Diary (116) Nov 17th – Expect the unexpected

I often wrote about the difficulty to plan anything on Second Life. The main reason is that you never know who comes online when and for how long. Nonetheless we try again and again to plan something. Some plans can be realized, some fail. For Thursday, November 17th, I planned to take Jenny to Bondage & Storage Project (BSP), a sim I recently discovered which offers plenty of possibilties to play for nearly all kind of kinks. BSP is, at least so far, quite lagfree as it is not widely known (that might change not only beause of this blog post). I wanted to explore BSP together with her and what could be better than a green light, which I had Thursday night.
When we plan to do something together and on our own, what about the slaves? Who of them will be online? Lock them away? Locking away is not a really good choice as they will be bored and feel neglected. And Argi our slave sitter? She seems to be a bit huffy as I told her that chatting at home is great fun but not dor every night – and as a result she retreated for the whole last week.
The day before Jenny began the key shuffle (see yesterday’s diary post: Key shuffle) with the slaves. We had slave maid cecy, slave maid Adarra and slave maid Flo in cuffs and distributed the keys randomly between them. It was to prepare our night out the next days. The idea was to have the slaves doing something together, to let them tease eachother and have fun without us – and this plan totally failed for several reasons:
Firstly slave maid Flo was unhappy wearing serious steel cuffs. Jenny wanted her to wear them and I found a spare set in my inventory which I gave her Wednesday night. And Thursday night, slave Flo complained about the uglyness of the serious steel cuffs. Well, I don’t disagree on this point, but it is not her decision, isn’t it? She was that unhappy that we had to gag her in order to supress the complaints (and shuffling keys around I gave the keys to her gag to another slave maid).
Secondly slave Adarra was not online Thursday night but slavin C was online instead and she had not shared the key shuffle the night before and hence was not aware about what we had in mind with shuffling the keys among the slaves.
And thirdly, and that is only an assumption, slave maid cecy was not really aware having some keys – and that another slave had her keys – well, just an assumption.

Back to Thursday night: Jenny and I distributed the keys among the slaves and brought all of them to Paintoy (Rubber Doll RLV Dungeon & Playground) and I took my property to Bondage & Storage Project, just as planned before.

November 17th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at Bondage & Storage Project (BSP) (1)

November 17th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at Bondage & Storage Project (BSP) (1)

The pictures are of me in the green light while Flo complained about wearing shackles, slave Flo went offline shortly after totally unhappy about the cuffs. The very moment she logged off I remembered that the spare set in my inventory were her steel cuffs, she had mentioned her Aversion before but I did not remember it (blame me that I don’t remember all likes/dislikes always).
Then slave maid cecy went absent (see above, SL is hard to be planned) and as a result slavin C became bored being all alone (and seeing us being online).

While the play for the slaves failed as described above, I had my fun with my property at BSP. Unfortunately there was really nobody around and exposing Jenny in different bondages didn’t make sense. Instead I (ab)used her for my (and her) pleasure. I won’t publish the more explicit pictures, but another teaser …

November 17th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at Bondage & Storage Project (BSP) (2)

November 17th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at Bondage & Storage Project (BSP) (2)

We went back to … and took slavin C and slave cecy home and leashed both there in the house. It is a shame that the girls didn’t have fun. But this way they can at least care about cleaning the house after our/my plan for their fun failed. We finished the night at TSH, where I exposed my property …. and my green light ended again.

November 17th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at TSH

November 17th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at TSH

Ok, I ranted a bit in this post about how unforseeable is every night in SL – but honestly it is also a part of the temptation that you never know what will happen next. So we will continue making plans 🙂

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