Diary 2017 (27) Feb 15th – artful portraits

Wednesday night, February 15th, was quite varied. When I came online, Madame Sarah, vero, slave Flo and Angelique wear at the patio by our “Stonehaven” wall. When I approached I could hear Angelique discussing with slave Flo. Actually slave Flo offered her her seat, which Angelique rejected but instead asked slave Flo if she were allowed to sit. slave Flo answered that she sits, because she can and added  “all furniture is not used most time – one day Mistresses will throw away all, nearly new and unused”. To clarify it: no slave is allowed to sit without Mistress or my explicit permission. After all welcome hugs I locked slave Flo’s cuffs and put her in a hogtie pose, and she really knew why. Then Mistress Jenny showed up and of course we discussed why slave Flo was put into hogtie. As slave Flo was not really answering, Mistress Jenny decided that she should be silenced with a hood, although we have a month with a non-restricted slave outfit. Hence I put the hood over slave Flo’s head. In order that she can cool down and think about her behavior I took slave Flo to Psi, where I leashed her for the night. As a head slave she has to be a role-model!

Feb 15th: slave Flo stored at Psi

Feb 15th: slave Flo stored at Psi

While I was at Psi, I got an IM from Liza (Liza Waechter), who told me that my body didn’t rezz, a bug that appears every once in a while with the mesh Body and unfortunately you don’t see it yourself, so I had to deatch and reattach it.
Mistress Jenny, Angelique, slave cecy and I went to the Leasbian teahouse and later to The Secret House and watched the crowd and chatted. I still had Liza in IM and then she offered me a picture as a gift. And I admit: well done, Liza! To my and Mistress Jenny’s surprise we got another picture from Liza. It was an artful processed close-up of Mistress Jenny and me. Liza had taken the original picture of us at club DeLust. It’s Liza’s passion to take pictures (we share this passion) and to change and process them in an artful way. She told me that she has a little gallery of her work in Second Life. When I asked her to see the gallery and to publish the two pictures that we got from her on this blog, Liza didn’t agree but instead asked me to contact her owner Magic (u69 magic). Of course I asked Magic. We know Magic from club DeLust and she’s friended with Mistress Jenny. Magic did allow to publish the pictures … and here they are:

Diomita by Liza Waechter

Diomita by Liza Waechter

Mistress Jenny and Diomita by Liza Waechter.

Mistress Jenny and Diomita by Liza Waechter.

But Magic also said that we should see the gallery and if we have time we should simly take her from Psi, she had left Liza’s keys out. We picked up Liza at Psi and said good night to slave Flo who was still online and hopefully thinking about her misbehavior. Liza has put up quite a bit of her work at her gallery and we enjoyed our visit. Thank you for the tour, Liza! When we brought her back to Psi and leashed her there just the same way we found her when we picked her up, it was already time for bed. Time flies when you have fun.

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