Diary (5) Jan 6th – Friday night

Friday night, January 6th, was the first Friday night party of 2017. As the slaves are in their colourful latex outfits I agreed with Virgo to have all colours of the rainbow as the theme for our party. And hence we also brought some colour to our dance night, something to warm us in these cold winter days. We had lots of fun! In particular slave maid cecy attracted lots of attention as she worked herself up into getting teased. Mistress Jenny and I had to leave quite early, just after midnight. Generous as we are we allowed slave cecy to flood the dance floor after we left. Of course this is meant only literally, the latex catsuits are quite proof and slave cecy will be a bit wet inside now (and stinky). Here are some expression from our first party in 2017. We’re happy to welcome new guest, so don’t hesitate to join .. every Friday 9 PM GMT.20170106-friday-night-partyLater also our Kitty in her white catsuit with the green corset and her pussy muzzle hood showed up and added some more colour….

Jan 6th - Friday night Party: pussy Kitty on the left side

Jan 6th – Friday night Party: pussy Kitty on the left side, then Diomita, slave maid cecy, slave puppy Adarra, Mistress Jenny, Baroness Capelo

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kitty
    Jan 12, 2017 @ 11:07:57

    Mistress Diomita,
    was it necessary to rub that in?

    *who now wants the ground to swallow her up*


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