Christa on trial

Saturday night, June 25th, I send out a group message titeled “Christa on trial”: “We decided to take Christa (christa.windlow) on trial. She is locked naked in a capsule opposite to the main house. We appreciate it when you hold company to her and help her with the tasks we have set for her while she prepares to get collared by us.”
Since end of May slavin C is around us and lived her SL at our feet like the other slaves. Mistress Jenny talked to me before last night and we decided to start her trial. If she makes it through the trial, Christa will fill the last free place at our feet, as Mistress Jenny limited our closest family to 10 including the two of us.

June 25th: Starting Christa's trial

June 25th: Starting Christa’s trial

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