Fae Maurer aka. Fae Howlett

2013116 Fae Howlett_002

Another greater Family member returned to us, not for the first time – Fae , my former sub sister. Fae was our sub when we both were owned by Yasmin. She had longer phases of absence to SL. Yet again and again she returned to us for shorter or longer periods of time. During the last months Fae buildt a stronger connection not only to Jenny and me but also to our brats and we took slowly control over her again. Not only by her figure she fits well to our niece Angelique and thus we came up to be her aunts and she became our niece, our 2nd niece. Fae loves bondage (as do we) so you might see her often with ropes or gagged. Today, Nov 29th 2013, we (re-)adopted Fae as our niece and locked the collar around her neck. Welcome back home, Fae Maurer (fae.howlett).



Jenny and I decided on Dec 26th, 2014 to change our niece Fae’s status within the family. We release her as our collared sub. Fae (or lately Luna Dewglitter) has always seeked her own ways and adventures in SL like her latest adventure becoming a “mini”-fairy.  She’s a lovely niece, a close and beloved friend, but we use (or should I say more precisely abuse) her as a sub less than rarely. Therefor it is only consequent not to see her as our sub. Fae shall keep her tag and her priviledges as our niece. Her home is at Mount Everst and she’ll stay a family member. We will only not list her as our collared sub anymore. We’re aware of her dedication and her submissive nature and we will not hesitate to boss her around nonetheless.

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