Winter at Eurobrats Headquarter

The turn of the year is close. We had our 3rd Christmas in Second Life and our 4th year is close to come. We have decorated our Headquarters according to the season and we had a white Christmas in both worlds. It has been a relaxing time and it still is.

Our family has grown a bit. I happily collared a new girl, my doll Dana. And two days ago she already got her tattoos which mark her as mine. And Vanessa finally got her tattoos as Maurer’s Property as she has been our sub for over 2 years now. We may get another sub in 2011 who should then complete the Maurers family for now. Sometimes Jenny and I have to retreat secretly to get some togetherness. But don’t get me wrong – we’re really happy as it is.

During the holidays we acquired a new slave who decorates our fireplace right now. She enjoys being close and is a nice object to exercise, to test new tools and scripts, to tease .. and maybe to reward for her endurance sometimes. we can use her to distract ourselfs … or ignore her. Just  what a slave is for. I enclosed a picture of “it”.

Yesterday Jenny and I spent a couple of hours trying out the Restrained Freedom Adventure, a classical quest embedded in the bdsm scenery. We really had fun although we didn’t finish the quest but gave up at the last hurdle …. damned cat! Slaveboy will do the quest now and you’ll soon read about it here.

That’s it for now. This entry also acts  for us as a kind of a diary. It will close the blog for this year.
Byebye 2010 – Welcome 2011. Happy new year to everyone reading this

Diomita and Jenny Maurer

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  1. deliciouslydeviant
    Dec 30, 2010 @ 22:54:31

    We really should try this Second Life stuff to find out more about it (and it’s probably a great setting for a story) but our first lives seem to take up all our time… Have fun, have a great New Year. F & V


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