Diary 2023 (11) January 28th/29th Quiet Weekend (regarding SL at least)

Saturday, January 28th, I met with Flo at the games tables at night. Mistress Cherry had let me know that she wouldn’t be inworld. I played 3 rounds of skipee with Flo, all close games and hence it was relaxed fun.
I took Flo to club DeLust afterwards when slave Alessi joined us later. I chatted and teased Flo and slave Alessi and spent an enjoyable time at the club.

January 28th: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo and slave Alessi

Sunday completed a quiet weekend, at least regarding SL. Kitty sent me a longer offline IM and told me that she’s doing fine – both RL and SL, though she isn’t in SL as much as before these days.
When I came inworld at night a bit later as usual Flo had just started playing skipee. I joined her for two rounds (she must have had painted jokers all Sunday and used them all for herself. slave Holly joined us and we had another round with three, which I won this time. Flo went off to bed and I took slave Holly with me to club DeLust for a bit. We chatted and enjoyed looking around. And before bed we spent a short time at Carnal Intentions

January 29th: Diomita at club DeLust and Carnal Intentions with slave Holly

That’s it about a quiet SL weekend.

Diary 2023 (10) January 25th-27th Kiss a Shark

Wednesday, January 25th, I was not inworld. I just came inworld very late at night and could shortly talk and catch up with Mistress.
Thursday afternoon I visited Memory Gongs, a gallery featuring three artist, who I know from La Maison d’Aneli (read here).
At night I was running late. Mistress was present and we met shortly at our skybox. As Flo and slave Holly just came inworld as well, I went seeing them after I had caught up with Mistress. I played a skipee with Flo and slave Holly. That was just the right thing to do to chat and to relax after two busy days in RL. Flo and slave Holly went off comparably early and hence I decided to get some sleep as well. I just made one picture that night …

January 26th/27th: Diomita and slave Holly at home at the games tables / Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home

Friday, January 27th, I met with Mistress at night. We caught up with our mutual news at our skybox, then we went down and said hello to slave Holly and Flo, who were playing skipee. Mistress and I went to the dancefloor to prepare the party. I picked an open theme for the Friday night party, as I found no really fitting holiday or event:
“It is Friday again and it is party … and it is firstly “Chocolate Cake Day”, secondly “Fun at Work Day” and thirdly it is the end of “Kiss a Shark Week”. Make the most of that, dress to be ready for kissing a shark …. or just come as you are (even naked) and celebrate with us. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes.”

January 27th – Friday night party: Mistress Cherry, Diomita, Angelique, Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi, Sarah Fhang, Baroness Capelo, Stuti (indistuti) (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Moon Foxpaws, Winters Snowflake, Jayson Dakota, Claven Albatros, Laura (laura00175), Kira Skytower, Virgo Babii (lower row)

We had fun and a great start into our weekend.

Art in Second Life 2023 (7) Memory Gongs at The Hannington Arts Foundation

I got an invitation from Therese Carfagno. She sent a message and told me that she had teamed up with two friends, Sweet Susanowa and Violaine (Anadonne), and that the three teamed up and installed a permanent exhibition in a big gallery at The Hannington Arts Foundation. The gallery is named: Memory Gongs.

Actually Memory Gongs consists of three galleries that are built in several connected buildings. One is called The First Life Gallery, the other The Second Life Gallery and the third The Erotic Gallery. When you zoom out you can recognize the three different galleries. Each gallery has a different base colour outside as well as inside. The landing is at the entrance to all three galleries.

Impressions of Memory Gongs (1) Gallery overview

The gallery was built by Sweet Susanowa. All three artists have pictures in all galleries. I started my visit with The First Life Gallery. The featured pictures there are RL pictures and paintings of all kinds uploaded into Second Life. They reach from abstract to monochrome photographs

Impressions of Memory Gongs (2) The First Life Gallery

I know all three artists, Therese Carfagno, Sweet Susanowa and Violaine (Anadonne) from my visits to La Maison d’Aneli, which has closed it’s doors end of last year. And now the three made their own gallery.

Violaine is in Second Life since 2016. She contributed at La Maison d’Aneli in November 2018 (read here), in January 2020 (read here), in April 2021 (read here) and in September 2022 (read here).
I saw Sweet Susanowa’s art at La Maison d’Aneli back in July 2019 (read here), in May 2020 (read here) and in December 2021 (read here). Sweet joined Second Life 14 years ago without thinking about any exhibition at a gallery. She is a photographer now in real life as well as in Second Life.

