Diary 2020 (46) March 28th/29th Double Trouble Tour

Saturday, March 28th, I went on another simploring tour in the late afternoon.
Our night became very full and varied. First I played a greedy with slave Gwendi, slave Flo and Angelique until Mistress Jenny came inworld. We decided to first get a bit entertained by the slaves. Hence we took them to our patio. slave Gwendi had to strip and was fixed in a bondage frame and slave Flo with her arms restricted used her tongue to tease slave Gwendi and finally made her cum while Mistress Jenny, Angelique and I watched.

I helped slave Gwendi to get down from the frame and locked her into a bondage cage with wheels and we went to Mesmerize Dungeon. Soon after we arrived Kitty came inworld. At the moment she is with Amy (chastitycontroled) who caught her and kept her. Mistress Jenny had visited Kitta and Amy already. Kitty was alone as Amy wasn’t inworld and we decided to visit her. To my surprise Kitty was free, just unable to teleport due to restrictions.

March 28th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Gwendi, slave Flo and Angelique at home, at Mesmerize Dungeon and with Kitty at Black Widow Estate

The place where Kitty is held is Black Widow Estate – Hardcore BDSM Club and Slave Training Site, a place owned by Alice Strangelove (alicestrangelove), Amy (chastitycontroled) is a Mistress there. We asked Kitty to get a tour. Alice, the owner was present and we went seeing her. Alice was inside of her big house together with Kaoru Hara (derpmerpaderp) and she was very hospitable. We chatted, talked about her place which is quite new and her plans .. and time just flew by again. We went back home at Flo-time. Mistress summoned Kitty to us and after slave Flo left I released slave Gwendi from her bondage cage and she went to her “room” (cell) and as slave Christin’s cell was empty, Kitty took this “room” (cell). What a full night!

March 28th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Gwendi, slave Flo, Kitty and Angelique at Black Widow Estate and back home

Sunday became a fun day with a lot of time inworld. First I met with Mistress in the later morning, just shorty, yet it was an unexpected bonus. We went to club Domme a Domme and caught up with our mutual news.

March 29th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and in our loft skybox

We met again in the early afternoon and went to our loft skybox where we started the afternoon with some intimate time together. What a start!
Mistress asked me to dress like her and I also dyed my hair. Luckily that is a quick and easy procedure in SL *winks*. Mistress added her elegnace collar and left the key out. I had to do the same. Vulnerable like this but dressed to killed on the other hand we went on a long roming tour and visited … the Lesbian Teahouse, club Domme a Domme, Heavy Bondage Club, Dungeon of FDS, club De Lust and Loseria. At Losiera we were surrounded by queens and goddesses. Strange enough that we got not a single application there – did we look that scary??

March 29th – Double Trouble Tour: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at the Lasbian teahouse, club Domme a Domme, Heavy Bondage Club, Dungeon of FDS, club De Lust and Loseria

The “Double Trouble Tour” took over 2 hours, 2 hours where just a few dared to talk to us and none dared to click our collars. Nonetheless Mistress and I had a lot of fun, looking at ourselves, enjoying the vulnerability, reading profiles, chit-chatting and just being together side by side

When I returned inworld at night Mistress Jenny had further detailled her look and wore glasses just like me – twins! We started the night playing a round of greedy with slave Gwendi and slave Flo. Afterwards I made slave Gwendi strip again and put her into the transportable slut cage, then we continued our big roaming tour and went to Mesmerize Dungeon first and stayed there for about half an hours, then we moved on to Psi’s realm. It was full at Psi’s again and a lot was going on but mainly people must have been talking in private chats. Anyway, our twin outfit and slave Gwendi in her transportable slut cage caught some attention.

March 29th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon and at Psi’s realm with slave Flo and slave Gwendi

We moved on the Lochme to complete the tour of that day. Just Puerto Esclava was missing from the list of our regular places but it is too full there so that you can’t get there with 4 people as the sim only handles 20 avatars. At Flo time we returned home and after slave Flo had left to bed I released slave Gwendi from the transportable slut cage and made her wear a chastity belt.

