Diary 2017 (46) March 29th / March 30th – The belt

Wednesday, March 29th, I met my property in the afternoon and took advantage of her. I’m enjoying my green light to the fullest. At night, I took slave Flo and slavin C to Lochme. I expected slave cecy to show up. She was once again in “her” beloved voting cage. We chatted and Argi also came by, so the time flew by, but cecy didn’t show up before slave Flo needed to log off. I took slavin C home and tied and leash her at our patio. Later slave cecy showed up, but it was already too late for that night. As so often, if you make plans in Second Life, they fail *winks*

March 29th: Diomita ties and leashes slavin C at our patio wall

Thursday, March 30th, and I’m still enjoying my green light. I took my property to Chateau Catspaw, that I explored just before. It was one of the landmarks that I collected for kinkploring. I might present that here in the blog soon. We were all alone, as I hoped, and I had my way with my very owned property. I made her shouting her “thank you, Mistress Diomita” not just one time *winks*.

March 30th: Mistress Diomita taking her property Jenny

Thursday night I could finally do what I planned for the night before. I took slave slut home from the voting cage. She had worked the votes needed to get free down to 14 from 35. Well done, slut. As we had a visitor, Carrden (Historik Bracula), we stayed at the patio and Carrden found himself soon chained and tied up in a frame there, after a “bad click” –  he sat unasked on my lap. May “bad click” was tieing him up in the frame. And what was the plan? Ah yes, I wanted to get a t&t chastity belt for our slut as a birthday present. To shorten it, I went getting the belt and set it up and then fitted it on her. With the butt plug and the vibrator the toy is just made for our slut. With chatting and teasing our victim and getting the belt adjusted, it was soon time for bed.

March 30th: Diomita with slave FLo and slave slut cecy at the patio teasing Carrden

That’s it for today.

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