Bye Bye Dweeb

A couple of weeks ago our landlord stepped out of business and sold the sim we were living at to the guy who was our neighbor. Just after he took over, we gave him the nickname “dweeb” because he restarted the sim with no warning and pulled in 75 people for a party. He must have felt very cool. Then he demanded to get access to all our private rooms for maintenance as he called it but in reality he only wanted to spy on us. Then he blamed us for causing lag on his sim as he wants to streamline it for even larger parties. To shorten the story, dweeb found a security system deep inside a prison, called it breach of contract and evicted us within 60 min not even taking into account that we might be not online all the time. And then we got our rent refund only after filing AR’s to LL.

We expected this all the moment we met him. We thought we would have time to move, but we had not. Anyway, bye bye dweeb!!

We bought a new place, a homestead, no dweebs. And we’re just settling. Next Friday we will re-open the Club Eurobrats and hopefully can focus on our fun again for a long time.

Welcome to Eurobrats Headquarter in Mount Everest (what a great name!)

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jennymaurer
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 12:27:19

    We are both sorry that this has happened to our friends Tyra, Virgo and Claven. We have already arranged our new home with Virgo and Tyra and we hope that Claven will join us again. If not we understand as Claven has a working prison and needs some kind of stability.

    We had some great times at Dragon Cove and we are not going to forget them or let this episode sour them. What we are looking forward to is the next stage of our journey through SL. It is a long journey we have wonderful comapany and we are going to take time to enjoy everything along the path.

    See you in world
    Jen. xxx


  2. Yasmin Heartsdale
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 00:03:53

    I say he should be promoted from Dweeb to Asshat.


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