March 29th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Lochme with slave Flo and slave Gwendi and at home in our skybox

Mistress and I went off to bed ourselves. It was a long, enjoyable fun day, just right to distract us from the world around us in RL.

Diary 2020 (45) March 26th/27th Relaxed days at Mistress’ side (II)

Mistress and I had a relaxed day in Second Life Thursday, March 26th. We met in the afternoon and after a round of greedy we took slave Luci to Mesmerize Dungeon where we chatted, looked a profiles and had fun with not only a queen around us but also a royal goddess, which much rank higher even *winks*

March 26th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Luci

Our night was also quite relaxed. slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Luci were present. We still have to decide about a slave outfit for April and we gave the slaves the assignment to coume up with suggestions for it. This lead to quite some chat and some interesting spontaneous ideas…
slave Gwendi: naked……….
slave Flo blushes
slave Gwendi: latex forbidden for Flo or no ballets
slave Flo whispers: I cannot tell you Mistress
slave Gwendi: chaingang
slave Flo: no steel !!!
slave Gwendi: maid
Diomita: it seems as if slave Gwendi has ideas for one year
slave Flo starts to write her thousand wishes
Diomita: and no ideas just to spoil slave Flo’s fun .. no latex… no ballets *tze tze tze
slave Gwendi: dressed like policeofficers .. or a puppysuit from
slave Flo shivers – puppy suit
slave Gwendi: schoolgirl

The slaves will get some time though to think about possible outfits…

March 26th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Luci at home, at Heavy Bondage Club and at Mesmerize Dungeon

We went to Heavy Bondage Club and to Memserize Dungeon with the slaves, we chatted and teased the slaves about what might come and had a relaxed night. When slave Luci lefft for bed, Mistress Jenny and I took slave Flo and slave Gwendi home and we played a skipee as teams. slave Flo laughed her ass off during this one sided game with jokers and fitting cards for Mistress Jenny and her in several series. Of course Mistress and slave Flo won. We love the game being closer but sometimes the cards are as they are.

Mistress had an early start the next day and hence we went all off to bed after the game.

Friday, March 27th, I went on another simploring tour in the afternoon. And at night we had another Friday night party. Times are quite weired in RL for all of us and I asked the slaves propose a theme for the party:

slave Flo Idea – Freedom!!!
Diomita bursts our in laughter
Diomita: any colour?
Mistress Jenny: Freedom comes in all colours
Diomita: so dress colourfully? Sounds good to me, Mistress. There’s our theme!
Virgo Babii: great, i’m wearing white, that’s all colours, no?
Diomita: …. Freedom means… Freedom … so feel free

Friday night party March 27th: Diomita and Mistress Jenny, Eddie (Edelwulf Suppenkraut), Baroness Capelo, Argi Boa, Virgo Babii (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Firefly (rmf361sim), slave Flo, slave Gwendi, Jammy (navanaxsacratus) (lower row)

We enjoyed social nearness and had fun starting our weekend, that will be one hour shorter for us in Europe as we switch to Summer time.

Art in Second Life 2020 (16) swim with elephants by Betty Tureaud

I came across “swim with elephants” scrolling through scoop.it SL Destinations. The entry led to a post of Dido Haas: “Swim with Elephants by Betty Tureaud.” Dido is a photographer, she is the owner and curator of Nitroglobus Hall, as well as a blogger (Exploring SL with Dido). I added the link to her blog to the active blogs list today.

Back to “swim with elephants“, which is an installation of Betty Tureaud at African Sun, a full (adult) region. The region is group owned and the group was foung by Aki (akikokinoshi). I assume that African Sun is owned by Aki.

Betty Tureaud is from Denmark, she’s a builder and light and space artist in Second Life. I came across her art before at ArtSpace UTSA in 2016 (read here), in August 2018 when I visited her isntallation “The Art Game” (read here) and in January 2019 when her work was shown at La Maison d’Aneli (read here).