The Second Life Gallery features pictures that are based on photographs taken within Second Life as the name already implies. The show the braod variety of art that can be created based an SL pictures. For me that is still facinating after all the years I have spent in SL already. I don’t get tired of it.

Impressions of Memory Gongs (3) The Second Life Gallery

Therese Carfagno is also an artist who I know from La Maison d’Aneli. She had exhibitions there in June 2021 (read here) and in May 2022 (read here). Therese came to Second Life in February 2007. Soon she got a job as a journalist, and met the most interesting artists in SL. Seeing so much creativity inspired her to start taking pictures herself. Therese thinks that taking pictures helps to look at the world a little closer – and there are so many wonders to see in SL:
I have no interest in calling myself an artist. I take snapshots. If I’m happy with the picture because of the motive, the colours, the people in it, or anything, I upload it to Flickr or exhibit it somewhere. That’s it. And if someone else like what I do, that’s even better.
You can see Therese Carfagno’s pictures also on her flickr account.

Memory Gongs is a really large gallery and you can spend hours there. My quick visit took already more than an hour and I didn’t see all, nor did I look at many details. The pictures have all names, that you can see when you hoover with your mouse over them. The titles may provide a little insight in the artists thoughts about their work.
What I missed were notcards about the artists. And you can’t see easily who of the three artists made which picture. Maybe that is intended, I don’t know. I personally would appreciate to see the artists names.

Finally I visited The Erotic Gallery. I think I won’t have to describe what kind of pictures are featured there *winks*.

Impressions of Memory Gongs (4) The Erotic Gallery

Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF) is owned by Hannington Xeltentat. Thank you Hannington for providing the space for the art and for enabling Memory Gongs.
Thank you Therese Carfagno, Sweet Susanowa and Violaine (Anadonne) for your art.

Landmark to Memory Gongs
Therese Carfagno’s flickr
Landmark to Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF)

Diary 2023 (9) January 23rd/24th Within the family

After a busy day in Rl I had another relaxed night in SL on Monday, January 23rd. First I talked with Mistress Cherry, who was about to attend a collaring ceremony. Then when slave Holly came in-world I had to pee ….. and then I spent the rest of the night teasing slave Holly and later slave Holly and slave Alessi at club DeLust. Nothing more to report, just a relaxed night.

January 23rd: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly and slave Alessi

Tuesday, January 24th, I had a busy day in RL and was late at night. slave Holly had sent me two very nice pictures of the night before. Mistress was present and we caught up with our news in IM. Flo came inworld and I went seeing her and we played 2 rounds of skipee. Then I went to club DeLust with her and with slave Alessi, who had joined us. After Flo had left, slave Holly came inworld and joined us at club DeLust. I had chatty night with many IMs and with the slaves. Very enjoyable, but but much to report in this diary.

January 23rd/24th: Diomita at home and at club DeLust with slave Holly / Diomita at club DeLust with Flo, slave Alessi and slave Holly

Art in Second Life 2023 (6) Guernica by London Junkers

Almost one year ago I visited London Junkers installation “Harriet Tubman – Hero” at The Eye Arts (read here). When I got an invitation to see his newest installation “Guernica“, I was curious to see it. I went there Saturday, January 21st.

Guernica” is an installation that remembers the attack on the town Guernica back in 1937 and is a tribute to Pablo Picasso’s famous large oil painting also named “Guernica”.

Guernica is one of Picasso’s best-known works, regarded by many art critics as the most moving and powerful anti-war painting in history. It is exhibited in the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid. 
The grey, black, and white painting, on a canvas 3.49 meters (11 ft 5 in) tall and 7.76 meters (25 ft 6 in) across, portrays the suffering wrought by violence and chaos. Prominent in the composition are a gored horse, a bull, screaming women, a dead baby, a dismembered soldier, and flames. Picasso painted Guernica at his home in Paris in response to the 26 April 1937 bombing of Guernica, a Basque Country town in northern Spain that was bombed by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy at the request of the Spanish Nationalists. Upon completion, Guernica was exhibited at the Spanish display at the 1937 Paris International Exposition, and then at other venues around the world. The touring exhibition was used to raise funds for Spanish war relief. The painting soon became famous and widely acclaimed, and it helped bring worldwide attention to the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War.
(source wikipedia)

Impressions of “Guernica” by London Junkers (1)

London Junkers’ installation consists of two 3D ensembles. One shows the attack of the town Guernica in 1937, the other is a 3D model of the famous painting on Picasso. London added two boards. One board is about the history of the attack and about Pablo Picasso’s painting. There London also has some quotes of Picasso.
The second board is a poem of London fitting to the anti-war theme of his installation and to the bullets fired from the airplanes.

by London Junkers

Black bullet crosses silent space,
Tearing the sky, breaking the flesh.

