The ladies in our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer

Feb 16th: slave slut cecy getting a training lesson with Miss Booty

Feb 16th: slave slut cecy getting a training lesson with Miss Booty

We add more and more little details to our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer (FCCM). Mistress Jenny got a mesh model of a sitting Asian dominatrix, who stretches on leg out so that a sub or slave can lick and clean her boot. If the sub sits with her, there are 3 poses to be selected: “Boot Lick”, “Boot Worship” and “Boot Rub”. The latter could be perfect for our naughty slaves when they’re allowed to masturbate. In this animation the sub rubs herself on the boote of the dominatrix. We called her preliminarily Miss Booty.

The second model we got is a quite pale, blonde standing dominatrix who holds a whip in her hand. We placed her next to the stocks.
We asked the slaves to file in proposals for the two ladies. Our slut slave cecy proposed Miss Booty or Miss Elvira for the Asian one who is sitting and Miss Monica for the pale, blonde model. slave slut cecy explained that Monica was a bully girl when she was at high School and that name sounded perfect to her since she was blonde and obviously a dominant girl.
slave Flo proposed Officer Whiplash for the Asian dominatrix (ok, I forgot to report that she also holds a whip in her hands) and Miss Bloodless for the blonde model referring to her paleness.
While chatting about possible names for the models Tuesday night, February 21st, slave Adarra proposed Miss Demeanour, Miss Behaving and Miss Conduct, yet she didn’t say for who of the two the name should be.
Now it was at Mistress Jenny and me to pick a name for our two permanent club members. After a long and deep going discussion where we considered all pro’s and con’s we named the Asian dominatrix “Miss Conduct” and the pale, blonde model “Officer Monica”. Welcome to our club, ladies.20170222-miss-conduct-and-officer-monica

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