Impressions of “swom with the elephants” by Betty Tureaud (1)

The installation “swim with elephants” is quite unique and fitting to the sim name African Sun. It is installed in a sphere in 4000m height. The sky and the ground is orange and yellow so that you literally feel the heat provided by the sun which shines strongly and unrestrictedly. The sphere is large, you see elephants slowly walking in a circle, each elephant has a beam in yellow, green pink or yellow pointing from its back into the sky. You see a large group of flamingos, you see a pyramid at the horizont, a range of dark orange rocks, and some trees. Right in the center of all and close to the landing there’s kind of a pond (or is it simply sand?), yet you can’t really see any difference to the ground around. Humans float in the pond (on the sand?) forming a circle and you can become a part of them by “sitting” on the center sphere.

Impressions of “swom with the elephants” by Betty Tureaud (2)

The backs of the elephants can be used for dancing. I can only imagine every back occupied by the dancing guests on the occasion of the opening party of “swim with elephants” on March 22nd.
I went insode of the pyramid where you find another elephant with a Japanese temple on its back. The temple spews Japanese characters every once in a while and you can sit on the trunk of the elephant.

Impressions of “swom with the elephants” by Betty Tureaud (3)

I don’t want to interpret Betty Tureaud’s work, everyone has different thoughts looking at or expierencing art. For me “swim with elephants” had something peacefully. I sweat, I could feel the heat, but it wasn’t threatening. It’s like walking or dancing in an African dream, not everything must have a meaning. After my visit I asked myself if elephants are seen as having wisdom in Japan, considering the elephant that spew characters in the pyramid …
Anyway have a look yourself!

Thank you Betty Tureaud for the installaion and Aki (akikokinoshi) for providing the space for it.

Landmark to “swim with elephants by Betty Tureaud”
Dido Haas’ blogpost “Swim with Elephants by Betty Tureaud”

Diary 2020 (44) March 24th/25th Relaxed days at Mistress’ side

Mistress Jenny and I had a relaxed hour together in the afternoon Tuesday, March 24th. We caught up with our news and went to Psi’S realm again for a bit. We could watch a little sessions and we even contributed to teasing a slave in this session. We went on to Heavy Bondage Club afterwards. slave Luci joined us there again and also slave Flo came inworld and we summoned her to us.

March 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm and at Heavy Bondage Club with slave Luci and slave Flo

We had a full night. When I came inworld Mistress Jenny was in our loft skybox with slave Gwendi and slave Flo was present at home. Mistress returned home with slave Gwendi and we took the slaves to the naught girls room in our dungeon. Mistress had proposed to reward the slaves and what can be more rewarding than pleasing your owners? Hence we had a kinky and start into our evening. slave Gwendi served Mistress Jenny and slave Flo served me. After this start we had to wind down and played a skipee as teams. This time slave Gwendi and I won it again.

March 24th: Mistress Jenny and slave Gwendi & Diomita and slave Flo in the naughty girls room of our dungeon / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave Gwendi at Mesmerize Dungeon and with Argi and BC at club Domme a Domme

After the game we took the slaves to Mesmerize Dungeon until Flo-time. slave Gwendi went to bed as well and Mistress and I visited club Domme a Domme. We met Argi and BC (who was absent) there and chatted a bit until it was time to retreat for us as well.