Deaf missile sound hitting all ears,
Ruining the dreams, raising their fears.

Cloudy dust, red blood burst,
Music dying slowly under the shadows.

The wingless birds refuse to fly,
tormented by the baby cries.
As flower petals float on rivers
of confusion and dementia.

Why is it that we do not learn?
And many have to die to die again.

Why is it that we never seek?
for happiness and wisdom?

Black bullet crossing empty fields,
searching for widow, monk and thief.
you paint in monochrome the scene,
while tiny ruby feet succumb to grief.

Death moves now swiftly standing tall,
Spitting bull bullets out its breath,
breaking the mirror that reflects,
the hate and greed that drives them all.

Impressions of “Guernica” by London Junkers (2)

The 3D model of Picasso’s painting is intriguing as you can walk through it and even become part of it. London added a third dimension. Nonetheless you can recognize the painting immediately. What you see in it (both in the painting and in the 3D model) is in the eye of the visitor of course. For me personally it expresses the madness and uselessness of war. Unfortunately that is something that had become so near to us in Europe and that also started with a surprising hostile attack. Picasso’s picture has become very persent again.

Impressions of “Guernica” by London Junkers (3) (upper left is Picasso’s picture, all others are London Junkers 3D model)

Thank you London for this installation, for the poem and for pointing us to Picasso’s picture in this day and age. I appreciate your poem and the installation. Well done!

Landmark to Guernica by London Junkers

Diary 2023 (8) January 21st/22nd Quiet weekend

I had a quiet Saturday, January 21st, in Second Life. I visited a new art installation in the afternoon and at night I played 2 rounds of skipee with Flo before I took her to club DeLust. slave Alessi came inworld shortly before Flo left for bed. I stayed with her at DeLust and teased her a bit. I went off to bed early that night.

January 21st: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo and slave Alessi

Sunday, January 22nd, I had another quiet day, at least in Second Life *winks*. When I cam inworld at night Flo was playing skipee. And Mistress Cherry was present as well and we met in our skybox. We just caught up with our mutual news, then I went seeing Flo for two rounds of skipee. Flo won that night (after a series of many games lost). I took her to Carnal Intentions and used my defeat to restrict her a bit more than usual. I summoned slave Holly to us when she came in-world.

January 22nd: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home and at Carnal Intentions with sapphire (littleshy97), Flo and slave Holly

I had a quiet night with Flo and slave Holly at my leash, just chatting and looking around. Mistress Cherry came by as well and brought sapphire (littleshy97) wiht her. We all went off to bed comparably early – a quiet weekend.

Art in Second Life 2023 (6) Mindful Exploration by Michiel Bechir

Art in Second Life 2023 (6) Mindful Exploration by Michiel Bechir

I got an invitation from Jaz (jessamine2108) to the opening of a new exhibition at the Third Eye Gallery: “Mindful Exploration” by Michiel Bechir. I couldn’t attend the opening event but I went there a day before.

The exhibition consists of 10 pictures by Michiel Bechir. Michiel wrote about the exhibition: “A walking meditation helps us feel less distracted by thoughts and allows us to enjoy our stroll more. This exhibition is dedicated to this theme. I will show different locations on the Mindful Cove sim. The works have hardly been edited as I want to show the scenery in its most natural way.”

Impressions of “Mindful Exploration” by Michiel Bechir @ Third Eye Gallery (1)

Michiel has started his long virtual journey into Second Life as a photographer in 2009. Michiel enjoys seeing new places, meeting new people from all over the world and expierencing the creativity in Second Life (just like I do!). Michiel discovered the possiblities of different tools to improve his pictures. By editing them he also tries to add a personal touch and feeling.
Michiel owns and curates an own gallery, the Michiel Bechir Gallery. He also has a gallery with a selection of pictures at Art Park. Furthermore you can also see more of his work on his flickr page.

The featured pictures show the beauty of natural almost untouched nature that you can experience in Second Life – and Michiel’s passion for it.

