in black latex, including ballet boots with a restricting chain between them, thick mittens really impeding my touch, and a black hood limiting my talking, hearing and vision. I am a dependent being now, a latex doll with only a tiny link to sl reality left. I can’t deny I like my challenging restrictions. I’m not sure I will stay like this forever though, as there might come a time to move on, try other concepts and outfits, or even take on doming once more. But the future is not my concern now, as I am… a dependent slave now.


Welcome back home again, cutie !

Update September 14th, 2012: Cutie got a new tag being “Maurer’s cutie” now – no more “just” a fosterbrat. We love you cutie!

In January 2014 Danii got hooked to other activities (“real” games) and her visits got rare. In addition her RL got more demanding leaving less time online. And if that isn’t enough she has problems with her wifi connection. We haven’t seen her this year except from a few short visits. On May 24th, 2014, we released Danii – looking forward nonetheless to see and hear from her some tome soon.
see also in her own blog: http://daniiszydlowska.blogspot.de/2014/07/unleashed.html

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