Wednesday, March 25th, started just like the day before for us. I met with Mistress Jenny in the later afternoon and we went to Heavy Bondage Club again together with slave Flo. slave Luci joined us there later. We had time to talk, to look at people and to read profiles. I’ll keep one profile pick in mind. A dominant did present a scoring system for applying subs, the sub has to reach a certain score to be allowed to apply:
You are submissive                 + 100 points
You have alts                             – 200 points
You live in CET +/- 1 h              +  50 points
You never leave RLV               + 100 points
You can’t handle staying alone
and isolated                                 – 80 points
You are bratty                           +  30 points
You love bondage and gags   + 100 points
You love restrictions                +  80 points
… and so on.
That sounds quite reasonable for finding a match. Mistress and I will think about it *winks*

March 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club with slave Luci and slave Flo

We had a relaxed night. First Mistress and I played a round of greedy with slave Flo and slave Gwendi, then we went to Caged Elegance and attended the Wednesday night party with dj Gravity (TheriaEriker). It was fun, the music was great and we relaxed and chatted. After the end we went to Mesemrize Dungeon. slave Fla had a chrash and joined us again later. This way she missed slave slut cecy who was at Mesmerize Dungeon but left (crashing) again way to quickly. At least we know now that she is doing well, which is good to know these days.

March 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita dancing at Caged Elegance with slave Flo and slave Gwendi / at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave slut cecy, slave Flo, slave Gwendi, Ann and Argi

Ann came by as well as Argi and we entertained everybody else as we chatted in main. We had a good time. At Flo-time we went home and slave Flo and slave Gwendi went off to bed. Mistress Jenny and I retreated to our loft skybox and I was allowed to get my fix by licking Mistress. That was a nice way to end the night. I am still wearing my partnering collar and enjoying being at Mistres’ side.

March 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at our loft skybox


Art in Second Life (15) Wildflowers of The Prairie

Thursday, April 2nd, I went to “Hannington Endowment for the Arts at Xeltentat Enterprises” (HEA) to have a look what’s new. Some hives were still work in progress, but one new exhibition had just opened – Wildflowers of The Prairie by Thunda Masala.

You can grab a notecard with information about the artist and about the project before you step down into the “The Queen Bee Gallery” downstairs.

Impressions of “Wildflowers of The Pairie” by Thunda Masala (1)

Thunda Masala is a freelance photographer who lives in Iowa. He is also a molecular biologist. Thunda is drawn to the images of countryside because of the beauty and simplicity of  nature, landscape and livestock. Open spaces, dusty meandering roads, vast sky and gently rolling land of Iowa provide ample opportunity and satisfaction of capturing nature in its varied seasonal moods. Thunda also runs a blog about Second Life.

Thunda’s mission is to help preserving the praire. “More than 98% of the original prairie are lost to agriculture and industrial development. As such, this constitutes the largest devastation of any ecosystem on our planet. There are numerous efforts, both private and government-led , that intend to restore prairie- the land and its flora and fauna. However, these are minuscule efforts compared to what we have lost.
Wildflowers probably constitute the most obvious components of the prairie. Through these photographs of wildflowers, I hope to show what beauty they bring to the land and why we should try our best to preserve the gift of nature to protect the existing prairie and hopefully augment it.

Impressions of “Wildflowers of The Pairie” by Thunda Masala (2)

The exhibition at HEA shows a selection of great pictures of flowers and insects, close up pictures as well a whole meadows. The pictures really give a good impression of the beauty that comes with natures.
The pictures are arranged in a circle, the walls show a meadow, the ceiling is blue, the floor is earth-coloured and covered with different grasses, two deers stand hiding in higher grass and watch, some butterflies liven up the scene. In the center is a video screen where you can watch a video slideshow with more pictures from Thunda. At least I had to fumble a bit to get it running in Second Life as the meadow in front made clicking to agree to data protection rules almost impossible. But I managed it and view the video inworld. Alternatively you can watch it here or use the direct link provided below.


Thunda’s pictures are really impressive. I like the way they are presented in a room that provides a little feel of Pairie. What is certainly missing is the smell and the sound of insects. I enjoyed my short visit and it was educational in addition.
Thank you Thunda!