Impressions of “Mindful Exploration” by Michiel Bechir @ Third Eye Gallery (2)

I had never heard about “Mindful Cove“, although it must be a sim that exists already for many years. Inspired by my visit to “Mindful Exploration” by Michiel Bechir I went exploring Mindful Cove myself.
Mindful Cove is a full region owned by a group founded by Avalon Birke who is in Second Life already since 2006. From the landmark profile I took the description of it: “Mindful Cove exists to provide both an entry point into Second Life, and an ongoing community region for newcomers and long-time residents alike, based on the core principle that SL can be an excellent place to engage in activities that support emotional and mental well-being.
And in Avalon Birke’s profile I found the information: “After 14 years of volunteer service in SL, I have semi-retired – and Mindful Cove is now in the very capable hands of my friend Coughran Mayo.”

Impressions of “Mindful Cove” (1)

I started my own walking meditation and took a few pictures of this beautiful place myself. I can tell it is really worth a visit and offers beautiful views and the possibility ot take a short trip into nature, to blind out everyday life for and to get to positive thoughts. A very well made place!

Impressions of “Mindful Cove” (2)

Third Eye is Jaz (jessamine2108)’s home and gallery – a place that is designed to showcase art, particles, inspire stories, and offer a quiet place to relax and rejuvenate. Jaz says: “It is the culmination of my many dreams – to create a place that nurtures and helps the growth of all types of creative endeavors – be it words, pictures, or particles.

I enjoyed my visit to the Third Eye Gallery and to “Mindful Exploration” by Michiel Bechir as well as my short trip to “Mindful Cove“. Thank you Jaz for enabling the exhibition “Mindful Exploration”. Thank you Michiel for your artwork – and for inspiring me to make a short trip to “Mindful Cove” myself.

Landmark to Third Eye and to Mindful Exploration by Michiel Bechir
Michiel Bechir’s flickr
The Michiel Bechir Gallery
Michiel Bechir’s gallery at Art Park
Landmark to Mindful Cove

Diary 2023 (7) January 19th/20th Penguin Awareness Day

Thursday, January 19th, I was inworld in the later morning and visited The Farigoule collection at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery annex http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunshine%20Homestead/166/41/1001 (read here https://wp.me/psPPu-8LG).
At night I was comparably early and Mistress Cherry was inworld. We had 2 hours of togetherness in our skybox at home. I was craving for my fix and Mistress needed to be distracted. Guess what we did? You guess right – I got my fix.

January 19th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home

Flo had told me that she was busy in her RL that night. slave Holly just came inworld to tell me that she had a long and tiring day in RL and can’t stay … and I was tired myself. Hence I decided to get some sleep myself and logged off with Mistress way before my usual bedtime.

The day before slave Holly pointed me to 2 holidays and inspired me for the theme of our Friday night party: “It’s Friday, time for our party. Today is the International Fetish Day as well as the Penguin Awareness Day. Hence dress in shiny white and black and celebrate with us. Of course you can also come as you are, even naked. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us”

Starry protected us all from the dangerous penguins, that want to rule the world. And of course we had fun dancing and chatting. It was another perfect start into our weekend.

January 20th – Friday night party: slave Holly, Diomita, slave Alessi, Angelique, Sarah Fhang, Claven Albatros, Laura (laura00175), Baroness Capelo, Kiki Weyland (kikimiyama) (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Jayson Dakota, Janina Foxdale, Morgie Darkstone, Piggie (jenniferthomson34), Virgo Babii, Virgo Babii

Art in Second Life 2023 (5) The Farigoule collection @ Nitroglobus The Annex

Dido Haas drew my attention to a new exhibition in the annex of her Nitroglobus Roof Gallery: “The Farigoule collection”. The exhibition was opened on January 16th.

Together with the invitation I got a notecard with Dido’s description of “The Farigoule collection”:
A while ago when meeting with Jules Farigoule in his loft, which is really a superb tastefully made place, I asked him if he was willing to exhibit his awesome art collection at Nitroglobus. At first he hesitated and told me he was neither an artist nor was this a ‘collection’, just images which he likes to have around him; a very subjective and personal selection. However, in the end he said YES. I am so happy he did.
The Farigoule collection a set of images, gathered from meetings, friendships and by chance, from the serendipity of Jules’s long second life (Jules Farigoule joined SL end of 2008). Jules explains in the notes which are hung on the walls of the gallery along side the art works shown, why or how these works touch him,, what he sees in them, the personality of their creator, or the situation that led him to acquire them.
Moreover, Jules constructed parts of his loft here in the gallery to give the visitors of the exhibition a more intense look and feel of his home and collection.

