Diary 2017 (38) March 6th / 7th – back in charge

Having a green light I enjoyed being back in charge. Monday night, March 6th, I got a visit from Mii, who’s in a maid dress just licke slavin C now. She’s still very tall and enjoying bondage, here’s an actual picture of her. Later I spent a quiet night with slave Flo and with slave slut cecy at TSH.

March 6th: Diomita with maid Mii

Tuesday, March 7th, I met met my property in the afternoon and released her from the cell at Seaside Slave storage and took her to Dark Wishes where I had my way with her. As there won’t be pictures of this here’s one of me with my very owned Mistress at Domme a Domme where we went afterwards.

March 7th: Diomita with her property at DaD

And at night we chatted a bit at The Secret House with Argi while exposing slave Flo and slave slut cecy. Apropos slave slut cecy: she enjoyed the voting cage that much that she asked to repeat the expierence. We granted her wish but as slaves don’t dictate we set the needed votes for release to 25. You won’t believe it but slave cecy got out within 3 hours! There’re either not enough nice people who vote against releasing or there was a technical problem – we’ll find out. There are ways to extend the exposing time *winks*.
I finished this enjoyable day in charge at club DeLust with my very owned Mistress, before I stored her in the annex of our skybox.

March 7th at Club DeLust: Diomita and Jenny Maurer

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