Impressions of “Wildflowers of The Pairie” by Thunda Masala (3)

Hannington Endowment for the Arts at Xeltentat Enterprises – Despite its name, ‘Xeltentat Enterprises’ is not a commercial sim in any way. It is a peaceful and private area for contemplation and relaxation, and is proud to host artists at The Hive!”
It is owned by Hannington Xeltentat. “Hannington Endowment for the Arts at Xeltentat Enterprises” – or short HEA, was built by Tansee, who also runs the Gallery. Thank you Hannington for providing the space and thank you Tansee for enabling the exhibition “Wildflowers of The Prairie”

“Wildflowers of The Prairie” shall be opened until April 30th

Landmark to Hannington Endowment for the Arts at Xeltentat Enterprises
Video Wildflowers Of The Prairie TM
Thunda’s blog about Second Life

Diary 2020 (43) March 22nd/23rd Within the family and at Psi’s realm

I had some time Sunday morning to go inworld and I met Kitty. For her it was 2 AM in the morning. I was not surprised finding her leashed and gagged at Psi’s realm. Sie was messing around with a tranquilizer gun and has had and was sitll having fun. Kitty told me a weired story how she got into this and of course that she was innocent. Someone gave her the name “WHORE!” – I had fun teasing her and we also chatted a bit. Kitty told me about her last adventure and about the fun she had lately:
Kitty has been exploring a lot over the past months. Most sims are mediocre at best. Some are pretty but deserted. Kitty is looking for interesting ideas, kinks, a breath of fresh air. Yesterday, Kitty met someone who practices ‘Uniform Punishment’. Behind that term which she coined is a series of long conversations to figure out exactly what is deeply humiliating to someone. Then she figures out not only how to create that for someone but take them much deeper and further. Being dressed in a certain way is a key part of the process. (Remark: I know this group as Angelique went through ‘Uniform Punishment’ quite a while ago)
A little while ago, Kitty met someone who was deeply into ‘identity’ meaning, figuring out who you really are and then playing with that, including swapping identities entirely (including avatar swapping). Kitty wouldn’t risk that but it was a very interesting conversation. As for sims, it seems that there are a lot of extreme sims which still have a good bit of traffic. Some have a nice crowd, friendly. Others have too many noobs and the atmosphere stinks.
Kitty met someone a week ago who is starting her own kingdom. Kitty was teasing her giant white tiger, thinking it was a sculptie, Turns out that tiger was real. Someone so deeply committed to her that she because her pet and permanent companion. It was a very good chat about how she wants to rule, based on what ideas and values.

March 22nd: Diomita at Psi’s realm with Kitty and Amy (Chastitycontroled)

While we were talking a friend of Kitty Amy (Chastitycontroled), who was involved in the play that led to Kitty’s current locked misery, joined us. I was tempted to lock her next to Kitty but I refrained from doing it as I had to return to my RL. Soon before I left, Kitty’s cuffs and the gag opened as the timer ran down. It is great seeing that Kitty has fun!

I met with Mistress in the afternoon. We caught up with our mutual news from RL and SL and then took slave Flo with us to Psi’s realm for a bit. This time it was quiet there and we didn’t stay long. slave Flo had to leave into her RL and Mistress and I went to the loft skybox and talked about the last green light and about us .. and Mistress gave me an order for the slaves. She wants to see them in their venus corsets the next day.

March 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at Psi’s and at our loft skybox

My night was varied. First I went to watch Mario2 Helstein’s Spring light show. It was very full there and I had problems to teleport slave Gwendi to me but in the end and after unlocking her cuffs and detaching them it worked. The show was great again!
slave Flo came inworld just a few minutes before the show ended and began to “work” with her maitreya V5 body, that she hadn’t worn before. slave Flo had problems with the appliers. I took a short break and when I returned slave Gwendi was helping slave Flo with the applier and later Ann showed up and helped too. Together they succeeded to explain to slave Flo how to add the applier – yay.
slave Flo, slave Gwendi and I played 2 rounds of greedy, then I began to change the slaves according to Mistress’ orders. That took a while and included an update of slave Flo’s vixen collar. But finally it was done and I exposed the slaves at Mesmerize Dungeon. It has been a full and varied night.