The exhibition consists of 9 large pictures hung along the walls of the annex of the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.  It is Dido Haas’ concept that the floor seems to mirror the pictures at the walls, an effect that intrigues me every time I visit the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.
In the back of the exhibition are 2 rooms, which represent parts of Jules Farigoule’s loft in Second Life, as described by Dido in her notecard.

Impressions of “The Farigoule collection” @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery / The annex (1)

You find texts about the artists and Jules’ thoughts about them, their art or his connection to them right next to the pictures. Some of the artists were not new to me, of others I never heard. And at least one artist has never had any exhibition in Second Life. The featured artists are: Baizzy Savira, Dido Haas, Caly Applewhyte, Tutsy Navarathna, Alix Figaro, Wicked Eiren, Blip Mumfuzz, Joss Floss (jossinta) and miu miu miu (miumiumiusecond).

Impressions of “The Farigoule collection” @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery / The annex (2)

The two rooms are decorated with 3D angels created by Phenix Rexen. If you look at the exhibition poster, you may recognize that it shows part of Jules’ loft with a view trough the window. One wall in this loft is dedicated to the featured artists. It shows pictures used in their Second Life profiles (at least as far as I could find out)-

What made me smile was, that I personally have kind of my own collection of art. I got presents from some artists after publishing about their work and I also bought a few pieces. Like Jules I didn’t want to have the art just in my inventory, I wanted to see them, every day. Hence I created my own little “art park” at my homeplace. And that I like to take pictures in SL shouldn’t be any secret anymore. Anyway, I am for sure not the only one who has an art collection in Second Life. But also for sure “The Farigoule collection” is very well and professionally presented at the annex of the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery!

Impressions of “The Farigoule collection” @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery / The annex (3)

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery is owned and curated by Dido Haas. Thank you, Dido for providing the space for the art and for enabling the exhibition “The Farigoule collection”. Thank you Jules Farigoule for the allowing a glimpse into your Second Life and into your personal collection of art pieces and memories. The memories we make in Second Life are not virtual, we take them with us into our real lifes.

“The Farigoule collection” ist the January exhibition at the Annex of Nitroglobus Roof Gallery. It shall be available for a visit at least throughout January 2023.

Landmark to The Annex of Nitroglobus and to “The Farigoule collection”
Landmark to Nitroglobus Roof Gallery (main gallery)
Dido Haas’ blog

Diary 2023 (6) January 17th/18th Two relaxed days

I had a relaxed night on Tuesday, January 17th. I was inworld early and visited Cica Ghost’s newest installation “Scribbled” (read here). After my visit I met with Flo and we caught up with our mutual news before we played 2 rounds of skipee. I did not forget how to play during my short time-out *winks*.
Later I took Flo to club DeLust where we continued chatting while watching what was going on in the club (S&M – Stand and model). slave Holly joined us there and stayed with me when Flo went off to bed. SL had hick-ups again and did not properly show the online/offline state of friends. Thus I did not notice slave Alessi coming online nor did I get her message. In addition I had Mistress Cherry in IM but she went silent and when I sent a message later, I noticed that she had left. And taking slave Holly home to bed needed several teleport attempts.
slave Alessi was at home and I went to Carnal Intentions with her and had her in the small cage there. We talked a bit while I enjoyed control (and Alessi enjoyed helplessness). Then it was time to call it a night for me too.

January 17th: Diomita at club DeLust and at Carna Intentions with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

Wednesday, January 18th, I was running late at night. Mistress Cherry joined me in our skybox and after we had caught up with our mutual news, she began to tease me with her pussy. She played with herself in front of me knwoing very well how badly I desired my fix *sighs* and she enjoyed my struggle. She knows how to keep me on my toes.
Flo was present and I went seeing her. She had been playing skipee alone. We played one round. Although I let Flo have my seat I won the game. Maybe it is not only the seat *winks*. slave Holly came inworld and Ann (TransAnn) visited us. We had a short chat with Ann, then I took Flo and slave Holly to Carnal Intentions. We literally had some entertainment there with a arm- and legless slave with a telly instead of a head. That gave reason for some main chat.
slave Alessi joined us too and I sat down finally and placed slave Alessi in the small cage next to the throne at Carnal. As it had been already late when I got online, time flew by quickly …

January 18th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home / Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

And that’s it about these two days.

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