March 22nd: Diomita with slave Flo and slave Gwendi – at home with Ann and at Mesmerize Dungeon

Mistress Jenny and I had a quiet hour in the afternoon on Monday, March 23rd. We caught up with our mutual news fro RL and SL and went to Heavy Bondage Club later. slave Luci joined us there. We read profiles and just enjoyed being together.

March 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home in our skybox and at Heavy Bondage Club with slave Luci.

Monday night began with a surprise for me. We stripped and spent some quality time in our skybox and Mistress allowed me to keep wearing my partnering collar. We went seeing slave Flo and slave Gwendi and played a skippe as team. Mistress Jenny put out a side bet, the loosing slave will stay in her venus corset, the winning slave will be released. The game was close and close games are always more fun. Mistress Jenny and slave Flo won this time and consequently slave Flo was released from her venus corset.

March 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home in our skybox and playing skipee with slave Flo and slave Gwendi

We went to Psi’s realm and once again it was full and much was going on. slave Flo went to bed at Flo-time puntually and we stayed a bit longer. Mistress Jenny and I were in a private chat with slave Zephaney and Mistress summoned Zeph to us – hence it rain slaves *winks*. Mistress Jenny had a treat in mind for slave Gwendi. We took her to the roof of our skybox and had a dance with her each and finally took her to our loft skybox, where she will stay leashed until further use … tomorrow.

March 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Zephaney at Psi’s realm and with slave Gwendi dancing on the rooftop of our skybox.

We had two varied and full days

Simploring 2020 (26) Floville

I picked Floville from scoop.it SL Destinations for my simploring trip on Sunday, March 22nd. The landmark description is quite Fitting:
Floville consist of Flo’s Diner 50, 60, & 70’s music, Bowling Alley, Drive In, Live Event Stage. A BBQ Barn also a Country Music Venue. A quiet country sim to just come to relax, dance and play some greedy.

Floville – bird’s eye overview

Floville is a moderate full region owned by Flo (sweetfloxo) and her partner Alex Giovane (alex1920). In Flo’s profile I found the link to a video that was taken on the occasion of the opening to the public a few weeks ago. The link to the video didn’t work in my country but it might work in yours.

Impressions of Floville (1) – Yacht Harbour and Flo’s Diner

The landing is close to a yacht harbour from where it is just a short walk to Flo’s diner. Everything is held in the style of the 1950’s and 1960’s. The place in front of the diner is a large event area, the vinyl disc on the floor contain dancing animations. I went in the diner itself and was very happy about the prices for burgers and other meals *winks* – well around 70 years ago already!

Impressions of Floville (2) – Flo’s diner and the gas station

Next the the diner is a gas station, a garage and a bowling center. I have to keep the bowling center in mind for when I want to play again some time. And next to the bowling center there’s a movie theatre.

Impressions of Floville (3) – Bowling and movie theatre

There’s more to discover. I went to the barbecue barn and could almost smell the big Texas steaks. Next to the barn is another place to party. Opposed to the barbecue barn is the cowboy bar, another place to party and also furnished according to the time.

Impressions of Floville (4) – Barbecue barn

Floville also offers quite some places to sit and enjoy, to watch the pets that run around free or to spend some time with a friend or loved one. I tried out a cuddle place at the pier of the residential home clase to the landing and another beind the cowboy bar.

Impressions of Floville (5) – Cowboy bar

Everything looks quite natural and big. I felt like being in the countraside of the US. That feeling was intensified by the country music that is played when you turn music on. Floville is devided in two parts by a large mountain range. Beyond the range you need a group membership, I guess it is Flo’s and Alex’ private aread. But the public area is by far large enough and offers a lot of fun.

Impressions of Floville (6) – Office (upper left), residential house (lower left), a rest behind the Cowboy bar (upper right), outdoor area of the Cowboy bar (lower right)

Thank you Flo and Alex for sharing Floville with the public. I enjoyed my visit to the countryside.

Landmark to Floville
Link to the video of the opening event

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